Anne Arundel County

These sales data recorded by the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation were provided by Black Knight Inc. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit


Bridle Path Lane, 315-Richard R. and Kimberly C. Speed to Bryan Miller, $555,000.

Cherry Tree Lane, 1202-Kevin James and Rene Frame Powell to David T. and Julie C. Carlisle, $760,000.

Ervin Ct., 3116-Chestnut Street Partners Inc. to Matthew J. and Kari H. Atkinson, $536,500.

Langdon Ct., 919-William A. and Thomasine W. Young to Aneri Mehta and Arzo Homayun, $440,000.

Primrose Rd., 1002, No. 302-Nicholas A. Dipasquale to Sarah L. Lamming and Danan E. Carroll, $249,900.

Rockwell Ct., 44-Deborah G. Rowens to Stanford D. Ward, $233,000.

Victor Pkwy., 208F, No. 208F-Tara M. Kane to Belinda M. Ramnarine, $159,500.


Annapolis Ridge Ct., 2313-Claus Hartmann to Maria L. and Peter Martin, $694,000.

Boom Ct., 1005-Joseph Ames Thompson to Theodoric B. and Leah D. Alfriend, $363,285.

Charles St., 90-Daniel R. and Suzanne G. Sanborn to Elizabeth Ellen and James Brinster, $608,000.

Forbes St., 308C, No. C-Luanne F. Vizzi to Thomas S. Emert and Melissa K. Emert, $385,000.

Heritage Ct., 25-Eric Ditter to Hugo D. and Ana V. Lemus, $149,000.

Lejeune Way, 143-Brookfeild Admiral S. Square Corp. to Thomas and Colleen Layden, $510,000.

Merryman Rd., 407-Bell Holding Corp. to Maria Nikol and Adam J.M. Kern, $489,100.

Scotts Crossing Way, 1974, No. 304-James Jankowski to Heather Weber, $235,000.

Simms Dr., 114-Nils M. Reuter to Sean Michael Maley, $345,000.

Summer Village Dr., 113-Ruggero Pastore to Holly E. Hutchins, $470,000.

West St., 222, No. F-Yu Hsuan Chen and Jason Evan Leary to Timothy J. Mulvihill, $460,000.


Alameda Pkwy., 345-Federal National Mortgage Association and BWW Law Group Corp. to Doug Robert and Karen Quinonez Myers, $225,000.

Clifton Ave., 339-Robert J. Munray and Holly B. Segal to Robert J. and Erin Shea Styeinberger, $300,000.

Farley Ct. N., 1208-Thomas C. Dash to Christine M. Gardner, $294,900.

Greendale Ct., 1432-Christopher G. and Carri L. Campbell to Doreen Lonnett Palatka, $172,500.

Landon Lane, 1020-Sean M. and Jennifer A. Finter to James and Elizabeth Norton, $685,000.

Masters Dr., 1290-Dean A. Dreibelbis and Kathleen O. Grady Dreibelbis to Rene A. and Sarah G. Velado, $315,000.


Grape Vine Loop, 789-John and Danielle Giovagnoni to Jsaper R. and Sydney D. Lewis, $270,000.


Baltimore Annapolis Blvd., 1756-Robert B. Jones Jr. to Gerald E. Van Zandt and Laura A. Van Horn, $795,000.

Blossom Tree Dr., 428-Lisa D. Carr and Lisa D. Scholz to Bryan Andrew Remmers, $208,000.

Foxwood Ct., 1444-Janet Rogers to Waseem A. Chaudhary, $282,000.

Little Magothy View, 1076-A. Barry and Paula Belman to Micheal John and Laura Matthews Pappas, $690,000.

Red Cedar Rd., 720-Paul R. Gustafson and Ellen S. Brown to Curtis H. Vinyard and Suzanne Elliott Smith, $625,000.

Willow Lane, 1156-Aaron and Christina Cubbage to Bryan Lynn Growcock and Patrick E. De La Torre, $525,000.


Franklin Blvd., 5534-Robert E. and Heather W. Barnstead to Deborah and Cassandra J. Phillips, $334,900.


Aberdeen Dr., 2046-William D. and Leona W. Jennison to Whitney Teder, $175,000.

Ashburnham Dr., 1529-James R. Larue to Joseph E. Pangelinan and Michelle M. Alfonso, $326,500.

Hillburne Way, 1807-Micahel J. and Erin E. Schmitz to Sushant Mohan Ranadive and Vidya Narayan Parawati, $535,000.

Laconia Ct., 2377-Dominion Rental Holdings Corp. to Selah and Joseph Russell Fugett, $349,900.

Martha Greenleaf Dr., 1211-Thomas Torres Jr. and Joseph Koolick to John H. Valentine, $309,900.

Murdoch Ct., 1011-Robin M. and Michael E. Oliver to William F. Devenney III, $215,000.

Patrice Cir., 1680-Michael Neill Clark and John Roy Doherty to Brian Michael and Genevieve M. Finn, $559,000.

Simsbury Ct., 1025-Catherine M. Markel and Deloris Ann Hough to John Vigil Jr., $210,000.

Topango Pl., 1915-Maria W. Bowers to Karen A. Toler, $167,500.

Wickham Way, 1647-Lawrence J. and Elisabeth A. Pasco to Jerome L. Allison and Shelly Ann M. Lumsden Allison, $523,000.


Birch Trail, 809-Barbara E. Cummings and Barbara E. Eubanks to Benjamin Haynes Emory, $245,000.

Teak Rd., 504-Belle Grove Corp. to George R. Cooper, $769,900.


Chestnutview Ct., 867-Amber Tonson and Amber Sosnowski to Joseph and Lisa Bothoff, $251,900.

Stoneleigh Ct., 1357-Karen A. Hill to Kevin M. Chirles, $250,000.


Birdsville Rd., 4016-U.S. Bank to Baljinder Singh, $650,000.

Lake Dr. S., 2909-Augusto Castello to Redge and Beverly Mahaffey, $632,279.


First St., 5944-Keith D. and Brenda C. Jackson to Brian L. and Lauren Lester, $375,000.


Braxton Way, 253, No. 253-Diane I. Lucado to Joseph D. and Eugenia C. Freiburger, $326,000.

Fairhill Dr., 1724-Great Lakes Developers Corp. to Shelley L. Hopkins, $207,000.

Laurel Rd., 1814-Sheila P. and Thomas R. Hall to Jose I. Aguinada Hernandez and Maritza L. Avelar Medina, $290,000.

Oriole Rd., 1606-Kyle R. Nickel to Brian S. Hjemvikm and Cara M. Lynn, $342,000.

Poplar Ave., 211-Andrew Leinemann to Brandon Elliott, $290,000.

Shore Dr., 2225-Jeffrey J. Schulte to Richard W. and Patricia A. Jones, $317,000.

Fourth Ave., 3720-Kurt A. and Susan L. Oxley to Luke and Leandra Bumbico, $340,000.


Branchwood Terr., 1509-William S. Larrimore to Catherine J. and Jeffrey Schulte, $480,000.

Crofton Valley Ct., 904-U.S. Bank to Tuyet Hanh Thi Tran and Randall Tran, $545,000.

Huntwood Dr., 2028-Wayne I. and Martha L. Johnson to Stephen and Jessica Vallone, $650,000.

Winfields Lane, 1529-Millard Copley Jr. and Svetlana Pavlovskaya to Oladiji O. and Jumoke F. Omisore, $508,000.


Baylor Rd., 509-GLH Real Holdings Corp. to Justin and Laura Thacker, $315,000.

Chalmers Ave., 106-Cynthia M. Ratiliff to Richard C. Clements Jr., $232,500.

Elkins St., 5807-Joseph W. Lonczynski to Yolanda Louise Patron, $225,000.

Forest St., 100-Christina Trust to Todd T. Brewis, $179,517.

Gatwick Rd., 1317-Anthony M. Phillips Sr. to Edgar E. Govea Menendez and Rodolfo Barrientos, $190,000.

Hyde Park Dr., 734-Gene B. and Casandra E. Rush to Gene B. Brush and Cassandra E. Rush, $177,000.

Joyce Dr., 419-Leonard and Robynn H. Spilker to Lauren M. and Christopher R. Campbell, $430,000.

Linwood Ave., 119-Donald B. and Elizabeth M. Sinz to Stephanie A. Phillips Stevers and Michael A. Stevers, $273,000.

Marlboro Rd., 623-Daniel and Megan Steele to Kimberly Ann Sadaka, $324,500.

Morningside Dr., 510-Jorge Fuentes and Maria Salmeron to Kevin P. Goforth, $226,500.

Packard Ave., 102-MC Hammer and Nail Investments Corp. to Brian Arnold and Kaitlyn Hammer, $229,000.

Rowe Dr., 1404-Art Homes Corp. to Jesus E. and Keren R. Soto, $270,000.

Snowdon Lane, 722-Judith A. and Jerry E. Giles to Karen Hansen, $325,000.

West Dr., 602-Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Morgan E. Thomas and Joseph J. Houck, $214,000.


Delaware Ave., 713-Catherine Ann Smith Dodson to Adam L. Show and Cristina Maria Cantillo Carreno, $285,000.

Georgia Ave. NE, 205-Long Bach Nguyen to Richard A. and Maggie C. Thomas, $265,000.

Home Water Way, 6500, No. 304-Matthew and May Jo Zell to Phyllis A. Baynham, $165,000.

Ingrahm Dr., 7062-Christma L. Prettyman to Adekola A. Adeyemi and Rosaline M. Suku, $337,000.

Leonard Dr., 1217-Baltimore Home Wholesalers Corp. to Soila Y. Rodriguez and Mario A. Ayala Rodriguez, $259,900.

Millhouse Dr., 733-Department of Veterans Affairs to Steve V. George, $289,900.

Overhill Rd., 7706-Lauren N. Kensinger to Geraldine J. Steen, $219,150.

St. Agnes Rd., 18-Ian Edrick Horton Tracy and Wendy B. Iser to Utthi Tran, $260,000.

Timbercross Lane, 7708-Anthony W. Donovan to Aaron M. Peckman, $236,000.


Dorchester Woods Lane, 7234-Garon I. and Meagan Page to Binayak Raj Joshi, $397,500.

Greenknoll Blvd., 68-Mary L. and Walter W. Harvey to Zachary K. Passmore and Ariana A.k. Passmore, $305,000.

Pangbourne Way, 1472-Jason and Stacie Lynn Sagel to Mi Young Choi and Yeong Min An, $345,000.


Button Bush Lane, 3041-Jhon Soo Lim to Xiaocheng Luan and Junli Liu, $285,000.

Old Line Ave., 371-Deutsche Bank to Temidayo Akinselure, $234,379.

Patuxent Landing Loop, 8007-Terry L. and Ana M. Rich to Frantz A. and Kimberly Altema, $480,000.


Furnace Rd., 1300-North Carolina Ave 2011 Corp. to Samuel E. Rosales and Karen Noemi Cusicanqui Lucas, $305,000.

Medora Rd., 6000-WFC Flagship Corp. to Charles Dalton Schaadt, $360,000.


Caracle Ct., 624-Joan A. and William Coale to Donald Harry and Susan M. Thomas, $465,000.

Greenstone Ct., 8394-Daniel T. and Codie J. Chaudoin to William Dudley, $675,000.

Nathan Way, 192-Eric D. and Gina A. Mullin to Sarah K. and Robert J. Mignon, $233,900.

Rustling Oaks Dr., 1028-Wess and Melissa C. August to Robert P. and Heather S. Bailey, $613,000.


Amber Orchard Ct. E., 2498, No. 104-Nish Kunj Inc. and Kunjal Patel to Melissa A. Mitten Davis, $219,600.

Beaver Tree Dr., 1220-Paul M. and Patricia R. Harrington to John and Bonnie Karns, $459,900.

Canteen Cir., 2247-Courtney Jonnson to Billy Frank Aragon, $300,000.

Didelphis Dr., 2652-Anthony Little to Jeremy M. and June L. Johnston, $365,000.

Harvest Run Dr., 701, No. 201-Joan H. Wille to Mahgol and Mahpari Kordmafi, $185,000.

Macfree Ct., 1416-Rajeev and Neetu Gupta to Ahmad and Hamid Chaudry, $670,000.

Oak Leaf Ct., 2711, No. 2711-Joseph P. and Tara P. Beavers to Larry S. Lowe and Patricia D. Fulcher, $242,000.

Quiet Pond Ct., 721-Joseph and Hannah Zampelli to Zachary John Sivo, $315,000.

Running Wolf Trail, 2507-Jay Zuckerman to Timothy S. Davall and Chanel D. Jones, $364,300.

Samantha Lane, 1009, No. 5-204-Brenda Jean and Gary Allen Morse to Bonnie Becker, $241,000.

Wintergreen Ct., 8611-John Philp and Bonnie Lou Karns to Dolores Provines, $318,000.


Dunnington Pl., 1002-Kay E. Krause and Donna L. Abby to Jack A. and Jean W. Reid, $290,000.


Asbury Rd., 232-Heidi Heilman to Marylousie H. and Aaron P. Shulman, $365,000.

Braid Hills Dr., 1636-John H. and Kathleen M. Dulay to Harry R.F. King Jr., $790,000.

Carnoustie Dr., 1625-Stephen A. Cratch to David N. and Jessica J. Kaspary, $825,000.

Country Life Rd., 8382-Jacques Goudeau to James and Cynthia Lessig, $800,000.

Drum Ct., 6-Pamela Jean Keeler to Christopher G. Bartoli, $289,900.

Elizabeth Rd., 8153-Sean and Terri Dickinson to Yongjian Lin and Yingwen Zhang, $309,500.

Forest Dr., 8404-JB2 Grey Properties Corp. to Kevin J. Williams, $302,200.

Garden Rd., 8422-Axios Homes Corp. to Betty J. and Robert L. Sexton, $320,000.

Lady Astor Ct., 2929-Michael D. and Gladys R. Watsic to Jacob J. and Emily R. Hughes, $369,900.

Mallow Ct., 7817-Breanna Celine Stryker to Theresa B. and Amber M. Covahey, $310,000.

Merrymount Ct., 321-Catherine T. Milchenski to Tyrone W. and Sharon V. Ringgs, $259,900.

Mortonhall Ct., 8422-Richard L. and Lorie A. Piccoli to Chad A. Price and Gina M. Huth, $700,000.

Park Creek Rd., 430-Bart Arconti and Charlene C. Wroten to Steven A. Ayigah, $845,000.

Quiet Ridge Ct., 212-Terry L. Bednar and Terry L. Potrzuski to Robin Mcphatter, $245,000.

Shady Nook Ct., 8244-Wendy Mergler and David A. Stepanoff Jr. to Ronald Dean Emerson and Rachel Lauren Alexander, $235,000.

Twickenham Rd., 1674-Levi Corp. to Brian and Margaret Tenney, $280,000.

11th St., 924-Thomas L. and Donna L. Peyatt to Ayla Herbert and Elliot Stahel, $260,000.

228th St., 2523-John Schneider to Robert Carter, $310,000.


Tudor Hall Rd., 4000-Murdaugh Stuart Madden Jr. to Liddell Louise and Matilda Louise Madden, $220,000.


Brookmead Ct., 8020-Arlene B. Cobb to Ahmad A. Gondal and Zeenat Zaheer, $254,000.

Cruet Lane, 1803-Troy I. and Julie M. Villescas to Dequicy and Odonna Bass, $435,000.

Disney Estates Cir., 1885-David B. Dunmonre and Christine A. Dunmore to David D. Jackson Sr. and Evelyn A. Cruz, $450,000.

Equestrian Dr., 8130-Christopher R. and Heidi L. Uher to Brendan and Caroline Geoghegan, $458,000.

Queenstown Rd., 810-Sherita Brown to Angel Jones Myers, $211,000.


Cypress Lane, 618-Michael J. and Mary E. Crowell to Kirk N. and Nicole D. Morris, $515,000.

Harlequin Lane, 510-Brian P. and Victoria Burns to Kimberly Gauthier, $975,000.

Jamar Dr., 51-Emory H. and Michele M. Grim to Jorge C. Damiani, $385,000.

Linda Lane, 10-Michael B. and Cheryl A. McNealey to Jason Dewinter and Amy Frances Port, $375,000.

Old County Rd., 219-Pamela A. Benson to Douglas F. and Karen M. Broujos, $740,000.

Pin Oak Rd., 807-Jerry Layne and Sandra J. Castle to Gregory L. Garner and Tu T.C. Nguyen, $485,000.

South Dr., 347-Douglas R. and Katherine J. Tighe to Edward F. and Ruth Chisnell Macnamara, $165,000.

Yorkshire Dr., 472-Christopher and Maureen Shivery to Karin R. Breitinger, $595,000.


Lerch Dr., 5072-Dina Digirolamo to Marygene and Timothy Bryan Harmon, $475,000.

Poplar Ave., 1195-Leyla S. Taefi to Jason Dean and Robyn Leigh Ekern, $328,000.

Howard County

These sales data recorded by the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation were provided by Black Knight Inc. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit


Ballard Way, 2357-Robert Jude and Eveline Winkler Tapp to Aseem Sharma and Pooja Sangwan, $615,000.

Carrigan Dr., 9953-Michelle Y. Chimini and Michelle Y. Trezler to Steven and Kimberly Worthy, $539,900.

Diversified Lane, 9844-Linda M. Keiser to Dorian M. Korz, $624,900.

Fawnwood Dr., 3017-Manuel T. Raposo and Mateboho M. Mohapeloa Raposo to Kingsley Nana and Kingsley Danso, $450,000.

Gaither Farm Rd., 11024-Richard V. and Holly Hoenes to Bankole A. Johnson, $1.32 million.

Green Clover Dr., 10053-Bernadette A. Carrieri and Benadette Giroux to John and Erin Schade, $565,000.

Hayland Farm Way, 12138-James P. and Elizabeth A. Ryan to Gregory M. Miller and Christi L. Synder, $1.3 million.

High Point Rd., 4058-Mary Malissa and Jeffrey C. McCormick to Jongwan, Misuk and Misuk Park, $435,000.

Larkspring Row, 4046-James M. and Amy B. Lohr to Mark J. and Erin M. Wendell, $625,000.

Liter Ct., 2619-Julie R. Sampogna to Kofo Coker, $455,000.

Mullineaux Lane, 3075-Ryan and Jennifer George to Alexander and Jeannette Feldman, $830,000.

Oakview Ct., 4615-Joslyn R. Wolfe to Kenneth Alan Libby, $400,000.

Pebble Beach Dr., 3055-George A. and Shirley J. Beserock to Erick Martin and Jie Bai Hertz, $590,000.

Temora Manor Lane, 4308-Lawrence J. Vawter and Kyong S. English to Adina D. Ivanica and Altijani H. Hussin, $530,000.

Valley Rd., 3653-Mark Karukas and Helen P. Karukas to Quinn E. and Melinda M. Collins, $410,000.

Windflower Dr., 9140-Syed Kumail and Solat Zaidi to Sisi Duan and Haibin Zhang, $870,000.


Hall Shop Rd., 12014-Francis Keith and Deborah A. Merson to Reginald and Nicole D. Cathirell, $600,000.

Lakeside Dr., 13713-Dennis N. Blankeship to Subhan Turlapaty and Pallavi Kondamadugula, $990,000.

Wayside Dr., 13832-Carol Gannon and Shane K. Hartman to Mohammadali Javadiazad and Marzieh Tavakkoli, $560,000.


Blade Green Lane, 8898-Lavande Studio Corp. to Seth A. Ainsworth, $301,000.

Catwing Ct., 6932-Kathryn Norton Wren and Robert Lewis Nixon Wren to Yolanda B. and Kwame Alleyne, $425,000.

Deep Earth Lane, 6216-Marc L. Greene and Amanda M. Matlock to Vahid Namakshenasan and Sonia Shahriyari Kesheh, $336,000.

Emersons Reach, 9152-Stephen E. and Deborah L. Tkaczyk to Bryan Bucio Salas and Roxana Bucio, $300,000.

Harp String, 7164-Herbert J. Mittelman to David B. and Debra D. Woods, $258,000.

Honeycomb Gate, 6107-Hyun Joo Kim to Jay Jeamin and Song Kyong Shin, $352,000.

Kerry Hill Ct., 7309-Roberta Lawson and Sharon Litvinchyk to Lorn and Elba Hinish, $200,000.

Loring Dr., 6307-Shyam Prakash to Prakash Prakash Chander and Kalavati Arya, $300,000.

Margrave Mews, 5739-Mark A. and Rita M. Wrisley to Jeffrey Morales, $387,500.

Old Deep Ct., 9472-Jeff and Emily Warnock to Michael R. and Stephanie A. Hickey, $285,000.

Pound Apple Ct., 6414-Brayn W. Compton and Preetal V. Kareeha to Kristin H. Hairapetian and Christopher Earles, $300,000.

Sewells Orchard Dr., 6505-Ronald J. Hollander to Justin C. Huneycutt, $350,000.

Thunder Hill Rd., 5858, No. B-2-Uzma Akhtar to Pierre Kamga, $115,000.


Autumn Splendor Dr., 10755, No. 49-Sharmeen S. and Mark A. Gettner to Sung Kil and Sang Ja Lee, $350,000.

Castle Moor Dr., 5031-Karen L. Besaw to Mihai and Alexandra Lita, $460,000.

Columbia Rd., 4916, No. 1 100-C. Lynne Laboy and Kelvin M. Yee to Emily Ann Hicks, $160,000.

Endicott Lane, 5449-Ahmed and Sherry Adelekan to Jaquelin Rodriguez and Julio C. Mata, $260,000.

Fox Grape Terr., 4944-Samuel R. and Kimberly C. Daines to Carrie Shanks, $485,000.

Harpers Farm Rd., 5651, No. E-Patricia A. Boule to Jackie L. and Joy B. Johnson, $214,000.

High Beam Ct., 10631-Jason L. and Maxine Bickerstaff to Selena and Mario L. Johnson, $299,900.

Mystic Ct., 5523-Manuel L. Alvarenga to Marian Gail Fogan, $245,000.

Pyramid Way, 6725-Norman and Jacqueline Pearson to Joshua Harrold and Tamara Bishop, $320,000.

River Rock Way, 7728-Williamsburg Group Corp. to Thomas I. and Marianne M. Hamerski, $471,811.

River Rock Way, 7823-Jordan and Ashley Hucht to Rajat Bindlish, $460,000.

Suffield Ct., 5547-Alexandra Noelani Lee and Christopher Hsiu Cheng Lee to Patricia R. Jones, $329,900.

Ten Mills Rd., 5034-Bernice A. Kish to Ronda Garvin Doxas, $525,000.

Twin Rivers Rd., 10596, No. A-1-Peter R. Ricci to Ashley Rhodes, $100,000.

Windstream Dr., 10077, No. 5-Christopher F. and Denise T. Fioravante to Karen B. Ohlrich, $240,000.


Frederick Rd., 14427-Jun and Yan Mei Wang to Veena and Raju Kaladi, $755,000.


Alchemy Way, 8012-U.S. Home Corp. and Lennar Corp. to Ramakrishna Gollakota and Bharathi Sesha Sai Varanasi, $379,990.

Briarglen Dr., 7925, No. D-Jacqueline M. Smith and Amanda Gover to Eileen R. Emrich, $232,500.

Calvert Dr., 7025-Glenford Michael Halley and Cynthia Lynn Rose to David S. and Jody C. Stacoffe, $619,900.

Deborah Jean Dr., 5896-Kurk E. and Jessica R. Klingebiel to Mohammed and Sharlene Mansaray, $645,000.

Ducketts Lane, 6798, No. 29-4-Lauren M. Dewitt and Lauren M. Wallis to Sarah Goodale, $216,000.

Graftons View Ct., 6221-James T. and Jona T. Cook to Misty Dawn and Brandon Scott Wyatt, $615,000.

Joann Khan Dr., 7021-Steven and Pamela Moses to Yong Soo Chun, $432,500.

Loudon Ave., 6353-Carlos Morales and Cynthia Perez to Juliana Osong Takang, $285,500.

Millstream Ct., 7992-Stewart C. and Elizabeth Bryson to Danielle Affinito, $257,000.

Patuxent Oak Ct., 7718-Edmond Massuda to Mariyan Pich, $321,000.

Rockledge Ct., 6422-Jose Benitez to Binh Van Nguyen and Nhan Than Huynh, $240,000.

Sandpiper Ct., 6303, No. 11-Mark Kittelberger to Jay K. Goldberg, $210,000.

Woodland Forest Dr., 6408-Bryan W. Mills to William E. Cupp and Odney Gayle G. Cupp, $360,000.


Brittany Dr., 4322-German F. Flores Rengifo and Maria W. Rodriguez to Jennifer L. Petelle and Bryan C. Banks, $415,000.

Enoch Pratt Dr., 8655-Mohammad Z. Islam and Rusella Mirza to Elaine Kim, $257,182.

Glenmar Rd., 8390-Andrew and Karen Quarm to Rohan Phansalkar, $655,000.

Harvest View Ct., 8514-Ashley Naumann and Nicholas Vonella to Zanjiang Wang and Juanli Lin, $365,000.

Kaitlins Ct., 2221-Rodrick A. and Benee Coleman to Syed L. Pasha and Asra Fatima, $655,000.

Lotus Cir., 4100, No. 1-Susan G. Larson to David A. Wanex, $460,000.

New Prospect Ct., 5223-Lauren L. and Zacahry L. Adcock to Sanjeev K. Sriram and Tamil A. Chellaiah, $650,000.

Stone Crop Dr., 8260, No. P-Ruth M. Stevens and Pamela R. Chaney to Dorothy B. Brooks Jr., $290,000.

Sunny Field Ct., 5379-John A. and Janet McElvaney to Xiaoqian Chai and Yu Xia, $550,000.

Wethered Dr., 8704-Deutsche Bank to Fahim and Nadia Fahim Ahmad, $732,000.


Chase St., 11205, No. 64-Gene D. Price and Lynthia A. Gibson to Marvin Lee and Kathleen M. Vanston, $489,900.

Morris St., 7524, No. 5-Eileen M. Romero and Ali Rezahi to Cara L. Erinle, $398,000.

Tawes St., 8928-Kevin T. and Diane W. Mason to Kory R. and Lisa Johnson, $585,000.


Burntwoods Rd., 14018-Timathe S. Keney to Christian R. and Erin Hayes, $458,000.


Mustang Path, 14676-Mark and Victoria Kirshe to Phillip B. and Erika Key, $712,500.


Bakers Pl., 6032-William G. and Ann B. Vannurden to Steven H. and Mandi M. Felmey, $445,000.


Deanmar Dr., 13180-Bruce R. and Theresa M. Butrum to Ericka and Vance Flanigan, $588,000.


Birchwood Way, 8830-Gonzalo G. Puig to Jun Young Choe, $275,000.

Oakwood Way, 8932-Ryan M. Kelly and Jill Montgomery to Lauren C. Bradel, $285,000.

Willowwood Way, 8818-Kelly Werle to Audra Swentosky Schor, $269,000.


Beechwood Dr., 6509-Beechwood Dr. Corp. to Cassandra Heyne, $485,000.

Eden Brook Dr., 7301, No. A-1-Alexander L. Smith to Suzanne M. and Daniel T. Serpico, $325,000.

Guilford Rd., 9443-Stonefield Investments Fund 2 Corp. to Nihal Jayasekera, $208,550.

Quarry Bridge Ct., 9623-Carl E. and Kelly P. Stevens to Karen M. Kittell, $250,000.

Weather Worn Way, 7617, No. F-Michael Wesley Wood and Jennifer Stoute to Andrew Swanson, $160,000.


Everlea Rd., 1534-Tara Littleton Calloway and Sharon M. Calloway to Roger Thomas and Erika Peters Hoff, $426,000.


Long Corner Rd., 1860-William Jeremy Easton to Robart K. Davies, $490,000.

Woodbine Crossing Rd., 703-Catonville Homes Corp. to Brian Alexander and Laura Gonzales Davis, $671,620.


Woodward St., 8139-Rachel K. Russell to Kara A. Smalley and David A. Owen, $296,000.


Boulder Hill Pl., 8821-John E. Dunlop and Julie R. Snyder to Llya Dynin, $550,000.

Charmed Days, 8436-Hanock P. and Cynthia Sagu John to Zain Usmani and Yusra Azmi, $435,000.

Fens Hollow, 9446-Bonnie B. Miller to Amman G. Affa and Meriam Mikre, $334,900.

Gorman Rd., 10580-Noureddine Krichene to Taeyoung Park and Soon Bok Jeon, $539,000.

High Ridge Rd., 10128-Karen Fontaine to Eun Young Kim, $285,000.

Knox Ct., 9124-Cornerstone Holdings Corp. and Cornerstone Homes Inc. to Anuj Man and Anila Rajbhandari Shakya, $508,850.

Northern Lakes Lane, 9710-Brian and Laura Gonzales Davis to Riyo Rajan and Adella Varghese, $435,000.

Overton Dr., 9633-Michael D. and Deborah D. Divecchio to Efrain Rubiano Jr. and Lissette Vale Acevedo, $415,000.

Riverbrink Ct., 9406-Robin Wilkinson to Tara V. Nixon, $265,000.

Shady Acres Lane, 10405-Susan B. Cole to Williams S. Sciandra, $345,000.

Toms Trail, 9246-NVR Inc. to Oscar Gordon II, $365,560.


Underwood Rd., 1391-Dream Makers Property Solutions Corp. to Martin J. and Margaret J. Fischer, $524,900.


River Valley Chase, 3160-Sang Choi and Young Mi Yi to Ryan D. and Rachel F. Sturm, $685,000.


Old Frederick Rd., 15325-John R. and Anita Funk to Michael and Anne Slater, $575,000.


Chester Way, 10537-Damon R. and Donna L. Taraquinio to Di Wu and Lili Huang, $740,000.

Merion Pond, 2250, No. 44-Joseph T. and Stacie T. Smarowsky to Prabodh Kumar Karunakaran and Kathy Jayaprasad, $470,000.

Woodstock Rd., 1675-John M. and Erin E. Schade to Virginie Dujols, $380,000.