Anne Arundel County

These sales data recorded by the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation were provided by Black Knight Inc. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit


Blackwalnut Ct., 1300-Alexandra Addison and Stephen D. Wrage to Zane A. Teeters III and Michelle Nicole Matthews, $405,000.

Carrollton Rd., 2655-Edwin C. and Kathryn C. Wimbish to Allison and Kane Eliah Magee, $675,000.

Chesapeake Ave., 119-Gregory T. and Vicki A. Shea to Janice M. Cannon, $580,000.

Louis Ave., 1208-John V. Eng Jr. to Charles W. Ross Jr., $360,000.

Monroe St., 907-Above Grade Renovations Corp. to Kelly Knox, $400,000.

Redwood Ave., 1318-Trust Realty Investment Corp. to Rachel Frentsos, $430,000.


Autumn Chase Dr., 237-Jeannette Chirigotis to James Mauck, $565,000.

Conduit St., 132-Charles P. and Judith G. Cangemi to Terri L. and Paul J. Spicher, $975,000.

Forest Dr., 2060-Blazek Propertis Corp. to Irfan Simms, $155,000.

Lynnfield Dr., 1866-Michael J. and M. Maureen Schneider to Alexander and Christina Cotsalas, $610,000.

Merryman Rd., 421-Ytta Bethel and Ytta Halpern Carr to Claudia Gissela Gil Valle and Osman Ivan Ruano Leiva, $105,000.

Sean Dr., 624-Stewart W. and Frances T. Nystrom to Andrew C. and Jenssica Ecton, $655,000.

Southaven Rd., 2812-Cynthia L. Pond and Michael B. Boyle to Ryan P. Ahler, $530,000.

Summer Village Dr., 130-James and Anna Chiew Han to Patricia L. Sewall, $475,000.

Witmer Ct., 1840-Deborah L. Jayne and Lila L. Goode to Frederick K. and Jenny S. Caison, $300,000.


Brightleaf Dr., 1091-Rebecca R. and Patrick L. Geary to Calvin Lowman, $196,000.

College Manor Ct., 390-Janis R. and Allan Brown to David W. and Pen P. Whewell, $449,900.

Farley Ct. N., 1215-Cheryl L. Bowie to Manda M., Bellinda D. and William Allwang, $291,500.

Grey Stone Terr., 1210-Shane and Erica Freeman Wilemon to Nicholas and Brittany Paivanas, $899,000.

Laurel Valley Ct., 466-Margaret K. Evans to James Parker, $266,000.

Norton Lane, 535-Leslie Mitchael Kaldor to Jeremy Dicandilo, $332,000.

Southern Hills Dr., 746, No. G-7B-Keith D. Faulkner Jr. to Linda M. Kennison, $165,000.


Bolivar Ave., 223-Gary L. Bryan Jr. and Cynthia Spencer to Juan V. Villalobos, $247,000.

Hammonds Lane, 201-George H. and Lillian M. Frohlich to Robert J. and Stephanie N. Gleason, $140,000.

Olive Wood Lane, 730-Jeremy M. Rubin to Krystal Y. Moody, $273,000.

Eighth Ave., 3-Investment and Tfa Investment Trust to Sherry and David Dickens, $243,000.


Barracuda Cove Ct., 929-Jason M. Tenbarge and Helen C. Griswold to Natalia S. Tolman, Adam D. Tolman and Helen Cathleen Griswold, $475,000.

Cananaro Dr., 1645-Maber L. Brenner to Joseph R. and Jessica J. Jones, $304,900.

Gateway Dr., 1168-Martin N. Gorman to Ryan J. and Johany Rangel, $570,000.

Marine Dr., 924-Nancy M. and Cynthia Dinne Leonard to Todd R. and Suzanne M. Marchinkewic, $360,000.

Snow Goose Lane, 642-M. Candace Miller to Justin Novak, $390,000.

Winchester Rd. N., 1616-Andrew R. and Nancy Adler to Charles Eric, Jennifer Louise and Erma Ellen Christensen, $1.38 million.


Garret Ave., 1237-Deutsche Bank to James Bennet, $171,000.


Airy Hill Ct., 1609C, No. 8C-Kevin E. and Kerry Kohlmann to Christopher Burke, $190,000.

Danewood Ct., 1524-Deboran J. Hobby and Deborah J. Johnson to Sally Luttrell, $217,500.

Hornbeam Dr., 1544-Joseph E. and Karissa A. Davis to Brian J. and Kathleen A. Ford, $655,000.

Lizbec Ct., 2425-Deborah L. Fowler to Hong Z. and Aaron A. Pesetski, $220,000.

Mayfair Pl., 1741-Eishazli S. Jones Holdings Corp. to Tammie K. and Derrick Williams, $460,000.

Needham Ct., 1224, No. 28B-Manuel J. Sanchez Casas and Jennifer K. Baur Sanchez to Gehan S. Mina, $265,000.

Simsbury Ct., 1109-Joseph N. and Lisa R. Saverino to William G. Dubinsky III, $250,000.

Yarmouth Lane, 2452-Bernice E. Mack to Tariq and Muhammad Usman Bajwa, $316,000.


Edwin Lane, 2120-Mario S. Marques and Theresa A. Rossiter to Curtis D. and Marilyn L. Pfeiffer, $735,000.


Chestnutview Ct., 893-Robert L. Leisner III to Nicholas Andrew and Alecaia Mary Brown, $237,500.

Waterview Dr., 818-Steve Bazow to Clifton Castor Everett, $379,200.


Nile Rd., 3692-Steven C. and Jennifer L. Novak to Christopher B. and Rachele N. Oland, $390,000.


Second St., 5958-Leslie and Bronwyn Benito to Christopher Seaton and Sarah Dredger, $410,000.


Chesapeake Dr., 1740-George K. and Jane L. Kennedy to Danielle E. Langford, $225,000.

Havre De Grace Dr., 1805-Christina Sheckellis and Christina Sillaman to Nelson and Elizabeth Nguyen, $275,000.

Londontown Rd., 331-Clarence and Mercedes Layne to Jose M. Umana Granados and Cresenciio Granados, $315,000.

Oriole Rd., 1617-Ronald J. and Philip F. Meyers to Amanda E. Miranda, $224,000.

Poplar Point Rd., 3-Amy Bowen and Nicholas J. Kallis to Joshua J. and Wendy A. McDowell, $630,000.

Selby Blvd., 837-Nicole R. and Shawn Wilson to Erika N. Addonizio, $520,000.

Southdown Rd., 182-Kenneth A. and Barbara G. Minihan to Robert and Suzanne Stoll, $1.6 million.


Spartans Lane, 6440-John P. Poss to Daniel Smith and Alesia Holden, $365,000.


Chapel Centre Dr., 1306, No. 38-Wster Building Co. Corp. to Ashwin Reddy Nalla, $440,000.

Justin Dr., 1688-Thomas D. and M. Lorraine Elder to William S. and Heather Cox, $713,000.


Broadwater Way, 640-Christopher G. Taylor to Carol S. and Mark D. Gould, $1.7 million.


Baylor Rd., 731-Oakwood Properties Corp. to Saul and Claudia V. Barajas, $339,900.

Elvaton Rd., 7915-Sinh Trouong Vu to Thomas Q. Ballard Sr., $307,000.

Foxfarm Lane, 7832-James Sung Lee to James E. Bickley, $248,000.

Mary Ct., 212-Mary Raines and David Loeb to Abigayle C. Blair, $210,000.

Pamela Rd., 603-Garrett Alan to Stetson Sander, $285,000.

Range Rd., 125-Joseph and Lauren Giunta to Stephen R. Scott Jr., $240,000.

Thelma Ave., 297-Richard P. and Sarah E. Bembe to Betty Lee Lewis, $280,000.

Williams Rd., 320-322 Williams Corp. to Steven J. Lacoste, $245,000.


Baltimore Annapolis Blvd., 7575-John C. Sauer and Jennifer Staylor to Manouchka Honore and Fritz Stfleur, $222,000.

Blakistone Rd., 916-Precision Properties Group Corp. to Pablo Cesar Lopez and Griselda E. Hernandez Reyes, $270,000.

Dover Rd., 7716-Jason W. and Natalie N. Hood to Wayne A. and Kyleigh Rodgers, $290,500.

Glenside Way, 820-Sarah Renee Richards to Thomas Gollier, $305,000.

Lincoln Dr., 441-Matthew B. and Vanessa R. Vensku to Michael Marsh, $255,000.

Mockingbird Cir., 7218-Alison B. Pulver to Jonathon Darnell and Hannah R. Russell, $308,000.

Overhill Rd., 7727-Locust Investments Corp. to Angela Perini, $207,000.

Warblers Perch Way, 678-U.S. Home Corp. and Lennar Corp. to Robert Edward Kosydar, $321,440.

Wynbrook Rd., 1124-Diane C. Kollmorgan to Sara M. and Ryan S. Poole, $255,000.


Elmcrest Rd., 7658-Lexicon Government Services Corp. to Jin Seok and Yeon Eok Ko, $455,000.

Hardwick Ct., 1624, No. 304-Waquita S. Smith to Marie A. Giesler, $244,000.

Maple Rock Rd., 2606-Toll MD IV Corp. and Arundel Preserve 10a Corp. to Joscelene Lewis, $465,148.

Richmond Way, 2635-NVR Inc. to Cameron Ward, $385,735.

Stoney Run Dr., 7559, No. 403-Tyler Melisa Reed and Tyler Melisa Kensky to Justin, Sung K. and Kyoung A. Park, $248,000.


Mill Crossing Ct., 261-Calatlantic Group Inc. to Sim Jackson Jr., $399,990.


Race Rd., 7674-Vickie M. Bladwin Murphy and Sarah Hester to Elvin Linares, $210,000.


Crooked Tree Lane, 8521-Patricia J. and David Bradfield to Hugh Austin Clark and Gemma Y. Bognot Clark, $417,000.

Lark Pl., 8609-Midatlantic Ira Corp. and Dwight Ufford to Tyrone D., Valeta R. and Tyquan Jenkins, $330,000.

Spadderdock Ct., 3112-Lisa S. Williams to Lloyd and Lelsia Perkins, $255,000.

Woodridge Pl., 102-Cleuce B. and Linda K. Melton to Lesley Bynum, $255,000.


Medora Rd., 6224-Leonard T. and Audrey A. Bethards to Keith Adelsberger and Morgan Cashwell, $425,000.

Tulip Oak Ct., 337-Steve A. Foland to Samuel L. and Elise N. Owensby, $365,000.


Daniels Purchase Way, 8226-John B. and Jamie Rolander to Donald F. and Amy E. Webster, $415,000.

Helmwood Ct., 793-Jeffrey M. and Dena M. Terra to Brian Daniel and Jolly Blum Simmons, $600,000.

Nathan Way, 196-Larry C. and Carolyn V. Marino to Tewanda Shenea Shepherd, $227,500.

Victoria Rd., 8255-Michael L. Kurpicski to George Williams and Brittany Collerman, $321,500.


Amber Orchard Ct. W., 2506, No. 104-Michael and Heather Raymond to Robert I. and Peter Robert Schaeffer, $225,000.

Cedar Elm Dr., 2642-Joseph M. and Kelly L. Ciancaglini to Juan Ospino Guijo and Katherine Huertas Cardenas, $320,000.

Dragon Fly Way, 2697-Two Rivers Associates Corp. to Jesse L. McNeal Jr. and Donna Alexis Spence Mason, $630,922.

Hidden Hill Cir., 127-Felix Guzman to Jessica L. Lacey, $295,000.

Mericrest Way, 808-Stephen J. and Jessica A. Vallone to Ross Holston Kellet, $384,900.

Odenton Rd., 1431-Wayne D. Montoya to Ziad T. Jazzaa and Hanaa Hamood, $375,000.

Railbed Dr., 1002-James Joseph Morgan to Taylor and Katherine Marsh, $377,000.

Snowflake Dr., 2305-Frances I. Cannetti to William and Lisa Lavin, $370,000.

Woodchuck Way, 3030-Two Rivers Associates Corp. to William A. and Coleen M. Barrack, $454,270.


Bar Harbor Rd., 339-Robert J. and Timothy J. Blanchfield to Richard Phillius, $300,000.

Brickwall Lane, 3554-Jonathan and Rebecca Robinette to Paul Garrett and Joana E. Myers, $302,000.

Carolina Ave. N., 321-Anthony and Dolores F. Ciotola to Roberr Todd and Arianna Patterson, $340,000.

Cedar Rd., 1910-Bruce F. and Robyn F. McKeldin to Thomas J. and Katie J. Swope, $775,000.

Dutch Ship Rd., 397-Anne Arundel County to Robert Carter and Bonnie Lee Howatt, $292,000.

Geneva Rd., 8420-Deborah Smith and Albert W. Miller to Nicole L. Glazier, $211,000.

Holmespun Dr., 1226-Emily Rosadell Hughes and Emily R. Bolling to Tonya L. Smith, $233,000.

Lake Dr., 2244-Grant E. Austin and Jan M. Johnson to Donald and Jeanne Ann Abey, $355,000.

Loblolly Lane, 8311-Gregory Mitas to Robert A. and Donna M. Lamy, $428,000.

Mansion House Xing., 8026-Patrick Raymond to Kevin B. and Raeanne M. Keffalas, $352,000.

Middlegate Ct., 7723-Timothy D. and Margo N. Grove to Donna R. Biddinger, $265,000.

Mountain Rd., 4876-Carl Oliver Clrak to Ben Yerkey, $235,000.

Northfield Ave., 907-Donald H. and Eleanor K. Timanus to William and Bridget Anne Calvert, $340,000.

Patapsco Rd., 8286-Arthur Lee Hamel to Gabriella Orazio and Michael A. Grandel, $815,000.

Sunset Knoll Rd., 526-Julie Whittington and Patricia Ann Kwiecinski to Laura K. Stout, $315,000.

Ventnor Rd., 8235-Claudia B. Hickman to Steven Hooke and Claire Peterson, $420,000.

Willowby Run, 666-Christopher Miller to Amy L. Watkins, $232,000.

12th St., 196-Kristopher A. and Laura G. Porter to Cassondra L. and Jason J. Smith, $386,000.

212th St., 664-Paul A. Zulauf to Elise J. Mohler and John Wrede, $305,000.


Bastille Ct., 1901-Jesse J. and Lynne M. Carty to Peter Grasso, $348,840.

Canter Ct., 7830-Glenn S. and Jennie R. Hawkins to Belinda D. Mann, $273,900.

Dicus Mill Rd., 1371-Eagle Properties and Investments Corp. to Joseph W. and Tara P. Beavers, $425,000.

Dorol Ct., 706-Robert D. Corl to Jamarie Leigh Parks, $399,900.

Fitzpatrick Dr., 1510-Christina M. Anderson to Christopher S. and Deborah J. Smith, $508,000.

Montreal Rd., 1828-Evelyn A. Cruz and David D. Jackson to Jinhan Paul and Sophia Lee, $340,000.

Ridgely Loop, 8123-D.R. Horton Inc. to Thuyet Q. Lam and Tracy H. Huynh, $503,090.

Sunhaven Way, 7828-Rashad J. Nelson and Benadette K. Makori Nelson to Michael J. Bernard, $380,000.

Wood Carriage Way, 1745-Erica L. Robinson to Stanley F. Steers, $272,000.


Hendler Rd., 674-Martin A. Wolff to Eugene C. and Jeanne M. Parker, $2.15 million.

Kenmore Rd., 531-James J. and Ruth A. Brower to Steffan M. May, $299,900.

Mangrove Rd., 303-Michael D. and Lorrie L. Davis to Kristin C. and Jasdon T. Taddeo, $465,000.

Pineview Ave., 128-Cristina T. and Shannon Pegerson to Katie S. Roberts and Jason Main, $430,000.

Spring Haven Ct., 2-Jean Klappenberger and Patricia M. Hook to Samantha L. Meek, $367,500.


Bay View Ave., 1191-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Bernadette G. Garcia, $130,000.

Lerch Dr., 5075-Marc D. and Ann H. Jackson to Jaila C. and Anna M. Hallett, $367,000.

Rullman Rd., 4926-David V. Way and Ruth D. Sanchez Way to David M. and Shiela L. Everett, $255,000.

Howard County

These sales data recorded by the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation were provided by Black Knight Inc. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit


Breconshire Rd., 10281-Richard I. and Sandy G. Wientraub to Gurmail Singh and Kulwinder Kaur, $765,000.

Catalpa Ct., 5307-Fasika A. Woreta and Agazi Gebreselassie to Henry E. and Emily J. Lee, $1.07 million.

Dorsch Farm Rd., 11005-Charles C. and Thuylan T. Nguyen to Benjamin P. Sudano Jr., $905,000.

Folly Quarter Rd., 12881-John A. and Rita M. Chamberlain to Randall Richard and Mary Christensen, $790,000.

Globe Dr., 10259-Kevin G. and Patricia Ann Meyd to Subrmanyam T.P. Maturi and Ragachandrika Maturi, $530,000.

Greenway Dr., 3321-Raymond R. Ridgely to Peter and Susan Treese, $445,000.

Hearthstone Rd., 2950-Pam and Rob Sandhu to Israel Pradeep Kumar Gujjarlapudi, $600,000.

Ivymede Ct., 9560-William Rogers and Janice Ellen Eberhart to Manoj Kumar Pankajakshan Pillai and Sajitha Manoj, $625,000.

Leaf Shade Dr., 2805-Jacob K. Paulose and Leela Jacob to Smita and Pankaj K. Shrivastava, $581,000.

Lowlen Ct., 3516, No. C-GTS Properties Corp. to Clewerton A. Morcira, $315,000.

Nashville Ct., 11009-Villages at Turf Valley Corp. to Madhur M. Purohit and Prajakta Ulhas Pathak, $636,703.

Old Ellicott Cir., 10555, No. 72-Jing Chen Ku to Vivek Thumbigere Math and Amylya C. Belludi, $494,000.

Pinehurst Ct., 10334-Eileen R. Emrich to Mingyao and Hajian Zhu, $670,000.

Resort Rd., 10530-Vantage Condonium Corp. to Ryan Sewon Cheoun and Yoonyoung Christine Huh, $345,000.

Treyburn Ct., 9728-Dmitrovich Igor and Marlee Dowling Gladstein to Michael R. and Carrie A. Severino, $685,000.


Bragdon Wood, 11749-Edmond Mangy to David Thomas and Andrea Denise Howard, $430,000.

Hallmark Rd., 7347-John R. Moore and Elinor Fong to Robert P. Smith Jr. and Megan Wheeler, $495,000.

Linden Church Rd., 12901-Charles D. Minnick to Edward M. and Anne M. Marcotte, $544,000.

Westcott Pl., 6929-Robert Brian and Elizabeth S. Satola to Ajay and Veni Kumar, $1.05 million.


Blue Dart Pl., 6284-Gerald and Virginia Flejntje to Tuan Anh Nguyen, $271,000.

Crowflock Ct., 5455-Jay B. and Christina G. Williamson to Gonzalo G. Puig, $460,000.

Delphinium Ct., 5458-Donald R. and Deanne L. Rajala to Ian R. and Erin E. Wessell, $360,000.

Endless Ocean Way, 8723, No. 27-Iftikhar and Nasir Bhatti to Syed and Sharmima Abid, $478,000.

Hayshed Lane, 8767, No. 3-2-Paulose T. and Thresiamma M. Augustine to Zacharia Avirah, $160,000.

Ironwood Way, 6209-Kathie M. Diskin to Maricela A. Garcia, $325,000.

Kilimanjaro Rd., 9541-Estrelita Sesay to Marcus Anwar and Gardenia Catriona Jackson, $373,000.

Luckpenny Pl., 5413-Joshua M. and Katherine Arostegui to Tobias and Natasha Morelli, $380,000.

Old Line Ct., 9324-Geprge T. and Katherine S. Allmon to Daniel and Eliisha A. Macmeekin, $450,000.

Pound Apple Ct., 6457-Bryan and McLanie Dorsey to Kelsey M. Funk, $295,000.

Shining Oceans Way, 8820, No. 112-Willia M. and Lillia M. Patterson to Ann Diamond, $317,000.

Talisman Lane, 7212-Giora A. and Mirrell M. Bendor to Franklin Jacques, $279,900.

Tunemaker Terr., 9214-Mir M. Zare and Parimehr Samizadeh to Tracye L. Brewer, $385,000.

Waterloo Rd., 6142-B. Shirley Avery and Donald Weigel to Casey and Brian Wilson, $200,000.

Wild Swan Way, 6200, No. 204-Theodore Spiros Spengos to Katayona Khosravani, $264,000.


Beech Creek Dr., 10879-Charles and Amanda Gazan to Bruno Silvestrin, $533,000.

Cedar Lane, 5476, No. A3-Nationstar Mortgage Corp. to Zaryab Azam, $104,465.

Darting Bird Lane, 5155-Ryan J. and Whitney B. White to Chien Chi Tseng and Yung Mei Hsu, $485,000.

Even Star Pl., 5242-Carolyn A. Cipolla to Rafael Emilio and Katherina M. Soto, $362,000.

Gold Needle Way, 11901-Wilma A. and Robert Bass to Jason J. and Dionne L. Hawkins, $536,000.

Harpers Farm Rd., 5723, No. E-Stephen C. Brant to Samantha A. Mattey, $198,000.

High Beam Ct., 10653-David and Teresa L. Weschler to Todd and Anna Murphy, $324,900.

Parchment Rise, 6929-Wen Biao Li to Carols and Alexandra Monroy, $516,000.

Quarterstaff Rd., 10660-David J. Meehan to Jonathan and Hannah Herrington, $660,000.

River Rock Way, 7730-Williamsburg Group Corp. to Harold Keith and Carol Elizabeth Allen, $485,639.

Rumcay Ct., 10958-Melvin Nolan to Ibrahiam Abou Taleb, $150,000.

Sleepy Horse Lane, 12203-Winsted Reo Corp. to Emily C. True, $315,000.

Sunny Spring, 6287-Marcella and Jessie Golatt to Mark Leroux and Kimanh Leroux, $385,000.

Thicket Lane, 5671-Dena Engineering Corp. to Mahsa Jamshidi, Sarah S. Noory and Kayvan Nouri, $350,000.

Vantage Point Rd., 5544-Kristen L. Allen to John Rew Jr., $295,000.

Willow Bottom Dr., 11135-Farber Homes Corp. to Akhtar Siddiqui and Parveen Akhtar Nayab, $400,000.

Wooded Way, 5459-Herbert C. Buchanan Jr. to Zanita G. Buchanan and Yinchu Xia, $525,000.


Route 144, 14385-Ida Williams to Geofrey Kinyashi, $275,000.


Arbor Way, 6310-Jose Solis Padilla and Ana Laura Solis to Karen Lynn Warthen, $363,000.

Brookview Rd., 7325, No. 406-Peter S. and Marianna F. Ashton to Joel and Shcila Lebowitz, $350,000.

Coxwold Dr., 6440-Scott J. and Christina L. Lepre to Debashis Jena, $451,000.

Deep Falls Way, 7188, No. 225-Gracse Thammasuyimol to Betlihen Huategebriel and Belhilu Lemmma, $289,000.

Green Field Rd., 6335, No. 1712-Lori Tyahla to Christina Alva, $178,360.

Latrobe Fls., 6613, No. 83-Sharon D. Zelenak to Danielle M. Pecherski, $355,000.

Marioak Dr., 7884-Jonathan A. and Gina Kirye Smith to Francis N. Ebong, $252,900.

Oak Grove Way, 7008, No. 92-Ilir and Kelley Miller Qesati to Nancy Millan, $320,000.

Penny Lane, 7112-Thomas and Gretchen Wiley to Gary B. Foster, $324,000.

Rockledge Ct., 6429-Wilmington Savings Fund Society and Christiana Trust to Ngun Kar and Dar Cin, $239,900.

Sandy Ridge, 5961-Jeffrey J. and Michelle A. Bartko to Andrey Gustov and Anastasia Lisitskaya, $700,000.


Blueberry Hill Lane, 7714-Edward J. Filardi Jr. to Morissa E. and Kendall Harris, $352,000.

Cara Ct., 3326-Brian Thomas and Jisoo Lee Beanland to Rennee M. and Daniel M. Kamen, $487,000.

Court Ave., 8382-Pilatus Opportunity Fund III Corp. to Jared W. and Autumn Lewis, $519,000.

Evening Sky Ct., 4918, No. 18-Lucie R. Pelgrim to Mary C. and Joseph J. Strassner, $382,000.

Governor Run, 8301-Nilkanth J. Bhatt and Jipsy H. Shukla to Innocent and Christiana Hanson Okoh, $650,000.

High Meadow Ct., 8133-Mark D. Groth to David Ray and Lauren Todd, $600,000.

Kensington Gardens, 2550, No. 406-Patricia R. Beyer to Carol Zika, $250,000.

Old Frederick Rd., 8415-Ashok K. and Santosh Raina to Sripal R. and Pramathi R. Mada, $660,000.

Stonehouse Dr., 8801-Qiuping Gu and Li Xu to Bhavana H. Patel, $470,000.

Sunny Field Ct., 5383-David R. and Gwyn R. Ferguson to Vladimir Gutkovsky and Sofiya Feduchchenko, $700,000.

Whistling Pines Ct., 7814-Bryan M. Larsen to Melchor Gaston and Brianne Schultz, $320,000.


Chase St., 11212, No. 115-Stephen R. Orr to Martin K. and Dianne C. McDermott, $390,000.

Morris St., 7564, No. 40-Majd M. Arnaout to Anita Segar, $480,000.

Tilghman St., 7712-Daniel T. and Taylor L. Lloyd to Eric M. Goldberg, $640,000.


Edgewoods Way, 14564-Fred B. and Sarah C. Kawa to Randall S. Faulkner, $1.11 million.


Clarks Meadow Dr., 3923-National Residential Nominee Services in to Robert Dennis and Michelle Lee Sexton, $125,500.

Sharp Rd., 3404-Carolyn K. Johnston to Mizan Gebremichael and Yudit H. Hagos, $500,000.


Beaumont Pl., 7136-U.S. Home Corp. and Lennar Corp. to Stephen John and Monica Renee Stewart, $374,990.

Starwort Way, 7015, No. A-U.S. Home Corp. and Lennar Corp. to Tremayne Morrell Perry, $445,490.


Cheshire Ct., 8733-Michale D. and Donna J. Hitesman to Lawrence and Delight S. Eliason, $390,000.

Guilford Rd., 10072-Cinnabar Drive Corp. to Yaw N. Owusu Poku and Ernestina Owusu, $497,000.

Savage Guilford Rd., 8111-Leon Terry and Angela Armour Bullen to Joanne St. John, $323,000.

Willowwood Way, 8866-Adam and Krista Stanzione to Angelica Golindano, $265,000.


Evergreen Ave., 9910-Marc and Barry Meklir to Phillip J. and Bonnie L. Luman, $342,000.

Moving Water Lane, 9045-Hardy Family Limited Partnership to Stephen N. Lerner, $250,000.

Rainleaf Ct., 9810-Lisa M. and Kevin M. Kirkpatrick to Lauren Yeager and Matthew Robert Beyerlein, $281,000.

Stirling Bridge Dr., 9635-National Transfer Services Corp. to Denya Wilson, $235,000.

Twilight Ct., 9536-George A. and Shawn D. Henson to Janet A. Costigan and Christopher L. Walker, $405,000.


Woodbine Rd., 1979-Jessie A. Emrick to Shereen Ghneim, $435,000.


John Gravel Rd., 2221, No. 2-Louis Luderman to Mahendra K. and Usha M. Thakkar, $272,500.


Lincoln St., 8776, No. H-Basfords Retreat Corp. to Xiao Ling Wei and Ziyu Zheng, $377,500.


Anise Ct., 10010-Beazer Homes Corp. and Beazer Homes Corp. to Quana J. and Teray Frost, $809,576.

Boulder Ridge Rd., 8796-Allan and Sheila Goodfriend to Hazem Ahmed, $615,000.

Cabot Ct., 9337-Robert M. and Jenny L. Osborn to Karmen San Nicolas, $265,000.

Davene Lane, 9111-Muralidhar Yeddulla to Kulumba and Julia A. Tarawalie, $485,000.

Garden Ranges, 9840-Eric A. Chen to Raghunath Devayajanam and Tanuja R. Kashyap, $495,000.

Graeloch Rd., 10695-Elijah and Amanda Underwood to Graham Climpson and Claudia A. Kralovee, $390,000.

Hunters Way, 10551-Glenn and Alice Poser to John M. and Tracee M. Wallace, $590,000.

Laurel Rd. N., 9075, No. K-Sam Otenaike to Abu Kamara, $152,500.

Northern Lakes Lane, 9732-Tin Yau Kam and Suk On Fion Kam to Irum Hussan, $430,000.

Park Ave., 9501-David James and Catherine Curry Reader to Ruth Sarakauskaite, $320,000.

Rock Ripple Lane, 9374-Mohamed O. Abutableb and Rana M. Sharaf to Burhan Abio Sadiq, Mariam Mahmood and Burhan Avid Sadiq, $418,000.

Sourwood Ct., 10612-Donald Allan Day to Mark and Shehzin Palad, $575,000.


Willow Springs Dr., 1709-Eric K. and Mignon K. McAleer to Michael A. and Tamara B. Rodriguez, $855,150.


Rosemary Lane, 3297-Nathan P. and Suzanne M. Bowers to John H. and Kelly F. Kowalczyk, $659,900.


Old Sawmill Rd., 16900-Thomas P. and Judy M. Sheldrake to Libin Xue, $820,000.


Popkins Ct., 10410-Cathy J. Lee and Cathy L. Preisinger to Bongkyun M. and Alexandra E. Kim, $630,000.