Anne Arundel County

This sales data recorded by the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation was provided by Black Knight Inc. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit


Blackwalnut Ct., 1316-Donald Scott Jacques and Allison Jean Mikolajczyk to Michael J. and Chelsey R. Martin, $418,000.

Breakwater Dr., 952-Lora Deangelo to Ralph Clementi, $289,000.

Chesapeake Landing., 7-Gerard E. and Judith M. Petrik to Henry L. and Ann T. Seta, $899,000.

Ervin Ct., 3113-Saudia E. Gajadhar and Richarda I. Gajadhar McGaughey to Jake Peter Haley and Kristn Patricia Lamon, $460,000.

Gordon Cove Dr., 1524-Marilynn Katatsky and Richard Kaufmann to Michael J. Rappaport, $2.13 million.

Lake Ave., 3231-Milton R. and E. Maxine Branson to Nathaniel E. Harrington Jr. and Nancy C. Valle Harrington, $400,000.

Mckinley St., 1317-Scott A. Norris to Roberta Alexandra McKenna, $347,000.

Phipps Lane, 101-Anne F. Eisele to Jose Enrique Quintanilla, $377,000.

Quiet Waters Pl., 161-MCM Capital Partners LLLP and Ventures Trust to Elizabeth and Sarah E. Hoffman, $259,900.

River Dr., 24-U.S. Bank and Select Portfolio Servicing Inc. to Jonathan M. and Michele Elizabeth Leeb, $940,500.

Second St., 519-Brett G. Davis to Kathleen R. Schoff, $640,000.

Silverwood Cir., 7, No. 3-Bonny and Clark Lystra to Heather Harris, $170,000.

Thomas Point Ct., 1201-Todd and Sarah Gardner to Andrey B. and Laura A. Drossner, $825,000.

Walnut Ave., 1320-Karen Bernstein to Josefa E. O’Malley, $600,000.


Amos Garrett Blvd., 75-Richard J. and Elizabeth S. Montaner to Joan A. Morgan, $460,000.

Cabernet Lane, 2718-George Wei Kung Yu to Gilbert Philip Gonzalez, $525,000.

Cherry Grove Ave. S., 206-Eileen K. Cochran and Virginia Harris Miller to Nicole Lewis, $550,000.

Dreams Landing Way, 1006-Jeremiah Daniel and Nalan Lyons to Michael Edward, Pamela McKenzie, Christopher Michael and Jennifer Lynn Williams, $335,000.

Genessee St., 722-Jason P. and Caroline M. Renter to Austin P. Clouse, $495,000.

Greenbriar Lane, 609-Harborside Properties Corp. to Rhonda Lee Bowman, $195,000.

Homewood Lane, 1308-Carlos E. Cisneros Avarca to Mary Quintanilla, $325,000.

Lanna Way, 981-Erika H. and Kurt R. Ellerbe to Patricia Anne Tyndall, $269,999.

Lindamoor Dr., 1871-Carol Clark Morgan and Kenneth Steven Warwick to Joshua Morgan and Robert A. Warwick, $425,000.

Mission Hills Ct., 2542-Helen Sarece Siegle to Jane W. Ammon, $485,000.

Painter Ct., 2500-John Raymond Cashin Jr. and the estate of J. Raymond Cashin to Mary T. Hood and Joseph M. Polscheck, $295,000.

Sean Dr., 655-U.S. Bank to Andrew N. and Lauren L. Miller, $610,000.

Sumner Rd., 214-Julia Clarke to Zachary and Catherine Dolch, $429,000.

Windell Ave., 201-Leslie W. Gervase and Edixa Del Carmen Perez to Joshua J. and Lindsay Radice, $550,000.


Augusta Dr., 519-Paul and Shawn Cain to Cody A. and Kristin N. Ellington, $539,900.

Capstan Ct., 420-Robert E. and Barbara J. Giovagnoni to Colleen P. Johnson, $423,000.

Ferber Ave., 1138-Deborah A. Grubb Wheeler to Michelle Paschall Rohmann, $407,500.

Macmillan Ct., 507-Jeffry L. Cheplowitz to Jennifer Westffal, $470,000.

Pine Valley Dr., 735-Tina Huffman Cerullo to Nicholas H. Tran, $350,000.

Shore Acres Rd., 970-970 Shore Acres Corp. to Nicholas Crossen, $235,000.

Timber Turn, 1216-Herbert B. Volker to Christopher A. and Shelley M. Coyle, $460,000.


Camrose Ave., 308-Charlene M. and William C. Wood to Kevin Boessel, $180,000.

Dockside Ct., 308-Gloria Swett to Abdul B. Omar and Sherron Johnson, $90,000.

Holy Cross Rd., 210-DNB Homes Corp. to Christopher R. Norris and Jamie Devlin, $230,000.

White Walnut Lane, 704-Richard and Diana Lombardi to Brandon J. Matter, $270,000.


Amberwood Dr. S., 1487-Mary T. Poisson to Thomas A. Pease, $409,000.

Blue Ridge Dr., 938-Ronald J. Wagner to Ryan Wagner, $375,000.

Darlow Dr., 709-John Mutschler and Donna J. Prokop to Donald L. and Ann M. Toupin, $525,000.

Fawns Walk, 474-Patrica Demuth to Carl F. Koebel IV, $320,000.

Peach Ct., 419-Joseph Donald and Mary Ellen Gattie to Gerald H. and Britni Jo Maines, $255,000.

Secretariat Dr., 1664-Behrooz Ravanbakhsh and Mitra Khakzaddibavar to Cesar Mencia Reyes and Lorena J. Grijalva Gonzalez, $250,000.

Sunwood Terr., 1387-Bruce H. and Diane B. Breinig to Gregg and Ali M. Dorazio, $715,000.


Chesapeake Dr., 1268-Fitzhugh Elder III and Christina C.D. Elder to Steven C. Smith, $1.07 million.

Vancouver Ct., 5603-David E. and Jacquelin C. Mulin to David A. Garmna, $325,000.


Erna Ct., 2803-John B. Steckel to Travis A. and Julianne G. Averill, $575,000.

Howard Chapel Turn, 2031-Alexander and Sharon Miletich to Julia A. Griffith and Jonathan R. Williams, $265,000.

Lizbec Ct., 2433-Steven K. Fisher and Julie Templeton to Christopher Allen Duelley Jr., $215,000.

New Windsor Ct., 1650-Dustin R. and Tiffany L. Pollard to Alexander S. and Sara Megan Hampt, $260,000.

Stow Ct., 2504-Christopher M. and Christopher M. Emery to Anton Charle Devon Thrower, $349,900.

Vineyard Lane, 2409-Dana and Victor Lee to Rena C. McClain, $315,000.


Dockser Dr., 1023-Christopher W. and Christopher Walley Gafney to Brittney L. and Daniel Marron, $375,000.

Generals Hwy., 1391-James Woodly and Carol Ann Hayden to Joel Guzman Guzman and Diego Hernandez Galvan, $320,000.

Old Herald Harbor Rd., 601-Mark A. and Sandra D. Taylor to Perry M. Koons, $797,000.

Wilderness Ridge Trail, 1446-Wells Fargo Bank and Mortgage Loan Trust to Robert and Debra Mayn, $656,250.


Saint Lauren Ct., 7119-Arc of Central Chesapeake Region Inc. to William E. Beckett II and Kristina J. Lemaster, $259,000.


Howard Grove Rd., 2603-Richard W. and Wendy L. Schieke to Brian K. and Anne R. Kenney, $820,000.


Deale Churchton Rd., 5872-Realty Home Services Corp. to Roy and Carol Plotts, $68,500.


Woodcrest Dr., 6310-Loraine N. and John C. Destry to Michael and Kelley E. Rosenberry, $380,000.


Chesapeake Dr., 1609-Yong S. Lee and Lena K. Yang to Daniel C. and Caylin R. Sterling, $310,000.

Edgewater Dr., 2924-Brian E. and Deborah J. Cameron to Michael D. Carver and Bradley S. Kreulen, $1.98 million.

Hamlet Club Dr., 411, No. 307-Gideon O. and Erlinda J. Baugher to Robert A. and Theano P. Platt, $359,000.

James Way, 1405-Chad B. and Cindy Qnayle to Kenneth A. and Samantha A. Estill, $492,500.

Mulberry St., 3283-Casey and Lindsay Childs to Michael R. and Jeannie M. Tesh, $550,000.

Riverside Rd., 146-Aurelia Voorhees and the estate of John Ross Voorhees to James G. and Michael K. Fegan, $912,500.

Shore Dr., 1635-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Laura A. and Daniel F. Dorey, $180,000.

Torran Ct., 25-David A. and Rona S. Finkelstein to Jeffrey and Lori L. Taylor, $407,000.

Second Ave., 3720-George K. and Saron L. Baliles to Tyler D. Beall, $225,000.


Autumn Gold Dr., 1001-Christina M. Ryan to Sean and Antho Crowley, $480,000.

Highland Farms Cir., 627-Ishon D. and Kerry Prescott to Tarek and Sheryle Banaja, $429,900.

Mayapple Way, 1744-James R. and Debra A. Holman to Jamie L. and Bradley V. Frantz, $447,000.

Wigeon Way, 1404, No. 205-William K. and Ellen A. Leavy to Richard S. and Patrioia A. Shields, $318,000.


Aster Dr., 1246-Brian Defazio to Keith L. and Shana M. Martin, $300,000.

Branch Ct., 1222-Mary Ann Geis Roden and Michael Edwin Roden to Ashley C. Seen, $249,900.

Carolyn Rd., 614-Tower Federal Credit Union to Berhanu S. Merga and Meskerem S. Getachew, $225,000.

Foxtree Dr., 207-Douglas Patrick Sutton to Jay and Maria Aurora Santos, $240,000.

Heather Stone Loop, 762, No. 78-MCM Capital Partners Corp. to Benjamin J. Mueller, $156,000.

Linwood Ave., 57-Stanley T. Koch to Heather F. Cramer and Andrew Geho, $250,000.

N St. SE, 211-Norma Jean Fritts to Brady L. Watson, $200,000.

Park Ct. E., 557-Bank of New York Mellon and New Penn Financial Corp. to Mel Chan Zhang and Duo Yong Chen, $158,000.

Shetlands Sq., 352-Wilmington Savings Fund Society and Christiana Trust to Andrew Catterton and Rochelle Jacobs, $254,402.

Towering Oak Ct., 700-Benjamin M. and Lori D. Kennedy to Mark G. Von Wald and Ashlee N. Von Wald, $339,900.

Wilson Blvd. SW, 10-Beopao Properties Corp. to Alvin Avelar, $160,000.

Wisdom Ct., 1038-Wells Fargo Bank to Kenneth Harmon Ness, $220,000.


Bertram Dr., 3-Nancy Marie Silvestri and Gina Danille Burrier to Marcie Staruss and Glenn Overlow, $205,000.

Carroll Rd., 207-Elizabeth J. Yates to Onyemachi Douglas and Alisha Okonji, $238,400.

Creek Crossing Lane, 510-Timothy Jacob to Sergio Yury Arispe Sr. and Robert Steven Vanlaer, $453,000.

Eiderdown Ct., 6501-Christopher M. Loomis and Chi Wen Penny Lin to Tiffani A. Henson, $251,000.

Harding Rd., 8-North Arundel Estates Inc. to Laura Ibarra Ramirez, Gustavo Segura De La Cruz, Gustavo A. Segura Ibarra and Laura Angelica Segura Ibarra, $230,000.

Howards Trust Ct., 310-Michael D. Walls to Ajair Timothy and Corisa Austin, $389,900.

Langley Rd., 916-Michael J. and Tracey C. Bowers to Eric P. Roach and Theresa J. O’Sullivan, $224,000.

Old Farm Ct., 107-Mark J. Kaiser to Nathan Donald Shankle Norman, $313,425.

Spring Maiden Ct., 210, No. 202-Ann Bangert to Kenneth Crouse and Jessie Heck, $141,700.

Water Fountain Way, 114, No. 102-Ian M. and Kathleen M. Trostle to Jose E. and Tonya L. Hicks, $154,900.


Alderman Ct., 7847-Nathaniel and Sebrena Sawtell to William H. Brent, $357,500.

Cranberry Ct., 7526-Anthony F. Sterling and Karen S. Campbell to Phong Tran, $314,900.

Fredericksburg Rd., 2754-NVR Inc. to Tiffanie Anderson, $409,990.

Katla Ct., 1514-CalAtlantic Group Inc. to Brandi E. Caver, $546,271.

Mount Blanc Rd., 7706-Adam R. and Raquel G. Labotka to Taylor S. Darden, $315,000.

Ridge Rd., 7840-James H. and Lucy N. Kim to Adolfo Lucas and Shangrila O. Joshua, $470,000.


Harmans Rd., 7535-Reimy and Lorinda Emmanuel to Joel and Elizjha Agjuilar, $361,500.


Singletree Lane, 7403-Dan Ryan Builders Mid-Atlantic Corp. to Damian R. Haygood and Ramona Williams, $600,002.


Kendall Ct., 8425-U.S. Home Corp. to Adebayo Adeyosoye and Aderonum Z. Akinlolu, $383,490.

Otter Creek Rd., 8614-Marsha Anderson to Aaron M. and Melissa S. Cook, $315,000.

Water Lily Way, 8316-Juan F. and Jennifer K. Morales to Maylyn A. Lyn and Richard Christopher Davis, $275,000.


Coronet Dr., 202-John C. and Melissa S. Riddle to Chan Ceu and Blessing Kheino, $233,000.

Hampton Rd., 39-Zimmerman Properties II Corp. to Travis Shell and Lauren Adam Potthoff, $364,900.

Regency Cir., 317-Vitaliy V. Demin and Amanda A. Brosch to Daniel Houser, $225,000.


Rapidan Ct., 5415-Michael J. and Janet B. Anderson to Israr and Imtiaz Ahmed, $746,000.


Green Aspen Ct., 354-John R. and Karen R. Kirk to Eric S. and Lauren David, $625,000.

Pumphreys Farm Dr., 721-Ralph C. and Donna Sue Ruepell to George W. Bartlett, $539,000.

Wheatfield Dr., 1026-Shawn J. and Amy C. Walker to Phillip Debaugh and Mary Stokes, $450,000.


Baltimore Ave., 359-Estate of Lola Gay Price to Gary G. Suner and Eleanor S. Baura, $310,000.

Canteen Cir., 2237-Donna M. Miller to Johnnie J. Smith, $310,000.

Commissary Cir., 2104-HSBC Bank to Ernest E. Fowler, $235,000.

Crosslanes Way, 2341-Kimberly A. Gauthier to Ellen Rose and Nicholas Brian Harman, $550,000.

Edge Creek Lane, 206-Christiana Trust to Justus J. Heger and Beatriz A. Vierira, $250,000.

Found Artifact Dr., 7624-Scott W. and Diane Miller to Vincent E. and Paula I. Booth, $439,000.

Ivy Landing Way, 2450-Marie J. Renner and Marie J. Haines to Jerrimiah and Leatrice J. Brantley, $350,000.

Lilac Ct., 805-Joshua Abraham and Kristi Alaina Bridges to Frederick I. David Jr., $327,900.

Monterey Ave., 459-Robert Stanley and Aleta E. Johnson to Shahab Nasher, $224,000.

Patuxent Run Cir., 834-Matthew Wayne and Ashley Deborah Thoreson to Felix and Michelle Angela Montesdeoca, $360,000.

Railbed Dr., 1032-Luke and Lisa Janowiak to Julianne Amigo Yapur, $350,000.

Rolling Hill Walk, 610, No. 303-Robert Smith IV and the estate of Carrie Hart to Robert Smith IV and Kimberly N.H. Brandon, $142,405.

Tea Island Ct., 2002-Babatunde Oladeinde and Oluwakemi Bolanie Oyemade to Sarah and Anum Ali, $225,000.

Town Center Blvd., 1221-National Transfer Services Corp. to Tonya Herring, $479,500.

Willow Leaf Lane, 8623-Latasa H. Anderson to Suzanne K. Davis, $232,500.


Abbey Ct., 8040K-PHH Mortage Corp. to Anthony Ianozi, $91,200.

Arundel Rd., 1934-Kolson Property Solutions Corp. to Christopher Stevens, $118,125.

C St., 219-Colleen R. Weber to John Shetrone Jr., $300,000.

Castine Ct., 1242-Elaine Gembicki and the Elaine Gembicki Revocable Trust to Gordon Smart, $223,000.

Champion Ct., 8237-JT Homes Corp. to Michael and Martha J. Sizemore, $479,000.

Cremen Rd., 1842-Flip This Corp. to Michael J. and Tracey C. Bowers, $273,500.

Edgewood Ave., 7731-Sharon Burkhardt to Daniel P. Jenkins Sr., $279,000.

Holly Rd., 1512-Mark Thomas Anderson to Matthew C. Anderson, $300,000.

Marble Arch Dr., 3460-Darren M. and Michelle Kokalis to Michael and Sarah Mcpherson, $295,000.

Middlegate Ct., 7716-Anthony Gorbit Lacoste to Gerald A. Thomas, $240,000.

Mulberry Ridge Ct., 200-Metro Home Buyers Corp. to Abdullah Alsawi, $251,888.

Pond Ridge Dr., 1405-Kennerth L. and Suzan F. Beal to Paul F. and Patricia A. Barnes, $555,000.

Riverside Dr. E., 7905-Mark G. and Molly A. Cornes to James M. McDuffle and Meghan A. Dean, $350,000.

Royal Mint Pl., 7940-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Bret A. Schilling, $300,600.

Shady Lane, 300-Roger E. and Steve L. Smith to Jane W. Cox, $430,000.

Tanyard Lane, 1397-U.S. Bank to Martin W. and Deborah L. Renshaw, $355,000.

Valley Dr., 1134-Bennie B. Tucker to Amanda C. and Nicholas J. Rank, $526,000.

Woodsway, 153-Anthony and Sandra Alascio to Anthony S. and Catherine G. Turner, $365,000.


Hambleton Rd., 2868-Marketpro South Inc. to Tonya M. Hartman, Joseph K. Hartman and Haley M. Lowman, $430,000.


Ayrshire Ct., 7617-Ernest Lee and Debra C. Murray to Craig A. Miyamoto, $389,900.

Citadel Dr., 7903-Jelessa Navarro to Michael Wayland, $300,000.

Delmont Rd., 1258-Peter R. and Marianne Gary to Raymond McGowan, $150,000.

Gannon Ct., 8415-Brian William Nguy to David and Kortney N. Jackson, $460,000.

Grand Canopy Dr., 1322-Toll MD VII LP to Christopher Paul and Elyse Marie Biettchert, $514,127.

Jasons Landing Way, 7957-Kermit Mathews Jr. and Dorothy G. Matthews to Resse Properties Corp., $163,000.

Maple Tree Rd., 886-Arns Inc. to Tam T. and Dao Huynh, $235,424.

Scatteree Rd., 7716-Carol Ann Sperry to Grant A. Mummert, $238,000.

Twin Oaks Rd., 7749-Elias M. and Andrea L. Ruvalcaba to Christopehr E. and Ann A. Conaway, $475,000.


Amoss Rd., 608-Jill Joyce to Stephen T. and Jodi R. Holtz, $850,000.

Bricepointe Ct., 55-Helen A. Schiro to Anton N. Sidarov and Megan E. Stidham, $619,950.

Crandell Rd., 303-Tracy L. Crawford to Antonio L. and Regina R. Tricoche, $355,000.

Knollwood Rd., 571-Eric W. Hedman and Jeffrey R. Faust to Timothy Christopher Schnupp and Lucia Fernandez Sanchez, $474,900.

Linstead Rd., 19-American International Relocation to Robert C. and Cynthaie Gloekler, $1.24 million.

Roads End Lane, 118-Geoffrey and Stephanie Somerville to Robert Shane and Jennifer L. Sanders, $600,000.

Scrimshaw Way, 515-John R. and Lesley W. Hill to Andrew M. and Melissa L. Brighton, $1.77 million.


Avalon Blvd., 1228-Johnathan Shipp to Ryan Shipp, $275,000.

Jordan Dr., 1320-James W. Cerulli Jr. to Jacob Wayne Swann, $249,900.


Tacaro Lane, 6404-Wells Fargo Bank to John Michael Bone and Sarah Elizabeth Auffderheide, $285,000.

Howard County

This sales data recorded by the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation was provided by Black Knight Inc. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit


Ballard Way, 2380-Cimarron P. and Jennifer Anne Ludwig to Joseph T. and Lindsay R. Edmonds, $600,000.

Chateau Ridge Ct., 3750-John T. and Joann F. Gallagher to Amrinben S. Vahora, $572,500.

Dorsey Hall Dr., 4704, No. 203-Jason Daniels to Michael A. Ercolano, $170,000.

Fragile Sail Way, 4098-Vincent L. Pisacane and Lois E. Wehren to Stephanie D. and Marlon D. Brown, $525,000.

Lame Beaver Ct., 3503-Daniel and Molly Partyka to Sehwan and Hyojun Jang Kim, $615,000.

Macalpine Rd., 3629-Kara M. and John L. Mondy to Doreen Bless Clayborne, $419,000.

Old Oak Dr., 3149-Diana L. and Wayne Lingafelter to Kevin and Meghan Monaco, $1.65 million.

Resort Rd., 10530-Vantage Condo Corp. to Melyssa St. Michael, $426,710.

Thornbrook Rd., 2701-Susan Nancy Stewart to Kevin and Candace Knott, $630,000.


Firethorn Lane, 6275-Thomas A. and Alison F. Davis to Benjamin Shovlin and Louise Andrews, $860,000.

Radiant Gleam Way, 6525-Mordechai and Sharon E. Bar to Olga Khazaanova and Vitaly Bekkerman, $780,000.

State Route 108, 11843-Kestor and Kisa Crosse to Linjia Bai and Hua Ge, $901,000.

Whistling Winds Walk, 5764-Gregory E. and Patricia A. Frankhauser to Ryan and Darlene Sharp, $771,000.


Blade Green Lane, 8930-Eddie Richburg and Danelle Sweeney to Ameir Abdeldayem, $160,000.

Deep Calm, 6448-William T. and Mary Ruth Alter to Peter S. and Andrea L. Ashton, $335,000.

Early Red Ct., 6317-Guy J. and Margaret H. Timberlake to Carter Hallett and Paul Case Aiken III, $290,000.

Good Hunters Ride, 6184-Michael E. Potts and Dana C. Cherebetiu Potts to Pavel Rukhlya and Angela Roydich, $360,000.

Helen Dorsey Way, 6004-Jianping Duan and Shanying Zhou to Reena and Rajan Sharma, $529,000.

Knighthood Lane, 7006-Allyson Tufano and the estate of Claudia K. Tufano to Umar Alkali, $250,000.

Luckpenny Pl., 5473-Zachary Emil and Lynn Topel to Usman Majeed and Amna Mehmood, $375,000.

Millrace Ct., 5960, No. B201-RBRE Inc. to Alexander Ann Malcolmson, $220,000.

Overheart Lane, 6543-Maulel R. and Luzmilda D. Donoso to Corey W. St. John, $259,900.

Summercrest Dr., 6354-Mark Josiah and Lauren Ferrari Loeffler to Nicole D. and Brian Hines, $418,000.

Thunder Hill Rd., 5115-Marc Jason and Caitlin B. Radik to Bryan F. Walker and Lakitquana T. Leal, $328,000.

Warmstone Ct., 6076-Anton Davydets to Ehab Saad Eldi Shokey, $386,000.

Window Latch Way, 8518-Christian D. and Linda Ann Williamson to Linda Ann Williamson and Elizabeth Marie Heisler, $584,900.


Columbia Rd., 5217, No. 6-Sang Jin and Su Tae Kim to Linda A. Walker, $348,000.

Durham Rd. E., 5110-Bank of America to Ernest Tsao, $474,938.

Fallriver Row Ct., 5366-Eric Bonner and Alicia Liberto to Sophea So and Muyheang Ang, $240,000.

Greek Boy Pl., 10292-Ashley B. McKelvey to Mballu Jakietay, $251,000.

Green Mountain Cir., 10625-Byron and Katrena Anderson to Han Ting Hank Lii and Pingping Liu, $403,000.

Hesperus Dr., 5242-Elizabeth R. Grosser to Andrew J. McErlean and Erica M. Kempler, $420,000.

Laurel Wreath Way, 6028, No. B-8-Marisa Carson to Andrew J. Brown, $280,000.

Long View Rd., 7165-Carmen L. Morales Pitts to Rambabu Mandava and Mahanthi Manthri, $535,000.

Parchment Rise, 6918-Roderick J.A. More Jr. and Patricia J. More to John R. and Gwen S. Lawrence, $525,910.

River Rock Way, 7748-Williamgton Group Corp. to Catherine Morgan, $508,959.

Sternwheel Pl., 10445-Richard Michel and Katherine M. Loughlin to James Emery Annis and Mary Theresa Thirsk, $515,000.

Tree Swallow Ct., 6001-Sigeo and Sachiko Suzuki to Christina Y. Kang, $274,000.

Watch Chain Way, 5904, No. 706-Casey M. Moffett to Louis and Chiquita R. Favali, $175,000.

Windmill Lane, 5214-Gordon Kieffer and Susan Langvin to Steven Kordon and Rebecca Fulk, $430,000.


Linthicum Rd., 4713-Warren Allen Bell to Ryan R. and Kathleen Houston, $310,000.


Autumn Spell, 5903-David S. Stacoffe to Joseph and Courtney Clampitt, $355,000.

Cypress Springs Rd., 5924-Trinity Homes at Cypress Spring Corp. and Trinity Quality Homes Inc. to Carlos Alberto and April Kathcart Sikaffy, $539,000.

Daniel John Dr., 7134-John and Kara Fick to Samuel Lopez Jr., $325,000.

Ducketts Lane, 6674, No. 15-1-Deutsche Bank to Babgaleh B. and Kadijatu Timbo, $165,000.

Grommet Dr., 6467-Vance A. and Elizabeth Petrella to Marcus and Nina Carter, $253,000.

Maiden Point Pl., 7093, No. 176-Mira L. Fleisher to Rachel A. Rogers, $300,000.

Montgomery Rd., 5955-William F. Condron Jr. to Pramoda Amin, $460,000.

Pebble Creek Dr., 7258, No. 23-Mary Susanne Lokey and the estate of Theodore F. Stromberg to Arvin I. and Jyotsna A. Shah, $440,000.

Sanctuary Ct., 6811-Jeffrey A. Jones to Keith Elliott Gross and Jonathan Christopher Wong, $312,450.

Stone Throw Way, 7101-Bryan James Devlin to Funmilayo I. Adekunle, $272,900.


Amber Meadow Vis., 5038-Satwant S. and Sehihpreet Dharni to Elangvan Subramaniam and Shanmugpriya Srinvasan, $720,500.

Brightwood Ct., 8026-Nam Nguyen and Anh Thu Thi Nguyen to Xiaoyun Wang, $320,000.

Dapple Ct., 4665-Edwin G. and Ann M. Trout to Melanie A. and Kory V. Henneman, $530,000.

Frederick Rd., 8799-Charles Robert Miller III to Ecp Properties Corp., $285,000.

Grove Angle Rd., 8325-Pelmar Ralph Jett to Omid Land Group Corp., $229,500.

Hunting Horn Dr., 5558-Evan Hoffman and estate of Robert E. Hoffman to Everbank, $347,893.

Logans Way, 5936-Vishal and Melanie E. Bhatnagar to Arthur Tarachanskiy and Diana Ordonez, $450,000.

Montjoy Pl., 8813-Lap T. Truong to Hardikkumar H. and Nimisha H. Patel, $419,000.

Old Frederick Rd., 8929-Helen V. Wilson and Christine M. Ramsburg to Jamie and Terry Porter, $440,000.

Sonia Trail, 3169, No. 45-3169 Sonia Trail Corp. to Manoj Agarwal and Sonal Gupta, $290,000.

Twin Stream Dr., 7842-C. Sean and Mia L. Conway to Richard Michael and Rachel Ann Liccion, $755,000.


Blue Ribbon St., 7806-James H. and Celeste M. Lee to Joseph V. and Molly E. Pitcher, $902,500.

Huntfield Dr., 8141-Joanne M. Frederick to Farrah Sajan and Samir Mahendra Patel, $887,500.

Lovat Rd., 9448-Edward and Kari Montgomery to Wondu T. Wossen and Gennet G. Medhin, $551,000.

Tuckahoe Ct., 7873-Nievesi Yockkim to Rana Sherwany and Mirza N. Baig, $549,900.


Players Way, 15110, No. 1-Angelo A. and Maria T. Pizzuto to Ashok Z. and Asha A. Meghani, $505,000.


Florey Rd., 6017-Padraic and Michelle Gray to Michael D. and Stephanie A. Mowles, $570,000.

Starwort Way, 7019, No. A-U.S. Bank and Lennar Corp. to Christopher Kent O’Hara Johnson and Kanasa K. Johnson, $426,490.


Willowwood Way, 8901-Timothy D. and Kimberly M. Flynn to Douglas L. and Jacklyn M. Dustin, $290,000.


Carlinda Ave., 6625-Donna R. and Ronald N. Dewitt to Mark R. Ruda, $385,000.

Granite Hill, 9405-Cory M. and Julie A. Beauregard to Kirwayne L. Holford and Kandese D. Omani Holford, $260,000.

Procopio Cir., 7219-Timothy P. and Desiree A. Conway to Andrew M. and Patricia A. Young, $2.7 million.

Stirling Bridge Dr., 9611-Nicole H. Hommel and Nicole D. Holland to Rosslyn C. Fanning, $249,000.


Henryton Rd., 1450-Samuel Coyne to Andrew C. Lawrence and Rachel L. Moffa, $441,000.


Mullinix Mill Rd., 2415-Arthur E. Rovertson to Michael J. Meyers, $432,000.


Bridle Path Lane, 9240, No. A-Linda K. Warner and the estate of William Donald Lussman to Mantej Corp., $105,000.

Citation Way, 10311-Bruce A. James to Frederick E. and Jennifer R. Smith, $663,000.

Glen Ridge Dr., 9413-Phillip R. and Christine Rice Edgin to Natalia M. Gandarilla Oliveras, $395,000.

Homestead Ct., 9655, No. H-Rasaq Ojelade and Booyamin Asifat Kareem to Govoanni J. Villatoro and Estella Batres Grandados, $142,000.

June Flowers Way, 9790-Matthew S. and Cari E. Penniman to Mudupe T. Yusuf Cole and Alayanju O. Cole, $474,747.

Maxwell Ct., 9232-Brenda Lea Hedgren to Eric Christopher Hales and Yuefei Huang, $350,000.

Rosemont Dr., 10449-Lisa Leigh Whetzel to Pavithra Raja and Diwakar Suresh, $550,000.

Sperry Ct., 8345-Sharon M. Taylor to Emily C. Sutton and Paula C. Rees, $320,000.

Wincopia Farms Way, 10052-Pulte Home Co. to John and Carol Curry, $660,000.


New Rover Rd., 2935-Roger and Sheri L. McAlevey to Christopher A. and Kara L. Brooks, $700,000.


Cattail Woods Lane, 1733-Michael James and Donna Marie Tosh to Cimarron and Jennifer Ludwig, $690,000.

Woodbine Rd., 2137-Janet L. and George Warren Howes to David V. Mihill and Amanda Michelle White Mihill, $482,000.


Chambers Ct., 11170, No. M-Maren Furst West to Charles O. Boll Jr., $300,000.

Wadsworth Rd., 10822-Jun Hua and Nailing Zhang to Parvathykunjamma Praveen and Praveen Raghunath, $460,000.