correction: An earlier version of this listing gave incorrect sales prices for homes on Ridge Forest Way in the Hanover area, on Edge Creek Lane in the Odenton area and on Ashford Way in the Woodstock area. This version has been corrected.

Anne Arundel County

These sales data recorded by the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation were provided by Black Knight Inc. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit


Boucher Pl., 23-Linda B. Darr to Mark G. Walker and Hector A. Barragan, $475,000.

Cedar Ridge Ct., 1029-Marian Mack and Marian Swift to Matthias Muench, $215,000.

First St., 521-Helen Drewett to Wayne W. and Miriam J. Miller, $935,000.

Greystone Ct., 10L, No. L-Rebecca Fernandez to Carlos Abren and Enjolai Abreu, $212,000.

Lake Dr. E., 19-Don R. and Nina M. Preuss to Kelly E. Welsh, $520,000.

Moss Haven Ct., 1010-Mary Ann Mawn to Charles John and Andrea Manfredonia, $875,000.

President St., 302-Charlotte S. Sorrentino and Charlotte S. Manley to Loretta I. Lyon, $397,500.

Ramsgate Dr., 3734-Samuel T. and Margaret O. Woodside to Michael and Margaret Rhodes, $1.1 million.

Silverwood Cir., 9, No. 12-Jonas D. and Jean S. Legum to Laura A. Collins, $189,900.

Van Buren Dr., 1227-Pamela B. Haliwell to William C. Grace, $382,000.

Warren Dr., 701-Susan F. Phillips to Jerry L. Tilles and Helen Darlene Pisani, $962,500.


Cape Saint John Rd., 246-Daniel E. Polm to Karen Gilbert, $688,000.

Compass Dr., 2675-Rita Hamlin to James Morris Walker, $265,000.

Duke Of Gloucester St., 166-William Y. and Caroline B. Arms to Martin E. Karmann Bauer and Terrell A. Karmann Bauer, $625,000.

Howards Loop, 660-Danny C. and Donna S. Gregg to Shcila C. Gagen, $385,000.

Lanna Way, 989-Craig J. Farrell and Linda M. Farrell to Walter P. and Betty L. Fitzwater, $272,500.

Leftwich Lane, 563-Brookfield Admirals Square Corp. to Joseph Preston Carpenter, $517,898.

Linden Ave., 15-Christopher T. McManus and Patricia S. McManus to Christopher B. Dickey and Shriti Khadka, $619,000.

Mockingbird Ct., 2811-Janice M. Lucie and John Morse to Patrcia Curtin, $387,500.

Parole St., 46-Jordon B. and Johnny Mack Johnson to Victor Manuel and Jessica Olibeth Maravilla, $265,000.

Shipmaster Way, 2900, No. 315-Mindell Brodie and Harry Kaiser to Dalphine N. Cager, $213,000.

Towne Centre Blvd., 1915, No. 804-Mary Ann Ventresca to Jon H. and Penny M. Eugenio, $800,000.


Barrett Ave., 817-Equity Trust to David M. Lucas Jr. and Savannah L. Brandenburg, $325,000.

Cavalier Rd., 1190-Gale G. Cromwell to Burditt W. and Nancy N. Ashton, $575,000.

Grandview Rd., 1473-Sandra E. Ironmonger and John G. Ironmonger to Ross and Christina F. Powers, $445,000.

Martingale Lane, 611-Linda Cochran to Bruce S. and Mairia E. Tietjen, $425,000.

Quaker Ridge Dr., 1240-Deep Creek Homes Corp. to Theresa L. Barrett, $268,000.


Cedar Hill Rd., 107-Mehboob T. Chhagan to Christina and Donald Smith, $205,000.

Midland Ave., 317-Federal National Mortgage Association to Gregory R. Grant, $221,000.

Redmond St., 5805-Federal National Mortgage Association to John and Monica Brown, $171,000.

Fifth Ave., 2-Matthew Gordon Douglas to Alicia Burke, $238,500.


Baltimore Annapolis Blvd., 1767-Anthony C. Argentiere to Eric J. and Joshua J. Young, $378,000.

Deep Creek View, 513-Eric Paquin to Ewa Cebollero, $435,000.

Lake Claire Dr., 1018-Ewa Cebollero to Tyler H. and Laura K. Allan, $589,900.

Red Cedar Rd., 713-Martin P. Chrzanowski to Dennis K. and Patricia A. Rathbun, $625,000.

Secretariat Dr., 1688-Joseph J. Fuller II to Joanna Fuller, $250,000.

Swan Dr., 1295-Nancy J. Wilkinson to Christopher and Brianna Bostic, $305,000.


Ellicott Ave., 1214-Stephen A. and Genevieve E. Fisanich to Halyna Anna McKee, $250,000.


Ambling Cir., 2552-Christopher and Beth Supple to Antonio A. Araujo, $333,000.

Bolton Lane, 2419-Nicole D. Hickman and Nicole Duvali to Andrew A. and Ashley M. Sanchez, $289,900.

Forest Hill Ct., 1651-Dustyn R. Owens to Regan M. and Thomas R. Owens, $290,000.

Jeffrey Dr., 1165-John R. and Barbara A. Morrison to Yocheved and Floyd Bailey, $355,000.

Marlborough Ct., 1543-Stefani L. Martella Smith to Jackie M. and Samuel A. Weisman, $259,900.

Pear Hill Ct., 2096-Ross P. Ogilvie Jr. to Mark J. Renzi, $309,000.

Sharwood Pl., 1852-Soon Young Chea to Jessica L. Tozer, $262,000.

Stow Ct., 2534-Elizabeth R. Boardman to Christopher J. and Allison E. Brown, $330,000.

Walden Dr., 2509-John and Sharon M. Lester to Molly and John Quesenberry, $572,000.


Dogwood Trail, 859-Connor R. Crisp to Cassandra J. Baker, $145,000.

Hollywood Blvd., 820-H. William Brown and Gail C. Wisler to Roys S. Petty, $439,000.

Rosewood Trail, 856-Cross Country Equity Corp. to Andres A. Sandin and Sarah M. Duggan, $346,000.


Chestnut Haven Ct., 1012-Earl W. and Shirley A. Murphy to Joseph J. and Lisa Salinas, $255,000.

Highpoint Rd., 8043-Hogar Community Reinvestment Corp. to Jamie C. Schmidt and Jamie Carmella Crowl, $259,900.

Stoney Beach Way, 1518-Guy M. and Susan Howard to Barry and Patricia Finn, $260,000.


Jamestown Rd., 3524-Daniel R. and Celine L. Healey to Kristen B. and Paul W. Dixon, $450,000.


Chesapeake Dr., 1609-Yong S. Lee and Lena K. Yang to Daniel C. and Caylin R. Sterling, $310,000.

Leritz Lane, 3318-Zachary and Melanie Owens to David J. and Lori L. Thomas, $372,000.

Old Turkey Point Rd., 1020-Everbank to Miguel Masulli, $140,000.

Riverton Pl., 169-Joshua J. and Wendy A. McDowell to Rodney J. and Terry T. Roundtree, $458,500.

Silver Run Rd., 410-Richard A. Dipietro to Jeffrey and Theresa Sprague, $445,000.

Two Rivers Dr., 74-Andrew B. and Page M. Linden to Gil and Jana R. Lang, $410,000.

Eighth Ave., 3731-U.S. Bank to Robert Bryan Figliozzi and Robert Arnold Gray, $223,500.


Chapel Lake Dr., 2604, No. 304-Stephen J. and Regina Ramspacher to David C. Mahan, $172,500.

Huntwood Dr., 2043-Marc Norman and Karen Hansen to Lauren Conley and Robert Montgomery, $712,000.

Star Ct., 964-Henry P. and Cynthia A. Glogowski to Denise and Nicholas Holmes, $355,000.

Wigeon Way, 1408, No. 201-Sarah L. Legere to Sandra S. Bailey, $330,000.


Bedford Rd., 1600-Prisollia L. Sappe and Melvin Gilbert McGin to William Billy Wilkins, $23,064.

Carolyn Rd., 707-Discovery Home Inspections Corp. to Travue W. Jackson Sr., $275,000.

Foxwell Bend Rd., 81-Steward J. and Annette L. Clingan to Bridgette A. Latimer, $357,000.

Kimberly Lane, 1209-Richard Glanzmann to Michael Wong, $259,900.

Mcneil Ct., 7-Griffith E. and Judith A. Iosbaker to Ketih M. and Marilyn A. Matthews, $327,000.

N St. SE, 315-Bernadette M. Marsch to Desiree Nunn, $265,000.

Phirne Rd. E., 8122-Charles F. and Barbara A. Thrush to Gia Wills, $260,000.

Snowdon Lane, 707-Chandra Jones and Earl Lee Banks Jr. to Richard Powell, $212,000.

Truck Farm Dr., 244-Calatlantic Group Corp. to Wilfred Yungsi Nshom and Carisa Noh Chiamba, $310,000.

Wimmer Rd., 514-Allan S. and Karen D. Blair to Anthony Difonzo, $220,000.


Dannfield Ct., 7004-U.S. Home Corp. and Lennar Corp. to Jabari Alrick Thomas Walker and Elizabeth Lorene Walker, $366,106.

Elm Dr., 11-Donald L. Lissau to Mark Metler, $235,000.

Harvard Rd., 20-Sean K.W. Stinchcomb to Kirk Steven and Helena Jouyce French, $275,000.

Inglenook Ct., 24-Zachary J. and Ashlee K. Tate to Gregory Gilleland and Allison Garrubba, $485,000.

Lansing Rd., 1813-Bayviwe Loan Servicsing Corp. to Lacie Bateman, $159,050.

Oriole Ave., 808-Broderick T. Maybank and Rosslyn A. Benu to Mark Cisar, $304,500.

Stonebriar Dr., 7829-Torey M. and Anyelin Bee to Sarita K.M. Craddock, $460,000.


Amber Crest Rd., 2710-Robert T. and Michelle D. Defazio to Tur Jugder and Tsetsgee Bayaraa, $375,000.

Fairbanks Ct., 7607-Norman Victor and Victor Allis to Broderick R. and Cassandra D. Crawford, $227,000.

Gesna Dr., 1458-George E. and Terry Jean Harris to Jason and Yolanda Atterbury, $282,000.

Kawshek Path, 7813-Michael A. Schumann and Anna Lepingwell to Akeila and Johan R. Richter, $480,000.

Oakley Lane, 1540-Michelle Warren to Yvonne E. Tazem, $370,000.

Ridge Forest Way, 1506-Travis G. and Stephanie A. Hodges to Rai C. and Raymond N. Stanfield, $469,000.


Mill Crossing Ct., 253-Calatlantic Group Inc. to Michael P. and Vivenne Daley, $370,000.


Downing Lane, 2706-Calatlantic Group Inc. to Donny Kim and Eunmi Lee, $324,710.


Fisher Hill Rd., 3500-Philp Lee and Theresa A. Owens to Christopher L. Austin, $339,000.

Laurel View Ct., 3523-Kelly S. and Mark J. Poulton to Juana Cisneros Benedit and Miguel Jimenez, $232,900.

Pennington Dr., 8056-Innocent O. Okoh and Christiana Hanson to Michael Owusu and Belinda Manu, $321,000.

Wild Iris Way, 2997-Joan H. Garbutt to Briggitta Hardin, $425,000.


Double Eagle Dr., 309-Marceus and Tara Milligan to Christopher A. and Michelle H. Biller, $339,900.

Hawthorne Rd., 203-Amy and Sergio Sanchez to Sergio Rodriguez and Manoela Vazques, $480,000.


Sands Rd., 5239-Terry P. Weber to Rebbecca Lucille and Phillip Maurice Herndon, $399,000.


Brightwood Rd., 527-Justin C. and Misti L. Nickel to Rachel Melanie Klickman and Matthew Ray Castle, $429,000.

Highglade Ct., 8297-Ruth M. Dunsey to Gopal Aggarwal, $655,000.

Rustling Oaks Dr., 1026-Robert P. and Heather S. Bailey to Sara M. and Corey Brown, $618,000.

Woodland Rd., 8448-Karen G. Lerario and Kathryn Luttgens to Fredrick Paul Rex, $342,000.


Beechnut Pl., 2408-Bradley A. Soles and Maureen Marie Berard to Kevin D. Costa, $302,000.

Chapelview Dr., 630-Sreng Sem Maryland to Satish J. Dinakarar and Armine Janokyan, $264,900.

Commissary Cir., 2238-Anastasia Baker to Paul Duong, $305,000.

Deerberry Ct., 935-David R.E. Halla and Amanda L. Halla to Mary K. and Christopher W. Smith, $360,000.

Edge Creek Lane, 209-James L. Tibbetts to Stephen Paradis, $283,900.

Gardenia Ct., 1912-Aisha and Kevin Reyneard Applewhite to Jeremy S. Hobson, $249,900.

Junco Ct., 2552-Adam Baddock and Eva M. Fernandez to Kaylee Bazzell, $377,000.

Lions Gate Lane, 605-Janis Johnson to Lorenzo and Arlette Philogene McGhie, $258,500.

Prince Charles Ave., 505-Sylvia Faber and Ingeburg E. Faber to Juan M. Romero and Francisco A. Torres, $245,000.

Rainy Spring Ct., 2652-Diana K. Jocobs to Philip and Hyekyong Stern, $269,900.

Roundtop Rd., 1245-Stephen L. Christian and Dawn Marie Baldwin to Mercedes A. Gavigan and Justin R. Page, $295,000.

Thicket Ct., 854-Donald A. and Margaret T. Jenkins to Heather Queen Shutt, $415,000.

Turnstile Lane, 3027-Classic Group Corp. to Jeanette S. and Raymond S. Halleran, $439,900.

Winding Stream Way, 696, No. 201-Brenda A. Penderville to Patricia J. Maslar and Kristin L. Varner Maslar, $200,000.


Ballybunion Ct., 9000-U.S. Bank to Matthew Lastner, Sandra Lastner and Maria H. Condez, $625,000.

Carolina Ave. S., 209-Nicholasu R. Kupke to Lauren Gibson, $315,000.

Church Rd., 8432-Discovery Home Inspections Corp. to Mark A. and Lisa Huber, $305,000.

Delaware Ave., 145-Nichole and Dennis E. Bryant to Bethany M. and Kide A. Butters, $329,900.

Englishman Harbour, 1071-Hud to David Kapuscinski and Joanne Jaeger, $170,000.

Middlegate Ct., 7734-Michael S. and Kimberly Knipp to Justin L. and Clariece M. Good, $250,000.

Rambling Ridge Ct., 366-Herbert W. Jankowski to Jessica L. Soroka, $229,000.

Rock Hill Rd., 1228-Betty Griever Beaumot to Howard C. and Diana L. Husband, $540,000.

Royal Star Ct., 8201-Michael C. and Jasmin Alfarano to Stephanie Alexandra Sims and Chester B. Parker III, $510,000.

Shore Rd. W., 7811-Michelle Bettinger to Jerrin Brady Neal and Robert James Steudler, $245,000.

Vena Lane, 1038-Misty M. Wise and Lioyd Spencer Wise to Charles M. and Amy H. Thompson, $230,000.

202nd St., 758-Celerity Ventures to Robert E. and Lisa R. Haskell, $326,000.

223rd St., 755-Apple Treth Homes Corp. to Kristen E. Tery, $295,000.


Riva Rd., 3085-Dianne N. Orstian and Donna M. Hagen to Brian M. Ranck and Janelle M. Stiansen, $377,000.


Black Harrier Lane, 8304-Keith M. Gill to Tyler J. West and Maria V. Orellana, $330,000.

Citadel Dr., 7908-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Richard and Erin Jackson, $265,000.

Donaldson Ave., 585-Snyder Donaldson Corp. to Douglas, Cynthia and Cindy Schafer, $167,250.

Garfield Ave., 8402-Steven M. Jay and Jennifer W. Lin to Timothy Wayne, Lisa and Jordan Stull, $425,000.

Hollow Ct., 8118-Dan Ryan Builders Mid Atlantic Corp. to Eli Raneses, $310,181.

Larch Rd., 1403-Annie G. Walls and Mark Stephens Bodnar to Nancy Alvarez Chsihuallpa, $300,000.

Montreal Rd., 1872-Richard S. Quiggins to Dante and John Wojtila, $335,000.

Pine Springs Dr., 8503-Toll MD VII Partnership to Craig Stephens Richburg, $725,000.

Stone Castle Dr., 1915-Steven M. Catterton and Tara N. Seitler to Jeffrey T. Dillon, $289,000.

Vicoli Ct., 1512-Leslie J. Clark II to James W. Ceruill Jr., $460,000.


Benfield Rd., 109-William Munz to Eric J. Lim, $420,000.

Cape Mckinsey Dr., 600-Randy S. and Tersa S. Musgrave to Christopher T. and Sara A. Magette, $565,000.

Cypress Rd., 601-Robert Merner and Stephanie Bradley to Danie M. Lozier, $599,000.

Earleigh Woods Lane, 103-Thomas W. Itwin to Mark D. Dodson II and Erin M. Eduvigen, $575,000.

Laguna Cir., 277-Gregory L. Patricia A. Fox to Steven D. and Elisa M. Kraus, $344,900.

Oak Ct., 247-J. Peter Duancan to Anthony C. and Andrea S. Andrews, $750,000.

Robinson Place Ct., 612-Bank of America and New Penn Financial Corp. to Siwon Lee and Juyoung Kim, $437,000.

Tolstoy Lane, 245-John C. and Patricia A. Ourand to John Devries II and Lisa Dare, $529,900.


Baker Rd., 1504-Sylvia E. Walker and Cynthia E. Curtis to Colleen E. Blough, $145,000.

Jordan Dr., 1338-John and Wynter Lehner to Nicholle A. and Kenneth J. Simpson, $345,000.

Howard County

These sales data recorded by the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation were provided by Black Knight Inc. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit


Bright Bay Way, 4257-Jae H. Chung and Kyung M. Park to Flavia Sunitha Ambrose and John Prabhakar Dasarathan, $512,500.

Dorsey Hall Dr., 5006, No. C4-Jason A. Sohmer to Connie Gibbons, $218,000.

Globe Dr., 10222-Daneil M. and Angelena G. Lienert to Wayne Emery and Noelle Reeder Hickok, $635,000.

Leyden Way, 4741-Nancy Farley and James Taylor Stivers to Sudhir Kushal and Sunadnda Sharma, $364,900.

Maxine St., 10193-William J. and Janet L. Kearney to Hyunil C. and Young S. Kim, $545,000.

Open Run Rd., 12020-Mohammed S. and Mona S. Warshanna to Chunxu Zhao and Hua Wang, $799,000.

St. Johns Lane, 2816-Timothy Charles and Carol Ellen Baer to Ann and Mike Ritonia, $482,000.

Valley Rd., 3722-Serenity Captial Management Corp. to Philomina Thomas, $525,000.


Jamesway Ct., 5400-Charles L. Ulsch Jr. to Richard E. and Rebecca B. Whalen, $875,000.

Red Clover Lane, 6039-Sang Hyun and Jeong J. Park to Erkan and Nilgun Ozturk, $731,000.

Swift Current Way, 6109-Yanying Hu to Guang Li and Yuanyuan Liang, $790,000.

White Marble Ct., 6136-Glenroy and Claudia Palmer to Coral Crawford, $458,000.


Camelback Lane, 6110-Nicolas Guzman to Rachel D. Frazier, $433,000.

Deep River Canyon, 6248-Gregory S. Gilleland to Stephanie M. and Brad S. Krakower, $335,000.

Goose Landing Cir., 8817-Adline R. Gomes to Lisa Elaine Parent, $349,900.

Honeycomb Gate, 6112-Erin Lynne McKelvey to Rong Ye, $349,900.

Lambskin Lane, 9100-Amy E. Rauch to Andrew Patrick Moriarty, $230,000.

Majors Lane, 6013, No. 8-Shalon K. Frink and Shalon K. Walker to Abigail M. Brown, $117,999.

Millrace Ct., 5960, No. B301-William Yang and William Brady Marshall Yang to Gillian Yeadon, $235,500.

Pound Apple Ct., 6426-Barbara A. Bennett to Pooja S. and Shwetrack Patel, $295,000.

Swan Point Way, 7499, No. 17-1-Allan and Monica Bateson to Joseph K. Hemerly, $365,000.

Thunder Hill Rd., 5858, No. A2-Jacob M. Thomas to Emery Dussold and Monique Bouchard, $133,900.

Winter Rose Path, 7084-Elon Tyler Brown Niles and Janelle Desmond Brown Niles to Lei Xu, $290,000.


Cloudburst Hill, 5005-Kenneth B. Needle to Samuel Lee, $282,000.

El Camino, 5428, No. 1-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Assiaba E. Johnson, $142,500.

Fallriver Row Ct., 5366-Eric Bonner and Alicia Liberto to Sophea So and Muyheang Ang, $240,000.

Green Mountain Cir., 5015, No. 4-Noreen M. Maul and Noreen Hammer to Tyler Russell Brewington, $110,000.

Laurel Wreath Way, 6096, No. 25-Monique M. Augusta to Jessica F. Banner, $269,000.

Loventree Rd., 6090-Adam H. and Stephane Joi Newman to Tiffany A. and Dana R. Wilson, $494,500.

Powder Run, 11239, No. 10-9-Grace F. and Luke I. Kao to Mitchell and Caithlin McGrady, $250,000.

River Rock Way, 7884-Rosanna and Jason Ortiz to Michael Kaufmann, $532,500.

Stray Camel Way, 10610-Brent J. and Kristine L. Harshaw to Alexander and Sarah Smith, $650,000.

Tree Swallow Ct., 6043-Donna L. Kalin and Donna L. Hitt to Jillian Lewis Kennedy, $255,000.

Waterfowl Terr., 10477-Mary Suzanna Merritt to Porche and Frederick Henry, $412,500.


Drovers Lane, 2037-D.R. Horton Inc. to Rakesh R. Prabhugari and Sireesha Deverapalli, $799,990.


Point Breeze Dr., 13812-Castleberry at Ten Oaks Corp. to Michael W. and Margaret F. Decampo, $530,000.


Blue Stream Dr., 7914-Ahwani Kumar and Christina Singh to Juin Ho and Selah Seo, $376,000.

Cypress Springs Rd., 5971-Trinity Homes at Cypress Springs to Justin Burrell, $535,000.

Deep Falls Way, 7120, No. 161-JPMorgan Chase Bank to Gloria Youngsook Moon, $227,500.

Elkridge Crossing Way, 7264-Claudette L. Clark to Robert L. Steven, $355,000.

Harthorn Ave., 6406, No. B-Ten Oaks Realty Corp. to Byung Chan Moon, $339,900.

Hunt Hill Dr., 5855, No. 12-03-Stephen M. Dorsey to William T. and Sherrie A. Catterton, $216,000.

Maiden Point Pl., 7093, No. 176-Mira L. Fleisher to Rachel A. Rogers, $300,000.

Montgomery Rd., 6914-Deutsche Bank to Furqan Ahmad Minhas, $225,000.

Owen Kellogg Ct., 7703-Beazer Homes Corp. to Pragnesh and Nipaben Patel, $437,400.

Sandpiper Ct., 6215, No. 111-Amanda Hirchs and Amanda Mittelkamp to Christian D. Pazdersky, $173,250.


Bonnybridge Pl., 3745-Akhtar and Nghat Zaman to Lei Fang and Zhihong Zhang, $335,000.

Brightwood Ct., 8041-Peter D. and Elizabeth A. Franks to Fraukliun James and Jennifer Palmer, $335,000.

Deanwood Ave., 3426-JPMorgan Chase Bank to Maida J. and Kelly Guerrier, $605,000.

Frederick Rd., 8799-Kent W. Phillips to Robert Miller III, $285,000.

Hawthorne Ct., 8821-Lei Zheng and Ying Yang to Ramesh V. Kommuri and Madhavi Latha Kanamarlapuri, $375,000.

Kensington Gardens, 2500, No. 407-Steven Billet to Suneeta Singh, $325,000.

Manahan Dr., 8681-William and Tina D. Hamlton to Yunkou Wu and Jing Yu, $363,800.

Nottingham Way, 8014-Tyrell William and Valerie Nelle Fawcett to Kenneth Harrison and Jessica M. Izzi, $440,000.

Priscillas View., 3112-James and Danielle Tobin to Hanish R. and Swati H. Nair, $410,000.

Stockbridge Overlook Ct., 6250, No. 9-Jeffrey R. and Denise C. Cohn to Courtney Danielle Thornton, $370,000.

Union Dr., 2804, No. 64-Sherwood and Anne Githens to Mark A. and Linda J. Elengold, $510,000.


Elmwood Rd., 7703-Robert B. and Tina M. Rye to Kevin T. and Diane W. Mason, $735,000.

Iager Blvd., 11381, No. 11-Christopher M. Chew to Brent and Sujong Kirk, $396,000.

Pindell School Rd., 6955-Abigail J. Kelman and Harvey Kelman to Timothy Michael and Elizabeth Sweeney, $555,000.

Wayneridge St., 11701-George Edwin Ray and Jewell F. Lynn to Allen and Kyla S. Selwyn, $528,000.


Rolling Fork Way, 2829-Laurie A. Carson to Zeljko and Amber A. Skrtic, $690,000.


Florey Rd., 6017-Padraic and Michelle Gray to Michael D. and Stephanie A. Mowles, $570,000.


Highland Rd., 13231-U.S. Bank and JPMorgan Mortgage Loan Trust to Byung K. and Jennifer H. Moon, $455,000.


Fairhaven Pl., 8742-Luciano Falcon Jr. to Mario and Ljljana Maletic Lucic, $320,000.


Cartersville Rd., 9254-Thaddeus B. and Eileen G. Pazulski to Scott and Nicole Holland Hommer, $449,900.

Granite Hill, 9412-Kristina Marie Sciandra to Cody Louis Joy and Laura Lynn Ardell, $270,000.

Shady Glen Dr., 7305, No. 41-Gholam Hassan Ghaicepour to Zi Teng and Ying Li, $397,500.

Wayover Way, 10296-Mary and Robert A. Walter to Timothy Brandon Lo Wong and Lillian Wong, $399,900.


John Gravel Rd., 2241, No. 4-NVR Inc. to Dana Louise Proctor, $381,260.


Canterbury Riding, 9640, No. 178-Jose M. Leon Jr. to Sia Vandi, $179,900.

Donnan Castle Ct., 9598-Kathleen Maguire and Christopher Alexander Cardenas to Olakunle Olukunga, $347,000.

Hadleigh Ct., 9606-Cindy Curry and Cindy W. Buskey to Brittany C. Childs, $320,000.

Howard Ave., 9504-Blossom T. Smith to Matthew and Patti Charvat, $370,500.

Kings Grant Rd., 9526-Jay H. and Brenda M. Ludek to David and Alyson Conrad, $390,000.

Maxwell Ct., 9347-Olga Lidia Talavera to Deanna Wisdom, $320,000.

Scotts Landing Rd., 11011-Peter and Gloria D. McGhee to Russell D. Pitts Jr. and Carmen L. Morales Pitts, $636,600.

Timber Oak Lane, 8708-Jacqueline D. and John James to Gloria Moon, $390,000.

Wincopia Farms Way, 10082-Pulte Home Co. Corp. and Pulte Home Corp. to Darryl S. Lemons and Ivy Johanna C. Lemons, $539,766.


Parliament Pl., 3212-Blair A. and Patsy V. Boyd to Guy Clifford Fowl and Donna C. Sanger, $600,000.


Colton Ct., 16820-Gloria Moon to Timothy D. and Karen M. Stevens, $659,900.


Ashford Way, 10622-John and Elizabeth A. Blanchette to Manoj Mishra and Snigdha Hota, $375,000.

Ganton Green, 2130, No. C-John and Elizabeth M. DiMaggio to Shirley Herr, $245,000.

Winstead Ct., 10307-Douglas A. Dribben and Maura A. Sherman to Todd R. and Katie M. Tasch, $663,000.