Anne Arundel County

These sales data recorded by the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation were provided by Black Knight Inc. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit


Bay View Dr. E., 147-Maryland Luxury Homes Corp. to Anthony Gulla and Tammy Owen, $1.35 million.

Crummell Ave., 1230-Nikki L. Tinsley to Maria G. and David J. Anderson, $719,900.

Green Spring Dr., 109-Michael and Kelly Casillo to Fredrick Matos and Elena A. Alexandrova, $535,000.

Jefferson St., 142-Reef Points Partnership to Jeffrey R. Donnelly, $689,000.

President Point Dr., 14, No. B1-Alberta K. Sugg to Bernard D. Cole and Cynthia A. Watson, $610,000.


Cherry Grove Ave. S., 604-Maria C. Metzger to Jarrett N. Roth and Larry E. Owens Jr., $380,000.

Deerwood Ct., 846-Janeice L. and Richard C. Dickenson to Marc S. and Irene H. Gluck, $430,000.

Epping Way, 355-Michael G. and Jessica Austin to Kevin R. and Elizabeth Wright Gajda, $485,000.

Haven Cv. N., 2540-Francesca Perrier to Edward G. Ballute, $330,000.

Samuel Chase Way, 504-Dara G. and Stephen M. Robinette to Samuel C. and Allison C. Kim, $385,000.

Summerview Way, 2708, No. 2101-Joanne G. Wasson and Valerie Peters to Dallis A. and Avery Newman, $219,000.

Worden Ct., 2-JCD Enterprises Corp. to Leon Browing McNealy and Rebecca Oliver, $482,000.


Andrew Hill Rd., 612-Elaine Kulle Brennan to Catherine J. Dupont, $385,000.

Claremont Ct., 254-Thomas R. and Kelly A. Coloe to Michael L. Kaluzienski and Tracy L. Johnson, $505,000.

Jupiter Hills Ct., 686, No. 3-3H-Karen S. Pouliot and Norman Lee Scott to Mary F. Theresa and Gordon Keith Ebersole, $196,000.

Nancy Lynn Lane, 888-Leslie C. and Richard C. Harder to Willard W. and Michele M. Wilt, $420,000.

Ridgecross Ct., 260-Joseph A. and Jennifer Deroose Barger to Robert J. and Hannah P. Adams, $402,000.

Way Cross Way, 268-Dolores Lee and Christopher Lee Thornton to Christopher B. and Kathryn A. Cockrell, $350,000.


Chatham Rd., 5608-WCT Properties Corp. to Walt and Shellie Chaffman Baskerville, $253,500.

Lilac Tree Lane, 716-Thomas Joseph Krueger Jr. to Maurice Antonio Stratton Jr., $288,500.


Bay Front Terr., 2103-Anthony W. Cooke to Ryan L. and Heather B. Lancaster, $482,500.

Deep Creek Vw., 544-Sara Hill to Nathan D. Snow and Jaime L. Jones, $435,000.

Hampton Rd., 1235-Ameri Star Homes Inc. to Daniel L. Wilson and Daphne E. Skipper, $609,563.

Saint George Dr., 1170-James and Diane O. Jennings to Michael Saunders, $401,000.


Battee Dr., 5603-Marc Baer to Patrick C. Paul, $276,500.


Cambridge Dr., 1946-Modernize Plus Corp. to Victoria A. Shriver and Gary R. Seal, $265,900.

Dryden Way, 1727-James C. and Jennifer C. Redmon to Jessica D. Grillo, $329,900.

Fendall Ct., 1631-George L. White to Joseph N. Denney and Christopher Gardiner, $168,000.

Mount Airy Ct., 1609-Jason R. and Genevieve C. Carnes to Daniel James Velich, $285,000.

Sharwood Pl., 1792-Herzog Homes Corp. to Michelle Ware, $273,260.


Gies Lane, 1400-Stephen and Kristen Allen to Alice R. Fernandes, $880,000.

Valentine View, 840-Bank of America to Thomas and Aimee Fellows Merkle, $306,400.


Hollow Glen Ct., 1334-Alesja G. Miller to Nolan E. Dunn, $259,900.


Appomattox Rd. E., 737-Stanley A. and Lois F. Herman to Adam T. and Ashley Keres, $400,000.


Bayview Dr., 400-Aidan A. and Elizabeth A. Harford to Trevor Kurak and Helen Feliciano Bailey, $355,000.

Edgemont St., 3604-Elaine Arrien to Michael J. Perez and Nicole Marie Gangl Perez, $412,000.

Havre De Grace Dr., 1613-David and Jessica Gruner to Bryan J. Perry, $279,000.

Maryland Way, 226-Helen M. Wood to Karen Bass, $287,000.

Oak Dr., 3365-Patricia W. and Patricia J. Garland to Ryan Michael and Julie Renee Roach, $440,000.

River Landing Rd. S., 810-U.S. Bank and Bank of America to William C. and Anneliese K. Piatt, $815,111.

Warfield Rd., 1496-John W. and Cynthia R. Norris to Patrick James and Timothy Joseph Bermann, $465,000.


Mayapple Way, 1760-Katherine E. Gore to Sean P. and Amy A. Ryan, $575,000.

Top Ridge Ct., 1110-Robert J. and Christine P. Prichard to Lionel J. Jennings, $489,900.


Baylor Rd., 701-Ian M. and Brianna M. Nelson to Rony V. Maldonado, $290,900.

Foxglen Ct., 8003-Stephanie Arnold Bryan to Gifty and Damian Johnson, $377,000.

Glen Ct., 594-Builders Group Corp. to Faith N. Steele, $155,000.

Juneberry Way, 302-Craig Newcomer to Christine M. and Timothy C. Trageser, $153,000.

Partnership Lane, 1203-Calatlantic Group Inc. to Olusola and Elizabeth Akinyele, $329,990.

Short Curve Rd., 516-Won Suk and Eun Ji Lee to Deborah A. McSweeney, $217,000.

Turn Loop Rd., 8121-Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Joshua A. Foster and Ping Gong, $193,100.


Blue Water Ct., 310, No. 304-Holly Spaulding to Mark T. and Blair T. Boyd, and Meghan Clover, $176,100.

Coulbourn Cor., 1161-Patricia Avanzato to Levik and Mariana Yousefian, $220,500.

Hammarlee Rd., 257-Cyril Richard Edgar Benson to Evan W. Saffran, $190,000.

Mockingbird Cir., 7335-Christopher Sangeon Won and Sungja Lim to Matthew G. and Rachel R. Cammuse, $320,000.

Normandy Dr., 2-Mary E. Spence to Saman Sanai, $112,500.

Saltgrass Dr., 259-Keaton M. and Taylor M. Paradeses to Rodney Allen Wotring, $400,000.

Stane Rd., 1002-Heather Ann Duke and Mark L. Foster to Milagro De La Paz Hernandez, $259,900.


Cherry Tree Rd., 2512-Nichele D. Frost to Regina S. Giles, $445,000.

Hollowoak Dr., 2220-Cartus Corp. to Daniel H. Sutton, $547,000.


Cherry Blossom Crossing, 3508-Patrick T. and Jenell A. Langley to Bruce and Kara Kriete, $435,000.

Mayaone St., 8508-Jeffrey S. Klassen to James M. and Selisa S. Carr, $323,500.


Edgewood Rd., 702-Christopher M. Dodson to Benjamin R. and Emily L. Schmitz, $270,000.

Southwell Rd., 510-G. Plummer to David J. Greenstein, $250,000.


Chalet Cir. W., 222-Four Corners Properties Corp. to Anthony Darnell and Alyssa L. Lee, $225,000.

Nathan Way, 240-Justin Abell to Robert B. and Myisha Hunter, $223,000.


Amber Orchard Ct. E., 2497, No. 204-Philomen J. Salser to Sherene W. and Michael D. Collins, $215,000.

Blue Spring Ct., 2444, No. 302-Linda Summers to Michael D. Coleman, $220,000.

Canteen Cir., 2250-Sandra and Donovan C. Bennett to Saheed Abiodun Asuni, $295,000.

Chapelgate Dr., 637-Alice Nga Sze Chan to Deryk N. and Natalie Kelly, $268,000.

Deerberry Ct., 902-Eric C. and Erin C. Naber to Samuel and June Matics, $360,000.

Killarney Terr., 2400-Elfredia Talley to Walter E. Bayer Jr., $385,990.

Oak Leaf Ct., 2713, No. 2713-Tamara Leigh Jackson and Brendan Michael Jennings to Bryan G. Gomez Moctezuma and Stephanie Duque, $229,900.

Pinecove Ave., 218-Carolin A. Varughese to Robin W. Henry and Crystal P. Mitchell Henry, $279,900.

Thicket Ct., 809-George W. and Janet B. Ricks to Robert A. Alicea and Amanda Irene Zaloga Alicea, $419,500.

Wintergreen Ct., 8616, No. 307-Janet Twigg Davis Ahmadi and Zia Ahmadi to Mark R. and Luz Helena Turner, $339,000.


Marx Dr., 5133-Timothy A. and Marsha G. Merton to James J. and Alyson J. Manion, $510,000.


Arundel Ct., 4106-Federal National Mortgage Association to Mauricio Cusneros Abarca and Gilma Lopez, $220,000.

Dale Rd., 203-Andrew and Katherine Durham to David W. and Sarah E. Preston, $295,000.

Dutch Ship Rd., 397-Marketpro South Inc. to Adam L. Brubaker and Ambeer N. Shifflett, $414,900.

Gibson Rd., 251-Lawrence Cate and estate of Carol J. Cate to Keith D. and Amy M. Richards, $590,000.

Mansion House Xing., 8007-Ann E. Lins to Daniele and Thomas J. Basil, $230,000.

Mayford Ave., 7808-Eagle Properties and Investments Corp. to Tanya T. Badalian, $183,750.

Moonfall Ct., 7722-Wells Fargo Bank to Willam P. Darr and Stacey J. Canas, $159,000.

Poplar Ridge Rd., 2022-Gabriel A. Chaddock and Brittany L. Leitnaker to Robert and Melissa Young, $600,500.

Seaford Ct., 3645-LTC Enterprises Inc. to Harry M. Sawyer, $205,000.

Tick Neck Rd., 7862-Linda J. Turc to Alonzo and Diane M. Helton, $282,000.

Ventnor Rd., 8087-Douglas M. Howell to John V. and Patrica S. Benson, $732,000.

Weston Woods Dr., 223-Michael G. Bodnar to Kelly L. and Matthew W. Venturella, $547,000.

209th St., 706-THK Management Construction Corp. to Michael D. Dellangelo and Ashley M. Smith, $316,500.

224th St., 812-U.S. Bank to Kirsten Tickle, $215,000.


Brookstone Ct., 8085-Jacqueline F. Smith to Lukman A. Baruwa, $215,000.

Dicus Mill Rd., 1353-Danny Paul and Angela Elizabeth Hubbard to Jason Tyler and Renee T. Robb, $475,000.

Jennie Dr., 781-Dana L. Parry to Brent Renninger, $370,000.

Quebec St., 1814-James and Sandra Sawtell to Michiko and Gerhard Bethman, $330,000.

Stonehearth Rd., 7893-Triple L Construction Corp. to Eugene M. and Nadine H. Larmore, $319,000.


Carole Ct., 6-Margaret Stieren to Alexandra Danielle Dudley, $390,000.

Fairoak Dr., 485-Jane J. Moore and Mary Kristin Browning to Jameson Fielding and Ashley Rebecca Chalmers, $706,000.

Lymington Rd., 496-Mark E. Schmidt to Nicholas Alexander and Lindsey McCall Pence, $591,000.

Preswick Way, 327-Robert E. Clarke Jr. to Kevin S. and Bonnie P. Clark, $512,000.

Shore Rd., 680-Art Homes Corp. to Jean Poole, James M. Craig and Gavin H. Craig, $333,000.


Lerch Dr., 4942-E.L. Carr to Scott J. and Virginia L. Simpson, $530,000.

Howard County

These sales data recorded by the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation were provided by Black Knight Inc. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit


Fawnhaven Ct., 12232-Kevin W. and Ann L. Corcoran to Robert R. and Daphne Roberta Pallozzi, $525,000.

Hallowed Stream, 4737-Mary Catherine Cochran to Sebastian Joseph and Shanell Sciotti, $345,000.

Nashville Ct., 11041-Village at Turf to Mark Pi and Esther Yoo, $696,055.

Resort Rd., 10530-Vantage Condominium Corp. to Debra Dempsey Keely, $396,640.

Thornbrook Rd., 2767-John and Rosa V. Horst to James W. and Kathryn K. Dempsey, $725,000.


Better Hours Ct., 7331-Michael E. and Susan C. Smith to Adam M. Abruzzo and Rachel Plunkett, $282,000.

Deep River Cyn., 6253-Kathleen T. David to Ambrish Babubhai Patelk, $350,000.

Gales Lane, 5986-Claudia P. Bailey to Eqad Ahmad, $445,900.

High Tor Hl., 5637-Dena Engineering Corp. to Alba Marroquin, $499,900.

Majors Lane, 6005, No. 5-Alicia C. and James E. Tyler to Maya Angelou Thompson and Robert Pawel Rychilik, $125,000.

Oakland Mills Rd., 6119-Tropolis Corp. to Albert D. Briggs Jr. and Vanessa M. Dixon Briggs, $522,000.

Shinleaf Ct., 9022-James J. Scully to Emanuel Austin Katz and Elizabeth A. Levit, $360,000.

Swan Point Way, 7407, No. 8-6-Estate of Stanley R. Czark to Rodolfo L. and Victoria Velazquez, $355,000.

Thunder Hill Rd., 5866, No. A2-Yichun Sun and Mitchell Yuxiang Guo to Ramachandram and Vijayalakshmi Badugu, and Karuna S. and Shivalingam Vanam, $111,000.

Wild Lilac, 5471-Charles and Laura McAuley to How Chang Liu, $304,200.


Buglenote Way, 10370-Christine and Rebecca Lane to Gunnar P. and Rebecca J. Gerken, $728,000.

Faulkner Ridge Cir., 10718-Next Level Properties Corp. to Young Chul and Jihee Chang, $378,000.

Green Mountain Cir., 5041, No. 1-Kathryn Hilton Walker to Kristen E. Blair, $135,000.

High Beam Ct., 10668-David A. Titman and Patricia M. Steinhilber to Ping Zhang, $305,000.

New Country Lane, 11895-Nancy C. Caplan to Steven A. and Maria E. Woolery, $355,000.

Vantage Point Rd., 5590, No. 2-Kenenth A. Harrison to Celeste Bosselait, $190,000.


Monticello Dr., 14000-Beth Ann and David Lee Stanley to Samuel Marshall and Michele Ann Jarels, $585,000.


Brookview Rd., 7315, No. 304-Daniel and Patricia Burke to Shirley W. Maddox, $295,000.

Claire Dr., 6037-Charles and Erin Horton to Kevin Patrick and Kathryn Elizabeth Baier, $300,000.

Ducketts Lane, 6296-Wilmington Savings Fund Society and Pretium Mortgage Acquisition Trust to Minhee Kim and Moung Jo Shin, $195,000.

Karas Walk, 6115-U.S. Bank and TBW Mortgage to Richard Simmons, $262,000.

Mayfield Ave., 7931-Ronald W. and Julie M. Elrod to Hien N. Ha, $279,100.

Rigby Pl., 7435-Patrick J. and Jessica G. Topper to Gary M. and Kathleen A. Ciany, $340,000.

Valley Oak Dr., 7750, No. 204-Carl D. Hinton to Sharron L. Grayson Harmon, $295,000.


Adderley Ave., 8420, No. 5-Chester and Qi Li to Bahattin and Berkay Kaymak, $475,000.

College Ave., 3748, No. D3-David B. Hellar and Bethany L. Mathie to Dennis McCoy, $350,000.

Elko Dr., 8282-Rose Marie Samaniege to Christopher S. and Joanna L. Zeisser, $605,000.

Hollow Ct., 3301-Robert A. and Christine M. Barnard to Dong Du and Chenping Li, $365,000.

Montgomery Run Rd., 8385, No. I-John Kevin and Maria Gibson to Krishna Rajesh and Suniti Dudela, $199,900.

Old Frederick Rd., 8549-Nicole M. Jensen to Bi Ting Chen and Stephen Poggi, $280,000.

Rose Petal Ct., 4249, No. 37-Lori Rehr and estate of Paula B. Rehr to Luis Arthuro and Joan L. Barba, $429,900.

Stone Crop Dr., 8215, No. H-Marcella A. Curtiss to Marsha H. Vitow, $283,000.

Talbot Dr., 6042-Seong Ja and Jung Woo Lee to Seonggeol Hong and Hanna Lee, $470,000.

Winding Ross Way, 8149-Mee Hong Awong and Stephen Sung Hwang to Mathew James and Erin Corcoran Rummel, $775,000.


Morris St., 7520, No. 1-Kunal Singh to Martin and Jane Farmer, $386,250.


Villadest Dr., 13490-HSBC Bank to Roger B. and Tara L. Sterling, $505,000.


Round Moon Cir., 8049-American Pride Properties Corp. and John J. Alley to Zachary and Claudia Sommers, $405,000.


Carlinda Ave., 6722-Atif M. and Andrea S. Qurshi to Katherine L. Edrington, $336,000.

Eden Brook Dr., 7102-Richard F. and Ganna Grinshpun to Justin W. Kalaskey and Michelle A. Pease, $330,000.

Hastings Dr., 9656-Kristine Hull and Vincent Dubay to Andrew J. Accardi and Stephanie L. Simoneau, $245,211.

Procopio Cir., 7283-Timothy C. and Kelly A. Murphy to Bryan J. and Kelsey C. Holler, $265,000.

Twilight Ct., 9509-David E. and Kelly M. Harbourt to Narvie T. and Kim L.A. Foster, $419,950.


Woodward St., 8108-Anne M. Marcotte to Sean and Courtney Kefferstan, $257,500.


Daly Ct., 9315-Ramu Sadula to Terrence O. Benn, $335,000.

Homestead Ct., 9600, No. D-Ana R. Dasilva to Jackson and Bernard D. Cabido, $129,750.

Pinenut Ct., 9250-Tae Y. Park and Eunice H. Yi to Nargis S. Shaikh, $260,000.

Scentless Rose Way, 9710-Supreet K. Grewal and Kanwarpreet S. Chauhan to Jideofo Ezeani and Amaka Orajaka, $449,000.

Spring Branch Ct., 8219-Farris and Tania Ayoub to Tagreed K. Dubbaneh, $460,000.

Waterside Ct., 8604-Mary Mack and Owuyaw Yaw Adu to Peter D. and Kelly J. Lyngas, $820,000.


River Rd., 659-George W. and Fern Pauline Stafford to Adam L. and Charis R. Pena, $425,000.


Morgan Station Rd., 830-Olegario Ramirez to John J. Robb and Gina A. Rosenthal, $1.2 million.


Chambers Ct., 11185, No. P-Deborah S. Claxton to Bernard and Kathryn A. Pasis, $289,900.