Anne Arundel County

These sales data recorded by the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation were provided by Black Knight Inc. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit


Amberstone Ct., 10-Michael A. Connolly II to Sean Carmody and Ana Lopez Flores, $210,000.

Bay Front Dr., 7055-Wells Fargo Bank to Michael B. Iwanicki and Ali Khazai, $980,000.

Burnside St., 316, No. 408-Franklin D. and Nina S. McCleskey to David D. and Brenda E. Shaweffer, $325,000.

Gordon Cove Dr., 1511-Albert E. and Lucinda M. Browne to Lori Elizabeth Davis, $545,000.

Harbour Village Ct., 7052, No. 1-Dillard Family Trust to Diane C. Dwyer and Roger B. McNally, $370,000.

Lake Heron Dr., 1130, No. 3A-Benjamin J. and Frederick J. Mueller to Michael V. Vasilik, $320,000.

Melvin Rd., 932-Richard G. and Cynthia M. Golod to Alden Stoner and Ethan Keogh, $1.11 million.

Old Bay Ridge Rd., 1028-Christopher and Sandra Reyes to Scott and Kathleen Shaffer, $462,580.

Rockwell Ct., 46-JNHM 46RD Corp. to Maria Cecilia Henriquez, $224,200.

Tayman Dr., 602-Marnie Caye Hoffman to Christine Pineda, $535,000.

Washington Dr., 1246-Joseph R. and Michele Perry Boucher to Kyle Eugene Gross, $562,500.


Astern Way, 930, No. 602-Carolyn Hyde and Lorraine Greenfield to Jean Orzech, Rosemarie Greco and Anne Morrissey, $340,000.

Burgundy Lane, 208-Janet Manning Chabot and Peter G. Chabot to Eric and Judith H. Spiewak, $600,000.

Coventry Pl., 1695-Jan R. and Joseph M. Hejl to Devon T. Binns and Lauren J. Alexander Binns, $737,500.

East St., 67-Lori A. and David Clarke Robertson to Samuel J. and Joyce R. Maranto, $610,000.

Gingerview Lane, 2732-Andrew P. and Catherine C. Maynard to Jacqueline D. Higgins, $510,000.

Isaacs St., 1-Thomas C. Pluecker to Andrew Evan Hunter, $865,000.

Ritchie Lane, 1523-John S. Huchenski to Michael J. Ruzzi, $362,000.

Shaw St., 43, No. F-Bruce D. Abbott and Cara L. Visconti to John H. McLeod and Eleanor M. Perfetto, $585,000.

Summerview Way, 2700, No. 6102-Eric J. Delozier to Adrienne G. Carter, $240,000.

Wilson Rd., 511-Kathryn H. McPhee to Lori A. Catania, $480,000.


Arundel Dr., 957-Bank of New York Mellon and Bank of New York to Dennis Allen Deitch and Jeremy Dicandilo, $458,325.

Brunswick Ct., 1214-Larry D. and Denise A. McGiverin to Philip G. and Stacey M. Lancaster, $342,000.

Farley Ct. N., 1204-Jennifer S. Churm to Deborah F. Howe, $310,000.

Nancy Lynn Lane, 812-Michael R. Jelen to Mary Elizabeth Naylor, $452,250.

Pine Valley Dr., 748-Deborah V. and Douglas W. Collins to Marion T.P. Ruzecki and Jennifer A. Finter, $368,000.

Silver Oak Lane, 1416-DR Horton Inc. to Aidan M. and Diana Jun Arseneault, $659,900.


Edgevale Rd. W., 114-Hogar Community Reinvestment Corp. to Keith M. Moore Sr. and Lacey F. Blacksburn, $215,000.

Sandy Bluff Way, 5604-David J. Gainer and Eugene K. Patterson to Ronald Hubbard and Kelly Travis, $250,000.

Wallace Ave., 110-1726 Saunders Way Corp. to Fredy A. Lainez Zelaya, $262,000.


Anna Marie Ct., 1419-Andrew Sean and Kristen Sullivan Clahane to Pamela Marie Pezzoli, $354,000.

Deep Creek Vw., 571-Kenneth M. Miller to Jeffrey and Bryanna Wooton, $450,000.

Hampton Rd., 1173-Gregory T. and Alicia A. Hogan to Amar and Mary Ann Sharma, $475,000.

Saint Margarets Rd., 1580-David Lee and Kim Yvonne Poe to John J. and Devona L. Schiller, $260,000.

Star Pine Dr., 1571-Grace L. Finnegan and Todd A. Williams to Baldwin Matthew Jarrett Jr., $225,000.


Delaware Ave., 1131-William M. and Marilou Pierson to Jacqueline L. Erney and Kyle M. Gauker, $337,500.


Andy Ct., 2812-Patricia and George M. Lancaster to Douglas A. West and Timothy Kelly, $590,000.

Chatham Ct., 1466-Mark T. Trindel and estate of Marcella B. Trindel to Shirley Burrell, $159,900.

Eton Way, 1630-Morris Fram Schmier to Rebekah and Jarlath Cady, $526,500.

Fendall Ct., 1652-Joan A. Flake to Donald Charles Smith, $215,900.

Laconia Ct., 2363-Erica and Brian Boyard to Diann Dahl and Brian O’Connor, $360,000.

Marlborough Ct., 1535-Nick Cosgrove and Laura Sickles Wilson to Stephen, Kimberley and Shawn Malley, $210,000.

Regents Park Rd. E., 1774-Ian M. Larsen to Ana R. Hardy, $403,900.

Rochester St., 1794-Leonard E. and Brenda S. Reed to Ian M. and Sherlin Larsen, $449,000.

Turnbridge Ct., 2328-Benjamin M. and Britney O. Smith to Kirsten E. Yale, $375,000.


Abbington Lane, 1111-Timothy J. Carney and Katherine E.M. Carney to Jeffrey H. and Heidi K. Barron, $980,000.

Lake Rd., 378-Melita C. Ellison to Gregory J. and Aubree A. Slavik, $240,000.

Upton Scott Way, 1602-William E. and Cynthia Buchman Webb to Ryan and Maggie Joy, $1 million.


Double Chestnut Ct., 1111-Christopher Michael and Stacey Lynn Doan to Megan Marie and Jose Reyes, $247,000.

Swanhill Ct., 1232-Mark I. Varner to Joseph F. Mosmiller, $265,000.


Mount Airy Ct., 3301-Lee Falica to Stella Pelekanos, Paul Robert, Beverly Diane and Michael P. Darrow, $570,000.


Clark Ave., 612-Alvin R. and George Wayne Knopp to Dale B. and Linda J. Husk, $220,000.


Carolina Ave. N., 3656-Doreen Fischetti and estate of Paul D. Creech to Yvonne A. Deridder, $430,000.

Glebe Meadow Way, 3824-Beverly Sue Wertz to Chad Richard and Samantha E. Fox, $405,000.

Pennsylvania Ave., 16-Robert and Rebecca Bentempo to Sabrina M. Ousick, $330,000.


Autumn Valley Cir., 2243-Brett A. Robinson and Erin E. McCauley to Lauren M. Robinson, $330,000.

Chapel Lake Dr., 2605, No. 402-Anna C. Wade to Hebron and Sheryce Watson, $245,000.

Huntwood Dr., 2005-Judith G. Galebach to Thomas C. and Melissa A. Coppola, $775,000.

Red Clover Rd., 1078-U.S. Home Corp. and Lennar Corp. to Sarah Jean and Derrick Anthony Mosley, $532,040.

Waugh Chapel Rd., 961-All in Realty Solution Corp. to Raymond C. and Shanee Byrd, $369,000.


Aster Dr., 1311-Beecher Properties Corp. and Great Elm Marketing Corp. to Angel V. Jones, $295,000.

Elizabeth Rd., 617-Hough Development Corp. to Holim Geena Lee, Hyunsun Kim and Brian Hosung Lee, $310,000.

Foxwell Bend Rd., 55-Sarah E. Marshall to Benjamin J. and Manal White, $360,000.

Heather Stone Loop, 753, No. 51-Nicole Renee Newman to Whitney N. Thomas, $194,000.

Marshall Rd., 612-Jason Tylor and Renee Tracy Robb to Peter Hadley Jr., $243,500.

Norfolk Rd., 1822-Roberta Lee Harrington and estate of Leon F. Beaty to Jerzy and Bogumila Smolen, $187,000.

Old Stage Rd., 702-Michael D. McColgan to Tajudeen Akinlotan and Faith Moore, $375,900.

Truck Farm Dr., 203-Caltatlantic Group Inc. to Josephine Karkari Gaymerah and Charles K. Asare Attuah, $380,000.

Third Ave. SW, 309-Anna M. Tewey to Hannah Hensley, $265,000.


Brockton Ct., 1008-David M. and Mary L. Hardesty to Daniell Martine Dyer, $372,000.

Cedarcliff Dr., 1111-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Harry U. Nguyen, $163,000.

Fern Hollow Ct., 7803-Calatlantic Group Inc. and Ryland Group Inc. to Maribel Moore, $309,742.

Hidden Oak Lane, 708-Michael Anthony Coates to Matthew and Katherine Stephens, $345,000.

Holly Ridge Dr., 7615-Calatlantic Group Inc. and Ryland Group Inc. to Hyshawn Careter, $479,990.

Ivybrook Lane, 7545-U.S. Home Corp. and Lennar Corp. to Kevin Michael and Mikayla Raye Byars, $349,990.

Millhouse Dr., 735-Rodney Allen Wotring to Matthew P. Pendergast, $337,700.

Ocracoke Way, 408-U.S. Home Corp. and Lennar Corp. to Caleb John and Amy Nichole Crew, $425,990.

Quarterpath Way, 607-Dan Ryan Builders Mid Atlantic Corp. to Sean D. and Kaili Nichols, $327,501.

Quarterpath Way, 627-Dan Ryan Builders Mid Atlantic Corp. to Carl M. Meek and Sihame Youbi, $323,789.

Safe Harbor Ct., 8005-Joshua Herring to Kapil and Mona Gulati, $449,755.

Tarrant Rd., 1314-Jimmie S. Redmon and estate of Paula Jane Redmon to Lorriane S. Deberry, $178,000.

Sixth St., 1058-William R. and Susan C. Fitzpatrick to Jesse L. and Rachel L. Knight, $230,000.


Fair Oak Dr., 7259-Kenyatta M. Jones to Anna Jade Nguyen, $375,000.

Linden Dr., 1028-U.S. Home Corp. and Lennar Corp. to Nicole Moss and Adewale O. Adeyelu, $442,855.

Rutland Way, 1550-Johel F. Garcia to Beenish Zafar Awan, $388,000.


Marvin Lane, 2811-Calatlantic Group Inc. to Benjamin C. Payne, $325,000.


Eagle Harbor S., 335-CR of Maryland Corp. to Tulio E. Sagastume and Kimberly Sarai Chavez, $337,000.

Green Grass Rd., 8325-Odell Jackson to Ari Lewis, $260,000.

Old Line Ave., 371-Temidayo Akinselure to Carl Anderson and Sarah Gori, $360,000.

Sagebrush Lane, 8711-Jeffrey D. Soriaga to William B. and Megan Roach, $379,999.


Cleveland Rd., 410-John F. Baker to Justin M. Lauenroth and Hayley R. Willis, $250,000.


Greenock Rd., 5689-Andrew J. and Judith B. Gacta to Wiliam H. and Barbara Metcalfe, $2.35 million.


Brookwood Rd., 8370-Ameri Star Homes Inc. to Jason and Jennifer Butler, $150,000.

Dale Rd., 404-Barbara Ann Livingston and Daniel R. Duff Jr. to Kyle Frederick Holloran and Elyse Margaret Cooper, $321,000.

Hortonia Point Dr., 8203-Zhen Lu and Fei Lam to Tuan P. Ho and Helen Le, $530,000.

Marion St., 456-NVR Inc. to Robert and Bin Holic, $453,490.

Obrecht Rd., 220-C.L. Payne and Associates Inc. to Timothy A. and Charles R. Breenam, $510,000.


Walnut Ave., 1088-Vicki S. Sussman to David S. and Tina M. Ward, $273,000.


Benoli Ct., 1608-Clemia and Tina M. Anderson to Amenawon Hamdat Ogiefo, $375,000.

Chapelview Dr., 648-David Ronald and Heather Rose Hill to Raymond and Amari Reyes, $270,000.

Cortland Ct., 813-Amy and Keith Richards to William Wade and Elizabeth Ann Depriest, $584,000.

Estuary Dr., 808-Christopher J. Smith and Kristen Tarquin to Megan C. and Timothy A. Kennedy, $315,000.

Glebe Creek Way, 1747-Adetokumbo Adeyiga to Leandra Trumaine Wilson, $293,000.

Harvest Moon Dr., 844-Eli D. and Gina M. Bupp to Michelle A. Vander Roest, $316,400.

Langdon Farm Cir., 207-Melissa D. McNair to Shane B. Cox, $277,000.

Meadows Ct., 2318-Antoine N. and Angela Y. Holloway to John Rolewicz and Emily Rey, $550,000.

Running Wolf Trail, 2587-Nicholas F. and Christina F. Gasparri to Sarah A. and Eric J. Bailey, $388,000.

Summer Hill Dr., 1016-Thomas R. and Heidi L. Krenzke to Brian R. and Allyson N. Sapherstein, $560,000.

Turnstile Lane, 3029-Classic Group Corp. to Elizabeth M. Flood, $399,900.

Willow Leaf Ct., 2504, No. 2504-Cory P. McManus to Kaun J. Yim, $247,500.

Woodchuck Way, 3087-Winchester Homes Inc. to Charles W. Cockrill, $508,881.


Abbey Ct., 8030A, No. 8030A-Christina D. Cornelius to Joann Freburger, $155,000.

Bar Harbor Rd., 358-Gina Davis and Brendan Roach to Connel William and Trisha Marie Parsons, $395,000.

Brummel Rd., 4003-John Michael and Karen Renee Vammino to Zachary Daniel and Michelle Irene Young, $492,000.

Castine Ct., 1222-Thomas Nevin Jr. and Deborah S. Walker to Jorge G. Guzman Triana and Bessy S. Castillo Esquivel Deguzman, $230,000.

Cool Breeze Ct., 332-Laura A. Keller to Corey J. Weeks and Caitlyn L. Jackson, $236,000.

Deering Rd., 741, No. 6L-Susan H. Secrist and Verna F. Leonard to Christopher S. McKinnon, $189,900.

Escalon Ave., 8011-Susy Kimble and estate of Magdalene Deweese to Ryan S. and Gabrille B. Bromwell, $249,000.

Fort Smallwood Rd., 8723-Dreamquest Properties Inc. to Aaron Vandenberg, $333,300.

Grace Ave., 7707-Steven Jeffrey Halperin and Jovi Beru Bohan to Michael A. Males and Amanda Freese, $329,000.

Hilltop Rd., 1952-Neil Peapos to Richard C. Brown, $160,000.

June Way, 1205-Linda I. Reed to Maria R. and Brenden L. Fleischmann, $342,433.

Long Point Ct., 154-Ted W. and Sylvia C. Hill to Daniel L. and Melissa V. Bateman, $345,000.

Mansion House Xing., 8012-Colin W. Conley and Rachael A. Hildebrand to Alana and Philip James Cook, $238,500.

Middlebury Ct., 4104-Kevin John and Susan E. Dunnigan to Thomas Richard Dent III and Lisa K. Salvatore, $495,000.

Riviera Dr., 161-A.R. Builders Inc. to Megan C. Dellacqua, $369,000.

Rose Crown Cir., 2961-Shawn M. Reichenberg to Kerry A. Owen and Matthew E. Burns, $335,000.

Senate Dr., 6-Bodkin Creek Real Estate Holdings Corp. to Ariel C. Siegler, $435,000.

South Shore Pkwy., 1602-Dean L. Oberholtzer and estate of Arlene S. Oberholtzer to Marcus Hull, $480,000.

Ullman Rd., 262-Dennis M. and Kristina L. Rimel to Tiffany Frances Duvell, $385,000.

213th St., 687-Outer Banks Holding Corp. to Johnny J. Evans IV, $212,800.


Angel Ct., 1710-Jory Frankle and Felix Gleizer to Timothy H. Bell and Rachael R. Burgower, $410,000.

Carinoso Way, 8261-Brian M. Picerno and Katlynd Marie Exler to Coseem S. and Robyn W. Rogers, $505,000.

Donaldson Ave., 587-Calatlantic Group Inc. to Olatunde Komolafe, $529,000.

Golden Pine Cir., 7870-Teresa G. Caroselli to Mounieram Jagmohan and Sandy Jaipaul, $390,000.

Hollow Ct., 8143-Dan Ryan Builders Mid Atlantic Corp. to Julio Ferreris, $291,582.

Lexington Dr., 8510-Charles C. and Shari K. Ruehling to Olalowo Awofisayo, $435,000.

Parham Ct., 8217-Fredi Aguilar to Arlin Marleny Oliva, $110,000.

Pumpkin Lane, 507-D.R. Horton Inc. to David and Ann M. Wachtel, $525,990.

Ridgely Loop, 8140-D.R. Horton Inc. to Brandy N. and Joshua Miller, $549,990.

Stone Castle Dr., 1935-Dreamquest Properties Inc. to Kerry T. Guy, $382,500.

Tulip Poplar Ct., 8114-Toll MD VII Partnership to Thomas B. Wild and Sarah J. Reinholt, $649,998.


Arleigh Rd., 637-Matthew M. and Megan J. McGehrin to Eric M. Blaszczak and Sarah R. Miller, $399,000.

Baltimore Annapolis Blvd., 524-Black Dogs Real Estate Investment Corp. to Patricia A. Accinelli , $380,000.

Dunfer Hill Rd., 813-Ameri Star Homes Inc. to Ronald M. and Lyndsay J. Larocca, $623,829.

Linstead Rd., 13-David M. and Gail Fitzgerald to William R. and Jacquelyn Michele Zichos, $740,000.

McBride Lane, 498-Shirish and Rita Hirpara to Qi Tang Zhang and Lirn Chi Chang, $605,000.

Oak Grove Cir., 701-Christopher and Kristy A. Sills to Daniel L. and Julia A. Ludwig, $440,000.

Pertch Rd., 255-Richard J. and Julie A. Bernard to Joseph and Katheen T. Buczynski, $300,000.

Saint Andrews Rd., 10-Laurence Allen and Ellen Kendall Warren to David Lee and Susanne Ames Ford, $750,000.

Taras Trail, 61-David D. and Cheri L. McCollough to Paul J. and Jane E. Anderson, $290,000.


Columbia Beach Rd., 1416-Panalytics Corp. to Stephanie D. Spies, $235,000.

Woods Wharf Rd., 4830-Wells Fargo Bank to Dale and Linda Husk, $140,000.

Howard County

These sales data recorded by the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation were provided by Black Knight Inc. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit


Blue Barrow Ride, 4240-Louis J. and Diana M. Ulman to Michael Mendelsohn and Leah Del Percio, $740,000.

Crape Myrtle Ct., 5027-NVR Inc. to Senthil K. Rangananthan and Susireeta Dhandapanti, $1.22 million.

Hallowed Strm., 4732-Patricia E. Spear to Ty and Galina Marr, $339,500.

Lindera Ct., 5021-NVR Inc. to Mitabh and Shivani Patel, $1.25 million.

Morning Ride Ct., 4608-Jeffrey W. Metzger to Michael Sandler and Meghan Hess, $550,000.

River Walk, 3910-Michael A. and Jennifer T. McDevitt to Michael Xin Chen and Tiffney Arlene Cates Chen, $760,000.

Triadelphia Rd., 13383-Keith A. Robinson and Diane R. Kaler to Charles Harbert and Benjaman Lilley, $565,000.


Hall Shop Rd., 12160-Wilson L. and Karen B. Hobbs to Thomas P. Clouse, $457,000.

Pure Sky Pl., 6001-Matthew Zang to Grace Heeeun Kim and James H. Jang, $620,000.


Black Star Cir., 8538-Rekha and Del Sharma to Sudarshan and Kamala Paudel Subedi, $279,900.

Early Red Ct., 6333-Donna Lee Jeffreys Shiflett to Ahsanuz Zaman and Shima Daneshpour, $305,900.

Hidden Clearing, 6282-Charlene Alliger to Carol W. Gould, Laura Lambert Darby Brown and Adam Jasbir Singh, $450,000.

Majors Lane, 6033, No. 1-Surya P. Kolluri to Christine M. Limparis, $147,500.

Soft Thunder Trail, 6320-Robert F. Cadogan to Busko A. Jeylu and Jeylu A. Damboba, $470,000.


April Journey, 5545, No. 112-Gloria Moon to Jack Nestuk Silliman, $328,000.

College Sq., 10340-Otis G. and Elaine M. Dickerson to Panzgiota Pota Karrs, $305,000.

Faulkner Ridge Cir., 10430, No. 1-6-Sheldon A. Alexander and Devona P. McGeachy Alexander to Imtiaz Chowdhury and Nuzhat Rommana, $143,000.

Green Mountain Cir., 10617-Peter L. Fort to Andres J. and Martha Peralta, $399,000.

Hickory Overlook, 6401, No. 88-Roger S. Lewin to James E. and Lisa M. Mikles, $347,000.

Placid Lake Ct., 10155-David M. Kosiorek Jr. to George Zhu, $283,000.

Towering Oak Path, 6624-Charles P. Cullen and Sophie L. Gorski Cullen to Justin Griffin Hunter Daniel and Tian Lan Daniel, $935,000.


Ten Oaks Rd., 4551-Ralph J. and Joyce Ann Kissinger to Lisa J. and Joshua E. Zinnamon, $520,000.


Ellis Wyatt Ct., 7908-Beazer Homes Corp. to Mohan R. Abbavaram, $390,000.

John Galt Way, 7928-Beazer Homes Corp. to Jerica Ejercito Myers, $397,000.

Rock Glen Dr., 6034-Herman W. Roberton III and Donna Fitzgerlad to Taylor L. and Sylvia A. Warren, $258,900.


Blueberry Hill Lane, 7757-Nathaniel D. and Diana Lee to Jun Luo, $275,000.

Broadgate Cir., 4313-Christopher K. and Lillian Joy Grybauskas to Daniel P. and Elaine H. Swenson, $683,000.

Chestnut Farm Lane, 8301-Finance of America Reverse Corp. and Singlesource Property Solutions Corp. to Collin and Andrea Timm, $475,000.

Hollow Ct., 3298-Justin Thomas and Melissa Audrey Kuczynski to Nagaraju Perni and Prathyusha Kanumuri, $388,450.

Nottingham Way, 8034-Amanda Johnson to Bartie L. Keley, $100,000.

Sonia Trail, 3335, No. 47-Afsar and Anisa Ali to Himanshu Kantibhai Patel, $390,000.

Wilton Ave., 8937-Steven M. and Amy R. Brown to Jonathan and Caitlin Myers, $525,000.


President St., 7644-Pradeep and Dorothy M. Sinha to Maria F. Halford, $820,000.


Saint Margarets Blvd., 7432, No. A-U.S. Home Corp. and Lennar Corp. to Thomas A. and Parichat Rapa, $426,990.


Calm Sunset, 7270-Dean Meadows to Stephen M. and Carly B. Schaeffer, $355,000.

Gracious End Ct., 9131, No. 302-Michelle Monroe and estate of Sandra Lynn Belin to Marcia Ann Johnson, $213,000.

Skyrock Ct., 8967-Krishna and Mintu Pal to Subodh Shrikant Harmalkar, $285,000.


Marriottsville Rd., 1235-William W. and Janet B. Eaton to Corey Alan and Erin Renee Petty, $495,600.


Bill Lilly Ct., 10504-Christopher Sinks and Susan C. O’Neill Sinks to Justin D. and Amy S. Hahn, $569,000.

Deer Run, 9870-Beazer Homes Corp. to Nain Quijada, $560,000.

Henry Hearn Way, 9950-Beazer Homes Corp. to Steven Combs and Kerry Causey, $760,000.

June Flowers Way, 9744-Shaun J. Bhagwandin to Yamini Pothireddy, $465,000.

Laurel Rd. N., 9522, No. W-Bryan E. Duck and estate of Gilbert Duck to Ah Phi Lahpai and Dau Nyui, $305,000.

Riverbrink Ct., 9405-David Hamby to Sarah and Sarah Jisook Sung, $188,000.

Twin Fawn Trail, 9922-Beazer Homes Corp. to Joshua M. and Charlene M. Bogdanor, $597,000.


Frederick Rd., 16221-S.S. Investment Corp. to Brandon Lee and Elisabeth Eden Clark, $429,900.