Anne Arundel County

These sales data recorded by the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation were provided by Black Knight Inc. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit


Boucher Ave., 1037-Christopher B. and Lori M. Wright to Roger G. and Gretchen S. Herbert, $810,000.

Chesapeake Harbour Dr., 2198-Roland G. Droitsch and Leah F. Austin to Jack A. Nagileri and Kathleeen Kryza, $899,000.

Great Lake Dr., 107-Nikos J. and Magdaene P. Sfondourjs to Emily S. Warfield, $381,000.

Hollywood Ave., 1343-Julie Ann Winters to Jeffrey J. and Talia R. Grover, $519,500.

Lake Heron Dr., 1136, No. 3A-514 Phase II Corp. to Constantine G. Merkezas, $325,000.

Newport Ave., 3417-Josefa O’Malley to Thomas A. Reed, $410,000.

Sandstone Ct., 60-Erin M. Majerowiez to Kathryn Anne Owings, $199,000.


Admiral Dr., 627-Dan R. Oberholzer to Susan Carol Eng, $287,000.

Cape Saint John Rd., 277-Christopher Eric Woll and estate of Stephanie O. Woll to William E. and Jennifer G. Pilcher, $1.1 million.

Coxswain Pl., 2713-Arthur L. and Marilyn S. Smith to Paul W. and Barbara J. Roussillon, $500,000.

Helmsman Aly., 311-Adam G. Shampaine to Renee Y. Stratton Janzen, $422,000.

Lejeune Way, 126, No. 58-Brookfield Admiral Square Corp. to Valerie Sarah Waller, $525,000.

Monticello Dr., 2000-Frank D. Kenlon to Steven R. and Corinne M. Luster, $650,000.

Rudder Way, 879-Nancy R. Reinhard to Harold L. and Marjorie A. Volt, $400,000.

Southgate Ave., 18-Torey L. Diverspike to Charles A. and Karen R. Turner, $750,000.

Virginia St., 1613-Thedore and Vaslias Goudonios to Patrick Allen, $423,000.

Woodlore Rd., 1719-Denise L. Elliott and David I. Bowman Jr. to Michael D. and Jillian D. McGhan, $655,000.


Bay Green Dr., 508-John J. and Marcie A. Ryan to Jonathan Scott and Suzanne Sherrard Kral, $537,000.

Church Rd., 127-Eric W. Boone and Chrys Tena Hoffman to Mark Weitekamp and Nancy Patterson, $580,000.

Jones Station Rd., 1389-Thomas and Jessica McKenzie to Joshua D. and Sarah G. Sayko, $569,000.

Magothy View Dr., 631-George G. and Susan A. Chmiel to June Cesar, $705,000.

Miles Ct., 998-Christina A. Moore to Jennie Hill Garvey Wood, $500,000.

Norton Lane, 538-John and Cheryl Carnwath to Brian Gregory and Kelly Janssens, $405,000.

Quaker Ridge Ct., 571-Ashely E. Healy and Joseph M. Potak to Lauren Alexandra Shull, $289,275.

Trumpington Lane, 901-Brenda G. Auger to Daniel L. and Jennifer I. Scanlon, $775,000.


Edison St., 208-Deborah Ann Schutz to Patricia L. Crowley, $250,000.

Old Riverside Rd., 215-Gregory Ohn and Ilonija Gaidule Ghine to Sheridan A. Protho, $147,000.

Wasena Ave., 5103-Shannon Marie Henson to Shannon M. Halpin and Maria D. Martinez, $135,000.


Elkwood Ct., 1603-Kelly E. Wright to Josiah Jonah and Stephanie D. Chiappelli, $300,000.

Secretariat Dr., 1615-Phillip J. Davis and Amber Tiernan to Cesar O. Mencia Reyes and Lorena J. Grijalva Gonzalez, $180,000.

Stonehurst Ct., 860-Kelly M. Dixon to David W. English, $369,900.


Franklin Manor Rd., 900-HSBC Bank to Mihail Dandara and Liliana Ganea, $349,900.


Bancroft Lane W., 1704-Elizbar Omiadze to James Morrison II, $259,900.

Dryden Way, 1768-Toni Ann and Christopher Herwig to Terry and David G. Moore, $264,500.

Fallowfield Ct., 1638-Kevin Marbury to Jessica J. Boberlander, $214,900.

Greentree Ct., 1705-Federal National Mortgage Association to Lulzim Thaqi, $185,500.

Linkwood Lane, 1745-Federal National Mortgage Association to Giorgios and Leonidas Stratakos, $400,000.

Murdoch Ct., 1016-HSBC Bank to William Roop, $131,250.

Revere Ct., 2477, No. 36-B-Travis Emick and Lillian L. Waldeisen to Kimberly E. Williams, $272,000.

Thornbury Ct., 1431-Peter J. and Corine A. Espeut to Alejandro Isaac and Maryann Molina Martinez, $405,000.

Weymouth Lane, 2315-Elizabeth and W. Carl Hartmann to Michael Cristler, $301,179.


Chinaberry Lane, 1132-Mary E. Habler to Kristen M. Wagner, $278,500.

Saint Stephens Church Rd., 1056-Marion Manganello to Charles Lee and Amy Michelle Trotter, $550,000.


Bridge Dr., 7818-Amazon Real Estate Corp. to Steven M. Arnold II, $255,000.


Ashland Dr., 3573-Mari H. and Terry A. Yonkers to Michael W. and Lauren M. Gaches, $945,000.

Petersburg Rd., 721-Ruth I. and James C. Folmar to Hurt D. and Kelly M. Fisher, $380,000.


Tyler Point Rd., 725-U.S. Bank to Joseph Bahen, $228,000.


Chesapeake Dr., 1642-Thomas John Fegan to Robert K. Andersen II, $176,000.

Millhaven Ct., 18, No. 18-Mark A. and Colleen B. Bolin to Christian and Catherine Fernandes, $359,900.

Rehling Dr., 1434-Taurus Enterprises to Michael Gross Huebner, $439,000.

Wallace Manor Rd., 85-Lawrence S. and Judith L. Lessin to Justin T. and Rebecca Reed, $1.75 million.


Basil Hall Lane, 2108-B.A. Williams Corp. to Brett Jordan and Jaime Erin Sterenson, $751,735.

Red Clover Rd., 1051-Gregory Barker Jones to Edward and Michael C. Dillon, $461,990.

School Lane, 963-Gary A. and Myioshi L. Gubbings to Kathleen R. and Michael W. Murphy, $505,000.


Brass Horn Lane, 8023-Chi Qiang and Nai Xiu Jiang to Angela Rene Hood, $353,500.

Central Ave., 112-Brian A. and Megan Webster to Christopher M. and Nancy E. Finke, $265,000.

Condon Ave., 208-William J. and Sara Zax Young to Scott Hellmann, $280,000.

Mcnamara Dr., 7603-Thomas H. Ellis and Melanie Wington to Kendall Johnson, $174,900.

Nottingham Dr., 1127-Tridack Corp. to Hoang Nguyen, $1,800.

Phirne Rd. E., 8075-Daniel F. Neal to Jose A. Dominguez Montecino and Irene A. Salazar, $275,000.

Silver Fox Dr., 8016-Angela M. and Jeffrey O. Johns to Michael and Amy Severino, $409,900.

Wilson Blvd. SW, 108-Carrie Ann and Matthew James Watson to Travis Everett, $248,000.


Beaghan Ct., 7735-James F. Kennedy and Cecila Karen Brown to Christopher Daniel Gress, $299,800.

Cherry Lane, 311-Joseph Hall Jr. to Rosa Chittams, $259,900.

Curtis Ave., 1560-Michele Geoghegan to Vernon D. and Melody Holloway, $249,900.

Gunther Pl., 219-Dan Ryan Builders Mid Atlantic Corp. to Renee Cook, $284,990.

Highland Rd., 14-Augustus O. and Stella Osifo to Sokcheun Lieng, $265,000.

Howard Rd., 1307-Daniel C. Conkling and Arlene K. Lutes to Amin E. Zakour and Brian A. Biddle, $190,000.

Kinglets Roost Lane, 520-US Homes Corp. and Lennar Corp. to Sara Beth and Aaron Michael Warner, $299,890.

Marley Neck Rd., 314-Miki and Robert Compson to Amber Robinson and Joseph Maurer, $395,000.

Normandy Dr., 2-Saman Sinai to Edward W. Snyder, $227,000.

Oriole Ave., 837-Yerlan Sekerbayev to Lakisha J.H. and Montez T. Dorsey, $337,000.

Quarterpath Way, 611-Dan Ryan Builders Mid Atlantic Corp. to Connor Lyman Swearingen, $315,000.

Rain Water Way, 301, No. 201-George R. and Theresa Clark to Yvonne M. Johnson, $165,000.

Solley Rd., 8085-MTGLQ Investors Partnership and New Penn Financial Corp. to Tracey Blake, $225,000.

Thelma Rd., 404-C.L. Payne & Associates Inc. to M. Tu Aung and Ahme Lay, $295,000.

Yamhill Way, 7109-US Home Corp. and Lennar Corp. to Catrina Jamell Freeman, $420,990.


Fiat Dr., 2612-NVR Inc. to Ryan Whitlow and Jeremy Breen, $409,990.

Hurley Ct., 1511-Thu Thuy Land and Ronald Bellante to Diana Lucas, $397,000.

Mount Hope Ct., 1920-John J. and Sadie U. Sedlevicius to Denise Lynn Elliott, $410,000.

Pangbourne Way, 1462-Ishrat N. and Abdul K. Memon to Keenon O. Byrd, $340,000.

Theale Way, 1725-Duong Nguyen to Hong Lin, $362,000.


Francis Lane, 2525-Calatlantic Group Inc. to Paul Estipona and Susan Sia, $380,000.

Rappaport Dr., 7821-Calatlantic Group Inc. and the Ryland Group Inc. to Yat and Susan Tam, $434,990.


Chase Hills Dr., 3614-Richard L. and Kymberly Wampler to Lisa Nhi Nguyen, Sandy Phung Nguyen and Yen Hong Pham, $422,000.

Floating Leaf Lane, 3559, No. E303-Carla A. Baden to Ian Carn and Heather C. Aghan, $225,000.

Littleleaf Pl., 3436-Koleigh and Keligh C. Anderson to Sonni Layton, $244,000.

Patuxent Landing Loop, 8010-Ronald E. and Phyllis R. Edmonds to Hector M. Caballero Gomez, Ana M. Soto De Ramirez and Marcos A. Hernandez, $426,000.

Stone Hill Lane, 8625-Hayward Trapps Jr. to Zekiea O. Jones, $405,000.


Maple Rd. E., 333-Joseph T. and Niclole C. Burke to Danny E. and Meredith Turner, $389,900.


Anna Lane, 800-Mark R. and Kum Hall to Alexander C. and Kate E. Reis, $465,000.

Caracle Ct., 631-Frances Marcine and Nancy J. Floyd to John Alexander and Kathleen Anne Strasser, $375,000.

Drexel Dr., 128-Andrew and Jo E. Counterman to Matthew James and Caitlin Sarah McGuire, $425,000.

Kosmill Dr., 404-Southern Oaks Corp. to Michael P. and Nancy D. Shealy, $525,000.

Merton Woods Way, 506-Robby A. and Julie C. Childress to Paul Travis and Jessica H. Hedges, $665,000.

Old Mill Rd., 490-Modernine Plus Corp. to Kelly Gilroy, $350,000.

Villaggio Dr., 8148-Richmond American Homes to Christina M. Ryan, $364,127.


Aspen Grove Ct., 8620, No. 8620-Keeton Rinks to Lisa M. Hickok, $229,900.

Commissary Cir., 2130-Deutsche Bank to Vuong Quoc Nguyen, $190,000.

Dragon Fly Way, 2832-Classic Group Corp. to James A. and Lamara E. Morris, $394,095.

Forest Walk Lane, 603, No. 204-Brady and Beata Johnson to Gernado Sanchez Aguiolera II, $190,000.

Graycliff Lane, 1233-Michael A. and Brittany L. Hamolta to Anice and George Echeverri, $337,000.

Huntover Dr., 1317-John J. and Catherine A. Buonotuno to Richard A. and Nicole A. Posinki, $264,000.

Levee Dr., 2983-NVR Inc. to Dawn and Joseph Placek, $711,420.

Militia Lane, 1901-Khue Nguyen to Alan D. Fernando, $302,000.

Saran Ct., 1315-Ronald and Kimberly Graham to William Robert and Meredith McKelden Tyus, $435,000.

Sunny Ridge Dr., 3121-NVR Inc. to William J. and Nancy C. Baxendell, James Thomas Young and Jennifer Baxendell Young, $539,440.

Verdigris Way, 1022-William T. and Anita Denise Clark to Warren A. and Sharon Ann King, $400,000.

Wintergreen Ct., 8609, No. 307-Charles E. Bowling to David H. and Carol I. Newman, $339,500.


Back Bay Beach Rd., 1011-Ann Marie Disque and Carter W. Ruefly to Lloyd David and Kathy Anne Stowe, $875,000.


Belhaven Ave., 8055-Peak Properties Corp. to Melissa McCartney, $320,000.

Crystal Palace Lane, 2900-Debra M. Buttermore Gonzalez to Joseph R. and Gina M. Baran, $290,000.

Dorshire Ct., 3621-Justin and Laura Jahningen to Veronika Wilson, $235,000.

Fort Smallwood Rd., 9134-Ameri Star Homes Inc. to Thomas J. and Crystal Sheubrooks, $592,741.

Gray Stone Lane, 8125-Khawaja Shahid Jamal to David Andrew Shiveler, $270,000.

Jacobia Dr., 101, No. E-1-Angela R. Hood to Melissa P. Roche, $296,500.

Kim Marie Ct., 8553-MTGLQ Investors to Christopher Schickling, $301,000.

Magothy Beach Rd., 63-Lillian Dolores Hill to Karen L. Diggs, $113,000.

Moonfall Ct., 7790-MP Green CHS 13 Corp. to Michael B. Jones, $245,000.

Outing Ave., 7789-Christina M. and Frank R. Maule to Ryshelle D. Weaver, $236,900.

Rock Springs Ct., 321-Derek J. Cox to Anthony and Theerayut Prammawat, $250,000.

Sagamore Way, 8111-Jason William McLaughlin to Justin and Caitlan Jean Fohs, $475,000.

Seneca Terr., 264-Christine M. Council Dibiterro to Amanda Bourgault, $270,000.

Wall Dr., 1616-La Real Estate Investments Corp. to Matthew and Kristin Armstrong, $415,000.

10th St., 980-John G. and Jessica S. Klug to Ryan B. and Megan C. Kasprzyk, $319,900.


Cedar Dr., 2736-Mark J. and Tammy E. Grant to Michael N. and Rosemarie Musci, $784,000.


Beach Plum Lane, 7931-Michele M. Ditchey to Rakesh and Anita Maurya, $250,000.

Franklin Ave., 7605-HSBC Bank to Helga Fernanda Gross Mills, $332,000.

Grande View Ave., 1729-Joseph A. and Elyse L. Knight to Evelyn E. Johnson, $334,900.

Janet Dale Lane, 806-Timothy Russell and Jennifer Morris to Thomas E. and Patricia R. Croswell, $550,000.

Musical Way, 7301-Carole V. and Quinton D. Summers to Barry S. Field and Michael John Ryder, $394,000.

Pine Springs Dr., 8526-Toll MD VII Partnership to Shywanda R. Donald, $461,843.

Willow Branch Way, 1505-Toll MD VI L. to Adetokunbo R. and Taigo R. Adeyiga, $604,311.


Balsam Tree Ct., 207-J. Barnaby and Monica Hughes to Jason and Akiko Stefanovich, $520,000.

Cypress Lane, 540-Beth Lea Blank and Marvin Edward Brewster to Margaret Murphy Cowell and Joseph Paul Murray, $360,000.

Dunfer Hill Rd., 821-Ameri Star Homes Inc. to Nicholas Valeree Tolios, $692,015.

Kensington Ave., 613-Darren Charles and Jennie Lynn Roe to Michael A. and Casey W. Goldberg, $450,000.

Manor Rd., 530-Jaime L. and Patrick H. Farley to Nathaniel H. Haynes, $400,000.

McKinsey Park Dr., 604, No. 303-Walter J. Sackett Jr. to Robert M. and Sylvia G. Distin, $310,000.

Old County Rd., 223-Ronald E. and Susan O. Gist to Nicholas C. and Leslie Richards, $550,000.

Pinefield Dr., 506-Fiona C. and Stephen D. Sheehan to David E. and Andrea G. Burow, $785,000.

Scherer Lane, 329-Gilbert David Dean II to Aaron and Melissa Sacks, $944,500.

Wellerburn Ave., 689-Rumano Solano to Nancy Priest, $415,000.


Idlewilde Rd., 4925-8919 Corp. to James Demauro, $389,000.

Howard County

These sales data recorded by the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation were provided by Black Knight Inc. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit


Chatham Rd., 3809-Anne and Calvin B. Hubbard to Allen K. Stener, $472,500.

Dorsey Hall Dr., 4974, No. B4-Jennifer L. Whitehurst to Rebecca R. Goldstein, $228,000.

Hidden Fox Ct., 11024-Rajeev and Jamie L. Sehgal to Dean A. Garrett and Paula Y. Goodwin, $750,000.

Macalpine Rd., 3733-Norman Richard Winder and Carol H. Emerick to Daniel J. and Rebecca L. Kenney, $610,000.

Nashville Ct., 11071-Villages At Turf Valley Corp. to Jodene Beth Bedell, $684,127.

Temora Manor Lane, 4309-Soo Nam and Moon Taik Lim to Craig and Kyong Ha Scheiderer, $560,000.


Blue Point Ct., 6046-Theresa L. Hartsell to Sumesh and Geetha M. Potluri, $500,000.

Hitching Post Ct., 6722-Leroy and Lois Peters to Jason A. Allen, $397,000.

Warm Sunshine Path, 6420-Howard Research and Development Corp. to Kiera Leigh and Dustin A. Johnson, $325,000.


Camelback Lane, 6006-Metro Home Buyers Corp. to Terry Allen, $379,000.

Flagflower Pl., 5765-Karen Voglezon to Erik Michael Visco, $250,000.

Hourglass Pl., 9243-Kevin J. and Nobuko Y. McNeeley to Mariatu Sesay, $327,000.

Roundtree Lane, 5619-Mir Zare and Parimehr Samizadeh to Pooyan Zare, $400,000.

Stevens Forest Rd., 6157-Abraham L. Adler and John M. McGough to Gloria Moon, $283,000.

Waiting Spring, 6130-Nicholas J. and Kathleen R. Oleynik to David Robert Larson, $350,000.


Bradley Lane, 10234-Andrew R. and Janice E. Fenton to Stephen Daniel Ledue and Rosemary Margaret Fanelli, $362,000.

Cedar Wood Dr., 6073-John M. and Megan K. Loop to Julie Deibel and Stephanie Deibel Pundt, $255,000.

Harpers Farm Rd., 5643, No. F-Anne R. Brusca to Charlene L. Alexander, $205,000.

Mcgregor Dr., 10762-Sally Samuel andestate of N. Koshy Samuel to Karma Asma, Ahmed Omar, Tariq and Yasmin Zaman, $525,000.

Stoneboat Row, 5069-Theresa J. and Michael P. Hastings to Hamid Shirazi and Ashraf Hajiha, $332,000.

Twin Rivers Rd., 10566, No. B1-Derek Costache to Claudia Garcia, $160,000.


Augustine Ave., 5856-Jerit C. Siedor to Mary Tracey H. Penaloza, $385,000.

Montgomery Rd., 7319-Snodgrass Realty Corp. to Thuang Hnin Thang, $278,400.

Sandpiper Ct., 6245, No. 7-T.S.Z. Yeung and Maly Kaing Poon to Anam Javed, $217,500.


Brightlight Pl., 8006-Dennis A. and Shannon O’Connell to Marina Eskandar, $315,000.

Charles Xing., 6004-NVR Inc. to Renee A. and Taquitha C. Crabbe, $535,000.

Hawthorne Ct., 8839-Nadeem Qaisar to Waqar Ul Hassan and Samera Firdos, $380,000.

Manahan Dr., 8877-Vijayramesh Sekar and Soumya Bhaaskaran Nair to Oluwatosin Arowosegbe and Oluwaseun E. Ekundinaota, $330,000.

Orange Grove Ct., 3455-Daniel A. Rahme to Dinesh Mettu and Kiranmayee Yeturu, $300,000.

Timber Hill Ct., 8520-Wondu T. Wossen and Gennet G. Medhin to Sun Kyung Choi and Esther S. Pak, $480,000.


Iager Blvd., 11551-Maple Lawn Farms I Corp. to Roger F. and Tiffany L. Francis, $1.21 million.


Roscommon Dr., 3255-Deutsche Bank and Select Portfolio Servicing Inc. to Eleonora Don Minevich, $505,000.


Beaumont Pl., 7111, No. A-U.S. Home Corp. to Pepa Sassin, $429,990.


Lincoln Dr., 8238-Joseph T. and Lindsay R. Edmonds to Alexander L. and Lindsay R. Spence, $393,000.


Constant Crse., 9050-Lavell T. and Akela D. Brown to Charles A. Breitenother, $265,000.

Hastings Dr., 9652-Heidi Platt to Tyson E. Kania Lloyd, $255,000.


Ridge Rd., 705-Kathryn A. Pratesi and Linda Jean Clay to Aaron Foster, $175,000.


Holst Hl., 9315-NVR Inc. to Adebiy and Folasade Adesina, $576,385.

Norfolk Ave., 9589-Elshazli & Jones Holdings Corp. to Olugbemiga Oshiberu, $481,000.

Spratley Ave., 9687-David A. Bates and estate of Thelma Leverne Bates to Orestes J. Dos Santos Filho, $360,000.


Fox Valley Dr., 3250-Glenn A. and Lori A. Robinson to Wesley A. and Melanie Demory, $782,000.


Daisy Rd., 3173-Samuel C. and Suzanne J. Yoon to Anthony J. and Christina M. Avedisian, $1.3 million.