Anne Arundel County

These sales data recorded by the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation were provided by Black Knight Inc. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit


August Dr., 1101-Sharon Sabelhaus to Joseph F. Murphy and Mariel Yarbrough, $407,000.

Blackwell Rd., 1030-Gia Colanero to Eric A. Schmidt, $340,000.

Carrollton Rd., 2561-Deborah Kay Daugherty to Steven Griffiths and Gwendolyin M. Allen, $575,000.

Chester Ave., 403-Marcellous and Pier H. Butler to Ellen G. and Barry J. Morris, $370,000.

Enclave Ct., 5-K. Hovnanian Homes of Maryland II Corp. to Quentin Edward Cummings, $549,717.

Georgetown Ct., 5, No. 5-Jocelyn Thompson and Demetrio Smith to James M. Flatley, $215,000.

Harness Creek Rd., 3243A-John T. and Theresa L. Morrison to Grace W. Shelton, $855,000.

Ironstone Ct., 40-Judith M. Vester and Judith M. Pirela to Anis Rehman, $214,000.

Lake Heron Dr., 1138, No. 1B-514 Phase II Corp. to Cory Richard Johnson, $292,000.

Quay Village Ct., 2016, No. 202-Thaddeus C. Tatem and the Tatem Revocable Trust to Sharon L. Costigan, $410,000.

Silverwood Cir., 13, No. 6-Deborah E. Haynes to Angela Marie Traynor, $162,500.

Ulster Ct., 3103-Mary Katherine Hurst and Mary Katherine Mertes to Aaron P. and Amy E. Moeller, $532,500.


Admiral Dr., 607, No. 203-Lynwood James and Nancy Gray to Connie Michele Kaldor, $269,000.

Broadlee Trail, 1718-Barbara A. Silversmith to William M. and Ellen A. O’Connell, $550,000.

Cherry Grove Ave. S., 404-E. Taylor and Miriam Christina Meiser to Fatima Camagay Alvendia and Ariel De Guzman Alvendia, $486,000.

Conduit St., 161-Nancy M. Sera to Edward P. Reid, C. Jane Haslam, C. Jane Haslam Trust, Edward P. Reid Trust, C. Jane Haslam and Edward P. Reid, $575,000.

Durmont Ct., 2818-Jennifer Menchini Kirby and the Jennifer Menchini Kirby Revobcale Trust to Mark H. and Kelley M. Solsman, $600,000.

Harfield Trail, 1719-Christopher Daniel Mills and Kathleen Louise Kelm to Rex Howard Lofland, $696,500.

Knollwood Dr., 501-LH NP 2015 Cayman Holdings 1 LTD to James Day, $216,000.

Lury Lane, 2720-Bryan Daniel Matonak to Sean Timm and Erica Potensky, $430,000.

Melrose St., 702-Robin S. and William K. Catlett to William C. Small, $500,000.

Murray Ave., 46-Robert and Robert Bruce Argentieri to Emerson Smith and Lindsay Moore, $525,000.

Pemaquid Ct., 2662-William J. and Wendy G. Higgins to Robert W. and Mary Jo Shook, $455,000.

Powell Dr., 539-Donald B. and Anne B. Allen to David B. Prossner and Stephanie A. Mullette, $699,000.

Riva Rd., 2574, No. 3A-Beth A. and Timothy W. Weese to Justin Clement and Sheree Olivia Padgett, $158,000.

Sandy Run Ct., 2543-William Michael Costa Jr. and the estate of William M. Costa Sr. to Sharon M. Welsh, $402,500.

Shipmaster Ct., 928-Gregory H. Jones and Roberta Ellen Zimmerman to Rebecca J. Hinds, $270,000.

Southgate Ave., 73-Kelyanne E. Hayes to Laurie E. Gill, $1.01 million.

Wainwright Dr., 13-John and Anne Woods to John Payne, $385,000.


Little John Hill, 532-Katherine Elizabeth Graham and Hugh Osgood House to Theodore C. and Indi E. Rogers, $795,000.


Admirals Ridge Dr., 130-Calatlantic Group Inc. to Eduardo and Guillermina Delacruz, $449,990.

Bay Green Dr., 513-Emily M. and Gregory C. Angel to Nicole Lynn and Shane Moore, $419,900.

Carlisle Dr., 724-Christopher B. and Elizabeth F. Kurdle to Keith E. Feihofer and Cathleen L. Harrington Feihofer, $624,500.

Cresston Rd., 116-Howard M. Green to Aleksandr and Shannon Petukhov, $905,000.

Farley Ct. N., 1212-Paul T. and Jessica H. Hedges to Richard L. and Sylvia D. Hardesty, $294,000.

Haskell Dr., 421-Marwood Corp. to Wade Anthony and Patricia Powell Hannum, $2,000.

Match Point Dr., 746-Richard S. and Angela B. Ottoson to Angela Cross, $250,000.

Overleaf Dr., 260-Sheri and Alex Berberian to Matt G. and Rebecca L. Ford, $312,000.

Seminole Dr., 1226-Benjamin F. Sangster to Andrew De Leon and Patricia Maggio, $285,000.

Silver Oak Lane, 1414-D. R. Horton Inc. to William E. Hruz, $644,990.

Viking Dr. S., 1254-Heather and Eric Bergsohn to Ronald L. Starley, $502,000.


Olive Wood Lane, 742-Donald E. Henderson Jr. and Norma L. Teran Henderson to Shahzad A. Chaudhry and Nazish Shahzad, $285,000.


Baystone Ct., 607-Johnny Lee and Anastasia Dimitrova George to Neftali A. Alvarado Cabrera and Bonfilia Torres Camacho, $339,000.

Cape St Claire Rd., 1287-Leonel and Christy Flores to Jason T. and Elizabeth W. Werner, $386,000.

Foolish Pleasure Ct., 1634-Mary Whitney to Gabrielle A. and Eric M. Joles, $280,000.

Hazel Nut Ct., 1347-Craig Mitchell and Sandra Guntett Keiastrom to Nicole M. Lore, $236,000.

Little Magothy View, 1045-Alexander Whitman Miller and Melissa Gahan to Juan Ascebcio and Andrea Ascebcio Evia, $400,000.

Mermaid Dr., 1144-Jessica E. Johnson and William T. Crouse to Abigail Jane Wagner and Ming Hei Harry Wong, $475,000.

Orchard Beach Rd., 1635-Goldwiin Smith and Nancy Schiffer to Samuel Austin Clark, $812,500.

Sloping Woods Ct., 307-Andrea Mills and Charles Munyon to Leigh Magdelinskas and Zachary C. Baker, $284,500.

Wintergull Lane, 228-Kathleen E. Lavin to Landon Forest and Erica N. Pogue, $395,000.


Calvert St., 5521-Wilmington Savings Fund Society and Christiana Trust to Roberta Lynn Garris, $245,000.

Diamond Dr., 1038-Cindy Burgess to Michael K. Hughes and Meredith H. Schoenfeld, $412,000.

Lee Way Dr., 5608-Cynthia B. Gibbons to Kyle B. Hamrick and Diane B. Marshall, $280,000.


Ardenwood Terr., 1912-Ben and Ben Teasdell to Stella Kobusingye Ssemanda, $191,000.

Crofton Pkwy., 1555-Howard E. and Kathryn S. Knowlton to Adam R. and Susan B. Wolfe, $475,000.

Eton Way, 1580-Robert Worthington and Mary Jo Shook to Andrew S. and Erin Leigh Isch, $570,000.

Forest Hill Lane, 2024-Four Corners Properties Corp. to Anika Grant, $280,000.

Grason Lane, 1638-David Emmart to Mitchell Scot Mason, $209,000.

Linkwood Lane, 1748-Joseph E. and Jody Donellan to Bakiu Adewale Azeez, $410,000.

Murdoch Ct., 1000-Julie R. Roehm to Janet E. Manuel, $203,000.

Remington Dr., 1747-Wilmington Savings Fund Society and Christiana Trust to Brian J. and Krista Vaughan, $415,000.

Seven Oaks Terr., 1910-Steven C. and Joanne Drielak to Janet Weaver, $242,000.

Vineyard Lane, 2443-Stephen A. and Galina D. Pankovcin to Phillip Wulfken, $325,000.

Wilkshire Dr., 1696-Luc Nguyen to Priscila S. Christtensen, $290,000.


Fern Trail, 957-Walter Fred and Kimberly Jackson to Ikathleen McGuire, $220,000.

Pump Handle Ct., 1916-Kenneth S. Korolewski to Donald J. and Jo Ann Cridge, $475,000.

Wilson Rd., 502-David Silberstein and Melinda T. Vann to Jeffrey M. Antkowiak, $1.23 million.


Oyster Shell Ct., 7850-Darin E. Wiley and Kristin Dempsey to Joseph Rathgeb and Kristin Dempsey, $232,500.


Alcova Dr., 1567-Occom Ridge Corp. to Robert John and Jennifer Maria Mahn, $360,000.

Green Ash Rd., 3276-Branson K. Fowler to Robert W. Stone, $675,000.

Themes Dr., 1521-James E. Cooksey to Ryan C. and Jennifer Baker, $415,000.


Charles Ave., 612-Candace J. and Richard D. Faber to Reginald Rogers, $131,000.

Kingfisher Rd., 708-Estate of Roland Miller and Theresa A. Harper to Vincent J. Miller and Joseph Michael Lumpkin, $151,666.


Meadowland Dr., 6350-CB Proeprty Solutions Corp. to Zachary and Claire Greenwell, $467,525.


Black Skimmer Ct., 204-John R. Bevard and the John R. Bevard Revocable Trust to Brenden R. Salta and Heather L. Dudash, $930,000.

Glebe Dr., 3325-Glebe DR Corp. to William J. and Jean L. Wroten, $625,000.

Oak Dr., 3536-Matthew R. and Laura E. Plyler to Benjamin D. Dorsey, $299,000.

Ponder Dr., 3812-Alan J. and Geraldine J. Finio to Toni A. Paruso, $480,000.

Ramsey Dr., 3989-Anthony Bollo to Leon V. Gue and Angela Austin, $415,000.

Selby Heights Dr., 801-James E. and Christa L. O’Brien to Alexander and Kristina Cooper, $449,900.

Shore Dr. W., 3950-Alan L. and Victoria W. Lohman to Michael C. and Teresa M. Wilson, $840,000.

Twin Oaks Dr., 3874-Michelle A. and John J. Malloy to Peter J. Mihalick III and Lauren M. Eusanio, $382,000.

First Ave., 3734-Alvssa M. Bedell to Catherine M. Eunice, $375,000.


Baneberry Lane, 2403-US Home Corp. to Courtney Lynn Sanford and Maurice Eugene McKinney Jr., $499,685.

Chapel Lake Dr., 2610, No. 106-Raymond J. Glasgow Jr. and estate of Patricia M. Glasgow to Robert J. Habel, Rosemarie T. Habel and Patricia Oliver Glasgow, $232,000.

Fall Circle Way, 988-Kevin Daniel Donnelly to Rachel and Ryan Jack, $379,900.

Huntcreek Run, 1805-Kipsara Developers Corp. to Aaron J. and Ashley F. Lanzel, $626,000.

Hyacinth Lane, 2509-US Home Corp. to Puneet Kumar Ghiraiya and Neha Aggarwal, $497,490.

Ogden Sq., 2459-Sabrina and Ravindra William to Henry Mbah and Obianuju M. Henry Mbah, $430,000.

Symphony Lane, 2500-Heidi M. Ackerman to Brian Joseph Madariaga, $363,000.

Winterhaven Dr., 916-David L. Goodman to Johnathan L. Downey, $342,000.


Alexis Dr., 305-Kenneth L.W. Johnson Jr. and Jennifer A. Johnson to Caleb C. and Juliee Elizabeth Chin, $245,000.

Chalmers Ave., 15-Jaday Investments Corp. to Michael A. Snead and Nicole L. Drexel, $337,500.

Dinsmore Ave., 7-Zeppelin Corp. to Russell and Sara Brown, $310,000.

Ferndale Rd., 210-Grand Branch Management Corp. to Greer Lindley Griffin Howe, $204,000.

Gatwick Rd., 1327-Residential Value Corp. to Alexandra K. and Jonathan D. Hinton, $217,500.

Janelin Ct., 138-Abrahim A. and Ferial A. Hegazi to Marvadene A. Sinclair, $370,000.

Mall Rd., 109-Katherine S. Kline and estate of Michael Kelly Kline to Tyler K. Winchester and Katie L. Kerr, $430,000.

Myers Dr., 7914-James D. and Theresa D. Strawhecker to Edwin Fernando De La Cruz Cae and Blanca Maria Merino, $312,000.

Oakwood Rd., 7925-Payne Maerten Corp. to Olusesan C. Johnson, $319,000.

Pershing Ave. SW, 309-Lana and Roger A. Parks to Ernest G. and Fay Parks, $125,000.

Saunders Way, 1723-Emance Inc. to Sang Biak Hmun and Ze Hu, $233,000.

Twin Ridge Dr., 7857-Deena Reynolds to Art Homes Corp., $155,000.

Westphalia Dr., 621-John Joseph Patrick Kovarik Jr. and Mary L. Kovarik to Andrew Scott Ballantine, $299,923.

Second Ave. SW, 513-David M. Long to Allen Andrew McCormick, $310,000.


Blue Water Ct., 308, No. 101-Connie M. Sirbaugh and Brenda Lee Boteler to Moritz Conrads, $121,500.

Cork Rd., 363-Shavonta D. Gavnor to Shelly M. Novak, $265,000.

Glen Cir., 7-Sharon Langowski and the estate of Ronald Steven Langowski to Christina M. Sparrow, $285,000.

Holly Ridge Dr., 7501-Calatlantic Group Inc. to Chari Pollard, $419,990.

Meadow Dr. N., 3-Georgeen McNeill and the estate of Helen O. Spilker to Justin A. Zentgraf, $207,000.

Phelps Ave., 313-Diane D. Dunivin and Donald T. Kemp to Anwar B. Shadid and Louisa Dirani, $265,000.

Sithean Way, 1013-Megan P. Ott and Megan M. Paulits to Jacob Becker and Erin Johnson, $244,000.

Thurston Lane, 915-US Home Corp. and Lennar Corp. to Matthew Reed Stoupenos and Jenna Ann Roberson, $418,451.

Williams Grove, 7125-Clarice Carletta Kent to Lagarian L. and Shirley L. Smiht, $340,000.


Allerford Dr., 1735-Paul R. and Nicole M. Casey to David Barthelus, $440,000.

Breezy Knoll Lane, 7925-Pulte Home Co. Corp. to Brittany Greene and Sylvester Meheux, $454,039.

Fiat Dr., 2602-NVR Inc. to Preeti Vasudeva, $425,130.

Fletcher Way, 7864-NVR Inc. to Andrew G. Binder, $325,265.

Hekla Lane, 1629-Calatlantic Group Inc. and the Ryland Group Inc. to Dae in Kim, $520,000.

Matapan Dr., 7417-Vanessa L. Early to Christopher L. and Kathaleen E. Scirpoli, $440,000.

Otterbein Way, 7825-NVR Inc. to Jonathan and Suzanne Fallis, $471,525.


Mill Crossing Ct., 227-Calatlanti Group Inc. to Anthony and Latrenda Caldwell, $399,990.


Sands Rd., 4693-U. S. Bank N. A. and Morgan Stanley Mortgage Loan Trust to Derick Noel and Hilary A. Findley, $475,000.


Marvin Lane, 2815-Calatlantic Group Inc. and the Ryland Group Inc. to Diane Pabich and Gerald E. Hinton, $354,980.

Sommers Ct., 2423-Calatlantic Group Inc. to Marcia Denise and Marcellos Orlando Collins, $362,428.


Crumpton S., 3379-Arnaldo Echevarria Nieves and Lizdary Cortes Cardona to Luis Oscar Aldebol Matos and Estela Velez Ortiz, $319,000.

Kendall Ct., 8417-U. S. Home Corp. and Lennar Corp. to Urjitaben Jaykar Patel, $449,540.

River Bridge Way, 3528-Christine L. Brandt to Benjamin and Samantha Wallace, $347,000.

Tribeca Trail, 3510-US Home Corp. and Lennar Corp. to Nadine Channer and Tyron Speight, $384,040.


Centerhill Ct., 6-Daniel W. and Geraldine M. Jefferson to William C. and Elizabeth R. Comstock, $320,000.

Colonial Dr., 19-Karen Jeanne Fromne and David Jenkins to Matthew E. and Alison E. Morgan, $283,000.

Linda Ave., 212-William Frank Ringler to Sergio De La Meran, Snardi Adames Duarte and Maria Agustina Duarte Matos, $255,000.

Maple Rd. E., 323-Elizabeth C. Lawry to Jaclyn Ruth Kuhn and Ian McNamara, $325,000.

Woodland Rd., 6236-Joseph P. and Irene K. Brzuckalski to Jacob Robert and Carrie A. Kvasnik, $365,100.


Ahearn Dr., 8270-Chad W. and Megan R. Denning to Matthew P. and Lauren E. Choiniere, $405,000.

Charles Rd., 1762-Keith B. and Karen M. Belton to Dvir and Jennifer Ann Samet, $535,000.

Moonflower Ct., 512-William and Christine Rogers to Wesley A. and Kara E. Booth, $560,000.

Pond Ct., 8295-Robert J. and Cynthia F. Harring to Leonard A. Hall Jr., $267,500.

Springbloom Dr., 765-Daniel B. and Lauren C. Collucci to Kevin Robert and Sonjia Olson Spence, $690,000.


Artillery Lane, 1904-Kenneth and Julie A. Branham to Andrew and Erin Ward, $408,000.

Blue Spring Ct., 2440, No. 202-Josetta Haywood to Lance R. O’Neill, $200,000.

Colonel Way, 2104-Christina Corner and Charles W. Cotta to Patrice Benjamin and Dwayne Ford, $276,000.

Cooper Point Ct., 2008-Paul E. Reynolds Jr. to Deven J. Jenkins, $247,000.

Falling Brook Ct., 1543-Victoria A. McVea and Kevin A. Henson II to Mark A. and Olivia Shannon Jones, $375,000.

Gray Ibis Ct., 2623-Mark C. and Linda L. Buersmeyer to Jeanette E. Monell, $359,900.

Hoods Mill Ct., 2608, No. 302-Lawrence J. and Margaret W. Beverungen to June and Thomas W. Siegenthaler, $240,000.

Monterey Ave., 495-Sergio E. and Laura P. Mejia to Sean and Rachael Davis, $445,000.

Queen Anne Ave., 1227-FPS Property 2 Corp. to Chad and Rachel Granofsky, $329,000.

Saint Michaels Cir., 292-Sharry R. Price to Elvis and Annie E. Tabi, $320,000.

Sweet Flag Ct., 3115-NVR Inc. to Peter G. and Joan A. Spring, $693,970.

Wintergreen Ct., 8603-John Timpano and Michael Dufour to Roslolyn Pearl Williams, $265,000.


Abbey Ct., 8036H-Aaron Glinke to Louis E. and Donna L. King, $130,000.

Bambridge Ct., 8211-Raymond W. Minnick and Mary C. Ouellette to Saman Sinai, $360,000.

Beach Dr., 7590-Glenn A. Hensen to Bennett M. Kriewald and Bennett C. Funk, $352,000.

Braid Hills Dr., 1621-Annette Guinter to Brad A. Williams, $762,500.

Camp Rd., 7901-VPGL Corp. to Gregory J. and Sheryl A. Anderson, $100,000.

Colonial Beach Rd., 7678-Annesley Development Corp. to Christa L. and Wayne P. Swanke, $840,000.

Daydream Crescent, 8329-U. S. Home Corp. to Janice Gayle Weatherspoon, $305,815.

Dunlap Rd., 157-Gitu Mirchandani and Melissa Cheetham to Jordan Fowler, $207,000.

Fairwood Dr., 8226-Ronald Marsh and estate of Mary P. Marsh to Julie L. and Christopher J. Shelton, $412,000.

Gallatin Way, 1105-Linda D. and Darrell L. Mallory to George and Regina McDowell, $380,000.

Henslowe Ct., 7939-William J. and Rebecca R. Hubick to Britney N. Whittle, $226,000.

Hunter Ct. W., 1106-Catherine Arlene Moylan to Heather L. Faircloth and Anthony J. Reid, $227,000.

Kurtz Ave., 2028-William and Sarjeet Block to Christine D. Fotney and Kyle J. Messick, $440,000.

Long Hill Rd., 8057-James M. and Laura S. Deterding to Tyler J. and Rachel S. Watts, $387,000.

Magothy Bridge Rd., 421-Gore Properties Corp. to Jason S. Smith and Nicole A. Cunningham, $395,000.

Marthas Vineyard Lane, 911-Dominion Rental Holdings Corp. to Stephen Louis and Kelley Ann Haley, $410,000.

Middlegate Ct., 7725-Carmine and Carol L. Pelino to Richard L. Bowings Jr. and Lisa Marie Crisp, $275,000.

Nature Walk Lane, 359-Kathryn S. Cain to Christopher Duffey, $210,000.

Notley Rd., 7748-Rebecca Blair to Richard J. and Morgan L. Beaty, $180,000.

Old House Rd., 7775-Alicia F. Holt to Nelson William Holt, Jr., Revocable Trust, $310,000.

Poinsett Terr., 8193-Eric Jude and Cathleen Helin to Samir Arsouzy and Zeina Haroun, $312,000.

Riverside Dr., 406-James Michael and David Allen Hester to James M. Hester and Pamela J. Johns, $205,000.

Silverado Ct., 8147-Richard and Sandra L. Frankton to Calvin O. Wade, $475,000.

Varnedoe Lane, 8205-Charles S. and Kayla L. Gregory to Kayla L. Gregory, $495,000.

Wedgewood Ct., 3502L-Robert P. Kelly to Joseph Z. Johnson, $132,000.

White Star Xing., 8274-Timberlake Creekstone Corp. to Mitchell and Kerry Diamond, $365,833.

Wolsey Ct., 8055-Daniel Bateman to Joshua B. Mason and Heather L. Stager, $219,000.

207th St., 760-Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Christa M., Steve K. and Christa McCloud, $238,000.


Escapade Cir., 3230-Eric Lyon and Vanessa Lisi to Shannon Kendall, $355,000.


Autumn Glo Terr., 1806-Evista Three Corp. to Michael and Vernetta Farrar, $397,500.

Beach Plum Lane, 7937-Sohail and Humaa Ahmed to Gideon O. Almau, $287,500.

Brookstone Ct., 8071-H. Jeanette Vaughn and H. Jdeantte Neal to Erin A. and Erm A. Cannon, $220,000.

Carinoso Cir., 1164-Michelle Wotzko Roseecrans to Justin M. and Emily A. Seppa, $359,000.

Constant Ave., 242-Ted M. and Lisa M. Shaw to Bruno Romeo Di Santillo and Rino Romeo Di Santillo, $820,000.

Falcon Ct., 1802-Guo Tian Real Estate Group USA Inc. to Rachel Noonan, $130,000.

Janet Dale Lane, 817-Calatlantic Group Inc. to Dustin Fish and Nicole Nelson, $659,990.

Martin Ct. W., 799-David and Corrie E. Foster to Caroline and Tim Burkhardt, $292,000.

Myrtle Ave., 122-Daniel Wildon Grantor to Riaz Haider, $349,900.

Quarterpath Lane, 1309-Peter Michael Postoian to Lisa Crews, $435,000.

Severn Station Rd., 1218-Byong H. and Eun J. Lee to Matthew C. Ruschman, $365,000.

Telegraph Rd., 7764-Dominion Rental Holdings Corp. to Ernesto and Jose Luis Puga, $370,000.

Willow Branch Way, 1504-Toll MD VII Partnership to Ivory T. and Wanda D. Swindle, $685,836.


Belleview Dr., 29-Robert M. Phillips to James S. and Jennifer S. Kantowski, $979,000.

Cattail Passage Ct., 306-Kyongae Goff to Edward P. and Catherine G. Gorzkowski, $691,800.

Dundee Rd., 162-Justin Thompson and Casey Watkins to Tabitha Watkins Greco, $40,992.

Glenns Rd., 81A-Clayton J. and Christina E. Morad to Heather M. Berwanger and Leon J. Castello, $582,500.

Inverness Rd., 128-CL Payne Associates Inc. to Kathleen Edwards and David Lawrence Bridgeman, $450,000.

Likeston Ct., 507-Joan T. McManus to John T. and Emily H. Gontrum, $460,000.

Maureen Lane, 433-Michael D. Heilman to Clark and Iris Veronika Lachapelle, $872,000.

North Dr., 359-Cattail Investments Inc. to Aisling H. and Michael J. Sudia, $539,900.

Pineview Ave., 135-Utz Enterprises Inc. to Payam and Lidia Askary, $545,000.

Ross Landing Rd., 265-Gary C. and Marsha B. Paul to David L. and Lisa M. Seebold, $450,000.

Severn Rd., 631-Antoinette K. Cancelliere to Matthew John and Kathleen Sharkey Czarny, $474,000.

Weybridge Ct., 3-Leslie G. and Linda S. Moore to Timothy J. Andt. Wyant, $685,000.


Cedar Ave., 1191-PK Properties and Finance Corp. to Elaine Ude, $180,000.

Lerch Dr., 5099-Alexandra D. Buscher to Brian Armentron, $229,900.


James Ave., 518-Bruce A. and Deborah D. Riddle to Tara Michael Skultety, $295,000.

Howard County

These sales data recorded by the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation were provided by Black Knight Inc. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit


Burgess Estates Dr., 3600-Donald and Nadine Teichen to Paul P. and Kelsey K. Griffin, $706,000.

Font Hill Dr., 3720-Devang H. and Bhargavi D. Gandhi to Joon Ho Roh and Hyun Ja Park, $529,900.

Lindera Ct., 5033-NVR Inc. Virginia Corp. to Rajesh K. and Reena R. Tuliani, $1.44 million.

Pinehurst Ct., 10326-Jeffrey C. Hsii and Sara E. Hcherico Sii to Harish Sivasubramanian and Srilakshmi Tademeti, $635,000.

Windflower Dr., 9909-the Pasis Family Trust to Matthew and Malory Regenbogen, $510,000.


Quiet Ways Ct., 5913-Dilip and Juthika Bhaumik to Bing Ma and Wenzhi Chen, $775,000.


Brunners Run Ct., 9125-James and Alberta Wheatland Hall to Bruce and Viola Robinson Boone, $475,000.

Deep Cup, 6992-Justin Huntington and Tracy Combs to Camilla Marie and Andrew M. Seckers, $357,000.

Harp String, 7164-David B. and Debra D. Woods to Lori N. and Charles B. Parsons, $335,000.

Oak Bush Terr., 8446-Osaid Rahman to Afework Negussie Tabor and Hanna Gembi Debele, $325,000.

Phelps Luck Dr., 5629-Ike Mark and Michele Renee Ukachi to Jamie Nashun and Latarsha Monique White, $415,000.

Rising Moon, 6370-Clyde and Kristin B. Keaser to Jenny Gabriel Santos Juarez and Abner Josue Sacomolo Santos, $382,500.

Yellow Dawn Ct., 6204-Patricia Coelho to Christopher Schwartz and Kyung Jin Lee, $302,500.


Barcan Cir., 10365-Amanda J. Wiater to Jacob and Daniele Stanfill, $290,000.

Bushwood Way, 11006-Leslie A. Wolff to Tarra Gandy Sanford, $273,000.

Fortnight Ct., 6617-Aland and Laurel Santamarina to Noe and Sandra Maria Solano, $375,000.

Green Mountain Cir., 10856-Janice Solomon to Elias Edward McWilliams and Kristie Rae Harris, $249,900.

Judy Lane, 10778-Vinh and Jan Nguyen to Erin and Matthew Fifer, $635,000.

Moonfall Way, 4976-Edward D. Lawson to Amy D. Atwell, $430,000.

Ring Dove Lane, 5434, No. D-1-06-Richa Singh to Christopher R. Westerlund, $270,000.

Snowflake Ct., 11247, No. B-Michel H. Roth to Benjamin M. Yankowski, $203,000.

Warfield Pl., 10819, No. 204-Joseph D. Diemer Jr. and the D. Joseph Diemer, Jr., Revocable Trust to Nancy A. Moore, $307,000.

Wind Way E., 10500-Mark B. and Judy F. Shernicoff to Daniel M. and Irit N. Schernicoff, $124,000.


Abel St., 6488-Federal National Mortgage Association to Yaoman Li, $415,000.

Brookview Rd., 7315, No. 203-David and Susan Gibson to Muhammad Eyad and Nada N. Dughly, $354,500.

Charu Lane, 7116-Richmond American Homes Maryland Inc. to Galstone K. Attipce, $476,093.

Cypress Springs Rd., 5923-Michael Pfau to Michael Stephen and Cynthia A. Zeder, $544,000.

Dagny Way, 7755-Beazer Homes Corp. to Vikram Sangaraju and Madhavi Keerthi Pathi, $461,718.

Euclid Ave., 6322-Belle Grove Corp. to Maximo Diaz and Neliza Sanoy Benavidez, $397,500.

Huntshire Dr., 6529-Marie J. Laguerre to Peng Hu and Cung Hmung, $357,900.

Lyndsey Way, 7206-Yong H. and Kim Young Sung to Chacko Samuel and Anna Chacko, $475,000.

Matchbox Aly., 7330-Hitesch L. Ghori to Jeong Yong, Yong Nan and Hana Lee, $346,188.

Niagara Dr., 6009-Terrence and Annie Huong Oie to Alfred Ojuikere, $503,000.

Quidditch Lane, 7902-Beazer Homes Corp. and Beazer Homes Cor to Abdelgayoum M. Agabain, $420,000.

Rowanberry Dr., 5919, No. ER-Paul W. Phelps and the estate of Janice C. Snyder to John Robert Linkous, $170,000.

Sutton Ct., 6215-Shawn A. and Elizabeth A. Engle to Katherine J. Mattutat, $355,000.


Academy Rd., 8226, No. 20-Deborah K. Hess to Patrick W. and Teresa A. McDermott, $450,000.

Brauerton Rd., 8900, No. 305-Judith B. Rice to Kenneth W. Robertson, $286,000.

Chatfield Lane, 7723-Stephen Anthony and Martin Capozzoli to Lucy Karanja, $332,000.

Falls Run Rd., 8489, No. B-Ashwani K. and Geeta Ramamurty to Victoria Marie Villano, $187,000.

High Castle Rd., 8031-Kavita Thakrar to Deutsche Bank Trust Co., $710,000.

Kensington Gardens, 2540, No. 301-N. Lorraine McShane to N. Lorraine McShane, Timothy E. McShane, Sharyn Yenzer and Stuart Porter, $220,000.

Logans Way, 5917-1, No. 11-Otesiri Akpovi and Otesiri Akpovi Trust to Karia M. Holm, $390,000.

Montgomery Run Rd., 8387, No. D-Michael A. and Renee L. Bateman to Alexandra D. Boyle, $186,500.

Sylvan Lane, 3531-Harold J. Martin and estate of Thelma Harvey to Brandon L. Morris and Smith, $320,000.

Vineyard Springs Way, 2406-Pulte Home Co. Corp. to Danny Lee, $865,768.


Trappe St., 7314-Erik M. and Elizabeth A. Nudo to Mamadou and Mariama B. Diallo, $535,000.


Edgewoods Way, 14525-Yu Fei Duan and Ying Huang to Zhinan Wu and Nian Zhao, $937,000.


Players Way, 15123, No. 112-Thomas Tunnell and Barbara Ann Wrenn to Thomas R. and Song M. Anderson, $505,000.


Dakota Dr. N., 5907-John C. Saia to Gebrette R. and Andre L. Pritchett, $520,000.


Mink Hollow Rd., 7251-Eric G. and LT Whitaker Kirksey to Sophia Christine and Jose Rivera Finn, $685,000.


Mission Hill Pl., 8119, No. 30-JT Homes Corp. to Katherine Degraba, $295,000.

Wellington Pl., 8266-Diane E. Cardenas and Diane E. Glover to Jacob and Meghan Harp, $270,000.


Clocktower Lane, 9431-Kurt Reinhold and Richard K. Waterval to Brandon Whitney Wilson, $335,000.

Guilford Rd., 9425-Wilmington Savings and dba Christiana Trust to Korleia M. Aldarondo and Alberto Delgado, $285,000.

Weather Worn Way, 7501, No. F-Federal National Mortgage Association to Angelo O. and Brenda King Wade, $162,000.


Moss Meadow Way, 16961-Wayne E. and Jean A. Weszka to Scott A. and Rosemary D. Lishia, $335,000.


Fall Rain Dr., 10071-Edward W. and Jan F. Tunstel to Timothy N. Terlaje and Kerri B. Phillips, $600,000.

Holst Hill, 9312-NVR Inc. to Hani and Ambreen Z. Zaidi, $591,500.

Jamestown Ct., 11525-Michael Zhe Soong and Rui Xu to David A. and Agnes J. Kemah, $640,000.

Knowledge Dr., 9759-M. I. Homes of DC Corp. to Louis C. and Janice A. Schaefer, $480,977.

Maxwell Ct., 9305-Crystal L. Casey and Crystal L. Rhoades to Kimberly J. Harrison, $338,000.

Peace Springs Rdg., 9764-Beazer Homes Corp. and Beazer Homes Corp. to Jinnie Lee and Don Koo Hwang, $434,990.

Wincopia Farms Way, 10051-Beazer Homes Corp. and Beazer Homes Corp. to Helen Wang and Jonathon Bobola, $744,832.


Frederick Rd., 16250-Donald A. and Yvonne R. Gurzell to Michael J. and Tara L. Metcalf, $700,000.


Ganton Green, 2100, No. B-204-Dorothy L. and Leslie E. Holden to James E. and Shelley K. Stevenson, $265,000.