Anne Arundel County

These sales data recorded by the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation were provided by Black Knight Inc. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit


Bay Ridge Ave., 621-William D. Bubb and Kathleen P. Lyons to Christopher A. and Marsha M. White, $995,000.

Breakwater Dr., 984-Claude C. and Marsha D. Crawford to Jennifer J. Haldman and Nicholas R. McQuillan, $284,000.

Chesapeake Ave., 702-Wanda Melton and Wanda Melton Living Trust to Edith C.B. Robb, $650,000.

Conley Dr., 144-Michael E. and Mary J. Schmedes to Juan Carlos Moscozo and Alba J. Medina De Moscozo, $237,000.

Ferry Point Rd., 422-John L. Jacobs and Colleen M. Busher to David A. and Bridget M. Earl, $2.4 million.

Grant St., 1205-Meghan McVey Gregoire and Jason Wiley Smith to Jon C. Schwenzer, $303,150.

Highland Ave., 10-Daniel J. and Joan M. Leahy to Eric Shea and Rachel Lupton, $550,000.

Lake Dr. W., 182-Katherine Jones Page to James Todd Leto, $1.65 million.

Lee Dr., 105-Andrew P. and Katharine W. Dowell to David A. Abrams and Kathleen P. Hyland, $515,000.

Rockway Ave., 3417-WCT Properties Corp. to Monica and Richard Vaccarilelo, $585,000.

Stonecreek Rd., 1388-Donald J. and Jo A. Cridge to Douglas S. and Elizabeth G. Kinney, $350,000.

Washington Dr., 1307-John S. Pontius to Melika and Jason Berry, $471,500.


Admiral Dr., 617-Shana L. Metzger to Stephen Linnenkamp, $250,000.

Bollard Rd., 2517-Charles K. Morris to Michael T. and Catherine H. Wallace, $392,500.

Bulwark Aly., 328-Matthew S. and Christine A. O’Neil to Jeffrey Scott Dipasquale and Alyssa Dawn Malpass, $435,000.

Cedar Park Rd., 1300-Carol L. Stluka to Bruce O. and Margaret K. Richards, $290,500.

Compass Dr., 2605-Pauline F. and Daniel Kevin French to Maria O. Schirmer, $315,000.

Cranes Crook Lane, 108-Ronald J. and Angela C. Stimpert to Mary P. Sparr, $375,000.

Genessee St., 667-Jacob and Lora Bleacher to Erin M. Majerowicz, $355,000.

Jigger Ct., 1014-Ralph C. and Margene V. Reeder to Sharon J. Ritter Beall, $420,000.

Latchmere Ct., 801, No. 103-Department of Veterans Affairs to Merry R. Chase, $270,000.

Margarets Glen Lane, 205-Belle Grove Corp. to John D. and Jami A. Kirila, $990,000.

Midship Ct., 808-Maria Salerno Powell and John Salerno to Marvin L. Pozefsky, $300,000.

Park Pl., 5, No. 402-Kathryn L. Carlson to Kent L. and Tricia S. Ubellacker, $495,000.

Pinedale Dr., 588-JY Homes Corp. to Peter L. and Kimberley E. Palmiotto, $743,000.

Quaker Way, 2060, No. 1-Dorothy V. League to Rosemarie Greco and Anne and Morrissey, $235,000.

Rudder Way, 848-Janet E. Brown to Jennifer L. Stymiest, $446,500.

Solstice Lane, 3026-Kathy E. Hart to Natasha Mohey El Dien and Elliott C. Wilson, $550,000.

Spring Place Way, 143-Louie J. Reiner to Leif Thor and Luciana Regadas Hickling, $410,000.


Admirals Ct., 208-Calatlantic Group Inc. to Jeremy Allen and Kristine Marie Kreischer, $429,990.

Alameda Pkwy., 337-Jennifer and Daniel Scanlon to Benjamin M. Jarashow and Nell C. Condner, $432,650.

Broadwater Rd., 469-Steven Andrew Jones to Gerard J. and Melissa A. McEvoy, $390,000.

Century Vista Dr., 494-Michael E. and Mary Beth Wieczorek to Taylor Beach, $380,000.

Doris Dr., 897-Chad and Carolynn P. Landis to Christopher J. and Amanda L. Germuth, $378,900.

Grandview Ct., 1488-Mark W. and Sharon L. Stevens to Matthew J. Chalker and Erin E. McCarthy, $465,000.

Laurel Valley Ct., 478-H. Douglas Schenker to Jacqueline C. Levy, $277,500.

Melissa Ct., 558-Joan Bauman Crogham to Michelle Lee Hardesty, $285,000.

Quaker Ridge Dr., 1264-Donna Marie and Scott M. Richardson to Thomas Essell and Angelia Marie Smack, $305,000.

Spy Glass Dr., 1112-Diane Gelinas Beetle to Richard A. and Santina Rivera, $680,000.

White Coral Ct., 1183-Jason T. Werner to Mark Steven Harman, $260,000.


Cedar Hill Rd., 118-Dominion Rental Holdings Corp. to Andrew J. Francis, $264,900.

Edgevale Rd. W., 123-Hopper Enterprises Corp. to Luis A. Icajilima Zuniga and Angel Feria III, $224,900.

Meadow Rd. W., 209-Charles H. Bogino and estate of Emily K. Quasney to Kathleen Rihataric, $45,000.


Broadview Dr., 1111-Gary C. and Patricia L. Martin to Mark O’Brien, $425,000.

High Ridge Rd., 1942-Michael J. and Dorothy C. Lapenta to Magruder W. and Polly B. Offutt, $675,000.

Master Derby Ct., 419-Scott D. and Juanita D. Barron to Sania Benoit, $265,000.

Millridge Ct., 1810-Terry J. and Donna R. Benedict to Benjamin Wilson, $860,000.

Saint Margarets Rd., 1567-Celerity Ventures Corp. to Anthony B. and Susan M. Casey, $698,000.

Tremont Cir., 512-Frank and Linda V. Smith to Yann M. Finkelstein and Skye M. Stewart, $765,000.

Woodtree Ct. W., 1617-Luis Filipe Rocha Trigo and Emily Vargo to Donna M. Daniels, $255,000.


Cove Dr., 1289-Peter Leo MacLellan to Tina L. and Patrick J. Higgins, $363,000.

Franklin Blvd., 5557-Brendan W. Connell to Erin K. Montgomery, $258,500.


Aberdeen Cir., 1736-Jennifer S. Roberts to Tisha C. Troyer, $243,000.

Broderick Ct., 1012-Steven J. and Amy B. Pereira to Zain Aijaz and Reema O. Farooqui, $342,500.

Dartmouth Lane, 2302-Shauna Allyn Donahue to Anthony N. and Kathleen M. McKeon, $375,000.

Everglade Ct., 1914-Michael J. and Janet I. Butts to Kenneth S. Angeli, $158,000.

Friendly Pl., 2044-Po Investment Group Corp. to Randy Wilson, $191,000.

Happy Lane, 2064-Lois Jean Scaglione to Mary Truelove and Loraine Williamson, $190,000.

Marlborough Ct., 1533-Nicole L. and Shane J. Moore to Brian M. Page and April N. Steiner, $259,000.

Nantucket Dr., 2324-Michael J. Menne to Kyle Mark and Honour Miller, $510,000.

Roxboro Pl., 1808-Simon R. and Brooke W. Kanigowski to Silvia Molinillo Corral and Gary Raymond Curtis, $549,000.

Waldorf Ct., 1732-Timothy R. and Kathleen Brozek to Adolfo F. Lopez, $294,000.

Yarmouth Lane, 2415-Michael and Ashley Sanda to Randall E. Delk Jr., $300,000.


Paul Birch Dr., 777-John W. Hayward to Edward J. and Stephanie W. Paskiewicz, $487,000.


Stoney Point Way, 1449-Erika L. Weleck to Zeenat Timm, $225,000.


Lake Dr. S., 2911-John C. and Roxanne S. Gregory to Kenneth W. and Rose Eller, $650,000.

Thomas Swann Lane, 1115-Robert T. and Laura W. Taylor to Eldora Ellison, $1.36 million.


Gull Dr., 644-Charles J. Jacobs to Cheryl A. Ragusa, $359,000.


Bay Ridge Rd., 1646-Thomas R. and Amanda S. Eckenrode Duxbury to Rachel Leonard and Russell Morrissey, $285,000.

Chesapeake Dr., 3995-Bay Front Development Corp. to Mark A. and Monika Guttman Robertson, $1.27 million.

Havre De Grace Dr., 1645-Kenneth A. Neas to Jose A. Contreras Duarte and Marta D. Tejada Pena, $299,900.

Loch Haven Rd., 682-K. Hovanian at Southpointe Corp. to William H. and Melissa B. Danneberg, $255,000.

Penwood Dr., 460-Richard L. and Judith H. Fey to Henry Joseph Powell and Yvonne Sank Powell, $479,000.

Pruitt Cir., 2610-David L. and Clara Ochipinti to Rukmalee Vithana and Don Indeewara Wanigasundara, $765,000.

Shore Dr., 1630-Clarie Davis and Claire Mulgrew to Malinda Lawrence, $265,000.

Wakefield Rd., 1502-Vintage Homes Corp. to Molly E. and Matthew A. Bierley, $450,000.

Seventh Ave., 3705-John and Janine Bocchichio to Ross and Jessica D. Cummins, $443,300.


Benning Rd., 1010-Keith R. and Kathryn O. Cooper to Jodell F. Shuart, $415,000.


Basil Hall Lane, 2106-B.A. Williams Corp. to Roxanne Marie and Cedric Jerome Smith, $736,500.

Davidsonville Rd., 2534-U.S. Bank and Select Portfolio Servicing Inc. to Dinora Chevez, $452,500.

Hallmark Dr., 2130-William H. and Melissa B. Danneberg to Daniel Joseph and Estefania Nohemi Holler, $530,000.

Hyacinth Lane, 2503-US Home Corp. to Eric Seth and Allison Rose Abbis, $465,990.

Lanham Lane, 1111-Calatlantic Group Inc. and the Ryland Group Inc. to Yesica J. Bonilla, $482,490.

Wigeon Way, 1408, No. 305-Faith A. and Edward A. Anderson to Joseph E., Kathleen A., Karianne J. and Kristen M. Cibello, $340,000.


Stillwater Rd., 704-Elizabeth W.C. and George E. Randall to David R. and Anne S. Marsh, $1.57 million.


Aster Dr., 1302-Residential Value Corp. to Brett Allen and Cecelia Brist, $295,000.

Blossom Lane, 407-Brett Wilmer to Artemio and Rolando J. Cruz Martinez, $280,000.

Foxridge Ct., 209-Brace S. Colbert to Brittney T. and Lonnie A. Staton, $340,000.

Great Bend Rd., 8179-Chloe Knight to Dion T. Jones, $195,000.

King George Dr., 401-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Maria C. and Steven Guzman, $175,000.

Lincoln Ave., 116-Jeong Sook Kim to Chang Eun and Sue Sun Chung, $200,000.

McHenry Dr., 1138-Frank G. Lidinsky and Anne Jane O’Brien to Andrew M. Laskoski, $225,000.

Norvelle Ct., 486-Benjamin M. Yust to Casey Dressel, $139,900.

Park Dr. E., 7933-Mary Lou Truelove to Richard A. Hylton and Mary J. Hancher, $220,000.

Rodman Ct., 7992-Alicia and Andrew Hiett to Trisha E. Bachman, $234,900.

Sharon Dr., 1023-Hometown Premier Properties Corp. to Juan P. Rodriguez, $282,000.

Williams Rd., 321-Karen M. Aliff to Penny E. Jones and Joseph F. Dowell, $359,900.

Wisdom Ct., 1052-Brandon Jacobs to Oluwagbenga O. Ogundipe, $305,000.

11th Ave. NW, 13-Reese Properties Corp. to Race Wickham, $276,900.


Castle Harbour Way, 1102, No. 3B-William Stewart and Jennifer Marie Purdum to Charles White Jr., $136,000.

Croggan Cres., 833-Christopher and Emily Brewsaugh to Heather Renee Peel, $243,000.

Eiderdown Ct., 6606-Muhammed F. Faizi to Rafael R. Del Aguila and Sonia P. Roncal Zavala, $245,000.

Furnace Branch Rd. E., 7250-Garrett Long to Jeffrey Scott Brown and Teresa A. Cline Brown, $270,000.

Gunther Pl., 213-Dan Ryan Builders Mid Atlantic Corp. to Ephraim W. Jones, $330,000.

Holly Ridge Dr., 7529-Calatlantic Group Inc. to Matthew White, $383,700.

Long Cove Rd., 831-Howard J. Harp Jr. and estate of Howard J. Harp Sr. to Christopher Kemp and Lisa Margaret Kane, $422,500.

Meadow Ct. S., 19-Nino and Eunice Pagapulaan to Joshua M. and Luana Gleice King, $409,900.

Mockingbird Cir., 7204-Reymudo Torres to Joseph Raymond Grassi, $295,000.

New Jersey Ave. NE, 302-Peggy May Gauger to Destin J. Ahrtman, $229,000.

Queen Anne Rd., 213-Amadeo H. Orellana Ramirez to John Clinton Vorce Jr., $215,000.

Warbler Walk, 614-Kendra N. Young to Darren Wills, $312,999.

First Ave., 20-Jacob Eilzabeth Hawley to Jacob Weiss and Victoria Francis, $264,900.


Bakers Creek Lane, 7817-Pulte Home Co. Corp. to Melody Sue Cook, $478,621.

Breezy Knoll Lane, 7929-Pulte Home Co. Corp. to Steven A. and Laura J. Williamson, $456,280.

Dalton Way, 8122-Pulte Home Co. Corp. to Eunice S. and Ricardo Lopez, $469,990.

Fieldstone Ct., 1709, No. 4-Stoney R. Corp. to Nnamdi Onyima, $350,000.

Fletcher Way, 7872-NVR Inc. to Jose Castillo Ruiz and Ana Mariella Corcuera Murrugarra, $349,015.

Middleham Ct., 2914-Brad F. and Cecillia C. Hall to Najibullah Popal, $485,000.

Prospect Hill Dr., 2741-Eric Song to Dorian Su Lee, $395,000.


Mill Crossing Ct., 259-Calatlantic Group Inc. and the Ryland Group Inc. to Lucia Gurrea and Tanya Lucille Gan Lim, $369,990.


Beech Bottom Rd., 3033-Gwendolyn A. Maddox to Dilip K. Nepali and Sumitra Pariyar, $340,000.

Forest Haven Dr., 3538-Timothy D. Mercer to Bethany Mueller, $419,900.

Whispering Hills Pl., 3404-Kate Josephine Williams to Olabode Toriola, $259,900.


Charles Rd., 208-Mary P. Harding to Michael E. Burns and Kelsey Marie Kooser, $245,000.

Englewood Rd., 6589-Thomas Collins and estate of Virginia L. Collins to Rajesh K. and Kiran R. Rajput, $325,000.

Patapsco Rd., 37-Melissa A. and Nicholas M. Garner to Michael L. Ketcham II and Paige M. Wootton, $256,000.


Ferry Branch Lane, 5257-Danny Clarke and Donna Schafer Gregg to Edward A. Adams, $721,000.


Boxelder Ct., 398-Kathleen G. Casey to Jonathan and Carole Ann Bullough, $572,500.

Evanfield Ct., 102-Wilmington Savings Fund Society and Upland Mortgage Loan Trust to Richard G. and Brooke A. Glasgow, $599,900.

Nathan Way, 258-David Brooks and Carol Ann Donaldson to Matthew R. Flanagan and Anastasia L. Evans, $242,000.

Red Birch Rd., 434-David L. and Lisa M. Seebold to Thomas Hamlett and Brittaney Stammer, $585,000.

Villaggio Dr., 8151-Richmond American Homes to Deandrea I. Jones, $467,246.


Astilbe Way, 2012-Hadrian Parsons to John Joseph Richard and Moriah Jane Howell, $256,500.

Bulk Parcel J, -NVR Inc. to Dean O. and Helen Swisher, $656,924.

Chapelgate Dr., 732-Tito I. and Flor A. Orellana to Kelsey Morris, $268,000.

Commissary Cir., 2102-Marcus L. Williams to Kevin Alexander Guillen Rodriguez and Berna Vale Garcia Reyes, $265,000.

Dragon Fly Way, 2727-Classic Group Corp. to Peter L. Coyle, $612,716.

Forest Walk Lane, 601, No. 203-2D Rentals Corp. to Darlene A. Sine, $158,000.

Green Field Ct., 8726-Federal National Mortgage Association to Eleni Hernandez, $272,000.

Isaac Chaney Ct., 930-Karen Taylor to Kristen Greear, $385,000.

Moonglow Rd., 606, No. 203-Heather R. Peed to Andrew Pau Mongeon, $185,000.

Pine Meadows Dr., 8517-Joshua H. Seaton to Tiara L. and Troy D. Lowe, $298,000.

Roff Point Dr., 328-Christopher D. Williams to Kirt and Chikako Ways, $240,000.

Settlers View Dr., 2810-Steven J. and Mia Ann Luber to Joe Burriss and Julie Snyder, $377,500.

Sunny Ridge Dr., 3123-NVR Inc. to Marye D. Kellermann, $504,635.


Back Bay Beach Rd., 1025-Frances Cathleen Noyes and James Bierach to Mark E. and Nancy M. Altemus, $650,000.


Bar Harbor Rd., 342-Thomas A. Lowe and Karla McCoy to Richard and Denna Hergenroeder, $541,650.

Bell Tower Xing., 8174-Joseph J. Sumi and Maria M. Morris to Daniel F. and Kimberly M. Ryan, $476,000.

Bright Star Path, 408-Timberlake Creekstone Corp. to James R. Knight, $345,912.

Carroll Rd., 173-Estate of Milton Peter Czarski to Conor Joseph McAllister, $247,000.

Davenport Ct., 3501A-Darrin W. Salyers Jr. to Krystal S. Knisely, $153,800.

De Franceaux Harbour, 871-Keith and Jane Luce Peregoy to Diane C. Zielinski, $249,900.

Duvall Hwy., 724-Luis Fernando Ardon Amador and Karla Patricia Moreno Bautista to Stephanie Ashley Hufner, $355,000.

Forest Dr., 8367-Don M. and Robin L. Short to Ray Paul and Victoria Dawn Neal Raddin, $360,000.

Golden Fleece Dr., 2917-Kevin S. and Cynthia A. Nungester to Terry C. and Carrie L. Ridings, $390,000.

Holmespun Dr., 1091-Joseph Wesley and Ella Diane Jones to Landis Jeffrey Thompson and Morgan Harris, $236,000.

Kenton Rd., 8482-John Phillips and Kelly Hickman to Robin J. and Katherine C. Smith, $356,500.

Lakewood Rd., 1645-Douglas E. and Donna Lynn Bale to David J. and Tina M. Crawford, $875,000.

Lynn Cir., 8402-Wilmington Savings Fund Society and Christiana Trust to Ashley Razauskas, $279,900.

Main Ave., 8585-Jin and Eun Ju Park to Charles Daniel and Danielle Ann Miller, $262,900.

Meadow Rd., 158-Sindy Catherine Hertz to Gregory V. and Kenneth E. Chaney, $350,000.

Mountain Rd., 5167-Timothy D. Murnane and estate of James Hillen Johnson to Ernest Burton and Jill Willey White, $600,000.

Nicholson Dr., 24-George Michael and Theone Vanessa Andrew to Erika and Eric Ricucci, $320,000.

Oakdale Rd., 2147-Susan R. Walker to Jerome and Angela Zazzera, $426,000.

Palm Ct., 1540-Jennifer Hoffman to David and Kristin Morton, $475,000.

Poplar Ridge Rd., 2126-Elaine D. and Scott Max Ezell to Andrew W. Bailey Jr., $735,000.

Rolling Meadow Run, 9187-Joseph D. and Deborah A. Dimarino to Brian M. and Samantha L. Poe, $545,000.

South Rd., 1244-Angela and Jerome F. Zazzera to Lindsay Megan and Ryan Patrick McNicholas, $480,000.

Waldo Rd., 188-Mark W. and Karen Angela Flaig to Melinda and David Strevig, $530,000.

White Star Crossing., 8268-Timberlake Creekstone Corp. to Mattew J. and Lindsay Kramer Shipman, $327,759.

Willowby Run, 711-Anthony J. and Jennifer L. Benyock to Christian D. Felton, $228,000.

Zena Marie Lane, 7709-John C. Sharp to Kevin Earl and Wendy Marie Williams Sumpter, $399,000.

211th St., 767-Christopher and Ashley Fetty to Chunjin Zhu, $285,000.


Alderney Ct., 1899-Judy L. Dixon to James C. Beeler II, $350,000.

Bastille Pl., 7865-Alfred Monteiro Jr. and Jeanie S. Claxton to Fredrick and Stephanie Rogers, $335,000.

Burns Crossing Rd., 205-Richard D. and Catherine M. Smith to Nicholas and Audra Ellick, $381,900.

Chevron Rd., 1114-Brookwood Run Acquisitions Inc. to Carrie N. Hubbell, $559,076.

Delmont Station Rd., 7921-Riley G. and Rachel L. Jennifer to Diana Lynn Howe, $340,000.

Grande View Ave., 1725-David W. Pierce to Sarah E. Daniels and Adam H. Jones, $345,000.

Merriweather Way, 907-William J. and Sandra L. McAdams to Joshua and Cherish Donnelly, $440,000.

Okeefe Dr., 8520-Duc Hong and Van Ai Dang to Alexia Sarah Brodber and Gregory Bruce, $440,000.

Red Hawk Way, 1113-Aaron David and Marissa J. Greer to Cameron Peniman Woods, $335,000.

Sibley Way, 7904-Bayland Inc. to Donna Marie and Joseph G. Edwards, $515,736.

Thompson Ave., 1222-Wilmington Saving Fund Society and Christiana Trust to Ethan T. and Kayla A. Williams, $344,900.

Willow Branch Way, 1526-Toll VII Partnership to Adeeba Kreuscher and Aabroo and Subata Abro, $741,316.


Colleen Garden Lane, 406-Alina and Nikolay Arefeva to Phillip Allen and Heather Ann Tweed, $519,000.

Emerson Pl., 614-Dana and Heather Gausepohl to Kenneth David and Megan J. Beyerle, $550,000.

Hatton Dr., 110-Eleanor Giequelais and Susan Nauman to Lindsey E. Williams, $530,000.

Jeremy Ct., 515-Carol C. Pasick Joyce to Jodi E. Matters, $480,000.

Manor Rd., 608-Ross H. and Meghan A. Tobin to Andrew Roe, $295,000.

McKinsey Park Dr., 602, No. 101-Barbara Creighton to Angela Marie Germanos, $220,000.

Pertch Rd., 265-Jeffery B. Yule to Gregory R. and Elma Janney, $380,000.

Topeg Dr., 175-Marine and Perrin Regnault to Bruce H. Hamilton and Nancy Ann Norton, $925,000.

Wilderness Rd., 280-George E. and Lisa D. Wendling to Evan Michael and Sara Elizabeth Koslow, $725,000.


Frederick Ave., 4746-Debra Osborne to Andrew T. Rowley and Rebecca L. Martin, $206,000.

Shady Side Rd., 6040-Roger E. Pling to Joshua Rice, $279,000.

Howard County

These sales data recorded by the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation were provided by Black Knight Inc. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit


Diversified Lane, 9829-William W. and Kathleen A. Norton to Kevin T. and Renee E. Collins, $612,000.

Ramsey Dr., 9321-Joyce M. and Mark Steven Armstrong to Matthew T. Smoot and Meghan A. Tranter, $345,000.


Clifton Oaks Dr., 5919-Zenworld Investment Corp. to Azhar J. Sheikh and Samia Azhar, $1.21 million.

Western Sea Run, 5746-Robert S. Forman to Michael James and Melissa Decker Barone, $679,000.


Carved Stone, 7227-Cynthia Benitez to Mary M. Geiser, $289,900.

Dockside Lane, 7254-Latita Payne to Paul Chul Hong and Grace Eunhee Kang, $280,000.

Good Hunters Ride, 6178-Wilmington Savings Fund Society and Christiana Trust to Joe Andy and Grace Cole, $340,000.

Indian Camp Rd., 9421-Jacqueline A. Knight to Joyanta Mantu Dey, $237,000.

Majors Lane, 6093, No. 7-Andrew Jason Rosen to Abdul S. Khan and Tubah Sultan, $98,000.

Patriot Lane, 5242-Delores Michelle King and Thomas Whitaker Williams Jr. to Michael Casey and Rebecca Carole Bryant, $362,000.

Phillip Dorsey Way, 9067-Monument Property Holdings Inc. to Abdelhaq Qezouani, $490,000.

Stag Horn Path, 7161-Brian Walker Hines and Nicole Deneene Garnes to Sopha Liv and Sokhak Chun, $270,000.

Tilted Stone, 5461-Hugo Van Jackson to Sara B. Marten and Christopher T. Naj, $263,000.

Wind Dance Way, 8511-Alexander and Barbara Varilla to Mary D. Bantell, $455,000.


April Journey, 5736, No. 79-Evan Moreira and Christine Deasy to John W. and Sarah W. Lawrence, $350,000.

Faulkner Ridge Cir., 10540, No. 6-4-Robert Maslar and Loretta Melinda Campbell to Andrea Disogra, $183,000.

Garden Walk, 7087-Dean A. and Denise L. Fennell to Lysa Charlee Johnson, $767,500.

Harmel Dr., 10867-John Jeffrey and Suzanne N. Dieringer to Mark and Elizabeth Edelen, $570,000.

Lochridge Rd., 6448-Charles F. and Pat J. Defilippo to Sebastian J. and Janine M. Buonato, $455,000.

Red Keel, 6462-Kathleen A. Sheedy to Jamar B. and Tabitha Y. Herry, $475,000.

Round Tower Pl., 5037-William T. and Hilda J. Yeaton to Alexander V. Sapunov and Hannah Kaizer, $428,000.

Suffield Ct., 5541-Demetria Loftis to Wendy Loughlin, $355,000.

Windstream Dr., 10073, No. 2-Barbara Goertler to Ann Von Lossberg, $215,000.


Cedar Grove Lane, 7425-Corridor I Partnership to Stephanie R. King, $279,900.

Collingwood Ct., 7133-Jefferey A. Rives and Colleen M. Shine Rives to Jessica M. and Jessica Grabowski Roop, $700,000.

Dagny Way, 7749-Beazer Homes Corp. to Bhoopathi Siripuram, $459,101.

Ducketts Lane, 6850, No. 36-5-Jennifer C. Mullins and Kyle N. Grew to Brittany L. Peed, $221,300.

Green Field Rd., 6455, No. 1104-Erin Manor and Erin Hall to Ping Zhang, $135,000.

John Galt Way, 7924-Beazer Homes Corp. to Jae Choi and Sun Hee Song, $414,990.

Meyer Dr. N., 6028-Kenneth S. and Paula M. Kelley to Charles Sullivan and Shawnda Hebron, $625,000.

Old Washington Rd., 5950-Kerry Neil Wood to Shaneka and Leonard McClarty, $420,000.

Quidditch Lane, 7916-Beazer Homes Corp. to Sawsan Kurtom, $418,367.

Samuels Lane, 7105-Dorsey Family Homes Inc. to Pragna Bramandlapalli and Sreekanth Lanke, $796,452.


Bending Sky Way, 5070-Scott B. and Lisa B. Wallace to Rajesh Kalyanasundaram and Sandhya Natarajan, $850,000.

Cyprus Cedar Lane, 8135, No. D-David D. Christ and estate of Donald F. Christ to David E. and Donna M. Lombardi, $241,500.

Goldfinch Ct., 5765-Eric and Liza Marie Balzer to Aisha Jah, $358,000.

Hollow Ct., 3321-Sam S. Lee and Hyun Chul Kim to James J. and Jennifer Y. Kwak, $370,000.

Lee Hollow Pl., 4863-Harish Sivasubramanian and Srilakshmi Tademeti to Robert Brandon and Christa Anne Stultz, $450,000.

Maple Hill Rd., 6032-Michael J. and Allison B. Lardieri to Pradeep and Vedasri Nandhigama, $465,000.

Normandy Dr., 2920-Charles M. and Carol T. Schaefer to Matthew Egan and Lisa Winchester Frantz, $450,000.

Rockburn Dr., 7882-Dosoo Jang and Young J. Lee to Michael J. and Allison B. Lardieri, $608,000.

Timberland Cir., 8509-Nancy L. Hagan to Jun Li and Ramy Rabe, $495,000.


Dairy St., 11409-Williamsburg Group Corp. to Jeemin Kang and Chris Unsok Kim, $1.12 million.

Route 216 NE, 11900-Wallace P. and Toni A. Mitchell to Xiomara Calderon Colon, $490,000.


Bold Venture Dr., 13717-Omar and Liddian M. McCall to Jasmin Mahant, $957,500.


Callaway Ct., 15203, No. 107-Maureen McShane and the estate of Michael J. Mulherin to Allen Lee and Judith Catherine Roberts and Carol Lee Thompson, $420,000.


Albion Way, 7228-Howard County Housing Commission to Juliet Ann Ngassa, $294,000.

Noah Way, 6110-Live Fearless in Christ Corp. to Quiana M. and Barron L. Holmes, $480,000.


Cedar Ave., 7259-Ngun Hu Tang and Sui Zi Sung to Biak Hlei Sang, $265,000.

Rosewood Way, 8919-James F. and Karen E. Concannon to Carolyn R. Ryan, $265,000.


Beechwood Dr., 6418-Gregory D. and Tamara M. Farmer to Richard Anthony Steinwand, $458,000.

Eden Brook Dr., 7317, No. H-603-Devi Koung to Zachary A. Blankinship, $207,000.

Oakland Mills Rd., 7416-Michael L. and Jean M. Witt to Kio Cin and Hrang Tin Thang, $300,000.

Wesleigh Dr., 10081-Jason and Legeia Shin Zeruto to Philip W. and Janet D. Jones, $500,000.


Charmed Days, 8418-Wendy L. Croson and Debbie J. Colt to Brett Shapiro, $416,000.

Henry Hearn Way, 9979-Pulte Homes Co. Corp. to Christopher Joseph and Aleksandra Mironenko Poiter, $529,000.

Ice Crystal Dr., 8440, No. K-Mary Belgard to Joyce Lynn Wood, $285,900.

June Flowers Way, 9766-Lohiya Atluri to Jigisha D. Shah, $475,000.

Oxley Forest Ct., 8914-Nicole M. Antar to Dalilah Gonzalez Ocasio and Antonio Rosario Maysonet, $280,000.

Sombersby Ct., 9330-Janelle M. Richardson to Surafel G. Leta, $338,100.


Ae Mullinix Rd., 16190-Linda Jane Garonzik and Charles Robert Baker to Shimon David Horowitz and Kelly Katherine Ryan, $680,000.


Abingdon Way, 10505-Dimitriy F. Shvadskiy to Balaji Kaviyarasu and Loganayaguy Subrayalu, $465,000.

Woodstock Rd., 1681-Angela M. Costello to Andrew A. and Kassandra J. Serafini, $406,000.