Anne Arundel County

These sales data recorded by the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation were provided by Black Knight Inc. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit


Bay Ridge Ave., 822-Katherine O. Orrico to Jose A. Fuentes Agostini and Maria Christina Gonzalez Fuentes, $845,000.

Bridle Path Lane, 302-Joseph M. and Kristin B. Thompson to Michael A. and Cherie L. Case, $599,000.

Chesapeake Ave., 824-Spencer H. Nitchie to James R. Pasquarelli, $451,200.

Damsel Lane, 1415-Lydia May Grant to Maria Carmela C. Oncita, $318,000.

Ferry Point Rd., 438-John M. and Margaret S. Kalas to Matthew P. and Jacqueline Revelle, $643,000.

Greystone Ct., 20J, No. J-Gordon K. Ebersole to Alexander Bezruchko, $198,000.

Huse Dr., 100-Eric G. Heinsolm to Jeffrey L. and Margaret T. Kimbell, $585,000.

Lake Heron Dr., 1130, No. 1B-Susannah Manheim and estate of Margaret Donovan to Shelley Grubb, $235,000.

McKinley St., 1202-Wilma M. Joy to Jacob T. Dieguez, $324,810.

Severn Ave., 709-Karen Elizabeth Holt and Barbara Gail Lang to Stuart Serkin and Jeffrey Trammel, $475,000.


Admiral Dr., 617, No. 404-Christopher A. Oursler to Hannah Patrick, $282,500.

Bowen Ct., 223-Wendy L. Heineke to Andrea E. Sorensen and Jesper M. Nielsen, $757,500.

Cabernet Lane, 2716-Kevin C. Popp to Joseph and Sandra Brooks, $525,000.

Cherry Grove Ave. S., 106-Cynthia Moore Andres and Basil E. Moore Jr. to Donald L. and Brenda A. Russell, $370,000.

Compass Dr., 2609-Richard G. Knapp Jr. and Ann K. Knapp Servivors Trust to Miriam Christian and Edward T. Meiser, $320,000.

Cunningham Hole Rd., 2681-Phillip Michael Errico to Susan K. and Anne T. Arms, $435,000.

Lejeune Way, 115-Brookfield Admirals Square Corp. to Robert R. Van Buren, $365,000.

Marquise Lane, 110-Brightview Development Corp. to John J. and Linda S. Vaonakis, $540,264.

Misty Ridge Cv., 2574-David A. and Marion J. Colburn to Carol L. Swain, $410,000.

Park Pl., 5, No. 615-Joseph J. Morrow to George Armendariz, $510,000.

Poplar Ave., 1209-Christopher T. and Leslieanne C. Brannigan to Zachary J. Finucane, $710,000.

Saint Albans Sq., 1676-Patricia Gehl Soppe to John Lane and Julie I. King, $700,000.

Scotts Crossing Way, 1974, No. 104-Thomas W. and Carol Marbury Simmons to Geraldine A. Martin, $252,000.

Solstice Lane, 3031-Justin and Shawn Kingston to Michael P. and Ines A. Martin, $610,000.

Summerview Way, 2700, No. 6104-Amy Shaw Dyke to Heather Boerste, $249,000.

Windell Ave., 207-C. Clark Contracting Corp. to Diana G. Beetle, $540,000.


Admirals Ridge Dr., 118-Calatlantic Group Inc. and the Ryland Group Inc. to James J. and Michelle D. Schuler, $446,375.

Century Vista Dr., 495-Glenn P. and Antoinette Hodges to Sean A. and Kathryn J. Wilson, $399,900.

Doubleday Dr., 1289-Ray A. Shefka to Daniel and Danielle Norris, $417,900.

Mill Ct., 202-William and Bonnie R. Habicht to Christopher A. and Kayla D. Swift, $527,000.

Roe Lane, 11-Ted W. and Ginger K. Chwastyk to Brian P. and Jessica H. Forte, $400,000.

Sierra Lane, 37-Allen M. and Suzanne G. Tubis to Michael J. and Maura Brown, $580,000.

Spy Glass Dr., 1118-Konstantinos G. Alexakis and Laura R. Baibish to Debra S. Satkowiak and Patrick Clowry, $785,000.

Wilson Rd., 851-Christopher G. Stacy to James Craig Dean, $389,500.


Hillcrest Ave., 305-Ana R. Morris to Helmuth B. and Judith L. Talavera, $190,000.

Moore St., 5512-Nicholas S. Berthiaume to Alvaro Antonio Yung Reyes, $225,000.

12th Ave., 201-Paul Alan Williams to Frank Stevens, $202,000.


Bromfield Way, 1505-Walter and Lisa A. Dubiansky to Keith Joseph Wolfe and Florence Pritchard, $920,000.

Cranes Roost Ct., 462-Patricia A. Hershreldt to Roberto I. Velazquez and Zorimar Ayala, $328,000.

Foxwood Ct., 1408-Daniel and Danielle Norris to Vaibhav and Binal Patel, $265,000.

Highview Dr., 1214-Cedar Tree Corp. to Matthew P. and Karen K. Mullin, $564,900.

Master Derby Ct., 421-Barbara L. Parmenter to Kenneth J. and Kelly B. Pollock, $292,500.

Millwood Ct., 1420-Allan K. Terhune Jr. and Catherine A. Lohr to Amy Morgan Webb, $285,000.

Westway, 983-Frank Duane Keenan and Nora McIntire Keenan to Michael Sandoval and Sharon Marsh, $264,000.


Battee Dr., 5639-Marjorie G. Kuehn to Joshua M. and Dena M. Tromp, $260,000.

Dartmouth St., 5510-Kimberly and John P. Stebbing to Benjamin Andre Rankin and Angela Suzanne Fratino, $255,000.

Garret Ave., 1215-Mark J. and Christina M. Lay to Nicholas C. and Kristen A. Gullotti, $285,000.


Ambling Cir., 2511-Nathan S. and Lauren A. Farley to Ardell Francis, $327,000.

Cambridge Dr., 1902-Kevin T. and Wendy M. Stokes to Meghan E. Neal, $269,500.

Dartmouth Lane, 2339-Brian N. Benjers to Ariel R. Brown, $318,000.

Fendall Ct., 1640-Michael L. and Lisa C. Snyder to Joan Rong Zhang, $220,500.

Gaffney Ct., 1706-Jordan and Elizabeth Dusold to Jason R. and Alicia Walters, $320,000.

Harcourt Ave., 1918-Christy R. Bracey Scott to Charles Richard and Jessica H. Cook, $435,000.

Medford Ct., 2465, No. 22E-Matthew W. Ritsko to Corey L. Magwood, $258,000.

Old Willow Way, 2018-Steven M. Berkowitz and Sheila A. Greaney to Anthony James and Megan Cannone, $560,000.

Summersweet Ct., 1802-Ronald M. and Barbara L. Hearn to David G. and Michelle L. Simon, $595,000.

Wentworth Dr., 2467-Jay S. and John S. Barrows to Christopher and Janine Howard, $250,000.


Plum Creek Dr., 1021-Laverne M. Voyles and Dabra L. Prinee to Pratik D. Ram, $329,000.

Waterview Dr., 925-Ellsworth Glenn Dixon to Irene M. Mule, $365,000.


Harbor Dr., 7815-Michael Robert and Lisa Marie Poist to Joshua Lindauer, $324,000.

Tillerman Pl., 1211-Donna Kay Smith to Erika T. Hodziewich, $260,000.


Bradbury Ct., 2712-Donald H. and Carla L. Atchison to Brian and Morgan Hahn, $739,000.

Ridgewood Rd., 3749-Rebecca S. Bainbridge and Jamison M. Stone to Christopher A. and Ashley Y. Stewart, $375,000.

Thomas Swann Lane, 1119-Cynthia W. and Ted G. Achorn to Yuemei, Xue Tong and Yue Mei Chen, $1.18 million.


Circle Dr., 1406-3603 Partnership LLP and Vulkan Holdings Corp. to John Scott Huchenski and Lindsey Anne Billups, $532,000.

Holly St., 3012-Hona A. Williams to Edward J. and Susan R. Marinzel, $866,900.

Londontown Rd., 600-Charles A. and Marla B. Abell to Eric B. Leaman, $359,900.

Pocahontas Dr., 3410-K. Hovnanian at Southpointe Corp. to John Frederic and Jill Loreen Pastrone, $799,990.

Quantico Rd., 1738-Richard and Joanne Schmidt to Michael D. and Catherine A. Miles, $353,000.

Salisbury Rd., 402-Crystal S. Barker to Barbara A. Desabla, $289,000.

Shore Dr., 1904-Matthew R. Ballantine to Arnita B. Wilson, $434,000.

10th Ave., 3625-Kathryn P. and David Neal Philips to Steven Andrew Palmer, $372,000.


Captains Ct., 4879-Peter L. and Trudi M. Baer to Julia Reinhart Thackrah, $562,500.


Briggsdale Ct., 909-Anthony Edgar and Amy Edmondson Sarger to John A. and Alexandra Benedict, $622,000.

Davidsonville Rd., 2586-John I. Jelich to William A. and Maria Fidia Garcia, $565,000.

Hallmark Dr., 2157-Stella Pelekanos and Paul R. Darrow to Michael James and Brooke Alyse Dunn, $450,000.

Hyacinth Lane, 2505-US Home Corp. and Lennar Corp. to Lorelie Alexander Erculiani, $508,990.

Maccubbin Lane, 610-NVR Inc. to Kimberlee and Ronald Dawkins, $824,550.

Red Clover Rd., 1076-US Home Corp. and Lennar Corp. to Melissa Kathleen Walker, $505,490.


A St. SW, 415-Carol Leigh Shehade to Bobbi J. Plowman, $209,000.

Baltimore Annapolis Blvd., 7112-Savant Property Solutions Corp. to Marinda Madison, $289,900.

Castle Rd., 807-Residential Value Corp. to Russell James Tarr and Lindsey Elizabeth Stilling, $231,000.

Foxridge Ct., 217-David T. and Jennifer Armstrong to Denver W. and Nicole Craig, $389,800.

Greenwood Ave., 14-Kirk A. and Debra Almira Gross Tozer to Oliver Henry and Teresa Lynn Snyder, $273,000.

Lacrosse Lane NE, 6414-Richard W. and Tammy R. Witcher to Gary D. Simpson, $220,000.

Lorimer Rd., 1621-Ashlee Evans Patterson to Patrick Nwuli, $202,000.

Merry Chase Ct., 8027-U.S. Bank to Michael A. and Omega Barnes, $360,000.

Parke West Dr., 7945-Kevin J. and Carole P. Baley to Marc and Girlie Dichoso, $315,000.

West Ct., 580-MTGLQ Investors to Jason L. Greenwald, $98,500.

Willowdale Ave., 2A-Richard Wayne and Lynn Ann Smith to Dominic Delaney, $250,000.

Woodoak Ct., 267-JP Morgan Chase Bank to John Boyd II, $115,000.


Caton Ave., 8218-Corbett Snyder to Karry and Leanne Sor, $371,900.

Dale Rd., 826-Matthew D. McClung to Michael Louis, Loraine Donnetta and Tasha Nicole Tibbs, $230,000.

Garrett Rd., 130-Vincent W. and Sara E. Penn to Barbara Ingersoll and Patricia Cooper, $241,300.

Gunther Pl., 221-Dan Ryan Builders Mid Atlantic Corp. to Jason Diaz, $305,500.

Howard Rd., 1328-Herbert M. Goldberg and Irene Kaelin to Scott R. and Christina L. Murchake, $210,000.

Meadow Dr. S., 6-Linda M. Neighoff to Anthony Dale and Tamara Morgan, $215,000.

Mockingbird Cir., 7254-Myles S. Roy and Regina M. Winter to Ryan F. and Katie Eversman, $290,000.

Oakdale Rd., 1424-Garrett Long to Leah F. Musiano and Joshua T. Eurdel, $239,000.

Saltgrass Dr., 241-Hebron Manor Corp. to Durant L. Spann II, $451,223.

Stevens Rd., 104-Matthew R. Frantzich to Carolyn Joy Daquis and Robert Edward Sauer II, $220,000.

Fourth St., 1034-Tobi Limke to Althea Newman, $360,000.


Breezy Knoll Lane, 7921-Pulte Home Co. Corp. to Jeonjune Ryou and Ji Hyo Shin, $443,890.

Cherry Tree Rd., 2542-Toll IV Corp. and Arundel Preserve 10A Corp. to Tareq Al Salamah and Sarah Sewaralthab, $522,173.

Fair Oak Dr., 7237-Miyoung Kim Nam to Hyun Ja Kim, $350,000.

Fieldstone Ct., 1723, No. 11-Stoney R. Corp. to Elena and Victor Burunceno, $339,900.

Foxtrail Ct., 7616-Shreyansh Pandya to Arthur and Michael Edmonds and Nicole Marie Antonelli, $627,200.

Kidwell Ct., 7710-Samuel T. and Melodie D. Garcia to Allen C. Pennington, $238,100.

Moraine Dr., 7547-Melody Sue Cook to Mark E. Forney, $317,000.


Muddy Creek Rd., 4060-Matthew A. and Kathleen A. Egeli to Richard T. and Laura L. Long, $1.31 million.


Bradish Lane, 2628-Calatlantic Group Inc. to Pennie Wilson Hawkins, $337,990.

Singletree Lane, 7404-Dan Ryan Builders Mid Atantic Corp. to Alexis Vergas Jimenez and Jessica Nieves, $548,379.


Bitterwood Pl., 3406, No. J302-Mark S. Gidlund to Carly S. Pereira, $213,000.

Frostwood Dr., 8374-Thomas Hodge to Daniel E. Wilson, $218,500.

Old Channel Rd., 3036-Christopher G. Smith to Michael Charles Williams and Robin Mary O’Hara, $447,500.

Spadderdock Ct., 3106-Willie D. Johnson to Jeffrey Adjei and Lolita Bridges, $275,000.

Whispering Hills Pl., 3438-Carolyn F. Thompson to Christine Jubinski, $265,000.


Chestnut Rd., 302-Robert H. and Nicole Busick to Mitchell Richard and April Franks, $525,000.

Fairmeade Ct., 601-Michael D. and Carol L. Smith to Patrick Guy Reese, $439,000.

Madingley Rd., 417-Federal National Mortgage Association to David W. Evans Jr., $206,000.

Sudbury Rd., 307-Scapeit Enterprises Corp. to Tucker V. Watkins, $327,000.


Mallard Landing Ct., 6219-Robert L. Johnson Jr. to Stephen P. Vincent Jr., $485,000.


Caracle Ct., 634-Solomon and Pearl Henderson to Doyle H. and Debra A. Delph, $435,000.

Gorham Dr., 8306-Southern Oaks Corp. to Michael J. Pfaltzgraff and Carse L. Koch, $730,706.

Rustling Oaks Dr., 993-Eric A. and Debra L. Rokicki to Matthew James and Ashley Marie Sebastionelli, $589,900.

Wheatfield Dr., 1028-Henry J. and Yvonne S. Powell to Ma Louella S. and Ezra S. Wong, $480,000.


Barred Owl Way, 2639-Jonathan P. and Lee A. Peterson to Francis James and Katherine Bethuy, $365,800.

Cannon Ball Way, 209-James and Carrie M. Palilla to Tito I. and Flor A. Orellana, $450,000.

Chapelgate Dr., 737-Claudia C. McDonald Baldwin to William Wesley Orndorff and Emille Mules Herbert, $255,000.

Eastridge Cir., 120-Kathrina Thompson to Matthew Charles and Alison Kathryn Bush, $303,500.

Found Artifact Dr., 7622-Jay H. and Maria S. Schwab to Lynn S. and Susan E. Donaldson, $448,500.

Hackberry Ct., 1940-Puskar Prasun Kar and Sushmita Sarkar to Leo E. Bowman Jr., $252,000.

Little Patuxent Ct., 8730-Peter Vartabedian to Leonard J. Doucette, $375,000.

Pinecove Ave., 191-Robert Anthony and Triyana D. Cuellar to Nelson and Omega Broderick, $300,000.

Saint Andrews Lane, 1242-William G. Johnson to Nicholas J. Depriest, $323,000.

Westridge Cir., 97-Naeem and Sara N. Iqbal to Charles and Zeline Quirmolue Woods, $350,000.


Chalk Point Rd., 5135-Roberto P. and Karen L. Rondini to Sarah and Ryan Cullers, $365,000.


Allegri Ct., 7900-Marcus R. and Bonnie L. Taylor to Christopher Flores and Eugene Cumm, $240,000.

Barnsley Ct., 3426-Gary and Kelly Groh to Shaina Jenkins and Christopher Gontkof, $284,900.

Black Diamond Ct., 8210-Barbara Mills to Gary W. and Kelly M. Groh, $435,000.

Brookfield Rd., 28-Richard Thomas Devincent and Christine Marie Durso to Ellen C. and Ellen C. Anderson, $335,000.

Daydream Crescent, 8319-US Homes Corp. and Lennar Corp. to Glynnis Renee Watford, $301,410.

Delma Ave., 314-Christopher Lee and Danielle Hope Renee Ark to Mark S. and Vicki L. Phillips, $403,500.

Fort Smallwood Rd., 9289-Thomas and Denise Y. Tenney to Roger G. and Jocelyn A. Schult, $565,000.

Golden Fleece Dr., 2919-Robert Lance and Hope Davis to Lauren E. and Anthony M. Langer, $315,000.

Holmewood Dr., 1201-Robert G. and Stacey L. Carson to Roan Rokus and Jacqueline Infantado Van De Watering, $384,000.

Kenwood Rd., 215-Zeppelin Corp. to Anthony and Rachel L. Combs, $303,900.

Leonardo Ct., 7819-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Paul K. Dumsha and Allison Marie Hickman, $186,000.

Magothy Rd., 227-Keith J. Kremer to Brent E. Di Iacovo, $315,000.

Mansion House Xing., 7900-Freda Johnson and estate of Mike H. Marcum to Gary L. Raymond II, $295,000.

Meadow Wick Ct., 8206-Daniel Seaman and Patricia Kunze to Tanya M. Lee Carrico, $227,250.

Mountain View Cir., 8100-Joseph P. and Deborah A. Dyszel to Jonathan Carroll Fitzgerald, $350,000.

Pendragon Way, 8063-Anthony J. Clark to Robert Tipton and Jazmine Hogan, $290,000.

Potomac Rd., 4623-Christopher J. and Lily J. Scheve to Thomas N. and Kristi A. Boyle, $460,000.

Rugby Rd., 8424-Dominion Rental Holdings Corp. to Leigh Broccolina, $329,800.

Shore Rd. E., 7858-Darlene L. Candle to Michael V. and Jessica Burgess, $272,500.

Sutherland Ct., 7908-Peter W. Lemmen to Erin L. Derrickson, $213,000.

White Star Xing., 8270-Timberlake Creekstone Corp. to Donna M. Fata and Scott T. Anthony, $348,762.

212th St., 768-Michael D. Shindle to Joshua David Hill and Alicia M. Cooke, $285,000.


Berkshire Dr., 403-Felipe and Jessica Devega to Brian and Heather Ulrich, $535,000.


Aleika Ct., 1301-Tabitha L. Ford to Dalbir Singh, $425,100.

Bastille Pl., 7871-Jeffrey G. and Lanie N. Yarbro to Douglas R. Warden, $360,000.

Brenda Rd., 1339-Winfred Leo and Mary Frances Stockman to Kristie L. Ellis, $295,000.

Clark Station Rd., 7935-David Bryan Ricci to Michael Doughty, $389,000.

Dunfield Ct., 8212-Thao Phuong Nguyen to Xuan Thanh and Cuc Hong Nguyen, $140,000.

Hastings Hunt Ct., 8010-Harvey E. and Glenda J. Gentry to Ryan David and Brandi Lyn Dowler, $337,000.

Monaco Dr., 1364-Eric D. and Diana L. Carlson to Daniel and Jeannette Ann Womick, $227,720.

Pine Springs Dr., 8528-Toll VII Partnership to Alex M. and Gretchen R. Leonovich, $538,439.

Wampanoag Dr., 1500-Joel A. Gascot to Daniel J. and Laura J. Zollers, $380,000.


Ashbury Lane, 501-Jeffrey Patrick and Nicole Jeffers to Pamela E. Roberts, $585,000.

Birch Ct., 205-Donald C. Wigglesworth Jr. and estate of Martha P. Wigglesworth to Stuart Arthur and Denise M. Ashton, $525,000.

Community Rd., 462-SPI Group Corp. to James R. and Lynette M. Young, $409,000.

Faircastle Ave., 721-Allison Catherine and Francis Anthony Cole to Andrew and Lina Decoste, $515,500.

Joanne Rd., 153-William R. Grube and Barbara J. Robert to Jessica M. Zimmerman, $375,000.

Marnel Dr., 59-Marc Timothy and Nora Kathryn Pangburn to Matthew C. and Meaghan K. Gneiting, $515,000.

McKinsey Park Dr., 602, No. 406-Warren A. Weakley to Thomas and Gloria Daymont, $335,000.

Pine Ave., 204-Nancy A. Poller to James and Christa O’Brien, $650,000.

Riverside Dr., 90-Steven F. and Lynn A. Middleton to Felix Christian Gumbiner and Abigial St. John Nichols, $521,000.

Saint Ives Dr., 105-James R. Hecht to Myra W. and Patrick J. Norton, $550,000.

Truck House Rd., 19-Yvette G. Worgo to Timothy William Yadewska and Kelly Rene Schiayone, $455,000.

Woodbent Dr., 17-Bryce and Jana L. McDonald to Chad M. and Pamela Moran, $665,000.


Hayes Rd., 1218-David H. and Eleanor S. Albers to Marion J. and David A. Colburn, $675,000.

Steamboat Rd., 1263-Mark Roger Ramey to Anna M. Booth, $210,000.

Howard County

These sales data recorded by the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation were provided by Black Knight Inc. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit


Farside Rd., 11717-William F. and Eleanor K. Bangs to Darrie N. Boyd, $800,000.

Henhawk Ct., 4133-Jodie L. Keenan to Michael P. and Jeanene P. Kleinman, $500,000.

Nashville Ct., 11065-Villages Nature Valley Corp. to Grace My Inh and Tuan Minh Tran, $650,443.

Stayman Dr. E., 9101-Benjamin Young Park to Mila Rose Legman Chavez, $445,000.


Clipper Lane, 5800, No. 103-Kathryn T. Kozero to Aronica M. Cotton and Frank Melville King Jr., $345,000.

Whistling Winds Walk, 5741-Shengjun Liu and Rong Guo to Kyung Nam Lim, $669,800.


Castile Ct., 9579-Quiana M. Holmes to Jonathan W. Kohlbauer, $309,000.

Eaglebeak Row, 5533-Cristi C. Whitfield and Katherine D. Campbell to John M. and Muna A. Dieser, $425,000.

Goose Landing Cir., 8884-Ronald J. and Theresa L. Wojdyla to Anya E. Tape, $260,000.

Lambskin Lane, 9025-Michael and Kimberly R. Krauss to Manuel A. Callejas and Diamina Sanchez, $255,000.

Majors Lane, 6097, No. 6-Subramanyam Nadavala and Kalpana Singh to Alejandro Ortiz Torres, $135,000.

Possum Ct., 6686-Christopher A. and Kara Brooks to Joseph and Connie Rae Baron, $394,900.

Warm Granite Dr., 8881, No. 26-Joan Hawkins to Meenakshi Chellaiah, $530,000.

Wind Rider Way, 6373-Patricia B. Scullen to Bradford J. Lazarus, $325,000.


Avalanche Way, 11203, No. B-Jean M. Poholsky to Susan E. Brown, $195,000.

Brighton Ridge Way, 10209, No. 91-Anthony David and Monique Dionne Lansey to Peter Clarence Kameo, $431,000.

Chase Lions Way, 5327-Nicole Clitton Lawrence to Philip J. Kolocotronis, $363,000.

Faulkner Ridge Cir., 10710-Jean Jackson and Alfred N. Simmons to Kristen Elizabeth Robinson and Sean Tener, $340,000.

Harpers Farm Rd., 5685, No. E-Mark L. Williams to Kathryn T. Kozero, $191,400.

Lynngate Rd., 5201-Erika Friedmann to Randolph C. Wheeler and Jeda Taylor, $510,000.

Red Stream Way, 12119-Wayne D. and Maureen A. Tucker to Juan and Denny Rengifo, $450,000.

Shepherd Sq., 6014, No. 26-Frank John Andrasco to Jesualdo Enrique Barbosa, $269,900.

Vantage Point Rd., 5513, No. 36-Gregory L. Bush to Devin Michele Dickerson and Lisa Rhiannon Dickerson Guerra, $290,000.


Blue Stream Dr., 7818-Hani and Ambreen Zaidi to Krushit Patel, $355,000.

Charu Lane, 7112-Richmond American Homes to Paul Ufuoma, Ibiene Boma and Ubiomo Sodein Oboh, $432,862.

Cozy Lane, 6724-Paul A. Griffin to James J. Rhodes III, $315,000.

Dagny Way, 7751-Beazer Homes Corp. to Haneesh Gonuguntla and Saimounika Arisetty, $433,794.

Elk Forest Ct., 5929-Gregory M. and Lisa A. Wolf to Tracy Denise Pettis Jones and Gary S. Jones Sr., $480,000.

Green Tree Ct., 8023-James C. Siwek Jr. to Brooke Biancheth, $265,300.

Landing Rd., 5741-Dorsey Family Homes Inc. to Premal and Pooja Shah, $715,000.

Manchester Way, 6244-Todd D. Schucker to Bradley R. and Rebecca J. Alvarez, $330,000.

Montgomery Rd., 6045-Robert Knudsen Builders Inc. to Diana Lynn Frizzell, $520,000.

Rigby Pl., 7403-Howard County Housing Commission to Samuel J. and Yookung Anna Yeom, $288,944.

Sedgwick St., 6487-Metro Home Buyers Corp. to Thomas Earl and Nadine Smith Lee, $370,000.

Willow Glen Way, 7312-Jonathan Allan Corun to Fridayal P. and Brian A. Richardson, $275,000.


Carroll Wind Dr., 2805-Steven and Terri Worrel to Richard Lee and Ginny Chol, $627,000.

Grove Rd. W., 8421-John Henry Harper to John and Rosemary Itakpe, $386,000.

Little Creek Dr., 5133-Richard J. and Jennifer A. Frediani to Eylia M. Gaitan and Han Kim, $635,000.

Montgomery Run Rd., 8375, No. E-Shala Alvi to Anil Kumar Andhavarapu and Akhila Sakala Bhaktula, $180,000.

Ramsgill Ct., 4715-Mary T. Dellario and Kirill B. Gorbachev to Joseph J. and Linda Anne M. Norton, $485,000.

Stone Hill Dr., 5012-William E. and Rebecca S. Gould to Douglas Andrew Orbaker and Sarah Diane Crimmins, $540,000.

Valley View Way, 2469-Pulte Home Co. Corp. to Sunil and Kaajal Ahuja, $852,914.


Elmwood Rd., 7707-Thomas E. England and Brian R. Armstong to Blake R. and Kristin M. Bloomfield, $840,000.

Tawes St., 8937-Michael and Kate Haaf to Justin and Melissa Kuczynski, $595,000.


Burntwoods Rd., 13825-Kevin Bielat to Grant Vix and Carrie Spear, $795,000.


Dorsey Mill Rd., 14500-William F. and Farida K. Ali Overholt to Chad and Traci Zobrisky, $570,000.


Noah Way, 6127-Live Fearless in Christ Corp. to Syed Jafar Hussain and Naaseha Fatima Rizvi, $479,500.


Birdhouse Cir., 9435, No. 31-Christiana Trust and Wilmington Savings Fund Society to Prashant Verma, $285,000.

Eden Brook Dr., 7341, No. F36-Douglas C. Freesland to Steven Sanville, $306,000.

Yellow Bonnet Pl., 7510-Vinson A. and Monica Saucedo to Jennifer Mullins and Kyle Grew, $502,500.


Ellen Way, 8111-Judith A. Emery to Kathryn S. Gill and Samantha A. Mason, $286,000.


Daly Ct., 9312-Drew L. and Laura Walston to Europa Afedi, $330,000.

Hesperian Dr., 10633-Robert and Wanda J. Murray to John L. and Emily M. Pagliaro, $485,500.

Knowledge Dr., 9734-M/I Homes of D.C. Corp. to Anna Tang Kwok, $517,232.

Love Song Ct., 10008-Surya B. and Padmalatha Yadlapalli to Amir S. Naviwala and Sara Alizai, $458,000.

Pamela Way, 8492, No. 112-Knowlton Atterbeary to Damanpreet Kaur, $263,000.

Spring Branch Ct., 8219-Farris I. and Tania Ayoub to Tagreed Kash and Mazen Khalil Dubbaneh, $470,800.


Bushy Park Rd., 15611-William H. and Mary Ellen Sturgeon to Kevin E. and Kimberly L. Forney, $1.04 million.


Bexley Dr., 2115-David E. and Andrea P. Black to Christopher P. and Diane C. Tiu, $400,000.