Anne Arundel County

These sales data recorded by the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation were provided by Black Knight Inc. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit


Blackwalnut Lane, 1203-Janet M. Adkins to Chelsea Glowacki and Lee Scott Ralston, $395,000.

Burnside St., 316, No. 501-Carol A. Holmes to Scott and Lisa Swift, $290,000.

Chester Ave., 116-Eleanor Niermann to Emil Joseph and Sara Ross Knoll, $1.29 million.

Drogue Ct., 3113-Joseph D. Morgan to Philip W. and Mallory C. Hoon, $590,000.

Harbor Rd., 1317-Richard J. and Meredith Gene Mewbourne Daprato to Kelley and Shawn Gordon, $315,000.

Hyde Park Dr., 1001-Patricia A. Hall to Kristine M. Neghban, $326,625.

Lake Heron Dr., 1130, No. 2A-Mary F.B. and Neil L. Seek to Daniel Peter George, $235,000.

Primrose Hill Lane, 50-Milkshake Corp. to Christopher Underwood, $340,000.

Severn Ave., 803-Gene R. Longo to Robert C. and Margaret J. MacNemar Radford, $619,000.

Tyler Ave., 1205-Christopher W. Henk to Heriberto E. and Luz E. Salazar, $175,000.

Windwhisper Lane, 28-Michael T. Shriner to Josephine L. Hinnegan, $435,000.


Ashers Farm Rd., 418-K. Hovnanian Homes of Maryland Corp. to Richard Jay Traub and Beth Susan Schlein, $605,926.

Bowie Ave., 201-Phoenix Property Developers Corp. to Robert and Jennifer Keating, $379,000.

Cape Saint John Rd., 292-Dana M. and Anthony J. Pawinski to Michael Sean Janzen, $535,000.

Cherry Grove Ave. S., 307-Ned H. and Sandra A. Criscimagna to John G. and Katherine Lucas Fitzpatrick, $499,000.

Conduit St., 160-Charles W. Weikel to Lise A.D. Andrea, $595,000.

Dubois Rd., 348-Robert Douglas and Amy G. Wilson to Leo D. and Inessa M. Owens, $849,000.

Glenwood St., 719, No. 45-MDVA Properties Corp. to Scott B. Palmer, $160,500.

Kingsbridge Ct., 1681-John L. Schaum and Virginia D. Allison to Kenneth A. and Barbara G. Minihan, $682,500.

Locust Ave., 25-Mallory A. Dietrich to Jennifer C. and David Horn, $525,000.

Maryland Ave., 5, No. 6-George I. and Patricia A. Brown to John P. and Carroll J. Aucella, $605,000.

Mockingbird Ct., 2817-Michael E. and Elizabeth M. Gonzalez to Jon C. and Danielle V. Bennett, $450,000.

Pearson Point Pl., 745-Tina Marie Nesheim and estate of Alexis Lynn Nesheim to Allison R. and David B. Miller, $545,000.

Powell Dr., 497-James A. and Judith T. Kennedy to David William and Jessica McDermott, $1.22 million.

Samuel Chase Way, 524-A. M. and Vicki S. Moore to Sonia Conty Latorre, $380,000.

Southaven Rd., 100-Robert G. and Donna Lee Simpson to Kyle N. Fletcher, $315,000.

Tudo Ct., 2511-Robert L., Arthur E. and Irene L. Smith to Gloria Ninke and Karen Anderson, $301,000.

Woodside Trail, 167-Robert Eugene and Laura Maheux West to Ryan C. and Kristin D. Tashma, $435,000.


Admirals Ridge Dr., 120-Calatlantic Group Inc. to Brandon Sean and Sonia Epps, $459,990.

Bay Dale Ct., 511-Jason S. and Melissa A. Hopp to Mary Adrienne J. Mickler and Elwy M. Zissis, $325,000.

Caddie Dr., 1268-Cameron and Sarah J. Warner to Michele W. Davis, $324,900.

Chautaugua Rd., 95-Marilyn B. DeYoung and Katherine M. Grady to Everett R. and Abigail H. DeVries, $474,250.

Elmridge Rd., 22-James Craig and Tiffany McKee Dean to Dana A. and Heather Gausepohl, $586,000.

Greenleaf Cir., 270-Matthew Parlette and Jessica Felline to Susan M. Kozel, $274,000.

Match Point Dr., 735-Thomas Andrew Olenchock to Santos M. Hernandez and Flor De Maria Chavez Hernandez, $240,000.

Mill Creek Rd., 868-Barb K. Kinlin and Barb Kamm to Eric Dale and Loretta Stewart, $843,000.

Rosslare Ct., 1001-Zachary R. and Nicole A. Yoder to Andrew P. and Leanne E. Bulla, $565,000.

Silver Oak Lane, 1410-DR Horton Inc. to Donald E. and Trisha D. Burke, $659,990.

Tall Tree Trail, 142-Ivan Caplan to Erica and Michael Corless, $472,500.


Canonade Ct., 1650-Robert and Jill Seitz to Nikola and Tracey Helen Clark Stajka, $327,500.

Crestview Dr., 1121-Shane A. Swatz to Nashota L. and John E. Jackson, $420,000.

Harbor View Terr., 848-John T. Meyers and estate of Robert Thomas Meyers to Daniel and Ashley Buswell, $540,000.

Holly Dr. S., 879-Thomas A. and Jennifer L. Sheppard to Joanne Crouse, $615,000.

Meadowgate Dr., 230-Dawn Linderman to Douglas D. and Stephanie D. Carter Coe, $930,000.

Neptune Pl., 1170-George W. and Cathleen M. Wahi to Jessica Fellows and David Fitzgerald Williams, $380,000.

Secretariat Dr., 1631-Kimberly A. McDewell and Ruth C. Klein to Emery R. Jefferies, $190,000.


Berkley Manor Lane, 5505-Betty M. and Roger L. Ledbetter to Rodney and Rachael Monn, $345,000.

Deale Churchton Rd., 5574-Sunil Ahuja and Om Parkash Gera to Christopher James Quade, $360,000.


Arcola Ct., 1500-Nicholas P. and Melissa S. Manzione to Douglas D. and Patti P. Scott, $340,000.

Cranston Ct., 1130-Kelley Delaine Marlow to Katherine Glenson, $270,000.

Elwyn Ave., 1528-Leonard D. and Samantha J. Doncette to Christine N. and Stephen M. Harrison, $550,000.

Fernham Ct., 1735-Bryan Keith Wade to Kelly Smith, $265,000.

Good Hope Dr., 1716-Bernard F. and Laura M. Denno to Timothy R. and Kathleen M. Brozek, $522,750.

Jeffrey Dr., 1148-Crystal A. Silvetti and estate of John M. Villa to David and Mary Kate Mullins McGarvey, $305,000.

Montauk Dr., 2302-Mustafa R. Tankut to Adam James Koepsel, $350,000.

Price Rd., 2703-Craig L. and Bonny L. Layton to Matthew P. and Laura A. Davis, $520,000.

Seven Oaks Terr., 1901-Alphonse R. and Betty Gauthier to Steven C. and Joanne Drielak, $227,000.

Thistle Brooke Ct., 1401-Erin Michael and Chelsea Berry Iliff to Eric and Jessica Brusgard, $575,000.

Whites Ferry Pl., 1847-Kathleen Cecelia Harjess to Timothy Robinson and Beverly Estelle Slavin, $324,100.


Plum Creek Dr., 1032-Craig S. Gegorek to Brian and Leeanne Combs, $770,000.

Waterview Dr., 960-Suzanne Torrence Stadig and estate of Jeanne McCready Roby to Peter E. and Jessica A. Fant, $465,000.


Hollow Glen Ct., 1328-Thomas Gregory Grillo to Genesis Mota, $275,000.

Waterway Ct., 1349-Clark H. and Maria F. Crook Castan to Judy Sanford, $326,000.


Doyles Lane, 2504-Joseph Brooks to Natalie Palugyai and Ryan Buras, $785,000.

Saint George Barber Rd., 938-Crab Construction Corp. to Felipe R. and Jessica C. De Vega, $650,000.

Wayson Rd., 3955-Laurence and Thomas Young to Ralph Henry and Stacey Elizabeth Pridgen, $425,000.


Johns Cir., 919B-George W. Contos to Christine Hickey, $389,000.


Bayview Dr., 333-Raymond and Calra Robinson to Paul P. Fowler, $265,000.

Colony Point Pl., 326-Carol A. Nuthall to Judith C. Palensky, $460,000.

Homeport Dr., 21-William Donald and Francine Harriet Davis to Bradley Niel Perseke, $1.83 million.

Millhaven Dr., 2118, No. 16-Travis Lee Klein to Eric H. and April L. Skogerboe, $359,900.

Pocahontas Dr., 3429-K. Hovnanian at Southpoint Corp. to James T. and Amanda S. Denison, $799,990.

Quantico Rd., 1740-Jana Davis to Olivia Back, $231,900.

Selby Blvd., 854-Estate of Judy G. Darr to Kathleen Burdett, $244,900.

Shore Dr. W., 3928-Robert H. Pribble to Teresa Marie and Anthony J. Clark, $775,000.

Tilden Way, 263-Sarah R. and Jeremy D. Little to Thomas Aden Murphy, $315,000.

Washington Rd., 130-Edward E. Gray and estate of Frances P. Gray to Macy Arizona and April D. Walker, $271,100.


Annapolis Rd., 892-Christopher M. and Sarah A. Ault to Jonathan C. and Randi R. Wooding, $445,000.

Brodick Lane, 2005-Rachel Ann Seitz and Jeremy Marcus to Edwin and Angela Kibbe Drummond, $650,000.

Fall Circle Way, 958-GC Corp. to Gregory and Tahirah Burley, $384,900.

Halls Grove Rd., 2311-Robert O. and Susan Butta Cavender to Melissa S. and Nicholas P. Manzione, $650,000.

Hyacinth Lane, 2507-US Home Corp. to Naveen Kumar Minumula and Rohini Manda, $455,290.

Maccubbin Lane, 618-NVR Inc. to Antonio and Bibiana Vasconez, $727,104.

Silver Way, 2319-Steven M. Sindler and estate of Harry F. Krause to Larry Quang Pham, $310,000.

Winfields Lane, 1530-William R. and Linda Lou Augustine to Poonam B. and Tara C. Pathak, $637,900.


Baylor Rd., 308-Thomas M. Owens to Michael Brian and Sarah Marie Jensen, $279,900.

Cathedral Dr., 1202-Christina Murray and Judith Chamberlin to Walter Max Heiland, $205,000.

Crownsway, 7933-MC Hammer and Nail Investments Corp. to Philip James and Jenna Rae Barr, $355,000.

Elm Ave., 406-Dolores J. and Jason Kaline to Daquan R. Mincy and Adrienne D. Burrell, $289,900.

Foxtree Dr., 213-Yupadee P. Marion to Michael J. and Kim Lan Selig, $237,500.

Jackson Ave., 8-Larry E. Williams to Laray Williams, $240,000.

Lacrosse Lane NE, 6427-Charles P. Hand to William Louis Mitan Jr., $189,000.

MacKintosh Dr., 244-Marianna A. and Richard N. Cappiello to Stephanie Metts, $324,900.

Morningside Dr., 524-Stoney Creek Capital Corp. to Marianne N. Rudiman, $251,500.

Saunders Way, 1721-Michael J. Sterans to Amanda Scott, $220,000.

Westphalia Ct., 631-Triple L. Construction Corp. to Mir I. Sanjida, $225,000.

Willowdale Ct., 602-Mark W. and Rachel Mattei to Phuc B. and Thuy Nhung T. Nguyen, $388,813.

First Ave. SW, 406-Michael McGowan to Rebecca N. Derssel and Timothy M. Huggins, $257,500.


Dale Rd., 827-MDW Homes Corp. to Kerri A. Miller, $247,500.

Elton St., 8041-Christian and Ashley Cullen to Christopher J. Rodman, $285,000.

Gatewater Ct., 352, No. F-Audrey Simpson to Edward Paul Bowley Jr., $160,000.

Gunther Pl., 225-Dan Ryan Builders Mid-Atlantic Corp. to Keith A. Hilliard, $310,000.

Hummingbird Dr., 7179-Patrick and Ashley N. Carpenter to Brad and Taylor White, $334,900.

Louise Terr., 123-Susan Carol Baker and Donna Leigh Early to Julia M. Flickner and Paul Ryan Weaver, $190,000.

Mockingbird Cir., 7284-Harish and Deepa S. Chava to Mark Kreul, $350,000.

Overhill Rd., 7715A-Chessie Homes Corp. to William S. Ball II, $307,500.

William Chambers Jr Dr., 131-CFA RE Corp. to Charles A. Whitney and Mary T. Doyle, $375,000.


Breezy Knoll Lane, 7923-Pulte Home Company Corp. to Jose Luis De Jesus Calderon, $411,096.

Clovis Way, 8026-Pulte Home Company Corp. to Breanna S. Walston and Ariana T. McKeithen Mead, $421,490.

Fairbanks Ct., 7656-Clayton M. and Bonnie A. Womack to Gina Marie Palmieri and Cody O’Neill, $208,000.

Fieldstone Ct., 1727-Stoney R. Corp. to Jacob Edward and Mehwish Q. Dinota, $363,000.

Gigur Dr., 7604-Calatlantic Group Inc. to Thomas Keiser and Kim Bronson, $525,213.

Lindley Dr., 1602-Wells Fargo Bank to Kebede Desta Tadesse, $441,099.

Oakley Lane, 1533-Kimberly A. and Kevin A. Auker to Charles J. Bell III, $373,000.

Rutland Way, 1559-Premal B. and Pooja P. Shah to Byong H. and Eun J. Lee, $374,000.


Princes Lane, 274-Steven Willsey and estate of Samuel G. Willsey to Steven Patrick Knopf, $481,000.


Marvin Lane, 2809-Calatlantic Group Inc. and Ryland Group Inc. to Cheryl Lynn Patterson, $335,000.

Sommers Ct., 2419-Calatlantic Group Inc. to Jung and Sarah Woo, $390,377.


Bramblebush Lane, 116-Demosthenes and Angelika B. Malatras to Brandon C. Scott, $305,000.

Hammerstone Rd., 3510-Beverley A. Knight to Bakarr S. and Kondeh Bangura, $340,000.

Purple Leaf Lane, 3235-Gurpreet Singh and Jasprit Kaur Matta to Samuel O. Ogunnubi, $335,000.

Tribeca Trail, 3508-US Home Corp. to Danish Mirza Ahmad and Humna Umar Farooq, $397,490.


Baltimore Annapolis Blvd., 6841-Angelo V. Montante to Jose Acevedo and Alejandrina Valentin, $190,000.

Mansion Rd., 33-Donald J. and Jane Fowler to Jeremiah P. and Caitlin J. Turpin, $280,500.

Sycamore Rd., 234-Douglas M. and Erin L. Kloiber to Chris Rizzutti, $320,000.


Teton Dr., 660-Paul M. and Mary M. Reynolds to Matthew R. and Sonia P. Ballantine, $505,000.


Merlot St., 118-Richmond American Homes to Nicole Marie Farrall and Devin Harrison Murphy, $387,500.

Pembrooke Ct., 526-Robert C. Wieber to George A. and Shannon M. Henson, $200,000.

Scarlet Oak Rd., 390-Roger C. and Regina T. Tjarks to Joshua Ryan and Sara Virginia Herring, $600,000.


Walnut Ave., 664-John P. Winburn and Bonita L. Hollis to Pedro Huyustus Fortun Ibanez and Monica L. Velasco, $580,000.


Black Cherry Way, 809-Brycia J. and Joseph K. Kiewlak to Giovanni Vito and Amanda Woodwell Alberotanza, $530,000.

Capistrano Way, 8615-Radian Guaranty Inc. to Taikei Ara Miella Jarmon, $252,000.

Clarion Ct., 2602, No. 102-Federal National Mortgage Association to Vivian T. Avery Rollins, $190,000.

Commodore Ct., 2108-Benjamin M. Livingston to Matthew Moisan, $300,000.

Edge Creek Lane, 251-Alvin and Nancy J. Wilson to Chiara Taylor, $305,000.

Gardenia Ct., 1925-Department of Veterans Affairs to John Bosley, $212,500.

Harvest Run Dr., 707, No. 301-Ana R. Hardy and Amy M. Teletchea to Lakeisha Tutt, $219,900.

Mericrest Way, 806-Meierbeck Properties Corp. to Lori A. Maldini, $385,000.

Orchard Knoll Way, 2507-Stephen F. and Christine W. Halligan to Jason M. and Jessica Brynarsky, $295,000.

Pinecove Ave., 222-Maria Elena Ramirez to Warren E. Kirby III, $316,500.

Saint Michaels Cir., 230-Arthur L. and Shelley Jennings to Rhonda Terrell and Russell Davis Nickelson, $310,000.

Sunny Ridge Dr., 3019-NVR Inc. to Michael and Dorothy Churn Lapenta, $658,785.

Sweet Flag Ct., 3113-NVR Inc. to Peter and Gertrude Baer, $667,124.

Willow Leaf Lane, 8647-Jacqueline K. Eikenberg Matthews to Lam Van Pham and My Anh T. Nguyen, $254,900.


Abbey Ct., 8034F-William D. Moomau to Anthony L. Warns, $142,000.

Apple Leaf Ct., 4110-Bryan James Adamic to Eric Streeter, $278,900.

Beach Dr., 7581-Federal National Mortgage Association to Zachary Simmpson, $250,000.

Black Rock Harbour, 8602-Bank of America and Carrington Mortgage Serivices Inc. to Erich R. Baumgartner, $169,500.

Bush Ave., 7612-Monica E. Ridenour to John and Kelly Phillips, $368,000.

Catherine Ave., 8065-Ward W. Griffith to Brittney Ann Boynton, $257,000.

Daydream Cres., 8323-US Home Corp. to Fawnn Hamilton, $308,760.

Elizabeth Rd., 7812-Marcia Harrison Patterson and Marcia Blair to John James Patterson, $266,000.

Green Mountain Ct., 322-Christian and Laura Hartman to Angela J. and Nicholas K. Pearson, $251,015.

Hunter Rd., 1224-Lindsay S. Guercio Feliciano to Christina L. Day, $218,000.

Kenwood Rd., 238-Ashley L. Miller to Alfred A. Day Jr., $299,900.

Lochearn Ct., 3503, No. 503E-Casey Hall to Christopher and Deane Milby, $138,000.

Magothy Beach Rd., 289-Jennifer M. and James D. Denault to Nicholas S. and Katelyn R. Pangle, $275,000.

Meridian Dr., 7935-K. Hovnanian Homes of Maryland Corp. to Patricia Lynn Delfs and Saman Sinai, $531,318.

Mulberry Ridge Ct., 202-Andrew and Alexis Haab to Norris W. Roy and Donneice Schools, $270,000.

Notley Rd., 7716-Donna M. and James M. Gorman to Latanya Mason and Kelvin Ndubuisi, $252,000.

Pleasantview Ave., 406-Joseph F. and Amanda K. Smith to Anthony and Heather Maranto, $387,500.

Riverside Dr., 272-Pride Homes Corp. to Paul Hatchik and Katie Mandilian, $281,500.

Sandy Beach Dr., 117-James A. and Elizabeth Anne Jackson to Zachariah Freeze and Krystal Marie Jacob, $285,000.

Silver Run Dr., 1243-MTGLQ Investors to Jerry Grant Roberts, $281,500.

Tuggies Rd., 1308-Leeba M. Menzies to Chris Dang and Kathy Mai Thao Pham, $304,000.

Water Oak Point Rd., 7832-Ossama A. and Sammy Sallam to Laura A. Keller and Jeffrey Bruso, $455,000.

White Star Crossing, 8272-Timberlake Creekstone Corp. to Tierra L. Montgomery, $404,862.


Breckenridge Cir., 1250-David Hodges and Joan M. Childs to Shaleen M. Liberatore, $394,000.


Argonaut St., 7711-Jerome V. Smith to George Olufemi and Funmilola Olaniyan, $270,000.

Brookstone Ct., 8017, No. 69-Devin H. Blake to Shane Chinonn Rhoden and Carita Young, $220,000.

Canyon Oak Dr., 8335-Toll VII Partnership to Steven L. and Melina N. Cole, $677,094.

Clark Station Rd., 8007-Saad Ayyub to Janee L. and Renee Potts, $439,900.

Hatton Ct. W., 8202-Sandra Michocki to Cassandra and Tyler Narby, $414,000.

Lexington Dr., 8517-Stefanie Lyle and Justin R. Miller to Christian Tyler and Ashley N. Cullen, $455,000.

Sunhaven Way, 7807-Evan and Kathryn Zaletel to Harpal Chudasama, $409,900.

Wieker Rd. S., 906-Bart M. Griffin to Harry C. and Brittney N. Johnson, $365,000.


Baltimore Annapolis Blvd., 767-Anthony Michael Stevens to Matthew and Jennifer Frick, $360,000.

Boone Trail, 51-Arthur D. and Judith S. Ebersberger to Wayne J. Schepens and Jennifer L. Schepens, $2.25 million.

Cypress Ridge Dr., 244-Ryan and Leslie McKenzie to Paul M. Buono and Erin C. McVeigh, $607,000.

Fernwood Dr., 409-Bright Real Estate Solutions Corp. to Jordan and Elizabeth Douglas, $500,000.

Heavitree Lane, 505-Black Dogs Real Estate Investment Corp. to Dierdre E. Balderston, $679,000.

Knollwood Rd., 573-Michael A. Zampi to Simon and Pinar Merfeld, $519,000.

Marnel Dr., 62- Jean Ann Dayan and Clyde J. Villernez Jr. to Richard and Angela Ottoson, $450,000.

Melrose Lane, 530-Francis S. and Helen M. Sevec to Richard W. and Katherine A. Taylor, $275,000.

Rock Cove Lane, 650-Janice Rita Daponte Antinucci and Maria A. Stalzer to Christopher J. Goan, $1.2 million.

Saint Martins Lane, 484-Llewellyn D. and Lolita M. Means to Giorgio and Autumn Raimondi, $539,000.

Truck House Rd., 200-Kenneth R. and Ninetta Gift to Christopher Young, $605,000.


Bay View Ave., 1190-Rare Inc. to Jim and Camille Walburn, $220,000.

West Shady Side Rd. E., 1408-Ryan and Christopher McQueeney to Llewellyn D. and Lolita M. Means, $555,000.

Howard County

These sales data recorded by the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation were provided by Black Knight Inc. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit


Folly Quarter Rd., 12835-Barbara E. Prettyman to Carolyn Sue Hammond Jurgelewicz, $750,000.

High Point Rd., 4033-John Quentin and Linda C. Breidenbach to Abiodun Adebanjo, $544,000.

Parsley Dr., 9404-Randys Rehab Corp. to Linshu Wang and Yaohua Chenh, $512,500.

Underoak Dr., 3621-Stephen A. Anisko to Young L. and Rebecca L. Park, $435,000.


Great Star Dr., 5900, No. 307-Christopher Morris and estate of Elizabeth J. Licht to Kamala R. Madduru, $360,000.


Battler Ct., 9482-Wilma H. and John D. Kilroy to Sakina and Leonard Campbell, $350,000.

Cornshock Ct., 9333-Michael C. Malchodi and Andrea D. Kodys to Mark Keenan and Jordan Henderson, $350,000.

Early Red Ct., 6303-Clement T. and Jacqueline D. Troutman to Andrew M. Miller and John C. Linsenmeyer, $287,500.

Greenblade Garth, 6189-Lydia A. Overton to Susan J. Pefferly, $320,000.

Lasting Light Way, 7162-Meagan Dermer and Louie Ruland to Kyle J. DeVault and Rongki Ma, $308,000.

Millrace Ct., 5960, No. B303-Robert H. and Olivia S. Vaught to Christopher B. Kim, $212,500.

Phelps Luck Dr., 5603-Joel W. and Heather M. Haffey to Luis M. Tavarez Arce and Monique L. Rivera Velez, $430,000.

Quilting Way, 6567-Federal National Mortgage Association to Freddy Luis Gonzales and Lizette Villavicencio, $330,000.

Tamar Dr., 8730, No. 10-2-Howard Realty Corp. to Kathryn E. Bailey and Everett J. Warren, $260,000.

Winter Rose Path, 7167-Tyler A. Loertscher to Theresa Johnson, $295,000.


Aver Ct., 5122-David I. and Barbara M. Polonsky to Peter and Donna Both, $552,000.

Buckleberry Path, 11314-Anand S. and Ranjana Bhasin to Hanny Carp Martinovici, $512,500.

Columbia Rd., 4922, No. 6-James L. Lightfoot Jr. to Kelly L. Seidel, $210,000.

Forestvale Ct., 6102-Tina Lynne Heyler to Christopher and Christina Judith Ardith Weist, $470,000.

Green Mountain Cir., 5539, No. 5-William G. Brall to Jing Shen, $116,888.

Hickory Ridge Rd., 10871-Deutsche Bank National Trust Company and Ocwen Loan Servicing Corp. to Zhengwu Lu and Jiangtian Fang, $349,650.

Minute Hand Ct., 6111-Dena Engineering Corp. to Noam and Rebecca L. Bentov, $525,000.

Reedy Brook Lane, 4949-John W. and Mary H. Kelly to James Kim, $500,000.

Smooth Meadow Way, 5364, No. 1-Marlon and Rosa E. DeMacia to Veronica Olga Lopez Morales, $153,000.

Warfield Pl., 10810, No. 104-Barbara J. Simmons to Anthony O’Brien and Meghan Whitefield, $315,000.

Willow Bottom Dr., 11106-John Ray and Susan W. Hallman to Donald G. and Cindy Lou Reppert Ault, $575,000.


Ten Oaks Rd., 4511-Donald E. and Diane Crane to Eduardo and Silvia L. Sicalo, $570,000.


Bluff Point Lane, 7625-Daniel Baylor to John D. and Marita L. Teabo, $290,000.

Charu Lane, 7114-Richmond American Homes to Muhammad Asim, $425,605.

Cross Ivy Rd., 6311-Daniel G. Severn to Melissa T. and Wayne Heslop, $325,000.

Dagny Way, 7753-Beazer Homes Corp. to Robert Kodi and Ruth Nandhego Kitimbo, $305,843.

Elkridge Crossing Way, 7292-Richmond American Homes to Seong Cheol and Cho Young Kim, $443,000.

Hunter Rd., 6720-Raymond F. Lamb to Bruce D. Pinder Jr., $335,000.

Marioak Dr., 7853-Luis Jaime Mendoza and Jessica L. Marquina to En H. Huang and Mei Q. Chan, $280,000.

Montgomery Rd., 6425-Dale R. and Amy M. Beauchamp to Christopher James Suraci and Michael Christopher Brotzman, $420,000.

Pettigrew St., 7918-Aditya Vinnakota to Guoming Yan and Guanyu Wang, $370,000.

Rowanberry Dr., 5701, No. 108-Theodora M. O’Connell Maust to Wilbert Balmori Bonilla, $185,500.

Stearman Ct., 5878-Joseph P. and Lisa M. Martinez to Charles Olaleye, $678,800.


Bonnie Branch Rd., 5079-Pugh Construction Corp. to Jason A. Weddington, $608,000.

Chapel Manor Lane, 8103-Ali M. and Eileen G. Morsy to Husam Nizar Asfari and Zehra Phyllis Akyurt, $706,500.

Falling Leaves Ct., 7813-Brian and Kristin Parme to Cathy Chen, $335,000.

Harrogate Rd., 4906-Charles C. and Elizabeth L. McGuire to Steven Sharkey, $579,000.

Lodi Lane, 4912-Justin B. and Melanie Casinelli to Jeffrey A. and Nikita Leiter, $840,000.

Montgomery Run Rd., 8381, No. L-Aaron J. and Kelly M. Wilson to Vivek Khatri and Kiersten Noelle Goins, $186,000.

Ridge Rd., 8679-John F. and Monica F. Harris to Yuzheng Hu and Fengji Geng, $335,000.

Stonecrest Dr., 4351-Dae Hyun and Junghee Jee to Sivakumar B. Kaviyappa and Vijitha Palani, $790,000.


Tilghman St., 7769-Larry Schwartz and Rhona L.K. Schowald to Rachel M. Regan and Ira A. Morris, $670,000.


Burntwoods Rd., 13835-Arns Inc. to Matthew and Emilie Sullivan, $620,550.


Meadow Mill Way, 14412-Charles C. and Leanne P. Harrison to Jasper F. and Karina Graham, $1.23 million.


Beaumont Pl., 7109, No. A-US Home Corp. to Matthew Brice and Andrea Faye Gardner, $397,990.


Deer Valley Rd., 7004-Brighton Homes Corp. to Nathaniel and Amanda Low, $627,500.


Mission Rd., 8170, No. 1-Deepaben A. and Arvinkumar L. Prajapati to David L. and Dhara D. Pickett, $310,000.

Spring Water Path, 9412-Maribeth Walke to Christopher and Krista Macgahan, $420,000.


Blue Sea Dr., 8849-Dena Engineering Corp. to Alice F. Jackson and Andrew Ruef, $525,000.

Guilford Rd., 9406-Imran Jamil to Sherwin Farhang, $357,000.


Patapsco Ridge Rd., 12138-Henryton Corp. to Marcie Koenig, $460,000.


Evening Bird Lane, 9715-Andres Alvarez to Max R. Larez and Oscar G. Pachano, $415,000.

Jaclyn Ct., 9518-Rajbir and Sukhveer Singh to Hunter Somerville and Alison Mariano, $410,000.

Knowledge Dr., 9755-M/I Homes of D.C. Corp. to Stuart William and Laura G. Simms, $480,912.

Maxwell Ct., 9269-MTGLQ Investors LP to Stephen K. Thomas, $300,000.

Twin Fawn Trail, 9923-Beazer Homes Corp. to Sanjay and Malathy Gupta, $561,114.


Carriage Mill Rd., 14709-Lori A. Baker Fritsch to Qingsong Sun and Ting Zhang, $605,000.