Anne Arundel County

These sales data recorded by the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation were provided by Black Knight Inc. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit


Adams St., 322-David L. and Michele E. Frost to Hadley H. Moore and Robert M. Hastings Jr., $550,000.

Bay Ridge Ave., 1211-Edith Schlossenberg and estate of Lyndal Rae Ward to Vanessa Dobrick, $345,000.

Bay View Dr. W., 121-Edward C. and Eileen S. Shepperd to Joann J. Young, $968,000.

Carrollton Rd., 2679-Charles E. and Jennifer Christensen to Lisa Woodward, John Storer and Jane Colcock Lunt, $610,000.

Fair Hill Ct., 407-GybeSet Investments to Jonathan and Mary Pasterick, $640,000.

Harbor Dr., 506-John L. and Christina A. Wilhelm to Kevin Donnelly and Erin Conley, $515,000.

Hyde Park Dr., 1035-David J. and Haley Jurkowski to Patricia Gonzalez and Miroslav Sherovski, $385,000.

Parkwood Ave., 816-Robin D. and Gale M. White to William S. and Gail E. Herald, $820,000.

Quiet Waters Pl., 133-Andrew P. and Abigail M. Kellogg to Enidia Santiago Arce and Nicholas W. Brown, $297,500.

Thorn Ct., 4-the estate of David C. Manning and Terrell J. Briggs to Jose S. Mejia Canales, $309,500.

Yachtsman Way, 963-Aaron and Amy Moeller to Yvette Worgo, $295,000.


Autumn Chase Dr., 251-William A. and Julia P. Long to Angela H. and Russell Paul Berard, $585,000.

Brewer St., 3-Norvain Sharps to Dijon Robert Brooks, $235,000.

Cherry Grove Ave. S., 110-John Wesley and Tricia Lee Irvin to James C. and Jessica S. Praley, $645,000.

Conduit St., 88-James Pasco to Carl A. Balurock, $1.18 million.

Coxswain Way, 805, No. 103-Kimberly M. Esterson and Victoria L. Chisholm to Ellen W. Gibson, $323,000.

Harbour Heights Dr., 30-Jennifer Welles Lane to David A. Murnane, $285,000.

Marconi Cir., 1929-Ann Collins and Margaret Waldron to Mario M. Salas, $260,000.

Murray Ave., 44-Joan Bennett to Raiff M. and Regina L. Margerum, $470,000.

Phillips Terr., 2003, No. 11-Karen A. Shavatt to Jillian Ritson, $240,000.

Riva Rd., 2574, No. 13A-Francine B. Culp to Marjorie Kuehn, $165,000.

Schley Rd., 425-David Chase and Natalie Rae Phillips to Sue Ann Torr, $472,500.

Shipmaster Way, 2900, No. 101-Karen T. Weikle and Philip G. Thomas to Jay J. Gibson, $180,000.

Southgate Ave., 77-Debora Smith to Gregory J. and Janice E. Dunn, $675,000.

Tripp Creek Ct., 623-Andre T. and Jody T. Tayor to Jose M. Duran, $244,900.

Westwood Rd., 221-Elizabeth M. Wicker Johnson to Kristian Erik and Sara Carter Wiggert, $730,000.

First St., 204-William B. and Amy Rowntree to Breeyn Daria Mack, $365,000.


Bay Dale Ct., 510-Thomas and Ashlee Mitchell to Robert Matthew Kountz and Kaitlyn P. Roos, $315,000.

Briarcliff Rd., 1516-Robert S. Burnett and estate of Norma L. Burnett to David D. Belt, $360,000.

Clausen Lane, 1006-Robert Charles Pette and Morgan Ashley McLoud to Jason S. and Melissa A. Hopp, $525,000.

Falcon Nest Ct., 1405-Michael Ho Smythe to Thomas Francis and Maria A. Burns, $330,000.

Farley Ct. N., 1226-Garth D. and Kristin L. Witmer to Matthew T. and Caileen S. Sheehan, $295,000.

Lakeview Dr. N., 785-Ellis Lee Kincer to David and Maryan Giddens, $395,000.

Melissa Ct., 576-Nancy E. Martin Rowe to Amanda Helene Shenton, $295,000.

Ridgeway E., 1422-Kimberly A. and Derek S. Christensen to Jane B. Belew, $450,000.

Ternwing Dr., 337-Cory and Marisa Sherman to Matthew and Amy Lee Cornelius, $360,000.

White Coral Ct., 1189-Michael K. Traynor to Samantha R. Rodriguez, $234,000.


Cedar Hill Rd. W., 619-David C. Henneberry Jr. and Taylor A. Mast to Armen H. and Caro Manokian, $235,000.

Old Riverside Rd., 227-Art Homes Corp. to Alexandra Kee, $136,500.

Sixth Ave., 10-P.J. Property Corp. to Carmelo Rodriguez III and Roni T. Cindrich, $296,000.

10th Ave., 2-Andrea M. Gwinn to James D. and Shannon A. Waterbury, $235,000.

18th Ave., 311-NRZ Reo VIII Corp. to Stephen N. Yost, $156,000.


Blue Ridge Pl., 1224-Reiss Kuczera to Adrienne L. and Daniel P. Sheldon, $375,500.

Chester Town Cir., 1531-William Fred and Keri L. Adams to Jamie M. Myers and Matthew J. Bem, $345,000.

Edwards Rd., 615-Christopher Herold to Gena Marie and George Angelo Kosmides, $421,500.

Hampton Rd., 1219-Teresa Marie Grysikiewicz to Susanne Cornelia and William Patrick Fouse, $395,000.

Lake Claire Dr., 1033-Matthew J. and Amanda H. Shenton to Charles A. and Meredith R. Smith, $378,044.

Mount Holly Dr., 956-Joseph A. Spiegel to Andrew Cleverdon and Kathleen Cima, $345,000.

Ramblewood Dr., 1234-Sarah and Jeff J. Ree to Judith M. and Eugene L. Vester, $379,000.

Riverboat Ct., 1107-Shannon M. Smith Carpenter to Christa Marie Cianchetta, $236,000.

Skyway Dr., 1161-John R. and Lois Ann Crider to Roy L. Gertz, $255,000.

Westchester Ct., 1653-Jonathan A. and Randi L. Altschuler to Kimberly Anne and Garret Christopher Goldstein, $949,000.


Delaware Ave., 1146-Kathy Sue Campbell and Frank E. Brown to Michael and Hatice Biddle, $314,900.


Aberdeen Cir., 1769-Brenda K. Collins to Eric Gray, $279,900.

Bancroft Lane W., 1700A-Patricia E. McManus and Richard P. Bowne to Ryan E. Kelly, $180,000.

Ellsworth Ave., 1530-Frederick J. Menosky to Joshua M. and Jessica A. Lewis, $479,000.

Farlow Ave., 1525-Warren D. Young to Bridget T. Holt, $574,900.

Knights Bridge Turn, 1423-George M. and Judy G. Plamer to Christopher J. and Alyssa Lee Penna Williamson, $440,000.

Marlborough Ct., 1544-Edward J. Beenick to Ian D. and Poppy J. Busby, $259,500.

Murdoch Ct., 1015-Justin W. Roath and Grace Kalakay to Christina Limura, $272,950.

Sharwood Pl., 1844-Freestate Investments Properties Corp. to Bryan Gary Bresslin, $289,900.

Stratton Rd., 1725-Richard E. and Lauren R. Holzer to Lindsay Wright and Joshua Winger, $510,000.

Tupello Pl., 1902-Patricia Walsh to Allan D. and Elaine Kaye Storm, $190,000.

Walleye Dr., 1695-William and Mary K. Beechwood to April Wainwright, $270,000.

Windy Oak Ct., 2538-Jean Marie Tayman Johnson to Valerie Gilles, $322,000.


Birch Trail, 820-Charlotte Byrd to Geoffrey W. and Koren Donnor, $369,500.

Habersham Pl., 1500-Steven W. and Mary Kay DeGeorge to Marjorie R. and Bryan James Roach, $785,000.

Lake Rd., 383-Milton A. Chace to Timothy M. Buck, $405,000.

Ripley Rd., 1222-Joshua Stuart Anson and Hailey Lauren F. De Castro to John T. and Becky K. Litz, $625,000.

Sunrise Beach Rd., 1227-Erica M. Fensom to Erin Elisabeth Mack and Sean Patrick Scholfield, $583,000.


Chestnut Wood Ct., 902-Stephen J. and Jaide Burnette to Kayla Marie Pichini, $235,000.

End Dr. E., 7930-Jennifer E. Sharp to Vincente P. and Jessica A. Neale, $289,900.

Main St., 7925-Wills Real Estate Investment Corp. to George Tyler and Tina Lynn Briemann, $275,000.

Riverwood Way, 1329-Billy and Laura Adams to Matthew Ryan and Madison Blair Roth, $324,000.


Fox Creek Lane, 2412-Bassford Harrison Palmer Corp. to William Franklin and Lindsay Michelle Clarke, $550,000.

Lavall Dr., 1285-Shihcheng S. and Elizabeth A. Hu to Adam P. and Latham T. Hudson, $700,000.

William Meade Ct., 907-Michael and Maria Davis to Anthony D. and Doreen Gloria Blake Martin, $879,000.


Main St., 907-William L. and Brenda M. Ellis to Gregory Greenwell Jr. and Lauren Thornton, $317,500.


Bayview Point Dr., 533-Robert W. and Lynda L. Leimbach to Deborah Longen and Christopher Cauthen Judy, $415,000.

Colony Point Pl., 378-Robert E. and Barbara A. Mason to Cheryl P. Neidig, $455,000.

Holly Ave., 851-William Morganstern to Chelsea and Brett Casna, $275,000.

Oldtown Rd., 1702-Tanya Renee Minion to Julie Marqaurdt, $360,000.

River Landing Rd. S., 1050-Michael K. and Marie Yates to William C. and Sylvia N. Mitchell, $900,000.

Shesley Rd., 1225-Courtney Anne Hughes to Jonathan and Victoria Fitzgerald, $455,000.

Stuart Rd., 1562-Allen R. and Sarah A. Minick to Robert and Christine Lacroix, $465,000.

Fourth Ave., 3701-Lynne A. Weise to Patricia M. Stecklein, $235,000.


Autumn Valley Lane, 912-Gregory W. and Sarah E. Croxford to Oscar Hurtado Gonzales and Sarah Hendricks, $335,000.

Chapel Lake Dr., 2610, No. 111-Stonetrust Homes Corp. to Charles R. and Donna E. McKeever, $219,990.

Heather Stone Dr., 2435-Charles and Deven Shikes to Olatokunboh O. Abereoje, $625,000.

Macallister Lane, 2419-B.A. Williams Corp. to Christopher and Tracy Mills, $740,000.

Silver Way, 2312-Carrie E. and Adam R. Lewis to Brandon W. and Jennifer L. Henderson Adams, $392,000.

Winterhaven Dr., 899-Kyle A. and Tiffany Swayzee to Daniel D. Caldwell, $355,000.


Stillwater Rd., 712-Eric G. and Jessica F. Kosmowski to J.W. and Helene Norcross Rayder, $2.57 million.


Cloverhurst Rd., 8150-Megan D. Glaze Keller to James Gerald Swallows, $195,000.

Crab Apple Ct., 8216-James S. and Carolyn S. Sears to Gwyn Marie Smith Downes and Danny Wayne Downes, $385,000.

Mary Ct., 218-Timothy J. and Laura J. Lindsay to Scott A. and Tammy M. Gardner, $270,000.

New Jersey Ave. NW, 26-Charles A. Gunther III to Jose M. Perez and Alejandra Lara, $239,000.

Pamela Rd., 706-Danette M. and Christopher M. Cottrell to Andrew W. Thornton, $375,970.

Ridgely Rd., 210-Nam Chul Lee to Tony S. Hodge, $264,900.

Sandy Ridge Dr., 619-Casey Privett to George Dunn, $315,000.

Virginia Ave. NW, 11-Kathleen Ann and William Nathaniel Doegen to Joshua A. Hoffmaster, $170,000.

Wicklow Rd., 210-Carol Wanger to Brandon K. and Sarah N. Price, $450,000.

First Ave. SE, 111-Dyson Acqustions Corp. to Terence R. Huffman and Melissa M. Reidy, $409,900.


Benmere Rd., 303-Charles R. and Donna E. McKeever to Kevin P. Flowers, $325,000.

Chase Walk, 947-Justin C. Relph to Levik and Marina Yousefian, $280,000.

Delaware Ave., 725-Keith Darryl and Rosa Linda Miles to Nicholas J. Ray, $305,000.

Genine Dr., 944-Daniel M. and Rhonda A. Loeb to Nicholas Kirchner and Shannon Smith, $291,000.

Hopkins Cor., 915-Terricka L. Burns and Antione C. Martin to Ciara Carter, $282,000.

Long Cove Rd., 916-Ronald Howard to Jamie L. Voorhees, $416,000.

Normandy Dr., 15-Kim D. Valenzia and estate of Joseph A. Dixon to Hochoon Chung, $240,000.

Saltgrass Dr., 214-Marguerite C. and Roger A. Weber to Martin and Dana L. Stone, $438,000.

Solley Rd., 8012-Zane B. and Nicole A. Slatcher to Visakha Vo, $365,000.

Stonebriar Dr., 7837-Michael W. Bastien to Daryl and Sally Rejas, $450,000.

Thomas Rd., 1039-Jose Kenis Garcia and Luis Adolfo Portillo to Morgan T. Stennen, $240,000.

Timbercross Lane, 7619-Bradley and Kassandra Michael to Michael D. and Patricia A. Warner, $310,000.

Water Fountain Ct., 206, No. 202-Residential Value Corp. to Dequan J. Griffin, $158,000.

Yamhill Way, 7102-M.I. Homes of D.C. Corp. to Jamie Lynn Perry, $361,860.

Fourth St., 1023-William A. and Katherine Gibson to Ryan Jones, $264,900.


Cherry Tree Rd., 2558-Michael S. and Kelly J. Smith to Joseph O. and Megan N. Birkhold, $377,000.

Fredericksburg Rd., 2707-NVR Inc. to Tanya A. Green, $499,767.

Gesna Dr., 1432-Warren A. Hildebrand and Amber C. Binick to Harish and Sheetal Wagle, $309,400.

Glendale Ave., 2912-NVR Inc. to Jacques Parker, $368,905.

Hekla Lane, 1620-Calatlantic Group Inc. to William and Tiffany Bayton, $511,990.

Maple Rock Rd., 2613-Toll IV Corp. and Arundel Perserve 10a Corp. to Joy and Matthew Tapajcik, $446,115.

Otterbein Way, 7829-NVR Inc. to Evelyn Wilson, $535,000.

Split Creek Lane, 2123-Arjun Menon and Antara F. Desai to Young Woo Lee, $430,000.


Gable Dr., 2110-Dan Ryan Builders Mid-Atlantic Corp. to Jonathan Williams and Amy Strong, $755,270.


Piney Woods Pl., 3501-Alexandra Kubis to Jonathan Haskett, $221,900.


Andover Rd., 706-Sandy Springs Bank to Justin Sherlock, $216,000.

Forest View Rd., 510-Kristen K. Knudsen to Linda Reynolds, $275,000.

Hawthorne Rd., 304-Garrett Long to Wilmer Robert Forloines and Renee Lynn Schmidt, $331,500.

Louise Ave., 506-BMB Real Property Corp. to John L. and Emily Blackwell, $234,900.


Claybrooke Dr., 4441-Walton D. and Susan H. Stallings to Christina and David Taylor, $656,000.

Fishers Station Rd., 6160-Federal National Mortgage Association to Benjamin and Emily Shelley, $306,500.


Alta Vista Dr., 1304-Christopher L. and Susan M. Davis to Byron S. and Jennifer M. Rolfsness, $490,000.

Finnegan Dr., 248-Henry P. and Eileen D. Craftwood to Kevin and Jennifer Dooley, $710,000.

Pearl Point Ct., 615-Kenneth G. and Linda J. Lang to John C. Sharp and Melody L. Chenoweth, $659,900.

Stonestep Ct., 109-Thomas J. and Nancybeth Zorn to Kevin Andrew and Cindy E. Schuiler, $775,000.

Watermill Dr., 8347-Debra E. Marech to Gregory and Naya S. Lindsey, $440,000.


Apple Blossom Lane, 2450, No. 204-Hilary and Richard Gil to Joseph R. and Karen M. Courtright, $210,000.

Brightwater Ct., 8728-Joseph J. and Courtney Lynn Lea to Alexandra R. and Jonathan E. Snyder, $393,900.

Catbriar Way, 1470-NVR Inc. to Maria I.P. Villanueva and Roberto Villares, $726,020.

Chestnut Terrace Ct., 2408, No. 102-John E. Beck to Kevin N. Proctor, $248,900.

Conquest Way, 2201-Norma Jean and Steven M. Sacchetti to Brandon Boodie, $265,000.

Dragon Fly Way, 2818-Classic Group Corp. to Margaret Klotz, $454,390.

Dragon Fly Way, 2859-Two Rivers Associated Corp. to Patricia L. Chapin, $594,887.

Found Artifact Dr., 7632-Scott Darren and Carolyn W. Lacoss to Tamara Z. Maull, $499,000.

Harvest Run Dr., 703-Frances Gautreau to Joshua G. Bradley, $214,900.

Langdon Farm Cir., 138-Jerome V. and Janice Smith to Umoh Rufus, $280,000.

Little Patuxent Ct., 8730-Mohammed M. Alam and Rukshana Jafreen to Jonathon E. Brooks, $599,500.

Pinecove Ave., 180-Tamara Z. Maul to Ryan S. Janko, $305,000.

Regiment Ct., 324-Karla Taylor Lewis to Dominic Deshaun and Kierra Irvin, $349,999.

Rolling Hill Walk, 610, No. 202-Rachel J. Rivera Hoope to Jacob Michael Case, $174,500.

Stone Fruit Ct., 509-Tara Burkhart Santoro to James Ronald and Crystal Marie Hinkley, $459,900.

Winding Stream Way, 699, No. 302-Robert W. and Joan M. Womack to Cedric Jones, $230,000.


Owensville Rd., 335-Curtis C. Eshelman and June Eshelman Moore to Benjamin Francis Allen and Lisa Lynn Straight, $1.15 million.


Arbutus Rd., 8441-Sharon L. Wagner to David and Agnes Nelson, $292,050.

Barnsley Ct., 3402-James Frank Kemplin Jr. to Marcelle A. Hawkins, $269,900.

Bennington Way, 4010-Bill David and Judith Lee Kakuk to Krzysztof and Marta Wypyski, $535,000.

Braid Hills Dr., 1603-Dawn L. and Jonas H. Grosshandler to Jan and Roseann Masino, $760,000.

Carolina Ave. S., 24-Michael and Erin Schlein to Craig and Jaime Drenning, $346,000.

Catherine Ave., 7967-Scott and Stacey Bell to Ryan N. Harding, $259,999.

Cokesbury Ct., 3511-Margaret Moran Reichert to Danielle M. Campbell, $329,500.

Dale Rd., 170-Thomas V. and Eileen A. Keavney to Robin L. Schultz, $300,000.

De Franceaux Hbr., 871-Diane C. Zielinski to Kevin A. Metzger, $264,000.

Dunlap Rd., 184-Glade F. Flake to Austin and Leah Bishop, $217,500.

Englishman Harbour, 1071-David Kapuscinski and Joanne Jaeger to Brooks R. Beaty and Kimberly M. McDaniel, $256,000.

Garland Rd., 8445-Daniel C. and Ashley J. Szuba to Joseph and Lauren Giunta, $430,000.

Inlet Dr., 255-Melonie Ann Truslow to Andre Southerland, $220,000.

Laurel Dr., 610-Marvel Development Corp. to Joven N. and Kylie R. Pilutti, $333,000.

Magnolia Ave., 217-Darcy J. Later to Charles F. and Rebekah M. Stolins, $264,500.

Moonfall Ct., 7748-Carrie L. Maragos to Dennis F. and Nicole M. DeVous, $273,000.

Pasadena Rd. E., 304-Francis D. and Jennifer Y. Pinckney to Michael Schindler, $301,000.

Quiet Ridge Ct., 208-Joel S. and Kimberly C. Richardson to Sha’Tia L. and Devin Levar Marine, $240,000.

Scituate Harbour, 1041-Raymond and Jennifer N. Wulff to Scott G. Horta and Sarah L. Purdum, $235,000.

Shellcove Rd., 147-Joan A. and Glade F. Flake to Joshua Thompson and Heather Howes, $165,000.

Solari Ct., 7812-Ashley Nicole Shields Pitzen to Ashleigh M. Ford and Alex J. Flaherty, $240,000.

Turf Valley Dr., 844-Thelma C. Dixon to Clyde E. Foster III, $244,900.

Wharf Dr., 1153-Robert A. Mitten to Bryan R. and Jennifer L. Hartman, $340,000.

Windy Ridge Ct., 204-Zachery T. McQuay to Bryan Norris, $269,000.

10th St., 216-Jillian M. Mullan to Jake Paesch, $305,000.

214th St., 753-Penny J. Woodall Burwick to Neil W. Peapos, $230,000.

229th St., 2307-George T. Pasthas Jr. to Zachary N. and Kristan P. York, $329,900.


Riva Rd., 3208-Patrick and Kimberly Reddy to Stephanie Daly, $426,000.


Armor Ct., 1911-Peter J. and Laura Ann Huitsing to Johnathan M. Hernandez, $300,000.

Beach Plum Lane, 7939-Rana Misk to Musakalam A. Williams, $290,000.

Canter Ct., 7924-Lakoele A. Akinyemi to Felicia Y. Agyepomaa, $309,900.

Cedar Dr., 1836-Anthony and Shannon Ingram to Kendrud Johnson, $375,500.

Fairfield Dr., 307-Robert J. and Paula D. Croft to Riley G. and Rachel L. Jennifer, $525,000.

Heather Mist Dr., 7991-Matthew and Linda Cotter to Nubia Rayo, $240,000.

Hollow Ct., 8138-Dan Ryan Builders Mid-Atlantic Corp. to Larry H. Reese Jr., $297,082.

Lillian Ave., 116-David Palmer to Thomas C. Moore Jr., $360,000.

Reece Rd., 1127-Yellow Gecko Corp. to Jose Maria Silva, $299,900.

Sage Brush Ct., 1624-Iwona Paliwoda and Katarzyna Anna Wright to Michael C. and Janet S. Mishler, $374,500.

Stags Leap Ct., 654-Otis and Melody M. Whitaker to Stephen and Johanna Harper, $575,000.

Telegraph Rd., 8151-Steven A. and April Homes to Melvin B. Butler III, $308,000.

Winterwood Ct., 7703-Matthew and Tiffany Darnell Andes to David Thomas and Emily E. Litteken, $438,000.


Arundel Beach Rd., 127-Michael W. Clouser and estate of Miriam Betz Clouser to Andre V. DiPaola and Josie R. McFee, $375,000.

Berrywood Dr., 92-Dirk L. and Ann E. Krause to Laura Elizabeth Burrows and Eric Alan Haviland, $565,000.

Dividing Rd., 762-Jeffrey C. and Donna Patrick to Jessica Ann and David Edward Suchy, $475,000.

Hendler Rd., 651-F. Scott and Donna D. Jay to Michael, S. J., Jason and John Bisciotti, $1.52 million.

Manor Rd., 611-David and Angie Ball to Alana Heather, Caren Silver and Mitchell Jay Shein, $405,000.

Monmouth Ave., 710-James D. and Susan W. Maloney to Jennifer Ann and Linwood Gleason Hayman, $500,000.

Severnside Dr., 436-Donald W. Anderson to Jack Bevier and Jamie Leigh Koehler, $800,000.

Tolstoy Lane, 262-Adam and Monique Smallow to Amy and Matthew Calabrese, $459,000.


Bay View Ave., 1193-Rare Inc. to Robert A. and Denise J. Dickenson, $260,000.

Pine St., 1306-Adele L. Brockmeyer to Jonathan S. and Sophia M. Lee, $309,000.

Howard County

These sales data recorded by the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation were provided by Black Knight Inc. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit


Congressional Ct., 10309-Janet M. and James T. Noonan to Alonzo W. and Betsy R. Johnson, $605,000.

Excelsior Springs Ct., 2917-Brian and Michelle Klima to Carlos Rodriguez and Hsin Chieh Huang, $825,000.

Gwynn Park Dr., 9706-Howard Moon to Brian H. So, $515,000.

Macalpine Rd., 3605-Momin J. and Luiza M. Afzal to Martin S. and Tammy Leffler, $810,000.

Nestling Pine Ct., 3126-Matthew and Christina Moran to Wana Manitpisitkul and Maria Edisa L. Gozun, $700,000.

Quail Creek Ct., 2802-Lori A. and John J. Amato to James and Carolina Musters, $690,000.

Resort Rd., 10530-Vantage Condominium Corp. to Melody M. Whitaker, $394,740.

Ridge Tree Ct., 2307-David B. and Margaret D. Glasser to Douglas Cherneski and Remya Amy Arul, $690,000.

Torino Rd., 9601, No. 74-Marivelle Sherman to Bonnie Zuckerman, $429,000.

Yearling Ct., 12252-Ryan Kim to Brenee Lynn and Trevor Scott Ulman, $720,000.


Flowing Water Trail, 12104-Kenneth L. Perko and Felicia V. Candela to Sanjay Hainath and Priti Sanjay Wankhade, $640,000.

Radiant Gleam Way, 6501-Alan J. and Cynthia D. Kantor to Daniel Brotman and Aileen McNamara, $850,000.

Waving Willow Path, 6228-Marion S. and Lawrence M. Blickman to Ye Tao and Qianyiren Song, $645,000.


Blue Pool, 8961-Kesso Properties Corp. to Timothy J. and Charryse Brooks, $435,000.

Flagflower Pl., 5742-Hadid Jones to Daniele Dobson, $294,000.

Hickory Log Cir., 7460-Carol Ann H. Adair to Marie Yolene Marcelin and Jean Veny Bruno, $285,900.

Majors Lane, 6007, No. 1-Sandra Dawn Eisenbarth to Lilian F. Vidal, $150,000.

Millrace Ct., 5911, No. J103-Carolyn P. Sponn to Chenyang Wang, $235,000.

Old Annapolis Rd., 8669-Mary Ellen Jones and Leroy Harry Scott to Angela M. Prater Lopez, $220,000.

Pilar Ct., 9308-Joanne E. and James E. Ehle to Santiago Hernandez, $285,000.

Tide Rock Sq., 8107-Cheri Dean Cannon to Babajide E. Ademulegun and Olatoun A. Cole, $460,000.

Whiteacre Rd., 9635, No. B3-Rihao Ling to Bregitt V. Jimenez and Philip M. Endicott Jr., $125,000.


April Journey, 5543, No. 113-Mark S. and Christina K. McGlosson Wilson to Claudette R. Smith, $340,000.

Beech Creek Dr., 10816-Federal National Mortgage Association and BWW Law Group Corp. to Casey Guthier, $307,000.

Cloudy April Way, 6033, No. J-69-Erin and Thomas Davis to Dan Hamilton, $219,000.

El Camino, 5443, No. 5-Bank of New York Mellon and the Bank of New York to Xiao Yun Bao, $129,000.

Greek Boy Pl., 10294-Empowerd Real Estate Solutions Corp. to Alexander Francis and Justine Elizabeth Sacco, $350,000.

Harmel Dr., 10975-John D. and Anne A. Gornto to Michael D. Heymann and Diane M. DiMarco, $600,000.

High Hay Dr., 11386-Alan P. and Marlene S. Zendell to Julian Roger Sotolongo and Samantha Jean Ansley, $525,000.

Iron Frame Way, 5905-Glenn and Sharon Dixon to Rigoberto and Zoila Duarte, $400,000.

New Country Lane, 11890-Nadine Robinson to David P. and Jennifer Cline, $356,900.

Snowy Reach, 4922-Stephen Matthew and Ellen Elizabeth Bjerkaas to Justin A. Jefferson and Jennifer N. Boozel, $540,000.

Trotting Ridge Way, 10924, No. 12-6-Erin V. Podolny to Nithya Hyson, $250,000.

Warfield Pl., 10804, No. 201-Daniel Eagan to Xavier and Ruth E. Wade, $304,000.

Woodenhawk Cir., 5485-Carl William Nielson to Liang and Xiaoxin Yi, $228,000.


Howard Rd., 14148-Matthew J. and Jeanne D. Nichols to Crystal M. and Anthony K. Pulsirisaroth, $975,000.


Autumn Spell, 5968-Brian and Christina Villari to Harry B. Laing and Sarah E. Kramer, $375,000.

Cherry Ave., 7018-Parthiv Kalathia to Athmaram Thimmasandra Narayanappa and Latha Thimmasandra Chandrashekariah, $387,000.

Deep Falls Way, 7115, No. 29-Mary Kate Rodziewiz to Zachary Scott, $305,000.

Edmunds Way, 7820-Christopher J. Ronk to John Fink IV, $332,000.

Hearthside Way, 7551-Lisa Hanh Zinnamon to Michelle Alyssa Kawko and Thomas John Mazurkiewicz Jr., $355,000.

John Galt Way, 7960-Beazeh Homes Corp. to Aditya Ayyagari, $465,634.

Old Rockbridge Dr., 7678-Kyle Fitzpatrick to Stephan A. Bren, $230,000.

Quidditch Lane, 7910-Beazer Homes Corp. to Daniel Y. Lim, $417,990.

Singers Way, 7431-Christopher and Karin Frohlich to Po Y. Cheung, $359,900.

Watermill Ct., 8003-Steven and Wendy Savoie to Brandon Chan, $290,000.


Carls Ct., 8911, No. E-NVR Inc. to Joseph Huichu, Hyonki and Kichul Shinn, $339,990.

Chantel Ct., 8911-Lisa Mariner to Brian C. and Andrea L. Guinther, $450,000.

Charles Xing., 6032-NVR Inc. to Rheinard Bryan Samson and Liezl Joy Villamater Garcia, $657,134.

Elberta Dr., 8222-Jared S. and Laura R. Miller to Matthew John Zielinski and Kirby Ann Calleri, $480,000.

Halcyon Ct., 3257-Eun Choi to Vijay Sarathy Kadimela and Swapna Raju Keerthipaty, $386,000.

Lasalle Ct., 8729-Sanjay and Kavita Rayathathan to Varun Bedi and Chandni Chad, $390,000.

Montgomery Run Rd., 8384, No. D-John C. and Michele L. Pierantozzi Cassel to Lohenthiran Ganasan, $175,000.

Ridge Rd., 8681-Erik M. and J.B. Hertz to Chuny An Liu, $370,000.

Roundhill Rd., 4601-Carol D. Schoenfeld and Brian D. Devan to Jimmy C. Do and Diana T. Ly, $336,000.

Spring Showers Way, 8468-Donna J. Darbous and Waters to Elizabeth A. Vaughan, $750,000.

Timber Pine Ct., 8504-Brian J. Kunzle to Syed F. Aziz, $480,000.


Butter Lane, 11731-Streetscape at ML Corp. to Melik Tiba and Bettu Gemeda, $823,335.

Iager Blvd., 11411-Brian M. and Kwok Luen Lee to Mia Y. Cameron, $542,500.

Martha Way, 11007-NVR Inc. to Brijesh and Amixa Patel, $942,735.

Midtown Rd., 7659-Larry D. and Susan G. Perkins to Peter and Eloise Kanowsky, $865,000.

Tawes St., 8953-Carl Justin Thacker and Katherine Marie Datin to Jason Ni, $589,000.

Wayneridge St., 11709-George E. Halfpap to Tara M. and Matthew F. Mitchell, $415,000.


Callaway Ct., 15242, No. 34-Eun Sun Lee to Carl D. Grant and Denise D. Mitchell, $420,000.


River Clyde Dr., 6544-John M. and Carol S. Grunsfeld to Caroline and Seth Shulman, $900,000.


Lincoln Dr., 8216-Harmony Builders Inc. to Bob C. Ozomah, $430,000.

Willowwood Way, 8839-Cheryl Annette Thomas and Tajhae J. Reynolds to Mackenzie M. Harshaw, $282,500.


Early Spring Way, 9729-Valerie A. Mallder to Gerald W. Joyce III, $330,000.

Red Apple Lane, 9545-Brian and Kristina L. McDermott to Vienkhanh D. Nguyen and Bao Vinh T. Hoang, $460,000.

Weather Worn Way, 7621, No. B-James E. Hart to Joanne Yocheved and Gary Meyer Heilgaman, $160,500.


Sand Hill Manor Dr., 12086-Glenn A. and Anne Marie Colegrove to Sung Kook and Mee Kyong Park, $680,000.


Cherrybrook Ct., 8321-Gregory A. and M. Kathryn Martinez to David and Tracy Duvall, $640,000.

Helmart Dr., 7962-Jay Wilson and Arlene Atkinson to Eric D. and Lori C. Maclennan, $545,000.

Nicky Ct., 8026-Thomas J. Magner and Gail A. Agee to Leigh Anne B. String and William F. String, $472,500.

Peace Springs Rdg., 9706-Beazer Homes Corp. to Akeem A. Oladigbolu and Abolanle R. Odejinmi, $620,000.

Riverhill Rd., 9080-Harry L. and Leah Marie Ellinger to Mustafa Qureshi and Elaine Lo, $390,000.

Twin Oaks Way, 7713-Vicente E. and Barbara Jean Catalano to Arn H. Eliasson, $609,900.

Woodsong Ct., 9413-Lori Ann Blanik to Melonie S. Brotherton, $260,700.


State Route 144, 12375-Susan M. and John C. Kelley to George Preston and Kristine S. Kirk, $660,000.


Galaxy Dr., 15304-NVR Inc. to Matthew S. and Katelyn M. Staso, $782,635.


Ganton Green, 2115, No. G-206-Rhoda and Bruce David Zimmerman to Irfan A. and Noor F. Mohammed, $272,500.