Anne Arundel County

These sales data recorded by the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation were provided by Black Knight Inc. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit


Alder Rd., 6-George and Gena Kosmides to Rebecca Renwick Carlson, $320,000.

Bay Ridge Ave., 1401-Michael A. and Cherie L. Case to Casey E. Mahone, $415,000.

Blackwalnut Ct., 1339-Stuart Yaelo Gordon and Deborah Ann Photiadis to Joseph R. and Sarah A. Coster, $462,000.

Catrina Lane, 3118-James P. Fedor to Robert Lee Bishop, $575,000.

Dakota Pl., 2004, No. 3A-Charles S. and Stephanie Snyder to Marc L. Krens, $475,000.

Fairhope Ct., 1-Roger and Mary Sayres to John J. and Carol A. Parada, $325,000.

Gemini Dr., 1220-Thomas P. Dillon to Tayler S. Scarinzi, $209,900.

Highland Ave., 6-Ryan James Frommelt to Eric J. Morrison Berlin and Sandra Ann Leblanc, $450,000.

Ironstone Ct., 30-James A. Anderson Jr. to Cherokee M. Carroll and Lolita Adgerson, $235,000.

Peale Ct., 5-Kasa Corp. to Edith Downing Donnelly, $245,000.

Ramsgate Dr., 3748-Calvin Andrew Johnson and estate of Joseph E. Johnson to Aaron J. and Katherine M. Freeman, $459,000.

Spindrift Way, 12-Linda E. Harten to James J. and Kristina H. McNally, $395,000.


Admiral Dr., 621, No. 305-Kerry Anne Neidig to Lindsey Startt, $259,000.

Beacon Way, 926-Donna M. Ashkey and Norval F. Cooper III to Anne Bates, $309,900.

Brightwater Dr., 119-2D Rentals Corp. to Muoi Thi Hua and Dieu Tho T. Vo, $240,000.

Childs Point Rd., 705-Gary A. and Patricia C. Pasatiempo to William R. Cates, $695,000.

Constitution Sq., 12-Rosalind T. Rivera to David and Janet Ewing, $510,000.

Dewey Dr., 88-Jean M. Alcock to Jacob A. Boertlein, $304,000.

Foremast Aly., 2644-Lindsay A. and David J. Maher to Jeffrey R. and Natthawan Dufault, $417,000.

Helmsman Alley, 302-Lawrence and Diana Bock to Katherine C. Spragins, $429,900.

Howards Loop, 755, No. 65-Amy L. Stotler to Gerald A. and Lisa Wilson, $349,000.

Marquise Lane, 114-Brightview Development Corp. to Dorothy L. Wagner, $572,887.

Painter Ct., 2503-IC Real Property Corp. to Mary Lucy Salant, $341,000.

Riversedge Cir., 935-Catherine F. Flaim Trust to Joan D. and Lawrence H. Brannigan, $260,000.

Schooner Cir., 925-David T. Phipps to Robert Andrew and Deborah Walton, $456,000.

Solstice Lane, 3007-Buffy N. Giddens to Erin M. Palmer and Ricardo J. Murcia Carta, $595,000.

Summerview Way, 2710, No. 1303-Gail C. Raymond to Kevin H. Corcoran, $324,900.

Tuckahoe Creek Ct., 604-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Nghiep T. Luu and Hongyan Bi, $179,500.

Williams Dr., 172-Emily M. Sheets and Gayle Schmidt to Ana L. Christian and Cynthia D. Timchal, $280,000.


Alameda Pkwy., 303-Jesse S. Guerrette to Asa M. and Danielle Moos, $398,000.

Bay Dale Ct., 568-Martin C. and Susan M. Pilsch to Alison F. Wilson, $265,000.

Broadwater Rd., 465-Emily Anne Barrett McLean to Katherine Burns and Bryant J. Parker, $385,000.

Falcon Nest Ct., 1409-Michael and Kathleen Haines to Bradley S. Beam, $334,900.

Laurel Way, 879-Donald Wallace and Kalla Jordan Sparrow to Anna L. and Prem J. Pereira, $745,000.

Mill Creek Rd., 859-Stephen A. Geiger to Matthew A. Wilson, $253,500.

Sheridan Rd., 1-Ira K. and Loretta O’Neal to Lambert Judson and Kristi L. Martin, $390,000.

Treyburn Way, 216-John E. and Deborah J. King to Shane Christopher Moran and Margaret Mary McGowan, $520,000.


Olive Wood Lane, 735-Jacqueline Shea and Robert L. Tyson Jr. to Katherine B. Rose, $280,000.

Eighth Ave., 1-Maria E. Wengert to Jose I. Valle, $220,000.

11th Ave. W., 100-Foundation Property Investments Corp. to Christopher M. Chadwell, $245,000.


Amberwood Dr. S., 1497-Matthew A. and Alison F. Wilson to David and Alyssa Kowalczyk, $461,000.

Brenwoode Rd., 1426-Matthew J. and Lina V. Relly to Michael S. Allen, $410,000.

Circle Dr., 1532-Lori Seeberger Marchant to Marjorie E. Tschantre, $659,000.

Foolish Pleasure Ct., 1632-Mark E. O’Brien to Christine M. Voigt, $280,000.

Native Dancer Ct., 1580-Brooke H. Balderson to Brian J. Cunningham, $259,000.

Ramblewood Dr., 1235-Lawanda P. Wright to Michael B. Herr, $379,900.

Rosebay Ct., 1392-Christine A. and Robert S. Fontaine to Ross and Meghan Tobin, $539,000.

Snow Goose Lane, 631-John M. and Karen A. Cisco to Clifford D. and Kathryn R. Nelsen, $412,500.

Wintergull Lane, 222-Nicole M. Anderson to John R. Pooler and Brittany M. Smith, $394,900.


Aberdeen Cir., 1816-Adam N. Cage to Michael A. Fagnani and Carrie L. Klink, $274,950.

Bancroft Lane W., 1701A-Joseph G. Poisson to George T. Riddle, $195,000.

Castleford Sq., 1764-Tanner J. and Erica M. Henry to Tyler Grahe, $270,000.

Danewood Ct., 1544-Victoria N. Cozad to Yajaira E. Briganty Quinones, $250,000.

Ellsworth Ave., 1552-Ronald A. and Stephanie T. Deabreu to Jonathan E. Bernard and Lindsey M. Page, $529,000.

Linkwood Lane, 1751-Margaret Hannan to Jeremy Mohler and Tatiana Serrao, $415,000.

Needham Ct., 1260, No. 22D-Scott Ryan Tenbarge to Kelly L. White, $265,000.

Salford Dr., 2630-John Edward and Donna Teresa Mix to Vicki J. Hoffman, $565,000.

Short Putt Ct., 2512-Michelle Stavig to Jonathan J. and Ariane Z. Grant, $325,000.

Twigs Ct., 1606-Margaret E. and Charles W. Klotz to Scott A. Pifer and Jennifer A. Sanchez, $565,000.


Alder Trail, 396-Derek M. and Kate E. Howells to Eric M. and Sarah E. Gonzalez, $525,000.

Bristol Ridge Pl., 1306-Dale G. and Elizabeth L. Paulson to Caitlin D. Darcey and Keith R. Merchant, $811,000.

Maud Lane, 1610-Shelley Ann Sturtz and Patrick B. McQuin to Christopher A. and Natacha M. Niro, $720,000.

Saint Stephens Church Rd., 1139-Richard and Elizabeth L. Almeida to Justin W. Roath and Grace E. Kalakay, $549,900.


Chestnutview Ct., 895-Shawn D. Berthaut to Nelson Jack and Audrey J. Reichebach, $205,000.

Greenland Beach Rd., 205-Wills Real Estate Investments Corp. to Ellen and Daniel A. Rizzo, $349,900.

Main St., 7926-Discovery Home Inspection Corp. to Brandi N. Ferrell and David M. O’Hearn, $310,000.

Stoneleigh Ct., 1385, No. 206-Ronald L. and Angela M. Alexander to Philip L. and Michele L. Santoro, $252,500.


Greenmeadow Lane, 3887-Stuart E. Williams and Marion B. Snyder to Brandon Keith Horne and Julie Anne Barker, $562,500.


Melbourne Ave., 6034-Jack Bannister to Troy Hvizda, $345,000.


Cragun Rd., 3229-James H. and Ann T. Hazelwood to Michael Yugo, $575,000.

Hamlet Cir., 361-James and Celeste Knippen O’Dea to Geoffrey and Mary Blackborow, $460,000.

Hunting Ct., 36-Thomas Campbell Smith to Jonathan K. and Caroline B. Hunolt, $495,000.

Mulberry St., 3277-Jason C. and Jennifer A. Johnson to Atitegeb Tibebu and Kagnew H. Gebreyesus, $565,000.

Riverside Rd., 326-Anatole and Virginia Butas to Anne and Lee Weigt, $900,000.

Shore Dr., 913-Duncan W. and Nicole A. Williams to Anthony E. and Michelle Pocetti, $535,000.

Sweet Leaf Lane, 4230-Lucas and Jennifer D. Tepper to Brandon J. White, $634,900.

Sixth Ave., 3687-U.S. Bank to Ronald Vincent and Dianna Carroll Herr, $325,000.


Basil Hall Ct., 2020-BA Williams Corp. to Usman Siddique Chaudhry, $768,945.

Cheyenne Dr., 2507-Christopher M. and Christy C. Humphreys to Christina E. Figueredo, $389,000.

Highland Farms Cir., 624-James and Crystal Richmond to Eric C. March, $419,000.

Maccubbin Lane, 614-NVR Inc. to Elbert Nhan and Yong T. Zheng, $882,357.

Red Fall Ct., 2470-Konstantin G. Akselrod and Elizabeth M. Carnan to George C. and Alyssa J. Milan, $375,000.

Sunshine Way, 2410-Seth Hill and Kathy B. Boller Hill to James S. and Carolyn S. Sears, $360,000.


Bywater Rd., 731-Gregory A. and Christine W. Cross to Patrick H. and Karoline K. Shannon, $2.5 million.


A St. SW, 207-Mary M. and Howard Raymond Knight to Heather L. Pitz, $225,000.

Barkwood Rd., 808-T. J. and K. Real Estate Corp. to John Lindsay, $281,000.

Crafty Fox Ct., 8102-David Benjamin and Grace G. Stout to Nichardo Smith and Roselin Prescott, $372,500.

Elizabeth Rd., 606-Kathleen Brown to Craig Allen and Lynn Ann Faw, $282,000.

Foxhound Dr., 118-David C. and Alyson D. Topper to James Hyrum and Jennifer J. Crane, $410,000.

Glenwood Ave., 301-Wilder and Magdalena A. Carrera to Maria M. Ramirez, $320,000.

Juneberry Way, 200, No. 2B-Hattie M. Jimason to Zahida Rafiq, $127,500.

Lincoln Ct., 6425-Josephine R. and John T. Gurney to Beck Rene Hohrein Knox, $105,000.

Park Dr. E., 7929-William T. Ellis and Mei B. Lawng to Sean Fitzgerald, $205,000.

Saunders Way, 1609-Carson R. Clark to Evelia Diaz Perdomo and Jorge Campoverde, $230,000.

Snowdon Lane, 707-Richard Powell to Dannielle Craver and Larry Randall, $272,000.

Warlock Ct., 403-Moo Kwon and Jeong Sook Kim to Shaquille O. Sumpter, $190,000.

Wilson Blvd. SW, 305-Christopher and Mary Michelle Thompson to Brittany Lopez Vivaldo and Miguel Angel Carino Huerta, $255,000.

Third Ave. SE, 304-Linda C. Sylce to Caroline Robinson and Robert Rogers Jr., $231,000.


Biddle Rd., 807-Joseph D. Rose to Amanda L. and Alan R. Kaufman, $300,000.

Dover Rd., 7709-William L. and Terry A. Rawlings to Taimoor Hussain, $295,000.

Furnace Branch Rd. E., 7362-Elizabeth Johnson to Karen L. Johnson, $270,000.

Glenlea Dr., 104-JB2 Grey Properties Corp. to Matthew B. Shaffer, $297,200.

Kinglets Roost Lane, 517-US Home Corp. and Lennar Corp. to Amanda Rose Jackson, $299,990.

Maple Run Ct., 7818-NVR Inc. to Shawn and Susan M. Walters, $444,525.

Mockingbird Cir., 7314-Timothy David and Mary Katherine Bicker to Donald Muwan, $345,000.

Seagrove Rd., 701-Tyshera N. Dunn and Robert H. Smith to Shannon N. Todd, $305,000.

Southfield Rd., 113-Corissa N. Stevenson White to Omotayo Adedipe, $290,000.

Three Coin Way, 101, No. 103-William Preston Woermer to Nick Marinucci, $175,000.

Warblers Perch Way, 602-US Home Corp. and Lennar Corp. to Melecia Jicole Kelley, $299,990.

Water Fountain Ct., 209, No. 304-Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Damon S. and Irene A. Anderson, $120,000.

Yamhill Way, 7104-Homes of DC Corp. to Theophilus Orlando and Alicia Edwina Myles, $380,333.


Bear Forest Rd., 7601-Jeffrey E. and Susan L. Schmaltz to Thanh Duc Tang, Quan Tang and Hein T. Tuyet Huynh, $490,000.

Fredericksburg Rd., 2709-NVR Inc. to Miguel Delatorre Jr. and Lauren Truffer, $451,760.

Gesna Dr., 1464-David K. and Tammy R. Pullen to Russell David Baumler, $395,000.

Greenknoll Blvd., 64-David Rudinski and Claudia V. Logan to Gbenga A. and Abolore F. Olufemi, $329,875.

Moraine Dr., 7513-Federal National Mortgage Association to Kristen Nicole Smith, $325,263.

Pangbourne Way, 1403-Wilmington Trust and Citibank to Katie Kim, $262,500.

Tobruk Ct., 7710-Joseph E. Fishel to Delano D. Bailey, $325,000.


Owensville Rd., 21-John S. and Julia R. Thackrah to Richard E. and Lauren R. Holzer, $669,000.


Marvin Lane, 2813-Calatlantic Group Inc. to Tasha M. Century, $340,000.

Sommers Ct., 2427-Calatlantic Group Inc. to Fizza and Shamim Zaidi, $380,000.


Ironshire S., 252-Sidney C. Mones to Luis A. and Rosa Esmeralda Ventura, $280,000.

River Bend Ct., 3111, No. C102-Wilmington Trust and Altisource Residential to Norman W. and Darya M. Smith, $175,350.

Tribeca Trail, 3531-US Home Corp. and Lennar Corp. to Darvell Jackson II, $405,940.


Chestnut Oak Lane, 6231-Wilfrid K. and Karen S. Price to Justin T. and Ana M. Cook, $415,000.

Grove Ridge Ct., 414-Modernize Plus Corp. to Amber Nicole and James Ashley Fisher and Suzanne Elizabeth Bauman, $354,900.

Jerlyn Ave., 304-Douglas Kelfy King and Patricia King Casey to Timothy P. Harvey and Sarah I. Sullivan, $238,000.

Madingley Rd., 434-Linda D. Lubu to Gregory Sawtell and Florence Sawtell Dusabe, $272,000.

Orchard Rd. S., 6433-Richard D. and Cecilia J. Roe to George E.K. Hirsch, $310,000.


Cottonwood Dr., 5202-Matthew T. Morris to Christine A. Tritola, $480,000.

Little Rd., 5713-Christopher Underwood to Guy M. and Robbin Poulin, $350,000.


Bernard Dr. N., 8213-Clint and Kelly Reinhart to Elysia Retz, $330,000.

Butternut Ct., 348-Muhammad Eyad Dughly to Brian R. and Alexandra M. Nichols, $545,000.

Granby Ct., 519-Lida Marlaine H. and Lee Roy Payne Jr. to Joshua M. Gordon, $330,000.

Mimico S., 8253-Taylor J. Hostuttler and Eric Miller to Kristopher J. Moore, $351,000.

Obrecht Rd., 452-Steven Andrews and Robert J. Stout to Alexander R. and Lynnessa R. Struble, $445,000.

Valleywood Rd., 556-Jessica Anne and Seamus Trone Bishop to Guillermo Aguilar Lopez, $226,750.

Wellford Lane, 2-Matthew T. and Christine M. Storck to Andrew F. and Jennifer Diblasio, $720,000.


Aspen Grove Ct., 8734-Michael Trumbo to Alexandra Aguirre Giraldo, $251,000.

Burletta Ct., 504-Robert M. and Melisa A. Dobroski to Krystle Dianne and Jason Corbitt Wilson, $424,990.

Clarion Ct., 2602, No. 104-Agnes H. Meyer to Carolyn Smith, $235,000.

Dragon Fly Way, 2820-Classic Group Corp. to Donald E. and Nancy T. Ciccolella, $410,325.

Estuary Dr., 834-Charles E. Coursey to Heying Chen and Liyun Luo, $269,000.

Green Field Ct., 8718-John E. and Matthew J. Watson to Kelly, Robert Merrill and Donna Olanoff, $309,900.

Herring Creek Ct., 803-Jessica S. Gerbig Campbell to Zachrey and Carolyn Hornberger, $275,000.

Isaac Chaney Ct., 938-Angel N. Little Feemster to Donna M. Vassilio Diaz, $362,000.

Leeds Creek Cir., 148-Edward L. and Sheila C. Blackstock to Shawn Angela Ross, $355,000.

Little Patuxent Ct., 8738-George L. Schneider and Carol Powers to Scott and Fallon Wareham, $377,000.

Moonglow Rd., 606, No. 202-Jerry T. and Amber N. Whitlock to Scott D. Grove, $193,000.

Pineville Crest Ct., 2404-Yoojin Oh to Paul T. Corbitt, $306,000.

Riden St., 600-Heather N. Way and Andrew P. Mongeon to Sarah D. Keen, $340,000.

Salinas Ct., 8718-Eric T. Brusgard and Jessica L. Bennett to Ellen Parr, $300,000.

Summer Hill Dr., 1021-Noelle Martin Marshall to Matthew Ross Fate and Patricia Maclain, $520,000.

Willow Leaf Ct., 2514-Robert V. and Joanna V. Winchester to Alexander Kehoe, $260,000.

Wintergreen Ct., 8611-Ban Marie Schatz Harvey to Jong Wook and in Ok Kim, $236,000.


Albacore Ct., 8377-Robert M. and Sylvia G. Distin to James and Erin S. Teare, $462,000.

Arundel Rd., 1904-Jacques and Laureen P. Leitao to Melissa Farley Weatherspoon, $275,000.

Bay Front Dr., 235-William M. and Annamarie Hugel to George R. Braswell, $1.82 million.

Berry Dr., 7661-Bryan W. and Elizabeth A. Simonaire to Gregory S. Lijewski, $360,000.

Braid Hills Dr., 1613-Christopher and Lisa Bauer to Kelly Bartz, $879,000.

Carvel Rd., 223-Michael Housley Inc. to Michael J. Beatty, $332,400.

Centergate Ct., 7850-Gail Helm to Tyron Allen, $302,900.

Colchester Ct., 7909-Jason R. and Jennifer L. Shepherd to Matthew R. and Tammy L. Dinsmore, $335,000.

Dale Rd., 216-Richard A. and Lana G. Berry to Tiffany Marie and Robert Daniel Riddell, $285,000.

Flora Lane, 8020-Omega Resource Group Corp. to Jessica M. and Luke J. Kreis, $430,000.

Glen Ave., 7744-Joane M. Rohde and Patrick G. Hogan to Scott D. Whittaker, $325,000.

Jade Crossing Ct., 8141-Robert G. and Donna E. Marlowe to Amy A. Campbell, $315,000.

Lawrence Ave., 7755-David M. and Chasity A. Tillery to Mark Charles and Jennifer Sarafin, $304,800.

Poplar Ridge Rd., 1958-Joseph J. and Karen A. Prindeze to Frank and Kelly Jo Chartier, $670,000.

Seaford Ct., 3635-Stephanie M. Benton to Julie G. DeVaughan, $235,000.

Shore Rd. E., 7948-Gary L. Beal to James W. and Marianne R. Spires, $275,000.

Solley Rd., 8165-Art Homes Corp. to Gregory Yovetich, $325,000.

Ullman Rd., 207-Jerome M. and Wendy L. Lichtenberg to Kellie E. Deal, $410,000.

Wharf Creek Ct., 1803-PNC Bank to Jeffrey L. and Yolanda A. Hicks, $526,250.

Woodland Beach Rd., 1414-Emanuele Crupi to Jerry and Stephanie Shipp, $230,000.

11th St., 921-Daniel F. and Laura M. Ryan to Christopher J. and Crystal L. Bartram, $279,900.

219th St., 612-Brandon Michael and Jessica Leigh Shanks to Lyndsay M. and Shawn T. Huerbin, $357,000.

229th St., 2516-Cory Jackson and Rochelle L. Crocker to Jennifer M. Lester, $315,000.


Tudor Hall Rd., 3061-Michael Kisielnicki to Cara R. Ciuffetelli and Garrett Chaney, $386,000.


Arwell Ct., 1884-Jonathan Bradford to Donna and Rene Thoma, $110,000.

Blairfield Ct., 413-Jamathon and Donna Nelson to Thomas Stanton and Tina Bowen Menefee, $510,000.

Carinoso Cir., 1148-Joshua A. and Nefetari A. Bladen to Gregory R. Bauman, $360,000.

Citadel Dr., 7926-Harold G. and Hyon A. Fink to Nam W. Kim and Jin S. Hwang, $400,000.

Dubbs Dr., 8344-Brian A. and Michelle L. Gordon to Daniel Saul and Adrienne Beth Willey Messeca, $355,000.

Georgia Ave., 1435-Alison J. and Robert James Digsby to Daniel Transue and Tracy L. Matthew, $325,000.

Hollow Ct., 8128-Dan Ryan Builders Mid-Atlantic Corp. to Surena B. Cook, $304,350.

Iron Horse Ct., 1405-Valerie B. and Frederick E. Taylor to Cindy M. and Julie M. Le, $280,000.

Meadow Lark Lane, 8426-John T. and Natalina M. Beamer to Kristine Elizabeth Blue and Milton Sherard Jr., $325,000.

Okeefe Dr., 8551-Heather and Christopher Kuzio to Andrew T. and Kelly Lynn Minikus, $460,000.

Riley Rd., 7714-BVR Development Corp. to Juan Paulo Bordador, $529,999.

Saint Francis Dr., 8229-Helder Brandao and Lillian Samedo to Javed Eqbal Memon and Khalidah Adib Khanum, $695,000.

Stevenson Rd., 766-Tracy and David R. Burke to Janice M. Truxon, $324,900.

Thompson Ave., 1231-Troy S. and Carla D. Cook to Brent J. and Michelle Bos, $690,000.

Tulip Poplar Ct., 8112-Toll VII Partnership to Michael A. and Elizabeth R. Harvey, $745,415.


Alfreton Ct., 445-P. Michael Husselbee and Julie T. Sweeney to Christian R. and Allyson K. DeLozier, $505,000.

Avondale Cir., 200-Ronald J. Staines and estate of Mary G. Staines to Richard Andrew and Leslie S. Larkin, $750,000.

Boone Trail, 18-Marianne S. Sachs to Todd and Betty Batty, $950,000.

Fairoak Dr., 472-J. Lewis and Julia A. Detch to Alessandro De Capitani and Vanessa Thebud De Capitani, $791,000.

Hendler Rd., 670-George W. and Deborah T. Adams to Todd and Laure Sinclaire Hill Fisher, $3.94 million.

Marnel Dr., 61-Christopher J. and Mary D. Grimm to Todd J. and Judy B. Hanlon, $532,500.

Northridge Way, 809-James M. and Jennifer L. Augustine to Corey J. and Susan J. Turner, $575,000.

Shakespeare Dr., 263-James T. and Kristy O. Woody to Adam and Monique Smallow, $560,000.

Tulip Pl., 648-Kevin C. and Judith A. Holt to Scott and Allison Hamilton, $530,000.


Lerch Dr., 4925-Tommy Ray and Sabrina A. Still to James and Jessica Gosman Bowen, $485,000.

Steamboat Rd., 1301-Kenan Z. and Carly N. Yahoke to Joseph and Heidi Logston, $298,000.

Howard County

These sales data recorded by the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation were provided by Black Knight Inc. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit


Arlington Ct., 3303-NVR Inc. to Colin H. and Yang R. Roby, $1.06 million.

Cameron Ct., 3641-John F. and Susan G. Miller to Neil Porter Miller, $720,000.

Coventry Court Dr., 3358-Dream Makers Properties Solutions Corp. to Heather N. and Scott M. Pugh, $515,000.

Firefly Way, 4049-Steven L. Watts to Andrew Phillip and Kara Elizabeth Gerger, $497,012.

Hallowed Strm., 4725-Bobbi L. Fife to Ester Villalonga and Jamie Preto Hepworth, $345,000.

Macalpine Rd., 3713-Samuel A. and Victoria Aiello Mancuso to Rouven Wool Lewis, $799,900.

Old Ellicott Cir., 10557, No. 71-Jayaprakash and Susumitha Amballa to Suresh Babu Chinnathambi and Vanitha Shanbagam Thiruvengadam, $510,000.

Quail Creek Ct., 2823-Charles B. and Barbara L. Chilcoat to Daniel and Christine Gemi, $750,000.

Resort Rd., 10530-Vantage Condominium Corp. to Mark Benedict and Sandra Lynn Winiewski, $356,120.

Running Springs Rd., 3745-Gerald T. and Claire S. Shea to Nimisha Kalia, $925,000.

Treyburn Ct., 9757-Myung J. Nam to Brian and Erin Maggio, $667,500.


Braden Way, 6113-Beazer Homes Corp. to Mahendra Marathe and Rupali Shirish Nanode, $875,484.

Gaithers Chance Dr., 5010-MB Gaithers Chances Corp. to John Joseph and Nadya S. Melton, $1.35 million.

Vincents Way, 12514-Beazer Homes Corp. to Annapurna Anagani and Mythrai Sangem, $912,669.


Alderleaf Pl., 5780-Nhuanh Ngoc Pham and Tung Xuan Nguyen to Steven Jungho and Quynh Dang Han, $290,000.

Clearsmoke Ct., 6166-Jayme Sue Wright Swisher to Benjamin A. Chafe and Jennifer G. Sandler, $253,725.

Fruitgift Pl., 6567-Tracy Lynn Ji Anderson to Steven R. and Alyssa A. Walsh, $275,000.

Hourglass Pl., 9240-Brian D. Ventre to Ida N. Sone, $340,000.

Majors Lane, 6007, No. 9-Derrick Riddle to Christopher A. Bloor, $152,500.

Old Buggy Ct., 5718-Federal National Mortgage Association to David B. and Debra D. Woods, $256,000.

Pushcart Way, 9826-Jeffrey C. and Sharon S. Cannon to Sarah Blaszak, $550,000.

Tunemaker Terr., 9217-Estate of Gail E. Robinson to Robert W. and Lin Lee Potts, $400,000.

Wild Bees Lane, 9309-Michael Stuart and Tammy Leffler to Michael A. Greenberg and Katherine D. Sorota, $455,000.


April Journey, 5591, No. 97-Avram Polinsky and Stephanie Block to Charles C. Simmons, $325,000.

Blue Flag Way, 12105-Robert D. and Sharon M. Rhoton to Lori S. and Jason E. O’Brien, $505,000.

Columbia Rd., 4934, No. 4-Federal National Mortgage Association to Allen Schwender, $135,000.

El Camino, 5445, No. 5-Fang Amber Gu to Jason M. and Heidi Duvall, $182,500.

Green Mountain Cir., 5017, No. 5-John E. and Christina B. Torres to Xi Chun May Lu and Dylan B. Ray, $173,000.

High Hay Dr., 11430-Frederick R. Nelson to Stephen T. Balbach, $466,250.

Jeweled Hand Cir., 7017-James A. and Lamara E. Morris to Matthew D. and Sarah L. Zabel, $475,825.

New Country Lane, 11899-Karen Mary Joyce Smith to Ruchir Haresh and Dhara Ruchir Bakshi, $365,000.

Ridermark Row, 11284-Rita Guida to Adam and Jill Stedham, $730,000.

Round Tower Pl., 5034-Fred M. and Diane M. Butym to Michael and Nikita Long, $417,000.

Vantage Point Rd., 5445, No. 8-Sean R. Hess to Bradley J. Fuller, $320,000.

Waving Tree Ct., 6517-Ricardo Augusto Slaibi Conti and Poliana Medeiros Reis Conti to Katherine T. and Christopher J. Tetrault, $593,000.

Woodward Gdns., 4960-Jay Fred and Sonya Cohen to Andrew Joseph, $383,000.


Kalmia Dr., 5233-Russell Emmett Geist and Marsha Lynn Lessley to Thomas Andrew Newcomb, $737,000.


Collett Ct., 6320-Stefan A. and Daneille L. White to Roberto Montoro and Nicole Lauf, $745,000.

Greenmount Dr., 6517-Rupesh and Vaishali Sheth to Jin A. and Hyesung Joung, $399,000.

Latrobe Fls., 6611, No. 82-Michael Roop to Bhavin Patel, $362,000.

Matchbox Aly., 7345-Christina Caldeira to Xinyun Zhang, $338,000.

Old Washington Rd., 6084-Live Fearless in Christ Corp. to George Williams and Mary Ellen Curran, $455,000.

Rowanberry Dr., 5809, No. 1-Thomas G. Easley to Ngun Thawng, $200,000.

Stipa Ct., 6625-Cedric and Yvette R. Valiente to Eduardo and Elizabeth Aviles, $325,000.

Watermill Ct., 8032-Joseph and Heather Wilensky to Julie M. Suiltz and Tyler W. Rolig, $297,000.


Carls Ct., 8911, No. K-NVR Inc. to Jong Cheol Shin, $295,490.

Charles Xing., 6020-NVR Inc. to Kenji Jatuput and Linda Wy Shinoda, $614,824.

Crestfield Ct., 5105-Doug and Fern Sandler to Jeffrey and Laura Kennedy, $625,000.

Enoch Pratt Dr., 8603-Ashwin V. and Shweta Ashwin Rao to Ying Tang, $515,000.

High Ridge Rd., 8449-Christopher D. and Laurin J. Forant to Vamshidhar Chethireddy and Deepthi Baddam, $615,000.

Lower Mill Ct., 3542-Kiran and Girija Rangarajan to Chongyang Zhao and Andrew Fuller, $505,000.

Montgomery Run Rd., 8391, No. E-Amy Helene Rappaport to Frank and Carol A. Desmond, $205,000.

Rising Sun Lane, 5281-John T. and Diane M. Wurzer to Cedric S. and Yvette R. Valiente, $594,900.

Rushing River Dr., 4926-Sameera K. Guipati and Padmaja Gade to Thangavelu K. Arunachalam, $555,000.

Stone Crop Dr., 8280, No. E-James V. and Mary Janice Duffy to Annemarie Yeo, $260,000.


Butter Lane, 11733-Streetcape at ML Corp. to Diane Lynn and Scott Morgan Slatkin, $804,725.

Iager Blvd., 11412-Peter and Donna Both to Robert and Sayla Mensah, $580,000.

Martha Way, 11027-NVR Inc. to Jie Ae Kim, $1.06 million.

Morris St., 7548, No. 25-James Robert Kiracofe to Larry D. and Susan G. Perkins, $395,000.

Tilghman St., 7816-Christopher Jay and Celene Joselin Berry to Donald E. and Marianne O. Engel, $619,900.

Westside Blvd., 8064-Een Ju and Moses Y. Lee to Weina Lu and David Chhan, $650,000.


Hobbs Rd., 2980-Leon Mohammed to An Ni Chang and Ming Chiang Feng, $450,000.


Florey Rd., 6047-Live Fearless in Christ Corp. to Clifford Dixon, $470,000.


Arctic Circle Dr., 8418-Jason N. and Deeshanae S. Brown to Hoa Trung Mai and Loan Thi Pham, $450,000.

Macintosh Ct., 8241, No. 62-Tracy Lumsden to Ibrahim M. and Ramatulai Fofana, $320,000.

Windemere Way, 9132-Clinton L. and Corinne Edwards to Troy John Diaz and Adrienn Luspay Kuti, $549,900.


Early Spring Way, 9779-Grant A. Vix and Carrie E. Spear to Sherkh Zakir Husain, Irfan Umer Khan and Huma Husain, $320,000.

Lumberjack Row, 9505-David E. Barrett to Ervin W. Johnson and Lili Melendez Dendy, $400,000.

Sea Shadow, 9625-Carl Christensen to David B. and Teresa C. Eberhardt, $440,000.

Willow Brook Way, 7119-Michael J. Blasi to Truong Vu Nguyen and Anhdao Thi Luu, $520,000.


Sophia Chase Dr., 2501-Hyo Sook Ferris and Emmanuel Barbosa to Jeffrey W. Metzger and Theresa P. Maloney, $500,000.


Old Frederick Rd., 16409-Virginia Siemer to Marlene Campini, $366,000.


Boundless Shade Terr., 9627-James A. and Melissa S. Gorman to Gregory D. and Rhonda Stokes, $599,999.

Coronet Ct., 9610-Debbie M. Mohabir and Debbie Maria Nathoo to Epaphrodite and Allison Uwimana, $460,000.

Holst Hl., 9307-NVR Inc. to Irma Zaidi and Amir Rizvi, $624,990.

Maryland Ave., 9691-Robert F. and Mary Louise Hennes to Jessica R. and Demian Johnson, $460,000.

Northern Lakes Lane, 9711, No. 19-Vikas and Latha Simhadri Sahdev to Appala Naidu Karri and Srilakshmi Burada, $430,000.

Peace Springs Rdg., 9752-Beazer Homes Corp. to Hao Chang and Qin Liu, $459,990.


Heatherwood Way, 1718-Sharon K. Watts Curington to Maria L. Cruz and Hugh E. Fisher, $535,000.


Tall Ships Dr., 14026-Brian E. Davis to Christina Davis, $625,000.


Abbott Way, 2109-Kevin Zhang and Diane Xu to William Chadwick and Elena Fowlkes, $710,000.

Grooms Lane, 1511-Above Grade Renovation Corp. to James Dempsey and Jennifer Marie Danault, $402,000.