Anne Arundel County

These sales data recorded by the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation were provided by Black Knight Inc. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit


Amberstone Ct., 60-Kevin Charles Chu and Patricia Mary Harcourt to Ashley Jewell, $225,000.

Bay Highlands Dr., 1189-Jeffrey and Lindsay Becker Ferk to Jeffrey and Lori Schramek, $590,000.

Breakwater Dr., 918-Effie S. Slider to Kayla S. and Ira L. Snyder, $268,000.

Chatham Lane, 242-Michael J. Brown to Paul and Dominique Albensi, $340,000.

Dulaney Lane, 1006-Maude B. Hays to Joseph T. Cox and Helen C. Pate, $1.37 million.

Gemini Dr., 1220-David Christian and Maryan Giddens to Christopher M. DeSautels and Molly R. Spence, $216,500.

Harbour Village Ct., 7044, No. 2-Timothy William and Maura Boehm to John M. and Geraldine P. Brennan, $355,000.

Jeremys Way, 19-Tori Nerney Touzin to Peter and Michal Goodwin, $519,000.

New Church Lane, 1194-Michael Schneider to Juliette Neu and Nicolas Hine, $549,000.

Sargent Ct., 16-Hogmei Zhou to Martin C. Wallace, $242,000.

Spindrift Way, 18-William S. and Gail E. Herald to Steve Milord, $399,000.


Annapolis St., 302-Thomas J. and Kathleen K. Bunchman to Craig Richard and Tara Marilyn Bandes, $903,000.

Conduit St., 135-Kathleen McHale and Amy L. Schmidt to Laurie Lipsey Hall, $710,000.

Foremast Alley, 2606-Nabil and Farid Hanna to Carolyn and Christopher McVay, $397,000.

Lafayette Ave., 33-Lisa Brown to Joel W. Ritter and Heather L. Menze, $635,000.

Melvin Ave., 607-James Howard and Diane Marie Brown to David Jeffrey Keegan, $456,000.

Prince George St., 155-Christopher Underwood to Sean Seavers and Ami Camardo, $535,000.

Scotts Crossing Ct., 2155, No. 203-Kevin Ghozati to Cristina Aaros, $239,900.

Topmast Way, 905-Jo Ann J. Simmons to Cynthia L. Pond, $380,000.

Woodlawn Ave., 121-Bryon W. Gilbert to Shawn Thomas Cronk, $450,000.


Brent Rd., 118-Kathleen S. Dean to Ryan Thomas and Rebecca Erin Monahan, $340,500.

Glen Oban Dr., 180-David A. and Elizabeth B. Heller to Nathan B. Hall and Whitney T. Mershon, $540,000.

Stanford Ct., 391-Robert Williamson III to Amy M. Ross and Austin J. Clancy, $429,000.


Ballman Ave., 5515-Alfredo Ramos Macedo and Susana Peralto Licona to Anthony C. and Rosa Brunson, $289,000.

Hillcrest Ave., 212-Betty L. Whitfill to Ruth F. Vadi, $159,999.

Wasena Ave., 5215-Delbert E. and Patricia L. Roy to Ravi R. Chhatani Jagwani and Daniel Frank Smith, $123,000.


Cranes Roost Ct., 454-Jason Shevokas and Stacie Oliver to Liane and Shawn Lewis, $320,000.

Mount Pleasant Dr., 1223-Peter Moyer and Danielle Mitchell to Linda and Rosalinda Cangemi, $399,000.

Riverview Dr., 1140-Daniel Ragan to Patricia M. Moore, $425,000.

Trawler Lane, 1630-Renee Kremm to Michael E. and Keri M. Ball, $680,000.


Franklin Blvd., 5503-Joshua R. and Heather L. Finamore to Richard J. Wells, $262,400.


Bancroft Lane W., 1703-Darlene Mallick and estate of Monna Gayle Clark to Andrew J. Brown and Carly N. Jones, $232,000.

Crofton Pkwy., 1502-Thomas E. and Barbara C. Briers to Kuang Yuan and Kristin Hsieh, $484,900.

Gaffney Ct., 1716-Bayview Loan Servicing Corp. to Donald G. Ernakovich Jr. and Jeniffer Falcone, $265,000.

Log Mill Ct., 2562-Shannon K. Landefeld Yowaiski to Nicholas and Louise Reid, $289,900.

Regents Park Rd. E., 1781-Kurt K. and Marcella E. Hess to Timothy A. Lonchena and Regan M. Greco, $580,000.

Soho Ct., 1104-Federal National Mortgage Association to Huilei Wang, $275,000.

Urby Dr., 1703-Raymond A. and Mary K. Neall to Rock Gunther and Kara Hickey Zang, $540,000.


Flourmill Ct., 2007-Celerity Ventures Corp. to Diogo M. and Vera G. Francisco, $1.05 million.


Swanhill Ct., 1266-Charles J. and Carolyn M. Nicholas to Robin M. McKisset, $249,900.


Jennieville Dr., 2409-Steven R. and Carrie A. Piper to Vincent C. Lowman and Yvonne Van Thien Doan, $1.05 million.


Deale Rd., 633-RMG Investments Inc. to Theresa Blake and Mary Carole Mix, $310,000.


Annapolis Ave., 862-Nancy E. Fortief to Jason W. and Megan M. Gregire Smith, $430,000.

Briarcroft Ct., 2313-Myriam Met to Heather L. and Douglas J. Williams, $700,000.

Edgemont St., 3570-Matthew K. and Garciela A. Williams to Adam R. and Isabel G. Crist, $505,000.

Fairmount Dr., 517-James J. Manion III and Alyson J. Covino to Jaclyn Ann Hamilton and Matthew Brian McLaughlin, $410,000.

Holly Rd., 100-William and Sandra Dee Showalter to Annette Marie and Brian Everett Bergmann, $590,000.

Nancy St., 1423-Patricia J. Rodie to Andrew D. and Gretchen D. Hasser, $343,000.

Pocahontas Dr., 3419-K. Hovnanian at Southpointe Corp. to Pamela Mather, $749,990.

Ruxton Rd., 1625-Eric J. and Crystal L. Buntz to Adam D. Palmer and Christina Ruth Hayden, $455,000.

Sweet Leaf Lane, 4242-Paul and Dana Standard to Oluwafemi A. and Oluwakemi Funmilayo Balogun, $625,000.

Seventh Ave., 3623-Estate of Robert M. Edwards to Wayne and Mary A. Rawlings, $300,000.


Branchwood Dr., 1501-Daniel and Nadine L. Camp to Adam N. and Ashley D. Cage, $481,000.

Hyacinth Lane, 2513-US Home Corp. and Lennar Corp. to Azharul Haque, $557,490.

Lanham Lane, 1112-Calatlantic Group Inc. to James Hassen Jr. and Rochelle Rather, $454,686.

Sappington Dr., 1536-Felicita L. Barranco and Bret T. Woolcock to Todd and Ashley Johnston, $574,900.


Allwood Dr., 203-Susan D. Engel to Nicholas Kalashian, $255,000.

Bentwillow Dr., 812-Henry William Schmidt Jr. to Hipolito Esquivel Bernal, $262,000.

Cayer Dr., 1064-Marco A. and Tracy L. Tiscareno to Christopher James Brice, $190,000.

Foxhound Dr., 117-Jonathan and Susan Shoaf to Patrick Doran, $374,500.

Griffith Lane, 308-Chris A. and Kim Y. Wade to Darrin and Leda Griffin, $229,900.

Leprechaun Lane, 622-Thuan Suc Vu and Thuy Thi Thanh Nguyen to Jawid Roodwall Doost, $233,500.

MacKintosh Dale, 7982-Cory R. and Alexandra R. Kontros to Alexander and Aicha Millien, $349,900.

Newfield Rd., 315-Glender Property Management Corp. to Antonia J. Simpson and Amy F. Jackson, $259,900.

Phillip Dr., 1012-David P. and Tara D. LaFleur to Shauna Brady and Andrew Pietrusza, $265,000.

Primrose Path, 6202-Douglas Pergerson to Paul Temitayo Apata, $280,000.

Valiant Cir., 393-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Lyle E. Wheeler, $160,500.

Third Ave. SW, 401-Thomas J. and Gabrielle E. Burns to Rebeca P. Cruz, $245,000.


Caton Ave., 8216-NVR Inc. to Crystal and Kenneth McCoy, $379,300.

Dumbarton Rd., 1008-Sheryl Ann Atkinson and Walter Madison Overfelt Jr. to Shelby E. Steedman, $189,200.

Hidden Oak Lane, 704-Edward A. Vaughn to Nicholas E. Kelly and Samantha N. Minton, $352,000.

Indigo Bunting Lane, 947-Bei Xu to Troy J. Covington, $341,000.

Marley Pointe Ct., 502-Andrew Lutz to Kimberly M. and Robert E. Dickson, $419,000.

Nabbs Creek Rd., 1027-Daniel G. Stewart to Kiersten L. Durst, $229,000.

Osprey Landing Dr., 7411-Louella J. Jerman to Ali M. and Eileen G. Morsy, $342,500.

Spring Maiden Ct., 206, No. 203-Kevin K. Cabradillia to Brandon L. Tipton, $130,000.

Three Coin Way, 105, No. 202-LNJ Associates Corp. to Dana Dashiell, $170,000.

Whitlow Lane, 7103-M.I. Homes D.C. Corp. to Yancy L. Cobb, $383,653.

Yamhill Way, 7123-US Home Corp. and Lennar Corp. to Gary Allen and Amanda Lee Getz, $401,130.


Boulder Lane, 1442-Freddwina and Kevin Crawford to Monica Sharpe, $339,000.

Fairbanks Dr., 1431-Andrew A. Rapine to Theresa L. Riffle, $300,000.

Gigur Dr., 7607-Calatlantic Group Inc. to Michael and Raven Coates, $539,633.

Maple Rock Rd., 2605-Toll IV Corp. and Arundel Preserve 10a Corp. to Shelle Powell, $428,553.

Pangbourne Way, 1435-Reanna Da and Marco Da Rold to Megan N. and Christopher Whipple, $339,900.

Thames River Dr., 7411-Amjad Shirzada to Nicholas A. Purcell and Ivy N. Burridge, $460,000.


Montevideo Rd., 1821-John and Kathleen A. Strasser to Christopher and Ashley Shields, $441,500.


Bitterwood Pl., 3402, No. B304-Michelle V. Stovall to Alice R. Morales, $217,000.

Lindenwood Dr., 3449-Gerald L. Raphael and estate of Nicole Marie Raphael to Marco T. Cea Giron, $239,000.

Rippling Way, 3508-Hiroko Nelson and James Nelson Moling to Jiji G. Oben, $485,000.

Style Ave., 3361-David Hancharik to Juana D. Gonzales, $150,000.


Chestnut Rd., 300-Fred L. and Suzanne B. Dayton to David Mowry and Shanshan Robbe, $454,900.

Hance Ave., 404-Brian Craig and Jeanne M. Hill to Luis Rodriguez Cancel and Damarys Diaz Pena, $290,000.


Brookwood Rd., 8378-AmeriStar Homes Inc. to Robert L. and Neesha A. Horner, $526,000.

Elvaton Rd., 8278-Rashpal Singh and Jasbir Kaur to Kyu Dae Kim, $260,000.

Kenora Dr., 538-Timothy J. Studer and Brian Keith Moreau to Christopher Edward and Samantha Dale Scalice, $285,610.

Marianna Dr., 480-NVR Inc. to Curtis and Thembi Depass, $494,959.

Paddle Wheel Ct. W., 666-Anthony E. and Rosemarie B. Elenbaas to Octavia D. Odom, $235,000.

Silverbark Ct., 503-David Philip and Ilona Andrea Larson to Charles and Taana Viviano, $698,000.


Briar Ridge Lane, 2529-Mary K. Bell Swearingen to Monica Goncalves, $223,000.

Catbriar Way, 1471-NVR Inc. to Ronna F. Lodato, $720,000.

Forest Edge Ct., 2403, No. 303-Jessica Berdiel to Paul Kim, $239,000.

Horse Chestnut Ct., 717-Shelly C. and Benjamin Cronan to Corbin P. and Emily P. McCarron, $327,000.

Lea Ct., 2277-James Man Hee Tong to Daryl and Tara Pratt, $315,000.

Oak Leaf Ct., 2715-Jeffrey N. Perez to Lauren Ryan, $247,000.

Roaming Ridge Way, 8601, No. 306-David Safferman to Joseph C. and Kathleen Louise Sariscak, $310,000.

Saran Ct., 1312-Michael Edwin and Marie Ann Triesky to William Carl and Jennifer Marie Kirschner, $477,000.

Summer Ridge Ct., 700-Mark C. and Carrie R. Parrella to Mark David and Kymberly A. Coder Joyce, $272,000.

Tolbert Dr., 711-Oscar R. and Mary S. Sheppard to Jay Richard Rose and Jennifer L. Ross, $335,000.


Allegri Ct., 7920-Jeffrey J. and Brianna C. Seakan to Terry L. Khoury, $247,000.

Arundel Rd., 131-David E. and Sharon L. Larkin to Darlene L. Kessler, $210,000.

Belgarden Lane, 1002-Charles N. Riccio to Sandra Lorena Mejia, $568,500.

Carroll Rd., 263-VPGL Corp. to Francesca G. and Eric Leatherman, $419,650.

Cottage Grove Dr., 116-Sean Gunning to Kyle A. and Colleen M. Cahoon, $292,000.

Drum Ave. S., 203-Brenda A. Burlbaugh and estate of Betty A. Bender to Patrick J. and Kathryn L. Drosinos, $435,000.

Kenton Rd., 8462-George Edward and Barbara Woehlke Beckett to Raymond Eugene and Ashley Michelle Bennaman, $365,000.

Littleton Way, 3395, No. 2B-Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Katrina M. Gnip, $125,000.

Maryland Ave., 116-Jessica K. and Chad Roberts to Patrick Daniel and Elizabeth Eileen McKernan, $315,000.

Northfield Ave., 891-Dale E. Oroark to Justin A. and Keyana Schurtz, $355,000.

Penobscot Harbour, 908-Kelly J. Bodnar to Scott T. Koerber and Katie Way, $242,472.

Robin Air Ct., 3616-Freddie Sinclair to Connor Wissmann, $219,000.

Spry Harbour, 913-Randi Jo McCoy to Deena Lynn Duke and Katie Jean Lamb, $257,650.

Tar Point Rd., 1423-Jonathan and Kelly Jensen to Jason David Hedges and Joy Wang, $580,000.

Whites Cove Rd., 8103-Korey and Kevin T. Shoop to Michael and Kellie Wahlhaupter, $599,900.

11th St., 264-Rachel Faye and Anthony S. Dulski to Travis L. and Cecil F. Adams, $277,000.


Escapade Ct., 1384-Erin M. Palmer to Brooke E. Hungerford, $400,000.


Ava Rd., 1339-Edward J. and Ruth C. Kaszuba to John B. and Robin J. France, $370,000.

Chevron Rd., 1119-Brookwood Run Acquisitions Inc. to Giselle N. Lewis and Wayne A. Archibald, $461,188.

Coldwater Reserve Crossing., 1551-James T. and Lindsey D. Steidle to Geoffrey and Carla Kuhlmann, $615,000.

Janet Dale Lane, 826-Calatlantic Group Inc. to Tracy Minh Ngo and Khoa Hoang Do, $562,944.

Old Camp Meade Rd., 1217-William J. and Angela R. Liston to John Taylor and Mary E. Smart, $289,000.

Pine Springs Dr., 8536-Toll VII Partnership to LaFondra Lynch and Ian Barlow, $543,391.

Pullman Dr., 1513-Julio I. and Heather C. Vargas to Thomas M. Schlobohm and Dami T. Soh, $336,500.

Somerset Rd., 1302-Gary A. and Inok L. Cooley to Joel Antoine, $359,000.


Baskerville Ct., 255-Patricia C. Nowell to Ali and Mary Ghaffari, $540,000.

Blackshire Rd., 462-Jose P. and Agnes D. Nepomuceno to Alimany Bangura and Deborah Yah Yisrael, $542,000.

Evergreen Rd., 502-Black Dogs Real Estate Investment Corp. to Christopher P. and Hanna M. Lacy, $449,890.

Pineview Ave., 130A-Shawn Earl and Alexis Victoria Watkins to Jason Vaughn and Myriah D. Baker, $449,900.

Stonehouse Dr., 364-Charles S. and Jane M. Iglehart to Roy C. and Nicole Fielder, $400,000.

Triple Oak Ct., 203-Edwin E. and Jane P. Lewis to Tabitha A. Williams and Donald M. Wilcox, $535,000.

Woodbent Dr., 4-Vincent Carroll Lowman and Yvonne Van Thien Doan to Korey Shoop and Jess E. Cruz, $605,000.


Maryland Ave., 1712-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Paige N. Biesel, Heather D. Jangali and Sandra E. Ashen, $201,987.


Solomons Island Rd., 6239-John A. and Cheryl Q. Medlin to Robert Backus and Michelle Chester, $508,000.

Howard County

These sales data recorded by the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation were provided by Black Knight Inc. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit


Bethany Lane, 2985-John V. Spears III and Ellen R. Jacobs to John Eidness and Kim Swartz, $475,000.

Buckskin Wood Dr., 4221-Hidayat A. and Amtul Rafey Khan to Sufang Li and Xiaowei Song, $625,000.

Crape Myrtle Ct., 5050-W. Creek Corp. to Abhinav Sankineni and Deepthi Bommadevara, $1.51 million.

Dorsey Search Cir., 3748-Yawar H. and Sabina F. Faraz to Chi Man Lam, $660,000.

Fragile Sail Way, 4062-Jeffrey R. Kessler to Jeffrey T. Kuczynski and Carly J. Needel, $575,000.

Glastonbury Rd., 10237-Katherine and Nonu Maiava to Shobha H. Mehta and Marcos Xagoraris, $810,000.

Joycin Ct., 3698, No. C-Mark A. Restivo and estate of Nancy Lee Willings to Ba Mei Xie, $318,000.

Lilac Lane, 4245-Raymond R. and Patricia S. Neumann to Jun Yun and Erin M. Yin, $530,000.

Longview Dr., 9758-Frederick A. Dreisch to Jenille Dion and Ryan Thibault, $497,000.

Patuxent Overlook Ct., 3041-John J. and Loretta Jean Welk to William Fay Jr. and Lydia E. Chevere, $558,000.

Saint Johns Lane, 3927-Brooke Thielman to Elizabeth W. and John K. Glennon, $550,000.

Valley View Overlook, 4908-JP Morgan Chase Bank to Shiva Kumar and Sheela Rani Rajasekhara, $875,000.


Autumn Wind Cir., 6517-Andrew S. and Michelle L. Maslan to Alan R. and Devin D. Ward, $650,000.

Great Star Dr., 5900, No. 304-Sang Hyun and Jeong Ja Park to Eun Jung Bae, $350,000.

Vincents Way, 12554-Beazer Homes Corp. to Shawn R. and Allyson M. Reece, $907,911.


Cameldriver Ct., 9478-Nina M. Grigsby to Christopher Brendan Rogak and Lindsey Katherine McDaniel, $330,000.

Dark Hawk Cir., 8545-Francis M. Baranson and Mary Lynn Breton to Gregory R. Lilly, $533,000.

Emersons Reach, 9138-Peter H. and June H. Kim to Victor Shin, $329,000.

Harvest Rise Ct., 6231-Luis Manuel Castelan and Marcos C. Osorio to Norma T. and Thomas J. Hardy, $275,000.

Loring Dr., 6305-Lavande Studio Corp. to Michael Everett and Jaydin Angeline Tavaleleu, $315,000.

Penfield Ct., 9446-Diplomat Property Manager Corp. and Fay Servicing Corp. to Donald E. Carroll, $380,000.

Rocksparkle Row, 9628-Jason P. and Kara L. Stum to Peter Gustella, $371,100.

Sweet Fern, 6575-Alfred P. and Letecia G. Rollins to Damaris I. Cifuentes and Eli S. Rivera Ocasio, $245,900.

Waning Moon Way, 6566-Jesse Nathaniel White to Marcus Boyer, $275,000.

Wind Rider Way, 6384-Michael B. Goldgeier to Amanda H. Ruderman and Nicholas A. Pierce, $333,000.


Beaverbrook Rd., 5106-Stephen Leon Niemczak and Dawn E. Hughes to Nicholas and Erin McCloskey, $545,000.

Chase Lions Way, 5325-Kathleen Ann Lewis to Tamara T. Grant, $368,000.

Cross Fox Lane, 10578, No. E1-Gregory A. Windsor to Jason S. Cole, $159,500.

Enchanted Solitude Pl., 6409-Edward J. Suess and Donghong Ma to Alison Collins, $675,000.

Golden Hook, 6327-Ethan and Jessica Andreas to Samuel B. Niburg and Elizabeth Ann Wiley, $511,000.

Hesperus Dr., 5306-David C. and Janice Orlik to Matthew P. and Holly E. Warner, $415,000.

Olde Woods Way, 10895-Russell A. and Ruth Ann Gazaille to William J. and Rebecca L. Deysher, $305,000.

Running Brook Rd. W., 5240, No. 301-Angela F. Shepherd to Ryan L. Davis and Sarah M.P. Hayashi, $180,000.

Skilift Ct., 11247, No. A19-3-Robert O’Keefe to Nicholas Salazar, $215,000.

Tolling Clock Way, 10515-Claudia W. Friend to Nasir A. Maliki, $315,000.

Twin Rivers Rd., 10551, No. D2-Zhengxin Zhu and Runhua Yang to Dwight and Kim K. Chamberlain, $158,000.

Wooded Way, 5409-James Doyle Eaton to Noor J. Naseer, $539,000.


Augustine Ave., 5983-Wairimu M. Thande and Mumbi Thande Kamiru to Arthur W. and Margaret O. McGrath, $384,999.

Ducketts Lane, 6468, No. 7-3-Kimberly J. and Zackary R. Swanson to Tess H.S. Blackwell, $235,000.

Frothingham Ct., 6405-Peter J. Gonzales to Richard D. Landau and Karla T. Leal, $355,000.

Layton Ct., 7108-William and Aliya S. Baig Conley to Thomas J. and Courtney M. Molino, $645,000.

Quidditch Lane, 7912-Beazer Homes Corp. to Nagappan Palaniappan, $377,000.

Rowanberry Dr., 5910, No. 20-Slobodan and Davorka Ivanov to Salai Thant Zin, $220,000.

Silverleaf Oak Rd., 7106, No. 172-Jean Paul and Donna Maree Chamorro to Lua Ngoc Nguyen, $289,900.

Watermill Ct., 8015-Helene Meyers to Robert J. Bonfiglio Sr., $315,000.


Brightlight Pl., 7948-Daniel P. and Jenny R. Berry to William Alan and Beth I. Simon, $335,000.

Charles Crossing, 6026-NVR Inc. to Maura C. and Timothy J. Kibbey, $541,724.

Deerfield Dr., 2800-Melissa M. O’Toole Laureiro to William J. and Amanda L. Coveney, $525,000.

Falls Run Rd., 8611, No. B-Brian Lee and Katherine Leano Joy DiCristofaro to Peter J. Hudak, $194,900.

Glen Willow Way, 5983-NVR Inc. to Fusen W. Mark and Danny Liang, $474,617.

Kaitlins Ct., 2209-Kyeong H. Lee and James Hwan Ro to Felix O. Guzman, $625,000.

Lois Lane, 5810-Jonathan W. and Christine M. Holmgren to Gregory S. Ruehl, $530,000.

Nelson House Rd., 3936-Stanley Y. and Julia C. Chan to Muhammad Haider and Saima Kanwal, $755,000.

River Ridge Trail, 2539-NVR Inc. to Wilson and Helen Lei, $768,370.

Stone Crop Dr., 8280, No. R-Douglas O. and Cynthia L. Hartman to Andrew J. and Jinsil K. Sung, $267,000.

Trail View Dr., 8636-Holy Trinity Fathers Inc. to King Huang, $511,000.

Wigglesworth Ct., 4714-Gerald V. and Gloria Rogers Blackwell to Caroline Ida and Ashref Elshazli, $381,000.


Ellington St., 11422-Linda M. Szymanski and Paula R. Skedsvold to Eric Song, $840,000.

Martha Way, 11051-NVR Inc. to Charanjit Singh and Kiranjit Kaur, $1.17 million.

Tilghman St., 7731-Jonathan G. and Michelle R. Seavey to Ciprian L. Sabolovits and Yonmee Chang, $690,000.


Dorsey Mill Rd., 14376-Jian Sun to Syed Zulfiqar Haider Rizvi, $521,000.


Fairbourne Ct., 6122-Joel M. and Kimberly D. Deboy to Linda Bucker and Brian L. Smith, $390,000.


Aspenwood Way, 8118-Raymond T. Cibull to Catherine and Tanveer Karim, $251,000.

Jacqueline Ct., 8455-Ramanpreet and Simranjeet K. Singh to Shaishavbahi G. and Nipaben P. Patel, $492,000.


Birdhouse Cir., 9430, No. 10-Benjamin and Deepa Moses to Florante Diaz, $335,000.

Copperwood Way, 7027-Christen Pena Ariet and Edward Richard Gjeldman to Alexander J. Pappadia, $322,000.

Kindler Rd., 7376-Melissa K. Wong to Daniel and Stefanie Schaefer, $407,000.

Rain Flower Way, 7531-Eric D. and Lori C. MacLennan to Christopher Wachira Wanjue and Evaline Mumbi Komu, $268,000.

Yellow Bonnet Pl., 7511-Sean P. and Ranee C. Montgomery to Meredith Mesa and Jason Meadows, $455,000.


Ridge Rd., 704-Taylor Ashley Kulp to D. Todd Hanley and David and Starr Kuykendall, $260,000.


Chaton Rd., 9560-Ryan and Meghan Pierce to William H. Huynh and Thanhha T. Le, $498,000.

Donnan Castle Ct., 9514-Galen S. and Tracy C. Gallagher to Edoka Emaikwu, $309,000.

Glen Hannah Dr., 10555-Wilmington Savings Fund Society and Christiana Trust to Hailtin Luo and Tao Bai, $280,100.

Jester Ct., 9613-Pramoda and Rambhai Amin Dilip to Jacob and Nadine Serbonich, $450,000.

Knowledge Dr., 9757-M. I. Homes D.C. Corp. to Adrian and Margaret Ann Baez, $474,990.

Old Scaggsville Rd., 9332-Paul and David McGarvey to Collins Conkar and Marguerite L. Incoom, $423,250.

Sombersby Ct., 9315-Erin M. Lackey to Jonathan W. Clancy, $350,000.

Wild Cherry Ct., 8315-John D. and Mary Ann Azzolini to Brian D. and Allison K. Gebhardt, $577,500.


Fox Meadow Lane, 12354-Michael D. and Paula A. Bisacre to Youfa and Qiong Wang, $853,500.


Bushy Tail Run, 15532-Jamie and Nivia Jacobs to Lorenzo D. and Carolyn A. Ascoli, $874,900.

Fairlane Rd., 1023-NVR Inc. to Andrew William and Lauren Slevine Capelle, $815,385.


Austen Way, 2211-Nina Ning He to Jingsong Cai and Mali Qin, $475,000.