Anne Arundel County

These sales data recorded by the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation were provided by Black Knight Inc. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit


Arundel on the Bay Rd., 3378-US Bank NA to Richard L. Van Dyke and Patricia J. Van Dyke, $406,000.

Blackwalnut Ct., 1355-Edwin W. Semans III to James K. Ryman, $484,000.

Britania Ct., 3202-Norman L. and Janet K. Idelson to David A. and Neasah S. Jones, $685,000.

Chesapeake Landing., 10-Bronson C. and Paul W. Oosterhuis to Milton D. and Tina Marie Jernigan, $1.35 million.

Farragut Rd., 65-Joyce G. and Dale E. Hutchins to Sean T. and Allison Bresnahan, $597,000.

Hampton Ct., 1-Joseph A. Diguardo Jr. to David M. and Ellen T. Black, $618,000.

Heathfield Lane, 304-Patrick B. and Candace L. Donoho to Christopher J. and Alexis A. Dugdale, $554,900.

Lake Heron Dr., 1138, No. 2B-514 Phase II Corp. to Debra Proctor Noone, $295,000.

Riding Ridge Rd., 325-Lenmark Corp. to John E. and Cathy T. Gartside, $610,000.

Severn Ave., 312, No. E309-Uldis Samuel and Deanna M. Vecrumba to Brittany Lorraine Biondo, $234,000.

Thomas Point Rd., 3365-Trevillian Properties Corp. to Christie L. Patterson and Leland D. Wiley, $539,000.


Burtons Cove Way, 653, No. 5-Evelyn M. and Jeffrey L. Wagner to Kim C. Caldwell, $239,900.

Drew St., 1833B-Patrick Joseph and Brea Marie Delaney to Catherine A. Sealing, $386,900.

Glen Ave., 28-Alice L. Dindino and Linda M. Mallonee to Alex Marie Schmidt, $280,000.

Holeclaw St., 112-Rosalind L. Offer to Arnold D. Fuentes and Glendy J. Torres Ramos, $295,000.

Marengo St., 883-Jose M. Sandoval Galdamez to Olvin J. Cartagena Villalta and Jose M. Sandoval Galdamez, $125,000.

Pindell Ave. N., 221-Capital Investment Group Corp. to Todd and Jill Woodlon Powell, $549,000.

Ritchie Lane, 1543-William and Rebecca M. Entwisle to Edwin D. Menjivar Mancia and Griselda Marleni Morales Menjivar, $354,000.

Sextant Ct., 1000-Tammy A. Garanzini and the estate of Donald W. Brown II to Mary Elizabeth Cofran, $430,000.

Summerview Way, 2708, No. 2103-Lane S. and Juanita L. Whitfield to Megan Lococo, $240,000.

Tuckahoe Creek Ct., 605-Kelly Clark to David and Carly Duggan, $239,900.

Woods Rd., 1830-David L. Herzog to Zhengtong Pei, $875,000.


Robinhood Rd., 855-John B. and Lois E. Coon to Nancy Prendergast and Augusto Prichard, $775,000.


Bay Green Dr., 631-Diane Festino Schmitt and Phyllis M. Festino to Alice J. Wilkerson, $415,000.

Buena Vista Ave., 326-Act Two Ventures Corp. to Timothy R. and Elaine Miller, $341,000.

Greenblades Ct., 524-Michelle Noble to Lindsey M. Lord, $277,000.

Pride Of Baltimore Dr., 507-SD Investment Properties Corp. to Michael V. and Patricia A. Ratigan, $684,000.

Taylor Ave., 1230B-Roger Allen and Angela Myra Mercanti to Young Min and Sun Kim Kwon, $642,500.


Church St., 202-Robert R. Gascon Jr. and the estate of Robert R. Gascon Sr. to Christopher Nasvaderani, $185,000.

Hopkins St., 613-Gary F. and Elizabeth M. Lawn to Christopher A. and Holly L. Lawn, $270,000.

Fourth St., 5112-LHB Benson Corp. to Nathaniel Frederick Roberts, $150,000.


Broadview Dr., 1046-Maude E. and Brian T. Morris to Jeremy M. and Kristin A. Jordan, $375,000.

Hazel Nut Ct., 1331-Franklin P. Howard to Janice Kay Hariadi, $220,000.

Lehman Ct., 1405-Michael E. and Keri M. Ball to Brian C. and Lyndsey R. Wimpee, $485,000.

Ridgeway Dr., 966-Alice and Elwood C. Ness to Neil and Erin Pumphrey, $389,900.

Samantha Ct., 608-Robert W. and Tuesday M. Black to Trinita Rolynn Day Chisolm, $688,000.

Stern Ct., 1616-David L. Rehn to Andrew and Jolene R. Lutz, $580,000.

Whitehall Plains Rd., 703-Gayle Libby Curtiss to Robert B. and Nancy L. Anderson, $670,000.


Aberdeen Dr., 2054-Thomas B. Hughes to Carole Ann Stevenson, $187,000.

Chatham Ct., 1443-Department of Veterans Affairs to Austen Mouille, $200,000.

Eton Way, 1638-Jeffrey M. and Jane D. Barnacle to Paul C. and Dilsad O. Pappas, $475,000.

Montauk Dr., 2344-Jason and Kristin Harper to Mojlaba Naghedi Jafar Zadeh and Zahra Ghadami Takantapech, $356,000.

New Windsor Ct., 1671-Residential Value Corp. to Adam R. Bernard, $266,000.

Rochester St., 1768-Megan and Mark Ballantyne to Eric P. and Rudi M. Siegfried, $590,000.

Thistle Brooke Ct., 1402-Marlene M. Noshay to Antonio and Sarah Trose, $535,000.

Wentworth Dr., 2406-Mark and Jessie Hitchcock to Kristien L. Cherrie, $263,888.


Severnview Dr., 1120-Derek and Derek D. Mulder to James Dimmer and Angela Nicole Callahan, $335,000.


Edgewater Rd., 8118-Brandlyn B. and Joshua Corntassel to Lucas S. and Dora Martin, $359,900.


Bradbury Ct., 2711-James G. and Denise F. Schuetzle to Dionna J. Green, $900,000.

Pondview Lane, 405-Michael C. Scarpignato to Christine A. and David F. Solan, $730,000.


Black Skimmer Ct., 203-Marc McCracken to Steven R. Piper, $1.08 million.

Carvel Cir., 14-John J. Beck III to Brooke M. Paulshock and Bennett R. Cord, $421,000.

Edgemont St., 3601-Donna M. Kahn to Brendan W. Connell, $155,000.

Great Heron Ct., 3506-Jeffrey M. and Angela Stolz to Elizabeth A. and Daniel J. Borcik, $640,000.

Maryland Ave., 105-Bay Built Homes Corp. to Eric and Crystal Buntz, $615,000.

Old Trail Rd., 3504-Angela M. Ferrogine to James P. and Katherine M. Fedor, $930,000.

Ridge Ave., 46-Fayann B. Rowe to David C. Luptak, $529,000.

Tilden Way, 167-JT Homes Corp. to Sherman and Kaitlin Baggarley, $360,000.


Arrowhead Farms Ct., 2102-Drew and Anna V. Zeiber to Richard T. and Karin Siomporas, $687,700.

Flowering Tree Lane, 2525-Judy M. Wisniewski to Jonathan D. and Jessica A. Goodman, $350,000.

Kingsway Ct., 1490-Ryan J. Hluschak and Maria E. Mayer to William Philip and Jenifer Leah Pearsall, $520,000.

Lanham Lane, 1116-Calatlantic Group Inc. to Jessalynn Georgeann Adam, $482,990.

Underwood Rd., 1835-Brett L. Weeks to Charles J. and Laura T. Meyer, $519,000.


Brass Horn Lane, 8018-Rolando Garcia Jr. to Andre L. and Yvette Lynch, $415,000.

Continental Dr., 6423-Bryan and Tina Funk to Cleopathra E. Robinson, $189,000.

Fleagle Rd., 359-Black Reef Trust and Green River Capital Corp. to Randall and Binh Tran, $210,000.

Hyde Park Dr., 729-Hogar Community Reinvestment Corp. to Algernon E. and Hanna F. Crawley, $340,000.

Kindred Way, 111-Olusanmi Ewshamani and Folayemi Fawehinmi to Chalmers Kirk IV, $300,000.

Lincoln Ct., 6431-Chardonnay De Jesus and Thomas S. Tyler to Terri E. Gregory, $158,775.

Maple Ave., 227-Stephen E. Meyer to Charity A. and Bart L. Schrum, $275,000.

Oakview Village Dr., 265-Brookfield Oakview Village Corp. to Ursula and Olurotimi Sorunke, $374,990.

Phirne Rd. E., 8114-Nanette F. Reach to Seth Yaffo, $249,900.

Ritchie St., 5823-Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. and M&T Bank to the estate of Judith A. Schaefer, $1,500.

Saunders Way, 1707-Lillian M. Moschel to Zechariahj and Michele Hatfield, $230,000.

Wimmer Rd., 517-Jeffrey E. Rattell to Lara Heyliger, $229,900.


Baltimore Annapolis Blvd., 7742-Reliable Investment Consulting Corp. to Joseph and Samantha Johnston, $275,000.

Chain O Hills Rd., 107-W & K. Annapolis to Ryan Santos, $275,000.

Furnace Ave., 1519-Michael J. and Connie L. Conner to Michael Anthony and Chong Ok Clark, $663,000.

Highland Rd., 101-Henry A. Fischer Jr. to Charles George Messerschmidt, $1,400.

Leonard Dr., 1206-Phillip Richard Shipley to Carrie L. and Barry F. Bartels, $275,000.

Meadowgate Cir., 8164-Joshua and Kristin Webster to Lakevious A. Griffin and Aishia Glymph, $466,300.

New Jersey Ave. NE, 605-Robert M. Gorsuch Jr. and the estate of Robert M. Gorsuch to Valentin Maldonado Jr., $105,000.

Saltgrass Dr., 223-Hebron Manor Corp. to R. James M. Ralston and Michelle Ralston, $489,000.

Stegman Pl., 1012-Guillaume and Dana Bergeron to David Benjamin and Courtney Jo Ball, $350,000.

Washington Ave., 701-Douglas S. and Christine A. Gillian to Carey M. Long, $329,000.

Whitlow Lane, 7109-M. I. Homes of DC Corp. to Ashley S. Powell, $383,513.

Fifth St., 1052-Wilmington Savings Fund Society FSB and Christiana Trust to Claudia E. Gomez Garcia and Miguel Angel Ramirez, $280,000.


Briars Knoll Way, 4-Andrew and Hyang Sook Sciascia to Rene Ramos Crespo and Kyong S. Ramos, $309,000.

Fieldstone Ct., 1721, No. 10-Stoney R. Corp. to Shelby Ramona Robles, $346,000.

Hardwick Ct., 1624, No. 1-Arjun B. Menon and Antara F. Desai to Marie M. Davidson, $247,500.

Nottoway Dr., 2136-NVR Inc. to Frank A. and Jana D. Shaul, $565,092.

Penzance Way, 1550-Naseem M. and Rukshana Rafiq to Han SE and Lisa Yery Kim, $397,500.


Bradish Lane, 2613-Calatlantic Group Inc. to Yalonda Denise McQuinn, $374,990.


Accokeek St., 8604-Claudia B. Asihene to Daunett Vaarma Hemmings, $310,000.

Crooked Tree Lane, 8611-Evista Three MD Corp. to Christiana Kanu, $379,900.

Old Channel Rd., 3007-Antonio Santiago and Maria Del C. Colon Santiago to Wubshet T. Kifle and Lidia G. Fisiha, $479,999.

Shadeland Rd., 8406-Bounds Appraisal Services Inc. to Binta K. Bojang and Lamin Jatta, $455,000.

Tribeca Trail, 3528-U. S. Home Corp. and Lenar to Katrina L. Roundtree, $420,000.


Englewood Rd., 6580-Dennis G. Chekan to Syed Y. Arif, $285,000.

Kingbrook Rd., 114-Kingbrook Homes Corp. to Ismael and Florence Samnatha Navarro, $369,900.


Meadows Farm Rd., 5184-James S. and Pamela R. Davis to Christopher C. and Carrie A. Rock, $614,900.


Chalet Dr., 312-Amanda N. Hannon and Amanda N. Hilton to Mark W. Westerdale, $315,000.

Highglade Ct., 8284-Mark L. Campbell to Derek M. and Kate E. Howells, $590,000.

Marianna Dr., 470-NVR Inc. to Deangelo and Diamond Haslam, $459,669.

Minton Ct., 8256-Paul E. and Kathleen M. Rabold to Alfredo and Christina Cercado, $324,900.

Pondview Dr., 8316-NVR Inc. to James E. and Juanita F. Roberts, $505,555.

Windy Knolls Ct., 504-Sharon S. Ward and Sharon S. Miletich to Patrick Shawn Reilly and Susan Lee Latham Coleman, $506,000.


Benoli Ct., 1624-Tammy Ross to Kimberlee V. and Derek E. Watson, $318,000.

Broad Wing Dr., -SM Arundel Neighborhoods Corp. to Alison J. and Robert J. Digsby, $706,615.

Chessington Dr., 352-Elizabeth Parkin to Glenn and Glenn C. Rogers, $345,000.

Edwards Dr., 556-Michael A. and Rachel M. White to Amy D. and Corey Rill, $330,000.

Four Orchards Lane, 1310-Charlsie M. and Roarke Baldwin to Todd J. and Sheana G. Gillis, $599,900.

Jo Ann Dr., 528-Michael D. Huff to Kristopher T. Jackson and Alyssa L. Harper, $340,000.

Meadowmist Way, 500-Kimbely L. Stepien to Richard O. Campbell, $275,500.

Pine Meadows Dr., 8537-Federal National Mortgage Association to Nicole D. Thomas, $310,000.

Rome Ct., 1305-Mark R. and Luz Helena Turner to Valeri Konstantinov Yankov and Adrienne V. Konstantin, $660,000.

Spanish Oak Way, 1284-Winchester Homes Inc. to Joseph I. Korzeniowski, $628,647.

Sycamore Glen Lane, 8617-Pedro S. Sostre Reyes and Megan E. Duvall Reyes to Brenda J. Freije, $224,900.

Warm Spring Way, 2431-Ralph L. and Cynthia A. Allison to James B. and Kelly Keunhee Connor, $320,000.


Apple Orchard Dr., 3922-Ronald G. and Janelle Lucarino to Alexander E. and Amy Leigh Karjala, $275,000.

Bar Harbor Rd., 87-Ronald and Katherine Pardoe to Charles Edward Ross Jr., $274,000.

Black Sky Lane, 304-Timberlake Creekstone Corp. to Wesley C. and Cherene Pack, $401,046.

Castle Rock Ct., 8092-Robert Thomas Holland to Debra G. McConnell, $215,000.

Cool Breeze Ct., 348-Oz Investors Corp. to Helena Y. Thomas, $285,000.

Dark Sky Xing., 111-Timberlake Creekstone Corp. to Ryan G. Massey, $390,000.

Elizabeth Rd., 7951-Karen Parkison and the estate of Barbara A. Roberts King to Jason A. Welk, $258,900.

Harlem Rd., 259-Jacqueline Mary Heath and Colleen Mary Childs to Christina M. Cain, $335,000.

Jade Crossing Ct., 8147-Stephen M. and Maryellen Lewis to Joseph E. and Kasey Burch, $263,000.

Kentucky Ave., 137-Christine Marie Kohlepp and Peter Carlson to Michael P. and Erin A. Schlenq, $457,500.

Mallow Ct., 7813-Crystal Lee Bentley to Lucas M. and Elizabeth C. Medlock, $353,000.

Miramar Rd., 8437-Brenda Greenwalt and Brenda Lee Mandella to Diane M. Wilkins, $249,900.

Old Crown Dr., 3448-Residential Value Corp. to Chok Chuo Lam and Yuqun He, $310,000.

Powhatan Beach Rd., 795-James M. Ells and Kathleen L. Kelly to Maurizio J. and Anna M. Fiorio, $520,000.

Saybrooke Ct., 1405-William and Shawna L. Gibson to Andrew O. and Katherine A. Dorsett, $720,000.

Surf Cir., 1925-Martin J. Baker and Doris M. Duffy to Carrie A., Mark A. and Shannon R. Richard, $225,000.

Vena Lane, 1078-House Buyers of America Inc. to Lawrence McCullom and Trina Kyle, $270,000.

Woodlawn Ave., 7714-Jason and Stacey Smith to Patrick M. Wachter, $315,000.

204th St., 759-Tiffany Faith Haslup and Sharon Sparra to Jacob L. Cook and Chelsea M. Adams Cook, $293,000.

223rd St., 811-Art Homes Corp. to Joseph and Michelle Lowery, $405,000.


Poplar Dr., 563-John Bradley and Gary Ellis Needham to Gary E. Needham, $228,688.


Canyon Oak Dr., 8331-Toll MD VII LP to Jonathan Pirkey and Kasandra Traweek, $661,846.

Citadel Dr., 7846-Amy Lynne Orzechowski and Amy B. Clark to Danielle Cummings, $305,000.

Council Oak Dr., 320-Jeffery S. Faylor and Dawn M. Faylortaylor to Jeffrey S. Taylor, $94,000.

Elberta Dr., 7796-Daniel J. and Jeri Lynn Nickel to Jonathan C. and Shannon K. Carmichael, $479,990.

Montreal Rd., 1820-James L. and Kalista L. Hill to Ngoc Truong, $310,000.

Pine Springs Dr., 8542-Toll MD VII Partnership to Torrance C. Porter and Kali J. Gamble Porter, $560,324.

Roanoke Ct., 8254-Brian C. and Nicole M. Olek to Jason M. Segre, $240,000.

Sycamore Hill Rd., 881-Mitchell L. and Aleisha A. Stengler to Brian Christopher Smith, $317,000.


Bellevista Ct., 1110-B. Boro and Nancy G. Djordjevic to Taylor and Jami Duffy Carr, $750,000.

Cypress Ridge Dr., 221-Chad and Pamela Moran to Charles M. and Lynne C. Tappan, $635,000.

Green Forest Dr., 513-Kevin C. and Rebecca G. Hubley to Gregory C. and Emily M. Angel, $575,000.

Kathy Ct., 215-Joesph W. and Suzanne M. Baranowski to Elizabeth C. Kitzmiller, $509,900.

Mcbride Lane, 445-Danielle and Terri Murray to Taiji and Eve Suzuki, $450,000.

Pumpkin Ct., 251-Michael and Jaymie Hebb to Alexander and Brandi Brown, $540,000.

Scrimshaw Lane, 519-Guy G. and June F. Dowell to Joydeep and Deborah A. Som, $2.83 million.

Stratford Dr., 75-Jonathan David Miller Jr. to Matthew David and Laura T. Hepler, $335,000.

Wilderness Rd., 286-Andrei and Cynthia Enoiu to Colin J. and Christina Shores, $510,000.


Holly Ave., 1222-Rare Inc. to Matthew A. Cook and Heather N. Ladd, $268,000.

Pine Ave., 1234-Peter V. Mayher and the estate of Herbert Manning Mayher to Christopher C. Thompson, $209,000.

Howard County

These sales data recorded by the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation were provided by Black Knight Inc. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit


Boca Raton Dr., 10338-Alan M. and Laura H. Birstein to Azm A. Parvez and Nilufa Hoque, $601,000.

Burnside Dr., 10206-James Edward and Lisa Moseley Mikles to Thailong Bernard Tran and Jennifer Qian Duan, $525,000.

Dairy Valley Trail, 3501-Bruce W. and Susanne M. Anderson to Sameer and Rakhee Gawande, $682,000.

Elmmede Rd., 3273-Robert M. and Cindy L. Bianca to David M. and Mary Ann Perkel, $615,000.

Frederick Rd., 11157-William E. and Martha F. Thompson to Fabiola Colmenares, $589,900.

Grosvenor Dr., 3618-Charles P. and Brace E. Ford to John M. Gilbert and Sara A. Siegel, $580,000.

Knoll Stone Ct., 9308-Douglas L. and Deborah Field Kruse to Christopher A. and Megan E. Coufal, $550,000.

Lindera Ct., 5036-NVR Inc. A. Virginia Corp. to Malav and Rita Kasliwal Joshi, $1.14 million.

Old Ellicott Cir., 10571, No. 27-Karthik Vemula to Vamshi Krishna and Vamshi K. Gandham, $486,000.

Pine Ridge Dr., 10327-Dervis Kerovic and Winnie Wing Man to Zanjiang Wang, $580,000.

Southview Rd., 2913-Edward C. and Carmen P. Cook to Kevin Ray Florent and Kevin Ray Senekkis Florent, $525,000.

Whithorn Way, 11233-Jenine Fuertes and Francis Ramirez to Sambhav Karki, $865,000.


Braden Way, 6112-Beazer Homes Corp. to Yearni Kiran Kumar Allanki and Usha Rani Balla, $938,031.

Flutie Lane, 6119-Beazer Homes Corp. to Hiren M. and Urjita H. Rami, $923,009.

Loria Ct., 13705-Clay C. Ewell and Heinlein Ewell to Sarah Parkin and Laura Vacante, $815,000.


Committment Ct., 6145-Wilmington Savings Fund Society and Christiana Trust to David and Valerie Smith, $249,900.

Deep Cup, 6977-Dolores F. and Michaelangelo Hijada to Susana Angelica Pascual and Rhodora Ang Alonzo, $369,900.

Good Hunters Ride, 6142-Ellen Pinnoy to Ted Yang and Mei Chin Chu Yang, $335,000.

Hickory Limb, 9415, No. 103-Wilmington Savings Fund Society and Christiana Trust to Benjamin Janus, $260,000.

Majors Lane, 6009, No. 12-Brianne Fox and Brianne Fox Montgomery to Heung Sik H. Kim, $160,000.

Morningbird Lane, 5887-Sitka Properties Corp. to Cheryl Lynette Butler, $300,000.

Quick Fox, 9201-Daniel and Coleen Vernon to Rodney V. De Los Reyes Jr. and Edelyn S. De Los Reyes, $350,000.

Sleep Soft Cir., 7215-Christopher A. and Rowella R. Gracia to Ehab Elgebaly, $280,000.

Warm Waves Way, 8729, No. 11-Ahmed S. and Rafia P. Siddiqui to C. Philip and Joyce B. Nichols, $600,000.


Blue February Way, 11890-Stephanie A. Whitley to Michael and Meghan Allred, $322,500.

Columbia Rd., 5187, No. 10-US Bank NA and JP Morgan Mortgage Trust to Rositava Metodivea, $290,000.

Durham Rd. E., 5021-Harold E. and Marilyn S. Renfro to Jason M. Churchwell and Carrie L. Churchwell, $421,000.

Faulkner Ridge Cir., 10502, No. 11-Haikun Dong to Kasey Ann Dement, $170,000.

Green Mountain Cir., 10734, No. 18-7-Elvia Rodriguez and Fatima Wilcome to Rachel L. Painter, $169,900.

Mystic Ct., 5488-Hyunuk Kim to Mary Trotter, $245,000.

River Rock Way, 7710-Williamsburg Group Corp. to Hung Ngo and Letien Nguyen, $500,000.

Smooth Meadow Way, 5384, No. B2B-24-Patricia C. Appel and A. Mary Collins to Dustin David and Kathryn Bell, $200,000.

Topbranch Lane, 10818-Joseph J. Flowers II and Bria D.S. Flowers to Timothy Francis McAneny and Uyen K.K. McAneny, $373,000.

Warfield Pl., 10816, No. 205-William R. Gray Roncal and Karla M. Gray Roncal to Ijeomsa Mbadiwe, $310,000.


Brookview Rd., 7305, No. 203-Joanne M. Surette to Robert P. and Janen M. Kreh, $350,000.

Dagny Way, 7765-Beazer Homes Corp. to Sandeep Kumar Yadav, $435,151.

Elkridge Crossing Way, 7270-Todd and Shelley Engel to Irum Hussain, $300,000.

Hampton Pl., 6317-Aaron J. and Lauren A. White to Kimberly E. Maxfield, $372,500.

Mayfield Ave., 7886-Michael and Kristin Byrne to Elizabeth Ann Cardosa and Brandon Cody Wilfong, $402,000.

Old Washington Rd., 6294-Joseph E. and Sharon L. Slavotinek to Younes and Dulce Victoria Souidi, $525,000.

Redd Lane, 6606-Anthony and Jennifer Williams to Anthony E. and Yashica Y. Ruffin, $530,000.


Carls Ct., 8911, No. B-NVR Inc. to Ok Ju and Suho Jung, $314,990.

Coachlight Lane, 7646, No. D-U-Mary H. Ryerson and Mary H. Soboleski to Ying Li, $235,000.

Frederick Rd., 8511-Samantha Wang and Kin Chuen Ho to Asya I. Abdul Hadi, $330,000.

Governor Bradford Lane, 8413-Ann Priest and Ted Priest to Renz Jarrett Juaneza and Sonya Neda Kaveh, $675,000.

Kensington Gdns., 2510, No. 207-Karen Sue Pasko to Roland Russolli and Sarah Nelson, $280,000.

Mayfair Cir., 7816-Leah J. and Michel Anthony Amato to Matthew Schnepper, $230,000.

Old Columbia Pike., 3956-John W. and Judith C. Seniura to Mukesh Kumar and Agila Meenakshi Sundaram, $475,000.

Shadyside Lane, 2610-Steve S. Lee and Joanne E. Han to Rama Koteswara Rao Ravipati and Vijaya Lakshmi Muddana, $507,000.

Tiber Falls Dr., 4069-Diana Strassmaier and Diana B. Dewitt to Sushma Katta, $675,000.

Vineyard Springs Way, 2439-NVR Inc. to Kesava and Savithri Maddula, $826,540.

Winding Ross Way, 8109-Mark D. and Suman R. King to Vijaylakshmi Jesson, $730,000.


Iager Blvd., 11523-Streetscope Atmi Corp. to Kalyn Sims and David Cole, $958,016.

Martha Way, 11137-NVR Inc. to Pradeep and Dorothy Sinha, $914,580.

Tuckahoe Ct., 7829-Thornton D. Boyd and Peggy A. Hewinson to Sangeetha Menon and Praskash K. Padmanabhan, $550,000.


Anderson Ave., 6454-Melissa B. and Hans D. Lemke to Jaclyn Garner, $299,900.


Blackwatch Lane, 6610-Mark M. and Sandra Ann Feinberg to Michael J. and Terea Miller, $879,000.


Glen Ct., 8272-Wells Fargo Bank NA to Za Hleih Luai and Cing San Mang, $270,000.

Sheffield Ct., 8161-Matthew D. Brozowski to Erik D. Perez, $250,000.


Calm Sunset, 7266-Gregory and Stephanie Staub to William B. Wheeless, $355,000.

Flapjack Lane, 6752-Benjamin and Amanda Keller to Brian and Kylen Whitmore, $410,000.

Hingston Downs, 9669-Scott Showalter to Shane Hogan and Brooke Murphy, $239,900.

Procopio Cir., 7204-David T. Blewett and Ge Gina Ling to Jonathan Paul Molineaux and Kimberly Amy Hall, $266,000.

Softwater Way, 9710-Kofi Sammy and Elizabeth Boateng to Michelle E. and Robin Elizabeth Farley, $335,000.

Weather Worn Way, 7541, No. A-Emily Neal Cook and Emily Alyse Neal to Caroline Lockard, $195,000.


Frederick Rd., 16645-Robert Allen Mullinix Jr. to Jeanne D. and Matthew J. Nicholas, $305,000.

Watersville Rd. W., 753-Frank L. and Nancy S. Cost to Andrew and Jessica Rose Pacheco, $455,000.


Woodward St., 8305-Ricardo Cordero and Melissa Annen to Luis A. and Ines F. Mendez, $330,000.


Daly Ct., 9310-Lisa M. Wood and Lisa M. Curley to Mayowa Endurance and Taiwo Onanuga, $305,000.

Donnan Castle Ct., 9615-Rashmi U. Patel to Hafsatu Sesay, $318,000.

Glen Hannah Dr., 10699-Kyung Nam Lim to Thomas J. Smith, $293,500.

Kenbrooke Ct., 9321-Mohammad Nadeem to Kaleem Ahmad and Atiya Kaleem, $370,000.

McKenstry Dr., 8037-Steven A. Aird to Sibi Kuruvilla, $475,000.

Scentless Rose Way, 9702-Michael Y. and Katherine S. Won to Brian D., Brian Damon and Sasha M. Jamison, $514,900.

Spring Branch Ct., 8259-Michael and Dyan C. Anderson to Suk Hyun, Mi Kyung and Suk Hyun Han, $650,000.

Whiskey Run, 9893-John and Elizabeth Karley to Gideon Twi Sakyi and Eunice E. Tetteh, $175,000.

Wincopia Farms Way, 10028-Brazer Homes Corp. to Liangheng Xu, Fei Yang, Sayuri Yano and Weichao Xu, $826,716.


State Route 32, 3005-Rebecca L. and William Hahn to John Francis and Jennifer Jacobs, $600,000.


Daisy Rd., 2227-Sandra L. and William D. Crawford to Robert and Heidi Cantermen, $625,000.

Galaxy Dr., 15312-NVR Inc. to Justin R. and Stacey L. Duvall, $1.02 million.


Chambers Ct., 11180, No. D-David W. Freto P.R. and Robert A. Freto to James V. and Frances A. Kelly, $295,000.