Anne Arundel County

These sales data recorded by the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation in October 2018 were provided by Black Knight Inc. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit


Adams St., 309-Susan Aplin and Carolyn Wapnick to Aaron I. and Melinda S. Weinstein, $1.25 million.

Barbud Lane, 1217-Maureen Lind to Anita M. Bealle, $215,000.

Beach Village Ct., 2127, No. 201-Gladys Kessler to Anis A. Tannir, $690,000.

Breakwater Dr., 989-Beverly A. Maglin to John A. Minnick, $300,000.

Cedar Ridge Ct., 1109-Idarae Prothero to Christine Cots, $236,000.

Claibourne Rd., 2691-Todd D. and Tracy Patton to Christina Wilson and Edward Plant Jr., $535,000.

Gemini Dr., 1225-Adriana C. Peroutka to Rebecca Downs, $180,000.

Harbor Dr., 1015-Aaron T. Mercurio and Kaitlyn M. Schwartz to Daniel J. and Caitlin M. Sporik, $525,000.

Herndon Ave., 9-Brian Regan and Paula A. Radon to Gail Hulme, $1.1 million.

Hyde Park Dr., 1043-Carolyn E. Pagel to Amber Lynn McDonald, $455,000.

Kensington Way, 1010-Swan Properties Inc. to Steven T. Brown Jr., $357,000.

Landings Ct., 9-Lauri J. Matijas to John Pollicino and Olivia Meyer, $390,000.

Newport Ave., 3447-Fellowship Properties Corp. to Michael C. and Amy Carroll Hoffman, $575,000.

President Point Dr., 15, No. C-Nicole R. and Thomas H. Wolf to Russell C. Powell II and Ann C. Ashbery, $670,000.

Tyler Ave., 1226-Timothy J. and Brittany L. Hurtt to Michael Spencer and Marsha Ann Pfunder, $249,900.

Warren Dr., 721-Michael C. Null and Paula Allen Greene to Keith T. and Cynthia Morris, $1.35 million.

Yachtsman Way, 978-Joseph J. and Kathleen A. Posey to Dean and Danielle Marie Mouritzen, $329,900.


Boom Ct., 1019-J. Michael and George S. Coleman to Carl S. and Victoria S. Drew, $317,500.

Broadview Lane, 376-William C. and Elizabeth M. Groves to Mary L. and Jeffrey R. Hackman, $760,000.

Cathedral St., 1-James W. and Mary Susan Bradley to William and Mary D. Bray, $825,000.

Coxswain Pl., 2703-Bonnie W. Wood to Timothy James Lorencz and Darlene Schott, $409,900.

Dunstable Green, 1693-Renee F. Bisciotti to Claudia E. and William M. Kaiser, $830,000.

Foxcroft Run, 1072-Joe and Gina Urban to Alexandra C. Schott, $610,000.

German St., 10-Kevin M. and Lisa Wagner Hill to Charles E. Wagner and Lisa Wagner Hill, $380,124.

Gov. Thomas Bladen Way, 2022, No. 103-Denis J. and Janice G. Doyle to Ginny Hansen, $234,000.

Howards Loop, 630-Collen Finn to Emily T. Beckman and Brennan Tyler, $330,000.

Keswick Pl., 1584-Laura A. and Gus A. Mercanti to Rebecca J. Chason and David Herther, $570,000.

Mansion Ridge Rd., 1703-Roderick J. and Kyuhee L. Isler to Albert M. and Ebonie Williams, $755,000.

Park Pl., 5, No. 614-Carlton L. and Judith A. Rintz to Keith and Jennifer Hughes, $440,000.

Ritchie Lane, 1531-Jack R. Taylor to Amanda D. and Warren W. Jabin, $320,000.

Riva Rd., 2572, No. 18B-John D. and Joan E. Kiser to Raphael V. Sollerer, $168,000.

Shipmaster Way, 2900, No. 222-Bruce N. and Phyllis A. Rogers to Paul H. and Donna L. Bookstein, and Alice E. and Joseph C. Duke, $195,000.

Sleepy Hollow Rd., 59-Gregory Alan Francioch and Shannon Cynthia Pickens to Joseph Lakota and Jessica Heckwolf, $518,000.

Summer Village Dr., 102-William A. and Constance E. Illing to James T. and Stacy W. McCormack, $519,000.

Sydney Terr., 712-Ruth Ann K. and Richard W. Williams to Joyce H. Fowler, $385,000.

Tucker St., 9-Thomas C. and Terri R. Boddorff to Mary Elizabeth Bosco Gonzalez and Giovanni A. Gonzalez, $439,000.

Wesley Brown Lane, 206-Brookfield Admiral S. Square Corp. to James S. and Kyle Anthony Renaldo, $462,000.


Robinhood Rd., 801-Matilda A. Mylander and Kardyhm A. Kelly to Kevin J. Coloton and Dominique C. Pichard, $1.57 million.


Belle Dora Ct., 626-Allison G. Trumpy and estate of Frances D. Grimes to James M. and Denise B. Zucco, $199,500.

Broadwater Rd., 461-Melissa A. and Edmund P. Kling to Jonah A. and Laura Reeger, $415,000.

Colonial Ridge Lane, 405-Art Homes Corp. to Erin B. Kraemer, $305,000.

Deer Creek Run, 956-Robert E. McKee Jr. and Charlene M. Girardey to Lara Hoffman, $365,000.

Greenblades Ct., 506-Lara R. Hoffman to Jeffrey Allan Bauer, $266,500.

Howard Ave., 315-Emily L. Neimiller and Robert Russell to Crystal Barrett and Chase Burgoyne, $240,000.

Lynch Dr., 889-David E. and Barbara J. Becker to Jennifer and Kyle Ruef, $709,000.

Match Point Dr., 797-Cathleen Acierno and David O. Willauer to Ronald Smith Jr., $242,000.

Nancy Lynn Lane, 866-Robert J. Newton to Paul D. and Ryoko Rusu, $435,000.

Old Sturbridge Rd., 32-Karen I. Salvatoriello to Martin J. and Jennifer C. Muller, $580,000.

Shore Acres Rd., 956-Christopher L. and Theresa D. Posko to Laura E. Brino and Sean M. Jackson, $435,000.

Southern Hills Dr., 830-Valerie Alexander Berard to Matthew V. Vogt, $197,500.

Wroxeter Dr., 205-Brett S. and Kathleen K. Lundeen to John D. and Tracy Marshall, $885,000.


Cresswell Rd., 616-Chritopher F. Smith to Jose O. Cisneros, $232,000.

Haile Ave., 126-DNB Homes Corp. to Ryan and Caitlin Clarke, $259,900.

Lilac Tree Lane, 726-Luan Tang to Richard L. Pope, $265,000.

Patrick Henry Dr., 5515-James K. Harns and Laurel Daugherty to Darren M. Gray and Lauren Hamilton, $193,000.

Walton Ave., 209-Kaliterra Homes Corp. to Thomas Alt, $249,900.

14th Ave., 307-Rrcap SFR II Corp. to Wilfredo H. Landaverde, $265,000.


Black Forest Rd., 713-David P. Nilsson to Holly C. Short, $512,000.

Broadneck Pl., 1503-George E. Rossiter to Mary F. Lutzio, $309,900.

Commanders Way N., 1023-Joseph Tate to David Manning and Michelle Hannon, $275,000.

Deep Creek Vw., 561-Kyle and Jennifer Ruef to John W. and Joan P. Toryk, $445,000.

Feral Dae Lane, 1511, No. 303-William F. and Mary T. Cadell to David and Sharon Slacum, $420,000.

Harrington Pl., 1922-Carol E. and Jayson H. Thoemke to Timothy and Nancy L. McGee, $910,000.

Holly Dr. N., 788-Paul F. and Begzada O. Abel to Robert G. and Maureen Wellner, $950,000.

Man O War Ct., 450-Adriana D. Jaco to Demetria Hall, $225,000.

Oak Tree Lane, 1044-Rebecca C. Quinn to Stephen Alexander and Jessica Marie Berchielli, $305,000.

Summit Dr., 1185-Marilyn J. and William J. Hall to Matthew G. and Kate L. Ruping, $390,000.

Whitehall Beach Rd., 735-Sandra A. Parr to Valerie F. and Joseph G. Bossle, $395,000.


Ellicott Ave., 1216-Michael and Cristina Osgood to Kenneth Wayne Lowe Jr. and Lacey Dianne Botts, $335,000.


Andy Ct., 2802-James M. and Debra S. McDonald to Michael and Whitney Brown, $595,000.

Cambridge Dr., 1914-Brahn E. and Fatma Jenkins to Nicholas Carrasco and Ruth Doeliz Lopez Torres, $266,500.

Crofton Pkwy., 1603-WFC Flagship Corp. to Natasha Sharma Stevenson and Kasey Lynn Miller, $544,000.

Ebbotts Pl., 1612-Frederick and Hildi Wicker Deady to Arthur H. Grube and Carol R. Fordonski, $500,000.

Farrell St., 1526-Linda P. and Robert E. Orff to Thomas J. Fellowes, $510,000.

Foxdale Ct., 1726-Stacey Elder Newton to Deborah Perry Jones and Kelly Perry, $265,000.

Lake Grove Lane, 2100-Matthew P. Davis to William Andrew Moore III, $279,900.

Old Mystic Ct., 2402-Willaim P. Welzenbach to Justin Higdon and Emilia Ghia Mahaney, $357,000.

Remington Dr., 1709-Michael T. and Traci M. Carlson to Stephanie and Michael Johnson, $464,000.

Stow Ct., 2551-Mark E. and Jaclyn Richardson to Jason M. and Hannah J. Scott, $320,000.

Wickford Ct., 1142-Adam and Rachel Lamar to Sharnee Anita Hall, $260,000.


Dockser Dr., 1009-MB Building Corp. to Glenn D. and Mary L. Anderson, $354,900.

Lake Path, 726-Peter R. Pastre to Ronald A. Voigt and Wendy A. Gilbert, $730,000.

Pump Handle Ct., 1900-Carolyn Powers Casey and Thomas P. Cann to Harrison and Helen H. Cobos, $500,000.

Tailwind Ct., 1225-Ricky A. and Melinda L. Tuozzo to Thomas and Jennifer Lee Longmore and Kathryn Gell, $736,125.

Waterview Dr., 913-James Anthony and Sara Catherine Shipley to Edwin C. Stigile IV and Delanie F. Johnson, $415,000.


Chestnut Wood Ct., 906-Michelle McMahon to Robert and Jennifer Ringenary, $256,000.

Gardenview Ct., 7116-Aspire Development Corp. to Nichol L. Omarr, $263,000.

Stoney Point Way, 1435-Christopher R. Connor to Victoria Leigh Brooks, $204,000.


Governor Bridge Rd., 806-Jerry D. and Nancy A. Nicklow to Logan P. and Kaitlyn R. Putnam, $399,900.

Stable Ct., 964-Sheila J. Callahan to Wayne R. and Sidnie K. Doyle, $615,000.


Joe Rd., 5907-Brothers Investments Corp. to Mark Yoffe and Lisa Rosenthal, $375,000.

Swamp Circle Rd., 5804-Rebecca Kolker to Stephanie Sullivan, $699,999.


Broad Reach Blvd., 2522-DR Horton Inc. to Matthew A. Cwikiel and Josie S. Bowers, $473,000.

Chestnut Rd., 2914-Sandra Lee Simone to James R. Ricker, $230,000.

Fairhill Dr., 1713-Melyin Wade and Jennifer Kay Wilson to Maria Victoria F. and Cesar D. Durano Jr., $365,000.

Grande View Ave., 212-Charles E. Owens Jr. to Wilson William Haynes III, $164,321.

Hilltop Rd., 1625-Gregory D. Steers and Abby C. Hancock to Matthew J. Hohn and Cristen M. Sanfilippo, $256,000.

Loch Haven Dr., 3587-Karen R. Hartke Sims to Christopher McGaughran and Lauren Kensinger, $379,000.

Mill Swamp Rd., 408-Harry Youngquist and Helen Susan Robinson to Dustin and Taren Ober Ouellette, $330,000.

Oakford Ave., 129-Alexander and Rhonda Rivera to Vanessa Martinez, $362,500.

Penwood Dr., 443-Joseph D. Gauvreau to Elizabeth L. Waters, $460,000.

River Club Dr., 3920-Shirley A. Donovan and Diane L. Hawkins to Peter Nicholas Bafkas and Carin Michaele Waters, $405,000.

Shore Dr., 609-Thomas and Laura Ann Bresnahan to Cora A. Titow, $495,000.

Tack Ct., 21-Bradley J. and Janet V. Skorepa to Roy C. McGrath, $1.12 million.

Waterside Ct., 120-Heather McCarthy and estate of Dennis R. Hatfield to Sonia M. Dolinger, $426,000.

Sixth Ave., 3665-Harold Edward and Carole M. Jones to Michael L. and Patricia M. Allen, $276,200.


Serene Dr., 216-Jonathan L. Kelly to Brian Harrision Birch, $469,000.


Chapel Lake Dr., 2605, No. 202-Mary V. Sinclair to Lance B. Jones, $222,000.

Lanham Lane, 1108-Calatlantic Group Inc. to Yalonda Beverly, $452,305.

Maytime Dr., 2424-Susan Jean Finlay Hutchinson and Kathleen Ann Finlay Leitch to Teddy Rosario, $269,000.

Snow Hill Lane, 1097-Kirstin and Kassia Smith to Jake Fritzche, $318,900.

Underwood Rd., 1730-Lisa E. Rosen and William L. Harris Jr. to Lynn C. Hull and Joshua A. Seager, $485,000.


Baltimore Ave., 3-Frances L. Terry and Annette Griffith to Yanira Delosa Martinez and Kasandra E. Lainez, $180,000.

Bosley Ct., 8036-Ashley Feldeisen to Felicia R. Smith, $245,500.

Cloverhurst Rd., 8114-Satish Chandra and Pushpa Goel to Hong Q. Nhan and Thanh Nguyen Ha, $180,000.

Cresthaven Dr., 7043-Bank of America to Sharon Burkhardt, $202,125.

Darien Dr., 7914-Bernard and Donna Pierson to Maricela Cerrito, $320,000.

Ferndale Rd., 220-Clarence D. Scott and Suzann S. Lindsay to Thomas P. Lee, $235,000.

Foxbay Lane, 133-Rima Patel to Mary L. and Samuel Hoffman Jr., $230,000.

Grafton Garth Ct., 6435-Samantha Smith Ellicott to Christopher M. Tyson, $165,000.

Kintop Rd., 511-Daniel Michael and Susan Mary Cryan to Roelio Jimenez Monroy, $245,000.

Lexington Ct., 7717-Cohansey Overlook Corp. to Johnson Abby, $320,000.

Main Ave. SW, 15-Reese Properties Corp. to Julia Rankin, $272,900.

Milton Ave., 307-James and Amanda Huff to Christiane E. Roberto, $288,000.

Nolcrest Rd., 7974-Donald Jay Abbott and Jody Ann Jenny to Robert E. and Sherry Parish Stull, $238,000.

Oakwood Rd., 607-Residential Value Corp. to Douglas Martinez, $269,000.

Park Ct. E., 558-Jacob M. Pinkney to Ronald Haward and Sisay N. Tekele, $210,000.

Poplar Ave., 218-Victoria Mason and Victoria L. Stuphin to Brittany N. Debelius and Brian M. Kalmbach, $259,500.

Snowdon Lane, 713-Christiopher Bodley to Olga J. Wynkoop, $303,000.

Valiant Cir., 391-Neha Seth and Priti Kandhari to Rex H. Finch III, $213,000.

White Oak Way, 312-Brookfield Oakview Village Corp. to Sydney Young and Carmela Lynne Fazio, $330,000.

Woods Ave., 109-Stat Plumbing & Heating Corp. to Nicole N. Wilkerson, $305,000.


Ashmore Ave., 7486-Michael and Meredith Benoit to Mike Perez, $385,000.

Bluffton Dr., 511-American International Relocation Solution and Daniel Murtha to Jeremy N. and Melissa C. Wright, $340,000.

Bunch Ave., 802-Christopher A. Apuzzio to Raiven L. Taylor, $240,000.

Castle Harbour Way, 1123, No. 3A-Rosita F. Claro Bolt and Juneross F. Claro to Tracy J. Corcoran, $124,700.

Cotter Rd., 718-William H. and Michelle R. McDonald to Victor Aguilar Mercader, $220,000.

Elm Dr., 121-George M. and Virginia L. Bojanowski to Michael R. Miller and Lu Huang, $250,000.

Galesbury Ct., 6906-US Home Corp. and Lennar Corp. to Argelio and Ana Fabiola Chappotin, $524,990.

Georgia Ave. NE, 210-Mary R. Brookbank to Lauren A. Faley, $145,000.

Gunther Pl., 220-Dan Ryan Builders Mid-Atlantic Corp. to Olutoyin and Moreneke M. Cole, $311,698.

High Oak Rd., 8057-Shirley Darla Moran to Bryan Rock, $394,900.

Hurricane Hole Ct., 713-Michael Anthony and Deanna Jeanell Adams DeFazio to Jarod Wagner, $450,000.

Maltravers Rd., 1801-Magdi M. Shoair and Dina Refaat to Edward T. and Eleanor M.A. Smith, $215,000.

Martha Rd., 125-Gilbert Ellis Champion to Patrick J. Ryder III and Heather D. Shultzaberger, $250,000.

Millhouse Dr., 698-Paul and Ruth Foster to Michael J. and Veronica Hoover, $360,000.

Nabbs Creek Rd., 886-Bonnie L. Becker and estate of Elizabeth M. Geisler to June E. and William Weller, $235,000.

Rapid Water Way, 6604, No. 204-Carlen L. Clendenin to Danielle Chisolm, $170,000.

Ravenwood Dr., 630-Timothy and Cerra Nocera to Alec C. Schreiner, $289,000.

Sithean Way, 1006-Haseen and Alice Uddin to Kevin Andre Peoples Sr., $240,000.

Timbercross Lane, 7687-Malori L. Miller Flynn to Charnetia Young, $255,000.

Water Fountain Way, 110, No. 102-Estate of William H. White to Linda S. Isaacs, $160,000.

White Oak Dr., 561-NVR Inc. to Anh Mai, Emeka Nwachukwu and Jimmy Tran, $303,985.

Yamhill Way, 7116-M.I. Homes of D.C. Corp. to Heena Patel and Edward Anthony Haley, $359,799.


Bear Forest Rd., 7617-Gregory K. and Tamara J. Sizemore to Ryan J. and Trisha M. Stratton, $469,000.

Forest Lane, 893-Valerie S. and Jonathan W. Kirchhoff to Kirstin Marie Weichert, $280,000.

Greenknoll Blvd., 25-Russell Thomas and Margaret A. Elliott to Milton J. and Marlene A. Rodriguez Hernandez, $345,000.

Hayle Dr., 1701-Patrick D. and Ursla A. Brundidge to Clifford Timpson Jr., $379,900.

Katla Ct., 1518-Calatlantic Group Inc. to Evan Ariel and Kimberly Colleen Siegel, $519,881.

Moraine Dr., 7549-Jeffrey and Linzeka C. Fields to Miguel A. Ochoa, $236,000.

Pangbourne Way, 1454-Thomas and Megan M. Meltzer to Paul Gaylord, $370,000.

Ridge Rd., 7825A-Pride Homes Corp. to Alexus Neibert, $375,000.

Theale Way, 1740-Demetrius L. and Arecia Flenaugh to Benjamin Lewis and Marguerite Hanna, $385,000.

Winsford Ct., 1763-Alison M. Bailey to Jong Bok and Eun Sook Cho, $379,000.


Grays Rd., 240-Holly H. Budd and estate of Judith Anne Heintz to Eric M. and Amy Sayan, $359,000.


Brock Bridge Rd., 251-Brett C. Trammell to Lebin Gonzalez Garcia and Aracelly A. Gonzalez, $350,000.

Piney Woods Pl., 3501-Yvonnada McNeil Cousins to Rachel Cooper, $210,000.

Shannons Aly., 8128-Cornelia Harris and Patricia Ann Rainey to Sandra Bervil, $320,000.

Style Ave., 3391-David W. Norfold Jr. to Bathany Marie Penoyer, $180,000.

Sudlersville S., 3412-Chris and Demetra Crawford to Hector O. Estrada, $325,000.

Wild Iris Way, 2996-Michael P. and Georgette N. Sullivan to James T. and May C. Alvarez, $490,000.

Winding Trail, 8463-Mark Symancyk to Jenny, Young and Dal Sun Kim, $370,000.


Circle Dr., 13-Diane M. Garter Stella Lou Beatty and Tuesday Beatty Pyle to Frank M. Carter III, $188,000.

Greenwood Rd., 426-John M. and Karen Ann Kemper to Kathleen A. Strauss, $270,000.

Madingley Rd., 438-Matthew George and Ana Luisa Cahill to Colin M. Callahan and Jessica L. Patterson, $275,000.

Sudbury Rd., 437-Steven Russell and Linda M. Stout to Brian A. Boateng Botwe, $340,000.


Sands Rd., 5082-Ruby Cooper White and Patricia Mack to Jessica D. and Christopher R. Owens, $190,000.


Adler Ct., 8402-Carolyn B. and John P. Tunnell to Peter John and Barbara L. Olivere, $685,000.

Charles Rd., 1767-Michael L. Lacy II to Andy and Tiffany B. Gwinnup, $449,000.

Goldfinch Lane, 1162-Robert J. and Leslie A. Jacobs to Janet K. and Steven T. Browning, $735,000.

Longfellow Dr., 158-Kenneth L. and Pamela L. Ptickett to Kathleen Elizabeth Romero and Karl John Maki, $755,000.

Michele Cir., 244-Wilmington Savings Fund Society and Residential Credit Opportunites Trust to Trena F. Gates, $229,900.

Norwood Dr., 8347-Catrina Myers to Jasmine McIntosh, $175,000.

Paddle Wheel Ct. W., 682-Thomas A. Mayo to David A. and Julie A. Branch, $249,000.

Red Magnolia Ct., 331-Alexander E. Kondracki to Steven P. Cromer and Darla A. Stone, $550,000.

Stone Wheel Ct. W., 657-Antonio King to Jameka L. Humphrey, $260,000.

Villaggio Dr., 8131-Richmond American Homes to Ricardo Segarra and Ada Galarza, $411,985.

Windy Knolls Ct., 503-Dale E. and Winnie H. Humberson to Brian S. and Kimberly K. Bogle, $530,000.


Amber Orchard Ct. W., 2503, No. 301-Carl J. and Lorie A. Wiebrecht to Stephanie A. Corrigan, $272,500.

Brink Ct., 2111-John W. and Mimi S. Yuen to Shawan Jenine Green, $389,900.

Camelia Ct., 1949-Realty Opportunities Corp. to Paige Nicole Blankenship and Eric Bradley Gillentine, $239,900.

Catbriar Way, 1481-NVR Inc. to Lewis Carroll, $812,348.

Commissary Cir., 2217-Martin and Lisa R. McLaughlin to Natalie Blackmon, $308,000.

Didelphis Dr., 2641-Sadia Zahid to Nicholas Michael Kiser, $380,000.

Eagles Lndg Ct., 317A-Joshua Greene and Joyce Phillip to Alysa Jean Kulvicki Brown, $199,000.

Farrara Dr., 1311-Carrie L. Hutchison and John J. Jenkins Jr. to Dennis Cook and Vergena Stringfellow, $216,000.

Fresh Water Way, 2732-Ronald J. Williams to Tanya K. Salazar, $265,000.

Glebe Creek Way, 1751-William B. and Kari R. Skelton to Sneh Shah, Vaishnavi Talati and Vipulbhai Shah, $315,500.

Harvest Run Dr., 705, No. 303-Tina Meyers to Elaine K. Montgomery, $224,900.

Imperial Sq., 494-Alex M. and Holly J.S. Steed to Trevor C. Jennings, $245,000.

Mount Vernon Ave., 332-Caruso Builder Pine Street Corp. to Daniel James and Amber Leanne Confer, $384,067.

Open Meadow Ct., 2608-Micahel Robert and Laura J. Kelly to Susan B. Trillizio, $387,500.

Pine Drift Dr., 738-Sarah A. Mayne Fagiolo to Joshua J. Cushenette, $335,000.

Pinecroft Ct., 2005-Lisa D. Greer and estate of Anthony Scott Greer to Charles J. Tretler, $280,000.

Queen Anne Ave., 1239-Prominent Real Estate Corp. to Ricky C. Cox, $311,000.

Rita Dr., 492-Estate of Barbara G. Jefferson to Gregory Sponseller and Danielle Lindsay Schriefer, $295,000.

Roff Point Dr., 322-Realty Opportunities Corp. to Ashley L. Dabney, $245,000.

Silent Ct., 8737-Jason A. and Katie L. Swope to Eric S. and Michelle Lynn Belt, $372,500.

Sunny Chapel Rd., 844-Charles J. and Kam R. Gast to Andrew and Kelly Martin, $474,000.

Thornbrook Ct., 2714-Colleen Heffern Perusse to Blake Cornelius, $265,000.


Back Bay Beach Rd., 1045-Hinderikus Busz to Jeffrey Joseph and Robin Locy Kidwell, $975,000.


Amherst Ct., 1210-Federal National Mortgage Association and BWW Law Group Corp. to Joshua and Bridget Rae Creekmore, $351,000.

Appletree Rd., 7815-Thomas J. Donnelly to Michele Braun, $225,000.

Bay Rd., 2021-Jonathan V. and Amanda L. Larsen to Sandra L. Stoll, $640,000.

Beth Noelle Ct., 7655-Donna Decker to Andrea and James F. Hudson, $236,000.

Burgess Rd., 7807-Timothy F. Buck to Elinore L. Lambert, $255,000.

Carvel Rd., 228-Lisa M. Dickard to Brandi L. Creasy, $210,000.

Catherine Ave., 8001-Ramon Henry and Karen L. Pitt to Saud M. and Arooj Malik, $289,000.

Circle Rd., 101-Charles D. and Ellen Davis to Julia Katherine Dronet, $320,000.

Cottage Grove Dr., 149-Nicholas A. and Heather Gaines to Nelson G. and Theresa Lyn Martin Andriano, $304,000.

Cyril Ave., 635-Richard W. Hall Jr. to Mary Alkusch, $216,000.

Dorshire Ct., 3612-Carlo U. Florio and Suzanne Barnhouse to Christine H. Mech, $235,000.

Edgewood Ave., 7707-Margaret E. and Kelley R. Robinson to David McCauley, $255,000.

Escalon Ave., 8093-Nopavan Satterwhite to Jared R. and Jennifer A. Wood, $330,000.

Fort Smallwood Rd., 9332-Federal National Mortgage Association and BWW Law Group Corp. to Michael C. Stewart and Marie C. Smith, $225,000.

Hickory Point Rd., 352-Kim and Louise B. Nielsen to Peggy A. and Robert Peroutka, $850,000.

Jenkins Rd., 8497-Theresa Dianne Smith to Branden Juran and Brooke L. Keplinger, $292,000.

Kings Bench Pl., 7834-M. Maurice and Hettie M. Leathers to Ruben and Seema M. Monsanto, $305,000.

Lorene Dr., 1242-Michael J. and Jo Ann Johnson to James E. Birch, $479,000.

Magothy Bridge Rd., 301-Eleanor McHugh and estate of Raymond W. Skweres to Jordan D. Post, $290,000.

Maryland Rd., 8450-Donna L. Fischer to John F. and Darlene A. Schmitz, $377,500.

Milburn Cir., 95-Frederick B. Williams to Edward E. and Malori L.M. Flynn, $420,000.

Mountain View Cir., 8135-James A. and Brittany N. Cottrell to Daniel J. Clouse, $313,900.

Patapsco Rd., 8280-Ronald Collins to William Scott and Lizette Cuadrado Simonet, $822,000.

Pine Ridge Rd., 8043-David Sean and Kelly McCone to Daniel Benko, $323,500.

Powhatan Beach Rd., 705-Jeffrey A. and Kristi A. Starr to Kristin Anne and John Eric Giersdorf, $333,000.

Rosenburry Way, 906-Adam M. and Sarah C. Lowe to Eric and Lauren Tate, $567,000.

Seaford Ct., 3641-Naquelle L. Enoch to Collin Anthony Creighton, $216,000.

Sharon Dr., 305-Michael Landis Thompson and estate of Landis B. Thompson Jr. to Mark A. Francis Jr., $285,000.

Slanker Dr., 7908-Kamal Pourmoghadam to Louis E. and Donna L. King, $480,000.

Surf Cir., 1921-Gerald W. Robinson Jr. and estate of Gerald W. Robinson to Dan Rosenberger, $240,000.

Walters Way, 12-David R. and Donna M. Kranz to Anthony J. and Catherine M. Pelura, $655,000.

White Star Xing., 8220-Michael S. and Mara Angela Fussell to Nicole K. Stewart, $397,900.

Willowby Run, 748-Rebecca L. Werner and Lisa M. Werner Shipley to Antonio E. Munoz, $230,000.

Woodland Beach Rd., 1406-Charles G. Rogers to Mary E. Banister, $400,000.

204th St., 772-Bryan Smith to Armel Raoul Siewe and Josiane Ines Wansi, $277,500.


Acorn Lane, 1212-Dan Ryan Builders Mid-Atlantic Corp. to Michael J. and Bethany L. Vasek, $312,119.

Briarview Ct., 1628, No. 52-Kit Y. Fong to Dianna A. Griffiths, $220,000.

Campbell Dr., 7410-Frederick and Brandee Lockard to Amir M. and Nahed M. Ishak, $580,000.

Carinoso Cir., 1156-Kimberly D. Baker to Jeffrey and Cassandra Hamon, $375,000.

Carinoso Way, 8212-Michael W. Moffett to Jose Luis Mondragon Contreras and Alyosha Portoghese, $364,000.

Chatfield Terr., 1805-Brian C. and Amy V. Bass to Roberto Diaz Polgar and Laura Jean Shaffer, $230,000.

Cortana Ct., 1005-Beazer Homes Corp. to Luis D. Barreto Sr. and Giovanna M. Barreto Acosta, $559,990.

Golden Pine Cir., 7869-Robert L. Taylor to Nicholas Benjamin Caroselli, $395,000.

Huguenot Pl., 1913-Jan M. and Roseann E. Masino to Nancy Njoroge, $280,000.

Jacobs Meadow Dr., 1742-Melissa L. Gorley to Reshema Jones, $205,000.

Jonathans Landing Way, 1308-Teonya R. Russell to Saif Choudhary and Sabahat Khan, $392,000.

Old Bay Lane, 1620-David D. and Elizabeth L. Hatfield to MacDonald Cho Fornishi, $420,000.

Pine Springs Dr., 8505-Toll VII Partnership to Arjun Balagopalan Menon and Antara Falgun Desai, $694,817.

Portsmouth Dr., 8280-Irene Siegl and Martha Simpkins to Joseph B. and Judi O. Kramer, $227,000.

Rutledge Ct., 1890-Leonel Guardado to Todd Ong and Fang Ruan, $345,000.

Silo Rd., 8175-Philip C. Stratton to John C., Vivian Ocasio and John Charles Richards, $400,000.

Virginia Ave. W., 123-William J. and Mary Margaret Bickhart to Melissa R. and Marcus J. Jones, $350,000.


Arundel Beach Rd., 139-Victor A. and Diana J. Stinchcomb to Michael and Ashley G. Ciaglo, $424,900.

Barrensdale Dr., 82-Sungkook Park to Colm and Tammy Lynn Corr, $300,000.

Berrywood Dr., 245-Wesley P. and Theresa J. Cummings to Kathryn and Joseph Fitzgerald, $647,500.

Eastway, 94-Charles E. and Douglas Charles Miller to Kyle Brian and Mary Elizabeth Jefferson, $405,000.

Hilltop Dr., 100-Katherine A. and Steven D. Fowler to Jamie and Steven C. Fowler, $430,000.

Lakeland Rd. S., 618-Jesse P. and Nancy E. Boyd to Dawn Alison and Todd Leonard Hicks, $899,000.

Oak Ct., 255-David A. and Ann S. Mooradian to Katie T. and Aaron H. Eckert, $845,000.

Preswick Way, 339-Edward H. and Stacey L. Ryan to Christopher and Lisa Jurkiewicz, $615,000.

Robinson Station Rd., 600-Andrejus and Ausra Jakubovas to Muhammad Bilal and Sehar Zuoan, $399,900.

Saint Martins Loop, 908-Scott Edward and Jennifer Renee Johnson to Michael and Sue Kim, $599,000.

South Dr., 392-Lesie H. and Dina D. Goldberg to Math Yu E. and Mea Lang Lee, $675,000.


Avalon Blvd., 1306-Kathryn D. Tennant and Kathleen S. Grimes to William A. and Angel Pessagno, $283,000.

Lake Ave., 5207-Sandra P. Ivins Wagner to Marcus W. and Chelsea N. Marsters, $316,000.

West Shady Side Rd. E., 1424-Paul S. and Mindy L. Aisen to Rebecca J. and Abraham M. Jacobs, $470,000.

Howard County

These sales data recorded by the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation in September 2018 were provided by Black Knight Inc. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit


Ballard Way, 2296-Sean P. and Anna M. Mallin to Kurt and Kara Sue Longo, $710,000.

Carillon Dr., 10105-Jennifer H. Requejo to Quinton A. and Cystal L. Smith, $460,000.

Cotswold Spring Farm Lane, 11320-Timothy Paul and Sally Ann Walt McCoy to John and Megan Greco, $870,000.

Cypressmede Dr., 9809-Phyllis J. and David A. Brnich to Nathan Owens, $560,000.

Dorsey Hall Dr., 4700, No. 107-Daniel R. Greenberg to Charles P. Curran, $200,000.

Dorsey Hall Dr., 4940, No. 3-Glory Corp. to Eric Schaffling, $230,000.

Dunes Dr., 3116-Jonathan and Kristine S. Crawford to Puskar Kar and Sushimta Sarkar, $585,500.

Excelsior Springs Ct., 2905-Scott N. and Carole Leigh Fischer to Richard Jeffrey and Robin Varner Kaiser, $831,500.

Folly Quarter Rd., 12601-David M. and Janice D. Manyak to Jason D. and Margaret L. Gallagher, $837,500.

Forest Brook Ct., 2808-Jason S. and Monica R. Durant to Jeffrey Richard and Patrice R. Kinderman, $639,900.

Frederick Rd., 9526-Scott W. and Melissa R. Magee to Livia Eudora Sutejo and Chandrasekharan Nair, $460,000.

German Rd., 10025-Main Street Builders Inc. to Ryan Hans and Claire Snodgrass Gates, $395,000.

Golden Oak Dr., 12619-Joseph and Mary A. Tomarchio to Scott and Sarah Laprise, $925,000.

Hallowed Stream, 4735-Jenny D. and Jason R. Rea to Paul M. McNally and Linda M. Sciotti, $355,000.

Hermitage Dr., 4208-Michael Paul and Catherine Burk to Vijay and Chinedu Varma, $540,000.

Inkpen Pl., 10017-Todd T. and Lynn Graper Bowman to Sudhakar Sivarakasam and Sujatha Sudhakar, $591,000.

Jonathan Rd., 2622-Hun Jeong Song and Hyo Jeong Kim to Eun M. Song, $351,500.

Kings Ct., 3131-Derick C. and Debra T. Wolf to Jared Viola and Brittany Wilson, $615,000.

Leyden Way, 4707-Nancy C. Scoville to Dorothy L. Rockstroh, $365,000.

Macalpine Rd., 3601-Marguerita Hazel Ledwell and estate of Betty Jane Fisher to James and Emily Morrison, $485,000.

Maplewood Dr., 10114-Herbert C. and Jane C. Scott to Eric W. and Rebecca J. Buhlman, $465,900.

Nashville Ct., 11059-Villages at Turf Valley Corp. to James L. and Culara M. Solak, $628,313.

Old Ellicott Cir., 10515, No. 68-Myeongseob Kim and Yangyi Woo to Nayanaksh Mahajan and Namita Chanani, $510,000.

Oriole Ct., 9708-Phillip C. and Karen Buescher to Abiy Belege and Misgana Mesfin Gebeyehu, $620,000.

Plumtree Dr., 3569, No. 6-Timur Nedorezov and Otgonchimeg Rentsendorj to Stephanie E.R. Lewis, $160,000.

Postwick Rd., 9918-Frederick L. and Kimberley L. Newberjer to Sergery and Anna K. Nemirovsky, $420,000.

Resort Rd., 10520, No. 305-Vantage Condominium Corp. to Matthew L. and Sharon A. Wilson, $404,680.

Resort Rd., 10530-Vantage Condominium Corp. to William Kyle Ruppert, $424,220.

Sara Beth Ct., 2602-Paul R. and Janet S. Tillman to Johnny and Hyeshin Blackerby, $600,000.

Smokey Wreath Way, 4622-Robert A. Schrier and Heidi M. Praff to Nicholas David and Karaline Elizabeth Johnson, $470,000.

Southview Rd., 2918-Jerome E. and Samantha Young to Ke Bang Gao and Shu Hua Huang, $415,000.

Spring Thaw Ct., 10117-PNC Bank National Association to Jianxun Wang and Guanling Tan, $580,800.

Thornbrook Rd., 2609-John R. Kominski Jr. and Thomas B. McGee to Jacob and Shyni Koshi, $519,000.

Triadelphia Rd., 12182-Nadine Warman to Rebekah Lynne and Daniel James Twardowski, $338,500.

Walker Dr., 3494-Judith and Meghan Jefferson to Judith and Meghan Jefferson, $67,046.

Wild Olive Ct., 5000-Dorothy E. Mobley to Narinder P. Chadha and Kirti Khanna, $750,000.

Wooded Knoll Ct., 3007-Lena F. Coleman to Jeremy S. and Jennifer C. Zinn, $592,500.


Ballymore Lane, 6533-Huai Li and Weili Dai to Agang Zhao and Ying Su, $716,000.

Chapel Woods Ct., 11818-Jared S. and Robin L. Fast to Michael L. and Amethist S. Finch, and Bahram and Pouran Shajary, $1.2 million.

Flowing Water Trail, 12109-Rami Zureick to Patrick Lafond and Ruth Rodman, $669,450.

Great Star Dr., 5910, No. 303-Ronald R. Snyder to Sung Hai Chong and Yook Nam Choi, $355,000.

Helmsman Way, 6026, No. A3-50-Georges E. and Patricia R. Rochard to James Ahn and Yeonjoo Cho, $512,900.

Moonsails Lane, 6020-Pei Liu and Ran Li to Shizhong Han and Yingdi Xu, $690,000.

Richardson Farm Lane, 6409-Kurt A. and Denise G. Mitchell to Federica and Christopher Erler, $830,000.

Triadelphia Mill Rd., 13735-Glenn J. and Gloria J. Johnson to Timothy A. and Ambika D. D’Souza, $750,000.

Whistling Winds Walk, 5712-Gagan C. and Krishna Adhya to Guangjie Sun and Lu Zhang, $652,000.


Angelina Cir., 9569-Danny Thanh Vo and Qucchi Thi Dam to Brian and Keisha Wheelock, $465,000.

Bellfall Ct., 9215-Harold D. Waddles to Pramodaben Amin, $267,300.

Blue Pool, 9002-Jonathan Geelhood and Erin Gallagher to Patrick Scarborough, $345,000.

Bugledrum Way, 6875-Michael C. and Lee A. Bandy to Aung Thura Phyo, $350,000.

Canvasback Dr., 4901-Key 2 Property Solutions Corp. to Rafeal M. and Yenie Perez, $482,500.

Carved Stone, 7225-Jeannie M. Geneczko and George J. Vendura Jr. to Jamie Lee Drown, $280,000.

Dasher Farm Ct., 7024-Neal Mundra to Daniel B. and Sabrina A. Gordon, $350,000.

Deep Earth Lane, 6211-Jayant Rajabhau and Chanda Jayant Bondre to Daniel A. and Ceydeline O. Pacas, $343,000.

Dry Barley Lane, 6426-Brent B. and Kathy Gigliotti Nelson to Lisa M. Stechsschulte and Adam G. Lowe, $535,000.

Farewell Rd., 9513-Zainara Bhayani to Cristian Villarroel Tudela and Noemi Marquez, $384,787.

Freedom Ct., 8418-Irwyn Leslie Ince Jr. and Kimberley Shepard El Ince to Richard T. and Yvette M. Ryans, $439,900.

Gray Sea Way, 6361-Chiang Hua Yeh to Rini A.p. Soni and Jason S. Soni, $372,000.

Hayshed Lane, 8543-Robert J. and Shelley L. Johnson to Nadir Ameir and Randa Bakry, $430,000.

Hayshed Lane, 8721, No. 24-Isam Hamdallah to Maryann M. Lovence, $130,000.

Helen Dorsey Way, 6020-Chun Chia J. and Lien Ying Liu Shih to Robert A. Osei, $500,000.

Hound Hill Ct., 5475-Michael Tyler Trail to Andrew and Eun Na, $335,000.

Knighthood Lane, 7003-Robert D. and Tisha D. Brown Little to Geoffrey Venkus, $278,000.

Lightning View Rd., 5404-Alex Judd and Stephanie Ann Gibson to Kylie Ann Molinaro, $410,000.

Lookinglass Lane, 6406-August J. and Rose L. Weidner to Joel and Kristen Harrison, $400,000.

Majors Lane, 6005, No. 2-Kenneth Chen Conary to Govardhan Patel, $137,000.

Matador Rd., 9329-Brian H. Wheelock to Jayson Green and Kristi D. Janne Green, $245,000.

Millrace Ct., 5900, No. A202-Hyung Joo Bae to Sandesh Senkarappa Krishnan and Deepika Veeralinga Bhaskar, $238,000.

Millwheel Pl., 5630-Math Yu E. and Mealang Lee to Simon N. and Chinomso Onukaogu, $490,000.

Raritan Ct., 6308-Brian J. and Lisa B. Bennett to Amanda Beth McQuain, $325,000.

Roan Stallion Lane, 6322-Timothy M. Geipe to Ryan and Angela Schweikert, $431,000.

Sage Brush Way, 8722, No. 76-Francis K. and Joanne S. Shartle to Alvin N. and Jennifer K. Mineart, $615,000.

Sewells Orchard Dr., 6733-Adam Vanderhook and Andrea M. Bellis to Eaton D. and Megan N. King, $415,000.

Spindrift Pl., 5418-Barbara J. Wilson Rogers to Kevin T. Horejs, $335,000.

Stevens Forest Rd., 6158-Hallie Dixon to Jose R. Hernandez, $330,000.

Sweet Clover, 7394-Ninfa R. Rodriguez to Carlton Smith, $305,000.

Tamar Dr., 6350-Phillip O. Sanders Jr. to Benjamin Jacobs Swearingen, $395,000.

Twenty Year Chase, 6201-Deborah Misiag to Kaitlyn A. Bejarano and Benjamin J. Gianni, $440,000.

Warm Granite Dr., 8824, No. 53-Frank J. and Dorothy S. Pesce to Bindu D. Kalyani, $600,000.

Waterloo Rd., 6214-Creative Homes & Properties Corp. to Simon S. Kahsai and Yordanos Kifle, $550,000.

Wind Rider Way, 6352-Tao Lan and Tao Wang to Garret Hunter Gansor and Rebecca Lynn Jayne, $335,000.

Wishing Bridge, 6399-Edward J. and Jeanne F. Rutkowski to Celeta Carter, $400,000.


Avalanche Way, 11211, No. B-Andrew W. Ruef and Alice F. Jackson to Nasozi Joyce Kakembo, $212,000.

Bishops Head Ct., 5411-Brianna Rebecca Gibson to Miriam E. Laufer and Eric J. Lott, $256,000.

Caravan Ct., 6804-Jared D. and Martha V. Clark to Jason Linthicum and Susan Zuhowski, $655,000.

Cedar Lane, 5476, No. A4-Tina Madison and estate of Rose Mary Madison to Christina Renfrew Helble, $125,000.

Cloudland Ct., 6012-Kim Michelle Sterrett and Robert Eugene Day Jr. to Daniela Arapu, $201,000.

Columbia Rd., 4910, No. 1-Matthew E. Chen to Rachael V. Mueller, $165,000.

Columbia Rd., 4952, No. 6-Frederick D. Keiser and Judith A. Gordon to Safia C. Ghanim, $222,000.

Cross Fox Lane, 10534, No. A2-Luann T. Blount to Michael D. Harman, $121,000.

Durham Rd. W., 5017-Omar Farm Produce Inc. to Angela Netro and George C. Convery, $500,000.

Eliots Oak Rd., 5249-Jeremy and Kathleen Breden to Trisha C. Fleming, $426,000.

Faulkner Ridge Cir., 10559-Faulkner Ridge Corp. to Margot Genna and Paul Domenic Celano, $345,000.

Gloucester Rd., 5470-Bank of America to Richard, William and Sherry Estanich, $199,000.

Green Mill Way, 6764-Aditya Vadlamoodi to Kaylan Vallakati and Keerthi Ganji, $525,000.

Green Mountain Cir., 10417-Axel and Ada Rodriguez to Alywin R. and Tanya L. Thompson, $395,000.

Green Mountain Cir., 10850, No. 111-Petra H. and Joseph Noble to Vishal and Aditi Taylor, $87,000.

Harness Ct., 5822, No. 8-2-James Michael and Bonni K. Chewning to Camila Silva, $195,000.

Harpers Farm Rd., 5693, No. E-Jean C. and Charles R. Brent to Leopold Dinguall, $185,000.

Hesperus Dr., 5041-James M. and Shawn Zimmerman to Priyanka Bangalore Gurudev and Nirman Vijayamohan, $367,000.

Hunting Lane, 10821-SD Properties Corp. to Desmond A. and Rita M. Reid, $550,000.

Last Sunbeam Pl., 6312-Thomas E. and Rhea K. McCullough to Bryan S. and Erinn E. Bende, $675,000.

Little Patuxent Pkwy., 12059-Diana Mitchell to Jonathan and Ash D. Smelkinson, $460,000.

Morningmist Lane, 11704-Patrick L. and Karen D. Oltmanns to Thomas E. and Kellie J. Edwards, $525,000.

Olde Woods Way, 10885-Audrey D. and Tammy L. McDonald to Vanessa Bowling and Sadie Ajavon, $305,000.

Owen Brown Rd., 10309-Fide356 Corp. to Carol A. and Alonzo S. Rogers, $450,000.

Powder Run, 11233, No. 10-3-Frank C. and Cheryl W. Cobb to Julius R. Chappell Jr. and Clara L. Rickman, $278,500.

Rising Waves Way, 6633-Jennifer R. and Patrick T. Herwig to Sandra Benson and Chris J. Brantley, $905,000.

Shepherd Sq., 6026, No. 29-Xiao Xiao to Kuang and Jyelwun Tsou, $280,000.

Sleepy Horse Lane, 12213-Ross David and Kristin Topel to Kala D. Mosley, $375,000.

Sternwheel Pl., 10472-Douglas R. Stevens Jr. to Sonya Funna and Janssen Everette Evelyn, $525,000.

Suffield Ct., 5550-Carolyn J. Figard to Angela Joy Saldana, $359,000.

Symphony Way, 10795, No. 201-Vladimir F. Basch and Anne Bumgarner to Philip Dixion Mertens, $315,000.

Tarkington Pl., 5351-Libscor Corp. to Monica L. Payne, $389,900.

Tolling Clock Way, 10575-Mary E. Meares to Matthew Baldwin, $273,000.

Twin Rivers Rd., 10551, No. B1-Julia M. Fischer Lukens to Betty J. Green, $130,000.

Vantage Point Rd., 5515, No. 37-James R. and Virginia S. Moran to Kathryn L. Daly, $300,000.

Velvet Path, 6316-Roger D. and Michele A. Eastman to Timur Milgrom and Sharon E. Darby, $750,000.

Whitewasher Way, 10316-John A. and Julie G. Rosicky to Benjamin Aaron and Krista Estelle Kalina Wallinger, $459,000.

Wincopin Cir., 10205, No. 311-Mark Anthony and Sonmi Choi Finley to Edward Kim, $300,000.

Wind Cir. S., 6530-Richard S. and Sharman T. Kahn to Yuhui Zhang and Xiaoyun Ling, $700,000.

Windstream Dr., 10001, No. 1105-Daniel Parker to Robin A. Bradley, $290,000.

Woodenhawk Cir., 5465-John P. Jones to Alberto Juan Fonseca Santiago and Krissia A. Lobo Torres, $207,000.


Millers Mill Rd., 2315-Leonard Frazier and estate of Annie Louise Stanton to Janet Louise Hanson, $365,000.


Dayton Meadows Ct., 13827-Glenn E. and Carolyn M. Sixkiller to James C. and Kimberle A. Scanio, $650,000.

Kalmia Dr., 5236-Mark J. and Susan Wilensky to Jessica Rose Ayers and David Matthew, $740,000.

Voland Ct., 13615-Joyce K. and Burton H. Tapper to Edward and Roxann Gordon, $640,000.


Athol Ave., 6721-Emily H. Lawson to Peng Tu and Sang Ceu, $225,000.

Bauman Dr., 6013-Cross Country Equity Corp. to Donald and Godlee Davis, $374,995.

Beechfield Ave., 6410, No. A-Girish and Sharmila Patel to Masood Ahmed and Naheed Khanam, $296,500.

Butterfield Dr., 7908-Michael Joseph Coombs to Robert P. Christine, $469,000.

Cherrel Brooks Way, 7801-Beazer Homes Corp. to Kiran Kumar and Vedanvyaja Kasturi, $441,500.

Cornerstone Way, 8217-Kwan Son and Ki Sok Choe to Brendon K. Wu, $426,900.

Darby Downs, 7210, No. J-Pamela Rodgers to Dotty Waters, $235,000.

Ducketts Lane, 6362, No. 2-5-Matthew J. Moore to San N. and Rebecca L. Tran, $238,000.

Ducketts Lane, 6802, No. 29-6-Caitlin and Kenneth Lynch to Peter I. and Sarah Rangeloy, $230,000.

Elderberry Ct., 6489-Xcel Properties Corp. to Adam R. and Alycia L. Skutt, $520,000.

English Oak Cir., 7719, No. 23-Yvette Jacqueline Aine to Abraham O. and Rafiatu K. Osman Durojaiye, $295,000.

Graftons View Ct., 6218-Hans J. Phillips and Karen A. Besok to Michael Gerrity and Ashley Gross, $615,000.

Grouse Rd., 6634-Julie L. Thompson and the estate of Lois Thompson to Oscar Armando Orellana Osorio and Maria Natividad Carrillo Montes, $310,000.

Hunt Hill Dr., 5859, No. 12-05-K. Mamment and Molly Daniel to Hun Yul and Young Mee Park, $223,000.

Karas Walk, 6155-David A. and Robyn Louise Maggio to Tamara M. Barbee, $468,000.

Main St., 5852-Margaret L. Gallagher and Margaret L. Hooven to David J. and Paul D. McGarvey, $205,000.

Marioak Dr., 7861-Adam M. Portch to Yanbin Xu and Jian Wang, $250,000.

Merle Way, 6321-Syed S. and Tanveer S. Shamim to Hyeonggon Kang and Eunha Cho, $419,500.

Millstream Ct., 7971-Susanne L. Vellucci to Andrew David Hains, $314,900.

Norwood Fry., 6934, No. 72-Faran Elahi Ghumman to Michelle L., Keith L. and June A. Goddard, $349,900.

Old Washington Rd., 5975-Federal National Mortgage Association to Daniel and Susan E. Holmes, $400,000.

Pale Morning Dun Rd., 4955-Deepak and Mona Ahuja to Sajiv Kamalakaran and Anuradha Sajiv, $605,000.

Pirch Way, 6685-Diane L. Rizak Wingo to Vincent Rosario and Nicolas Hernandez, $220,000.

Red Clay Frg., 6932, No. 11-Erie T. and Rachel Blanton to Angelique Nicole and Ryan O. Creary, $375,000.

Rowanberry Dr., 5970, No. 17-Lindsey M. Mueller to Steven Penland Jr. and Kristina Valerio, $222,500.

Royal Coachman Dr., 4869-Rodney and Titia Dunn to Jacob and Keely Owens, $632,500.

Shadywood Rd., 6150, No. 405-Helen G. Warfield to Susan and Timothy Cuerdon, $295,000.

Steepridge Dr., 5868, No. 20-06-Marianne L. Blemly to Matthew J. Cummings, $235,500.

Summit Rock Rd., 7339-Joseph and Jessica Abrams to Abhishek Suresh, $331,500.

Timberview Dr., 5846-Young Teak Kong to Robert Gene and Jennifer Kussart, $340,000.

Wesley Lane, 6500-Peter L. and Cheryl E. Pupshis to Michael P. Caretti, $484,000.

Willow Glen Way, 7316-F.D. and Lise Spaller to Jamaal Foster, $295,000.


Ambrosia Dr., 5344-Danny M. and Elizabeth A. Platt to Paul E. Bassett and Jamie L. Vela, $815,000.

Bates Dr., 4723-Charles W. Zorb to Deborah Cobb, $499,900.

Blueberry Hill Lane, 7763-Stephen E. and Candace G. Krug to Joseph Koskovich and Rebecca Herfeld, $390,000.

Bonnybridge Pl., 3733-Christine M. Lorenz to Paul Zheng, $280,000.

Brauerton Rd., 8901, No. 206-Christine Debemard to Albert B. and Virginia Townsend, $311,000.

Brightmeadow Ct., 7910-Jeffrey Thompson to Pablo O. and Trixie C. Pena, $350,000.

Brittany Dr., 4106-Yun Zhou and Xianfeng Zhang to Steven A. and Freya A. Bayer, $505,000.

Burrows Lane, 2933-Seyed Koohpayeh to Ivan and Lisette Guzman, $505,000.

Chapel Hill Dr., 8741-Jonathan D. and Rebecca N. Cuda to Scott and Suzanne C. Knaub, $840,000.

Debbie Ct., 5315-Elizabeth Devereux Flickinger to Michael J. and Danielle Larash Peters, $440,000.

Dower Dr., 4701-Roger J. Lerner and Diane L. McDonald to Michael J. and Rebecca A. Price, $553,000.

Edgewood Rd., 3145-Alexander Royce Jenny to Alper Corut and Andrea Judtih Machnitz, $622,000.

Ellicott View Rd., 8540-Gail Elaine Smith to Meklit Workneh, $618,000.

Falls Run Rd., 8589, No. K-Erika Goldsmith and Erika Seth to Douglas R. Stevens Jr., $190,000.

Flagstone Ct., 7804-Michael G. and Karen W. Neff to Galen Robert and Sarah Kane, $621,000.

Harvest View Ct., 8545-Cathy Froman and estate of Lisa Marie Demmick Buleza to Xinwei Xu, $340,000.

Hickory Dr., 3410-Peter Wu and Hua Li to David Lopez Gomez and Gabriela N. Huerta Valencia, $442,000.

Hollow Ct., 3342-Elias Zambidis to Amit and Meenakshi Koul, $387,000.

Kerger Rd., 5213-Millard F. Morgan III to Gabriel Kniffin and Lisa Dykes, $358,000.

Locust Mill St., 8075-Alison Clare MacDonald to Sudhir Chowbina and Shrigauri Sudhir, $486,500.

Manahan Dr., 8644-Samir M. Joshi and Urvi J. Pandya to Steve Lepine and Siew Loon Por, $360,000.

Mayfair Cir., 7788, No. A-Thomas J. and Eleanor E. McManuels to Ryan T. Smith, $224,000.

Montgomery Run Rd., 8341, No. H-Annabel Donnawell to Tetiana Vagizova, $176,500.

Montgomery Run Rd., 8355, No. B-Sean M. Coleman to Gopi Dasariahgari, $205,000.

Oak Forest Dr., 2104-Chunlei Huan and Li Han to Thomas and Bigini R. Koshy, $694,000.

Oak West Dr., 3396-Cynthia J. Rogers Hoover to Il Minn and Hwan Mee Yong, $345,900.

Old Montgomery Rd., 8060-Terry L. Gates and Gwen Ruth Cates to Daniel and Christina Leach, $575,000.

Orchard Dr., 5009-Stephen C. and Karen S. Cherry to Thomas J. and Elizabeth F. Meyer, $448,000.

Red Leaf Ct., 4512-Dwight A. and Denise E. Jackson to Bo Lin, $690,000.

Rochelle Dr., 8725-Gopalakrishnan Sankaranarayanan to Monaj Kumar and Namitha Rathi, $305,000.

Rosanna Pl., 5708-Victor A. and Marianne H. Hendrickse to James G. and Tammy L. Massoels, $493,000.

Sandstone Ct., 7765-Joseph M. and Cindy S. Parsley to Joseph P. Conti and Doria A. Widel Conti, $625,000.

Springs Dr. W., 3202, No. 31-Trina Ickes to Satyanarayana R. Indukuri, $286,500.

Stone Crop Dr., 8225, No. A-Margaret Angela Mitchell to Zhao Yang, $287,500.

Stony Creek Lane, 7637-Carroll R. Lane to Kaitlin Wall, $230,000.

Sunrise Ct., 8302-Gerard T. and Eileen Malloy Reardon to Matthew and Suzanne Castner, $600,000.

Tall Trees Ct., 8205-Pratish S. Menon and Meghan E. Sackett to Joshua T. Tarini and Kelly A. Fitzpatrick, $325,000.

Walter Way, 6210-Williamsburg Group to Giatri Singh, $621,000.

Wethered Dr., 8734-Guowei Zhang and Jingling Qu to Yong Su and Mi Hee Choe, $799,000.

Yellow Pine Dr., 8125, No. N-Doris M. Von Nessen to Susan B. Murrow, $295,000.


Chase St., 11219, No. 76-Joel H. Bean to Alan H. Deutch, $475,000.

Green St., 11517-Gary Edward and Kyra A. Mitchell to Thomas E. England and Brian R. Armstrong, $945,000.

Iager Blvd., 11515-Streetscape at ML Corp. to Kahil Ali and Tianna Yvonne Johnson, $1.07 million.

Longwood St., 8817-Giman and Jin Sook Kim to Chih Wen Cheng and You Zhou, $575,000.

Martha Way, 11032-NVR Inc. to Eric C. and Erin C. Naber, $954,180.

Morris St., 7578-Luke D. Lackrone to Daniel and Margaret D. Sarezky, $580,000.

Terrace Lane, 11283-Brian M. Thomas to Srikanth Alla, $706,100.

Water St., 7736-David H. Kates and Lisa J. Hall to Maryam Fathirad and Ali Mardannia, $612,000.


Triadelphia Rd., 14024-Ryan D. and Eugene E. Estes to Mary C. Lewis and Michael S. Lorentz, $542,500.


Clear Drive Ct., 3617-Charles M. and Lisa H. Glymph to Kimberly J. Wells, $850,000.

Musgrove Farm Ct., 14306-Charles E. Maiden Jr. and Suzanne M. Haynes to Victor J. and Nicole Lin Selvaggi, $705,000.


Hanover Crossing Way, 6414-Michael S. and Cynthia A. Zedar to Aaron A. and Sherry C. Smalls, $500,000.

Winters Lane, 6378-Jessie Ann Newburn and estate of James L. Newburn to Daryl A. Sanders and Amber B. Adams, $215,000.


Highland Rd., 13185-Patricia Ann Sullivan to Peter T. Doan and Vera A. Stupina, $447,500.


Aspenwood Way, 8154-Jihye Cho and Hyun Soo Kim to Myung Kyu and Chan Ki Lee, $225,000.

Jones Rd., 8014-Live Fearless in Christ Corp. to Justin and Mary Myers, $433,300.

Morris Pl., 8210, No. 35-Lila Anne Goodwin to Kathleen L. Falco, $272,250.

Rosewood Way, 8935-Sheryl Snee and Garret C. Brown to Michael Hooper, $232,800.

Wye Ave., 7344-Shiqing Guan and Shaowei Kang to Gary L. and Linda K. Bendall, $309,900.


Black Velvet, 9467-Jennifer A. Bullough to Christopher Dohanich, $395,000.

Clocktower Lane, 9495-Charles F. and Susan C. Lepple to Oliver S. Kubik, $325,000.

Copperwood Way, 7004-Robert E. Young Jr. to Kevin J. Tewey, $305,000.

Eden Brook Dr., 7317, No. H-704-Thackeray J. Claytor to Teri A. Arch, $225,000.

Guilford Rd., 9443-Nihal Jayasekera to Edwin J. and Cyndy C. Reyes, $335,000.

Justice Pl., 10512-Mary Therese Pfau to Michael C. and Star Larelle Bogenschutz, $565,000.

Kings Meade Way, 8480-Veronica A. Battisti to Meredith B. Conway and Brett A. Nix, $389,000.

Pine Dr., 6717-Samjes Corp. to Michael Nelson Campbell and Rachel Hill Matney, $444,900.

Quantrell Row, 10055-Jeffrey and Lisa C. Paulman Harris to Gary L. and Barbara Collins, $400,000.

Setting Sun Way, 7462-Mary Colette Sorrell to Karrinne Patterson, $302,000.

Softwater Way, 9721-Steven L. Schwartz to Heena Khawaja and Zafar Firoz, $309,900.

Vollmerhausen Dr., 9458-William Schneider and Barbara A. Moyer to Karen Munoz, $455,000.

Weather Worn Way, 7579, No. A-J. T. Homes Corp. to Gary E. Mitchell, $190,000.

Willow Brook Way, 7135-Matthew Lee Garfinkle to Christopher Yongkeun and Jennifer Michele Lee, $530,000.


Fuzzy Hollow Way, 11031-Williamsburg Group Corp. to Mark Wook Ro and Michelle Hyun Kyung Ro, $799,900.

John Gravel Rd., 2211, No. D-Julia Appleton to Sea Man Kim, $287,500.


Bahner Ct., 16654-Douglas F. and Melissa A. Zimmerman to William Gibson III, $429,700.

Lady Camarin Ct., 16013-Peter D. and Cynthia A. Ryan to Matt and Christina Sgambato, $649,990.

Nursery Ct., 17400-Michael Jeremy and Sheila Marie Rutter to Scott and Jenny M. Sandberg, $603,000.

Watersville Rd. W., 587-John Piorkowski to Leaf Star and Tracy Lee Hales, $500,000.


Woodward St., 8107-Dominic R. Frasca to Ali Ibrahim Aladeani, $270,000.


Breamore Ct., 9370-Global Property Holdings Corp. to Regina Rivers, $334,900.

Cabot Ct., 9332-Federal National Mortgage Association to Chambal Pandey and Sumita Ganguly, $255,000.

Cardinal Forest Cir., 8713-Martin A. and Brenda L. Shouse to Christopher and Judith Comer, $542,000.

Charmed Days, 8414-Joseph Baick to Mirza A., Mirza J. and Masarat A. Baig, $435,000.

Donnan Castle Ct., 9604-Atinuke and Abiola W. Ogunbiyi to Elvis A. Fuentes, $354,000.

Fall Rain Dr., 10063-Adam and Lynn Drucker to Keyur and Teja Patel, $635,000.

Gavin Way, 7958-David C. and Priscilla A. Williams to Clint and Jessica Apland, $530,000.

Glen Hannah Dr., 10771-Lynn Hacker and Charles Hoopes to Eliot M. Tarash and Allison M. Galasso, $302,900.

Hitching Post Lane, 9170, No. E-Michael H. and Deborah C. Clark to Michele F. Harris, $140,000.

Ice Crystal Dr., 8421, No. 87-Eunhee Kim to Elizabeth Mijin and Hongsuk Kang, $432,000.

Jamestown Ct., 11580-Kerry M. and Penelope B. Weinheimer to Shawn D. and Pooja Shawn Butani, $699,900.

Knox Ct., 9105-Aileene Mitchell Ford to Fatai D. and Ekaterina Sule, $440,500.

Love Song Ct., 10014-Eric Jacob Barger to Lian Bai and Wei Chin, $447,500.

Mckenstry Dr., 8017-John P. and Sophia D. Menard to William Christopher and Teri Lee Price, $530,000.

Pembrook Woods, 8906-Melanie Shiflet to Laura E. Wilson, $285,000.

Riverbrink Ct., 9440-Jeremy J. Dadzie to Jesse and Laura Holliday, $260,000.

Scaggsville Rd., 10676-Sandra R. Thorne to Gloria Moon, $269,000.

Snow Bird Lane, 9851-Darnell Dockett to Joel M. and Serena N. Price, $445,000.

Star Moon Lane, 9504-Timothy R. Kalaris and Sharon A. Reynolds to Damian A. and Chanel A. Garcia, $700,000.

Steeple Ct., 9395-William and Nancy L. Pabst to Sean Olof and Heather Michele Knutson, $350,000.

Twin Oaks Way, 7712-Andrea Joan Herschman to Lynn R. Hacker and Charles G. Hoopes, $560,000.

Water Fall Dr., 8627-J. Dean and Deanna M. Godbout to Michael Edward Wisnieski, $560,000.

White Ct., 10435-Frederick J. and Bonnie H. Cassels to Julie Hyunmi Chung and Christopher Yongseung Kwak, $620,000.

Wincopia Farms Way, 10105-Beazer Homes Corp. to Ahmad and Wajeeha Malik, $752,592.


Archers Glane., 1738-Brian J. and Delia Quinlan to Shengsheng Shen and Di Wu, $890,000.


Fox Valley Dr., 3125-Louis C. and Suzanne E. Lapenna to Kathleen M. and Sean V. Davies, $855,000.


Duvall Rd., 2980-Augustine L. and Sherri Collins Carky to Samantha A. and Christopher M. Logan, $685,000.

Frederick Rd., 15240-FNA Maryland Corp. to Brent Lee Rutley, $375,000.

Lorenzo Lane, 3180-Travis W. Faris to Brian O. and Kristina P. Walter, $843,000.

Old Frederick Rd., 14827-Dale and Tammy Kelley to Linh H. and Terence Kennell, $375,000.


Chambers Ct., 11110, No. F-Victor and Linda Mary Lumby to Alberta J. Dwivedi, $312,000.

Chambers Ct., 11170, No. H-Bonnie Stuart to Susanna M., Young Y., Nam Chil and Taik Soon Lee, $296,000.

Enfield Dr., 10760-Abdul and Farah Baloch to Rejaul and Rubina Karim, $516,000.

Folkestone Way, 10796-Mark R. Bostic to Thomas and Nomy Thomas Jacob, $530,000.

Popkins Ct., 10402-Eric W. and Anita P. Koehler to Kerra N. and Joseph R. Mlinac, $725,000.

Woodstock Rd., 1685-MTGLQ Investors to Shuqiong Niu, $330,500.