Anne Arundel County

These sales data recorded by the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation in October 2018 were provided by Black Knight Inc. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit


Anchorage Dr., 3137-Anita L. Snyder to Randy Perillo Jr., $335,000.

Belvedere Ct., 13-Carlos R. Ferrer to Delaine MacDonald, $242,500.

Burnside St., 510-Robert C. and Margaret MacNemar Radford to Christopher J. and Molly E. Menzel, $615,000.

Chelsea Ct., 7-Trevor and Shawn Wise to Krystyna Bialek Kalinski and Tyler Dockendorf, $335,000.

Enclave Ct., 29-K. Hovnanian of Maryland II Corp. to Jason R. Dall Acqua and Margaret E. Vetter, $474,990.

Gemini Dr., 1227, No. F-Michael E. and Rene H. McKisney to Kevin R. Rolland, $215,000.

Harbor Dr., 1021-Mary Danek and estate of Colette T. Danek to Deanna L. and Michael P. Haffey, $385,000.

Hillsmere Dr., 313-Amanda Wilson to Carson C. and Katherine E. Leedy, $465,000.

Jackson St., 921-Bryan Fishback and Diana Markel to Kevin M. and Lamai N. Macready, $640,000.

Langdon Ct., 919-Aneri M. Mehta and Arzo Homayun to Daniel and Kelle May Puckett, $459,000.

McKinleySt., 1213-Greg Brennan to Michael Farmer and Karen Meek, $270,000.

Ogleton Rd., 2662-Payne Maerten Corp. to Nicole M. and Dimitar N. Nikolov, $315,000.

Queen Anne Cir., 2643-Daniel K. and Samantha M. Tyson to Louis Y. Pouliquen, $320,000.

Riding Ridge Rd., 414-Joseph N. and Pamela G. Fiore to Brian P. Buird and Lindsey R. Field, $625,000.

Spa Creek Landing., 3, No. B2-Kathleen Cecelia Harjess to Roderick A. and Ena Flinn, $405,000.

Van Buren St., 908-Brian M. and Mary L. Vincent to Benita J. Robertson, $322,000.

Washington Dr., 1329-Ridgely C. Bennett Jr. to Winston P. and Carolyn Dunkley, $260,000.

York Lane, 1005-Jere W. and Doris H. Glover to William C., Cordo C., Nancy S. and William C. Jorch, $700,000.


Admiral Dr., 631-Marian L. Kratage to Ricki Warren and Mary K. Woodcock, $265,000.

Beacon Way, 920-William Cary Henley III and estate of Jane E. Henley to Randolph W. Raine, $300,000.

Bowen Ct., 207-Christie Leigh Harrington to Michael Reid and Ginger Kay Norris, $685,000.

Catlyn Pl., 1413-Meagan M. Howell Brogan to Christine M. Wright and Erik D. Peil, $400,000.

Coachway, 822-Robert D. and Judith D. Hanson to Troy P. and Jennifer M. Dionne, $800,000.

Coxswain Way, 824-Robert M. Ragan to Mary E. Moore, $485,000.

Eaton Way, 1586-William L. and Karen H. Gonzalez to James C. and Maria F. Burmeister, $1.52 million.

Francis Nicholson Way, 532-James and Joyce M. Perrie to Mark Ulep, $330,000.

Golfers Ridge Rd., 2569-Bennett Blount Finney to Daniel R. and Jane M. Goebl, $430,000.

Hideaway Ct., 2138, No. 31-Daniel Tush II to Kyle Estrada, $263,000.

Howards Loop, 704-Thomas M. and Catherine A. Mansfield to Andrew and Hayley Garfield, $385,000.

King George St., 242-Jane M. and Daniel Robert Goebl to John M. and Julia A. Coughlin, $568,000.

Marconi Cir., 1962-Bonnie C. Dailey to Errol Brown Sr. and Regina Maybin, $289,000.

Mathias Hammond Way, 503, No. 203-Claude C. and Marsha D. Crawford to Olivia Carmody, $230,000.

Park Pl., 5, No. 716-Milton Dale and Tina Marie Jernigan to Frederick and Linda Klingensmith, $545,000.

Prince George St., 153-Christopher Underwood to Emily M. Merson and Stephen Reilly, $839,000.

Ritchie Lane, 1554-James Charles and Darcy Heaver Buck to David Foye and Sara Given, $360,000.

Shipmaster Way, 2900, No. 309-William J. Boro to Mary E. Colson, $220,000.

Solstice Lane, 3005-Jia Sheng Chen and Rong Chen Chang to Michael G. and Ann R. Conley, $630,000.

Summer Village Dr., 119-Connie Sue Forbes and Robert Mark Pergerson to Joanie McCabe, $441,000.

Tudo Ct., 2516-Joan L. Sames to Frances L. Kloosterman and Louise M. Wright, $280,000.

West St., 211, No. 1-Elizabeth S. Sarate to Michael A. Steranka and Jane Sinclair, $675,000.


Admirals Ridge Dr., 105-Calatlantic Group Inc. to Cesar A. and Cyntia F. Ventura, $473,990.

Barrett Ave., 815-West End Homes Corp. to Dianne C. and Justin D. Jones, $575,000.

Bellerive Ct., 637-Ann Hansborough Durloo to Earl and Holly Powers, $333,000.

Broadwater Rd., 503-Mary Kay Falise to Seth and Susan Szold, $1.35 million.

Dogwood Rd., 1256-Kelly De Leon to Jeffrey and Rhonda Feuer, $335,000.

Juliet Lane, 930-Rose M. Post Schlichting to Keerin and Ryan McGill, $385,000.

Mago Vista Rd., 922-Constance Frederica Crist and Ryan David Walker to David A. Eynck Jr., $305,000.

Medinah Ct., 1402-Elizabeth R. Fitten Penttinen to Daniel and Melissa Schwab, $250,000.

Niblick Ct., 1108-Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp to Chelsea D. Burnett and John M. Powell Jr., $322,000.

Yale Ct., 271-Michael C. and Sandra A. Dewey to Andrew P. and Ashley E. Cox, $445,000.


Cedar Hill Rd. W., 523-JPO Properties Inc. to Candice Johnson and David Aragona, $255,000.

Holy Cross Rd., 414-Dustin J. Collins to Travonne W. Rawlings and Alyssa T. Brown, $230,000.

Moore St., 5706-Lee Ann Enoch and Kathleen Coale to Phillip Neville and Howard Henry, $214,900.

Pope St., 5710-Isaac L. Daniel to Jerry Paul Heilbrun Jr., $237,700.

White Walnut Lane, 714-Gregory M. and Tara Blair to Ebrahim K. Camara, $284,000.


Brenwoode Rd., 1411-Michael E. Roger to Debra Lynn and Randolph Alexander Hopkins, $363,000.

Burley Rd., 623-Linda E. Long to Kenneth and Amanda Blakeley and estate of Robert Hambleton, $275,000.

Congress Ct., 1404-Charles and Pamela Karnbach to Franklin Kenter, $580,000.

Elderwood Ct., 327-WFC Flagship Corp. to Ewell Dean Bowers, $248,000.

Feral Dae Lane, 1513, No. 201-Walter E. Chester and Patricia A. Moran to Ruth A. Wright, $439,900.

Highpoint Dr., 954-Stanley D. and Charlotte M. Elsey to Cedric M. and Brigette J. Knox, $383,500.

Homewood Landing Rd., 1602-Stephen and Mary E. Murphy to Dennis D. and Linda S. Dansak, $650,000.

Lodge Pole Ct., 1504-Vincent and Abbie M. Finamore to Jennifer M. and James Anthony McNeal, $279,000.

Mermaid Dr., 1119-Paul R. and Joy A. Tabor to Joseph C. and Heather M. Lilly, $432,500.

Pine Hill Dr., 1257-Kathleen McGinty Dunn to Theresa Garrott, $395,000.

River Bay Rd., 1186-Catherine M. Waterman to Kathleen K. and Thomas J. Roland, and Kymber Lovett Menkiti, $1.24 million.

Sun Valley Dr., 1053-Nicholas P. and Tara L. Yokanovich to Ian Kevin and Peyton Ann Fisher, $355,000.

Winchester Rd. N., 1720-Jeffrey A. Wilkes to Peter Pastre and Dimos Synadinos, $1.05 million.


Carroll St., 5601-Howell A. McConnell and Jennifer Anderson to Ryan Christopher and Megan Hines Dierks, $270,000.

Franklin Blvd., 5537-Thomas C. Gavan to Michael Angelo and Michael Osgood, $310,000.

Windjammer Ct., 1006-Rosalea Acap and Daniel Lane Knight to Edward Potts Jr. and Patricia Chan, $380,000.


Arcola Ct., 1506-Brett Matthew Smith to Kristen L. Dorsey and Jeffrey Hargraves, $332,000.

Bellefield Ct., 1706-Lam T. Nguyen and Thanhvan Thi Vu to Nelson and Jessica R. Hicks, $390,000.

Cavalier Cir., 1908-Bernice I. Ambrose to Torra B. Hausmann, $174,250.

English Pl., 1624-Jeffrey L. and Suzanne Collett to Brett M. and Sarah Smith, $535,000.

Fendall Ct., 1625-Stephen H. McElhennon to Antonio Ricco, $180,000.

Gabriel Ct., 1707-Mario A. and Elizabeth F. Garcia to Jessica L. and Joseph J. Linnekamp Jr., $273,200.

Lang Dr., 1824-Gerald G. and Jean R. Gaes to Brian and Annamaria Azar, $349,000.

Revere Ct., 2473-Pamala E. Keller to Sarah Beaghan, $278,000.

Simsbury Ct., 1003-Ronald I. Wells to Khaled Hossainkhail, $230,000.

Swinburne Ave., 1736-Adam and Megan M. Sheffer to Phu C. Tat and Trucgiang Thi Ho, $490,000.

Windy Oak Ct., 2534-TNZ Corp. to Matthew P. and Joan D. Barquilla McMahon, $368,000.


Valentine View, 836-Joanne L. and Joseph W. Principio to Timothy D. and Celia C. Stickler, $539,900.

Whitneys Landing Dr., 704-Geoffrey Hieronymus and Horace K. Trovato to Robert A., Carla J. and Michael S. Hilton, $387,900.


Cox Cove Ct., 1340-Barbara F. Bricker to Charles G. Jordan, $238,000.

Greenland Beach Rd., 314-Susan L. Spurling Marcus to Steven T. Robertson and Katherine A. Fergus, $542,500.

Timberfield Pl., 7056-Brook M. Parlesen to Joseph Philip Lambert, $252,000.


Birdsville Rd., 3587-Michael A. Steranka to Marcus Albert and Ashley Hannah Graham, $1.11 million.

Heitzman Rd., 411-Rose M. Callaghan to Zachary Myers, $515,000.

Winding Creek Ct., 501-Bernice L. and John E. Sanders to Michael Thomas and Allison Kay Shriner, $565,000.


Main St., 937-Whole Earth Properties Inc. to Shawn M. and Patricia L. Higgins, $497,500.

Tyler Rd., 5966-Gina L. Kerfoot and estate of Jeane E. Stearlings to Krista R. Danza, $775,000.


Austin Dr., 13-Mary C. and Leon R. Jackman to Geoffrey Hance and Kely Dunn, $405,000.

Cliff Dr., 1679-Kevin B. and Lisa M. Collison to James M. and Debra S. McDonald, $1.1 million.

Fennel Rd., 2807-Jeffrey Joseph and Robin Lynn Kidwell to Nathan Timothy Hall and Megan Bernadette Kamide, $610,000.

Holly Ave., 911-James J. Fegan and Lou Colletti to Charlotte Ecker Davis, $329,000.

Millhaven Ct., 52-Yalonda R. Beverly to William L. Epkins, $310,000.

Ridgely Rd., 1713-Elizabeth A. Chetney to Jennifer Browning and Michael Martinee, $230,000.

River Landing Rd. S., 420-Harvey and Susan Silver to Thomas J. Batchelor Jr. and Caroline Batchelor Moore, $791,000.

Shore Dr. W., 3927-Robert G. and Christine D. Taylor to Neil Jay B. Gilman and Andrea Coreen Hall, $500,000.

Tacoma Rd., 1718-Samuel A. and Danyell K. Taylor to Max B. Deutsch, $360,000.

Sixth Ave., 3679-Steven M. Heidler to Benjamin T. and Sarah R. Pixler, $395,000.


Chapel Lake Dr., 2606, No. 407-Rhoda B. McWilliams to Ruby R. Winfield, $257,500.

Hedge Hopper Lane, 800-Thomas and Myrna Bein to Dennis Anthony and Sydney Justine Cuccarro, $865,000.

Nob Hill Dr., 1220-Lori L. Anastasi to Daniel C. Bechtold and Tania D. Falls, $885,000.

Springhill Way, 1019-Kevin F. and Beatrice S. McQuarrie to Brendan George and Laura Christine Masiar, $350,000.

Waugh Chapel Rd., 909-Tiger Enterprises Inc. to Duyen Le, $368,000.


Rackham Rd., 802-Charles William Baldiswieler to James Michael and Lisa S. Abrams, $1.69 million.


Braden Loop, 1462-Steven Voyce to Melissa and Ronnie Johnson, $257,000.

Crestpark Dr., 557-David and Kathryn Blood to Sarah E. Rasmussen and Edward S. Campbell, $295,000.

Ferndale Rd., 317A-Joshua G. Becker to Eric Andrew and Shaquasha Lahmyria Garcia, $318,780.

Foxchase Ct., 93-Joseph J. Meyer to Kyle C. Latino and Diana J. Bockhahn, $380,000.

Greenway St. NW, 110-Charles R. Daniel and Katherine Delong to Jonathan and Amanda Brewer, $245,000.

Houghton Rd., 1425-Paul D. Bicknell and Lauren M. Paddy to Edwin Baltazar Cadenas Bermudez, $221,000.

Lindera Ct., 320-Channing W. Harris to Talaya J. Goodman, $200,000.

Main Ave. SW, 301-Christopher and Amy Macola to Thomas L. and Rebecca L. Howell, $277,900.

Norfolk Rd., 1705-Maricela Cerrito to Lucio A. Vasquez Sosa, $223,500.

Oakwood Rd., 900-Robert J. and Joseph V. Williams to David J. Caldwell, $265,000.

Park Ct. E., 569-Tiffany Jackson to Gerald M. and Barbara R. Carpenter, $240,000.

Scanlan Dr., 1408-John Jaymes Warner to Erin R. Hamilton, $276,000.

Thelma Ave., 350-Steven G. and Joyce L. Cortez to Joseph E. Rice Jr., $240,000.

Valiant Cir., 415-Shruti Gupta to Reginald Colbert, $229,900.

Whitman Dr., 1302-Jason Whittaker Dernehl to Basile Victor Ferro, $255,000.

First Ave. S., 107-Edwin F. Jones Jr. to Mia Amor Perez and Nathaniel Magtibay, $300,000.


Beaver Rd., 7621-William H. Bolander IV to Dennis F. and Karen E. Mager, $425,000.

Boatwright Dr., 912-Jeremy S. and Angel M. Brunelle to Felix A. Adeyemi, $475,000.

Coulbourn Cor., 1145-Jason and Melissa Ricke to Albert S. Umana Franco, $248,000.

Daleview Dr., 302-Richmond American Homes to Amelia L. Hutchins, $550,000.

Gatewater Ct., 355, No. B-Capitals Group Corp. to Thomas W. and Cory B. McLemore, $139,900.

Guildford Rd., 1274-Robert A. and Heidi M. Brandon to Julio Cesar Portillo and Jose S. Orantes, $237,500.

Gunther Pl., 222-Dan Ryan Builders Mid-Atlatic Corp. to Pratik A., Neelam P., Anilkumar B. and Harbala A. Pandya, $336,000.

Judy Rd., 7220-Susan E. Newman to Clayette N. Sanger and Marna M. Bornick, $300,000.

Lincoln Dr., 404-Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Maranda J. Pollard and Bradly P. King, $193,000.

Meadow Dr. S., 139-Keith S. and Tammy J. Werneke to David McReynolds, $250,000.

Oak St., 6429-HSBC Bank USA to Bayron Mendez, $172,000.

Rain Water Way, 303, No. 302-Matthew Gray to Tabetha L. Vanlandingham, $170,000.

Rapid Water Way, 6606, No. 103-Eric Steven Wilterdink to Kathleen R. Parker, $162,000.

Reinhardt Lane, 1570-David E. and Jutta L. Miller to Mark C. and Jennifer J. Wisneski, $360,000.

Spencer Rd., 7809-Michael T. and Razel O. Miktus to Juan Rivas and Meridian R. Valverde, $295,000.

Stonebriar Dr., 7843-Benjamin Indino to Tessania M. and Weldon D. Patterson, $462,000.

Tanyard Knoll Lane, 7432-Arthur Kaiser Marshall Jr. to Stephen and Arcadia Lenhert, $449,500.

Turnbrook Dr., 7675-Scott and Brandi Dorsey to Charles Ernest Bird and Joy Josey Landale Bird, $370,000.

Willow Bend Dr., 423-Melissa Brice and Ryan Schultz to Helen K. Stevenson and Leighton Bloh, $287,000.

Yamhill Way, 7118-MI Homes of D.C. Corp. to Shane L. Wilkinson, $357,688.


Third Ave., 8-Dennis Lee Meyer to Carisa Herd, $157,000.


Beaver Dam Ct., 1510-James D. Morison to Jason J. Schlemmer and Lauren T. Colbourn, $500,000.

Fieldstone Ct., 1702-Stoney R. Corp. to Whitney Palmer Harvey, $360,000.

Gesna Dr., 1431-Gary C. and Jean T. Malloy to Javier E. Nunez Mateo, Deysi Mateo, Edgar Jonathan Salvador and Espana Miguel, $300,000.

Hardwick Ct., 1600, No. 202-Nicholas Buehre to Jerome E. and Brenda P. Carter, $237,000.

Hekla Lane, 1610-Calatlantic Group Inc. to Caldwell and Jennifer White Guinyard, $517,500.

Linden Dr., 1020-US Home Corp. and Lennar Corp. to Lorry Sharene Davis, $393,990.

Otterbein Way, 7818-Grande Investments II Corp. to Brenda L. Hecker, $414,900.

Rutland Way, 1576-Michael A. and Constance M. Morreale to Lily A. and Michael O. Odera, $407,000.

Twin Birch Rd., 2629-Nekesha L. Hamilton to Anthony and Linda Vinciguerra, $370,000.


Mill Crossing Ct., 203-Calatlantic Group Inc. to Hyun A. Moon, $454,990.


Harwood Dr., 17-Richard S. Deboe to Joseph J. and Regina G. Caruso, $850,000.


Horseshoe Cir., 2044-Kimberly E. Finnegan to Travis N. Smith, $415,000.


Carriage Walk Ct., 3404-Andrew J. Cho to Antionette N. Johnson, $255,000.

Federalsburg S., 256-Maria T. Myers and estate of Jerry Sapienza to Jose O. Iraheta, $310,000.

Linden Ridge Rd., 117-Peter H. Cho and Yun Cha Yun to Mark G. Hofer II, $440,000.

Piney Woods Pl., 3501, No. A002-Alyson Hagerty to Jacqueline F. Crawford, $220,000.

Sycamore Ridge Rd., 223-Ayanna Beard and estate of Mary C. Brewster to Mark Lewis, $265,000.

Winding Trail, 8407-Pawan Gupta and Falguni Patadia to Lee M. and Melissa A. Roberts, $395,000.


Cleveland Rd., 434-Philip and Danielle Turner to John R. and Stacy D. Hostler, $360,000.

Hance Ave., 409-Mark A. Levan to Cory and Maria Senter, $271,000.

Maple Rd. E., 332-Christopher and Sheree L. Moore to Lisa Tracyann Camiel Williams, $585,000.

Susan Ct., 466-Amber Nicole and Amber Nicole Beach to Raphael J. Boga, $295,000.


Sands Rd., 5255-Jacqueline Butler and Patricia B. Jones to Jose D. and Humberto J. Chavez, and Patricia Mendoza, $270,000.


Brampton Ct., 495-Tina Bowen and Thomas S. Menefee to Amanda and Kendric Hackler, $323,000.

Cool Ridge Ct., 325-Douglas M. and Diane S. Nichols to Daniel Patrick and Julie Marie Good, $575,000.

Grain Ct. E., 606-Megan and Frank Bundy to Jesse Collin Criddle, $330,000.

Marianna Dr., 474-NVR Inc. to Charles Brad Blackwell, $445,566.

Norwood Dr., 8351-Peter and Karolina Anders to Claudia Maria Blades, $175,000.

Pearl Point Ct., 610-Jason A. Cole to Melissa Susanne Malcolm and Edward Cullison, $679,900.

Stone Wheel Ct. W., 679-Paul and Julie Gannon to Ashlyn M. Decruise, $255,000.


Albany Ave., 7055-Robin R. Munnikhuysen to Adam J. Poulemanos, $325,000.


Amber Orchard Ct. W., 2503, No. 304-Anthony and Gabriele Ursula Mecca to Robert L. and Leslie P. Fiorey, $245,000.

Beaver Tree Dr., 1236-Winchester Homes Inc. to Matthew H. and Cynthia R. White, $650,727.

Bruce Ave., 521-Anne A. Sarian to Charles and Lisa Moose, $325,000.

Cherrywood Ct., 2702-Stephanie D. Caplan to Taylor Grace Barbagallo, $249,900.

Dragon Fly Way, 2717-Two Rivers Associates Corp. to Mary Carole Goodrich, $555,837.

Forest Edge Ct., 2403, No. 202-Thomas John Zabetakis and Ann Williams to Jared E. Lee, $207,000.

Gardenia Ct., 1925-John Bosley to Kwabena Agyarko Boateng, $263,000.

Grand Ct., 2253-Wesley H. Ellenburg to Joseph Rudiger, $320,000.

Hidden Hill Cir., 188-Mark A. and Genevieve Wrench to Ogedi Cheryl Okwudishu, $310,000.

Kirbys Landing Ct., 224-Easton Cole Fenland to Leticia A. Hamenoo, $260,000.

Lily Way, 1044-Judith A. Rice to Ismail Unlusoy, $370,000.

Mount Vernon Ave., 336-Caruso Builder Pine Street Corp. to Ozlem and Heidi H. Dayi, $349,104.

Palonia Ct., 1960-Jason Nappier to Satinae L. Robinson, $248,000.

Pine Drift Dr., 757-Dustin Page to Donald Hamilton and Nikita Ann Nicole Ellison, $330,000.

Pinecroft Ct., 2011-Clarence D. Revels to Christine Brown and Stephon Stevenson, $305,000.

Rainy Spring Ct., 2662-Edward T. Dorsey to Elexis Alexandria Degale, $298,000.

Rita Dr., 502-David J. Nocket to Tara E. Markey, $332,900.

Saltoun Ave., 516-Timothy A. and Deborah L. Brenneman to Oscar Fort Gutierrez and Nancy Aguilar, $299,900.

Sandy Walk Way, 2316-Patricia M. O’Shea to Thomas Sean Mooney, $357,500.

Snowfall Ct., 2291-Christian K. Ebel and Kristine I. Orr to Jillian Joanna Johnson and Jozue Atzel Ruben and Thelma M. Smith, $460,000.

Sunny Ridge Dr., 3101-Barbara K. and Robert A. McGrath to Darilyn E. Marinelli, $474,990.

Thornbrook Dr., 8702-John E. Blackwell to Xiangjiao Zhang and Bo Wu, $312,800.

Williamsburg Lane, 506-William E. and Carla J. Duffell to Christopher D. Frederick, $345,000.


Chalk Point Rd., 5158-Nancy C. Wren to Tyler Hardy, $195,000.


Appalachian Dr., 8219-Andrew E. and Gina M. Ward to Allyson N. Tillman and Allen M. Gordon, $266,000.

Bodkin Ave., 8142-Anik Properties Corp. to Anthony F. Feurer Jr., $389,000.

Cambridge Rd., 327-Michael D. Rempfer to Daniel Scott Ferris, $310,000.

Cedar Rd., 1832-Federal National Mortgage Association to Sharon Burkhardt, $245,000.

Creek Blvd., 272-Sonja R. Gladwin to Kevin Sheppard, $267,500.

Dorshire Ct., 3619-Frank A. Harleston Jr. to Tiffany K. Jacobs, $235,000.

Edgewood Ave., 7748-Thomas A. and Peggy S. Groh to Thomas A. Rundle Jr., $415,000.

Fernhill Ave., 7845-Benlee Corp. to Matthew John Adornetto, $299,900.

Friendly Rd., 1500-James W. and Nichole P. Kirby to Jeremy Scott and Amanda Allender, $390,000.

Greengate Way, 7844-John L. and Laura J. Freitag to Tae Tanisha L. Holt and Marcus X. Rentuma, $270,000.

Hillside Rd., 1231-Gregory P. Smith and estate of Minnie Marie Smith to Christopher H. and Nicholas Bardroff, $180,000.

Johanna Ct., 1075-Terry L. and Jillian C. Rogers to Christopher J. McCombs Jr., $325,000.

Kurtz Ave., 2039-MTGLQ Investors Partnership and New Penn Financial Corp. to Billy and Laura Adams, $190,000.

Magothy Rd., 208-RPB Properties Corp. to Gloria L. Nash, $216,000.

Main Creek Rd., 8092-Lester D. and Shelley Severe to Thomas S. and Lora L. Luc, $740,000.

Mayer Ave., 8044-Jeremy Lee and Lorene Soffera to Sean and Meghan Raistrick, $349,900.

Mount Desert Harbour, 955-Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Larry Lambert, $195,000.

Pendragon Way, 8061-Jennifer L. Castricone Mullady to Michael D. and Amanda T. Reynolds, $285,000.

Pink Lily Ct., 8000-Bank of New York Mellon and the Bank of New York to Dustin Hamann and Ashley Nicole Volpicelli, $221,000.

Rambling Ridge Ct., 352-Adam and Brittany Martin to Alison M. Valenzia, $237,500.

Robin Air Ct., 3614-Michael Miroz to Brandon M. Gary and Elizabeth C. Brinkman, $212,950.

Royal Mint Pl., 7935-Victor Anthony and Ashley Ann Moore to Benjamin Thomas Goss and Alexa Grace Schaffner, $297,000.

Seal Harbour, 814-Marshall M. Glenn to Marilou B. Yap, $240,000.

Shellcove Rd., 136-Crystal Lee Bills Townsend to Genesis Diaz Rodriguez, $210,000.

Sonora Dr., 3-David E. and Julia M. Bosworth to Tracy A. Calderone, $420,000.

Waters Edge Lane, 510-Jason K. and Kara F. O’Brien to Craig Simile, $481,000.

Wileys Lane, 140-Kenneth M. and Karen M. Gast to George A. and Jennifer L. Berardino, $362,000.

Willowby Run, 755-Freestate Investment Properties Corp. and Eve Shavatt to Albert L. and Chong M. Slater, $235,000.

Woodland Beach Rd., 1422-Department of Veterans Affairs to Kristan N. Hoefler, $173,500.

209th St., 813-Kenneth James Odell to Sean Robert Jones and Paranny April Crawford, $322,500.


Derbyshire Lane, 348-Michael B. Fullem and Helen S. Horn to Marvin E. and Jaymie M. Minor, $663,000.


Argonaut St., 7703-Christopher Nguyen to Perry Ogwuche and Amaedi Etukudo, $281,000.

Blue Jay Ct., 1852-Alvin and Ethel J. Fugh to Timothy O. and Natasha A. Jacobs, $157,000.

Canter Ct., 7901-Keith A. and Gallie V. Foye to Jessica Maisonet and Lisandra Maisonet Montanez, $315,000.

Carinoso Way, 8214-Anelia Lindor Castma to Akta Patel, $350,000.

Chatfield Terr., 1822-Cory Jensen to Sam M. Kurland, $237,500.

Council Oak Dr., 355-John F. Keedy to Joshua R. Borge and Chantal Rae Moosher, $365,000.

Elmhurst Rd., 805-John Patrick and Lisa Marie Prola to Felix Rivera, $350,000.

Harvey Ave., 1403-Edward Gerben to Chelsea Hopkins and Steven Tolley, $250,000.

Illinois Ave., 1403-SD Investment Properties Corp. to Arthur A. and Megann L. Cross, $299,900.

Janet Dale Lane, 822-Mia C. and Joshua J. Lazar to David S. and Melissa G. Williams, $530,000.

Kibec Lane, 807-Charles Michael and Kathryn Ann Holmes to Williams J. and Melisa D. Beverly, $519,000.

Queenstown Rd., 512-Edgar F. Sewell and estate of Thelma E. Sewell to Auriel A. Mayberry, $270,000.

Stevenson Rd., 779-Angela M. Turner and Mary Dragos to Scott Anthony and Saren Romero Stewart, $322,000.

Thurston Terr., 1720-Benjamin T. and Sarah R. Pixler to Charlotte Buchheister and John Higgins, $415,000.

Washington Ave., 1419-Lawrence E. and Angela Novak to Donald Knappenberger, $325,000.


Arundel Beach Rd., 228-Aaron H. and Katie T. Eckert to Nicholas Aaron Price and Elizabeth Taymans Malouf, $590,000.

Bay Park Way, 84-Bayberry Homes Corp. to Elaine and Walter R. Bixby, $725,000.

Boone Trail, 151-Victoria Holt Perry to David J. and Elizabeth F. Catrambone, $1.12 million.

Community Rd., 330-James W. and Tari L. Flannery to Thomas Garrett Clagett Jr., $665,000.

Dill Pointe Dr., 507-Robert E.and Marie A. Van Jones to Douglas E. and Marcia B. Hanna Fowler, $645,000.

Emilies Lane, 304-John D. and Jennifer L. Childs to Robert Alan and Heather Marie Gresham, $810,000.

Fairlane Ct., 436-Benjamin and Kristen G. Petre to Thomas Gregory and Maureen Martyn Iler, $810,000.

Legacy Lane, 409-Caruso Builder at Cypress Creek Corp. to Brian and Stephanie Bauer, $776,030.

Old County Rd., 919-Lori Jackson Kallis and David W. Crawford to Patrice A. Mills, $285,000.

Purnell Rd., 1304-Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Shervin G. Esfahani, $299,700.

Robinson Station Rd., 608-Nada Syrnyk to David A. Holz, $475,000.

Severn Ave., 103-Julie Kauffman and Julie Potter to David C. Yee, $480,000.

Sunset Dr., 39-Hall William and Krista Marie Grimmett to Thomas J. and Katherine A. Austin, $480,000.


Avery Rd., 4811-Marco Steven and Inge Hertsens Paolini to Kenneth R. and Kari L. Fleuriet, $1.26 million.

Elm St., 4951-Federal National Mortgage Association to Bryan Willis, $180,000.

Oak Rd., 4725-Patrick B. and Sok C. Nixon to Brian Elwood and Tracy Lee Bowman, $550,000.


Franklin Gibson Rd., 6109-Estate of William M. Kitzmiller to Christopher E., Jennifer Spraker and Rozell T. Whitney, $465,000.

Howard County

These sales data recorded by the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation in July 2018 were provided by Black Knight Inc. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit


Bethany Lane, 2900-Melissa Anne and Jason Teves to Rahel Tadesse, $355,000.

Blue Barrow Ride, 4229-Wayne R. Kestner to Nathan N. and Lyndsay M. O’Hara, $535,000.

Brookwood Rd., 3033-Brandon J. and Rachel E. Thomson to Jordan L. Thomas and Andrew Chen, $539,900.

Center Dr., 2918-Jan E. and Jowina C. Sochurek to Stephanie Dallas, $535,000.

Chatham Rd., 3806-Benita Dair and Kai Loon Chen to Evan A. and Dawn M. Rea, $500,000.

Crescent Rd., 4029-Mark S. Begeny and estate of Nancy C. Begeny to Rebecca and Matthew Oberdorfer, $560,000.

Dee Jay Dr., 4102-Yunhi Lee to Tsehuai Wu and Yachu Yang, $482,000.

Dorsey Hall Dr., 4712, No. 4-402-Heather Damron to Michael K. Ihde, $192,500.

Dorsey Hall Dr., 4950, No. 1-Thomas J. Callahan Jr. and Thryn Kirby to Laverne Largie Tucker, $245,000.

Emily Fox Ct., 10004-Sylvia J. and William G. Westerlund to Wooram B. Shin and Chloe H. Kyung, $600,000.

Excelsior Springs Ct., 2941-Barbara B. and Richard Ohnmacht to Dmitry and Liubov Gurvits, $795,000.

Folly Quarter Rd., 12729-John R. and Aimee D. Clime to Ian and Michelle Uhar, $675,000.

Fox Chase Ct., 11627-Basant and Rita Khandelwal to Sean M. and Karen W. Sider, $1.1 million.

Gingerwood Dr., 9752-Stephen P. and Betsy L. Bryant to Molly and Louis William Meyer, $485,000.

Golf Island Rd., 2628-James Patrick and Janet W. Ramey to Min Wei and Tianjian Shi, $790,000.

Harrington Dr., 3456-Mark Updike to Wenkai Wang and Xiaoling Liu, $360,000.

Hidden Haven Ct., 9904-Carl M. and Wendy L. Nelson to Jacob Chinnam and Grace Chandrapalaka, $645,000.

Isabelles Way, 9923-Jan L. and Patricia L. Makela to Emile R. and Mary A. Mohler, $545,000.

Kings Arm Tavern Ct., 10205-Jimmie and Barbara J. Curtis to Ayub and Najia Z. Ibrahim, $530,000.

Lindera Ct., 5021-Mitabh and Shivani Patel to Dinesh and Anjali Lal, $1.15 million.

Macalpine Rd., 4030-Gary Richard and Patricia Ann Warren to James T. and Kristine A. Parbuoni, $650,000.

Marydell Rd., 9265-Mary P. McCormack to Anthony and Jennifer Tinnirella, $555,000.

Michaels Way, 9318-Mario and Sally N. Carrion to Daniel Dolce and Lauren Boor, $480,000.

Nashville Ct., 11067-Villages at Turf Valley Corp. to Marty Xiaoyu Liu and Terri Xia Geng, $646,738.

Old Maple Ct., 2309-Michael S. and Gina R. Barr to Bhumil A. Diwanji and Hima K. Soni, $702,500.

Plumtree Dr., 3577, No. 14-Mary J. and Virginia Brennan to Naim Zhong Lam and Xi Lei, $165,000.

Resort Rd., 10520, No. 307-Vantage Condominium Corp. to Steven S. and Debra S. Oh, $450,730.

Rockhampton Rd., 2604-Thomas C. Barbuti to Christopher E. and Cynthia J. Howe, $515,000.

Seabird Way, 4018-David M. and Barbara L. Bennett to Jason R. and Jenny D. Rea, $549,900.

Snowdrop Ct., 4313-James O. and Deborah A. Williams to James M. and Shawn Zimmerman, $600,000.

Southview Rd., 3026-Michael J. McPhail and estate of Winfred Caroline Meunier to Christopher Kim and Julia Hudson, $470,000.

Springhaven Ct., 11718-Wayne and Lisa Bohn to Jennifer and Stanley McCluskey, $940,000.

State Route 99, 9425-Martha Clarkson to Taskeen A. Moghal, $465,000.

Walt Ann Dr., 3836-Julia Jackson Anthony to Francis P. Bilotto and Kim M. Varsalone, $839,900.

Williamfield Dr., 13108-Howard Venture One Corp. to David A. and Lauren M. Dolinger Few, $608,200.

Woodland Rd., 4620-Hulya Daniel and Ozgun C. Deniz to Oluseyi A. Olugbenle, $305,000.


Brighton Dam Rd., 12970-Kamdin Shakoorzadeh and Mahnaz Boloori to Son D. and Mylien T. Nguyen, $570,000.

Clipper Lane, 5800, No. 102-Michael M. Xing and Lynn L. Tao to Christina Bair, $355,000.

Flutie Lane, 6107-Beazer Homes Corp. to Shivakumar Peddi and Sirisha Busam, $855,000.

Great Star Dr., 5920, No. 404-Mark and Elyse DeVries to Mahfuzur and Taslima Rahman, $342,000.

Lairds Way, 7510-Anthony J. and Cathy T. White to Jennifer M. and Alexander P. Creticos, $675,000.

Trotter Crossing Lane, 11720-David and Jodi Leeser to Qing Guan and Lin Deng, $895,000.

White Marble Ct., 6142-Kenny Y. and April S. Koo to Yuzhi Hu and Shihui Bian, $470,000.


Billow Row, 9002-Brandon L. and Tremin Farrell White to Ross David and Kristin M. Topel, $436,500.

Broken Staff, 7368-Jay Harvey and Carla Sue Stearman to Ruth Lyons, $208,500.

Catfeet Ct., 9469-Nucompass Mobility Services Inc. to Bernard and Latisha M. Kama, $385,000.

Crisscross Ct. N., 9491-Arnold D. and Joyce Ann Bruckner to Jeremy and Vanessa Bergolios, $509,850.

Dasher Farm Ct., 7025-Walter Don Ty and Bridget Rose Dineen to Ahmad Abdellatif, $345,000.

Deep River Cyn., 6203-Douglas Brian and Mary Ellen Henderson to Sung Woon Soon and Eun Mee Han, $339,900.

Deepage Dr., 7039-U. S. Bank and Select Portfolio Servicing Inc. to Diana Zambrano Sierra, $332,500.

Dry Well Ct., 5075-Dale and Nell Haak to James M. and Mary Heather Tepe, $390,000.

Encounter Row, 6156-Matt Abel and Amy Jarrett to Akemi Niiya and Tan Hao, $230,000.

Farewell Rd., 9538-Shannon Brady to William Andrew Sorensen and Cassandra Walker, $375,000.

Flagflower Pl., 5739-Lance E. Zechinato to Duy Tang, $295,000.

Good Hunters Ride, 6116-Darlene Martin Agyeman to Kapil Agarwal, $290,000.

Halflight Garth, 5475-Alexander J. and Christina L. Pabon Buck to Lauren M., Steven P. and Michael J. Weiss, $387,000.

Hayshed Lane, 8566-Keenan Lamaur and Kimmeria Diane Bayton Hall to Regina Andrienne Johnson and Dorian Edwards, $480,000.

Hayshed Lane, 8729, No. 24-Carole A. Surbrook to Juniole Justilien, $135,000.

Hickory Limb, 9515, No. 304-Lauren J. Warren to Rachel L. Brunner, $290,000.

Hidden Clearing, 6266-Joseph P. and Pamela J. Fields to Christopher Michael Rivera, $455,000.

Humblebee Rd., 5801-Wanda Jo Kostelny and Robert M. McCarthy to Brawnlyn and Patrick Patterson, $289,900.

Kerry Hill Ct., 7330-Ora Lee Strickland to Fiona Wasula and Munyana Morris, $270,000.

Lambskin Lane, 9057-Julie Gilliam to John C. O’Donnell, $255,000.

Lightspun Lane, 5623-Gregory Chia Hua Robison and estate of Michael McKinley Robison to Xiwen Shi, $250,000.

Majors Lane, 6005, No. 8-Kathleen Marie and Alan P. Oster to William L., Margaret Elizabeth and William L. Hay, $161,500.

Majors Lane, 6085, No. 2-Yichun Sun to Edwin J. Jones, $137,000.

Majors Lane, 6097, No. 5-Joseph Enrico and Jennifer Ann Kelly to Francy E. Acuna Andrade, $100,000.

May Day Ct., 9206-Michael J. Hutchinson and Gerald J. Mauro to Michael Charels Unruch and Amanda Dean Strawitch, $405,000.

Millrace Ct., 5940, No. G103-JCG Investments Corp. to Petra Rodriguez, $219,000.

Mossy Brink Ct., 7354-Rita McMahon Freydel to Lucy W. Ndicu, $270,000.

Phelps Luck Dr., 5526-Martin M. and Bonnie Sokoloski to Sean A. and Regina C. Thompson, $460,000.

Queen Maria Ct., 9046-Beta 366 Corp. to Natalie N. Morehouse, $289,000.

Reader Lane, 9370-Rigoberto and Zoila F. Duarte to Santos G. Alvarenga and Adelyn Chicas, $260,000.

Rocksparkle Row, 9607-Walter Palencia to Ryan James Hearty and Lauren Thomas Latessa, $355,000.

Sage Brush Way, 8756, No. 35-Donald and Gail Krebs to Barbara M. Maloney, $469,900.

Shining Oceans Way, 8820, No. 102-Kennette Alysia Banks to Carmela P. Facchiano, $337,500.

Silver Arrows Way, 6125-Isaac Gumduk Kim and Suel Hee Lee to Sean Fischer and Ariel Zane, $349,500.

Storm Drift, 5420-Dawn C. Marti Newman to Patricia J. Casper, $355,000.

Sweet Fern, 6576-Caren A. Kewer Watson to Jonathan Peters, $260,000.

Tamar Dr., 5909, No. 4-Harold D. Pittenger to Jordan Smith, $120,800.

Tamar Dr., 6354-Galina McKee to Robert A. Dover, $440,000.

Tide Rock Sq., 8106-Angel A. and Alba E. Rivera to Pamela S. and Edwin A. Smith, $500,000.

Two Hills Ct., 9451-Maurizio Farro to Wayne R. and Brittany R. Schlei, $405,000.

White Mane, 5397-Chester Myrick Stacy to Donna L. Cannonier, $315,000.

Wild Lilac, 5487-Galen P. Carney and Delia Realmo De Soto to Subash Khatiwada and June Khatiwada Lohani, $269,900.

Wind Rider Way, 6408-Sir Barton Corp. to Nicholas James Moore, $382,000.

Woodblock Row, 9580-Katherine J. Silva Parks to Kayla Nicole Milam, $330,000.


April Journey, 5619, No. 88-Alberto and Maria D. Enriquez to Floyd Duane Britt, $340,000.

Avalanche Way, 11225, No. A-Greentree Properties Corp. to Nadia K. Reichenbach, $199,000.

Blue Arrow Ct., 10402-Bang T. and Kim C. Nguyen to Gomes Leonardo Albertson and Brigita Agatha Gomes, $463,000.

Caravan Ct., 6812-Susan Schneider to Michael Drob and Janet Dashevsky, $720,000.

Centre Stone Ring, 6287-Xee Properties Corp. to Shakil Akia Bien and Ayesha Mosley Brew, $414,500.

Cloudy April Way, 6009, No. J-63-Zhou Ke and Zhang Jinghao to Erin K. Greenwood, $275,500.

Columbia Rd., 4910, No. 3-Lynn M. Martin Cogott to Jennifer Hutnich, $180,000.

Columbia Rd., 5133, No. 15-Henry K. Fu and Grace Yoon Yang to Drake Ranney and Margaret Dolores Carpenter, $330,000.

Dewey Dr., 6309-Joshua Borneman and estate of Donald Jefferson Borneman to Max Potier, $440,000.

El Camino, 5425, No. 7-David W. and Shannan Muench to Rebekah Weintraub and Jason Sullivan, $215,000.

Enchanted Solitude Pl., 6404-Lisa G. and Glenn M. Stern to Alec Benjamin Mercilliott and Jenna Grace Kingsbury, $645,000.

Faulkner Ridge Cir., 10488, No. 8-Jeffrey Beck to Arminda Frances Kovalchik, $212,000.

Flour Mill Ct., 6809-John Robert and Cynthia Debari White to Min Liu and Jing Peng, $529,900.

Gold Needle Way, 11930-CWI Steiman to Michael Scott and Sara Melissa Oppenheimer, $545,000.

Green Mountain Cir., 5005, No. 3-Jong Hur to Amanda E. Sullivan, $162,000.

Green Mountain Cir., 10530-Raymond and Melanie Schlee to William and Leah Jenkins, $420,000.

Harpers Farm Rd., 5109, No. 3-John T. and Rosmary C. Zuknick to Thomas P. and Sheri Shaffer Hawes, $480,000.

Harpers Farm Rd., 5701, No. F-Christoper A. Wingo to Calista Lorena Locke, $204,000.

High Beam Ct., 10657-Jason E. and Lori S. O’Brien to Gordon Devon and Erin Lynn Murray, $319,500.

Hunting Lane, 10826-Stephanie Chamberlain to Matthew and Erin Kirkpatrick, $655,000.

Lightfoot Path, 5217-Denise Lewis to Hong Jo and Sarah Mikyung Kim, $335,000.

Lone Tree Ct., 11708-Andrew Wolfe to Kelly Thaddeus Barr, $325,000.

Maywind Ct., 10413-Michael Drob and Janet Dashevsky to Yagnesh Mehta, $345,000.

Mystic Ct., 5456-Robin Johnson Blacwelder to Zongcai Chen, $240,000.

New Country Lane, 11884-Dayna Pachman to Denise Giardina, $350,000.

Olde Woods Way, 10890-Joshua and Autumn L. Reed to Hossein Bidelniyat and Akram Janani Yoosfabad, $317,500.

Pasture Gate Lane, 10174-John E. Hannay and John Gerard Hannay Palen to Patrick M. and Donna P. Shurney, $715,000.

Powder Run, 11244, No. A-23-6-William S. Hayash to Tyler J. Beach, $215,000.

River Run, 6561-Benjamin and Alisa Joseph to Thomas Christopher and Melanie M. Eacho, $735,000.

Running Brook Rd. W., 5239, No. 101-Mark E. Klotzbach and estate of Lewis E. Klotzbach to Lori A. Bourgault, $165,000.

Sherman Heights Pl., 10205, No. 59-Surbhi Shah to David Cannon and Carolina Valencia Vinasco, $390,000.

Smooth Meadow Way, 5378, No. B1D-24-Adele S. Zilber to Melvi Villanueva Tay, $225,000.

Sun Circle Way, 11649-Bradford and Nicola Hesse to Christopher K. and Delia L. Santiago Materese, $480,000.

The Mending Wall, 10017-Brian J. Gundersdorf and Katie L. Graybeal to Dominik Burger, $649,000.

Tooks Way, 11301-Dylan and Dominic Davis to Nicholas Charles, $500,000.

Vantage Point Rd., 5560-Lyndsey Watts to Michael P. Devan, $295,000.

Warfield Pl., 10807, No. 208-Farahmand Vahdatshoar to Kevin Lamont Brooks Jr., $305,000.

Wilde Lake Terr., 10327-Nancy A. Oppenhein to William and Lisa Stello O’Brien, $548,000.

Wind Way E., 10502-Jonathan and Erin E. Ward to Kimberly Hennigan, $335,000.

Winding Star Cir., 5201-Thomas M. and Brenda S. Baldwin to Sandro Moreira and Elmara Braun, $388,700.

Windstream Dr., 10067, No. 5-James N. and Elizabeth J. Anthony to Margo E. Bianchetti, $283,200.


Monticello Dr., 14097-Donald L. and Cindy L. Cochran to Travis and Pamela McIntosh, $515,000.


Green Bridge Rd., 5095-David and Carmen Black to Rita E. Dey, $450,000.

Sapling Ridge Dr., 15178-John S. Sowers to Chaobin Liu, Hongqing Wang and Alice Ziyne Liu, $800,000.

Wye River Dr., 13717-Shetal Mistry and Kajal Roy to Alexis and Jeffrey Bloom, $965,000.


Bauman Dr., 6029-Joseph S. and Judy Yunhee Kim to Amadou Doudou Ba, $350,000.

Bluff Point Lane, 7689-William John Kurisch Jr. to Christopher J. Dougherty and Chloe and Richard Barry Ossias, $249,900.

Caleb Dorsey Sq., 6709, No. 40-George A. and Katelyn L. Cavelius to Dan Bi Lim, $360,000.

Cherrybark Oak Lane, 7605, No. 262-Lisa Price Younce to Barbara Fields, $275,000.

Darby Downs, 7233-Taylor A. Faris to Jason A. Hill and Angela D. MacIntosh, $300,000.

Ducketts Lane, 6364, No. 2-4-Linda Marie and Noble F. Rushe to Gene Aefsky, $161,000.

Ducketts Lane, 6898, No. 39-2-Matthew Deal to Satyanarayana Chalasani, $212,000.

Elk Mar Dr., 7111-Dawn L. Rubin to Vimal and Priti Amin, $586,250.

Forest Ave., 6376-Leonce James and Wanda J. Wilson to Denise Keating, $232,500.

Grassy Garth, 7850-Bank of New York Mellon and Bank of New York to Michael A. Riesett and Irina Higgins, $346,500.

Green Field Rd., 6395, No. 1412-Sally F. Harris to Aya Rahav, $195,000.

Harthorn Ave., 6428-Jingsong Cai to Andrew Thomas Jinks, $319,900.

Huntshire Dr., 6523-Donna Cohen Creative Corp. to Sooriya and Johna Kandiagh, $205,150.

Knolls Ct., 6203-Ok J. Cho to Brenda H. Bowles, $350,000.

Lyndsey Way, 7220-Andrew J. and Anna C. Lincoln to Samir Marvania and Miral Patel, $541,500.

Main St., 5929-Hansjoerg and Anne M. Orthner to Daniel Ward, $490,900.

Meadow Rose, 5919-Brooks and Jennifer Perry to Eric Kendall and Alicia Stacey Hansen, $399,900.

Merle Way, 6333-Anthony E. and Wanda L. Ero to Anthony D. Patterson and Sheila Mulhern, $480,000.

Montery Rd., 6315-Eric Michael Bukata and Arlene A. Santos to Amalia P. and Paul H. Morusiewicz, $699,900.

Oak Grove Way, 7069, No. 254-Shante J. Moore and Silvia E. Diaz De Moore to Sricharan Madduri, $315,000.

Old Washington Rd., 6320-Manish Patel to Erby and Ruth Casseus, $480,000.

Patuxent Oak Ct., 7722-Evan Bryan Piner to Yuling Li and Qien Chen, $332,000.

Potomac Hunt Ct., 6710-Dennis C. and Charlotte G. Aldridge to Ryan and Jessica Ridley, $440,100.

Rock Glen Dr., 6092-Christopher J. and Leslie Brew to Lauren Lettieri, $257,500.

Rowanberry Dr., 5994, No. 16-GR Group Corp. to Ferdinand V. and Honey M. Batulan, $216,000.

Ruxton Dr., 6416-Martin T. and Patricia Lannon to Ekaterina Evseeva and Ilia Tropinski, $625,000.

Scarlet Oaks Dr., 6937-Gary McWilliams to Folashade O. and Bolarinwa Awe, $485,000.

Shadywood Rd., 6150, No. 407-John S. and Patricia M. Fullagar to Gilbert B. and Linda A. Kaplan, $397,000.

Stone Throw Way, 7109-FDM Homes Corp. to David and Chanina P. Buhl, $249,500.

Susans Pass., 7138-Sarbrinder Kaur and Surinder Pal Singh to Shauna Lu, $370,000.

Toomey Lane, 6061-Sean and Meghan O’Connor to Blake A. and Ashley R. Robertson, $550,000.

Wimbledon Ct., 6309-John A.W. Carlson Jr. to Alicia Rose Cooper, $310,000.


Bates Dr., 4735-Donald T. and Eleanor C. Rascoe to Michael F. Santillo and Yitong Liu, $540,000.

Bonnie Brae Ct., 5109-Thomas E. and Melissa L. Cahill to Daniel K. and Leah V. Pemberton, $600,000.

Brampton Pkwy., 4948-Thomas P. and Robin L. Nicholson to Salvador R. and Claudia E. Guerrero, $655,000.

Brian Ct., 2812-Robert Louis and Mary Terry to Stephanie R. and Thomas R. Mason, $590,000.

Brightmeadow Ct., 7979-Jennifer A. Tinnirella Goodemote to Elizabeth Brasauskas, $320,000.

Brittany Dr., 4118-Hyunchul Kim and Younsun Bae to Jayanti Dasgupta and Amila Nanayakkara, $569,000.

Calla Lilly Dr., 8107, No. 41-Sandra K. Geddings to Mohan K. Sundaram and Rajeswari Mohan, $425,000.

Coachlight Lane, 7626, No. B-L-Kristin Mende and Kristin Raymond to Delbert D. and Jasmine A. Mack, $306,000.

Dry Creek Ct., 3640-Troy L. and Joanna L. Leishear to Haifeng Xu and Xinyan Geng, $410,000.

Edgewood Rd., 3149-Philip R. and Kelly M. McDowell to Leeann Shan, $775,000.

Enoch Pratt Dr., 8627-Jieun Park to Ram Kumar Siripuram and Reetha Ravikanti, $518,000.

Falls Run Rd., 8495, No. C-Gary and Tracey Hensel to Vicki Denine Learn, $210,000.

Falls Run Rd., 8601, No. F-Leslie Ann Pezzullo to Taylor C. Duvall, $178,990.

Flagstone Ct., 7837-Frederic and Amy Schroeder to Christopher G. and Tania Wilkens, $650,000.

Harvest View Ct., 8597-Gita Grace Khadem to Mary C. and Andre G. Lacerda, $382,000.

High Castle Rd., 8018-Sureet and Saritha Sandhu to Srikanth and Shweta Gorugantula, $706,000.

Hobble Ct., 3327-S. Ramachandra R. Badami and Jayashree Badami to Amit Srivastava and Monika Chouhan, $399,000.

Ilchester Rd., 5056-James L. Lumsden to Calvin and Takirra Winfield Dixon, $665,000.

Kellan Dr., 5104-Wilmington Trust and Portfolio Servicing Inc. to Keith Elliot Gross and Hilda Yee Wong, $560,000.

Locust Mill St., 8076-Margaret Airas to Kihyun and Hyung Mi Kim, $303,873.

Manahan Dr., 8664-John M. and Bonnie C. Ott to Hina Wajih and Sarfraz M. Qarni, $362,000.

Montgomery Run Rd., 8381, No. I-Ryan Westerlund to Adam Robinson, $203,000.

Montgomery Run Rd., 8399, No. B-Timothy Collins and Sara Skidmore to Kristin E. Baccaglini, $192,000.

Oak Forest Dr., 2187-Frederick W. and Evelyn J. Cogswell to Pani Prasad Reddy Naren and Srilakshmi Thussu, $645,000.

Old Columbia Pike., 4123-Lexicon Government Services Corp. to Kevin Greene and Sharon N. Ironside London, $485,000.

Old Valley Ct., 4318-Dongsong Zhang and Lina Zhou to Ramesh Chikkapally and Sruthi Thippireddy, $637,000.

Overlook Dr., 4022-Ernest G. Hibbs to Muhammad A. Saeed and Nageen Ashraf, $450,000.

Rising Sun Lane, 5233-Kathleen and Jason Wooten to Gordon Lopresti, $505,000.

Rockburn Dr., 7763-Jean Branch to Jason and Deeshanae Brown, $610,000.

Rosanna Pl., 5711-Armando R. and Edith N. Marquez to Paul H. and Mary Beth Miller, $455,000.

Snowmill Ct., 2713-Yu Chen and Yan Zhuang to Gregory Cleaver and Christina Ann Jiann Fang, $480,000.

Spruce Run Ct., 8609-National Residential Nominee Services in to Timothy Lee, $340,000.

Stone Crop Dr., 8235, No. A-Robert D. and Wendy L. Mawyer to David J., Therese N. and Therese N. Sides, $264,900.

Sweet Corn Dr., 5909-NVR Inc. to Kenneth M. and Dionne L. Blackledge, $574,014.

Tangle Wood Ct., 5304-Carol A. Janos to Daniel Edlow, $610,000.

Union Dr., 2803, No. 53-Sushila Raval to Maryann E. Murphy, $535,000.

Watkins Run Ct., 8612-Nicholas Carbonetti and Teresa J. Irish to Rafeena Bacchus and Sherlon Antonio Gajadhar, $640,000.

Wethered Dr., 8757-Seyed Mojtaba and Leida M. Gashti to Ravi V. Datla and Neeladevi B. Penmatsa, $835,000.


Carpenter St., 7514-Christopher T. and Joanne Lye McKay to Karen S. and Stephen C. Cherry, $690,000.

Chase St., 11233, No. 88-Jong W. Shin to Sean E. and Erica E. Santiago, $515,000.

Harrison St., 11323-Dianne C. McDermott and Grace O. Yi to Brad and Jennifer Lynn Hall, $660,000.

Iager Blvd., 11531-Streetscape at ML Corp. to Robin Scott and Dawn Horton, $950,529.

Longwood St., 8823-Joshua and Ashleigh V. Lowery to Ethan and Danielle Griffith, $585,000.

Preservation Ct., 7241-Susan M. Stasiewicz to Josyula R. Rao and Darsana P. Joysula, $1.26 million.

Tilghman St., 7719-Stephen L. Bacon and Stacey H. Oken to Timothy W. and Christine A. Timanus, $743,000.


Triadelphia Rd., 14040-Jennifer Cristine Blizzard Sisk and Jill Maree Thomasson to Matthew Sean Kapono and Pamela Kei Muneto Inake, $535,000.


Countryside Dr., 3502-Diane M. and David Harry Friedel to Alexis E. Rodriguez Marquez and Beatriz D. Sanchez Morales, $470,000.

Mustang Path, 14620-Tony S. Wankerl to Patrick Coleman, $659,000.

Shady Lane, 3435-William Michael and Regina Margaret Ross to David James and Elisabeth R. Perry, $940,000.


Elmthorpe Way, 7103-Ryan Clark and Aaryn Compton Richardson to Sanju Joseph Francis and Sonia Thomas, $445,000.

Kristin Dr., 6410-Kevin L. Fink to Shanelle Wimbuish and Joel Baylor, $350,000.


Chris Mar Ct., 13430-Xi Cheng and Qian Luo to Cara G. Roberts, $493,000.

Highland Rd., 13433-Antoinette L. Johnston and estate of Louise R. Adams to Devang Saraiya and Chhavi Sharma, $708,500.


Cedar Ave., 7255-Phyllis Lightfoot to Tessa Gabrielle Smith, $312,000.

Guilford Rd., 10167-Enoch Moon to Hilario Hernandez Delgado, $217,200.

Mission Rd., 8276-Krista K. Danen to Kenneth and Debbie Comer, $450,000.

Stickley Ct., 8339, No. 71-Terrence D. Bacon to Johnson and Grace Faturoti Owoeye, $320,000.


Calm Sunset, 7210-Kenneth D. and Martha Boxman to Gayatri Dadige, $340,000.

Clocktower Lane, 9585-Virginia Marie Prevas and William Thomas Beckett to Albert Hang and Olympia D. Alessandro, $310,000.

Donleigh Dr., 10109-Rachel E. and John T. Cleveland to Dewayne Bradley, $385,000.

Eden Brook Dr., 7375, No. D-19-Richard A. Erdman and Fary Sami to Ryan J. and Emily Ann Kavanagh, $319,000.

Hackberry Lane, 10013-James Keith Bleiler and estate of Lynn S. Bleiler to Sarah C. Rich and Matthew B. Gately, $415,000.

Justice Pl., 10504-Mary Therese Pfau to Sandra Ong and Yolanda Lim Santos, $554,900.

Justice Pl., 10516-Mary Therese Pfau to Chik Sang and Hye Ja Chang, $565,000.

Lambeth Ct., 9616-Caleb J. and Dana N. McConnell to Jonathan C. and Alyssa C. Weber, $285,000.

Pirates Cv., 9222-Charles E. Bird to Dawn Alyson Foster, $235,000.

Setting Sun Way, 7489-Zachary and Ashley Hooker to Michael David and Tatiana Taylor, $330,000.

Vollmerhausen Dr., 9495-Frederick Douglas Jones and Kimberley S.W. Jones to Scott T. and Emily Regan, $400,000.

Weather Worn Way, 7585, No. A-Susan C. Gold to Leroy Timothy Teagle, $177,000.

Yellow Bonnet Pl., 7517-Richard C. and Sherry I. Curtin to Jacqueline V. Heilveil and Sean P. Weatherford, $485,000.


Gentle Rolling Dr., 11183-Matthew and Regina R. Pyzik to Michael D. and Carol G. Ford, $695,000.

John Stuart Rd., 2121, No. B-Linda Diane Young to Judith and Meghan Jefferson, $270,000.


Chelsea Knolls Dr., 18335-Neha and Ankur Gulati to Mandy Yu Pei Hung Alger and Anthony Steven Clark, $721,500.

Long Corner Rd., 650-Michael R. and Yvette M. Harris to William Hobart and Sylvia Jennings Wadsworth, $460,000.

Watersville Rd. W., 720-Larry E. Hinman to Deborah Claxton, $460,000.


Aladdin Dr., 7983-Robert E. and Carol C. Everett to Yuri S. Achille and Sarah Schmidt, $450,000.

Boulder Ridge Rd., 8734-Roland W. and Tracy S. Haag to James E. and Catherine J. Beadel, $565,000.

Brewington Lane, 9202-Mariam L. Breant to Rodney and Monica Johnson, $323,000.

Cardinal Forest Cir., 8741-James T. and Maribeth Donohue to Matthew A. and Tiffany A. Witt, $453,000.

Charmed Days, 8416-Tad V. Kim and Cindy H. Pak Kim to Jennifer Suppa, $439,000.

Cypress Way, 9912-Pulte Home Co. Corp. to Mame Adubea Asamoah Odei and Ernest Acquah, $500,000.

Eastern Morning Run, 8619-Elbert Nhan to Fatou D. and Bassirou Toure, $615,000.

Fall Rain Dr., 10072-Sung Chang and Yu Lee to Tesfom G. Abrhale and Genet T. Kalab, $629,000.

Glen Ridge Dr., 9449-Dennis Lee and Sharon Ann Herman to Mark A. and Michelle E. Morrison, $409,900.

Ice Crystal Dr., 8470, No. F-Fernando O. and Trinidad E. Sabath to Kong H. Min and Dong Kim, $267,000.

June Flowers Way, 9752-Zeshawn and Anbiya Gul Ahmad to Miral B. and Bhautik M. Patel, $473,000.

Merlot Lane, 8305, No. 131-Dong G. and Eun Soon Moon Choi to Nishant Nadeem and Annie Lin, $400,000.

Patuxent Overlook Dr., 9619-Development Partners Corp. to Mohammad Kashif Rehman and Musfirah K. Batta, $560,000.

Rock Ripple Lane, 9358-Oladapo M. and Jelilat O. Onijala to Antonio and Michelle McMillion, $435,000.

Solar Crse., 9817-Jonathan and Quincy Brown to Ryan C. and Casey N. Fiora, $434,900.

Star Moon Lane, 9524-Peifeng Yan and Jing Wang to Michael Wheeler, $640,000.

Timber Oak Lane, 8705-James J. and Sharon M. Kennedy to Angela Marie Chaney, $515,000.

Ulster Dr., 9405-Nelson and Patricia Finney to Git Yee Chu and Wai N. Chan, $389,500.

Whiterock Ct., 10617-Paul and Susan Azoulay to Scott Madison and Savannah Kelley Hand, $310,900.

Winners Circle Way, 10324-Kyoung S. Lim and Jin E. Choi to Nhon Trong Pagan and Kim Chi T. Thai, $565,000.


Sunset Valley Dr., 940-Daniel E. and Susan B. Woodward to Christine L. Sauer and Trevor L. Chatfield, $637,000.


Addison Way, 14751-David A. and Dawn M. Swann to Heather H. and Henry W. Hurren, $720,000.

Ed Warfield Rd., 16400-Gregory A. and Carol A. Nolf to Andrew H. and Meriella N. Albright, $805,000.

Frederick Rd., 16471-Michael L. and Anna Bartlett to Adam M. and Elizabeth Z. Hall, $570,000.

Maple Ridge Rd., 15400-Mathew Lee to Weiran Chen and Zola Zhou, $745,000.

Ridge Hunt Dr., 15267-Timothy E. and Donna L. Trogdon to Louis Norbeck Jr. and Lynne A. Battaglia, $625,000.


Chambers Ct., 11120, No. K-Anne Elizabeth Vaeth to Lynn H. Gregg and Mandy M. Hugh, $299,000.

Evening Dew Dr., 2924, No. 68-Blanche Templeton to Dario Joseph Broccolino and Barbara Casey, $615,000.

Ganton Grn., 2130, No. C-202-David and Emily Williams to Rashid Afzal, $272,500.

Quarter Horse Dr., 1835-Sandra G. Sattin and Eric K. Shepard to Karen Elizabeth and Timothy Ward Althouse, $940,000.