Anne Arundel County

These sales data recorded by the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation in October 2018 were provided by Black Knight Inc. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit


Carrollton Rd., 2654-Katherine S. Chrien and Harold V. Rogers to Berwyn Deroy and Linda Johnson Van Ry, $575,000.

Chesapeake Harbour Dr., 2181-Joann and Richard L. Maslana to Joyce K. and Burton H. Tapper, $1.29 million.

Creek View Ave., 603-Tracey M. Kirchoff to Daniel Phillip Bornstein and Helen Kimberly Potember, $975,000.

Enclave Ct., 31-K. Hovnanian Homes of Maryland II Corp. to Jeffrey L. Hernberger, $474,990.

Gemini Dr., 1231-Teresa M. Beilstein to Alexander M. and Amanda M. Cisar, $179,900.

Harbor Rd., 1324-Ronald E. and Phillip A. Harrell to Don Alan and Bonny Bagnatori Krause, $271,500.

Hilltop Lane, 290-Olinda Morena Quintanilla Hercules to Roderick Black, $238,000.

Jackson St., 1014-Above Grade Renovations Corp. to Luis Daniel Cintron, $347,500.

Lake Heron Dr., 1121, No. 3A-514 Phase L. Corp. to Deborah R. and Fortney H. Stark Jr., $235,000.

Linden Ave., 1343-Charles B. Leckinger to Regina Little and Leslie Hollis, $540,000.

Miami Ave., 1106-Francis and Veronica A. Gambel to Kurt C. and Nancy S. Gastrock, $575,000.

President Point Dr., 3, No. A3-Ricardo Scartascini to Anthony J. Chapman and Cynthia M. Zagone, $550,000.

Quiet Waters Pl., 153-Norman A. and Jenna S. Bishop to Brianna M. Figueiras and Christopher J. Martinette, $281,000.

Rockway Ave., 3445-Patrick and Asli Carome to Lorraine D. Riley, $245,000.

Van Buren St., 1010-Aaron Freeman to Claire M. Coolidge, $385,200.

Wells Ave., 917-Keith C. and Jeanne E. Shader to Matthew C. and Lea Ann White, $430,000.


Academy St., 125-Jolynn M. and Robert M. Sheehan to Lauren H. and Stephen H. Ridzon, $950,000.

Ashers Farm Rd., 405-K. Hovnanian Homes to Douglas Aylward and Leslie Volkmar, $674,990.

Beech St., 1009-John C. Tillman to Peter MacGregor, $317,000.

Burtons Cove Way, 603, No. 10-Rebecca A. Somerville to Robert M. Almeida and Rachael A. Gosnell, $269,000.

Cedar Park Rd., 1604-Eric G. Shea to Bernardo and Elizabeth R. Coelho, $440,000.

Coachway, 845-Mark C. Davis to Thomas N. and Susan Hogan, $980,000.

Crisfield Way, 744-Mark N. and Leslie M. Flynn to Paul and Kathleen Dumais, $605,000.

Francis Nicholson Way, 567-Tamara I. Hypes and Tamara J. McClanahan to Amalia D. Potter, $335,000.

Halsey Rd., 317-Lenore S. Lerner to Joseph M. and Jennifer E. Keenan, $499,000.

Hideaway Ct., 2158, No. 24-Neyat Tekle to Joseph B. Fisher III, $324,000.

Howards Loop, 710-Jonathan E. and Mary A. Pasterick to James Brigowatz and Heidi Novak, $395,000.

Lanna Way, 973-Joseph W. Sullivan and estate of Daniel J. Sullivanto Paul J. and Thelma G. Bublitz, $272,000.

Marconi Cir., 1978-Charlotte K. Kearns to Gary M. and Mitzi D. Hopkins, $283,000.

Monticello Ave., 125-Douglas A. and Susheila D. Burkhardt to James F. and Pamela A. Toomey, $880,000.

Pemaquid Ct., 2663-Kenneth and Barbara Minihan to Verne T. Higman and Patricia A. O’Brien, $500,000.

Prince George St., 244-Kevin E. and Rebecca L. Johnson to Wesley S. and Elise A. Farrell, $700,000.

Ritchie Lane, 1575-Jeff R. and Kiara G. Vogel to Laura and Diana Hackett, $330,000.

Rosemary St., 31-Ona Brazinski Joyce to Thomas J. and Rebecca Jaap Alascio, $525,000.

Summerview Way, 2706, No. 3104-Linda C. Nickels to Christine T. Glynn, $245,000.

Towne Centre Blvd., 1915, No. 408-Walter C. and Terri S. Lockhart to Everett Douglas and Virginia Russell Bell, $480,000.

Virginia St., 1603-Carleton Edgar and Sally Jane Mott to Michael A. and Debra F. Caldwell, $610,000.

Westminster Way, 1715-Karen Anne Vogel to Arnold S. Goettel and Nannette Livadas, $750,000.


Alameda Pkwy., 360-Ronald L. and Mary S. Fincham to Thomas Christopher and Heather Elizabeth Shipley, $282,000.

Basin Way, 624-Mirta C. Garcia to Jonathan Caleb and Kelly Marie Hill, $565,000.

Birchcrest Ct., 1234-Bernice M. Tonrey to Scott Arndt, $264,000.

Buena Vista Ave., 354-Andrew J. Tucker to James M. King and Megan K. Barnum, $330,000.

Colonial Ridge Lane, 493-Nicholas M. and Kristina Marie Pulido to Salvatore J. Misuraca and Madelyn F. Sherman, $330,000.

Doncaster Rd., 194-Gregory Michael and Corine R. Lapace to Peter G. and Catherine L. Hollerbach, $580,000.

Greenblades Ct., 532-Bauer Haus Investments Corp. to Alexandra and Stephen Robert Ferris, $289,989.

Jupiter Hills Ct., 610-Trevor P. and Mary L. Parsons to Nicholas E. Dean, $197,000.

Mago Vista Rd., 924-Erick Goodwin Gilbert to Brian and Nicole Galloway, $375,000.

Merrimack Way, 131-Michael V. Cardinal and Jamie M. Gross to Stefanie A. Judd, $580,000.

Oakland Hills Ct., 601D-Carlene M. Cassidy and Laura L. Robinson to Kenny E. Toro, $137,000.

Pine Valley Dr., 736-Joshua M. and Britni Day to Patricia F. Westcamp, $342,000.

Ruxshire Dr., 820-Suzanne L. Raygan to Christopher R. Townsend, $380,000.

Southern Hills Dr., 612-Robert M. Hauser and Dana R. Pecci to Diane T. Colonnello, $192,000.

Talon Ct., 602-Patrick M. and Katelyn M. Skerpon to Jordan Waterloo, $316,500.


Charles St., 207-Rebecca E. Cocolin to Kathleen A. Conlon, $225,000.

Disney Ave., 5205-R. Saul McCormick and estate of Barbara J. Baggett to Donna G. Ivy, $155,000.

Hammonds Lane, 904-Wanda C. O’Keeffe to Sharon K. Auxier, $215,000.

Matthews Ct., 5610-Camile Williams and Ayanna Bailey to Daniel and Sahyli Karina Gaitan, $280,000.

Olive Wood Lane, 732-Christopher A. Arcoraci to Angie M. and Anthony Dawson, $275,000.

Shenandoah Ave., 303-Sidney Howard Drake to Adan and Madan Portillo, $199,000.


Almond Dr., 1350-Estate of Zitella A. Nickel to Colin Thomas and Meredith Rice Cooley, $278,000.

Bretton View Rd., 1423-Joe and Maria I. Piette to Vincent and Abbie M. Finamore, $490,000.

Carrollton Rd., 1910-Frank S. and Nicole E. Melograna to Marnie A. Oursler, $1.99 million.

Deacon Way, 1718-Douglas D. and Deeann Coe to John P. and Kathryn W. McLaughlin, $710,000.

Enyart Way, 1516-Estate of Nancy M. White to Carol J. Malkiel, $405,000.

Foxwood Ct., 1402-Todd H. Crum to Shawn Fitzmaurice, $239,900.

Highview Dr., 1198-Joseph Lilly and Heather Messerschmidt to Derek A. and Amal Houck, $385,000.

Lodge Pole Ct., 1509-Crownsville Road Corp. to Elizabeth J. Chrisner, $250,000.

Mount Holly Dr., 981-Kristin L. Davidson to John Edward and Jennifer Nicole Bates, $520,000.

Puritan Pl., 236-Sherry Buschmann and Victor L. Kerns to Scott K. and Shannon Morton, $800,000.

River Bay Rd., 1216-Douglas D. and Mary F. Milburn to Robert E. Holt Jr., $975,000.

Stonewood Ct., 1241-Crownsville Road Corp. to Amber C. and Marshall Miller, $245,000.

Sun Valley Dr., 1084-Michael Edward Mallonee and Michelle Suzanne Pinder to Thomas and Yunhye Ale, $325,000.

Windgate Dr., 792-Mary L. Churchill to Thomas Reagan and Megan M. Huckaby, $480,000.


Carvel St., 5536-Joseph John O’Keefe to Christopher Anderson, $340,000.

Windjammer Ct., 1014-Stephanie L. Goldenberg to Nicholas E. and Jennifer A. Passero, $410,000.


Bains Ct., 2700-Daphne S. and Daniel S. Foreman to Gregory S. and Amanda L. Olsen, $570,000.

Blockton Ct., 1464-Gary S. Sykes to Ronald E. Mozingo Jr., $199,900.

Chapman Rd., 1542-Michael J. and Karalee Flaherty to Carlonie R. Gifford and Michael E. Squibb, $548,000.

Crossgate Dr., 2101-Teresa A. and Michael A. Campbell to Michael A. and Christina A. Hamorsky, $565,000.

Eton Way, 1556-Matthew J. Gurka to Harshit and Amanda M. Agarwal, $520,000.

Fendall Ct., 2205-Melinda Hock to Forrest T. and Rachel Toor, $229,000.

Golden Ct., 1720-Michael A. and Christina A. Hamorsky to Dexter C. Hamto, $320,000.

Mara Vista Ct., 1488-Perry Shafran to Allison Orah Constable and Christopher James Vazquez, $250,000.

Pearl Ave., 1508-Richard T. Siomporas to Raoul C. and Adrienne N. Fruto, $548,000.

Simsbury Ct., 1119-Thomas J. and Kristy L. Howell to Melissa J. Lewis and Malcolm I. Dicko, $230,000.

Tallwind Ct., 2614-Robert S. and Justyn H. MacFarland to Justin and Whitney Blair, $325,263.

Waldorf Ct., 1730-Richard and Lucille A. Truesdell to Nicole M. and Joshua L. Woolf, $290,000.

Windy Oak Ct., 2594-Arthur Collins and Michael John Heinen to Pamala Keller, $355,000.


Baltimore Hill Rd., 1034-Daniel M. and Kelly E. Garner to Carlos F. Luna, $354,000.

Haverford Dr., 2013-Brian P. and Marina McNamara to Frederick A. and Linda M. Fochtman, $855,000.

Maple Trail, 390-Thomas B. and Mariella Wetmore to Stephen C. and Kaley P. Jones, $287,250.

Severnview Dr., 1103-James M. Douglas to Evan C. McMullen and Dana R. Akerberg, $407,500.

Valentine Creek Dr., 1117-Charles Bradley Blackwell to W. L. Hatcher III, $525,000.


Cox Landing Ct., 1400-Joshua P. and Amanda R. Rosenbaum to Christopher T. Barger, $265,000.

Hidden Creek Way, 7831-James Steven Emge and estate of Carole Ann Emge to Logan Jubb, $200,000.

Waterway Ct., 1312-William L. and Linda M. Boyko to Lauren Bahlman, $249,000.


Central Ave. W., 1330-Cara N. Cerone and Victor Porter to Kevin D. Pepe, $318,000.

Jamestown Rd., 3517-Shawn and Tina M. Smith to Ajia Holt, $430,000.


Deale Beach Rd., 5929-Leslie M.V. and Jeffrey S. Williams to Marshall and Jennifer Glenn, $700,000.

Main St., 943-Douglas D. McLennan and estate of Paula M. Everson to Anthony John Brooke, $349,900.

Whittington Pl., 607-Dale E. and Vickie A. Browning to Cheryl Ann Brady, $294,000.


Calhoun St., 137-Matthew J. and Brittany M. Manning to Brandon and Lauren Reider, $535,000.

Galewood Dr., 231-Matthew J. and Mindi Lynn Nader to Scott B. and Erin P. Shiller, $457,000.

Holly St., 3014-Eldora Ellison to Bradley Joseph and Janet Velleman Skorepa, $1.5 million.

Millhaven Dr., 2110-Hillary W. Frank to Amanda R. Capoen, $354,000.

Ridgely Rd., 1745-Michael J. Hinson and Piper A. Mullins to Matthew Ehrichs and Thaisi H. Da Silva, $246,000.

Rolling Rd., 3179-Gary H. and Nancy Ann Hardsty Shifler to Daniel J. and Meagan B. Yong, $665,000.

Westminister Rd., 508-Elizabeth McGeehan to Alberto A. Rojas Zayas and Janet Luna Gomez, $260,000.

Seventh Ave., 3723-Theresa A. Shaw Reshetar to Bi Yu Zheng, $365,000.


Autumn Valley Lane, 927-Thomas J. Pucciarella and Megan Marcucci to Jeremy Olds, $450,000.

Fall Ridge Way, 939-Matthew R. and Salome Tsereteli Stephens to Brandi and Heather Strong, $360,000.

Highland Farms Cir., 622-Samuel M. and Jessica A. Barlow to Jamie R. Chapp, $440,000.

Lanham Lane, 1117-Calatlantic Group Inc. to Archie S. and Lynn T. Israel, $529,990.

Orchid Rd., 1243-Tarrah Bellamy and Rosalyn Sherie King to Wasiq Butt, $573,000.

Springlake Ct. W., 2410-Lan L. Lun and Paul K. Lingbach to Pamela Miller, Robert F. Owens Jr. and Megan Owens, $393,900.

Wigeon Way, 1410, No. 2-Dona J. Palmer to Fernando and Viola Kortright, $325,000.


Skippers Row, 1737-Hull Speed Corp. to Robert B. and Haven S. Younger, $1.82 million.


Brighton Pl., 864-William Preston Grammer to Angela Marie Depalatis, $215,000.

Columbus Dr., 713-Allen S. and Regena T. Parrish to Glory A. Mangoba and Bryan W. Dowell, $512,000.

Cross Creek Dr., 7944-Leonard and Torrie Musta to Brandon and Nikia Triplett, $338,000.

Eleanore Dr., 7827-Matthew and Julie Albrecht to Ryan and Sabrina Seeley, $405,000.

Ferndale Hill Lane, 106-Sherry Spriggs to Sonal and Parth Patel, $385,000.

Glendale Ave., 121-John H. Cosentino to Zarin Newman, $275,000.

Ingram Ct., 442-Agathus and Betty Griffin to Letrenda S. Hall, $172,000.

Kraft Ct., 713-James C. and Ida A. Mabe to Ronald G. and Amber L. Baker, $339,900.

Linwood Ave., 48-Gustavo A. and Angelica M. Vecino to Ever Isai Castillo Esquivel, $280,000.

Mystic View Turn, 435-Zachary J. and Emily M. Covington to Wendy Rodgers, $216,500.

Oakwood Rd., 7992-Donna M. Smerdon and estate of Joyce Carfrey to Edgar Manuel Ventura Ramos, $180,000.

Parkland Pl., 645-Michael A. and Sandra M. Calo to Sydney and Cynthia Williams, $263,000.

Phylen Ct., 901-Rock A. and Tracy L. Merrill to Dena M. Moran, $300,000.

Rosedale Ave., 1103-Sharon A. Abrams and Steven Barrett to Richard G. Hare, Charles Weaver and Richard G. Hare II, $180,000.

Tieman Dr., 1622-Casey Wachter to Travis R. Cannon, $220,000.

Wilson Blvd. SW, 22-Christian M. and Marianella Y. Segovia to William P. and Heather M. Downs, $296,000.

Second Ave. SW, 511-Francis J. Taylor III and Amy R. Hartland Taylor to Minas Giorgakis and Panagiota Fotopoulos, $389,000.


Bell Ave., 1039-Troy M. and Marlene F. Helms to Michael D. and Amy P. Schaeffer, $415,000.

Bonnie View Rd., 130-Imzad and Aleem Mohammed to Margaret J. Cheetham, $324,900.

Castle Harbour Way, 1106, No. 1A-Damien T. and Kimberly Ann Clark to Linda S. Glenn, $151,000.

Clover Ct., 371-Maria D. Maler to Akinola Ladipo Daniel, $170,000.

Crown Rd., 7225-Michael W. and Shannon L. Shacklock to Anthony S. and Veda E. Saunders, $295,000.

Delaware Ave., 723-Theresa R. Miles to Alexander David and Theresa Ammons, $300,000.

Gatewater Ct., 358, No. C-Sean T. Holden to Thomas D. Clews Jr., $137,000.

Gunther Pl., 211-Dan Ryan Builders Mid-Atlantic Corp. to Kodjo F. and Rachel A. Noviho, $299,990.

Gunther Pl., 224-Dan Ryan Builders Mid-Atlantic Corp. to Kevin Davis, $319,978.

Kahler Way, 303-Matthew A. Guanti to Luke A. Garwood, $389,000.

Louise Terr., 102-Linda S. White to Albert R. Thompson Jr. and Sunita Khadka, $253,000.

Marley Ave., 709-Ready 4 U. Real Estate Investing Corp. to Jorge A. Suazo Giron, $279,900.

Meadowgate Cir., 8108-Michael and April Ruiz to Mavis L. Milligan, $499,000.

Mockingbird Cir., 7228-Steven W. and Betsy L. Whetstone to Renecka L. Ross, $295,000.

Oakdale Rd., 1410-U.S. Bank to Scott T. Newberry and Cristy L. Taylor, $236,000.

Ralph Rd., 108-Robert A. and Chelsea R. Hurd to Scott Westley and Terri Lynn Poe, $280,000.

Rapid Water Way, 6607, No. 104-RRCAP SFR II Corp. to James R. Gilbert, $152,500.

Renfro Ct., 493-William J. and Melissa D. Beverly to George Allen, $249,900.

Saint Agnes Rd., 16A-Bobby E. Blackwell to On S. Shin and Sun O. Wang, $235,000.

Springview Ct., 502-Lakeashe M. Washington to Daniel E. and Amanda A. Shipley, $380,000.

Stonehouse Run Dr., 7530-Zachary D. and Crystal Byron to Eddie D. Harden, $330,000.

Twin Vw., 1024-Kip D. Reinheimer to Michael Renner, $265,000.

Waterwood Trail, 7671-David W. and Nancy L. Heckendorf to Penny L. and K. Dale Hall, $920,000.

Windjammer Rd., 802-Charlene E. Heimberg to Rock A. and Tracy L. Merrill, $500,000.

Yamhill Way, 7119-US Home Corp. and Lennar Corp. to Kimberly Gaye and Stuart Jeffrey Cordish, $478,990.


Acrocomia Ct., 7715-Alison Seifarth and Luke Warddell to Joel and Deanna Porcher, $349,500.

Brimstone Pl., 2239-Karin A. Schultz to Samuel A. Jackson Jr., $480,000.

Fieldstone Ct., 1713, No. 6-Stoney R. Corp. to John A. Rodriguez, $335,600.

Glendale Ave., 2907-NVR Inc. to Weixie Wu, Meichang Cen and Junping Wu, $339,885.

Hardwick Ct., 1608, No. A-Nicholas A. Purcell to Damon J. and Natalie Bennett, $292,000.

Hekla Lane, 1617-Calatlantic Group Inc. to Stacey and Tina Holmes, $504,329.

Martock Lane, 1512-Erin Elizabeth and Richard Wystan Ball to Henry Mauricio and Heidy Susana Miguel, $360,000.

Pangbourne Way, 1403-Katie Kim to Tyler S. Dallwig and Natalie Wilson, $347,000.

Patterson Way, 7872-Joe W. and Ava P. Hyman to Ik H. Kim and Kim Hae Ok Heimberger, $420,000.

Thames River Dr., 7413-Alexander Soroka and Sara Gonzalez Delgado to Boris and Skyla L. Skopovi, $470,000.

Twin Birch Rd., 2637-Pradeep Chandrasekaran and Nandini Rajendran to Maria Zhang, $349,900.


Mill Crossing Ct., 205-Calatlantic Group Inc. to Lovette Spears Lea, $449,990.


Smiley Lane, 3738-Betty Skipper to Brittany M. and Matthew J. Manning, $640,000.


Cecilton S., 344-Benjamin A. Robinson to Carlos A. Canas Ramirez, $315,000.

Lindenwood Dr., 3504-John E. and Carol Ann Rooney to Serban and Nicoleta Negoita, $399,900.

Lunar Ct., 3121-James J. and Samantha Brown to Patrina Marie Simpson, $340,000.

River Bend Ct., 3107, No. E104-Tracy M. Thornton to Jaidevinder Singh and Navdeep Singh Matharoo, $170,000.

Shooting Star Lane, 8205-107 Woodduck Builders Corp. to Ibrahim Bah, $306,000.

Sudlersville S., 3307-Charles J. Elfont to Frank J. and Karol A. Lagana, $3,000.

Tribeca Trail, 3524-US Home Corp. and Lennar Corp. to Keisha Oudia Kerry Anne Bryan, $384,490.

Winding Trail, 8417-Wendy Annor and Kristina J. Owens to Henry Cruz and Julita Quilitis Robles, $410,000.

Winding Trail, 8495-Willington Chun Lin to Aku Aidoo, $355,000.


Catalpa Rd., 106-Robert Gary and Frederica S. Mathewes Green to Chloe E. and Bryan D. Rice, $325,000.

Jerome Ave., 307-Robert M. Wooden and Melanie J. McMullen to Kevin F. Raska and Stepanie M. Clampitt, $295,000.

Mountain Rd., 202-Zachary S. Casto and Tina P. Moore to Brandon Lee Bono, $302,500.


Decesaris Dr., 904-Robert A. and Kathryn A. Domino to Raymond and Catherine Zarate, $485,000.

Southern Maryland Blvd., 6243-Martin B. Isaksen to Joshua A. and Kelly M. Atwell, $509,000.


Cecil Ave. S., 1008-Michael A. and Deborah A. Scalice to Daniel and Rebecca Weller, $545,000.

Elm Rd., 8365-Lola Jane Welch and estate of Conley Harmon Jr. to Timothy and McKenzie A. Cosgrove, $250,000.

Martin Dr., 477-John T. and Nissa O. Ellinwood to Trevor M. McCarthy, $375,000.

Millshire Dr., 574-Jeanne Katharina McCray to James and Megan Hawkins, $225,000.

Old Orchard Cir., 455-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Edward and Stacey Ryan, $607,000.

Pearl Point Ct., 622-Howard R. King III to Robert L. and Debra A. Tipton, $615,000.

Severn Crest Dr., 399-Scott D. Bussom to Matthew J., and Kristen Blane Arnold, $505,000.

Sycamore Rd., 8311-Terri Brennan to Matthew Richard and Sarah Katherine McDonald, $475,900.

Watermill Dr., 8315-Carol Ronette Roney to Mark Young, $390,000.


California Ave., 640-Susan Denise Baugh and George Harry Bond to Thomas and Marygrace Crockett, $294,900.


Benoli Ct., 1622-Nilesh B. and Parul N. Patel to Nataki B. Johnson, $359,900.

Bulrush Ct., 1905-Sherene M. Johnson to Steven Rodriguez Ruiz, $259,900.

Cannon Ball Way, 215-Edward L. Alexander to Damon and Wendy Dienhart, $440,000.

Chessington Dr., 354-Colton J. and Taylor A. Smith to Christopher L. Curry, $320,000.

Crawfords Ridge Rd., 602-John and Mary Anne Ryan to Leopoldine Modjo Kenmogne and Clement Sare, $560,000.

Dragon Fly Way, 2723-Classic Group Corp. to Joel E. and Judith A. Daniels, $644,446.

Edge Creek Lane, 236-Andrea Nicole Smith to Nikkia Anderson, $309,000.

Forest Edge Ct., 2408, No. 204H-Margaret Mary Giddo to Elizabeth Olson, $210,000.

Grape Arbor Way, 8727-Edward L. and Rebecca Davis to Corson Pierce Fidler and Kelly Lauren Cann, $309,900.

Higgins Dr., 539-Jacob and Daniele M. Ness to Laura Miller Israel, $389,900.

Knapps Way, 2427-Julie Samuels and Julie Berger to Ayoola A. and Melinda A. Arojo, $345,500.

Meadows Ct., 2314-Timothy R. and Jamie M. Dulaney to Schuyler T. and Kenna B. Haley, $509,900.

Mount Vernon Ave., 338-Caruso Builder Pine Street Corp. to Tiffany S. Graham, $367,984.

Patuxent Rd., 1192-Paul L. and Angela F. Nowottnick to Christine Pettigerew, $370,000.

Pine Meadows Dr., 8508-James R. George IV to Catherine M. Roberds, $305,000.

Piscataway Run Dr., 2727-John D. and Ruby R. Stasiak to Dona J. Palmer, $325,000.

Realm Ct. E., 519-Cedrick D. and Candace M. Fowler to Lloyd G. Self, $236,500.

Samantha Lane, 1005, No. 101-Cynthia Hayden Day to Joan S. Sayers, $244,900.

Scaffold Way, 1888-Wesley and Darcie Daniels to Jocelyn L. Rich and Andrew Pendracki, $402,000.

Spanish Oak Way, 1278-Winchester Homes Inc. to Russell S. Himmelberger and Miriam Mangano, $706,770.

Sunny Ridge Dr., 3125-NVR Inc. to Laurence F. and Sheri L. Morris, $534,678.

Trout Run Ct., 626-Jason C. Adams to Lana C. Calcara and Zachary R. Andrews, $382,500.

Willow Leaf Lane, 8609-Therese Firmin to Ida L. Johnson, $245,000.


Harding Blvd., 1041-Antonio and Toni Sanchez to Kelly A. Dunlap and Dena R. Craig, $240,000.


Abbey Ct., 8046G-Amy L. Vanmourik to Deborah L. and Brian L. Jordan, $148,000.

Appalachian Dr., 8228-John C. Wright to Niranjan and Bakul Debnath, $280,000.

Bayside Beach Rd., 1679-Sue A. Foster to Robert M. Poma and Nancy L. Decesare, $637,500.

Booth Bay Harbour, 1162-Joshua E. and Bridget R. Creekmore to Silvia G. Mendez Gonzalez and Rosa M. Mendez, $245,000.

Carolina Ave. N., 328-Allen and Teresa J. Siperek to Kristin MacPherson, $420,000.

Cedar Rd., 1834-Joseph M. and Victoria Kimball Case to James Michael Christopolis Jr., $443,000.

Creek Blvd., 314-Robert S. Rikard to Carl J. and Susan D. Remery, $350,000.

Daydream Cres., 8333-US Home Corp. and Lennar Corp. to Karen Denise Carr, $327,715.

Dunlap Rd., 139-Amanda Kate Biesel to Barbara S. Holmes, $219,000.

Ferry Point Rd. N., 204-James M. and Carrie L. Weser to Christopher E. and Christina Danielle Baragas, $530,000.

Gambier Harbour, 8626-Toni J. Cheek Pehrson to Antonios C. Cornias, $250,000.

Hamburg Ave. W., 104-Leroy A. and Darlene S. Trippett to Mary Quinsler, $216,300.

Holmespun Dr., 1242-Michael Drain and Lindsey Anne Billups to Christopher Stanton, $230,000.

Johnson Rd., 54-Dreamcraft Homes Inc. to Michael R. Huff and Elaine K. Lingis, $778,000.

Lake Riviera Rd., 261-Tiffany Munger to Randy and Laura Weigman, $360,000.

Magothy Beach Rd., 186-Thomas D. and Josephine Geddings to Casey L. Smith and Zachary W. Cook, $515,000.

Mcmagan Dr., 612-Stephen Anthony and Marguriete M. Rush to Stephen Derek Ruben, $475,000.

Outing Ave., 7822-John A. and Denise J. Breen to Jessica L. and Seth K. Ewoo, $252,500.

Pendragon Way, 8074-Elwin K. and Regina R. Shumway to Joshua and Jessica F. Shumway, $275,000.

Poinsett Terr., 8144-Martin C. Stonebraker to Jenny Williams and Susan Dorsey, $315,000.

Riverside Dr., 396-Matthew J. and Jessica K. Hausknecht to Kevin E. and Leah M. Stocksdale, $635,000.

Robin Air Ct., 3629-Andrew George Morrow and Melanie Thompson to Eshawn Jamar and Courtney Nicole Jones, $233,500.

Sagamore Ct., 2816-Jeffrey F. and Lauren E. Rathmann to Chiedu Udedibie, $564,990.

Seal Harbour, 818-Norma E. Hurley to Nicole E. Higdon and Jeffrey Shanks Jr., $228,800.

Shore Rd. E., 7935-Charles and Heather Schroen to Louis William Patrick Carey, $292,000.

Tennant Harbour, 1010-David W. and Anna M. West to Brian N. Maroues, $235,000.

Watervale Ct., 1198-Stephen Douglas Spindler and Dawn Marie Baldwin to Joshua and Samantha Diffendall, $815,500.

Willowby Run, 776-Michael D. and Amanda Reynolds to Katrina Dehan and Jordan Delaney, $244,900.

11th St., 233-Lynn Mary Yockelson Thomas to Jillian C. Aranda, $225,000.


Marlin Dr., 3016-Richard J. and Sandra E. Norman to Robert Cady, $360,000.


Braun Ave., 8508-Elsie Cathleen Gibson and estate of Harry J. Bell to Benjamin Melendez Portillo and Elsa Morena Cubias Cordova, $315,000.

Brookmead Ct., 8039-Damon M. and Susannah E. McClain to Faustinus Moiwoh and Evelyn Jemiah Musi, $305,000.

Canyon Oak Dr., 8323-Rodney and Kimberly Wotring to Kris R. and Sara J. Frederes, $555,000.

Carinoso Cir., 1169-David S. and Khrisela M. Wilson to Sabnam K. and Nitin P. Nepal, $379,500.

Carriage Lamp Ct., 1734-Thanh Kim Lam to Angela Smith, $314,900.

Crest Hill Rd., 816-James P. and Elizabeth A. Martin to Julie L. and Michael P. Howerton, $425,000.

Eason Dr., 564-Leland E. Bryton to Phillip Rodney Precht, $395,000.

Hawaii Ave., 1400-Daniel Aaron and Stephanie Haller to Vernon E. and Rachel B. Smith, $348,000.

Innkeeper Dr., 7912-Matthew S. Treskon and Teal E. Anderson to Robyn M. Johnson, $311,000.

Jasons Landing Way, 7929-Donna J. Hennessey to Marcy E. Callo and Takawira Kapikinyu, $480,000.

Larch Rd., 1416-Michael P. and Cynthia D. Bell to Thomas J. Albrecht, $255,000.

Reece Rd., 903-John C. and Emily M. Crum to Carol Norbeck Hines, $430,000.

Scatteree Rd., 7714-Lateef S. and Alicia N. Ellis to Jarell S. and Alexsandra Hackett, $250,000.

Stewarton Ct., 8228-Sherifat Salau to Yvonne Lee, $85,000.

Tower Court Rd., 7926-Martin F. and Danielle R. Wirtz to Benjamin R. Davis and Emanuela Paola De Andrade, $347,500.

WB & A Rd., 8262-Ronald J. Nicholson to Neha Niles and Nidhi Nilesh Desai, $250,000.


Arundel Beach Rd., 275-Anne L. Brimberg to Joseph E. and Katherine M. Ram, $495,000.

Ben Oaks Dr. E., 425-Black Dogs Real Estate Investment Corp. to Kevin and Amy Manner, $679,900.

Cottonwood Dr., 736-Aimee J. Giese and estate of Greta Heidi Bunch to Michael D. Grunseth, $448,000.

Dividing Rd., 751-Edgar L. and Jeanne S. Fogle to Diane S. Humphrey, $724,500.

Enclave Trail, 501-Sandra T. Petersen and the estate of Patricia R. Taylor to Mark S. and Cinthia Radowich, $490,000.

Fernwood Dr., 314-Anthony C. and Andrea S. Andrews to Sandlon K. Smack and Patricia K. Rust, $494,000.

Holly Path, 6-Eric and Melissa Danielson to Mark Peay and Danielle Tanner, $768,900.

Listman Ct., 302-Robert A. and Heather M. Gresham to Michael P. and Meredith B. Benoit, $655,000.

Maryleborn Rd., 461-Marion A. Kay to Marc E. Morris, $510,000.

Persimmon Ct., 606-David J. and Amy M. Hemmerle to Wesley and Lindsay Shifflette, $609,000.

Quinn Rd., 104-Constance R. and John M. Neale to Andrew Fornadel and Nicole D. Beddia, $490,000.

Saint Andrews Rd., 70-Thomas E. Dolsak and Leslie W. Yeransian to Glenn P. and Priscilla L. Tallon, $885,000.

Severnside Dr., 428-Chad R. and Angalina Wade to Vincent and Sara Elizabeth Scarfo, $959,000.

Trailing Ivy Lane, 104-David Michael and Carol Joan Heath to Karl A. and Susan T. Phillips, $675,000.


Butternut St., 1307-Secretary of Vetreans Affairs to Ish R. and Mohan L. Grover, $287,500.

Pine Ave., 1214-Andrew M. Baicar and Jessica L. Palombi to Steven F. Hanahoe, $290,000.

Howard County

These sales data recorded by the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation in August 2018 were provided by Black Knight Inc. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit


Alpine Rose Bnd., 4524-Christopher T. Fortune and Ashley A. Adams to Terry N. and Coleen Eberhardt, $655,000.

Bethany Lane, 2910-Cosntance E. Asher to Janhavi Gangaraj, $700,000.

Breconshire Rd., 10182-Suzanne S. and Rodney G. Chamberlain to Sang Minh Nguyen and Kelly Khanh Pham, $595,000.

Burton Dr., 3332-Beazer Homes Corp. to Giman and Jin Sook Kim, $893,783.

Char Lil Ct., 3504-Brian M. and Shelley J. Lombardo to Jie Jiang and Natelie Leong, $647,000.

Cheekwood Cir., 2792-Jae Myung Yoo and Sook Ja Kim to Suresh Athamakuri and Swapna Ega, $725,000.

Crestleigh Rd., 9022-David and Jennifer Matthews to Thomas Shekarchi and Lisa Foreman, $580,000.

Diversified Lane, 9771-Ronald J. and Anne R. Varlotta to Steven J. and Jenny M. Pacheco, $665,000.

Dorsey Hall Dr., 4720-Nicholas Calleri to Daniel Hawkes Hay, $192,500.

Dorsey Hall Dr., 4950, No. 11-Sean M. and Kara M. Williams to Lushen Li and Jing Wu, $243,000.

Emily Fox Ct., 10024-Dae S. and Hyun U. Hahn to Aaron L. and Christina R. Miller, $515,000.

Font Hill Dr., 3414-Mary E. Bradford to Ryan and Holly Learmouth, $477,000.

Foxspur Ct., 11711-Gary G. and Doris D. Homan to Orn Eliasson, $674,000.

Furrow Ave., 9007-Jeffrey M. and Michelle Dee Davis to Gregory G. and Katherine R. Naylor, $735,000.

Globe Dr., 10202-Joseph M. Chuisano to Samantha and Todd Norris, $653,000.

Golf Island Rd., 2636-Steven and Jean Kubisen to Andrew and Suzanne Myers, $771,500.

Hawthorne Rd., 3926-Samuel P. and Joelie D. Key Tissot to Amanda Wedekind, $465,750.

Hobsons Choice Lane, 10159-William L. and Mary M. Fallon to Maaz Aziz and Sidra Ahmed, $390,000.

Isabelles Way, 9930-Lee F. and Carolyn H. Lawler to Frederick W. and Evelyn J. Cogswell, $550,000.

Katherine Pl., 3008-Cartus Crop to Azena D. Zenebe and Hossanna A. Gebremichael, $610,000.

Kingscup Ct., 4511-Sean M. and Kara M. Williams to Winnie Wing Man Kwan, $358,000.

Liter Dr., 2610-James W. Chase to Jason Mastropaolo, $453,100.

Maisel Farm Lane, 4333-Shelly K. and Justin T. Agostine to Teddy Go and Laura Ann Tan, $705,000.

McKenzie Rd., 2521-Kurt M. and Kara S. Longo to Brian Sweet and Lindsay Millard, $550,000.

Middle Meadow Rd., 9844-Mark E. and Diane J. Fishman to Shiming Yang and Zheng Li, $665,000.

Natalies Way, 9716-Sheldon and Victoria M. Switzer to Xuefeng Liu and Hui Zeng, $770,000.

Old Willow Way, 9804-Gary L. and Sally M. Long to Sanjay and Sheela Pandey, $645,000.

Pebble Branch Rd., 4018-Dario J. and Donna J. Broccolino to Charles J. and Mary Teresa Haupt, $575,000.

Ponte Vedra Ct., 3009-William J. and Barbara J. Schmitt to Jeff Sun and Yancheng Qian, $558,000.

Resort Rd., 10520, No. 106-Vantage Condominium Corp. to Mindy Felinton, $403,280.

Resort Rd., 10520, No. 308-Vantage Condominium Corp. to Kweon Sun and Emma Mun, $394,700.

Seneca Chief Trail, 3110-Soo Kyung and Ki Young Yoon to Gunjan and Shipi Shirvastava, $1.07 million.

South Meadow Ct., 4447-Moo Ja and Chang Yong So to Zhanglin Ni and Chunsheng Zhao, $700,000.

Spruce Way, 10301-Robert J. and Brenda K. Beiter to Turgay and Sevda Unsal, $450,000.

Susies Way, 9605-Michael J. and Patrica F. Bembenek to Kamal S. Bhatia and Sneha Jadhav, $590,000.

Thornbrook Rd., 2849-Andrew S. and Megan M. Veliuona to Gautam S. Dravid and Manasi R. Shelar, $705,500.

Tuscany Rd., 10394-Paul T. McCormick to Yunlong He and Juan Zhou, $320,000.

Willowgrove Dr., 4637-Andrew John and Diane Amati Sirkowski to John B. and Sue S. Slater, $625,000.


Brighton Dam Rd., 13487-David B. and Alice F. Berman to Archimedes Calayag and Jennifer Lauguico Medina, $605,000.

Clipper Lane, 5800, No. 302-William and Eileen Forrestel to Wayne Po Wai, Margaret, Jeff F. and Ling Mei Lai, $340,000.

Fall Moon Ride, 5920-Catherine J. and James E. Beadel to John S. and Esther H. Kwon, $930,000.

Haviland Mill Rd., 6650-Thomas O. and Toki C. Nichols to Richard Hewitt Nichols Jr. and Deborah Jeffreys Herley, $325,000.

Lakeside Dr., 13726-John and Debby Miller to Florin M. and Iuliana K. Selaru, $1.21 million.

Moorland Dr., 7142-Nathan and Deborah A. Harris to Alisa and Benjamin Joseph, $840,000.

Summer Sky Path, 12241-Kassahun H. and Fantaye Seyoum to Ping Gu and Hongcong Qiu, $720,000.

Thompson Dr., 6113-Margaret E. Marshall to Mark Donovan and Amy Rottier, $351,500.

Vincents Way, 12531-Beazer Homes Corp. to Raihan Amin and Farkanda Haseen, $868,751.

Whitegate Rd., 6600-Jennifer D. Rabenhorst and Ryan Lance to Christopher and Beth Stiles, $495,000.


Basket Ring Rd., 9642-Christina P. Sommerville and Carolyn M. Estell to Sultana A. Mahmoud, $185,000.

Black Star Cir., 8529-Delano I. and Sheilah B. Tucker to Jacob Tochukwu Ikedichi, $310,000.

Broken Timber Way, 9204-CR of Maryland I. Corp. to William G. and Reagan L. Koffel, $565,000.

Burnt Mountain Path, 6369-Jerryl B. and Yolanda R. Bethea to Joseph T. and Nicole P. Dunn, $532,500.

Carriage House Lane, 9135, No. 18-Richard S. and Amy S. Lee to James W. and Nicole M. Holmes, $342,500.

Cross Hive Ct., 8985-David and Melissa Anderson to Wendall C. and Christine L. Zimmerman, $397,000.

Dawnblush Ct., 9482-Craig William and Elizabeth Coulter to Natalie M. Deming and John R. Beninghove III, $465,000.

Deep River Cyn., 6207-Matthew J. Vigliotti and Julie A. Yerkes to Ahmad Samizadeh Yazd and Anoosheh Farzam, $345,000.

Dewlit Way, 9357-Pamela Rachal and estate of Christina Mary Rachal to Curtis M. Lacy and Rebecca R. Ehrlich, $410,000.

Each Leaf Ct., 8436-Max Wolfman to Svetlana Ford, $279,000.

Farm Pond Lane, 5205-Amy Bell Millikan to Nathan W. and Kimberly A. Thompson, $360,000.

Flamepool Way, 9093-Khawar M. Bhatti to Joseph B. and Crystal Hanna Jones, $400,000.

Good Hunters Ride, 6161-Dennis F. and Sheila C. Covert to Terri L. Lopatka, $360,000.

Hayshed Lane, 8703, No. 34-Alysia Turner Cutchis to Eric R. Lang, $158,000.

Hickory Log Cir., 7386-Jomini Mercado to Amir M. Osman, $301,000.

High Tor Hill, 5523-Harvey J. Shubert to Robert Alfred and Heidi Marie Brandon, $435,000.

Humblebee Rd., 5821-Jung H. Byun to Michele Houston, $309,000.

Kilimanjaro Rd., 9449-Elaine M. Thomas to Kevin and Leah Lee, $317,000.

Lapwing Ct., 9282-William and Lisa S. O’Brien to Julyssa Torres and Francisco Mendez Tinoco, $275,000.

Lightspun Lane, 5642-Veronica Grant and Winnifred B. Hibbert to Brenda M. Black, Steven M. Elbery and Amber M. Elbery, $399,950.

Loring Dr., 6316-Howard C. and Carole C. Stohr to Deena S. Altman and Jason B. Schaffer, $308,000.

Majors Lane, 6033, No. 4-Manuel P. Carones and Maria Da Conceicao De Oliveira Lopes Carones to Ronald Foit, $144,000.

Majors Lane, 6085, No. 4-Jayme Brown to Anteneh Abate, $158,900.

Majors Lane, 6097, No. 9-Yiping Helen Wang to Tetyana Tereshchenko, $101,000.

May Day Ct., 9214-John W. Eberhard to Galen Paul Carey and Delia Realmo DeSoto, $330,000.

Millrace Ct., 5951, No. C202-Jay Taejoon and Katie Heajin Kim to David Michael Sitarski, $246,900.

Night Roost Ct., 5315-A. Dennis and Catherine Gail Krupa to Robert Charles Vetters Jr. and Kathryn A. Fisher, $555,000.

Peace Chimes Ct., 7164-Elizabeth Shaw to Nam Huynh, $265,000.

Pinecone Row, 9455-Tracy Hauck to Adam J. and Robert J. Smith and Christopher R. Dubendorf, $285,000.

Red Lake Ct., 5360-Joshua Evsey and Victoria Tsitlik to Nancy M. and Randy Stratton, $397,000.

Sea Water Path, 8100-Karen Ehrhardt Lloyd to Joan D. Jones, $480,000.

Shining Oceans Way, 8820, No. 106-Lucille G. Goldsborough and Leon Dash to Joanne E. Wolinsky, $345,000.

Soft Thunder Trail, 6313-Jessica Pamer to Rajiv Patel, $560,000.

Starburn Path, 6145-Uday P. and Preety Uday Shenvi to Kayoung Kim, $299,900.

Swan Point Way, 7271, No. 16-1-Eileen M. Gallagher and Eileen M. Gallagher Revocable Trust to Michael Andrew and Samantha Pauline Brunn, $355,000.

Tamebird Ct., 8877, No. I-Robert J. and Judith L. Hannon to Kirk S. Henlon, $107,500.

Watchlight Ct., 9013-Son Dany Minh Nguyen and Mylien Thi Nguyen to Luis Benjamin Morales, $239,900.

Whiteacre Rd., 9625, No. C3-Opeolu Sanni to Michael M. Jacobs, $115,000.

Wild Swan Way, 6331, No. 204-Christina L. Nicosia to Abir Ray and Katherine Lorenz, $260,000.


April Journey, 5506, No. 4-Ryan M. and Lindsay E. Wallace to Wilmer L. Sampson Jr., $330,000.

Bare Bush Path, 12245-Patrick Vitchock and Elizabeth Yunger to Aramis H. and Teresa S. Mitzel Camacho, $336,000.

Blue February Way, 11866-Susan Baker to Craig S. and Kimberly Dickerson, $349,900.

Caravan Ct., 6870-Philip R. and Vera Grissinger to Christy John and Christina M. Rucci, $570,000.

Chase Lions Way, 5320-Hao Tang and Wenyan Guo to Kevin Cook and Kelly Parker, $355,000.

Cloudy April Way, 6046, No. I-57-Carolyn Joan Lovelace to Brian M. Schneider, $270,000.

Dovecote Dr., 6614-German R. Garcia Ulloa to Michael Ben and Taly Ben Yosef, $315,000.

Evensong Mews., 6513-Robert A. Egert to Steve J. and Melanie D. Lamar, $750,000.

Faulkner Ridge Cir., 10536, No. 10-Benjamin J. Englert to Matthew and Alicia Barker, $209,900.

Flowertuft Ct., 5160-Geoffrey Walker and Natalie Roberts Funk to Torben Bergland, $468,000.

Golden Seeds Row, 7013-Lisa M. Hines to Robert D. and Carrie V. O’Brien, $625,000.

Green Mountain Cir., 5017, No. 5-John E. and Christina B. Torres to Xi Chun May Lu and Dylan B. Ray, $173,000.

Green Mountain Cir., 10692, No. 17-Cecelia M. Routh to Lashelle A. Davis, $209,000.

Green Mountain Cir., 10850, No. 411-Ellen W. and John O. Blackwell to Leonard A. and Jacqueline M. Maisel, $85,000.

Harpers Farm Rd., 5153, No. 23-Reeves R. and Dena L. Taylor to Vladimir Basch and Anne Bumgarner, $495,000.

Harpers Farm Rd., 5707, No. B-Meredith Regina Marshall and Meredith Regina Wilson to Belinda Nava Perez and Raymund Jose M. Perez, $167,500.

High Wheels Ct., 5325-William L. Veater to Janet L. Davis, $345,000.

Jason Lane, 10536-Vladyslav Roshchyn to Edgar A. Johnson, $247,000.

Lightfoot Path, 5239-Muhammand and Samina Kazi to Ruthe and Sandy Abel, $325,000.

Loventree Rd., 6074-Marcus A. Hood and Lauren Kristen Welker Hood to Vanessa Barreto Pavezi, $515,000.

Maywind Ct., 10423-Bob M. and Betty Maier Dukes to Susan G. Michel, $318,000.

Mystic Ct., 5510-Rowland Scott and Mary Guay Kramer to Chacha Bogale Beyene and Alegneta Abdi, $267,000.

New Country Lane, 11927-Yolanda Brown to Robert Orben, $332,000.

Paul Revere Ride, 5225-Jose Estrada to Timothy L. and Brenda A. Rapp, $490,000.

Pyramid Way, 6726-Brian J. and Jacqueline D. Brewer to Opeyemi I. Idowu and Olusola O. Falodun, $405,000.

River Rock Way, 7864-Yinan Shao to Cihan and Bilge Bilim Unursal, $530,000.

Running Brook Rd. W., 5243, No. 102-Claude T. Strayer to Carol G. Rafkin, $196,950.

Skilift Ct., 11261, No. A-18-9-Corey Johnson to Amy Comisiak, $199,000.

Smooth Meadow Way, 5432, No. C-Angel Toledo Lopez to Joseph P. Hurley and Jennifer Weigel, $285,000.

Stonegate Lane, 11753-Rosy Ren and Mohammed Fouad Younes Mahmoud to Jennifer and Jacob Santucci, $334,900.

Sunny Spg., 6239-Martha A. and Kenneth Eugene Shafer to Richard and April Cephus, $330,000.

Tailcoat Way, 10326-Christopher H. and Michelle M. Sittig to Bryan J. and Alice D. Pax, $551,000.

Vantage Point Rd., 5570, No. 2-Julie D. Steffanoff to Lisa M. Titus, $191,000.

William Tell Lane, 10509-Frederick T. Lewis Jr. to Johvanny Alonso Garmendez and Vanessa Mercado, $375,000.

Wind Way E., 10528-Department of Veterans Affairs to Sheau Yun Wang, $288,300.

Windmill Lane, 5213-Stephen D. and Sarah J. Hochbaum to Micah H. Batchelder and Souand I. Bello, $460,000.

Windstream Dr., 10271-Mary Allerton Pivar and Douglas Whitcomb to Diane M. Wunsch, $305,000.


Green Bridge Rd., 5175-Mark S. and Marilyn J. Griffin to Victor Butera and Ann Marie Anderson, $515,000.

Kalmia Dr., 5240-Barbara M. Maloney to Maria and Roy Newcomb, $640,000.

Ten Oaks Rd., 4521-Shamin and Melissa Rae Iftikhar to Sabita Khan, Khurram S. Khan and Surita Alam, $400,000.


Abel St., 6433-John Michael and Kim Krett Gerst to Tirtha Raj Pandey, $470,000.

Beechfield Ave., 6353-Marcelle L. Kane and Jeramy Alan Hansen to Dal Z. Khai and Neng Ceikho Haokip, $310,000.

Blue Sky, 5800-David and Jennifer Wade to Mesfin S. Abate, $401,500.

Cambria Terr., 6629-Yue Chong and Slu Nung Wong to Mark David and Jennifer Koh Smith, $335,000.

Chris Way, 6015-Jeremy D. and Leslie D. Glenn to Mohammad Rezaee, $552,000.

Cross Ivy Rd., 6320-Wells Fargo Bank to Fekadu Negassa and Beyenech T. Taye, $325,000.

Ducketts Lane, 6436, No. 9-5-Sean Dougherty to Stephanie E. Barnes, $209,000.

Ducketts Lane, 6900, No. 39-3-Eric W. and Rebecca Joy Buhlman to Yong Joon Joung, $235,000.

Elkridge Crossing Way, 7220-Ruth W. Coffie to Krystel T. Wilson and Derrick Davis, $340,000.

Green Field Rd., 6335, No. 1702-Brian G. Hartman to Kevin Toula, $160,000.

Green Field Rd., 6400, No. 908-Kelly Gibson and Kelly Muldoon to Chirag Pancholi, $150,000.

Hearthside Way, 7507-Edward C. Madden III and Courtney Byrnes to Wenshu Qian, $353,000.

Huntshire Dr., 6697-John R. and Dawn M. Martin to Gloria Moon, $280,000.

Knolls Ct., 6215-Gary Lee and Xuan Zhou to Michael J. Browne and Jane H. Lim, $360,000.

Magnolia Ave., 6963-Miguel and Amber Quiles to Asif Rauf, $426,000.

Merrymaker Way, 7512-Hubert Johnson to Paul Joseph Bertulis, $340,000.

Montgomery Rd., 6288-Joseph F. and Judith C. Wheeler to Richard and Kim T. Brewer, $402,000.

Pale Morning Dun Rd., 4916-Kim Varsalone to Peter H. and June H. Kim, $630,000.

Penny Lane, 7109-Shawn J. and Samantha B. Murphy to Sarah Ivelisse Sabastro Honore, $328,000.

Quidditch Lane, 7976-Beazer Homes Corp. to Sai Puttagunta and Gouthami Potru, $425,000.

Rockledge Ct., 6407-Danielle B. Cooper to Allen J. and Jeanette M. Snyder, $250,000.

Rowanberry Dr., 6039, No. 13-Kurt Alan Ruckelshaus to Kyle A. Nathan and Joana R. Camacho, $220,000.

Samuels Lane, 7106-Dorsey Family Homes to Maurizio Farro, $729,400.

Sedgwick St., 6464-Steven A. and Stacy A. Shaver Titus to Simona Jones, $349,000.

Singers Way, 7459-Charlotte A. O’Brien to Matthew J. and Mona P. Barteau, $387,500.

Stone Throw Way, 7129-Robin Brown Davis to Gilles Prosper Foda Mberka, $265,000.

Tall Pin Oak Dr., 7617, No. 93-Margaret Perini to Yarisa Almonte, $292,000.

Troy Ct., 6306-Jong Ho Kim to Pi Yung Liang, $355,000.

Whisper Way, 5849, No. 19-05-Nancy Lynn Snellings to Timothy Ginn, $230,000.


Autumn Rust Rd., 8530-Geoffrey Scott and Nina Lewis to Matthew and Jacqueline Chen, $590,000.

Beechwood Rd., 4792-Jeffery P. Budd and Kathleen Anne Lewis to Chester Oliver, $265,000.

Branch Wood Ct., 8014-Paul H. and Mary Beth Miller to Deborah Rhee, $330,000.

Brightwood Ct., 8034-Raymond J. Burgman III to Heejung and Jaeman Yang, $331,000.

Britten Lane, 5108-Esther C. Battle to Brooks E. and Jennifer A. Perry, $619,000.

Carls Ct., 8990-NVR Inc. to Regina Marie Frank, $314,990.

Crestwood Lane, 5136-James P. and Judith A. Lavardera to Tricia Ryti and Christopher Todd Dring, $700,000.

Dexter Dr., 3011, No. 1407-Ray A. and Shirley M. Beaser to Blanche J. Templeton, $415,000.

Dunteachin Dr., 5367-Rao P. and Asha R. Gullapalli to Tamara Ayesha Bhalla and John Cords, $715,000.

Edgewood Rd., 3153-Michael and Lynn M. O’Malley to Jay Seo and Joyce Seo Pi, $950,000.

Falling Leaves Ct., 7802-Patsy M. Thompson to Jessica L. Bates, $290,000.

Falls Run Rd., 8495, No. H-Paul J. Carroll to Melanie Duncan, $220,000.

Falls Run Rd., 8571, No. B-Jonathan R. and David R. Lyon to Wilson Manrique Cruz Hernandez and Jill Heather Cruz, $220,000.

Falls Run Rd., 8601, No. G-Ruxian Lin to Yagnesh Mehta, $215,000.

Font Ave., 5208-Edward and Kyong Barnett to Nicholas Joseph Fuster, $354,000.

Harvey Lane, 5259-Calvin and Charlotte Y. Thomas to Prashant J. and Meghal P. Shah, $651,501.

High Castle Rd., 8031-Deutsche Bank Trust Co. and Ocwen Loan Servicing Corp. to Timothy D. and Alice W. Underwood, $554,500.

Ilchester Woods Way, 5113-Jeffrey L. and Kathryn C. Parks to Ryan and Katherine Quillen, $655,000.

Lauren Ct., 4833-Scott L. and Christina J. Smith to Dmitriy L. and Marina E. Kurenbin, $502,000.

Logans Way, 5980-Nakia M. Eldridge to William M. Rivera, $445,000.

Maple Hill Rd., 6035-Todd E. Bromwell to Angela Yoonghi Kim and Daniel Dongsoo Han, $500,000.

Montgomery Run Rd., 8352, No. A-Thomas Michael Moses to Darrell Roy and Michael Ploughman, $175,000.

Montgomery Run Rd., 8384, No. B-Tracy and Marketa Dove to Douglas, Vanessa C. Smith and Jennifer Ann Lang, $213,000.

Montjoy Pl., 8888-Thomas and Charlotte Johnston to Prem K. and Sharmila C. Johnson, $400,000.

Oak West Dr., 3354-Steven W. and Kimberly T. Harclerode to Ba Mei Xie, $290,000.

Orange Grove Ct., 3454-Mojtaba M. Nabavian to Rainjo Yuqing Lin, $350,000.

Papillon Dr., 8830-Eunchai Kang to Ganesh Babu Karumudi and Saraswathi Chunduri, $418,000.

River Ridge Trail, 2526-NVR Inc. to Bhavesh and Minaben N. Mistry, $760,005.

Rose Petal Ct., 4237, No. 100-Joseph S. and Donna L. Scallion to Emil and Drenee Roberson Marrero, $450,000.

Stansway Ct., 2801-Robert M. and Patricia J. Earomirski to Sagar J. and Jessica Mavadia Shukla, $590,000.

Stone Crop Dr., 8245, No. Q-Emily H. LaCivita to Miyong Nam, $307,500.

Summer Solstice Pl., 5037-Edward J. DeSantis to Gary Lee and Xuan Zhou, $652,000.

Talbots Landing., 5110-Algirdas J. and Elizabeth A. Brasauskas to Lawrence A. Pellerito and Marie A. Borsellino, $622,500.

Upper Mill Ct., 3515-Bank of New York Mellon and Bank of New York to Azim Karimi and Beheshtah Toloh, $339,000.

Webbed Foot Way, 4955, No. 52-Jenny Rella Atash to Xiongshi Jin, $364,000.

Wheatfield Way, 8535-Richard A. Turner and Susan A. Surell to Jason L. and Athena S. Atoigue, $525,000.

Winter Wind Ct., 8314-Timothy A. and Susan W. Arnett to Patrick and Victoria Buchler, $575,000.


Carpenter St., 7522-American International Relocation Solutions and Kyle Labuff to Joshua and Ashleigh V. Lowery, $800,000.

Duke St., 11360-Nancy L. Brennan to Kevin Edward and Allison Elaine Salkeld, $780,000.

Huntfield Dr., 8104-Wolfram T. and Laura L. Witt to Adekemi A. and Johnathan L. Harvey, $1.02 million.

Iager Blvd., 11539-Robert and June G. Sans to Stephen L. Bacon and Harry and Stacey Heather Oken, $1.12 million.

Maple Lawn Blvd., 7670, No. 56-JT Homes Corp. to Wendie Mount, $470,000.

Midtown Rd., 7630-Matthew R. and Michele L. Horowitz to William G. and Gina M. Agne, $820,000.

Scaggsville Rd., 11936-Deborah S. and Andrew D. Ellinghaus to Steve Roderick, Katherine Kundrat and Katherine Roderick, $480,000.

Tilghman St., 7868-Julian M. Jung to Jong W. and Jung S. Shin, $570,000.


Callaway Ct., 15232, No. 32-Mary C. Frederic to Mark J. and Susan Wilensky, $525,000.

Danmark Dr., 3364-Robert D. and Lisa C. Schultz to Simon G. and Nicole Wishnies Cortes, $650,000.

Mustang Path, 14685-Roxanne and Michael A. Moran to Christopher and Sarah Brewster, $589,900.


Adcock Lane, 6067-Gloria Moon and Craig D. McConnell to Craig McConnell and Heather Foreman, $390,000.

Patuxent Quarter Rd., 6217-James P. and Lisa J. Faulkner to Andrew Jeremiah and Ashley R. Conley, $480,000.


Cortina Dr., 6744-Mark Walz and Kerstin Mahoney to Bin He and Yunjian Wang, $735,000.

Paper Pl., 6551-Kathryn A. Hoff to Rene L. and Jeanne M. Gelber, $730,000.


Charlie Joyner Dr., 7410-Jacqueline Lynata Brown to Nhanh Van Nguyen and Thu Hong Thi Nguyen, $459,000.

Hub Garth, 8829, No. 11-Charles K. and Stephanie M. George to Christine Sandra Brunner, $250,500.

Mission Hill Pl., 8112, No. 8-Fifth Third Mortgage Co. to Prakash Sankurathri, $231,800.

Morris Pl., 8226, No. 43-Dhaval Shah to Denisha A. Watson, $255,000.

Twelve Sons Ct., 8948-Elon Brown Niles to Milton A. and Delmy E. Amaya, $297,000.


Allview Dr., 6725-Gary A. and Tiffany E. Holtzman to Susan Craig, $400,000.

Cape Ann Dr., 10102-Jason A. Linthicum to Denise Mary Svensson, $410,000.

Coleman Thomas Rd., 9251-Michael and Uyen Feliks to Michael J. Bernard, $245,000.

Early Spring Way, 9733-David Frank and Sarah Hayward Ortega to Jordan K. and Ashley A. Harris, $340,000.

Hatbrim Terr., 10096-Lewis Lorton to Amanda Dugre, $480,000.

Justice Pl., 10505-Mary Therese Pfau to Gerald and Fleurancia George, $549,000.

Justice Pl., 10520-James A. Pfau to Robert Paul and Sung Yon Tisdale, $565,500.

Lambeth Ct., 9640-Kellan E. Webb and Kellan Stehle to Dawn Wayman, $275,000.

Pirates Cv., 9344-Micah Douglas Mills Jr. to Kathryn P. Lally, $280,000.

Rain Flower Way, 7559-Stephanie E. Gawlinski to Servio S. Rodriguez and Nadia Carolina Ordonez, $245,000.

Softwater Way, 9871-Camillo Jerry Arcilesi to Frank L. Morgan III, $280,000.

Weather Worn Way, 7515, No. B-Aynur Pangburn to Ruel George Harriott, $191,000.

Weather Worn Way, 7591, No. D-Louis George Grimmel Jr. to Francesca Palik, $211,300.


Adam David Way, 2380-William J. Kiselburgh Jr. and Karen A. Lorditch to Clifford L. and Michelle W. Ratliff, $540,000.

Old Frederick Rd., 11267-Sang Hyun Lee to Pallavi Sinha and Rajeev Pandey, $720,000.


Chelsea Knolls Dr., 18348-Shane and Gayle Shrader to Leroy W. and Erinn L. Dyes, $835,000.

Long Corner Rd., 679-Judith A. Watkins Mabe and estate of Dorothy A. Watkins to Gregory Bradford Sellars, $299,000.

Penn Shop Rd., 18703-Norman Edward and Juanita E. Cline to James M. and Rachel N. Schwartzbeck, $457,500.


Baltimore St., 8879-Richard A. Sargent and estate of Cynthia Mickley to Tuan Nguyen, $195,000.


Aladdin Dr., 8006-Thomas M. and Victoria M. Selvey to Gregory A. Speake and Emily E. Mintman, $468,000.

Boulder Ridge Rd., 8753-Jeffrey W. and Sharon S. Bernstein to Brian K. and Carla Harris, $550,000.

Brewington Lane, 9253-Leisa A. Keys to Christy Renee Aspinwall, $330,000.

Canterbury Riding, 9400, No. 277-Claude and Suzanne Moore to Giulianna Capurro and William Ibarra, $176,000.

Castlebury Ct., 8802-Mary L. Garcin to Natacha Rene, $288,000.

Deep Skies Dr., 10170-Richard A. and Laurie J. Burdiek to Jerome D. Morris, $630,000.

Fragrant Lilies Way, 9958-Dong Sung Kim and Yoo Jin Oh to Habtemariam G. Waktola and Hirut M. Gebresadike, $419,900.

Glen Hannah Dr., 10621-Shawn D. Butani to Theodore T. and Barbara J. Ying, $305,000.

Haven Hill Ct., 8318-William T. and Margaret M. Riley to Juan Jose Orozco Avalos, Erika Orozco and Aracely Silva Hexter, $645,000.

Ice Crystal Dr., 8470, No. Q-Pamela Lee to Carl and Barbara J. Bartels, $292,500.

Justin Lane, 9619-Carl J. and Barbara J. Bartels to Johnathan M. and Stacey L. Dunn, $491,500.

Light Moon Way, 8585-James G. Botsford and Daniel Sextion to Eric T. and Norma M. Stevens, $435,000.

Manorwood Rd., 9042-James K. and Ellen K. Healey to Beatrice A. Oluwabuyi, $437,500.

Northgate Rd., 9401-Kristiane Nelson to Lindsay D. and Nicholas J. Cane, $375,000.

Patuxent Ridge Way, 10517-Thomas E. and Brenda P. Palmatier to Charles Joseph and Amy Lynn Davis, $639,000.

Pineway Ct., 8552-Eric P. Coleman to Deborah S. and Andrew D. Ellinghaus, $554,000.

Running Sand Knl., 10005-Alexis Edmondo and Carla Jo Rocco to Nicole S. McCormack and Edward DeJesus, $625,000.

Sewall Ave., 9216-American International Relocation Solutions and Daniel Murtha to Muhammad Bhatti, $449,000.

Spring Branch Ct., 8258-Mustufa and Feroz K. Bahrain to Yoldy E. Dorisca, $640,000.

Steeple Ct., 9301-Douglas Edward Gasch to Warren F. and Erica J. Thompson, $342,000.

Summer Waves Way, 8620-Michael J. Kerwin to Mir Raheem Ali and Sara Nusrath, $465,000.

Tower Dr., 8662-William J. Jordan Sr. to Eduardo Castillo Del Castillo and Paola Lissette Osaki Kiyan, $650,000.

Veiled Dawn, 9941-Hai Xu and Bin Zhang to Rajinder Bhasin, $476,250.

Woodsedge Ct., 9300-Duncan E. and S. Devi Reynard to Manjula and Priyakumar Paul, $530,000.


Grinstead Ct., 13350-John E. and Katherine M. Showman to Frederick L. Allen Jr. and Phuong N. Dam, $589,000.

Willow Springs Dr., 1735-Jackie L. Martin Jr. to Matthew W. and Lauren E. Smith, $840,000.


Meadow Trail Lane, 2289-Mely and Emilio Ballocanag to C. Edgar and Nancy S. Pugh, $897,737.


Carriage Mill Rd., 14760-Bradley and Stephanie Alger to Matthew D. and Puthyka Sin Daugherty, $624,998.

Ed Warfield Rd., 16460-Denis K. and Patricia A. Dishman to Jason and Joy Patton, $375,000.

Jennings Chapel Rd., -Edward K. and Pierce B. Dunn to Sharps Wild Horse Meadow, $1.34 million.

McCann Farm Rd., 14717-James K. and Hyunmee Kim to Dhirendra Kumar and Pratima Sinha, $715,000.

Susan Marie Way, 14705-Brian and Christine Barnard to Gloria Moon, $527,000.


Ashford Way, 10604-Richa Mann and Vishal Chhikara to Jyothis Madhavan and Abhilasha Nair, $491,000.

Chambers Ct., 11130, No. J-Amos H. and Linda R. Lucas to Christine Southcomb, $285,000.

Doxberry Cir., 11027, No. 11-Diana L. and Robert W. Shields to Bernard A. and Debra E. Seneway, $502,000.

Folkestone Way, 10712-Nancy Trimble Oliver to Dapeng Liu and Xinyuan Miao, $458,000.

Hardwood Ct., 10408-Brian S. and Lisa K. Jolles to Changyi Li and Hui Guo, $766,000.