Anne Arundel County

These sales data recorded by the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation in November 2018 were provided by Black Knight Inc. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit


August Dr., 1109-James B. and Joyce W. Gardner to Everett Bellamy, $439,900.

Burnside St., 316, No. 202-Darren K. Purcell to Virginia Robinson, $280,000.

Chestnut Ave., 1365-Lorne Cress Love and estate of Frances Cress Welsing to Darryl Dennis, $852,500.

Dogwood Rd., 5-Cathleen M. Souder and Richard F. Sharpe to Henry G. Coto Moya and Jose H. Coto, $260,000.

Enclave Ct., 20-K. Hovnanian Homes Maryland Corp. to Brian Charles and Katherine Therese King, $572,174.

Great Oak Dr., 104-Louis E. and Mary L. Dadin to Catherine Stirling, $409,000.

Hidden River View Rd., 3427-Brian and Susan H. Leshner to Robert M. and Ann M. Weins, $1.2 million.

Lawrence Ave., 29-David C. McKenzie to Walter B. and Agnes Louise Chrietzberg, $850,000.

Port Way, 3123-William W. and Katherine Patricia Wilson to Joseph D. and Hannah L. Carroll, $550,000.

Second St., 527-Shawn T. and Jan E. Moore to Emil Superfin and Erin Higgins, $620,000.

Tiburon Ct., 2-Leslie D. Gradet to Josephine L. Glacken, $227,000.

Washington Dr., 1238-Lark A. and Jamie L. Marie to Robert E. DiGiovanni and Allison R. Johnson, $869,000.

Yachtsman Way, 958-Diane A. Meyer to Shari P. and Steven C. Grant, $347,500.


Boatswain Way, 821-Kathleen Gowin and estate of Mary Louise Egan to Theodore C. and Frann W. Goldsmith, $530,000.

Bulwark Aly., 318-Ellen Allocca to William Roe III, $432,000.

Cherry Grove Ave. S., 214-Phillip and Janet J. Favero to Els Weeg Aerssens and Gregory M. Porta, $599,500.

East St., 95-Lamb Real Estate Corp. to Jake L. and Laura L. Brosnan, $550,000.

Heritage Ct., 41-Donald R. and Margaret Atwell to Jessika L. Cartgena Pineda, $147,000.

Mackiebeth Ct., 1910-Barry M. and Marjorie E. Boyd to David P. Swartz, $614,900.

Peggy Stewart Way, 2010, No. 203-Joan Marie Speaker to Kara M. Murray, $210,000.

Sean Dr., 630-Joyce M. and James A. Myers to Jason Smith, $550,000.

Southaven Rd., 104-Alva D. and Alfred E. Chastain to Charles Eugene Burns, $290,000.

Wood Lot Trail Rd., 620-Jordan and Meredith McCaleb to Aimee S. and Craig H. Bullen, $603,000.


Ravens Head Rd., 914-Caesar Corp. and Casesar Corp. to Joseph C. and Michelle J. Walker, $900,000.


Belle Dora Ct., 616-Travis L. Melhem and Amanda J. Clark to Catherine C. Campbell, $199,950.

Century Vista Dr., 471-Jeaneen Mullenhard and estate of Elizabeth Ann Friedel to Donovan W. and Meghan R. O’Dowd, $380,000.

Gator Ct., 1189-Kelly M. Stevanus Nedved to Elizabeth E. Rogers, $279,900.

Hersden Lane, 335-Greg J. Hawkins and Paula D. Hall to Christopher B. Hemminger, $430,000.

Juliet Lane, 927-Diego A. and Joann B. Escobosa to Eric Jon and Alessandra T. Engman, $415,000.

Magothy Ave., 965-Ann Hanke and Jeffrey C. Young to Sarah F. and James W. Teich, $1.07 million.

Phillips Dr., 956-Patrick M. and Debra S. Satkowiak Clowry to Stephen W. and Jolinda C. Murray, $507,000.

Shadbush Way, 82-K. Hovnanian Homes of Maryland Corp. to Shane Wilemon, $539,153.


Church St., 102-Cynthia D. Brady to Hector E. Ruano Morales and Brenda N. Polanco, $225,000.

Hillcrest Ave., 407-Cynthia Walters and estate of Gloria Lee Talbott to Deanna Marion Wilson, $100,000.

Snow Hill Lane, 275-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Kimberly M. Everd and Mary O. Harmel, $183,466.


Barracuda Cove Ct., 942-Richard and Susan Tydings to Teresa Hechmer Anzalone, $935,000.

Elderwood Ct., 305-Gursimran McDowell Kaur to Rebecca H. Sefton, $270,000.

Hickory Wood Dr., 1520-Ronald D. and Amanda M. German to Kevin Andrew Simmons, $320,000.

Leslie Rd., 1861-Scott and Lori Dykstra to Eric Shane and Mary Glasser, $525,000.

Mountain Top Dr., 1028-Mark K. and Lorraine Lease to Bruce A. Patten and Sara A. Baenziger, $605,000.

Saint Margarets Dr., 1036-Jane Locke to Katherine M. Sosman and Jessica C. Wakefield, $280,000.

Snow Goose Lane, 637-Joshua Aaron Beall and estate of Patricia A. Beall to Allen B. and Sandi Smith, $375,000.

Winchester Beach Dr., 225-Cecil Hunt to Lucie M.F. Lehmann, $1.19 million.


Carry Pl., 1733-Nancie E. Allen to Trey Fox and Megan Glaze Keller, $340,000.

Crofton Pkwy., 1828-GT Power and Associates Corp. to Scott and Stephanie Meenen, $490,000.

Fairlawn Ct., 1108-Daniel R. and Kimberly E. Atkins to Matthew B. and Kaitlin P. Jenkins, $505,000.

Good Hope Dr., 1715-Davy Zhi Liang and Lili Weng Han to Jason and Stephanie Duncan, $549,000.

Tyrone St., 1774-David E. and Carol R. Eakins to Christopher J. and Kimberly Gowen, $592,500.

Woodridge Ct., 1730-Michael J. and Julia K. Nussdorfer to Caitlin M. and David Spells, $232,000.


Waterbury Heights Dr., 987-Roy L. Gertz to Jacquelyn A. Campbell and William A. Sammon, $430,000.


Hidden Creek Way, 7837-William W. Wittler III to Kennesha Chapman, $257,500.

Riverwood Way, 1355-Khadijeh Zarkoob to Robert Avery, $290,000.


Appomattox Rd. E., 741-Elm Two Corp. to Brandon D. Kilsheimer, $630,000.

Royale Glen Ct., 3319-Dennis T. and Mary C. Burgess to Charles W. and Mildred W. Hall, $659,900.

William Meade Ct., 904-Tobin B. and Erica A. Leach to Justin Gregory and Brenna Rose Raines, $825,000.


Marshall Ave. E., 625-Christopher J. Outlaw to Jacquelyn C. Weavill, $190,000.


Northbrook Dr., 6353-Susan E. Densford and estate of Edward C. Schade to Leanne Wood, $309,000.


Cedar Grove Rd., 406-Michael A. and Heather C. Godlewski to Thomas W. and Kathy R. Hundley, $295,000.

Deepwater Trail, 2805-Robert L. Mongeau and estate of Maureen T. Mongeau to Perry J. and Michelle L. Cho, $1.65 million.

Holly Ave., 918-Leslie Murrell Langham to Heather Nicole Watson, $373,000.

Mayo Rd., 909-Curtis Martin to Michael Andrew Doerk Jr., $299,900.

Orchard Rd., 323-Delta Building Corp. to Jill G.T. Suing and Gari E. Kuhlman, $372,500.

Severn Ave., 911-Gregory H. and Catherine D. Gates to Carianne Michelle and Teresa Ann Brady, $390,000.

Sweet Leaf Lane, 4222-Ira W. and Kelly A. Laye to Dennis Clark Johnson Jr., $535,000.

Wilelinor Dr., 11-Lesley P. Bender to Stephen and Karen M. Pavlosky, $580,000.


Meng Lane, 200-Steven M. and Penny M. Dechello to Christopher Blaine and Jennifer M. Mossburg, $625,000.


Defense Hwy., 1571-Enar H. Sanders to Christopher John Fritz, $180,000.

Percheron Ct., 223-Lea Buschgans to David N. and Amanda Mabrey, $545,000.

Wigeon Way, 1409, No. 104-Robert R. and Donna R. Mekeel to Elliott E. and Tamie J. Polansky, $345,000.


Bosley Ct., 8034-Steven Pritchett to Kimberly C. Scott, $243,000.

Dogwood Dr., 611-James E. and Stacy L. Boothe to Oscar Sanjuan, $370,000.

Foxfarm Lane, 7847-Mei Quing Xiao and Yan Zheng to Duncan Jentzsch and Ainsley Rich, $259,900.

Heather Stone Loop, 755, No. 50-Anne K. Burkhardt to Kimberly Coates, $195,000.

Jay Jay Ct., 267-Alexander and Yelena Belousov to Kathleen Brusca, $226,600.

Linden Lane, 103-Stoney Creek Capital Corp. to Mariana Alvarez, $263,000.

Mystic View Turn, 437-Sarah Lynn Happel to Nayamat Illa Bhuiyan, $195,000.

Pershing Ave. SW, 250-Angel Hurd to Edwin and Christa Guevara, $319,900.

Sauers Lane, 115-Donald D. and Timotea B. Corey to Malaika and Evan Tyler, $424,900.

Shetlands Dell, 7960-Joyce M. Bernache to Mikelle D. Smith, $245,000.

Vista Ave., 112-Steven J. and Charity L. Crawford to Emma, Amy and Richard L. Alvarez, $260,000.


Archibald Dr., 6845-Ka Yung Ronald NG to Morgan Elizabeth McDonald, $247,900.

Bell Ave., 1022-Art Homes Corp. to Nohemy Orellana Iraheta, Marvin Barrera and Sandra Gonzalez, $350,000.

Briargrove Lane, 7546-Courtney N. and Jonathan C. Reeves to Erin and Thomas Trower, $320,000.

Channel Dr. N., 727-Michael W. Dolch to Bernard F. and Michele L. Meyett, $510,000.

Dumbarton Rd., 1032-Reese Properties Corp. to Guillermo A. Ballesteros, $280,000.

Gatewater Ct., 359, No. E-Judd M. and Jennifer Meng to Angela and Gina Ertel, $145,000.

Home Water Ct., 6504, No. 204-Karen L. Wells to Elsie L. Haber, $169,000.

Judy Rd., 7212-Michael P. Thompson to Annette Stanley, $289,900.

Louise Terr., 121-Residential Value Corp. to Michelle Paulette Eldridge, $235,000.

Norman Ave., 307-Sharron J. Safford and estate of Robert L. Krawczyk to James P. Krauss, $250,000.

Pelican Dr., 205-H&K Homes MD Corp. to Kishia Tinner, $325,000.

Sithean Way, 1011-Ashley N. and Anthony W. Labbate to Wade F. Garrett, $253,000.

Stane Rd., 1003-Daniel S. Richardson and Chrystal R. Shunney to Luis and Roxsanne L. Arriaga Flores, $259,900.

Willow Bend Dr., 437-Benjamin M. Thompson to Walter and Lori Antonette Kingston, $290,000.


Elmcrest Rd., 7612-David Adam Finkel to Davette D. Johnson, $459,000.

Hawthorn Dr., 1360-U. S. Bank Home Corp. and Lennar Corp. to Craig and Dara Howell, $382,490.

Kidwell Ct., 7766-Rogers Enterprise Corp. to Evelin Castro and Christian David Habersham, $231,920.

Pangbourne Way, 1419-Edward F. and Brenda R. Rawlinson to Claudia Paganelli and Omar Haq, $320,000.

Race Rd., 7516-Clifton P. and Deborah J. Golden to Hugo R. Galiz, $330,000.

Theale Way, 1739-Steven M. Buelt to Mohammad Reza Jafarishourijeh and Atefeh Ameri, $363,000.


Cumberstone Rd., 1383-James Cheston to Julie C. Duke, $360,000.


Orchard Ave., 2029-Lorraine D. Smith and Barbara A. Tall to Christopher M. Snyder and Angela M. Ferguson, $335,000.


Little River Rd., 14-Melinda C. and Stephen A. Ault to Elizabeth A. Olaitan, $443,500.

Marcey Creek Rd., 3602-Eric M. Hoese to Rashaad Houston and Kristen James, $339,900.

Sweetbush Trail, 3610-Manal Mahmoud E. Agabein to Olayinka Oladoyin Afolabi, $385,000.


Hammonds Ferry Rd. S., 302-William J. and Jessica A. Swafford to Taylor Niemetz and Travis Hise, $297,500.

Music Lane, 309-Scott Anthony Morrison and estate of Joyce Fay Morrison to David M. Ciekot, $300,000.


Marlboro Rd., 584-Edward M. Wagner Sr. to William Joseph and Sarah Shelley, $477,000.


Ashburton Dr., 1333-Stone Financing Corp. and Cory Wilhelmi to Benjamin D. Rogers and Marie Delmotte, $399,990.

Charles Rd., 1755-Charles A. Fisher and Nancy J. Thyson to Regan M. and Kimberly A. Edmonds, $355,000.

Oak Stump Dr., 773-William C. and Mary V. Altholf to Matthew Davis and Julia Eva Howard, $624,900.

Springbloom Dr., 788-John B. Loughney to Michael R. Duckett and Kimberly E. Acton, $662,500.


Amber Orchard Ct. E., 2496, No. 102-Alison Damarodas Campbell to Suyog Pradhan, $228,650.

Blue Spring Ct., 2442, No. 203-Lauren Jayne to Monica N. Lafleur, $210,500.

Chestnut Terrace Ct., 2412, No. 304-Stephen P. and Sally M. Duquette to Patricia V. and Kellie P. Wilson, $183,000.

Dragon Fly Way, 2855-Two Rivers Associates Corp. to Renee Silva and Art Harley, $619,861.

Gardenia Ct., 1927-Matthew D. and Lorraine C. Norris to Sandra Christian, $256,000.

Horse Chestnut Ct., 706-Kyle T. and Candace Werner to Jerry W. McBride Jr. and Krista A. Martin, $293,500.

Little Patuxent Ct., 8718-Margaret M. Hartley to Matthew Hendricks, $324,900.

Oak Leaf Ct., 2724, No. C-Jerald E. White to James R. Blais, $260,000.

Patuxent Woods Dr., 1305-Chesapeake Custom Homes Corp. to Takiyah Rochelle and Adrian Kareem Brown, $562,000.

Roundtop Rd., 1246-Kristen L. Ruiz to Clarence and Sandra Ann Arrington, $319,900.

Steuben Ct., 1206-Mike and Leah M. Hamilton to Brian and Hee Kyung Lim Defelice, $695,000.

Treasure Dr., 1317-Shawn R. and Allison M. Goletski to Francis L. Cager and Angela Wilbon, $495,000.


Asbury Rd., 230-Michael D. Baker to Benjamin T. and Sarah E. Speckhart, $350,000.

Breakwater Ct., 10-Brian K. and April A. Searcy to Joshua Michael Rugg, $210,000.

Carvel Rd., 263-GDL Properties Corp. to David Mason and Maria Justina Bassano Thompson, $350,000.

Dale Rd., 221-Deborah E. Webster and Andrea L. Hoffman to James and Joanne Prudy, $230,000.

Forest Glen Dr., 8122-Timothy P. and Patricia M. Hafner to Ronald and Kristi Samuel, $490,000.

Hickory Point Rd., 190-Mary A. and Linda E. Reddinger to Jessica T. and Nadine B. Kepner, $510,000.

Kentucky Ave., 323-Matthew A. and Jana Naylor to Danielle Schwarzmann and Donal W. Neilan, $354,500.

Marble Arch Dr., 3491-Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Wendy Watson, $190,000.

Misty View Ct., 209-Dawn D. Carter to Eric J. and Kayla G. Nickey, $359,000.

Old Coach Ct., 218-Jessie P. Shank to Emily N. and Brian D. Hiltner, $297,000.

Park Rd., 8418-Sandra C. Redmond to Christopher and Sheree L. Moore, $415,000.

Powhatan Beach Rd., 648-Kenneth R. and Harry J. Floyd to Noretta Via, $220,000.

Scituate Harbour, 1007-Wendy Y. and William W. Bowers to William L. Lash, $175,000.

Shore Rd. W., 7724-Richard E. Dobry Jr. and Kerry Anne Brooks to William and Shennen Wright, $455,000.

Tennant Harbour, 1038-Kristen B. Singh to Richard A. and Melissa L. Mister, $215,000.

Wedgewood Ct., 3500J-Rebecca Ann Dorsey Lisica to Justin L. Offord, $138,000.

Eighth St., 941-Wills Real Estate Investments Corp. to Timothy Landrum, $360,000.


Breckenridge Cir., 1300-Dwight R. and Donna K. Lakner to Marc C. Fry and Kali Brinkman, $405,000.

Marlin Dr., 3030-James L. Wright to Vikas Sharma and Monika Pal, $479,900.


Blairfield Ct., 417-Department of Veterans Affairs to Susan A. Markun, $525,000.

Chalice Rd., 7886-MDC Investments Corp. to Brian M. and Tanaz R. Worley, $345,000.

Downey Rd., 8706-Department of Veterans Affairs to Michael Penkala, Stacy Sarro and Joseph G. Karasek Jr., $290,000.

Grainfield Rd., 8219-Harriett E. Haynes and Orville E. Dietz to Patrick J. and Helen L. McGroarty, $370,000.

Illinois Ave., 1421-House Buyers to America to Michael Elliot and Lauren Gibeault, $295,000.

King Philip Cir., 1502-Aisha Development Corp. to Matthew A. Nguyen, $329,900.

Pine Cone Ct., 1224-John Joseph and Shelby Birdsell to Forrest B. and Jennifer Mauga Greene, $328,000.

Portsmouth Dr., 8284-Andrew A. Appelbaum and Bridgette J. Fulcher to Mbongeh Marie Gwanvala, $254,900.

Severn Hills Lane, 1811-Thomas J. Murphy to Steven Escalante, $337,460.

Sunhaven Way, 7820-Patrick T. and Jennifer M. Curran to Diana Ross David, $414,900.

Watch House Cir. S., 1812-Avotunde Frank Adekoya to James Andrew Blair, $223,000.


Belleview Dr., 31-Jino L. and Joanne F. Masone to Tobin B. and Erica A. Leach, $925,000.

Devonshire Lane, 511-Peter and Wendy O’Neill to Maxfield R. Rodriguez and Rosina Fleri, $675,000.

Fairoak Dr., 482-Melissa Marie and Craig Condon to David Albert and Corrie Spohn, $800,000.

Kegworth Ct., 505-Lars T. and Sylvia W. Roesch to Sarah Petsky and Matthew J. McAtee, $495,000.

McKinway, 614-Suleyman Alturk and Sukran Bahadir to Daniel Tobin and Sarah Marie Arute, $296,000.

Stauffer Rd., 102-Timothy R. Staines and Natalie E. Friton to Michael E. and Stephanie K. Hibbard, $563,000.

Trenton Ave., 738-Margaret A. and John W. Spink to Patricia A. Salbeck, $377,140.


Lincoln Rd., 1514-Wells Fargo Bank NA to Christopher Conte, $159,900.


Valley View Farm Lane, 112-John D. and Lisa A. Imler to Victor R. Curtis, $435,000.

Howard County

These sales data recorded by the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation in November 2018 were provided by Black Knight Inc. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit


Bristol Channel, 10228-Donald J. Pressler to Michael and Samantha Trail, $627,500.

Emerald Valley Rd., 3090-Mark Jefferson to Jeffrey and Elena Holford, $1.43 million.

Hobsons Choice Lane, 10171-Victoria Kesheshyan to Jacob Henry Garcia and Genevieve Alessandra Herres, $626,000.

Morning Ride Ct., 4613-Kevin J. and Elizabeth P. Geier to Charles Matthew Chandler and Katie Lynn Kelel, $475,000.

Pebble Beach Dr., 3027-William S. and Joan P. Merza to Michael A. and Maria K. Gowen, $679,900.

Resort Rd., 10520, No. 103-Vantage Condominium Corp. to Kevin Keunpil and Helen Hayran Baek, $368,295.

Spruce Way, 10189-Wayne A. and Denise L. Smoot to Barnabas and Hege Madeleine Tegnander Fadope, $315,000.

Valley View Overlook, 4958-Joseph and Debra Sundberg to Nancy Qing Zhou and Ming Mar, $1.06 million.


Firethorn Lane, 6270-Timothy W. and Christine A. Timanus to Nan Jiang and Guiling Hu, $740,000.

Trackless Sea Ct., 6109-Frances E. Becker and Joseph P. Tominovich Jr. to David A. and Lisa Krausz, $895,000.


Basket Ring Rd., 9624-Mikolaj J. Michniewicz to Jose B. Amaya Ventura, $271,000.

Browsing Deer, 6445-Michael G. Marano and Stella R. Davis to Valery and Liudmyla Aladiev, $343,000.

Dasher Farm Ct., 7002-Alison P. Clarke and Russell H. Pentz IV to Owen Greeley, $355,000.

Farewell Rd., 9322-Todd D. and Lindsey R. Domer to Mirna E. Argueta Villanueva, $300,000.

Hayshed Lane, 8705, No. 12-Masoumeh Hazrati to Ion and Aneta Tarna, $148,000.

Honeycomb Gate, 6113-Lavin and Sonia Chainani to Morgan Rich and Neil Patel, $362,000.

Light Point Pl., 6249-Rajesh and Trupti R. Shirke to Frederick T. Kum and Gwendolin M. Tifang, $365,000.

Mallard Ct., 8928-Derek P. Siehler to Tunmbi A. and Enoch Akinyemi Funmilayo, $274,000.

Rainprint Row, 6347-Michael A. Orlando Jr. to Joseph A. Goldschmidt and Amanda M. Burgess, $349,999.

Sea Change, 7502-Jeffrey D. and Rochelle M. Graf to Michael Evan and Christina Grant Rose, $295,000.

Silver Arrows Way, 6130-Richard K. and Susan Barnes Wright to David Paul and Olinda Maggiacomo, $350,000.

Timesweep Lane, 9450-Estelle Santana to Crystal S. Gaston, $220,000.

Wild Lilac, 5470-Kenneth L. Shuck to Kristin D. Peck, $285,000.


Avalanche Way, 11212, No. B-Anthony V. and Rosalin M. Leone to Rheana Camejo, $185,000.

Columbia Rd., 4932, No. 3-Ellen S. Wilson to Daniel Richard Porter, $165,000.

Daystar Ct., 10312-Pingora Loan Servicing Corp. to Ozair Valiulla, $175,000.

Green Mountain Cir., 5019, No. 3-Denise Ann Donovan to Sarah Wagan, $152,000.

Harpers Farm Rd., 5173, No. 33-Karen M. Holloway to William Patrick Heneghan, $507,000.

Running Brook Rd. W., 5237, No. 102-Mary Louise Spurrier to Anthony Bell, $164,000.

Stonegate Lane, 11740-F. Patricia and Thomas J. Ralston to Ruthe J. Abel, $300,000.

Vantage Point Rd., 5563, No. 17-Charles M. Chandler and Katie L. Kelel to Anne Rouleau, $300,000.

Windstream Dr., 10067, No. 4-Maxine T. Richardson and Kellye M. Beaman to Kevin and Janine Sylvia, $245,000.


Triadelphia Mill Rd., 13983-Andre S. Fortin to Yaniv Barsheshet and Robin L. McClave, $575,000.


Brookview Rd., 7335, No. 302-Nancy Ann Lentz to Kimberly A. and Robert J. Brosmer, $380,000.

Elkridge Crossing Way, 7208-Kyle Ann Poust Sloan to Vondalea Glover, $314,900.

Forest Ave., 6413-Daniel and Emily Sterner to Patricia Hogan, $268,000.

Hunt Club Rd., 5952-Jerry E. and Gloria M. Steele to Andrew B. and Jerusha Carkhuff, $290,000.

Lennox Ave., 7010-Brent W. Miller to Adam Edward Anderson, $265,000.

Old Washington Rd., 6047-Eric Edward and Michael Richards to Joel Zapf and Sherron Anna Schuchman, $345,000.

Sanctuary Ct., 6822-Michael D. Hoeschele to Santosh Goshike and Vandana Chittoor Thirumala, $315,000.

Stearman Ct., 5882-Michael J. and Sharon R. Flanagan to Xiaofeng Zheng and Xiaoyan Mo, $610,000.


Bonnie Acres Dr., 5138-Henry L. and Frances G. Keifer to Brandon Rogers, $375,000.

Burrows Lane, 2936-Mark W. and Michelle H. Ro to Jialin Tian, $650,000.

Church Rd., 3542-William M. Duffy and Margaret A. Prescott to Brittany L. Dunbar, $550,000.

Falling Leaves Ct., 7824-C.R. of Maryland Corp. to Tsabikos Papadimitris, $280,000.

Four Quarter Rd., 8034-Stephen Martin and Jennfer Dowling to Sasha A. Lewis, $535,000.

High Castle Rd., 8043-Ali M. and Rahela Quraishi to Sruthi Vala, $685,000.

Logans Way, 5942-Sean E. Fao to Robert W. Goble, $449,995.

Old Woodstock Lane, 7723-Philip C. and Robin H. Eisman to Olukayode Koleoso, $380,000.

Snowmill Ct., 2704-Elinore R. Kuebler to Syed Ali and Sumera Raza, $432,500.

Sunnyside Lane, 2710-Meng Qi to Byungjin Lim and Mija Park, $495,000.

Wooded Glen Ct., 8100-Antonio Veloz and Juan Alberto Merrero Fernandez to Jennyfer Herzfeld and Justin Weaver, $330,000.


Elmwood Rd., 7751-Robert and Edite Gatte to Keong Hee and Samuel Jaeyoung Cho, $835,000.

Meandering Stream Way, 7029-Andres Hardouin and Maria B. Rodriguez to Tristan J. Shockley, $935,000.

Westside Blvd., 8119-Christopher Hsu to Tracey Tinh Do Huynh, $627,000.


Lime Kiln Rd., 12869-Jason J. and Jessica L. Peay to Nitin Singh, $1.01 million.


Cedar Ave., 7267-Ronald and Lisa Martin to Ignace Bertrand Tebonso, $340,000.

Mission Hill Pl., 8129, No. 23-Catherine A. Beauregard to Nilay and Binta Pandya, $250,000.

Willowwood Way, 8802-Maria Christine Beyer to Sundar and Saroja Rao, $277,000.


Broadcloth Way, 7554-Robert J. and Kathryn L. Goldrick to Sylvie A. and Phillip B. Schafer, $535,000.

Constant Course, 9012-Venugopal Racharla and Mahati Bachuwar to Bei Li and Jianxing Yuan, $300,000.

Old Columbia Rd., 7049-Ki Joo and Young Sook Choi to Emmanuel Khumbah, $650,000.

Setting Sun Way, 7470-Mikhail and Olga Pletnikov to Stephen and Dasha Perraud, $319,000.


Adam David Way, 2347-Carolyn and Lawrence C. Conway to Carl P. and Martha G. Ashcraft, $475,000.

Whitman Way, 2116-Jerica E. Myers to Emin and Yelena Ibadov, $745,000.


Baltimore Ave., 9660-Goldnest Properties Corp. to Gilberto and Rubia D. Medina De Mendoza, $355,000.

Canterbury Riding, 9010, No. 170-Karen A. Duncan to Richard Fu and Nicole Yan, $151,000.

Doves Fly Way, 8675-Wilmington Savings Fund Society and Christiana Trust to Jeremy E. and Kimberly K. Newkirk, $535,000.

Halstead Ave., 9694-Erik V. Shaffer and Michelle R. Hawkins to Curtis and Zakiyyah Francisco, $459,000.

Maryland Ave., 9529-Janet Peake and estate of Kenneth Alcorn Dewitt to Samuel and Rachel Boyd, $390,000.

Sand Cherry Lane, 8410-Robert C. and Dorothy Appleman to Douglas C. and Holli C. Tucci, $605,000.

Veiled Dawn, 9937-Terry T. and Monique A. Smith to Patrick Asmah and Pamela Otchere, $453,000.


Forsythe Rd., 13521-Rosa S. Decatur to Damian Michael McDonald, $425,000.


The Old Station Ct., 854-Hilton T. and Marcia L. Brake to Michael W. Hall and Puncharas Limanwat, $640,000.


Crescent Moon Ct., 2051, No. 11-Min Sun and Pil Yuo Kim to Gloria Moon, $411,000.