Anne Arundel County

These sales data recorded by the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation in November 2018 were provided by Black Knight Inc. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit


Elgin Ct., 1103-Eric A. and Kathryn A. Marra to Michael C. Guadagnini, $570,000.

Harness Creek Rd., 3309-Henry N. and Ellen W. Libby to John T. and Amy D. Chay, $2.75 million.

Quiet Waters Pl., 109-Sini B. Jacob to Teresa M. Healey Conway, $305,000.

Silverwood Cir., 17, No. 9-John Gilliar Jessup to Archie J. Trader III, $161,000.

Victor Pkwy., 204-Phyllis J. Diamond to Carlos O. Saracay and Adelina Eliza Serrano Esquivel, $170,000.


Admiral Dr., 617, No. 403-Wayne Fowler Jr. to Robert G. and Kimberly K. Richer, $269,000.

Beacon Way, 910-Andrina Byrd and Lisa Snyder to Jerome D. and Sharon E. Julius, $359,000.

Bowen Ct., 218-Vincent A. and Sandra Zamaria to Stephen Pokora and Celeste A. Leich, $680,000.

Cape Saint John Rd., 263-James D. Twigg and Marlene Maning to Constance M. Rendon and Manuel F. Rendon Noboa, $390,000.

Corbin Pkwy., 530-Timothy M. and Krysta M. Lemm to Sally Molaro, $530,000.

Glenwood St., 723-Peter Guy and Susan M. Cane to Jan E. and Shawn T. Moore, $365,000.

Mckendree Ave., 202-Francis P. Boyle and Penelope A. Longbottom to Steven Grodnitzky, $540,000.

Quiet Water Cove, 2652-Laurie Kwiedorowicz and Jacqueline W. Nicholson to June D. and Malcolm W. Fordham, $354,500.

Shipmaster Way, 2900, No. 207-Alisa Sampedro to John J. and Theresa L. Zseleczky, $187,500.

Suntree Ct., 604-Josh D. and Diana B. Alexander to Kerry O. Doyle, $790,000.

Woodlawn Ave., 19-Keith H. McQuade and Precious S. White to Bradley T. Senn and Linda M. Bruns, $490,000.


Carlisle Dr., 731-Dennis J. and Gail E. Rowley to Kathleen Smiley and Bruce L. Jacob, $430,000.

Comanche Rd., 1551-James F. and Patricia Rainey to Bruce J. and Rachael B. Shirey, $640,000.

Golf Course Ct., 408-Charles B. and Nancy D. Cameron to Scott J. and Lauren M. Flanagan, $449,900.

Hilltop Rd., 940-Zvezdomir P. Zamfirov to Abigail and Price Booker, $946,500.

Jupiter Hills Ct., 700-Matthew C. Brightbill to Evan and Scott H. Billings, $205,000.

Mosswood Ct., 1154-Donna D. Pool to William Roop, $192,500.

Spriggs Ct., 854-Federal National Mortgage Association to Christopher and Heather Ward, $355,000.


Grove Park Rd., 204-Jennifer N. and Christopher J. Crandall to Brandie A. Mondshour Chatterton, $90,000.

Moonlight Ct., 302-Matthew and Jamie L. Riley to Billy S. Harmon, $325,000.


Cedar Lane Farm Rd., 1524-Richard L. and Theresa B. Gergar to Aviel D. and Ann C. Rubin, $2.79 million.

Cranes Roost Ct., 470-Cassandra Hutchings Kabler to Neil A. and Jennifer H. Porter, $320,000.

Fawns Walk, 488-Kristin H. and Wendy R. Rhoe to Lisa A. Birkenheuer, $395,000.

Hilltop Dr., 1200-Toby R. and Traci M. Espinosa to Peter and Kendall Carroll, $379,500.

Maidstone Farm Rd., 2045-Richard Gordon and Mary A. Rathmann to Keith B. Sullivan, $5.39 million.

Revell Downs Dr., 1649-Dominic Souza to Earl E. and Martha D. Hadaway, $242,000.

Sharps Point Rd., 1413-Mary Diana Tirion and estate of Thomas J.A. Tirion to Christopher and Amanda Becraft, $798,000.

Stonehurst Ct., 876-Patricia A. Miles to Christopher and Jennifer Perez, $350,000.

Woodtree Cir., 1706-Scott M. and Jessica H. Cseplo to Sergey and Liora Taksis, $225,000.


Creek View Ct. S., 1004-Robert G. and Ruth S. Newbern to Rosalea A. and Daniel L. Knight, $799,999.


Castleford Sq., 1770-Jared and Heather Mattick to Ryan Roerick, $265,000.

Dryden Way, 1750-Katie L. Verhines and Jerald L. Parker to Haley N. and Maxwell A. J. Mayhew, $285,000.

Fendall Ct., 1650-Sara K. Mullen and Stephen Bochenek to Jane Ness, $190,000.

Greentree Ct., 1738-Virginia B. Anderson and Cindy F. Sutton to Michael J. Waple, $248,500.

Orleans Ct., 1470-Brian C. Madison and Aja M. Sutter Madison to Inaam Ibrahim Moustafa Aldoush, $225,000.

Wentworth Dr., 2420-Kevin S. and Jennifer L. Mish to Kamique E. Foy, $241,000.


Bishop Rd., 419-Matthew Brian Cole to Dawn L. Burkman, $328,750.

John Ross Ct., 1203-Harold H. and Sharon M. Chappell to Teresa A. Moses, $760,000.


Cox Cove Ct., 1300-Sandra Gossman to Vonita J. Rivers and Christopher E. Cully, $262,000.

Parkway Rd., 8227-Michelle L. Bell and estate of Louis A. Dorn Sr. to John A. and Sandra S. Denton, $413,000.

Stoneleigh Ct., 1383, No. 207-Linda M. Fatahi Yar to Blake S. and Veletia N. Eldridge, $248,987.


Conne Mara Dr., 2910-David G. McCullough to John M. and Shemile J. Wiggin, $615,000.

Saint George Barber Rd., 957-James and Jan M. Gratz to John T. and Kelsey S. Billings, $575,000.


Bay Dr., 971-Alan W. Smith Jr. and Marcia A. Marsh to Christopher Paul and Mary Jane Treado, $1.05 million.

Melbourne Ave., 6081-Beautiful Home Services Corp. to John F. Tisdale and Carla S. Bresciani, $500,000.


Annapolis Ave., 928-Erinn Peloquin and Brendan T. McDonough to Tucker L. and Nicole M. Bailey, $367,000.

Havenhill Ct., 3103-Brett D. and Karen O. Ayotte to Arthur Lee and Angela Smookler, $705,000.

Likes Rd., 153-Darek A. and Crystal K. Quick to Patricia M. and Scott R. Norris, $825,000.

Midland Rd., 1700-Jason A. and Kelly M. Shearer to William W. and Michelle L. Kirby, $332,000.

Quantico Rd., 1711-Walter Howard Jr. to Yacine Gaye and Katim Mbaye, $345,000.

Warfield Rd., 1504-GDL Properties Corp. to Samuel Mark and Jessica A. Barlow, $474,900.

Third Ave., 3707-Brandon W. Reider to Jacqueline, Dineen A. and Kieran J. Goin, $308,000.


Bell Branch Rd., 2400-Bonnie and Peter McLeod to Robert B. Walker and Valerie Ann Loretta, $615,000.

Freeland Ct., 826-Wilmington Savings Fund Society and Christiana Trust to David and Carol Eakins, $424,900.

Springlake Ct. W., 2413-William J. Lifsey to Faye Yu, $323,000.


Ha Penny Way, 1808-Craig H. and Aimee S. Bullen to Robert A. and Christina R. Swanwick, $900,000.


Brass Horn Lane, 8020-Cheryi D. Jones to Mai Du and Tuan Huynh, $400,000.

Crownsway, 7941-Dream Quest Properties Inc. to Robert L. and Helen R. Brotherton, $338,000.

Ferdinand Ave., 109-Deborah M. Cruz to Magdaleno Murillo Acosta and Glafira Murillo, $349,900.

Great Bend Rd., 8174-Teaira Jacobs to Alison D. Walls, $217,000.

Lorimer Rd., 1612-Valleywood Investments Corp. to Kelly Combs, $150,000.

Maxo Ct., 279-Julie K. Krenser to Ravi Rony Chhatani Jagwani and Daniel F. Smith, $125,000.

Short Curve Rd., 527-Jason King to Lewis L. and Dawn M. Burton, $219,900.

Truck Farm Dr., 261-Alton G. and Tasha M. Lyle to Shahab A. and Irum Shahab Malik, $320,000.

Westphalia Dr., 625-Richard J. and Joan A. De Tuccio to Luis and Ann Lucchini, $290,000.

Third Ave. SE, 101-Lewis H. and Dawn Rae Brison to Zhen Wen Li and Fu Jin Wang, $131,250.


Archibald Dr., 6877-Katherine R. Thompson to Towanda D. Ross, $251,000.

Burley Cove Rd., 870-William D. and Heidi C. Oetting to Brian K. Calvert and Christy Rush, $510,000.

Coulbourn Cor., 1185-Charles Hunter to Selita Monique Chapman, $255,000.

Finch Dr., 2708-Kimberly J. Arbogast to Janice L. and John G. Watrous, $325,000.

Harriet Dr., 21-Allison L. Ports to Mario A. Cartagena and Cecilia M. Cuellar, $236,000.

Home Water Way, 6506, No. 302-Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation to Andre M. Fordham, $169,900.

Langley Rd., 931-Wayne S. and Tiffany L. McKenzie to Todd C. and Brandy M. Boulden, $237,000.

Maltravers Rd., 1916-Raymond A. Dawson Jr. to Matthew and Devin Strumsky, $212,000.

Overhill Rd., 7742A-Rustin and Jennifer Evans to Myles and Gloria Carpeneto, $235,000.

Robin Rd., 2717-William H. and Susan A. Hickey to Rosalda McCausland, $308,000.

Stallings Dr., 7207-Matthew C. Langlois and Raquel M. Rodriguez to Colby D. and Lauren A. Young, $469,950.

Stonebriar Dr., 7816-Riana McCallum to Jose Garcia Portillo and Paula E. Diaz Argueta, $450,000.

Trailview Xing., 7927-Eric and Kayla Nickey to Mark Glen Shearer and Melissa Schmidt Fruits, $289,000.


Amber Crest Rd., 2705-Andrew Paul Broadhead and Lorinda Sing Yee Yam to Daniel David Cox and Carolyn Anne Smith, $425,000.

Fairbanks Ct., 7610-Lauren R. and Shaun N. Capps to Nicholas Richmond, $219,900.

Hekla Lane, 1631-Calatlantic Group Inc. to Shawn and Sherry Goode, $565,958.

Mundell Rd., 7507-NVR Inc. to Elliott Savoy, $299,990.

Pangbourne Way, 1478-John J. and John E. Lucian to Edwin and Kristine J. Ibias, $325,000.

Rutland Way, 1558-Michael T. and Ashley M. Haller to David Zaka and Susana Isaid Vazquez Zaka, $397,000.

Winding Hills Dr., 7222-Ivan C. Augenstein to Ada Dailey, $350,000.


Solomons Island Rd., 4781-Wayson Land Holdings LP to Robert T. and Ashley N. Katski, $420,000.


Blackbird Hill Lane, 105-Jon P. Fishburn to Lei Pan, $305,000.

Fisher Hill Lane, 3505-Edward A. and Lisa W. Cayous to Olive Lennox, $350,000.

Lyndhurst St., 8231-Darin A. Brinkman and Katherine E. Williams to Modupe A. and Olumayowa Adebayo Dada, $275,000.


Buck Cavey Lane, 6304-Rebecca S. Daniels and estate of Shirley M. Cavey to Gene M. and Meredith H. Newman, $125,000.

Hance Ave., 406-David T. Ishkanian to Michael R. Weisengoff Jr. and Reina D. Mieles Cuenca, $299,900.

Susan Ct., 455-Satoya M. Kelliebrew to Yingguan Chen, $290,000.


Old Solomons Island Rd., 84-John W. and Joan P. Toryk to Kyle B. and Maureen E. Tores, $542,000.


Bingham Ct., 510-Mary E. Banister and Kimberly A. Sawyer to Brian Thomas, Lorraine Teresa, Brian and Lorraine Patterson, $490,000.

Horicon Point Dr., 8000-Michael L. and Mary P. Rice to Seth B. and Alyson L. Schapiro, $635,000.

William Rd., 1806-Ronald F. and Roselyn D. Cox to Joseph T. and Kathleen M. Shannon, $462,000.


Ammunition Ave., 309-Kevin L. and Sandra Y. Coby to Chance W. and Tyskanay A. Schofield, $400,000.

Collins Ave., 1227-Maiysha Garland and estate of Thomas A. Garland III to Santos Ruben Guerrero, $297,000.

Fluttering Leaf Trail, 8608, No. 208-Teresa L. Wilburn to Scott and Joanna Collins, $250,000.

Greencrest Lane, 550-Amanda Wallace Meyer to Sean Howard Bowers and Lauren Nicole Suess, $270,000.

Killarney Terr., 2420-Patricia Walker to Lauren B. and Stephen P. Scheidt, $388,000.

Oyster Ct., 817-Gustavo E. and Emily Pedrozo to Olushola O. Omotosho, $285,000.

Sandy Walk Way, 2345-Rebecca L. Besser to Jacob D. Miller, $318,000.

Winding Stream Way, 691, No. 203-Todd A. and Becky L. Truly to Trudour Brown and Rose Brown, $216,500.


Bambridge Ct., 8211-Saman Sinai to Matthew and Alexander Haines, $445,900.

Cove Rd., 291-Michael P. and Jennifer M. Maher to Peter and Michelle C. Notti, $850,000.

Duvall Hwy., 811-Douglas Christensen to Debra McConnell, $233,500.

Flintshire Ct., 7850-Glenda Garriss and Chris Szyl to Todd M. O’Brien, $409,900.

Green Mountain Ct., 320-Elizabeth Lee and Gregory Korwek to Jhune P., Maria L. and Bea Patrice Umali, $289,900.

Holmespun Dr., 1125-Nicholas W. and Trina L. Perry to Henry M. and Patricia L. Kaczynski, $330,000.

Lake Shore Dr., 396-Linda M. Schafer to Kelly A. Lawson and Ellis H. Edwards IV, $305,000.

Magothy Cove Ct., 247-William and Karen Lambka to Stuart and Sally Zegas, $491,500.

Maryland Ave., 157-Glenn Brumwell to John G. and Theresa L. Harber, $426,500.

Mountain Rd., 4638-Dean and Pamela Raymond to Eric T. Hittle and Jennifer A. White, $340,000.

Old Water Oak Point Rd., 1357-Cheryl L. Panuska to Joshua Hagedorn, $500,000.

Poinsett Terr., 8190-Douglas S. Hodges and estate of Wilber L. Hodges to Jae Kim and Lacie Brittian, $290,000.

Salem Harbour, 1062-David and Maria Villalobos to William C. Fleming, $230,000.

Seneca Terr., 219-Gary and Robin L. Seaton to Bo Y. Yun, $284,000.

Sonora Dr., 5-Elizabeth A. Bosworth and Elizabeth A. Olaitan to Chad T. and Jessica L. Wenger, $378,000.

Tower Bridge Dr., 8038-Jeane Yoo and Harry Edward Slep to Jordan R. and Lindsey R. Wizinsky, $320,000.

Winston Rd., 207-Carlyle A. and Suzanne Shrouter to Courtney N. and Sarah M. Schnauffer, $325,000.

211th St., 766-Stephanie N. Stinehcomb to Aaron David and Emily Nichole Santory, $269,900.


Butternut Rd., 4-Robert Schaefer to Daniel G. Hood, $445,000.

Stonehenge Dr., 3123-Carl W. and Cynthia L. Rygiel to Austin L. and Nicole Smith, $582,450.


Canter Ct., 7923-Akil L. and Shanika Jackson to Reia O. Goodine, $312,000.

Cowsill Dr., 1409-Robert Kacelowicz and Kimberly Glencer to Nicole J. and Travis O. Price, $439,900.

Edelton Ave., 114-Brian H. and Lindy L. Teegarden to David Fries and Ghilda Williams, $525,000.

Heather Mist Dr., 7924-Nisreen S. and Timothy J. Fingarson to Ayodeji Samson and Ayinade Olusunbo Famudehin, $289,999.

Jacobs Rd., 8328-Frances Steven and Jason Michael Bailey to Olivia and Kody Kare, $370,000.

Redmore Ct., 1302-Linda C. and Keith Allen Gallus to Robert V. Metzger, $474,000.

Somerset Rd., 1220-Norman E. and Julie Bennett to Lee A. and Margucrite L. Holley and Erlinda L. Perot, $420,000.

Wet Sand Dr., 515-Gerald E. Jackson to Susan M. Bucka, $557,500.


Cattail Lane, 6-Lacey A. Forostoski and Lacey A. Moen to Scott Musser and Samantha Ehrenfreund, $750,000.

Faircastle Ave., 658-Myong Hun Lee to Dawn Lauren and David S. Hamilton, $378,000.

Knollwood Rd., 616-Francis Sappington and estate of Henry Robert Sappington to John R. Mackley Trust and Joyce L. Mackley Trust, $299,166.

Mckinsey Park Dr., 600-Donna Jean Hennessey and Colleen Anne Smardon to Jack and Christine Moore, $309,000.

Saint Martins Choice Lane, 409-Sean Thomas and Tamara Murphey Keene to Stephen M. and Suzanne R. Engler, $600,000.

Wembly Way, 304-Joseph B. and Tiffany R. Thomas to Ryan J. and Lynsie D. Stoker, $665,000.


Dennis Rd., 1552-Mary Pat Kyer to Brandon and Madeline Campion, $295,000.

Robinson Rd., 1542-Constance A. and James D. Childress to Timothy James Whitmore, $290,000.

Howard County

These sales data recorded by the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation in November 2018 were provided by Black Knight Inc. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit


Carillon Dr., 9932-John Edward and Maryann C. Dohler to Zhao Liu and Yan Feng, $420,000.

Columbia Rd., 4454-Mary Susan Maisel to Nauman Tariq and Maryam Saeed, $555,000.

Meadow Ct. S., 4416-Thomas E. and Susan B. Hughes to Elie Rosen and Taylor Goldwater, $675,000.

Mount Albert Rd., 12216-Janice Paige and Jacqueline Wright to Matthew W. Parlette and Jessica Felline, $557,500.

Ridgewood Dr., 13307-Steven and Theresa A. Smith to Stephen Thomas and Kelley Keen Mitchell, $930,000.


Vincents Way, 12510-Beazer Homes Corp. to Christopher Beattie and Dolores Walsh Costello, $850,000.


Bellwart Way, 9064-Benjamin and Christine Harman to Terry H. Pham, $415,000.

Charles Edward Terr., 6052-Richard D. and Diana Elena Hildreth to Jay V. and Lalitha Jeyakumar, $520,000.

Davis Rd., 8541-William Leroy and Cathy Joan Geer to Julieanne Mazurkiewicz, $329,323.

Gray Sea Way, 6375-Dennis Y. and Amanda M. Min to Sanjeev J. Arab, $370,000.

Hayshed Lane, 8727, No. 21-Julio C. Aponte to Lauren M. Samuelson, $120,000.

Kerry Hill Ct., 7378-Karianne L. Kleve and estate of Karl R. Kleve to Francesco P. and Frank P. Cottone, $160,000.

Long Look Lane, 9569-Siyu Shan to Christopher and Casey M. Scheffey, $438,000.

Matador Rd., 9336-Trenarda and Twyla Winston to Rongbo Lu, $176,000.

Sage Brush Way, 8734, No. 71-Norman M. and Janet Margulies Goldstein to Mark and Sonmi Choi Finley, $600,000.

Seedling Lane, 6551-John H. and Anna V. Penuel to William James Gossard and Lauren Michelle Coberly, $325,000.

Soft Thunder Trail, 6317-Malik Fazal to Jeffrey and Christina Mizia, $515,000.

Tamar Dr., 6262-Gregory T. Modesto to Mary N. Owens, $310,000.

Warm Waves Way, 8731, No. 12-Kris K. Davis to James H. and Kathleen D. Gutman, $498,000.


Cottonwood Way, 10716-Robert Keith and Katherine M. Cameron to Shanna T.L. Pitter, $462,500.

Eliots Oak Rd., 5225-Daniel P. Eskinazi to Jhon M. Umana, Mario Ramirez, Joyci Iliana Magana De Umana and Rosa Ramirez, $265,000.

Gold Needle Way, 11945-Lewis P. and Linda F. Clopton to Christopher A. and Elizabeth A. Mauriello, $544,000.

Harpers Farm Rd., 5693, No. C-Randall Scott Friedhoffer to Abby Case, $203,500.

Last Sunbeam Pl., 6309-Clifford M. and Chizuko Takemoto to Matthew J. and Kristen O. Ulan, $650,000.

Martin Rd., 6219-Black Dogs Real Estate Investment Corp. to Patrick J. Mulhem and Jessica Ar Mulhern, $540,000.

Tarkington Pl., 5353-Linda M. Frank to Matthew Avitabile and Rachel L. Murphy, $380,000.

Waterfowl Terr., 10433-Leiv H. and Karyn S. Blad to Brenton C. and Mollie P. Nelson, $500,000.


Frederick Rd., 14459-Rebuild America Inc. to Brock, Stephen and Cecilia Gregory, $10,000.


Linthicum Rd., 4455-Edward and Deborah L. Ferrigno to Justin E. and Heather K. Fleming, $745,000.


Downs Ridge Ct., 6137-Jessie and Melony G. Jones to Keith R. and Angel L. Broughan, $505,000.

Elkridge Crossing Way, 7289, No. 10-Michael O. and Lisa M. Platt to Gregory A. and Christiane R.C. Fitchitt, $295,000.

Fox Harbor Way, 7119, No. 48-Ricky Wu and Ashley P. Le to Dean A. and Stephanie K. Daniel, $315,000.

Ivy Spring Rd., 6416-David K. and Catherine MacArthur to Geoffrey T. McKenzie II and Taylor Maddox Hrinkevich, $320,000.

Maplecrest Rd., 7315, No. 206-Denise Lynn Fader and estate of Wilda J. Fancett to Russell E. and Patricia M. Olson, $346,000.

Race Rd., 5871-Gloria Simms McBride to James E. Wagandt, $60,000.

Sedgwick St., 6463-Ronald and Julie Elrod to Aun Raza, $279,000.

Tasker Falls, 6886, No. 108-Christopher L. and Heather D. Lunsford to Anass Alakhrass and Arwa Ghabra, $367,000.


Autumn Woods Way, 4616-Thomas J. and Donna J. Saia to Benjamin J. and Aubrey L. Schmitz, $695,000.

Brightwind Ct., 7921-Wilson Omar Santis to Dylan P. Wise, $297,500.

Carls Ct., 8990-NVR Inc. to Neal Mark and Mona Ellen Sobel, $339,990.

College Ave., 4011-Richard F. and Richard Franklin Kidwell to Caroline J. Creeden, $275,000.

Falls Run Rd., 8585, No. K-Bridget M. Roche to Christina Noel Jones, $205,000.

Frederick Rd., 8781-William A. and Faith M. Zei to Kirstin T. Doan, $165,000.

Hunting Horn Dr., 5558-Federal National Mortgage Association to Brandon Henderson, $419,900.

Logans Way, 6026-Ranibelle Elliott to Michael A. Plaisted and Margaret A. Webbert, $500,000.

Spring Showers Way, 8499-Frances M. Brown and Bradford D. Elder to Zeshawn and Anbiya Gul Ahmad, $595,000.

Threshfield Ct., 4979-Robert M. Reed to Maria Irena and Conrad Lubek, $560,000.

Yellow Pine Dr., 8115, No. G-Evelyn D. Steadman to Mary Susan Whelan, $250,000.


Iager Blvd., 11540-Maple Lawn Cottages Corp. to Phillip Chong and Mi Kyung Park, $930,000.


Ivory Rd., 3789-Lisa Casey Owsik to Kimberly D. and Walter J. Dustin, $350,000.


Autumn Haven Ct., 6211-Nicholas A. and Erica N. Jones to Andrew and Carrie Rill, $480,000.


Prestwick Dr., 6636-Edmund S. and Christine G. Coale to Carolina I. and Daniel B. Restrepo, $635,000.


Fawn Run, 7923-Brandon C. and Danielle L. Pientka to Majel Cammon and Alton Huff, $499,900.

Mission Hill Pl., 8145, No. 17-Chanel M. Helper to Sarah V. Manuel, $265,000.

Wright Pl., 8042, No. 103-James Marshall to Cherylle King, $309,990.


Copperwood Way, 7077-Michael and Lynda J. Pfeferstein to Ahmed S. Imran, $325,000.

Indian Pipe Ct., 7520-Frank M. and Neenah M. Timlin to Aaron S. and Kelly M. Townsend, $605,000.

Quarry Bridge Ct., 9567-Terry Ann and Michael P. Abernethy to Michelle R. Millwood, $250,000.


Frederick Rd., 16961-Charles W. Small Jr. to Troy A. Durivage and Stefani N. Soares, $450,000.


Bluebell Way, 10015-Christian and Cortnie C. Melgard to Nabeele Razzak and Shahina Haque, $800,000.

Chaton Rd., 9533-Kamal K. and Bula Ghose to Lionella Betts John, $500,000.

Glen Ridge Dr., 9537-Juan R. and Annjenette Cruz Albertorio to Besufikad Kidane and Genet Kebede, $450,000.

Homestead Ct., 9640, No. E-Dawn Johnson Scott to Michelle A. Gregory, $170,000.

Lake Edge Dr., 8734-David L. and Karen M. McVicker to Pamela L. and Matthew D. Parvis, $549,900.

Pamela Way, 8498, No. 115-Sean S. Chong and Margaret G. Kim to Srinivas Ravindra Babu Behara and Jyostna Devi Mura, $445,000.

Rockland Dr., 10844-CM Higdon Corp. to Michelle D. Carlisle and Sheila R. Rowley, $859,000.

Stansfield Rd., 10676-Yoriko Harigaya to Shawn I. Lewis, $230,000.


River Rd., 870-Stephen S. Bacon and Randi M. Stirn to Dorothy M. and Justin J. Orchard, $580,000.


Barnet Ct., 2206-Anila and Faisal R. Jahangiri to Tong K. and Hyun J. Kim, $450,000.

Folkestone Way, 10763-Keechun Hong and Nanhui Park to Chandra Sekhar and Rupavathi Giduturi, $492,500.