Anne Arundel County

These sales data recorded by the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation in February were provided by Black Knight Inc. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit


August Dr., 1143-Alvin J. Lorman to Benjamin Posner, $427,000.

Boucher Ave., 1224-Leslie M. Woodward to Patrick R. Denker, $1.05 million.

Carrollton Rd., 2515-Richard Craig and Sue A. Lindsay to Herman V. and Nancy P. Kling, $1.48 million.

Edgewood Green Ct., 25-Virgilio A. and Elizabeth A. Bernardino to Shannon E. Rice, $291,000.

Garden Gate Lane, 227-Residential Value Corp. to Gregory W. Wright, $355,000.

Harbour Village Ct., 7046, No. 101-Gene Gerber to Eleanor T. and E. Tracy Brown, $429,433.

Hilltop Lane, 304-Daniel Gerald Wagner to Jay M. and Wendy L. Bragga, $218,000.

Ironstone Ct., 40, No. C-Brian C. Dobbs to Robert H. Kay II, $212,000.

Lake Heron Dr., 1131, No. 2A-514 Phase I. Corp. to Kaitlin M. Soderstrom, $269,900.

President Point Dr., 4, No. A2-Kenneth and Michelle Campbell to David D. and Brenda E. Shaeffer, $450,000.

Silverwood Cir., 18, No. 9-Patricia Else to Gregory Samuel Cameron and Anastasiya Shvarts, $173,000.

Sunset Dr., 125-MTGLQ Investors to Ketan Kumar, $340,000.

Washington St., 311-Gemini Home Solutions Corp. to Paul Sullivan and Leslie Koch, $725,000.


Astern Way, 930, No. 309-Katherine Mahood and estate of Margaret A. Wilmore to William Alan and Victoria Jane Walsh, $290,000.

Belle Ct., 39-Sherri S. Brown to Margaret Stella Ampofo, $199,990.

Burtons Cove Way, 603, No. 2-Lidia Jacykewycz to Andrew David, Kathryn and Timothy P. Burt, $227,000.

Charles St., 123-Michael R. and Carol K. Stewart to Claire Marie and David Michael Wagner, $585,000.

Colonial Ave., 13-Naptown Ventures Corp. to Eric W. Nordquist, $610,000.

Heritage Ct., 11-Rachel Priddy to Hugo Daniel and Ana Vilma Lemus, $160,000.

Juliana Cir. E., 55-Homes On the Glen Partnership to Tina Marie Howard, $210,000.

Locust Ave., 318-Brendan A. and Kathryn G. Bellotte to Alex J. and Anne C. Kruthaupt, $775,000.

Rosedale St., 698A, No. 68-Emily B. Neustadt to Robert H. and Patricia C. Waldman, $97,500.

Shipmaster Ct., 918-Judith A. and Alan D. Duer to Beryl M. Benjers, $281,500.

Shipwright St., 94-Andrea M. Zalom Sutter to Jeffrey Trammell and Staurt Serkin, $1.18 million.

Spring Race Ct., 205-Sara S. Mahood to James Theodore O’Farrell Sr., $570,000.

Tuckahoe Creek Ct., 612-Steven L. and Stephanie Wright to Mizetta Lorraine Wilson, $239,000.

Virginia St., 1294-Alexander Michael and Nicole Aron Berg to Philip W. Hammer and Rebecca C. Thompson, $750,000.


Admirals Ct., 204-Calatlantic Group Inc. to Omer Chavez, $459,990.

Bayberry Dr., 1000-John Edward Gillikin and estate of Orletta Jean Taylor Gillikin to Colin M. and Erin P. Robertson, $535,000.

Carronade Way, 380-Sherry Ainsworth to Sean P. and Stephanie C. Harrison, $245,000.

College Manor Dr., 275-Barbara Jean and Francis Edward Smith III to Connor Thomas and Margaret Marilyn Gray, $440,000.

Nancy Lynn Lane, 888-Michele M. and Willard W. Wilt to Kathleen E. Noonan, $425,000.

Shore Acres Rd., 958-John C. Lane to Esteban Rojas Ramoz and Luz Marquez Guzman, $385,000.

Viking Dr. N., 1222-Susan A. and Adrian Burke to Darwin T. Arceo and Marcelle Grace Ravello-Arceo, $515,000.


Cedar Hill Rd., 418-Crystal B. Properties Inc. to Morgan Ashley Dalrymple and David Michael Dickens, $239,500.

Patrick Henry Dr., 5601-Jonathan Tavarez to John A. Chilcote III and Caitlin M. Hauf, $245,000.

Third St., 4217-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Jennifer Pham, $172,103.


Blossom Tree Ct., 417-Jessica Roessner Kontson to Shane M. and Lauren N. Jacobus, $262,500.

Cananaro Dr., 1666-U.S. Bank to Teresa Dennison, $218,580.

Dogwood Tree Dr., 959-Nancy Lawler to Blair and Ashley Sanford, $360,000.

Hillendale Dr., 1000-Christopher and Joslyn Anderson to Abigail D. Schreider and Adam S. Lambros, $442,000.

Martins Cove Rd., 309-Britton J. and Margaret G. Wanick to David P. and Jill G. Smalley, $875,000.

Pleasant Plains Rd., 1840-John J. and Carolyn J. Sabol to Joseph Samuel and Erin Kelly Ferner, $1.02 million.

Snow Goose Lane, 610-Cathy L. Handley to Heather D. Neuman, $345,000.

Wintergull Lane, 206-Christian A. and Melissa L. Lewis to Victoria D. and Matthew J. Flood, $340,000.


Bellarbor Cir., 1925-Karen P. Rawlings and estate of John M. Plater to Mamad F. Maleki, $167,000.

Dana St., 1704-Mary E. Werthmann to Katherine C. Bailey, $309,900.

Eton Way, 1649-Lisa Maria Del Gaudio to Robert Steven and Catherine Marie Warren, $565,000.

Harwell Ave., 1470-Arthur and Vickie McQuade to Devin Leem Frazier, $440,000.

New Windsor Ct., 1618-Rahim J. Williams to Dora Delois Adkins, $235,000.

Pawlet Dr., 2067-Janette M. Davidson to James Patrick Howe and Anna M. Turner, $250,000.

Vineyard Lane, 2435-Dianna C. Sell to Hao and Chen Chen, $302,500.

Yorktown Ct., 1692-Glide Path Real Estate Investors Inc. to Jeremy L. Seay, $305,000.


Hampton Dr., 1053-Nathan Thompson to Jonathan M. Puher and Ann Marie Lucas, $377,500.

Omar Dr., 1057-Gregory L. Jackson II to Ellie Milleker and Alexander Moore, $223,700.

Riverside Dr. S., 354-Jeffrey R. Hale to Loralea Sanderson, $275,000.

Valentine Vw., 836-Timothy D. and Celia C. Stickler to Ronald G. and Teresa S. Boucher, $534,000.


Carvel Beach Rd., 451-Michael A. and Joyce Hepburn to Josue Osmar Regalado and Ana B. Pelaez Aguilar, $249,900.

Highpoint Rd., 8047-Michael and Anita D. Locantore to Chase Ellis Davies, $227,500.

Timberfield Pl., 7074-Gregory A. Christy to Cody A. and Elizabeth K. Collins, $238,000.


Ashe St., 1039-Raymond L. and Dorothy M. Beauregard to April Nicole and Jonathan Lee Bryant, $550,000.

Homewood Rd., 3305-Mahmoud and Rania Malas to Charles M. Heidenberg, $1.09 million.


Third St., 5983-John W. and E. Joanna Mauck to Julie M. Soden, $280,000.


Bishop Rd., 1514-David A. and Paula M. Woodward Fish to Gregory M. and Amanda Abrams, $385,000.

Bright Light Ct., 327-D.R. Horton Inc. to Yancey and Urgakhnaran Brigham, $438,990.

Clove Lane, 2809-Neal A. and Debra A. Barber Eaton to Robert E. and Catherine S. Gleason, $775,000.

Dawson Rd., 906-David A. Nichols to Samuel and Rebecca A. Womack, $330,000.

Hawks Bill Way, 152-Grant and Sanya Kerksiek to Emilia Solak and Thomas Lyle Shankle Jr., $490,000.

Magnolia Dr., 423-Ryan T. and Gina M. Waitt to Michelle North and Christopher Fegan, $415,000.

Quantico Rd., 1700-Paul R. and Marguerite D. Hawes to Rachel E. Hubbard, Jonathan Wingard and Alexis E. Hubbard, $384,200.

Salisbury Rd., 432-Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Nghiep T. Luu and Hongyan Bi, $262,500.

Spruce Ave., 219-Michael and Caroline M. Betancourt to Kent Augustine Gonzales, $360,000.


Chapel Lake Dr., 2604, No. 312-Ursula B. Schaefer to Kayla and Raymond Bell, $255,000.

Densmore Bay Ct., 921-Richard and Lisa Billings to David M. and Karen A. Gilmore, $610,000.

Huntwood Dr., 2009-John T. and Angela K. Brennan to Kaseem and Lauren Fitzpatrick, $625,000.

Pegasus Ct., 225-Deutsche Bank National Trust Co. to Brett Stelfox, $431,000.

Vivaldi Lane, 2510-Diane L. Whaples Lee to Thomas J. and Melissa Bibaud Orme, $299,900.


Forest St., 1-George and Linda Cornell to Ian A. and Madelyn M. De Lisle, $290,000.

Gnome Ct., 715-Jaron W. Tanner to Kenita Tang, $228,000.

Houghton Rd., 1414-Dennis R. and Carmen L. Stevens to Michael Perez Ortega and Gabriela Romero, $205,000.

Little Fox Ct., 8031-Michael J. and Deanna L. Bussey to Jonathan C. and Nicole Bodine, $404,000.

Park Ct. E., 554-Michael W. and Deborah A. to Seth O. Vacek, $232,000.

Twin Ridge Dr., 8951-Rutus Corp. to Laronda White and Lavonne Brown Smith, $314,000.

Eighth Ave. SE, 304-Thuy Thi Do to Kim C. Van and Cuong Tan Do, $140,000.


Bell Ave., 1028-Steven Edwin and Jennifer Ann Jones to Lauren Evans and James B. Souders Jr., $285,000.

Briargrove Lane, 7548-Rose C. Bowman to Colin B. Simpkins, $305,000.

Clover Ct., 361-Sarah S. and Philip A. Lantz to Jacob S. and Cassandra J. Caster, $259,900.

Daffodil Rd., 202-Diane D. and James T. Watts to Christopher Genson and Megan Brand, $286,100.

Dublin Dr., 387-Michael Scott Suter to David P. and Amber L. Carnett, $363,000.

Elton St., 8044-Art Homes Corp. to Adam A. Bohn, $285,000.

Garrett Rd., 206-Kyle J. Wise to Kevin E. Sumpter Jr., $275,000.

Glenside Way, 805-Scott A. and Lisa J. Brooks to Tomeka Centrelia Holmes, $353,000.

Hollins Chapel Ct., 7728-Thomas Edward and Theresa Ann Schupbach to Nisha R. Bhardwaj, $525,000.

Hopkins Cor., 921-Palmer Young III to Marliez O. Galiano, $310,000.

Kahler Way, 330-Randy L. and Mary L. Codling to Alexandra L. Owens, $355,000.

Macon Dr., 7427-Lorin Hayes and Avis Johnson to Andrew D. Engel, $350,000.

McCray Ct., 7506-Christopher M. and Jennifer A. Zak to Bradley R. and Sara E. Keefer, $360,000.

Partridge Lane, 714-Richard F. and Charlotte Irene Crumley to Johnny R. and Patricia R. Calhoun, $380,000.

Pond View Dr., 109-Dan Ryan Builders Mid-Atlantic Corp. to Barbara Gethers-Manley, $319,114.

Summit Ave., 112-Brian and Rachel Rogers to Steven Whiting, $250,000.

Wendover Rd., 1-Art Homes Corp. to Maya Carolina Navas Reyes, $249,000.

First Ave., 33-Janet K. Eickholt to Yessenia Zelaya and Maria Zelaya Molina, $215,000.


Fairbanks Ct., 7620-Federal National Mortgage Association to James J. Mah, $145,001.

Gesna Dr., 1473-Katherine E. Chrystal to Branden and Miranda Renee Grimm, $359,900.

Hekla Lane, 1608-Calatlantic Group Inc. to Byung Wook and Song Hui Song, $515,540.

Helston Ct., 7516-Michael Jaggard to Oladele Adetayo Odutola, $357,000.

Mount Blanc Rd., 7705-Andrea Smith and Robert Lambert to Elizabeth Jane Galloway and Ann Marie Devoles, $385,000.

Randolph Ct., 7430-Hollyanna P. Jupitz and Bridgid M. Seering to Glyn Swallows, $340,000.

Stoney Run Dr., 7512A-Michael D. Cosh to Felicia Lesyleann Verrett, $289,500.


Harmans Rd., 7510-Grace M. Novak to Bilma Yamilet Mendoza, $226,000.


Cranberry S., 3368-Innovative Building Services Corp. to Michael S. and Valerie A. Moreno, $355,000.

Green Grass Rd., 8326-Fatmata Kamara and estate of Ibrahim Kargbo to Christopher D. Jenkins, $239,900.

Orient Fishtail Rd., 3207-Nathan John Owens to Aphelia S. Wright, $379,900.

Thames Lane, 3234-Atiya Sneed to Folorunso Fagbamila, $289,999.


Camp Meade Rd. S., 712-Jeremy Keith Williams to Melissa B. Tackett, $294,000.

Laura Ave., 412-Paul W. and Robin L. Gordon to Christina G. Perry, $250,000.

Nursery Rd., 207-Carrera Homes Corp. to Marcus Christian and Jennifer Randall, $284,000.

Viewing Ave., 305-Federal National Mortgage Association to Chelsea M. Rohleder, $239,000.


Lower Pindell Rd., 1085-Russell Lancaster to Robert Peacock and Jaclyn R. Sheckells, $385,000.


Elvaton Rd., 8318-Sand Investments Corp. to Ryan P. and Caitlin L. Rubush, $585,000.

Oakwilde Way, 765-Paul T. and Natalie L. Bloom to Stephen and Kristi Epstein, $675,000.

Springbloom Dr., 761-Steven P. and Marybeth W. Viskocil to Severine F. and Frank C. Palomba, $580,000.

Windy Knolls Ct., 505-Judd L. and Rebecca L. Allender to Elias Jabbour and Caroline Nseir, $491,000.


Aspen Grove Ct., 8624-Valerie R. Andrews to Patrick A. and Catherine W. Snead, $237,500.

Bluffs Island Ct., 1724-Nationstar Mortgage Corp. and MR Cooper to Ling Ye and Ruohong Liu, $265,650.

Camelia Ct., 1955-Department of Veterans Affairs to Michael L. and Stephanie M.S. Williams, $225,000.

Chestnut Terrace Ct., 2400, No. 102-Betty M. Harvey to Connie Jean and John Oliver Blackwell, $228,000.

Forest Edge Ct., 2406, No. 201-Nancy Sidoriak to Mathew McCoy, $200,000.

Greyswood Rd., 1338-Christopher H. and Michelle F. Vo to Charles, Emily Elizabeth and Adam Crowell, $279,000.

Killarney Terr., 2436-Richard S. Rehovich to Peter and Stephanie Sinclair, $357,000.

Lily Way, 1038-Lori M. Mazursky Carter to Ryan Bounds and Catherine Chen, $345,000.

Militia Pl., 118-Hong C. and Kyung S. Kim to Shawn M. and Carrie M. Fisher, $282,000.

Orchard Overlook, 702, No. 302-Anna Nickless to Joy M. Hougnon, $217,000.

Pipistrelle Ct., 1054-David Ice to Matthew Sedgwick and Christina Campano, $378,000.

Rita Dr., 490-Tandem Development Group Corp. to Ignacio Leray M. and Stephanie J. Camacho, $369,000.

Saint Michaels Cir., 232-Department of Veterans Affairs to Tiawna Moffatt, $242,000.

Sunny Ridge Dr., 3010-Peter Boettcher and Michael Burch to Jeffrey Allen and Paula Cadigan Hathaway, $600,000.

Vulpe Ct., 7614-Milagros M. Mayo to Arthur J. and Corinne Dougoud Nichols, $399,900.

Winding Stream Way, 693, No. 303-Wayne J. Simmons to Abilio and Tanyaluk Andrade, $225,000.


Appian Way, 119-Tommie Swain Hopkins to Leonardo and Jacqueline Acuna, $295,000.

Beachwood Park Rd., 8329-Benjamin Cory Edwards to Lindsey M. LeMaster and Dylan J. Marucha, $286,500.

Booth Bay Harbour, 1183-David S. and Judith A. Murphy to Martin Paul Mahon and Erika Lee Aiello, $228,000.

Catherine Ave., 7756-Dean Richard Lally to Dennis Ervin Eldridge and Sadie A. McDonald, $292,500.

Chesapeake Rd., 1851-Amy K. and Neal M. Duiker to Cary J. and Nicole L. Shank, $365,000.

Deering Rd., 693, No. 4L-Kurt W. Hassel to Perry Stair, $199,950.

Dorshire Ct., 3611-Teresa M. Russ to Jasmine and John Bringuel, $225,000.

Edgewater Rd., 501-Thomas Reynolds and John R. Foard to Jeffrey Scott and Elizabeth Purvis Masom, $880,000.

Gladnor Rd., 2894-Charles and Jessalyn F. Barbour to Daniel R. and Amber L. Lawrence, $270,000.

Handel Ct., 3640-Justin M. and Laura N. Lewis to Nadia Paige Khan and Karen Ann Cordone, $239,900.

Hog Neck Rd., 8121-Jose A. Moscoso and Sandra Vielman to Allison R. Meyer, $280,000.

Leonardo Ct., 7811-Janice H. Cannon to Michael and Lakeisha D. Campbell, $220,000.

Magnolia Ave., 215-Shaun R. Stillman and Mary A. Woodhouse to Nathan J. Peachey and Caitlan N. Bryant, $219,900.

Oak Hollow Dr., 8385-Richard P. and Carie L. Johnson to Tyler David and Kirstin Nicole Gesling, $460,000.

Queen Anne Rd., 313-Jessica B. Hoffman to Jordan P. and Fernanda S. Sharlow, $360,000.

Riverside Dr. E., 7984-Lawford R. Bell and estate of Edgar A. Hart Jr. to Brooks S. Newman, $270,900.

Sauerbacker Rd., 7743-Henry I. Gonzalez and Genny K. Caceres Plata to William O. Racancoj Barrios and Sandra A. Gonzalez, $250,000.

Shady Nook Ct., 8248-Joshua and Alyssa Wilson to Marvin E. Ladipoh, $234,900.

Stone Hollow Ct., 303-Brande A. Jeffers and Erik A. Clark to Charles and Brittany E. Stack, $237,500.

Sunset Knoll Rd., 509-Cynthia A. Walter and Mark A. Nickalo to Patrick E. Howell, $285,000.

Three Sisters Dr., 4522-Brandon Michael and Emily Faye Sharp to Steven H. and Diane T. Jones, $499,900.

Tick Neck Rd., 7983-Darren George Gilbreath Jr. and Brittany Kathryn Bidinger to Joseph and Jacqueline Messenger, $295,000.


Riva Rd., 3132-Wilson McAllister to Rafael I. and Diane B. Rufino, $249,900.


Barnwood Ct., 1722-Patrick E. Band Amanda Cornelia Mariano Brooks to Gladys Omolola Bajomo, $275,000.

Carinoso Cir., 1122-Frank and Mabinty R. Kamara to Valerie Nechell Narcisse, $365,000.

Carriage Lamp Ct., 1728-Jin and Eun Park to Franklin U. and Urella Uberife Nwabueze, $305,000.

Colonial Park Dr., 1230-Carmen P. Peoples to Justin E. and Thomas J. O’Reilly, $478,500.

Eagle Ct., 1847-Eric Brock to Tam Van Pham and Anh Nam Nguyen Le, $125,500.

Fitzpatrick Dr., 1543-Bruce Jude and Kelianne Ramos to Adam L. Da Silva, $497,400.

Hollow Ct., 8112-Dan Ryan Builders Mid-Atlantic Corp. to Patrick George, $333,000.

Jamestowne Dr., 1359-Matthew T. Jones and Nicole Gobel to Mudassar Malik, $239,000.

Kilmory Ct., 8216-McNeal and Evonne M. McCabe Brown to Eduardo A. Cortez Martinez, $108,075.

Myrtle Ave., 133-Amy L. Van Mourik to Ryan J. and Vy Nguyen Hoang Kim, $352,000.

Periwinkle Way, 7704-Nave Properties Corp. to Meli Sylviane Nguepi, $299,999.

Quebec St., 1833-Lasean and Damien L. Radway to Dana L. and John P. Ryan, $330,000.

Ridgely Loop, 8156-Tyrel Z. Richards to Alisha Lorraine Medina, $509,000.

Sea Pine Cir., 1715-Parth R. Kothari to Zachary J. and Phoebe A. Salva, $310,000.

Statesman Ct., 1846-Vinh Nguyen and Minh Thu Thi Phan to Michael C. Knatz, $343,000.

Tower Court Rd., 7915-Jeffrey Scott Kenney to Muluken Terefe Mekuriya and Hiwot Assefa Asmare, $260,000.

WB & A Rd., 7802-Theodore F. and Kristy Ann Curry to Carliss V. and Tiahnna L. Adams, $447,000.


Baltimore Annapolis Blvd., 771-Qingyang Li and Meiqin Zhou to Teresa White Murray, $349,000.

Benfield Rd., 204-Christopher S. Boyce to Benjamin F. Petit and Jessica L. Elmore, $500,000.

Earleigh Heights Rd. W., 94-Mechelle Lyn Kerns to Heidi Fandl and William T. Remacle, $395,000.

Kimberly Ct., 14-Step By Step Homes Corp. to Richard J. and Naoko Sato Bashor, $568,503.

McKinsey Rd., 220-MTGLQ Investors Partnership and Newrez Corp. to Thomas J. and Elena D. Huss Allman, $365,000.

Old Station Rd., 3-Laura C. Muncks to Paul T. and Natalie Bloom, $1 million.

Round Bay Rd., 101-Kimberly A. and Thomas M. Kerr to Chad A. and Erin L. Keefer, $1.25 million.

Windward Dr., 29-Donna Kunz and Susan Kary Ford to Mark A. Tribett and Margaret Camero, $578,000.


Beech St., 4912-Lesley A. and John McConnell to Andrew Faggio, $197,000.

Lincoln Rd., 1517-Michael Richardson and Katelyn Nicole Bryan to Desiree Jackson and Randall Groves, $272,000.

Howard County

These sales data recorded by the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation in February were provided by Black Knight Inc. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit


Castlefield St., 10307-Jose Gabriel Arreaga and Arlen Angelica Reyes to Stephen H. Gray and Jamie Roddy, $1.25 million.

Dancing Sunbeam Ct., 4226-Li Shu and Ruei Lan Chen to Staci S. Henderson, $508,000.

Dorsey Hall Dr., 4990, No. B4-Steven M. Steckler to Monica Ranta, $225,000.

Hallowed Strm., 4671-Nilesh and Deeparati Bhattacharya to Julia R. Driessen, $361,000.

Lame Beaver Ct., 3511-Rabih Haj Najib and Amal Abou Sef to Eyad Alhariri and Yasemin Frantzen, $572,000.

Mount Hebron Dr., 2405-Patricia A. Bond to Lloyd and Sandra Sloan, $437,500.

Old Ellicott Cir., 10623, No. 57-Eyad Alhariri and Yasemin Franten to Subramaniam Venkatachalam and Priyah Theivanai Nagarajan, $489,900.

Palmetto Ct., 3808-George Andrew and Karah Anne Shaton to Reshma Bhattachargee and Soumyadipta Acharya, $455,900.

Seneca Chief Trail, 3021-Steve W. and Eunice Kim to Andrew Marsh, $865,000.

Vixens Path, 11651-Susheel K. and Pratibha Sharma to Farouk Dey and Amel Rais, $1.05 million.


Gilbride Lane, 13609-David and Lou Ann Heimbrook to Sahil and Anshu Goyal, $1.46 million.

Lily Garden, Beazer Homes Corp. to Keerthi Reddy Muthyala and Venkat Reddy Pasham, $963,074.

Perfect Calm Ct., 5908, No. A4-5-Stephen Lee to Salih Mirasyedi and Myrelle Cysne Frota D. Abreu, $470,000.

Westmeath Lane, 13213-Stefan H. and Beth S. Hoenicke to Samson and Hui-I Kao Tom, $856,000.


Black Star Cir., 8534-Rory F. Etherington to Tyler John Durham and Lydia Clare Fisher Gray, $295,000.

Bullring Lane, 9440-Siwan Mohammad to George Robert and Garalyn Jo Farmer, $380,000.

Chatterbird Pl., 5423-William Bum Yeon and Amanda Jane Cho to Domenic and Natalie Strano, $460,000.

Deep River Cyn., 6225-Janus Real Estate Corp. to Adrienne Jasmine Goode and Joshua Randall DeShields, $368,000.

Encounter Row, 6133-ASF Renovations Corp. to Michael Jared and Tara Lynn Carbo, $331,577.

Jacobs Ladder, 6011-Btai Corp. to Christopher and Sophia Powell, $465,000.

Lambskin Lane, 9096-Richard and Liliana Slocum to Proscovia Nannyombi and Fred Nadiwalana, $235,000.

Loring Dr., 6310-Gary R. Kuhn to Darrell Kenneth Bullock Jr. and Sydney Linnae Jones, $285,000.

Marsh Hawk Way, 5487-K & E Investments Corp. to Sharon N. Goldsmith and Daniel N. Levine, $436,000.

Night Street Hl., 6157-Natasha A. Onochie to Ryan and Leah Saliter, $342,000.

Quiet Times, 6100-Rochell Melvin and Christine Michele Brown to Sayuri Yano and Weichao Xu, $330,000.

Setting Star, 6285-Mary M. Woodfork and Lynn Patricia Matthews to Randi L. Kaltrider and Greg J. Capecci, $349,000.

Storm Drift, 5388-David J. and Barbara J. Linden to Jana Gail Acuff, $375,000.

Talisman Lane, 7162-John M. and Shelia C. McKay to Servando Lucas Jarquuin and Ma Rosa Puga Lopez, $202,000.

Tamar Dr., 8121-Emmanuel Nwala to Erinne and Bradley Michaels, $465,000.

Thunder Hill Rd., 5704-William B. and Brandy J. Goodnoe to Matthew Forrest Colson and Georgia Bannon Wyatt Colson, $240,000.

Transfer Row, 9550-Matthew R. and Candice Elizabeth Jurick to Tonja L. Palmer, $210,000.

Watchlight Ct., 9053-Dirk A. Avery and Debra Avery-Smith to Gaurav and Saurabh Jain, $168,000.

Whiteacre Rd., 9647, No. B4-Rita Nyambi to Kimberly Y. Morrison and James Anthony, $139,000.


Bare Bush Path, 12213-Kathleen L. Hobbs to Cassandra Lynn Chisholm and Alex Marakov, $375,000.

Berry Wood Ct., 6901-Bharat M. and Neelam Bhatia to Anupama and Abhishek Singh, $630,000.

Bushwood Way, 11010-U. S. Bank to Jamie Nguyen, $216,300.

Cloudy April Way, 6013, No. J-64-Benjamin Z. Stallings to Joseph T. Buto and Melanie M. Attiliis, $270,000.

Cross Fox Lane, 10576, No. B1-Randolph and Darienne Briana Miller to Bryony Blood, $170,000.

Eliots Oak Rd., 4986-Karen L. Packard and estate of John L. Bowers to Christopher Eric and Jaquelin D. Bond, $345,000.

Grand Banks Rd., 5973-Robin Fletcher Charity to Vince L. and Ryvonne D. Harding, $265,000.

Green Mountain Cir., 5537, No. 4-Isa Garip to Kazeem Idowu and Sikiratu Akinde, $156,500.

High Beam Ct., 10669-Sarah B. Mellon to Anita and Prem Bansal, $317,000.

Reedy Brook Lane, 4961-Wesley K. and Christine R. Johnson to Zachary D. and Sarah M. Nemser, $505,000.

Three Kings Lane, 5025-Ben Westley Tschirgi and Nora Jane Long to Cindy N. Arevale and Carlos E. Gallardo, $351,000.


Hallowell Ct., 13941-Todd and Barbara Henderson Yergey to Eugene C. Green Monroe, $600,000.


Arbor Way, 6335-Alexander Adamovich to Habtom E. Woldemariam and Tiebe B. Ghebru, $355,000.

Beechfield Ave., 6404-Mohamad Temsah to Sreekanth Gopinathan and Sruthi Ushakumari Sasikumar, $324,500.

Cedar Ave., 7031-Kristin Davanzo to Kizzy Maria Tinner, $324,999.

English Oak Cir., 7721, No. 24-Fatimata Diallo to Benjamin F. Nolan and Rebecca E. Card, $287,500.

Hunt Hill Dr., 5821, No. 10-01-Shannon Harris and Shannon M. Hahn to Imran Arshad and Naima Khan, $250,000.

Ivy Spring Rd., 6408-Victor H. and Heather L. Gardner to Ryan Der, $472,500.

Loudon Ave., 6412-Jeffrey S. and Kelly Richardson to Lahai S. Kamara, $280,000.

Rock Glen Dr., 6025, No. 5-501-Elizabeth Schultz and Elizabeth Blom to Sarah C. Holst, $165,000.

Setter Dr., 5913-PJ Property Over Corp. to Richard Andrew, Patricia Ann and Dianne Patricia Zier, $329,900.


Academy Rd., 8319-Yan Mei Zheng and Hong Cheung to Jonathan C. and Alexis M. Burroughs, $775,000.

Bali Rd., 8638-John T. and Nancy S. Cooper to Jack C. Swift III and Beth L. Smilow, $526,000.

Brightwood Ct., 8041-Franklin James and Jennifer Ordelt Palmer to Christopher W. Prather, $345,000.

Coltrane Ct., 8511, No. 405-Ethel N. and David James Fleck to Nina L. Lewis, $300,000.

Ericson Rd., 4315, No. 305-Mary Edyth Rose to Joseph R. and Angie Borja, $305,000.

Jumping Field Ct., 8313-Rahul and Rachana Mandsaurwale to Mayur Ghanshyambhai and Kajal M. Lakhani, $555,000.

Logans Way, 5905, No. 2-Jae Y. and Ta Kwan Sin to Annette C. and David F. Pinter, $440,000.

Montgomery Run Rd., 8337, No. I-Shauna K. Gleason to Sarah Lebro, $195,925.

Montgomery Run Rd., 8399, No. E-Margaret Stavish Bosse to Mohammad Chowdhury, $185,000.

Ramsgill Ct., 4711-Annie R. Miller to Syed I., Binte A. and Syed A. Abidi, and Ume Farwah, $426,000.

Stony Creek Lane, 7649-Claire Tully Williamson to Barbara Ellen Hanlon, $242,500.

Whistling Pines Ct., 7808-Benjamin and Nicolle Jones to Andrew Hall Hoffman and Kristina Sakiko Scocca, $330,000.


Longwood St., 8825-Ovetta M. Moore to Amber R. Hartman, $585,000.

Scaggsville Rd., 12031-Modernize Plus Corp. to Kimberly Dawne Kight, $485,000.


Ellerslie Ct., 3112-Paul W. and Sharon A. Partington to Aaron and Kimberly Sands, $725,000.


Elmthorpe Way, 7107-Robert Lawrence Kirby III and Jessica Lynn Zikorus to Karthika Periasamy, $412,500.


Mink Hollow Rd., 6714-Katherine K. Lieberman to Alan J. Jackoway and Sarah M. Gonzalez, $560,000.


Jones Rd., 7909-Patricia Freeman Edley to Myron N. Young, $550,000.


Clocktower Lane, 9469-Joshua and Sarah Okoniewski to Bunna Teav, $286,500.

Hingston Downs, 9610-Kelsi I. Karcher to Alexandria Blaine Shumiloff, $250,000.

Pirates Cv., 9330-MTGLQ Investors to Edgar Saavedra, $235,000.

Sweet Grass Rdg., 9502-Maryamsadat Jazayeri and Hamid Shirazi to Robert Schmid, $485,000.

Weather Worn Way, 7615, No. A-J. Allan Cohen and estate of Gwendolyn Ann Moore to Keith Steller and Michael Becker, $100,000.


Old Frederick Rd., 12139-Christopher A. and Hayley P. Turner to James D. Huelskamp Jr., $760,000.


Ridge Rd., 705-Aaron Foster to Erick Arnoldo Granados Marquez and Ana Delmy Ventura, $322,000.


Woodward St., 8138-Erica L. Woods and Ashley L. Richards to Sonya Middleton, $285,000.


Boulder Ridge Rd., 8795-Douglas S. David and Terri Nimmons to Kevin Michael and Heather Michelle Schultz, $565,000.

Early Bud Way, 8408-Paul and Soon Hee Park to Christopher and Christopher Hoyle, $504,000.

Glendower Ct., 9642-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Carmen E. Amaya and Ricardo M. Oliva, $220,000.

Kendal Cir., 9325-Pamela A. and Mark S. Woynicz to Adetayo Oluwaseun Adeleye, $333,000.

Pinenut Ct., 9209-House Buyers of America to Shamsi Rashid Ukondwa, $224,900.

Redbridge Ct., 9256-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Muhammad Ilyas, $235,000.

Stansfield Rd., 10396-Helen L. and Patrick J. McGroarty to Heather Lee Gaynor and Daniel Petersen, $559,000.

Whiskey Run, 9764-Jean Fu and Yezhong Tang to Belen Yohannes Admassu, $213,000.


Howard Lodge Dr., 12334-John A. Boender III to Judy L. Walters, $306,000.


Daisy Rd., 3220-John C. and Anne I. Andrews to Ellen Rebecca and Linn Turner, $570,000.

Old Frederick Rd., 15819-Wayne E. and Susan K. Elseth to Jack and Blair Kelly, $670,000.


Ganton Green, 2110, No. A301-Xiaofeng Bao to Shelley K. and James E. Stevenson, $262,000.

Troon Overlook, 2150, No. H-Matthew J. Toddy to Mi Kyoung Kim, $262,000.