Anne Arundel County

These sales data recorded by the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation in March were provided by Black Knight Inc. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit


Bay Dr., 49-Robert P. and Jane F. Casey to Thomas R. and Wen L. Holland, $2.88 million.

Breakwater Dr., 981-Matthew Haysley to Jackie Drew, $315,000.

Cedar Lane, 307-NVP Investments Corp. to Christine A. Costello, $465,000.

Enclave Ct., 24-K. Hovnanian Homes of Maryland II Corp. to Simon John Kelly, $489,065.

Gemini Dr., 1200-Adrienne L. Sheldon to Caitlin Alison Benitez, Kevin William Denney and Donna Denney, $228,000.

Harbour Village Ct., 7048, No. 101-Bruce E. Ogden to Gloria J. Pope, $369,000.

Hoover St., 1112-Lyle C. and Charles M. Russell III to Martin Salmeron Bonilla, $215,000.

Linden Ave., 1327-Kenneth J. and Maeyee Barrette to Ryan Knopf, $312,500.

Pytchley Run, 302-Sarah L. and Andrew H. Sinnickson to Kyle P. and Anne S. German, $371,000.

Silverwood Cir., 5, No. 2-Margaret Mary Schmeltzer to Matt Leeds, $122,000.

Silverwood Cir., 19, No. 3-Catherine C. Campbell to Matthew J. Rehak Jr., $173,000.

Tayman Dr., 532-Prospect Properties Corp. to Stephanie and Keith Polizois, $410,000.

Windwhisper Lane, 961-Janet K. Sullivan to Carlos Xavier Carbo Sr., $359,000.


Astern Way, 930, No. 408-Margaret Devlin to Ann Cihac Burchard, $340,000.

Bermuda Ct., 807-Marietta T. and Thomas R. Doran to Milton M. Crump Jr. and Cynthia L. Prestandrea, $540,000.

Conduit St., 78-Quinton W. and Stacey Miner to Joshua J. Young, $1.6 million.

Cutter Ct., 613-Stephanie Clark Hopkins to Victorino Valenzuela and Josefina C. Valenzuela Rivera, $251,900.

Glen Cove, 2570-Josalee M. and John C. Birchfield to Brian Patrick and Susan Barker Kyhos, $394,000.

Homeland Ave. N., 16-Robert A. and Nancy G. Wolfe to Elizabeth Mejia Lopez, $375,000.

Lanna Way, 997-James G. and Beverly A. Keller to Howard W. McAdams, $278,800.

Mahan Lane, 421-Brookfield Admiral S. Square Corp. to Benjamin W. Gray, $515,000.

Rudder Way, 849-Virginia T. Hernandez to Holly S. and John L. Angle, $415,000.

Shipmaster Way, 2900, No. 212-John and Peter Vezeris to Paul Sophocles, $215,000.

Sleepy Hollow Lane, 1914-Gregg M. and Paula M. Weinberg to Michael and Victoria Snelgrove, $615,000.

Windcroft Pl., 999-Lou L. and James Corones to Matthew James Fitzgerald, $520,000.


Belle Dora Ct., 644-Philip T. Hundemann to Megan B. Beadle Lynch, $200,000.

Cedar Haven Rd., 457-David Rost Jr. to James and Jessica A. Goddard, $811,000.

Colonial Ridge Lane, 462-John Francis O’Hara III to Kyle Pekera, $315,000.

Jones Station Rd., 352-Ameri-Star Homes Inc. to Jacob C. and Haley D. Soy, $499,990.

Macsherry Dr., 777-Panalytics Corp. to Marc R. and Heather C. Jorgensen, $376,000.

Niblick Ct., 1110-Claudia Winters to Travis E. McLaurin and Diane Adams, $370,000.

Silver Oak Lane, 1412-D.R. Horton Inc. to Kevin and Alexis Daciek, $589,990.

Way Cross Way, 244-Branden R. and Grace Tsai Kessler to Quentin S. Welch and Kara J. Egber, $415,000.


Grape Vine Loop, 779-Wayne S. Lamanna to Alejandro Garcia II, $269,900.

Meadow Rd. W., 226-Leonard E. and Myra S. Catterton to Earl A. Clayborne, $100,000.

Fifth Ave., 312-Robert P. Singleton to Darwin Guzman, $214,900.


Blossom Tree Dr., 389-Julie and William Bower to Andrew L. Perdue and Rebekah A. Nix, $354,000.

Canonade Ct., 1660-Duane E. Limbacher to Mary Ann Albers, $330,000.

Enyart Way, 1518-Jesse F. and Sonya B. Merrill to Craig W. and Donna M. Brown, $437,500.

Hazel Nut Ct., 1305-Justin Miller and Kevin Holt to Jhonatan Orjuela and Dana Callahan, $239,900.

Hilltop Dr., 1212-Faith A. and Timothy M. Tobias to Christina M. Day, $390,000.

Native Dancer Ct., 1593-Medalist Investments Corp. to Shelby Parlaman, $214,900.

Poplar Hill Dr., 1325-Katherine D. Moyer to Bradley J. and Tara A. Powers, $470,000.

Ramblewood Dr., 1230-Michael J. and Jennifer E. Kondracki to Madison C. and Christopher Henry Davis, $375,000.

Summit Dr., 1176-Eric P. Dent Jr. to Michael G. and Allison P. O’Grady, $439,000.

Wood Duck Lane, 510-Jason and Lori Delooze to Barbara Banks Goyette, $360,000.


Chesapeake Dr., 1248-Mary Losikoff to Donna Xander, $520,000.


Aberdeen Cir., 1764-Zephyr Realty Associates to Ryan and Chelsea Etherton, $240,000.

Danewood Ct., 1508-Sara Cato to Joshua Farrish, $237,000.

Fallowfield Ct., 1706-Eric Paul Siegfried to Scott Marmen, $242,000.

Heather Pl., 1602-Connie M. Stults to Shiva Sharma, $265,000.

Marlborough Ct., 1529-John W. Wagner to Thomas J. and Colleen M. Grubb, $185,000.

Patrice Cir., 1676-Michael David and Kendra Michele Toyryla to Medhanit Bahta and Solomon Weldekirstos, $525,000.

Regents Park Rd. W., 1769-Christopher M. and Patricia A. Pallotta to William C. Ehemann and Jennifer L. Scott, $505,000.

Wentworth Dr., 2434-Julie S. McGlone to Evan M. Lipinski and Kiersten C. Cass, $242,500.


Algonquin Rd., 1204-Audrey G. and Robert A. Shade to William T. and Lee D. McMurray, $715,000.

Buttonwood Trail, 942-Jennifer L. and Thomas W. Longmore to Kerri A. Buckley, $349,900.

Haverford Dr., 2017-Marketpro South Inc. to Todd A. Bickling, $735,000.

Oser Dr., 709-Gregory E. Boteler to Kyle W. and Katherine E. Scott, $249,900.

Salem Run, 1304-Jay B. and Cindy C. Wilen to Matthew A. Bachteler, Edward G. Henley III and Robert A. Jackson, $800,000.


Chestnut Wood Ct., 934-Ela Co. to Erica J. Ziranski, $233,000.

Oyster Shell Ct., 7854-David J. Miranda to Deanna T. Morgan, $230,000.

Waterview Dr., 709-Micah W. and Rachael K. Strube to Nina and Jenna West, $210,000.


Ashe St., 1042-Glenn Theodore and Roy L. Edelschein to Kyle and Benita Stentiford, $527,000.

Lavall Dr., 1262-William C. and Sherri J.K. Russell to James M. Feeney Jr. and Peggy F. Bailey, $549,500.


Northbrook Dr., 6334-Robert and Michelle Nation to Shannon P. Breen and Rebecca E. Lee, $396,000.


Braxton Way, 210-Arthur R. and Deborah A. Rohde to Nicholas P. Flaherty and Krystine M. Vincent, $346,000.

Carrs Wharf Rd., 1074-Todd and Deborah Hayward to Michael Hostetter, $475,000.

Colony Point Pl., 309-Herbert B. and Alice Lieberman to Carol Wojcik Sepeta, $465,000.

Germantown Rd., 3962-Warren Zimmermann Jr. to Oded and Raquel Eliav, $844,000.

Holly Rd., 311-Mary K. Avery and estate of Elmer C. Landmann to Ashleigh Brooke Palmer, $317,000.

Maryland Ave., 226-Sarah L. Bergkamp and Corinne R. Bingham to Dawn M. Cleary, $387,500.

Penwood Dr., 472-Jeffrey R. and Kristen R. Ostermayer to Ryan D. and Jillian Brown, $485,000.

Seahawk Lane, 122-John D. and Lisa Greene to Jason R. and Melissa S. Dittrich, $885,000.

Willard Dr., 1244-Citizens Bank and RBS Citizens to Jason P. and Stephanie J. Spadaro, $319,900.

Ninth Ave., 3605-Nicholas and Jennifer Devorak to Ian T. Bunker, $505,000.


Fall Ridge Way, 912-Launa Gail Thorne to Katie Lynn Grausam and Chad A. Lee, $420,000.

Puddingtons Patent Way, 2109-William R. and Lee Ann Wilson to John O. and Lisa A. Barker, $785,000.

Vivaldi Lane, 2518-Arthur W. and Sharon J. Tardy to Jason Douglas and Tara Beers, $309,990.


Baylor Rd., 600-Jeffrey L. and Kimberly Ann Jacobs to David Lloyd Jobes and Michelle Marie McCoy, $290,000.

Broadview Blvd. N., 506-Redge A. Mahaffey to Zachary A. Glorioso, $235,000.

Covington Ave., 7902-Margaret Yeager and Matthew Delong to Joshua Marengo and Bridget Russell, $317,000.

Falcon Crest Dr., 8131-William O. and Stacey L. Hill to Nomar Delgado Enrique Grant, $316,000.

Foxtree Dr., 134-Teresa Y. Daniels to Mara L. and Samuel Hoffman Jr., $222,500.

Gordon Dr., 1401-Arthur Robert and John Kloman Thompson to Ralph Larry Martin and Carol Elaine Anderson, $287,500.

Houghton Rd., 1422-Elfie Winstead to Francisco Saavedra Rodriguez and Francisca A. Cholula, $224,000.

Marion Rd., 506-Nave Residential Properties Corp. to Kavonn J. Holt and Michelle M. Forde, $249,900.

Newfield Rd., 512-Michael P. Binko and estate of Robert H. Simmons Jr. to Alexander Roth, $225,000.

Phirne Rd. E., 8002-Monica Bichard and estate of Grace Cornelia Strand to Lashonda M. Kinchen, $291,500.

Ridgewick Rd., 1846-Imogene Waltz and Cheryl Heilker to Sara C. Durini-Rodriguez, $285,000.

Snowdon Lane, 708-Dreamquest Properties Inc. to Christopher M. and Erika Scarce, $356,000.

Woods Ave., 8-Meagan Sumwalt to John C. Bannister and Hyeong Ja Park, $274,900.


Alview Terr., 146-Douglas J. and Darlene F. Engel to Matthew and Laura Godwin, $209,900.

Bunch Ave., 707-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Hugo and Maria E. Regalado, $251,000.

Coulbourn Corner, 1169-Kimberly A. Poole Piersa to Gbadero S. Adetona, $242,900.

Eagle St., 8341-Quarterfield Model Holdings Corp. to Sheenam Ghai, $334,000.

Fern Hollow Ct., 7824-Calatlantic Group Inc. to Delon Jason and Tiffany Beebe Anita Crammer, $369,990.

Gatewater Ct., 351, No. G-Karen Teos to Paul B. Norwood, $136,000.

Langley Rd., 905-Charles W. and Judith M. Meeks to Cassandra Elaine Werner, $235,000.

Margaret Pl., 711-Rachael A. Gerjets Martin to Mitchell W. Gunther Jr., $253,000.

Mockingbird Cir., 7264-Anthony and Sarah Grenga to Timothy Manning and Carol Davis Hall, $303,000.

Phelps Ave., 312-Cody M. Cossentino to Matthew and Kelly Campbell, $265,000.

Pultney Lane, 1010-Matthew and Lauren Choiniere to Landon K. and Brianna L. Lewnes, $330,000.

Rogers Ave., 441-Sarah K. Harrison and David P. Egger Jr. to Christopher Coffin, $160,000.

Stallings Dr., 7263-Matthew Philip and Crystal Ann Bennett to Jeffrey and Jessica Martin, $318,000.

Thomas Rd., 31-James D. and Sarah J. Pope to James and Mary F. Hartwell, $289,950.

Water Fountain Ct., 208, No. 303-Leslie R. Ghrist to Michael A. and Hope Tarlaian, $105,000.

First St., 1019A-Kevin L. and Felicia V. Thompson to Kent Booth Jr. and Rachel Regan, $245,500.


Dorchester Woods Lane, 7292-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Aragaw Tessema and Kebron F. Abegaz, $317,000.

Forest Ave., 7152-James S. Ryan to Gregory L. and Mary Patricia Bradley, $205,000.

Gigur Dr., 7608-Calatlantic Group Inc. to Oluwatosin Sowunmi, $549,990.

Hekla Lane, 1623-Calatlantic Group Inc. to Greta Nichelle and Donald Jackson, $516,240.

Hollowoak Dr., 2219-Ricky A. and Yamileth I. Smith to Craig O. and Targee W. Ballard, $533,500.

Retreat Pl., 7505-Bayland Inc. and Baldwin Homes Inc. to Desmond, Lavern and Dionne Hart, $510,000.

Stoney Run Dr., 7540A-Deneen O. and Denise L. Edwards to Xiaoqing Qian, $292,000.


Harwood Dr., 6-Kevin R. and Rebecca K. Kimble to Thomas Tracy and Alison Chase Vannoy, $875,000.


Bogalusa Dr., 8527-Margarita B. Jovel to Shavaugn N. Hebron, $339,000.

Ivy Bank Lane, 3513-Young H. Kim to Amelia J. Brooks, $275,000.

Purple Leaf Lane, 3231-Linda K. Whitsitt to Douglas and Renee Dantzler, $332,000.

Tribeca Trail, 3520-U.S. Home Corp. and Lennar Corp. to Rashidat Olayinka Odunewu, $399,990.

Woodland Manor Dr., 8606-Kendra Kristen Smith to Annett E. Jones, $324,000.


Chestnut Oak Lane, 6202-Joseph P. and Michael Aiello to Thao Nguyen, $312,000.

Homewood Rd., 216-Asv Future Inc. to Jonathan E. Croco and Lauren Russell, $292,500.

Linthicum Lane, 5910-Leon J. and Susan Daciek to Matthew W. Stewart, $282,586.

Orchard Rd. S., 6310-Eric W. and Kelly A. Nash to Kent G. Drinker, $291,000.


Marlboro Rd., 200-Gerard R. and Debra Brewer to Michael Gebicke, $500,000.


Larbo Rd., 28-Kevin M. Seborg to Mandy and Kenneth Rzepkowski, $381,400.

Misty Manor Way, 1601-Charles F. Converse III to Jonathan William and Jennifer E. Stack, $879,900.

Obrecht Rd., 221-Joanne Carmela Peterson and Jean Margaret Buttice to Jeffrey Radcliffe, $295,000.


Astilbe Way, 2032-Dana Devance to Pamela Lyons, $260,000.

Bragg Blvd., 128-Jose Luis and Ioanna Esparza to Shawn J. and Fiona E. Burke, $399,000.

Canteen Cir., 2297-Shawn and Maleeta Dailey to Alicia Loretta Joseph and Michael Wilcliffe Baker, $325,000.

Colonel Way, 2162-Justin T. Adkins to Jacob David and Ashley Osborne, $347,000.

Didelphis Dr., 2655-Robert W. and Linda S. Padgett to Nicholas Pietro Catucci, $340,000.

Forest Walk Lane, 603, No. 202-Jimmy and Krystal Son to Dawn Mabry, $183,500.

Hidden Hill Cir., 146-Martin E. Lubin to Lavon Vincent Glover, $309,900.

King Malcolm Ave., 487-Robert E. Fay to Cheryl A. and Harry J. Dyer, $200,000.

Lions Gate Lane, 614-Mary Kneisley Clark to Alex Mosher, $289,900.

Moonglow Rd., 604, No. 103-Edward Carey Jr. to Domenic Mezzanotte, $182,000.

Open Meadow Ct., 2616-Raymond P. and Yvonne I. Duda to Val J. Schaefer, $375,000.

Owney Ct., 1214-Reecewood Estates Corp. and Wagner Homes Corp. to Christian, Jessica and Ursula K. Wilder, $500,925.

Quiet Pond Ct., 704-Anthony B. Lewis to Tyler Young and Kaitlin Vezina, $315,000.

Rita Dr., 491-Mary Kohlhepp and estate of Teruko Dub to Lauren K. Hansen, $319,000.

Saltoun Ave., 511-Sunvest Corp. to Amanda Huddleston, $320,000.

Seneca Dr., 762-Bruce J. and Rose M. Duray to Ashley I. and Marcus T. McNeill, $529,000.

Summer Ridge Ct., 707-V. Holdings Corp. to David Schuhlein, $360,000.

Sycamore Glen Lane, 8602-John L. and Jessica H. Burkhardt to Thelma and Joshua May, $305,000.

Wandering Fox Trail, 8615, No. 306-Andrew B. Clemence and estate of Beverly E. Clemence to Don R. and Cecelia A. Moore, $290,000.


Biltmore Ave., 1025-J. Heath Wilton to Amanda and Timothy Zois Jr., and Allen and Eileen Winfield, $345,000.


Abbey Ct., 8030H-Denise M. Ornduff and estate of Shirley Woomer to Kellie J. Weaver, $140,000.

Choptank Ave., 2038-Emily and Zachary Pittinger to Alexandra A. and Ryan M. Lay, $370,000.

Crystal Palace Lane, 2910-James Laite to Deren Jay and Emily Laura Breitinger, $375,000.

Deering Rd., 823, No. 7M-Vogt Property Management Corp. to Joseph R. Seubott, $185,000.

Drum Ave. N., 219-Richard E. and Michelle Wile to Mark D. and Hannah Ackerman, $533,000.

Glen Rd., 239-Frank and Deborah Sachs to Thomas and Marita Rey, $349,900.

Holly Ave., 702-James W. McKean to Mason W. Ailshie and Ashley C. Marsh, $265,000.

Kings Rd., 1081-Nicole L. Abel to Jason P. Lambert and Jessica L. Steinberg, $211,300.

List Ave., 210-Sinh Truong Vu to Lucas Andrew Plungis, $365,000.

Moonfall Ct., 7794-Megan Anne Cully and Bahaa A. Amer to Idowu M. Akingbasote, $245,000.

Noahs Way, 3009-Cartus Corp. to Katrian M. Hernandez Zayas, $459,000.

Old Crown Dr., 3465-Daniel J. and Cynthia L. Fleck to Brianna L. Prado and Jonathan K. Kosar Heiser, $332,000.

Park Creek Rd., 426-MJG 1 Corp. to Scott A. and Christine N. Baker, $449,000.

Rambling Ridge Ct., 350-Michael J. Crush to Brandon Matthew Taylor and Juliana Marie Carr, $204,500.

Riviera Dr., 149-Reese Properties Corp. to Frederic Douglas and Megan Martin, $300,000.

Scituate Harbour, 1017-Gregory and Krista Appleman to Shannon Donaldson, $233,000.

Shore Rd. E., 7844-Bryce R. and Brenda Sue Piper to Herbert Adam Felske and Amanda Michelle Guinn, $262,000.

Summit Rd., 8523-SJ Strategic Investments Corp. to Justin E. and Valerie M. Streeb, $200,000.

Sutherland Ct., 7914-Crystal G. McCloud Davenport to Michael Allen Hardesty and Alyssa Marie Kazor, $219,500.

Tower Bridge Dr., 8044-Jessica Sullivan to Laura C. and Randall Alan Booth Jr., $223,500.

Willowby Run, 759-James M. Wallace to Jeremy Ryan Johnston and Kelley M. Morrison, $224,898.

12th St., 234-Lauren A. and Gary B. Smith to Brandon Sharp, $292,000.

221st St., 766-Optyimus Investment Corp. to Emily Sharp, $287,000.


Carinoso Cir., 1126-William Lincoln and Sara Jayne Henjum to Janelle A. Shannon and Amnon Jair Wessely, $335,000.

Cedar Dr., 1855-James L. Martin Jr. and estate of Mary F. Washington to Felipe N. Soto Cebreros Jr., $195,000.

Consett Ct., 8218-Gary Wayne Bishop to Lee and Jullian Tran, $80,100.

Florida Ave., 1526-Denise Lynn Burns Gast to Dawn Denise Green and Francis Ayres, $230,000.

Huguenot Ct., 7893-Amy and John Muck to William G. Brioso and Santos C. Lovo, $335,000.

Jasons Landing Way, 7952-Donald B. Cox to Jennifer A. and Christopher M. Zak, $425,000.

New Cut Rd., 8368-Bradley K. and Karen M. Gilles to Eric W. and Carolyn M. Wilson, $269,000.

Pioneer Dr., 8531-John A. and Tashima Oliphant to Linda and Fuping Huang, $90,000.

Red Hawk Way, 1109-Robert Ryan Baddley to Gabriel Luke and Cynthia Brooke Shinn, $334,900.

University Dr., 416-Stephen E. and Carrie F. Heise to Kymmar Williams, $610,000.

Wood Carriage Way, 1735, No. 101-Katie H. Kim to Diego F. Araujo and Ingrid R. Orjuela, $320,000.


Baltimore Annapolis Blvd., 809-Peter Agboli to Henry I. Gonzalez Mazariegos and Genny K. Caceres Plata, $350,000.

Benforest Dr., 526-John M. and Marla E. Capper to Deana L. and Michael J. Bussey, $459,900.

Cypress Creek Rd., 236-Maximillian A. Petit to Sean Patrick Forbes and Kelly Marie Williams, $399,000.

Erin Garth, 494-Jin Hyun Soh and Yunghee Kang to Chimere L. Murrill, $534,000.

Lakeland Rd. N., 450-Daniel P. and Elizabeth O. Holt to Maria Joselita Juliano and Gari Louie Salen Gobot, $478,500.

McKinsey Park Dr., 604, No. 502-Adela M. Moles to Nicholas J. and Charlotte J. Schaus, $360,000.

Pinefield Dr., 504-Walton W. and Linda Cameron Rogers to Dewey J. and Angela R. Ward, $740,000.

Saint Andrews Rd., 13-Matthew B. and Carrie E. Hankey to Craig D. and Laura E. Foster, $695,000.

Woodland Dr., 23-Hong V. Duong to Josephine R. and Nathan E. Barton, $495,000.


Beech St., 4933-Kevin Glenn and Clara M. Gonzalez Hall to Adam N. Griggs, $235,000.

Mariners Dr., 4931-John B. Wood to Patrick Gilsenan and Megan Brumagim, $340,000.

Spruce Ave., 1210-Dennis Dunn to Carol J. Walker, $225,000.


Fairhaven Rd., 654-Sheila A. Brady and John Thomas Lederer to Lynn Rothacker, John Lachlan and Robert Dowd, $220,000.

Howard County

These sales data recorded by the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation in February were provided by Black Knight Inc. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit


Coventry Court Dr., 3318-John A. Thomas to Balasubramanian Natarajan, $445,500.

Dorsey Hall Dr., 4728, No. 806-Richard W. Drury and estate of Martha M. Koenig to Trudye Khan, $189,000.

Dunloggin Ct., 9043-Joann Garvin Waters to Robin Nathan Kern and Brandon D. Arnold, $536,000.

Frederick Rd., 11374-Kristin Miller to Andrew T. Carlson and Stephanie L. Pumphrey Carlson, $650,000.

Hawthorne Rd., 3921-Chang Shin and Ok Kim to Fary Sami and Richard A. Erdman, $500,000.

Larkspring Row, 4034-Charles W. Flexner and Carol Braun Trapnell to Michael A. and Rebecca H. Sachs, $560,000.

Nanmark Ct., 3461-Donald B. Abicht to Albert J. and Heather L. Havranek, $510,000.

Paul Harris Ct., 3606-John P. and Karen K. Hussey to Himanshu and Shweta Kesar, $625,000.

Seneca Chief Trail, 3029-Meng Ling and Jian Chen to Mena Jalali, $828,000.

Susies Way, 9645-Ian Lawrence and Avril Melissa Houston to Domingo and Soonsue Kim, $565,000.


Glittering Light Lane, 6404-Dejiang Han and Wen Wang to Seyfullah and Nefise Yavuzer, $635,000.

Lily Garden, 6130-Beazer Homes Corp. to Chris and Najla Barton, $946,050.

Red Maple Way, 13007-Joanna K. Benedict to Rachel and Aaron Skolnick, $500,000.

Winter Grain Path, 6020-Michael H. and Shelly W. Zhu to Surendra Kumar Thakur and Rangeeta Kumari, $745,000.


Black Star Cir., 8574-Steven A. Meyers to Seyitbek Usmanov, $310,000.

Camelback Lane, 6168-Keven Barger Ofenstein and estate of Ralph Leland Barger to Aman T. Gebreslase and Yonantan G. Tekle, $420,000.

Deep River Canyon, 6243-Nathan and Corinne J. Brassfield to Erica S. Solomon, $345,000.

Early Red Ct., 6301-Robert Warner and Emily Dwyer to Sean Conner and Anna Baranova, $320,000.

Footed Ridge, 8941-Chanel and Bethany Vanderhorst to Saiful Islam and Saif Ali Chowdhury, $240,400.

Grimes Golden Ct., 6819-Mark A. Jansen to Nicole D. Maildi, $465,000.

Kerry Hill Ct., 7357-Wendy L. Walker to David and Deborah Rosenberger, $206,500.

Lasting Light Way, 7142-Joe and Marievelis Soto to Erilus Bruno and Yolaine Bruno Vital, $300,000.

Luckpenny Pl., 5461-Sarah Deighan to Syed Balkhi and Saddaf Chaudhry, $265,000.

Millrace Ct., 5921, No. I101-Matia R. Johnson to Larry C. Huffman, $205,000.

Oak Bush Terr., 8433-Abigail Cassandra and Taha Hussain Siders to Amare Yihun and Fikirte Ayele, $342,000.

Red Cart Ct., 9263-Oceana & Associates Corp. to Julian Keith and Sara Elizabeth Love Dashield, $255,000.

Spiral Cut, 8854, No. I-Feng Qian to Jonathan Marco Lampazianie, $108,500.

Talisman Lane, 7237-Alum Group Corp. to Bo Lin, $240,000.

Tamar Dr., 8372-John W. Arnold and Keith M. Gray to Ha Ram Yoon, $300,000.

Wheatsheaf Way, 9347-Michael and Karen L. Brewer to Levi Higgins, $286,000.

Wild Swan Way, 6284, No. 103-Susan Kimberley to Judith A. Porter, $255,000.


Barley Corn Row, 6506-Robert N. Thorner to Ariel and Jessica Cortes, $612,500.

Berry Wood Ct., 6909-Jennifer Sun to Pranav Y. Patel and Kinnari K. Desai, $614,000.

Calico Ct., 5809, No. 7-9-Laurent and Nadege M. Girard to Michael A. Hatcher, $200,000.

Columbia Rd., 4914, No. 7-Rachel and Beth Smilow to Jared Cahill, $228,000.

Evening Wind Ct., 10747-Kim M. Tubbs Herron and Kim Williams to Ebony Tanzinica Taylor, $340,000.

Greatnews Lane, 6760-Carol Lynn Myers and estate of Mary H. Foote to Thomas E. Mulinazzi, $265,000.

Green Mountain Cir., 10621-Ak1 Corp. to Roopa Datla and Krishna Vallabhaneni, $380,000.

High Wheels Ct., 5357-Dennis M. Baker and estate of Albert S. Baker to Marilyn E. Demorest, $335,000.

Llanfair Dr., 6148-Bruce Christopher and Holly Anne Johnson to Donald P. and Anne E. Arant, $625,000.

Rondel Pl., 5125-Stuart M. Jolly to Timothy C. and Katherine Farrar, $384,000.

Twin Rivers Rd., 10551, No. D-Ka Homes Corp. to Bobby and Amina Rhodes, $139,000.

Wind Way E., 10534-Dale R. and Linette R. Angle to Jonah and Stephanie Stoutenborough, $275,000.


Holly Crest Lane, 13801-Kevin L. and Katherine A. Anderson to Hiren and Prakash G. Patel, $755,000.


Barry Lane, 7225-Richmond American Homes to Alice Chong Davis, $370,000.

Brookview Rd., 7305, No. 105-Edward and Theresa Lopez to Lynn A. Pakulla, $299,900.

Cherrybark Oak Lane, 7578, No. 192-Christopher P. and Bridget M. Roberts to Dhruti Hitesh Patel, $320,000.

English Oak Cir., 7723, No. 25-William Yang to Michael A. Trieger, $280,000.

Hunter Rd., 6636-Jonathan and Monique Marvette Brasfield to Jesmin Akter, $361,000.

Joseph Scott Dr., 6041-Michael D. and Catherine J. Clary to Russell A. and Bonnie J. Buckhalt, $650,000.

Maiden Point Pl., 7116, No. 397E-David F. Irwin to Zeena A. Daniel, $312,000.

Rowanberry Dr., 5731, No. 404-Ryan J. Noonan to Christina M. Paparazzo, $239,900.

Water Oak Rd., 7195, No. 154-Mehrdad Keramati to Royel M. and Mallory R. White, $275,000.


Autumn Harvest, 8554-Alan A. and Anne V. Mick to Laurence Antoine, $495,000.

Bonnie Branch Rd., 4869-Christopher M. and Devin B. Crehan to Matthew J. Rich, $440,000.

Brightwood Ct., 8052-Tiffany K. Tong to Bharat Poudel and Sangita Poudel Ghimire, $350,000.

Dawns Way, 5115-Paul M. and Sunghee Chung to Joseph R. and Stephanie Hooker, $655,000.

Falls Run Rd., 8503, No. B-Wells Fargo Bank to Neil A. Solomon and Florence M. Airey, $150,000.

Golden Grain Ct., 8608-Mark E. and Teresa T. James to Mohammad and Shazia Nawaz, $460,000.

Lasalle Ct., 8733-Huijun Qiu and Xiao Qin to Yuan Tian, $395,000.

Lotus Cir., 4148, No. 84-Susan K. Lennon to Rosalie Consiglio and Thomas B. Burick, $435,000.

Montgomery Run Rd., 8348, No. C-Stephanie M. Guindon and Sheila K. Martin to Joann Hein, $219,000.

Old Columbia Pike., 4105-Allen K. Sterner to Rebecca Lynn Sterner, $365,000.

Rawcliffe Ct., 4903-Marian E. Engel to Theresa Cousins and Barry Lee Van Houten III, $520,000.

Tall Trees Ct., 8202-Patricia Burwell Williams to Manoj Agarwal and Sonal Gupta, $275,000.

Wilton Ave., 8925-Myung Hwan and Yong Suk Yi to Gloria Moon, $336,000.


Market St., 11307-Jon and Claudia Gullett to Bela and Keran Gosine, $688,000.

Terrace Lane, 11268-Ahren M. Graham and Kristen N. Long to Benjamin and Amy Tsui, $760,900.


Gared Dr., 14090-Fred Louis and Mary Alice Mauser to James Arthur Massey Jr., $540,000.


Florey Rd., 6001-Bradley K. Myers to Shaun R. Boas, $474,900.

Patuxent Quarter Rd., 6324-Paula and Kenneth Kipperman to Richard C. Aarons and Dana E. Skinner, $495,000.


Aspenwood Way, 8156-Nicole L. and Michael Alan Watson to Biju Varghese and Preema Abraham, $260,000.

Oak Trail, 8815-Yogesh A. and Devikaben Patel to Nilesh and Shilpa Patel, $318,000.


Allview Dr., 6817-Teresa A. and Kevin W. Sokoloff to Eric Curtin and Sofia Ganev Roller, $440,000.

Copperwood Way, 7036-Jonathan M. Helinek and Feili Huang to Mesfin A. Dosho and Deribee S. Chawaka, $317,000.

Hurstborne Rd., 9641-Sarah and Zachary D. Nemser to Micah and Lillian Edmond, $320,000.

Quarry Bridge Ct., 9546-Jacquelyn Horman and Stephanie Nicole King to John E. Baker Jr., $255,000.


Crows Foot Rd., 1236-Mary Ellen Duncan and John Mack Kingsmore to Joseph Bradford and Rachel Marie Pitzer, $715,000.

Walking Janelle Way, 2417-Joy Howard to John H. and Virginia O. Bickford, $480,000.


Shaffers Mill Rd., 18045-Ronald K. Hawkins to Brett L. Kutscher and Karen E. Landry, $425,000.


Woodward St., 8335-Lionel A. and Dana H. Campoz to Patricia Figueroa Lopez, $375,000.


Breamore Ct., 9364-Melissa M. and Jesse J. Mackey to Jay Fischetti and Shaina Wisler, $335,000.

Deep Skies Dr., 10136-Glenn A. Lazenby and Ray M. Lins to Mohammad Yamani Sisi and Naghmeh Mahmoudi, $483,000.

Fairview Ave., 9413-Jeffrey L. and Judy Huber to Alayna B. Woleslagle and Ryan L. Peterson, $360,000.

Graeloch Rd., 10605-Paulina Thurman to Hao Feng and Alice Low, $399,000.

Light Moon Way, 8523-Sarbhpreet Singh Sawhney and Meeta Kaur Chhabra to Michelle Stovall, $435,000.

Pamela Way, 8442, No. 91-Douglas R. and Kathleen K. Furletti to Chen Zhang, $435,000.

Robinson Blvd., 9832-Clayton A. Watson to John J. Poetker Jr., $265,500.

Stansfield Rd., 10546-Debra Ann and David J. Palmer to Christine Lane, $500,000.

Tumbleweed Run, 9110, No. J-Bradley Raybits to Kavi O. and Sharnee L. Patterson, $175,000.

Whiskey Run, 9795-Linda G. and David L. Weiner to Manolo Reyes Avendano and Elvia Vera Marroquin, $193,000.


Taylor Park Rd., 1020-Walter Stephen Dullca to Justin and Wendy Lea Ethier, $437,500.


Duvall Rd., 2983-Curtis and Maryanne Cumberland to Sherri Collins and Augustine L. Carky Jr., $875,000.

Susan Marie Way, 14705-Gloria Moon to Naveed Rehman and Mehvish Zahid, $645,000.


Hillingdon Rd., 10610-Michael M. and Vicki A. Drummond to Bonnie A., Anna L. and John H. Hain, $580,000.