Anne Arundel County

These sales data recorded by the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation in March were provided by Black Knight Inc. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit


Breakwater Dr., 994-Tandem Development Group Corp. to Susan Ann Reed, $295,000.

Channel Village Ct., 7014, No. 202-John J. and Nancy R. Jacobson to Roger L. and Sandy Parrino, $449,000.

Ervin Ct., 3112-Aaron D. and Rachel A. Kalil to Avedis N. and Olga E. Zarikian, $560,000.

Gentry Ct., 64-Asslan Sayyar and Raffaella Calabria to John Edward Anthony Kelly III, $280,000.

Harness Creek Rd., 3063-MTGLQ Investors and Selene Finance to Susanna M. Armstrong, $360,900.

King James Landing Rd., 925-Burt and Sandra Pina to Jennifer Hunt, $477,000.

Quiet Waters Pl., 116-Robert and Naomi P. Lewis to Abbey Josephine Lawrence and Joseph F. Stanton IV, $260,000.

Silverwood Cir., 8-Sean Robert and Heather M. Simon to Nora Blake, $185,000.

Silverwood Cir., 20, No. 11-Karen Buxbaum to Gordon A. Woody, $176,000.

Thomas Point Rd., 3333-Blanche D. Frame to Felipe Santo Domingo Armas and Lilliana Elizabeth Mejia, $440,000.


Admiral Dr., 633-Kristin G. Burke to Allison Gutenkunst, $287,000.

Baldridge Rd., 3-Matthew and Clara Peterson to Erin Anderson and Jesse Bernhardt, $422,500.

Bermuda Lane, 956-Sheila A. Harrison to Julia B. Weatherly, $437,500.

Cape Saint John Rd., 282-Mark D. and Lynn Martin to Shannon Brooks Chatlos, $450,000.

Course Dr. W., 2556-Steven Leo Williams to Marion E. Adineh, $496,000.

Cutter Ct., 621-Pierre Wallace to Lauren E. Kesslak, $224,900.

Gov. Thomas Bladen Way, 2026, No. 203-Edwina G. Schisler to Steven E. and Susan A. Toub, $212,500.

Homewood Lane, 1303-Wayne A. Walbridge to Roseann Marie and Nicky James Miller, $479,000.

Latchmere Ct., 801, No. 204-Kelsey N. Koss Boyer to Geoffrey M.J. Barber, $237,900.

Mansion Woods Rd., 1204-Jeffery L. and Paula J. McKnight to Gary A. and Pamela Kellner, $700,000.

Monterey Ave., 307B-John R. and Michele T. Griffin to Travis J. Martz and Erin A. Appel, $1.04 million.

Shipmaster Way, 2900, No. 306-Paul E. and Sandra C. Dorsey to Kathleen L. Greentree, $249,900.

Southgate Ave., 81-Nicholas J. and Sarah Wright to Norman Brent and Grace Adair Cummings, $660,000.

Vanguard Lane, 106-Daniel Gary and Amanda Marie Wheaton to Karen Lenore Knight and Roberto Enrique Burgos Berrios, $412,000.

Woodlawn Ave. N., 301-James Day to Ethan H. and Ashley Driscoll, $420,000.


Bay Green Dr., 607-William P. and Suzanne C. Drury to Matthew Colin and Stephanie Athens Keifer Molloy, $440,000.

Doral Ct., 542-Peyton Investments Corp. to Christy L. and Leonel Flores, $283,000.

Joyce Lane W., 300-Michael A. D’Amato to Peter Jared Penoyar, $1.95 million.

Magothy Ave., 1011-William S. and Amy S. Goodhand to Mary K. Wegner, $1.02 million.

Pine Valley Dr., 754-Scott M. and April Michele Novak to Amy N. Johnson, $379,900.

Song Sparrow Ct., 913-Mark Denice to Angus L. and Heidi Inkeri Lane, $525,000.

Whitstable Blvd., 931-Nathaniel E. and Jessica R. Lopez to Lindsay Weit, $410,000.


Old Riverside Rd., 512-Tanisha Denise Knight to Delmy Torres Saavedra, $155,000.

Redmond St., 5809-Hestia Real Estate Investments Corp. to Josue Antonio Guzman De La Cruz, $220,000.

Walton Ave., 321-Brenda and Jeffery D. Cole to Debbie M. Barboza and Victor E. Guandique, $224,900.

10th Ave., 111-Delyn M. Horrell and estate of Mary S. Deveau to Miguel Reyes Granados and Lyanne Ramirez Trinidad, $210,000.


Fawns Walk, 518-Joel Thorne and Ellen Franz to John Keith and Kathryn Frances Strother, $405,000.

Hazel Nut Ct., 1351-Matthew E. and Atlanta C. Harder Teltoe to Jade Harris, $259,000.

Homewood Landing Rd., 1612-John T. and Mary G. Lynch to John A. and Maria Z. Boller, $610,000.

Neptune Pl., 1172-Robert W. Haynes to Tyler J. Zachari and Ariana Stewart, $345,000.

Providence Rd., 232-Joseph S. and Erin K. Ferner to Elizabeth Grady and Brandon Conheim, $820,000.

Truxton Rd., 627-Barbara Van Horn to Frances A. and Dee Matthew Cole, $450,000.

Woodland Rd., 2009-Frederick J. Baker to Douglas L. and Janet F. Wood, $630,000.


Dartmouth St., 5625-Michael W. and Jillian K. Hostetter to Philip J. and Kaitlynn M. Labille, $321,000.


Aberdeen Cir., 1858-Anthony M. Listorti to Lauren N. Gray, $260,000.

Blockton Ct., 1474-William John and Amy L. Klotz to Jamall L. Marsh, $255,000.

Dartmouth Lane, 2349-Frank D. and Deanna L. Barilla to Cameron S. and Kimberly L. Durcho, $322,500.

Leisure Way, 1711-1st Financial Trust Corp. to David B. Stacey, $188,000.

Martha Greenleaf Dr., 1237-Raymond P. and Catherine Jane Zarate to Katherine L. Boring, $315,000.

Patrice Cir., 1691-Paul K. and Sharla M. Hurst to Jason and Kelly Stricklin, $532,500.

Wentworth Dr., 2455-Christina M. Foster Errera to Myles P. Cannady and Chantel J. Herbert, $240,000.


Cedarwood Lane, 611-Gybeset Investments Corp. to Michael W. and Roberta G. Warwick, $320,500.

Overcrest Dr., 1063-Tori J. and Ronald L. Martin to Preston Eugene and Tracy D. Scholz, $389,000.

Severnview Dr., 1218-Scott R. Norris to Nicholas A. Cintron, $751,000.


Chestnutview Ct., 889-Michael C. and Stephanie Malone to Cody R. Hoffman, $260,000.

Riverwood Way, 1344-Walter and Faith Cecilia Stevinson to Nicholas Waters and Courtney Bieman, $270,000.


Chickamauga Dr., 729-Keith Gregory and Kimberly Ayers Warren to Sterling and Christine Kloby Rooke, $745,000.


Charles Ave., 609-Jesse T. and Michelle E. Smokey Cruz to Jason Stubler, $290,600.


Woodcrest Dr., 6315-Stephen A. Hemler Jr. and April Ann Maloney to Matthew Paul and Stephanie Marie Moorefield, $451,000.


Braxton Way, 254-Kevin C. and Alexis R. Daciek to Danielle and Jeremy Swimm, $332,000.

Colony Point Pl., 325-Robin L. Kidwell and estate of Susann Boyd Locy to Helen Marie Catlin, $385,000.

Gray Dragon Pl., 303-Donald R. and Diane E. Long to George Truesdale and Jessica Rehill, $767,500.

Kings Rd., 4255-Leslie Ann L. Kellan to Joseph Melvin and Deborah Ann Wilde, $875,000.

Perder Lane, 17-Terrance A. and Joanne Ganoe Gilliam to Peter I. De Bock and Jeannine G. Bertram, $1.28 million.

Tilden Way, 196-Tricia Callender Ternovan to Laura A. Krueger, $305,000.

Second Ave., 3635-John F. and Rebecca D. Mautz to James and Heather G. Reynolds, $365,000.


Autumn Valley Lane, 932-Brian Neille Chittum to John and Amy Muck, $378,000.

Christmas Lane, 1041-Michael B. and Heather Nichols to Lydia Yoshil and Peter Yoon, $367,000.

Fox Trot Rd., 962-Jeffrey and Gina L. Madison to Scott Jeremy and Rachel M. McDonald, $594,990.

Red Fall Ct., 2480-Charles J. Hoetzel to Kyle Francis Hanlin, $318,000.


Archwood Ave., 49-Erin M. and Donna J. Gray to Michael J. Richardson and Katelyn N. Bryan, $299,000.

Cresthaven Dr., 7043-Sharon Burkhardt to Nicole and Thomas J. Fazio, $315,000.

Ferdinand Ave., 7-Bruce Craig Hill and estate of Patricia Lee Hill to Davis G. and Holly M. Winbigler, $284,000.

Gael Ct., 710-Diana Griffin to Richard A. Moore, $225,000.

Huntington Ct., 102-Dale S. and Jill M. Smith to Rory F. Etherington and Jennifer Sague, $410,000.

King George Dr., 206-Robert T. Smith and Nicole M. Davis to Neysha Ramirez Montero and Jaime Rodriguez Perez, $325,000.

Norvelle Ct., 458-Deutsche Bank National Trust Co. and Select Portfolio Servicing Inc. to Mohammad Alkurdi and Sabine Hachem, $155,000.

Phylen Ct., 908-Meghan B. Gresehover to Leslie Y. Galdamez Chinchilla, $259,000.

Valiant Cir., 407-Matthew Broderick Krauz to Mang Pau, $165,000.

First Ave. W., 115-Brian L. Burrows to Calvin and Atia Nicole Mitchell, $299,900.


Andrews Rd., 917-Hollye O’Neil Shirley to Dorell and William Ray Ragan, $175,000.

Carroll Rd., 144-Clearview Property Holdings Corp. to Michael J. Ponder and Alexandra Branch, $219,000.

Cedarcliff Dr., 1111-Harry U. Nguyen to Henry Geovany Linares Gudiel, $275,000.

Edgerly Rd., 1005-Forties Corp. to Samantha J. Thon and Ryan A. Smith, $215,000.

Flamingo Dr., 6216-Redge A. Mahaffey to Cedar Lopez and Yasmin Del Cid Castro, $239,900.

Guildford Rd., 1243-Kendall V. Sigafoose to Kelsey Hundley and Clifford Fink, $226,000.

Inglewood Dr., 106-Brian K. and Sherry E. Saumenig to Anthony Darnell and Barbara Jean Garnett, $270,000.

Leonard Dr., 1108-Gary L. and Donna J. Hunt to William Ruben Cordero, $265,000.

Marley Pointe Ct., 504-Payne Maerten Corp. to Michael Nurse, $419,500.

Phelps Ave., 412-Scott P. Sprague to Justin Meyer, $234,500.

Sandsbury Ave., 100-Jamie L. Puckett and Leonard A. Switala to Jeremy Burg, $250,000.

Stallings Dr., 7281-Brian D. Horsley to David T. and Mary E. Sweeney, $300,000.

Twin View, 1012-Pride Homes Corp. to Joseph Young Jr. and Jordan D. Antonio, $250,000.

Water Fountain Way, 101, No. 202-Branch Banking and Trust Co. to Jin Park, $99,000.

William Chambers Jr Dr., 117-William G. and Larissa Brendle to Geraldine Johnson, $269,900.


Bayberry Lane, 1116-Kevin and Malyeo Shyn to Han Ahn, $374,000.

Durham Way, 1608-Jeffery C. and Turien Cram to Ramchandra R. Metu and Shalini Ananthala, $399,900.

Gigur Dr., 7611-Calatlantic Group Inc. to Yousuf Niaz Ahmad and Zainab Khan, $550,240.

Hekla Lane, 1632-Calatlantic Group Inc. to Jamie Cyrway, $499,840.

Ironwood Lane, 1028-Adant Curtis and Jaclyn Marie Standeven to Sinsandra Samnang Nov and Ming Wu, $366,500.

Pinyon Rd., 7731-Federal National Mortgage Association to Rose M. Smith, $290,000.

Rutland Way, 1557-Michael A. and Fawne N. Lindsey to Michelle L. Payton, $399,900.

Stoney Run Dr., 7559, No. 203-Terry R. Clickner to Sara Marin, $243,000.


Button Bush Lane, 3002-Margaret I. Caulfield to Emmanuel K. Woode, $329,999.

Marsh Crossing Dr., 3004-Kris E. Wilhelm and Billy Joe Taylor II to Curtis Randolph and Denise Halenz Robinson, $489,000.

Spring Rd., 3511-Daniel and Angela Evatt to Oscar A. Ayala and Icela N. Romero, $380,000.

Water Lily Way, 8305-Diego and Maria Laura Rodriguez Flores to Christine Mamonluk and Maribel Y. Mamonluk Chua, $270,000.


Ardmore Rd., 307-Joseph B. and Kathy E. Ross to David B. Reynolds, $310,000.

Cleveland Rd., 443-Marilyn D. Miller to Christine Louise Knott, and Daniel and Erin Fields, $245,000.

Kingbrook Rd., 117-Horton and Mary Ann McCormick to John David and Kristen Dolores Rose, $435,000.

Lynvue Rd., 904-James E. and Kathryn Flynn to Pedro Alberto and Virginia Colon, $298,000.

Shipley Rd., 423-U. Win Property Solutions Corp. to Denise Sabsabi, $307,000.


Marlboro Rd., 987-William H. and Julia S. O’Neill to David Charles and Vohla A. Riggs, $230,000.


Blue Cedar Ct., 310-Russell E. and Sherri P. Hayes to Marcellus Hermanus Jozef Vianen and Catharina Harriet Viswat, $595,000.

Lethbridge Rd., 8239-Gospel Church in Action Inc. to Lilian S. Haddad and Salloum Salmo, $300,000.

Norwood Dr., 8311-Veronica Dawn Jov to Joseph Hartgrove, $179,500.


Beach Ave., 804-Federal National Mortgage Association to Uk Hui Kim Oh, $274,500.


Blue Spring Ct., 2443, No. 203-Atlas Property Holdings Corp. to Rexford Mensah, $216,500.

Brigadier Blvd., 2048-Daniel W. and Mandy L. Brecht Sands to Osareme Stanley Ohens, $440,000.

Chanery Ct., 1417-Sean Tyrrell to Jeffrey Beale, $315,000.

Eisenhower Ct., 207-Autumn A. Smallwood to Bernard and Brenzale Wooten, $338,000.

Found Artifact Dr., 7631-American International Relocation Solutions to Kathie A. Aldunate, $435,000.

Hoods Mill Ct., 2606, No. 202-Mary Helen G. and Phillip O. Hicks Jr. to Karen K. Meadows, $250,500.

Merlin Ct., 2670-Ben D. and Jennifer D. Sandara to Kaysha Z. Mosley, $362,500.

Mount Vernon Ave., 310-Caruso Builder Pine Street Corp. to Cherelle A. Green, $363,796.

Orchard Green Ct., 8736-Ketan Kumar to Tyra Nicole Fails, $280,000.

Rita Dr., 511-JG Atlantic Capital Corp. to Tyler E. and Elizabeth L. Wheatcraft, $384,900.

Summer Ridge Ct., 715-Kenneth and Devon Kelly Allen to David M. and Rachael M. Gerjets, $376,180.

Timberbrook Ct., 314-Elizabeth H. and Conor A. Nixon to Dan L. Griffith and John Rodgers, $330,000.


Hawk Channel Ct., 1005-Victor R. and Maryanne Marvin Nicolai to Annette C. and William Bilodeau, $389,900.


Acorn Bank, 7825-Michael Housley to Charles E. Batze IV and Bethany A. Von Ludwick, $355,000.

Ballybunion Ct., 9002-Leslie R. and Florence Freeman to Christopher J. and Ashley N. Mason, $845,000.

Birwood Ct., 6-Ashley N. Milligan to Katie Aquino and Robert Gurley Jr., $215,000.

Dark Sky Crossing, 108-Cartus Corp. to Andrew and Kellie Adamson, $349,900.

Della Rosa Ct., 7921-Shawn E. and Susan M. Walters to Melanie A. and Steven J. Kijak, $239,900.

Dungate Ct., 2895-Jeremiah W. and Kristin Ross to Kamonwan and Mitchell R. Aynaga, $277,000.

Firefly Run, 9195-Kimberly Marie Toskov to Michael W. Dolch and Laurie J. Gunther, $725,000.

Grandview Rd., 1690-Dennis R. Harbert to Courtney Jones, $214,000.

Hickory Nut Ct., 341-Elizabeth Veronis to Sarah Hendricks and Scott Bell, $218,900.

Holmespun Dr., 1085-Jacquelyn A. Campbell to Ayinde A. Akinbinu, $260,000.

Kings Bench Pl., 7912-D&S Property Group Corp. to Justin Michael Blick, $332,500.

Main Creek Rd., 8110-Dennis R. and Laverne Smith to Ernest L. and Christine B. Messick, $740,000.

Old Crown Dr., 3493-James A. Shanabrook to Dennis Bernard Jester Sr., $250,000.

Pine Ridge Rd., 8007-Dana L. and Martin Shawn Stone to Henry J. Munoz and Siomara A. Santos Diaz, $276,000.

Scorton Harbour, 8672-Amanda Georgette and Michael Lee Koch to Scott D. and Alicia L. Emge, $185,000.

Shore Rd. W., 7741-Kimberly Gustafson and Samantha Coffey to Kathryn J. Farrell and Zachary A. Missel, $324,000.

Sundance Way, 328-Andrew Powell to Meghan B. Miller, $315,000.

Tennessee Ave., 313-Joe Charles and Christi Lynn Culp to Casey M. Wachter, $382,500.

Virginia Ave., 144-David Koch to Ashley A. Stuller, and Jason and Terri Ellen Askew, $370,000.

Woodholme Cir., 8093-Christine K. Barnett Scannell to Gerald Lee Wilson Sr., $245,000.

227th St., 2208-Hannah N. Cueva and Nosig Hannah Cardenas to Ryan Deluca, $359,900.


Cosworth Ct., 253-Ronald L. and Martha Shouse Collier to William and Cynthia Garmoe, $605,000.


Argonaut St., 7710-Department of Veterans Affairs to Morgan Brown, $252,500.

Berni Ruth Lane, 1314-Triple L. Construction Corp. to Jeffrey H. Benzon, $407,500.

Carinoso Cir., 1131-Department of Veterans Affairs to Alonda Denise Foster, $315,000.

Constant Ave., 264-Ronald P. and Pauline Prince to John Suprock, $530,000.

Evergreen Rd., 796-Christopher J. Sheridan and estate of Doris J. Weber to James W. and Margaret L. Goode, $320,000.

Glenshire Ct. W., 7603-Kenneth M. and Annette G. McFarley to Valerie Brydelle and Frederick Eugene Taylor, $449,900.

Huguenot Pl., 1905-Jeffrey F. Willig to Joshua Adam and Amber Meshea Mefford, $330,000.

Lawrence Ave., 61-Tonya M. Ivey to Thomas C. Sullivan, $330,000.

Pride Tree Cir., 1404-Matthew L. and Jennifer K. Libby to David E. and Susan L. Jennings, $449,900.

Redhaven Dr., 1572-William D. and Hazel I. Arrildt to Gledy Florentino, $435,000.

Roanoke Ct., 8256-Elias Assaf and Mary Boss to Vaishaliben Nileshkumar Desai, $160,000.

Severn Rd., 1718-Michael Chapman to Brian R. Sary, $395,000.

Stone Castle Dr., 1902-Ever Edin Yanez to Carlesa King and Edna Hodges, $290,000.

Venice Lane, 7731-D.R. Horton Inc. to Erlen Francisco and Charrie Zarza Pasion, $385,000.


Ambleside Dr., 234-Nicholas J. and Charlotte Jane Schaus to Ross L. and Julie K. Cochran, $514,500.

Bayberry Dr., 508-Eileen Gavin Lewis to Garrett R. and Bethany M. Love, $492,500.

Bowline Rd., 283-Steven F. and Lisa R. Crutchfield to Thomas Michael and Valerie Roberts, $525,000.

Derussey Dr., 488-Norman M. and Heidi L. Gee to Theodore John and Laura T. Sanner, $585,000.

Lower Magothy Beach Rd., 210-Carl C. and Rachel W. Domenic to Gregory W. and Kathryn E. McGee, $442,000.

Newport Dr., 223-Holly B. Farrow and Martin E. Ziaja to Michael P. and Amy M. Armstrong, $386,000.

Prestonfield Lane, 346-Judith H. Sander to Brooks C. and Elizabeth W. Slater, $610,000.

White Cedar Lane, 362-David Edward Bradley to Jeffrey P. and Erin O. Jacobs, $965,000.


Bonniewood Dr., 4934-Francis R. and Heidi A. Mudd to Zena Louise Cunningham, $324,000.

Juniper St., 1307-Katherine V. Collins to Rashad J. Pratt and Rose M. Shaver, $254,900.

Pine Ave., 1209-Jordan A. and Michael Watkins to Samuel Robert Bourassa and Anna Mari Crierie, $324,000.

Terrell Rd., 1511-Michael C. Guest to Monica Lee Batterden and Christian Meerman III, $254,000.


Franklin Gibson Rd., 6225-Sahara Property Management Corp. and Fay Servicing Corp. to Kristen Dunn and Ashley Dunn Kerr, $305,000.

Howard County

These sales data recorded by the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation in March were provided by Black Knight Inc. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit


Cragsmoor Rd., 3658-Mariane J. Angelozzi to Chongsoo and Hyun Kim, $700,000.

Dorsey Hall Dr., 4750, No. 3-Michael A. Sachs to Samuel Youngkwang Seo and Grace Jain Kang, $235,000.

Fairmont Lane, 10906-Michael Hermann Meyer to Keedong and Si Jin Kim, $650,000.

Galahad Ct., 10024-National Transfer Services Corp. to Kellie A. Shannon, $529,900.

Hayland Farm Way, 12107-W. Creek Corp. to Seulki Lee, $1.45 million.

Leyden Way, 4731-Yanling Gong to Michael S. Ficca, $360,000.

Natalies Way, 9724-Rajdeep and Nadia Kapoor to Mohammed Manjurul Alam and Rukshana Jafreen, $735,000.

Pinewick Rd., 2809-Federal National Mortgage Association to Amir Shahzad, $395,000.

Split Rail Lane, 3518-Jing Lin to Nagaraj Kannabiran and Bhuvaneswari Chandrasekaran, $365,000.

Triadelphia Rd., 12730-Shirley W. Pendleton to Tarleen and Sean T. Weston, $500,000.

Windsor Moss, 12026, No. 104-Deanna L. and Sally J. McElwee to Chetan and Veena Kamath Bettegowda, $550,000.


Great Star Dr., 5910, No. 302-Ku Hwa and Jeong Hee Lee to Michael J. and Wanda L. Kemp, $390,000.

Meadow Glenn, 13610-Michael Korangy to Gloria Moon, $86,000.

Rippling Tides Terr., 6116-Donald C. and Elayne L. Breton to Wenlu Qi and Panshi Wang, $846,000.


Afternoon Lane, 9342-Black Rock Corp. to Adam Schrum, $400,000.

Blue Pool, 9013-Cynthia Grace Roberts Young to Andrew T. Miller and Sonia Vargas, $335,500.

Campfire, 6151-Robert M. and Barbara E. Heydt to Arnettia S. and Ken D. Wyre, $435,000.

Davis Rd., 8584-Rupali N. and Nitin P. Sangrampurkar to Martin John and Rebecca Gayle Lilly, $445,990.

Delphinium Ct., 5478-Hao Lee and Peng Ding to Adam J. and Victoria A. Swain, $349,000.

Early Red Ct., 6327-Wendy L. Lund and Wayne Alexander Long to Richard Tennyson Henry and Maria Makhina, $310,000.

Free Stone Ct., 6221-Thomas Longstaff and Andrea Kaufman to Laurie A. Baublitz, $430,000.

Hickory Log Cir., 7456-Anthony and Gwendolyn Y. Gibson to Oyeboade F. Adeleye, $300,000.

Leafy Screen, 6291-Matthew and Suzanne F. Castner to Subrata Kumar and Amanda Dee Das, $405,000.

Old Buggy Ct., 5715-Elizabeth M. Troll to Ben and Jennifer Pelleg, $432,500.

Robin Song, 6572-Rose M. Pinder to Hyun Seung and Joo Wan Lee, $344,400.

Starburn Path, 6117-Gurkan Erenler to Kartik Radhakrishnan and Neha Agarwal, $336,000.

Swan Point Way, 7279, No. 15-7-Patricia C. and Robert M. Mazzullo to Jeanne Greulich, $351,000.

Tamar Dr., 5915, No. 3-Victor Ola Akintayo Adegorusi to Yingfeng Luo, $110,000.

Thunder Hill Rd., 5776-Mary L. Young and estate of Gregory P. Young to Ralph Gary Kreider and Brittany Nicole Muth, $160,000.

Waiting Spring, 6133-Dena Engineering Corp. to Joshua W. and Deborah M. Hensley, $430,600.

Whiteacre Rd., 9625, No. B3-Opeolu A. Sanni to Stephanie Obianuju Okehie, $120,000.


Barley Corn Row, 6511-Wei Wang and Liwei Lu to Xiaoqing Peng, $620,000.

Caravan Ct., 6805-David K. and Amy M. Grossman to Richard Marcus and Ariella Karen Gelb Marcus, $570,000.

Chase Lions Way, 5308-Ekaterina I. Evseeva and Ilia U. Tropinski to Omar A. and Brenda Gohary, $394,000.

Columbia Rd., 5149, No. 33-Jeffrey J. Burtch to Hans-Robert G. Gibbs and Jordan M. Crow, $333,000.

Darlington Rd. E., 10089-John H. and Barbara A. Schnackenberg to Tirso Rivera, Laura V. Rivera and Tirso Rivera-Amaya, $415,000.

Fallriver Row Ct., 5437-Maurizio and Laure E. Farro to Leandrea R. James, $239,900.

Green Mountain Cir., 10848, No. 7-Quentin Wilson and estate of Frances L. Wilson to Amber Gramkow, $185,000.

Harpers Farm Rd., 5697, No. E-John P. Pacak and Damaris Santiago Rosado to Kevin C. and Majelyn D. Phillips, $229,500.

Hunting Lane, 10717-Dae Yung and in Sik Lee to Andrew Yue Lin Li and Bit Nah Lee, $550,000.

Lone Tree Ct., 11762-Ryan R. and Caroline Miklosovic to Christine and Gregg M. Schwind, $345,000.

Smooth Meadow Way, 5384, No. B2B-32-Jonah S. and Stephanie Stoutenborough to Edmond O. and Amy S. Russell, $138,000.

Twin Rivers Rd., 10596, No. E2-Jamie A. Betts and Charles Weber to Sharlyn Mazur, $120,000.

Windstream Dr., 10001, No. 504-James S. and Sook K. Oh to Susan Gersuk Jacobson, $283,500.


Triadelphia Mill Rd., 13982-JBRK Corp. to Christopher James and Brittany Gaw Mullinix, $650,000.


Bayberry Ct., 6300, No. 1102-Sergio Emmanuel Merino to Robert C. Reichert, $181,000.

Cypress Springs Rd., 6020-Michael L. Pfan to Channa Nalin and Deepthi Nimalka Bambaradeniya, $552,500.

Euclid Ave., 6371, No. C-Brianna L. and Travis C. Wilson to Richard Popolizio Jr. and Joy Saba, $327,000.

Hunter Rd., 6641-Paul C. and Ellen B. Kearney to William Efstrations Lucas and Katiria Liella Ortiz, $400,000.

Karas Walk, 6187-William J. and Helene M. Maher to Christopher R. Burbank and Haiyan Xu, $580,000.

Mayfield Ave., 7937-Robert C. and Kathryn F. Mahjoubian to Victoria Morris, $332,000.

Rowanberry Dr., 5919, No. ER-John Robert Linkous to Michael L. Wilmhoff, $182,500.

Summer Home Terr., 6218-Philomena and William D’Souza to Anthony Stanford, $555,000.


Avoca Ave., 4858-Leonard Henry and Joseph William Nichols to Susan K. Lennon, $325,000.

Brightlight Pl., 7916-Oluseyi Idowu Oresegun to Jonathon and Maria O’Brien, $312,500.

Charles Crossing, 5955-Chrisy Shim and Daniel Kim to Abbas H. and Haniya N. Zaidi, $445,000.

Donovan Lane, 5859-Adnan and Nasima A. Khan to Patrick and Tracy Kuhn, $449,900.

Lee Farm Ct., 4930, No. 99-Contessa Dubois to Ekaterine Antelava Ingorokva, $333,200.

Lower Mill Ct., 3534-Dena Engineering Corp. to Yvonne N. Obike, $499,990.

Montgomery Run Rd., 8349, No. H-Sacha Moise and Sahar Davarya to Victor J. Larco Minaya and Alejandra I. Moncada Betancourt, $222,000.

Old Columbia Pike., 4109-John P. and Mary E. Slonkosky to Mark Simmonds, $335,000.

Richards Valley Rd., 5809-John N. and Sarah Hunt to Geoffrey D. and Lisa E. Gaenslen, $377,500.

Trail View Dr., 8620-Lawrence M. and Debra J. Tobin to Christopher Lukas Izant and Kristen Keefe, $520,000.

Yorkshire Dr., 4651-Rajneesh Mahajan and Meenakshi Suman to M.E. and T.T. James, $607,000.


Morris St., 7512-Estate of Kristen Vaughan to Juan I. Rolon Vazquez and Vanessa P. Barrios Verhelst, $750,000.

Westside Blvd., 8085-Thomas William and Kimberly Dawn Barnes to Sung Hwan Yoon and Eui Jung Chung, $638,000.


Glenwood Springs Dr., 2801-Joseph and Kathleen Falanagan to Aung Kyaw Min Lal, $620,000.


Harlow Way, 7328, No. B-U. S. Home Corp. and Lennar Corp. to Rizwan Ahmed Khan, $363,490.

Southmoor St., 7003-Luka Holdings Corp. to Sandeep Savarala, $410,000.


Birchwood Way, 8818-Nauman Nazir and Nusrat Bhatti to Nicole Hendricks, $280,000.

Oak Meade Way, 8409-R. Douglas and Diane M. Baldridge to Marleni Ivon Amaya Guzman, Stefany Yaneth Ramirez Amaya and Emily Consuelo Perez Amaya, $273,000.


Cape Ann Dr., 10106-Ernie L. and Dulcie E. Martin to John and Brianna Hagen, $449,900.

Early Spring Way, 9751-Mark A. and Deborah I. Farris to Steven and Aimee Klement, $210,000.

Justice Pl., 10517-Michael L. Pfau to Anjuli and Jacob Newcomer, $405,000.

Quarry Bridge Ct., 9613-Robert C. and Angela M. Hendricks to Abigail Osei Duodu, $275,500.


Henryton Rd., 1040-Michael Bonner to Jeffrey David and Sarah Beth Hensley, $402,500.


Florence Rd., 1857-John P. and Sharon M. Shouse to Kevin Culp and Janet Herman, $576,500.

Weller Dr., 740-Jeffrey L. Cappiello and Laura S. Cameron to Lauren Meyers and Thomas Brannan, $605,000.


Woodward St., 8446-Allen Woodrow and Dixie Lee Zais to Stephen Gregory and Karen Perrin, $285,000.


Brewington Lane, 9232-Douglas and Holli Tucci to Brady F. Lindemon, $350,000.

Donnan Castle Ct., 9540-Patrick Gordon Rabe to Shalonda Miller, $302,000.

Fens Holw., 9474-Donna C. Hull to Nahed M. Jad, $300,000.

Gross Ave., 9108-Sharma and Carrie A. Ramdhanie to Sheila Joy A. and Rico Paul A. Tabligan, $389,000.

Lilac Park Dr., 9112, No. 13-Kyle Mathew Steinle and Meredith Lynn Ventura to James Pendleton, $220,000.

Queens Post Ct., 9310-Deutsche Bank National Trust Co. to Bi Ting Chen and Stephen Poggi, $302,000.

Rock Ripple Lane, 9318-Adam and Angela Fair to Jeen and Ai Tong Choi, $429,000.

Star Moon Lane, 9520-John J. and Natalie Langrock to Sridhar B. Pammi, $570,000.

Tumbleweed Run, 9120, No. G-Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Mahbuba N. Quaiyum, $120,500.


Fox Valley Dr., 3116-Adriaan G. and Mariska Van De Wall to Ali Hossein Khan Tehrani and Sameen Ali, $950,000.


Chester Way, 10505-D. Bryan and Helen B. Farnen to Matthew Kirk and Ana Hope Couser, $685,000.

Hillingdon Rd., 10729-James W. Dempsey to Titilola O. Omotoye, $513,000.