Anne Arundel County

These sales data recorded by the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation in April were provided by Black Knight Inc. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit


Bancroft Ave., 12-David P. and Renee Lynn Shewfelt to Josette E. and John D. Jurczak, $750,000.

Beach Dr., 425-Donnell William and Amanda M. Prince to Andrew K. Lubienski and Monica A. Mount, $320,000.

Blackwalnut Ct., 1341-Matthew D. Howard to Michael J. and Kimberly S. Lungociu, $439,000.

Canterfield Rd., 313-June Silverman and Maria Heaton to Christopher J. Mincher and Sally A. Mays, $550,000.


Catrina Lane, 3150-Jeffrey I. and Beatrice J. Way to Douglas C. and Brooke W. George, $580,000.

Devon Ct., 11-Laury P. Eberhard to Mark R. and Dianne D. Shenton, $265,000.


Edgewood Green Ct., 6-Timothy Weller to Bianca L. Fiorio, $272,500.

Ferry Point Rd., 439-Vicki G. Harrison to Shelley J. Row, $1.2 million.

Gemini Dr., 1231-Cassandra Nicole Ware to Rahul Chaudhri, $183,000.

Hidden River View Rd., 3422-Donald K. Wilkerson and Alyson L. Hall to David Jacques and Cindra Reeser Smith, $915,000.

Ironstone Ct., 20-Ian P. and Brittney Galloway to Diana S. Rojas, $233,000.

Lake Heron Dr., 1136, No. 2B-514 Phase II Corp. to Kathy Morant, $290,000.

Maple Dr., 113-Quad Investments Corp. to Ian Paisley and Brittney M. Galloway, $435,000.


President St., 307-WFC Flagship Corp. to Steven E. Kongas, $310,000.

Rockway Ave., 3544-Jacqueline D. and Hostina Gerald Steward to David W. and Karen A. Richardson, $405,000.

Sixth St., 531-Shelley J. Row to John S. Burks, $1.2 million.

Spindrift Way, 23-Keith W. O’Malley to Kristen O’Neil and Shaun Erdman, $392,500.


Warren Dr., 717-Mildred Lee Finney to Frederick J. Kissel, $975,000.


Annapolitan Lane, 519-Kaushik Cidambi to Dennis M. Landaverde Torres and Ruth I. Landaverde, $280,000.

Banneker Lane, 710-Celerity Ventures Corp. to Robert L. and Jocelyn Conway Malone, $560,000.

Burtons Cove Way, 657, No. 5-Caitlyn N. Nutt to Krista Hankins, $246,000.


Compass Dr., 2622-Estate of Frances T. Siemer and Donna Frances Opilla to William L. and Teresa A. Willoughby, $340,000.

Crest Cove, 2672-Janet M. Cord to Paul and Kathleen Mueller, $369,900.

Epping Way, 314-Henry D. and Sara M. Sandel to Bradford R. and Carmen G. Johnson, $1.07 million.

Forbes St., 304, No. E-Lisa Nicole and Brian Jennings to Nick A. Stamoulis, $270,000.

Giddings Ave., 405-James E. Fitzgerald to Joseph Ray Mitchem Jr., $420,000.


Joseph Johnson Dr., 508-ATNF Corp. and Williamsburg Group Corp. to Kim R. Herman, $439,900.

Mastline Dr., 1013-Charles E. and Joyce Dobson Matthews and Michael L. Kane to Susan J. Beall, $335,000.

Pemaquid Ct., 2660-Richard Smith to George Andrew and Joan Caperones, $423,000.


Powell Dr., 499-Clara M. Martone to Nicholas E. and Deirdre C. Gruendl, $904,000.

Seasons Way, 2834-Bennie F. and Priscilla H. Miles to Geoffrey D. Powers and Carol D. Gorsuch, $432,000.

Shipmaster Way, 2900, No. 317-Joanna M. Webb to Michael and Debra Menocal, $197,000.

Spring Place Way, 105-Scott C. and Anne H. Dine to Crystal M. Smith, $389,900.

Summerview Way, 2708, No. 2304-Brenda L. Desjardins to Vicki Scroppo, $278,000.

Tundra Ct., 2016-Darlene M. Leach and estate of Frederick Bahrenberg Jr. to Mark F. Sylvester and Patricia H. Bender, $471,000.


Westmoreland Trail, 1722-Alex J. Bourelly and Cristina Mendoza to Mary L. Jordan and Thomas P. Donahue, $550,000.



Admirals Ct., 202-Calatlantic Group Inc. to Jonathan M. and Hilse I. Collazo, $469,990.

Bay Dale Ct., 541-Joshua M. and Megan A. Offsie to Jessica A. Green, $307,500.

Canterwood Pl., 1111-Roberto and Taravadee Gomez to Ross D. Marchant, $560,000.

Deep Creek Ave., 1089-Philip J. Kueberth to Wayne W. and Georgia Fallin, $700,000.

Farley Ct. S., 1308-Chad M. and Pamela A. Moran to Austin K. Garcia, $305,000.

Hersden Lane, 317-Joel C. and Mary Elizabeth Cawthorne to Jerry D. and Nila Jean Spencer, $480,000.

Knottwood Ct., 428-Ewa Cebollero to Cisano D. Giraldo Cardona, $289,900.

Martingale Lane, 619-National Residential Nominee SVCS Inc. to Rita M. Lewis, $519,900.


Nancy Lynn Lane, 833-Chris L. Pettit and Yu Ting Pan to Tanya and Joseph Friscia, $572,500.


Pine Trail, 911-Edward Berlett and estate of Nancy L. Berlett to Brian A. and Amanda F. Tucci, $495,000.

Ruxshire Dr., 796-Roy L. and Darlene Curry to Andrew and Morgan Soares, $349,000.

Summerwood Ct., 1203-Branch Banking & Trust Co. to Marlene Zapata, $206,001.

White Swan Dr., 671-Geoffrey D. Powers and Carol D. Gorsuch to Joseph P. and Katherine M. Gallagher, $705,000.


Cedar Hill Rd. W., 611-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Francis K. and Elizabeth A. Buraczynski, $130,000.

Edgevale Rd. W., 144-Sherry R. Bice to Dakota Wendling, $110,000.


Hammonds Ct., 603-Phoenix Property Developers Corp. to Hector Vargas Perea, $294,000.

Holy Cross Rd., 604-William O. Dawson to Mark E. Pettaway, $237,000.

Old Riverside Rd., 322-SJ Lee Investment Group Corp. to Amanpreet Singh, $121,500.


Sunnyfield Lane, 781-Carol E. Anderson to Troy Alexander and Norlene Yvette Cash, $305,000.

Zeppelin Ave., 327-Department of Veterans Affairs to Elmer Javier Rivas Lopez and Glenda Sulema Arita Salvador, $175,000.

Fourth St., 5324-Tracy K.D. Angelo to Fagan E. Harris and Derek Bouadjemi, $79,000.

10th Ave., 112-WCT Properties Corp. to Stephen Thomas Neal, $221,500.


Baltimore Annapolis Blvd., 1710-David E. and Renee R. Farnie to Sanford S. Richardson and Alexia S. Hawkins, $655,000.


Breezewood Ct., 1482-Teresa N. Madaras and Caterina Flood to James Michael and Tiffany Lynn Small, $375,000.

Dogwood Tree Dr., 966-Kathleen A. and Jesse O. Osborne to Justin and Natalie Whitcomb, $416,000.

Lodge Pole Ct., 1594-William James Nutter Jr. to John M. and Doreen L. Mullen, $256,000.


Mount Holly Dr., 957-Mary J. and John W. Sherbert to Erin and Gerald Alton, $295,000.

Saint Margarets Rd., 1654-Lisa A. Webb and Richard M. Curtis to Christopher and Kori Aiken, $635,000.

Stonehurst Ct., 818-Stephen England and Kimberly A. Gaidsick to Kevin John Pagulayan and Lauren Grace Rimando, $357,000.

Winchester Rd., 1519-Blue Water Venture Partners Inc. to Maria Alejandra Del Cerro and Travis K. Ostrom, $647,000.

Woodtree Ct. W., 1615-Sean MacDougall to Carrie Burch, $212,000.


Delaware Ave., 1138-David Lee and Deborah Ann Jordan to Ryan D. Ambrose, $240,000.

Shady Side Rd., 5773-Cordie Dove to Robert Edwin and Annie Lilja, $377,000.


Albermarle Dr., 1654-Mary Ann McNamara and Elizabeth Kline to Frederick G. Snider, $382,500.

Bancroft Lane E., 1725A-Meredith L. Seeley to Holly B. Crosley, $187,500.


Copley Ct., 1754-Po Investments Group Corp. to John Thomas and Isabel Gardner, $269,900.

Danewood Ct., 1536-Lori R. Trott Greenhawk to Jacqueline Anne Elgie, $233,000.

Fallowfield Ct., 1584-Elizabeth and Daniel Choi to Michael Ryan McGreal, $239,900.

Gaffney Ct., 1711-Karen M. Daly and Mark Donaghy to Patricia E. Miller, $272,500.

Hornbeam Dr., 1534-Jeffrey L. Hornberger to Jason M. and Amanda Owens, $609,990.

Lake Grove Lane, 2095-Lauren M. Cheatham to Jenna K. Barrett, $260,000.

New Windsor Ct., 1652-Odessa S. and Jason Bryant Armstrong to Devon K. and Katelyn Marshall, $245,000.

Orleans Ct., 1486-David M. Silbiger and estate of Kathleen M. Vanscoik to Fernando T. and Aurora I. Conde, $187,000.

Rochester St., 1798-Leroy J. and Patricia A. Geyer to Suzanne M. Goodall, $405,000.

Sharwood Pl., 1835-Kelly Anne and Ryan F. Thuillier to Patty Karen Miller, $273,000.

Tallwind Ct., 2620-Kathleen M. Black to Evan E. Crawford, $357,500.

Truro Rd., 1706-Eugene P. and Cynthia L. Adcock to Matthew T. Allinger and Erin E. McMichael, $520,000.

Vineyard Ct., 1448-AGT Real Estate Investors Corp. to Tarrah A. Bellamy, $196,000.

Wilkshire Dr., 1662-Genevieve K. and Joseph G. Clagett to Justin Yankosky, $242,000.


Barger Dr., 752-Oda Co. to Veronica J. McConkey, $335,000.

Coleridge Lane, 2007-George and Marie Bolsch to Steven R. and Brenda J. Smith, $680,000.

Hickory Trail, 372-Jose S. and Fredy Cruz to Patricia A. and Roy L. Dudley, $315,000.

Redwood Trail, 811-Carl E. Aylor and Christine L. Fleming to Erin Cammarata and Carlos Sanchez, $379,900.

Spruce Trail, 833-Brian James Conwell to Danny J. Chavis, $382,000.

Wallace Rd., 1016-Sandra L. and Claude F. Tracy to Michael J. Faison and Elizabeth Dennis, $400,000.


Riverwood Way, 1350-Todd A. Stowe to Robert Ignatius Vitek, $244,000.


Coronada Rd., 3748-Kyle E. and Erin K. Madden to David M. and Saira K. Haas, $379,000.

Merrimac Rd., 3442-Kimberly Sue Marie and John Willard Keith II to Alexander Nelson and Andrea Borcz, $1.15 million.

Saint George Barber Rd., 975-Paul R. Polen and Charlene F. Kimble to Michael and Ashley D. Rossbach, $550,000.

William Meade Ct., 902-Francis H. and Chelsea Hartman Chaney to Jeffrey R. and Emanuela B. Hatcher, $865,000.


Thompson Lane, 198-Es Thompson III Corp. to Jennifer V. Hill and Alan C. Doubleday, $285,000.


Arbutus Dr., 304-Claude M. and Priscilla Wiblin to Jeffrey L. Teemley, $1.05 million.

Bishop Rd., 1513-Gregory M. and Amanda Abrams to Karen Louise Martinez, $300,000.

Cadle Creek Rd., 4072-Paul J. O’Farrell and Vivikka M. Molldrem to Donald and Deborah B. Magnuson, $954,000.

Kenmore Ave., 310-Kelly F. Bennett to Rigoberto Landaverde Reyes, $220,000.

Maryland Ave., 201-Joan D. Dolby to William Tate and Eugene Day, $315,000.

Millhaven Dr., 2121, No. 25-U.S. Bank and JP Morgan Alternative Loan Trust to Justin Ryan and Catherine Stodola Villanueva, $327,000.

Oak Dr., 3518-Victoria L. Bruce to Matthew Christopher and Allison Leigh Williams, $383,000.

Ridgely Rd., 1736-Ian Christopher Davidson and Christina Michelle Simkanin to James W. Henson Jr., $295,000.

Selby Heights Dr., 815-Eric D. and Rachel A. Kunkel to Charles B. and Danielle M. Kern, $488,000.

Suffolk Ct., 3643-Terry M. and Carly A. Jones to Steven A. and Frances Kraus, $420,000.


Trent Hall Ct., 110-Ernest F. Groves to Christopher P. and Laura A. Fazekas, $700,000.


Brodick Lane, 2008-Zannatul Ferdous and S. Rahman to Ryan Jeffrey and Stephanie Alison McLaughlin, $600,000.

Dew Ct., 966-John C. and Joan M. Frykman to Ryan E. Decuir, $410,000.

Jacob Way, 2206-James and Jessica Goddard to Jason and Phouketkeo Hartman, $770,000.

Smooth Alder St. N., 2645-U.S. Home Corp. and Lennar Corp. to Kevin Pack and Terezia Schulze, $436,900.

Tobin Way, 308-Kelly J. O’Donnell to Jason S. and Annette C. Kiddy, $300,000.

Wigeon Way, 1403, No. 2-Suzanne M. Goodall to Raymond B. and Karleen M. Leasure, $322,000.

Witchhazel Cir., 1579-U.S. Home Corp. and Lennar Corp. to Marlon Lienell Jones, $478,990.


Baby Baer Ct., 1506-Esther Rena Guffey to Jonah L. Baron, $289,000.

Colonial Knls., 6467-Matthew C. Kazor to Yuliya V. Shapovalenko and Nataliya Vladislavovna Raymond, $155,000.

Dorking Rd., 903-Brenda L. Triggs and estate of Lester Eugene Triggs Sr. to Amber A. Gilde, $184,500.

Fleagle Rd., 359-Randall and Bihn Tran to Connor Alexander Peebles, $375,000.

Foxview Dr., 152-Stephen P. Graves to Matthew Wolnik, $257,000.

Gatewood Ct., 434-Dorothy Mae Barr to Charles T. Doering, $179,900.

Harris Heights Ave., 6202-Daryl T. White to J. Jesus Ramirez Castro and Teresa Alvarado Castaneda, $137,500.

Juneberry Way, 204, No. 1D-Joan F. and Wendy Bauer to Franklin James Frisby, $151,500.

Lamplighter Rdg., 6431-Jennifer L. Vouvoudakis and Kimberly A. Higham to Andre O. Kitching, $169,900.

Leprechaun Lane, 608-Neelima Muthyam to Meraz Hossain and Sharmin Sultana Khan, $225,000.

Lincoln Ave., 325-Alyson N. Hankins and Christopher S. Andrews to Marcus Goelz, $255,000.

Munroe Cir., 535-Caree T. Craig Ranck to Shawn and Christina Byrum, $260,000.

Nolheight Rd., 457-William J. Murphy and Christopher Vaughan to David F. Enriquez Berrios, $285,000.

Rosedale Ave., 1103-Richard G. Hare and Charles Weaver to Doris M. Myers and Margaret Liberatore, $292,000.

Truck Farm Dr., 227-Megan Lauren Jendrossek to Pamela Younes and Elias Carr Inscoe, $325,000.

Wilson Blvd. SW, 315-Merle H. Lucado and estate of Mary Jean Moffatt to Erica Shani Jerdine, $199,900.


Baltimore Annapolis Blvd., 7815-Michael Rayburn to Manuel E. and Aura E.B. De Abarca, $239,000.

Briargrove Lane, 7556-Albert F. Lambert to Jonathan A. and David A. Trent Carlson, $330,000.

Cedarcliff Dr., 1220-Alison K. Suarez to Valerie Suarez, $255,000.

Clover Ct., 371-Akinola Ladipo Daniel to Abdiel Gonzalez Tamayo and Jessennia Ivette Ruiz, $320,000.

Dale Rd., 824-Donald C. Fleshman to Robert Wayne Smith Jr. and Victoria Paige Lawson, $240,000.

Dewey Pl., 8120-NVR Inc. to Dawna Lynn Alexander Powell, $304,075.

Edenberry Way, 1018-M.I. Homes of D.C. Corp. to Christopher R. Leaman and Valarie M. Cook, $345,185.

Fern Hollow Ct., 7822-Calatlantic Group Inc. to Guigonan Serge and Marie Edith Steele Adjognon, $317,890.

Galesbury Ct., 6929-U.S. Home Corp. and Lennar Corp. to Jamaal Rashun and Stacy Danielle Thompson, $565,990.

Gerard Dr., 121-Richard Brien Williams Jr. and Calvin Christopher Rice to Chase Harrington and Amber D. Housley, $308,500.

Hargrove Ct., 7312-U.S. Home Corp. and Lennar Corp. to Timothy Taylor and Allie Lynnette Gamble Taylor, $524,385.

Highland Rd., 16-Mpgreen Management Co. Inc. to Gerri Lynn and Karl Hayes Hoy, $275,000.

Holly Ridge Way, 535-Calatlantic Group Inc. to Anthony R. Toledo and Erin A. McGee, $385,590.

Long Cove Rd., 942-Mary Ann and Jeffrey Lamberton to David Hoff and Maria Schrum, $410,000.

Margate Dr., 320-From House to Home Inc. to William F. Garner, $299,000.

Maryland Ave. NE, 300-Brian S. Bolly to John A. and Stephanie Hagood, $250,000.

Oak Spring Dr., 112-Cynthia L. Byrd and estate of Thomas H. Caraker III to Scott J. Smith, $230,000.

Phelps Ave., 401-Jeffrey C. and Jack C. Pumphrey to Anthony L. and Stephanie J. Goddard, $281,000.

Pond View Dr., 119-Dan Ryan Builders Mid-Atlantic Corp. to Robert Lee Sutton, $313,752.

Shana Rd., 215-E & S Future Corp. to Robert L. Fields IV and Tyler L. Foster, $271,000.

Stegman Pl., 1011-Joseph Frank Burger and Katherine Elizabeth Wilson to Neil S. and Chastity F. Dudley, $355,000.

Tanager Ave., 7131-Megan Elizabeth and Jesse James Clayton Kyper to Desean Lee and Amirra S. White, $317,000.

Timbercross Lane, 7636-Department of Veterans Affairs to DoRhonja Nichols, $267,500.

Warfield Rd., 102-Aarei Corp. to Miriam A. Gonzalez Vazquez, $212,000.

Whip Lane, 116-Justin M. and Stephanie M. Marvel to Austin Golas, $285,000.

Second St., 1007-Joel Robert and Shelby Miller to Brittany Colleen and William Zachary Wheeler, $263,000.


Cardinal Bluff Ct., 3017-D.R. Horton Inc. to Rebecca I. Newton, $380,000.

Chanceford Dr., 7809-NVR Inc. to Schendell Lindsay and Duane Goodman Sr., $413,330.

Chanceford Dr., 7821-NVR Inc. to Nicholas Ware and Tia Mendoza, $461,504.

Crystal Brook Way, 7839-Anthony Jamil and Priscilla Sekellick to Riana E. McCallum, $445,000.

Fairbanks Ct., 7668-Raul Garcia to John Paul and Santona Maria Rozario, $242,000.

Gesna Dr., 1406-Howard R. and Dorothy C. White to Lewis M. Crumb and Courtney Marie Harris, $350,000.

Hekla Lane, 1612-Calatlantic Group Inc. and the Ryland Group Inc. to Nana K. Opoku, $507,225.

Linden Dr., 1026-U.S. Home Corp. and Lennar Corp. to Suk Nam and Kyung Mi Yoon, $379,990.

Misty Lake Ct., 1446-Leonard A. Salahud Din Jr. to Brennise De Mari Soberano Soberano, $230,000.

Richmond Way, 2646-NVR Inc. to Lakesha Nicole Morris and Kelvin Dwayne Lyons Sr., $372,560.

Stoney Run Dr., 7508B-Gregory A. and Ansley J. Sudderth to Alina K. and Maria L. Taylor, $325,000.

Strahorn Rd., 1423-NVR Inc. to Hae Song and Ok Im Chong, $333,604.

Sycamore Pl., 2312-Aleksandr and Svetlana Slobodyanik to Laura L. Bencriscutto, $652,000.

Wessex Cir., 2703-Pulte Home Co. Corp. to Michael A. Towner Jr., $433,530.


River Clubhouse Rd. S., 223-Sabine R. Joyce to G.J. Devlin and L.M. Nelson, $645,000.


Hilltop Rd., 1916-Department of Veterans Affairs to Magaly Rodriguez, $402,000.

Marion Rd., 2317-Calatlantic Group Inc. to Ramal X. and Tiffany Montgomery, $399,990.


Bitterwood Pl., 3402, No. B202-Patrick Spicer to Jeri M. Selinger, $209,900.

Fisher Hill Rd., 3510-George H. and Najla Rashid Wortham to Tamara J. Pinkney, $345,000.

Laurel View Ct., 3586-Amrish and Mansi Vyas to Markeith A. and Shawnnetta D. Williams, $272,000.

Old Channel Rd., 3040-Michael and Nichole Walsh Meadows to Bonnie Campbell and Richard Henry Batcheldor Jr., $470,000.

Pennington Dr., 8115-Daniel J. Allen and Sarah A. White to Kareth J. Barnaby and Geary G. Kitson, $283,000.

River Bend Ct., 3110, No. G003-Cameron James Dumas to Annette Y. Duberry and Tamille De Chell Keith, $200,000.

Spadderdock Way, 8301-Nicholas Daprato and Timothy Williamson to Renee Monica Elzie, $275,000.

Sweetbush Trail, 3628-Jonathan Carl and Tomika S. Armstead to Paul W. Hannah Jr., $412,000.

Winding Trail, 8510-Ryan Patrick and Kristen Leigh Parker to Joshua P. and Aleida K. Higginson, $399,900.


Catherine Ave., 403-Guadalupe J. Rugel to Christopher Cody Lentz, $325,000.

Hampton Rd., 41-Kelly M. Loughery to Elena M. Antunano, $239,000.

Laurel Rd., 205-John D. and Kristen R. Blalack to Benson Q. and Kelli C. Conrad, $480,000.


Claybrooke Dr., 4401-Michael and Alison Klug to Tiffany M. Lanouette, $636,000.

Rapidan Ct., 5412-Wayne M. and Debra L. Wyvill to Bard K. and Laurie A. Woltman, $1 million.


Ahearn Ct., 331-Christine F. Markut and Drew N. McKay to Christopher Dove and Sierra Diniz, $309,000.

Bernard Dr. S., 8263-William J. and Diane W. Blewett to Matthew Levine and Christina Siwiec, $313,500.

Mesa Rd. S., 758-Charlotte W. and Anthony J. Campitelli to Stephanie N. and Richard G. Taylor, $469,900.

Phenita Point Dr., 402-Haldun C. and Fer Eren to Pedro R. and Evangeline R. Ravago, $585,000.

Severn Rd., 239-Michael J. Parks to Melody E. Parks, $339,000.


Dover Ave., 7011-Vera E. and Earl L. Blenkiron to Lawrence P. Spicknall Jr., $235,000.


Barred Owl Way, 2615-Christopher Wade to Robert Patrick Mutchler II, $349,000.

Blue Spring Ct., 2445, No. 101-Lusine Aurigemma to Daphne Ayers, $190,000.

Cedar Elm Dr., 2607-David A. Aungst to Ryan A. Webster and Brianna M. Brophy, $319,900.

Clarion Ct., 2602, No. 103-Eugene B. Calmon to Helen Cook, $245,000.

Commissary Cir., 2245-Angela Esmond to Maryann P. Thomas, $308,000.

Dragon Fly Way, 2757-Classic Group Corp. to Frances J. and Donna B. Clark, $646,080.

Forest Edge Ct., 2406, No. 203-Clifford Joel Moses to Amy E. Starr, $210,000.

Golden Aster Pl., 2797-Winchester Homes Inc. to Suvan Pradhan and Mamata Blon, $562,331.

Graycliff Lane, 1206-Andrei Y. and Anna M. Gavrilov to Weston C. Bethancourt, $315,000.

Harvest Run Dr., 705, No. 203-Michele Marie and Michelle M. Hershkowitz to Beth Ann Salsgiver, $240,000.

Huntover Dr., 1322-Carol P. Kerr to Mubarak and Shadia Gamal Fadl, $258,000.

Junco Ct., 2552-Kaylee and Keith Alan Bazzell to Maximilian Walter M. Balzano, $375,000.

Kingbird Ct., 3606-NVR Inc. to Jonathan Walter Charles and Tania Hendrickson, $517,190.

Meandering Way, 1032-Estate of Terry T. Takamori and Mae Masako Takamori to Michael J. and April Natasha Cajes Olson, $359,999.

Pagefield Way, 2251-D.R. Horton Inc. to Anthony C. Mai and Julia Nelson Abbott, $385,390.

Realm Ct. W., 653-Joel B. and Allison Persels to Xiara Torres Williams and Brian Gene Ferrick, $240,000.

Ripley Point Ct., 2007-Benjamin Figueroa to Wayne E. and Michael W. Rock, $257,000.

Rolling Hill Walk, 610, No. 204-George N. Sacclaris to Roy S. Spitalnik, $199,900.

Samantha Lane, 1005, No. 104-Robert J. Bonuccelli to Vincenza Buonocore, $235,000.

Spring Peeper Ct., 3086-Classic Group Corp. to Darlene C. Tyson, $437,999.

Sunny Chapel Rd., 817-David E. and Margaret J. Naber to Nathan Tindall, $535,000.

Sunny Ridge Dr., 3056-NVR Inc. to Anna May Louie and Steve Glenn Smith, $672,720.

Timberbrook Ct., 310-Zenaida Eugenio Quiroz and estate of Kelvin E. Quiroz to Genet Bekele and Solomon Eyob, $325,000.

Warm Spring Way, 2491-Kristen Dwyer to Kevin M. and Stephanie Lynn M. Lipman, $319,900.

Winding Stream Way, 694, No. 304-Linda C. Kostic to Annamaria Schettino, $225,000.

Woodchuck Way, 3072-Robert F. and Jean T. Davis to Barbara Roberts, $412,000.


Abbey Ct., 8034L-Michael Ambuehl to Shane Crook, $151,000.

Apple Valley Dr., 8011-Michael W. Wright to Joseph A. Feeney III, $305,000.

Bay Rd., 2027-Christina Urban Serinis and Christina A. Urban to Miriam Ruffini and Robert Lewis Kulp, $290,000.

Bell Tower Crossing, 8118-Donald R. and Sandra S. Olson to Thomas A. and Melanie J. Hampton, $470,000.

Brighton Ct., 7883-Allen Kronenwetter to Glenn Leroy and Michea Dannette Millar, $300,000.

Catherine Ave., 7845-MC Hammer and Nail Investments Corp. to Michael R. and Jessica R. Loggia, $305,000.

Chadwick Ct., 3628-Timothy and Karen Simmons to Austin Pressley, $219,900.

Daydream Crescent, 8350-U.S. Home Corp. and Lennar Corp. to Colby John Martin and Carley Lynn Campbell, $382,990.

Ferry Point Rd. N., 371-Chun Cha Haines to Charles Robert and Ann L. Christ, $1.15 million.

Guerdon Ct., 1558-William F. Garner to Andrew Wilson and John Sage, $435,000.

Jackpine Dr., 128-Brian Bird to Santiago R. Delgado, $329,900.

June Dr., 7863-Patricia Ann O’Hara and estate of James F. O’Hara to Henry E. Vernacchio III, $360,000.

Kings Bench Pl., 7858-Cynthia T. Gray Larrimore to Michael P. and Kimberly A. Gordon, $285,000.

Lockwood Rd., 8389-Albert J. and Jacqueline M. Bartlinski to Timothy Freburger, $255,000.

Manchester Rd., 22-Charles Harrison Marks to Matthew Carl Kazor and Sara Rachel Gibbons, $265,000.

Meridian Dr., 7928-K. Hovnanian Homes of Maryland Corp. to Charles Robert Goller Jr. and Olga Kuzmina, $524,990.

Meridian Dr., 7963-K. Hovnanian Homes of Maryland Corp. to Thomas Monroe Tyler Sloan and Danielle Sue Davis, $582,764.

Misty Ct., 125-Michael A. and Joanne P. Baker Pruner to Craig P. and Lucero P. Petre, $678,000.

Notley Rd., 7805-Michael C. Ronquest to Bobby L. Lutz and Tiffany D. Smith, $299,990.

Park Rd., 188-Jerry E. and Ashley N. Housand to Crystal Gayle and Albert Lamar Bond, $404,000.

Pescara Ct., 3303-Teddy Ray and Castella Kincer to Dustin J. Korb and Adrienne N. Andrews, $250,000.

Pinehurst Harbour Way, 8196-Janice G. and Wilbert C. Cook to Angela G. and Donald C. Borum, $1.29 million.

Rambling Ridge Ct., 360-Joshua J. Zimmerman to Richard G. Hare II, $185,000.

Riverside Dr. W., 7953-Charles E. and Lori Runco to Melvin R. and Amanda B. Foster, $372,000.

Sagamore Ct., 2805-John J. and Shannon M. Smiechowski to Jared Patrick and Stephany Eliz Fohs, $490,000.

Scituate Harbour, 1025-RSP Property Interests Corp. to Caitlin A. and Samuel A. Sica, $258,000.

Somerset Rd., 319-GWK Residential Properties Corp. to George E. and Mary J. Burlock, $328,000.

Thorpe Rd., 1677-Patrick A. and Michelle M. Staub to Daniel S. and Jillian M. Melnykevich, $585,000.

Weston Woods Dr., 207-Sandra L. Stoll to Jesse and Megan Kyper, $539,900.

Woodholme Cir., 8064-Kenneth D. Trawick to Joseph T. and Lauran E. Pope, $309,000.

Sixth St., 562-Grand Branch Management Corp. to Jennifer Elizabeth and Casey James Ventola, $325,000.


Breckenridge Way, 3235-Frank and Katherine M. Smollon to William Lifsey and Amy E. Carskadon, $705,000.

Hambleton Rd., 2753-Catherine L. Luzio to Kyle and Amy Colton, $840,000.

Parkview Dr., 2714-Susan Lynn Jacobsen to Michael and Lacy Kyllonen, $344,000.


Barnwood Ct., 1701-Michael J. and Ching Mei Gorman to Mohammad Abid Amiri, $280,000.

Beckman Terr., 1907-John Michael and Stefanie Thompson to Min Gie Cha, $335,000.

Chalice Ct., 7902-Jason M. and Amanda G. Owens to Johnathan Ronald Grotke and Hayley Logan, $350,000.

Cortana Ct., 1015-Beazer Homes Corp. to Dawn Elizabeth Brooks and Deanna Lynette Foster, $567,450.

Evergreen Rd., 804-House Buyers of America Inc. to Dominick Joseph and Ericka D. Constantino, $350,000.

Grainfield Rd., 8306-Matthew Cauvel to Ronnie L. Thomas and Rachel N. Wolfe, $362,000.

Janet Dale Lane, 850-Calatlantic Group Inc. to Tara Burkhart and Mary Levy, $612,300.

Montgomery Mews Ct., 7791-Stylianos Bouzianis to Opeyemi A. Odumeru, $372,500.

Okeefe Dr., 8549-Greenpoint Mortgage Funding Trust and U.S. Bank to Mohammad Alkarmi and Kamaljeet Singh, $378,262.

Ridgely Loop, 8124-John S. Wright to Tiffany Robinson, $579,900.

Saint Francis Dr., 8262-Toll VII Partnership to Darren S. and Luzminda White, $673,647.

Sappling Dr., 1211-Toll VII Partnership to David J. Blythe, $665,003.

Sibley Way, 7908-Bayland Inc. to Olaoye Ibikunle and Adenike Ibidun Odubore, $554,083.

Thompson Ave., 1120-Amy E. Meyers to Yesenia H. Rodriguez, $348,000.

Venice Lane, 7732-D.R. Horton Inc. to Darryl and Maxine L. Stewart, $369,500.

Venice Lane, 7739-D.R. Horton Inc. to Anel Amores and Miriam A. Melendez Villalta, $345,000.

Washington Ave., 1441-Jennifer Crawford Shylanski and estate of Linda S. Crawford to Ian D. and Paul M. Gancarz, $255,000.


Belleview Dr., 34-Randolph R. and Barbara L. Hemingway to R. Philip and Jane D. Giles, $780,000.

Berrywood Dr., 248-E. Bruce and Kathryn Shuman O’Neil to Noah W. El Bermani and Angel M. Martin, $655,000.

Clairedge Ct., 112-Alan F. and Gretchen C. McAllister to Christopher G. and Camila T. Wolfe, $629,000.

Cottonwood Dr., 873-Susan Jean Finlay Cline to Sarah and Kurt Sagorsky, $485,000.

Eastwood Ct., 496-Anthony J. and Sara A. Viscichini to Lynn P. Appel, $440,000.

Fernwood Ct., 416-Harry C. and Alexa Goudy to Charles Wayne Crawford Jr. and Patricia Marie Grey, $520,000.

Holly Ridge Rd., 625-Herbert J. and Jane M. Mitchell to Joanna C. and Michael S. Beaver, $1.62 million.

Kleis Rd., 46-74 Arundel Beach Corp. to Charles L. and Tonya Marie Perry, $800,000.

Lockleven Dr., 110-Chad and Erin Keefer to Jo Ann and Patrick M. Pyles, $650,000.

McBride Lane, 434-Dalphine N. Cager to Mychal Mulhall and Kelly Boggiano, $480,000.

Old County Rd., 307-Lee and Katherine C. Watkins to Linda G. Hutchinson, $659,900.

Robinson Rd., 45-David J. and Samantha Keri Walden to John J. and Tiffany S. Kang Hoffner, $660,000.

Snellings Ct., 45-Michael J. and Ann P. Farrell to Demetris P. and Jennifer A. Christophi, $589,900.

Sycamore Rd., 100-Valerie M. Daugherty to Cheryl Joy A. Guadalupe, $420,000.

White Oak Dr., 505-Andrew C. and Carrie L. Bickel to Camden Ellsworth and Nicole H. Belinko, $475,000.

Wilderness Rd., 281-Scott and Annmarie Truver to Glenn J. and Dana S. Merkel, $985,000.


Cedar Ave., 1184-Katrina L. Ranum to Austen and Melissa Hellerick, $274,500.

Howard County

These sales data recorded by the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation in April were provided by Black Knight Inc. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit


Aston Villa, 9407, No. 52-Sridhar and Ankita Chandupatla to Suhas and Joni Prasad, $435,400.

Boones Lane, 3029-Jae Sung and Myung Sook Juhn to Eunyoung Yang and Taejoon Won, $668,000.

Cabery Rd., 10221-Mildred Jane Doyle and Suzanne L. Schneider to Jesus and Cristina Mirabal, $425,000.

Cheekwood Cir., 2716-Fiona E. Gambino to Christine Kajubi D. Arbela, $617,000.

Crape Myrtle Ct., 5026-W. Creek Corp. to Sundeep S. Patel and Nidhi Goel, $1.3 million.

Dorsey Hall Dr., 4732, No. 9-908-Yoo Kyung Choi to the Diane B. and Dwight Mikulis, $206,000.

Evergreen Way, 2898-Peter V. Anania Jr. and estate of Nancy L. Anania to Meghan A. and Vladimir Y. Monpremier, $465,000.

Frost Way, 10135-Joan A. and Ann F. McFarland to Rasheda Uddin, $650,000.

Garratt Ct., 3538-Manda Z. and Edwin W. Ervin to Pengnian Jin, $675,000.

Greenway Dr., 3034-June E. Watson to Michael Orlando Sr., $360,000.

Hearthstone Rd., 3204-Stanley T. Clark Jr. to Kristin Faye Miller, $390,000.

Knobs End Ct., 4263-William W. and Mary L. Reinhard to Eric and Jacqueline Steinberg, $620,125.

Manor Lane, 4515-Megan L. Reuwer to Russell P. Howey, $1.6 million.

Open Run Rd., 12057-Trevor W. and Sonya L. Pryce to Jerome R. Jaffe, $1.45 million.

Rams Horn Row, 4742-Kevin and Lisa Link to Kishan Ellepola and Minuri Amarasuriya, $370,000.

Riverside Cir., 9715-Paul F. Hastall to Craig Edward and Lesley Janet Harriman, $360,000.

South Meadow Ct., 4443-Marcey Karen Max and Martin Pozoulakis to Zhi Yang and Xiaoyan Zhang, $628,000.

Vardon Lane, 2735-NVR Inc. to John E. and Marlene M.L. Day, $784,169.

Victoria Dr., 9159-Kai Yi and Jin Sun to Tyrone and Tiffany B. Smith, $555,000.


Crabbury Ct., 7116-Karl B. and Sandra L. Fielhauer to Anthony Joseph and Caitlin Ervin Rossi, $775,000.

Linden Linthicum Lane, 12184-Kevin and Jeanna Mikailova to Can and Chen Li, $765,000.

Mystic Ocean Lane, 5903, No. A4-37-Asai Properties Corp. to Guy Thomas Bernal and Jessica Min Ju Deng, $493,750.

Turtle Creek Ct., 6812-Paresh K. Sanghavi to Wondwossen A. Bekele and Rahel Yirefu, $850,000.


Basket Ring Rd., 9622-Joseph T. Phaneuf and Michaela A. Conley to Rony Ottoniel Alvarez Carcamo and Mercy Stefany Cruz De Alvarez, $275,000.

Brinton Ct., 5120-Jule and Melissa Bordas to Mark Ronald Boivin, $349,900.

Cameldriver Ct., 9487-Paula J. Holbrook to Cristina Godoy and Hannah Rebecca Menendez, $345,000.

Deepage Dr., 7030-Elaine M. Diggs to William G. Morris, $399,900.

Eaglebeak Row, 5592-Paul F. Pechacek to Ryan R. and Laura B. Decamp, $485,000.

Frietchie Row, 6522-Marc David and Alisha Lindsey Sacharoff to John F. Chau, $257,000.

Goose Landing Cir., 8861-Julie Jang to Leo Jiryun Kim, $337,000.

Kerry Hill Ct., 7362-Anna MacCartney to Wilfredo E. Pena and Madeline L. Escobar, $275,000.

Lightning View Rd., 5210-Bobby B. Joyner to William A. Cooper Jr. and Felice Dalashawn Essex, $320,000.

Majors Lane, 6085, No. 10-Ryker Dodge to Sean Gobourne, $147,500.

Merryrest Rd., 9457-Penelope A. and Dell E. Simmons to Diana Vogel and Paul Brandenburger, $262,000.

Old Montgomery Rd., 8898-Adrian and Sumi Pokharel to Pierre N. and Marinet A. Kamga, $500,000.

Prophecy Pl., 6184-Gary C. and Shawna Pryor to Charles and Camille Hodanics, $410,000.

Riverark Rd., 9459-David and Valerie Smith to Alice Ashton, $289,000.

Shining Oceans Way, 8897, No. 13-Edmund Kin Sing Liu to Patricia M. and Richard L. White, $435,000.

Sleep Soft Cir., 7207-Charles and Camile Hodanics to Ferhat and Angela N. Doganci, $255,000.

Tamar Dr., 5923, No. 1-Shawn P. Murphy to Deborah S. Axelrod, $134,900.

Twelvemonth Ct., 5737-Mathew E. and Kathleen E. Mathai to Lizbeth Portalatin Perez, $297,000.

Warm Granite Dr., 8865, No. 32-Jae J. and Sun S. Yang to Seongbok and Hyeyoung Lee, $294,433.

Wind Rider Way, 6356-Hyeon Joo Lee to Sung K. Choi and Min Suk Choi Yu, $342,000.


April Journey, 5515, No. 118-Linda M. Daniels Horst to Ronald L. and Tyreen C. Maddox, $340,000.

Cedar Lane, 5718-Brian J. Beebe to Jim Wallace and Karen Campbell, $299,900.

Cloudburst Hill, 5026-Brandon David and Rachel Babyak to Timothy A. Murdock and Jessica W. Choi Murdock, $450,000.

Covington Rd., 6117-Mark E. and Teresa J. Devault to Brian and Jacqueline Brewer, $525,000.

El Camino, 5428, No. 1-RMCC Inc. to Vladimir Leonardo Rodriguez, $209,000.

Fair Oaks, 10435-Philip N. and Michelle Lynn J. Tracy to James and Larisa Strawbridge, $480,000.

Freshaire Lane, 5606-Uchenna Nwanna to Sergio A. and Diana E. Benavides, $250,000.

Green Mountain Cir., 10709-Dianne Mary Connelly to Regina Dorsett and Adetayo Oshadiya, $307,500.

Harmel Dr., 10960-Mark A. Riddle and Emily J. Frosch to Jasmine P. Guansing and Paolo Encarnacion, $585,000.

Hickory Crest Lane, 10618, No. 38-Estate of Carol C. Cantelo and Amy E. White to Robert D. McGillicuddy and Deborah A. King, $385,000.

Mad River Lane, 5404-Wing Lam to Peter William Barfknecht and Ninfa A. Constante Perez, $450,000.

Misty Arch Run, 6045-Eric W. Ohnstad to Thanh Q. Truong and Ut T. Nguyen, $454,900.

Olde Woods Way, 10843-Matthew E. Dowling to Michael J. Thomas, $300,000.

Pembroke Green Pl., 10207, No. 81-Robert Garvey to Sarah C. Lyon, $387,000.

Ripe Apple Lane, 6413-Thrity Avari Prabhu to Abdelrahmman and Ruba Abukhdeir, $725,000.

Rushlight Path, 5001-Bridget M. and Leonard A. Pettiford to Denise C. Barclay and David M. Thompson, $545,000.

Springing Step, 6760-Susan Homes Corp. to Kathleen B. Gradwell, $320,000.

Summer Sunrise Dr., 6404-Robert William and Carol Ann Davis to Tatiana and William Ronald Ormond, $685,000.

Symphony Way, 10723, No. 102-Da Wei and Rueih Ying Chu to Robert Eugene Rhinehart III, $305,000.

Vantage Point Rd., 5570, No. 3-Mohammad T. Hosseini to Angela Eunha Ryu, $167,500.

Watch Chain Way, 5930, No. 806-Jason J. Morrissey to Ojo Oludare Oyebisi, $161,000.

Windstream Dr., 10001, No. 207-James McMahon to Manda Zand Ervin, $285,000.


Arbor Way, 6327-Ashley V. Hall to Ryan Scirrotto and Chelsea Rafaloff, $365,000.

Avalon Dr., 5972-Andrew G. and Maureen McCawley Sagi to Daniyal A. Gheba and Kimya Davani, $700,000.

Blue Sky, 5808-Ramzi and Rita Namek to Sean K. Powley and Noreen I. Qureshi Powley, $408,000.

Brookview Rd., 7325, No. 202-Michael H. Levinson to Sharon Malcom, $380,000.

Calvert Dr., 7047-Keith A. and Jeanann L. Perkins to Wing H. Chung and Qi Sun, $640,000.

Dagny Way, 7752-Beazer Homes Corp. to Tae Min Kwak and Anna Jungmi Moon, $395,990.

Darby Downs, 7207-Bradley Weeber to Lisa Michelle Trova, $295,000.

Ducketts Lane, 6610, No. 19-6-Holly K. Prehn to Pedro and Thaiza Carvalho, $235,000.

Euclid Ave., 6414B, No. B-Intercon Investment Corp. to Abiodun T. Aduroja, $349,900.

Green Tree Ct., 8033-Heather C. and Shawn R. Fickes to Anthony Lee, $282,500.

Rigby Pl., 7432-Jennifer and Jung Gu Kim to Joy S. Park, $390,000.

Rockledge Ct., 6411-Vanessa Hughes to Adrienne Bell and Kandiss Long, $275,000.

Shadywood Rd., 6150, No. 304-Dorothy B. Redmond to Thomas A. and Susan Thompson, $300,000.

Sutton Ct., 6219-Hirsh and Deborah Goldberg to Sanjaya and Soniya Gurung, $370,000.

Woodburn Ave., 6403-Victor O. Ishola and Adejoke Adeyemo to Yilmaz and Gonul Goktepe, $335,000.


Brightlight Pl., 7976-Gregory S. Murach to Jamie Marie Wood and Daniel Josef Schindler, $362,000.

Charles Crossing, 5948-NVR Inc. to Madhu S. Baral and Kalpana Pandey, $310,862.

Chatfield Lane, 7722-Daniel J. and Elisabeth E. Baumwald to Nishesh Bhakta and Amrita Shrestha, $352,000.

Coachlight Lane, 7631, No. A-L-Harvinder S. Saini to Christine and Steven E. Weathersbee, $227,000.

Cyprus Cedar Lane, 8145, No. A-Diane B. Rush to Michael and Belinda Evans, $275,000.

Elko Dr., 8198-Charles A. Dixon to Joseph A. and Rachel E. Farah, $632,500.

Falls Run Rd., 8573, No. I-Michael A. Orlando to Mark Surendra, $215,000.

Frederick Rd., 8727-Robert M. Knudsen to Lesley Ryan, $295,000.

Harvey Lane, 5200-Samuel J. and Anne T. Hollenbach to Sameer and Rubina Jain, $760,000.

Kensington Gardens, 2530, No. 202-Juanita M. Bryden to Nancy L. Trussel, $286,000.

Mayfair Cir., 7796-Kelly Boggiano to David Joseph and Barbara Joan Linden, $232,000.

Montgomery Run Rd., 8371, No. H-Wei Lie and Dong Xia Luo to Jingyuan Wang, $183,000.

Old Woodstock Lane, 7733-Timothy McGinnis to Glenn and Melissa Meininger, $316,000.

Richards Valley Rd., 5753-Douglas R. Steinbaum to Thuya Aung and Aung Kyi, $418,000.

Rollingtop Rd., 4834-Martin F. and Marjorie A. Malarkey to Mubashir H. Butt, $480,000.

Rustling Bark Ct., 7901-Brad J. and Emily R. Haley to Tracy and Shawn Smith, $335,000.

Sonia Trail, 3237, No. 75-Anantha N. Subramanian to Rajesh and Sangeetha Voona, $315,000.

Stonecrest Dr., 4374-Nadeem Qaisar and Naseem Akhtar to Nagarajan Chandran and Minubharathi Jayakumar Kala, $745,000.

Stony Creek Lane, 7645-Dorothy Joan and Daniel A. Parvis to Devin J. Lee, $227,500.

Webbed Foot Way, 4932, No. 32-Matthew D. and Katherine Ann Thomas to Dheeraj Mendiratta and Sakshi Goel, $365,101.


Cherry Tree Dr., 7529-James H. Bettendorf Jr. and estate of Patricia R. Bettendorf to Benjamin M. and Britney Smith, $440,000.

Martha Way, 11057-NVR Inc. to Omar Ahmed Hashmi and Farah Jamal Syed, $976,864.

Scaggsville Rd., 12251-Fulton Woods Corp. to Donald W. and Debra M. Carter, $325,000.

Tuckahoe Ct., 7837-Rebecca M. Barton to Danilo and Angelica Divljan, $574,900.


Glenwood Springs Dr., 2857-Kevin J. and Megan Titherington to Timothy and Stephanie Scott, $475,000.

Shady Lane, 3700-Antonia Colvin to Molsen Haghighat, $590,000.


Harlow Way, -U.S. Home Corp. and Lennar Corp. to Otis Lee and Pamela Denise Fields, $350,240.

Rackham Way, 7034-U.S. Home Corp. and Lennar Corp. to Sampath Mugada, $414,610.

Winter Crest Lane, 6414-Heather Nicole and Ryan Michael Gow to Joseph and Jennifer Kimani, $615,000.


Prestwick Dr., 6570-Bernard Anthony and Debra Eileen Seneway to Simona Suciu and Omar Palos Raymundo, $630,000.


Aspenwood Way, 8177-Michael L. Escalante and Amanda N. Collins to Modupe O. Adepoju, $285,000.

Good Harvest Ct., 8971-Kimberly M. Plaskowitz and estate of Joan Marie Howard to John C. Dunn, $299,000.

Morris Pl., 8250, No. 52-Department of Veterans Affairs to Therese Sarkis, $266,500.

Savage Guilford Rd., 7876-Thomas C. Corcoran to Bruce E. Kummer, $319,000.

Wellington Pl., 8244-Cwabs Inc. and Bank of New York to Jason and Kelly Clawson, $207,500.


Allview Dr., 6926-Nathan J. and Rebecca L. Barton to Michael Lombardo and Marla Sherman, $439,000.

Clocktower Lane, 9502-Hoosamuddin S. and Farahnaz H. Bandukwala to Suzanne Kovalsky, $278,000.

Eden Brook Dr., 7317, No. H-602-Devi Koung to Mark A. and Deborah Ireland Farris, $208,000.

Hingston Downs, 9606-Jenny C. Hakun to Xiaoxin Hu, $289,900.

Lilac Sea, 7518-Leonard R. and Joyce M. Thompson to Miles Jadwin and Sarah Jane Vonderheid, $539,900.

Rocky Creek Dr., 7323, No. 15-Charles P. Friedman and Patricia Abbott to Lee Ann Pazulski, $420,000.

Skyrock Ct., 8940-Venkata Reetesh Yelamanchili to Shamira Duree Purifoy, $310,000.

Summer Park Ct., 9729-Gregory W. Brunn to Tamara and Sergiy Zubko, $305,000.


Anderson Hill St., 2427-James K. and Jeffri L. Gilman to Leonard and Adela Buettner, $719,900.

Patapsco Ridge Rd., 12047-Robert H. Pickholtz to Vincent Michael and Christina May Cassino, $328,000.


Long Corner Rd., 1834-Teresa E. and Kenneth M. Payne to Daniel S. and Dionne L. Walsman, $698,000.

Watersville Rd. W., 689-Richard M. and Diana R. Perry to Robert A. and Amanda K. Whitley, $682,500.


Washington St., 8938-Jeffrey K. and Yuliya T. Brown to Francisco Hernandez and Gilma Guevara Guenara, $325,000.


Bishops Gate Lane, 11305-Mukul and Kavita B. Kaira to Kunal and Radhika Chitalia, $649,000.

Canterbury Riding, 9364, No. 5-Pamela D. Green to Janakray Mansukhbhai Patel, $105,000.

Cherrybrook Ct., 8308-Alan R. and Katherine W. Heintzelman to James Won and Jennifer Hyekyoung Kwon, $610,000.

Eddy Line Lane, 9413-Christopher Johnson to Kathleen B. Mottern, $399,900.

Glendower Ct., 9625-Stephanie C. Smith to Todd H. Stanley, $305,000.

Horsham Dr., 9631-Michael Lester McFail and Jacqueline Soenneker to Elizabeth R. and Samuel J. Nixon, $349,900.

Ice Crystal Dr., 8427, No. 84-Eric S. Cawthon to Muhammed Usman, $425,000.

Kings Grant Rd., 9587-Foad Alvandi to Salvi Puthussery and Mariamma Salvi, $430,000.

Knowledge Dr., 9731-M.I. Homes of D.C. Corp. to Davita Crystal Alford and Dennis Ray Cooper, $491,373.

Mary Lee Lane, 8286-Mark J. and Tara L. Bizokas to Tagide Decarvalho, $310,000.

Patuxent Overlook Dr., 9610-Development Partners Corp. and Cornerstone Homes Corp. to Lakisha Ann and Timothy Ruffin Woods, $574,200.

Sand Cherry Lane, 8438-Thomas H. and Joan M. Klein to Cristina G. and Michael Schwan, $600,000.

Steeple Ct., 9314-Christopher E. and Emileigh Lucas to Sung J. Park and Xiaoyan Zheng, $350,000.

Tumbleweed Run, 9110, No. E-Oluwaseun O. and Marquisa Latia Williams to Itsik Alfasi, $170,000.

Wild Cherry Ct., 8319-James P. and Darla L. Trigger to Mark R. and Susanna B. Needham, $608,000.


Rover Mill Rd., 13885-James F. and Susanna M. Coffey to Sammy Eldin, $715,000.


Thunderbird Dr., 1043-NVR Inc. to Michael John and Allison Marie Murray, $996,504.


Chambers Ct., 11185, No. J-Paul C. Lee and Edward S. Ahn to Thomas S. and Kathy J. Hahm, $285,000.

Ganton Grn., 2115, No. G-202-Richard and Ruth Wysocki to Akshay Kumar Sreeramoju, $285,000.

My Girl Pl., 10540-NVR Inc. to Tokunbo Ronke and Adegoke Adeyemo, $563,254.

Troon Overlook, 2120, No. J-Christopher McKenna to Autumn C. and Qasim Mehmood, $260,000.