Anne Arundel County

These sales data recorded by the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation in May were provided by Black Knight Inc. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit


Arbor Hill Rd., 12-A1a Properties Corp. to Noe G. and Maria P. Granados, $321,000.

Bay View Dr. E., 102-Bradley Wayne Middleton and Allison Marie Dameron to Thomas and Patricia Michelle O’Brien, $822,500.

Beacon Ct., 6-Patrick Strickland to Jutta P. Ledu, $296,500.

Burnside St., 316, No. 408-David D. and Brenda E. Shaeffer to Kathleen A. and David Abrams, $370,000.

Catrina Lane, 3119-Mark S. and Gretchen H. Riddle to George Kelby and Rhiannon Norah Gelston, $760,000.


Colony Dr., 1319-Joseph and Gwendolyn Gibson to John M. Carrabus and Colleen Sullivan, $325,000.


Duvall Lane, 415-Carl W. Owen to Joseph R. Schindler and Julia L. McIntyre, $375,000.

Fairview Ave., 786-James R. and Kathryn A. Brown Wehr to David A. and Allison M. Lucerne, $235,000.

Gardner Dr., 112-Matthew and Roberto Obordo to Joseph Cossentino, $408,000.

Harness Creek View Ct., 46-Christopher P. and Kristyn L. Osegueda to Mark D. and Joy D. Guadagnini, $725,000.

Hillsmere Dr., 325-Mark C. and Lindsay C. Abruzzo to Gregory and Tanya S. Clements, $450,000.

Kitty Duvall Dr., 3258-Kevin K. and Margaret Gersonde to Thomas Michael Alioto, $375,000.

Queen Anne Cir., 2642-Roger V. Bohnert and Sally E. Clark to Kristin E. Mullins and Christopher L. Adriance, $573,000.


Silverwood Cir., 10, No. 11-Jennifer Pullo to John Warner and Amy Alston Wells, $185,000.

Spa Creek Landing., 5, No. A2-Stephen D. and Alexandra A. Wrage to Richard C. and Teresa S. Pisano, $330,000.


Tiburon Ct., 8-Patrick S. and Margaret A. Wilson to Trevor Macleod Mathieson, $275,000.

Windwhisper Lane, 19-Wendy B. and Samuel Leon Septembre to Kathryn L. Carroll, $428,500.


Astern Way, 940, No. 10-Scott L. Seymour to Francis D. and Denise L. Groboski, $315,000.

Belle Dr., 1620-Timothy M. and Christina M. Graven to Pachcala Crews, $444,900.

Broadview Terr., 2808-Samuel Babbitt to Carol M. Sayre and Dominick A. Mattessich, $687,000.


Coachway, 803-Albert and Kristen Krall to Gregory Hyde and Francoise Alberola Williams, $4.1 million.

Dreams Landing Way, 403-Clayton Alexander and Lesley Sutherland to Michael L. Parsons, $458,000.

Francis Harris Pl., 800-ATNF Corp. and Williamsburg Group Corp. to Patrick John and Krista Ruth Blake, $540,948.

Golfers Ridge Rd., 2564-Floyd H. Gilkey to Michael W. and Patricia M. Touma, $385,000.


Hill St., 5-Stanley A. and Aimee C. Newquist to Clayton W. Bartel and Margaret J. Keith, $561,000.

Marissa Way, 1704-Crystal Creek Properties Corp. to Chad and Elizabeth Larsen, $747,316.

Norwood Rd., 212-St. Johns College Inc. to William Henry Stinson VI and Anne Marie Stinson, $2.4 million.


Poplar Ave., 1010-Estate of Elizabeth L. Alexopulos and Allen W. Alexopulos to Thomas F. and Kim M. Burke, $527,000.

Ridge Rd., 386-Justin S. and Jennifer L. Gibbons to Daniel R. and Michelle M. Kastor, $610,000.

Sara Dr., 492-Michael E. and Julie F. Sears to Gerardo A. Castro Nunez and Mary Catherine Castro, $1.35 million.

Shiley St., 10-Nancy Dalton and Robert L. Donaldson to Jenna G. Ashley, $659,000.

Southgate Ave., 79-Rob R. and Barbara A. Houck to David A. and Lauren F. Serrano, $675,000.

Summer Village Dr., 132-Josephine A. Lynch to Timothy Joseph and Ilyse Soffer Garman, $477,000.


Summerview Way, 2711, No. 9302-Andrew S. and Connie W. Struebing to Joshua L. and Amanda L. Foxton, $320,000.


Wayward Dr., 623-Christina L. Lockwood and estate of Pamela Y. Creadick to Rosario J. Guardado Rodriguez, $315,000.


Baltimore Annapolis Blvd., 1228-Michael A. and Erin D. Calabrese to Justin Wilkinson and Steffani A. O’Donnell, $387,000.

Burning Tree Dr., 501-Davis Norman Smith to Ronald and Diana Herr, $400,000.

Carronade Way, 376-True North Properties Corp. to Devin Kelly and Lindsey Siwak, $200,000.

Dreams Point Rd., 920-Margaret L. Miller to Trong Khuong Bui, $2.12 million.

Gloria Harris Ct., 1234-D.R. Horton Inc. to Christopher J. and Kerry A. Gillespie, $539,990.

Kimwood Rd., 402-Ying Wei to Christopher L. Gowen, $262,500.

Macmillan Ct., 507-Jennifer Westfall to Robert Edward Parks III and Ashley Elaine Comproni, $470,000.


Melody Lane, 215-Kristy Ford to Tony and Chandra Winters, $425,000.

Norton Lane, 534-Robert W. and Deborah E. Deaton to Jason D. and Elizabeth M. Welsh, $386,250.

Roe Lane, 13-Richard A. and Christina M. Gorka to William R. and Mary E. Swink, $420,000.

Southern Hills Dr., 768-Henry William Charles Jager and Maurirose Coleman Latham to Erin M. Mathieson, $190,000.

Tamarack Trail, 1228-John C. and Sara M. Adams to Stacey and Joseph Majewski, $485,000.


Douglas St., 644-Vola Kalenack to Jeremy M. Smith, $212,000.

Fairfax Ave., 501-H & K Homes MD Corp. to Daniel Hugh and Autumn Nicole Ravenscroft, $245,000.

Haile Ave., 116-DNB Homes Corp. to Amanda M. Dumitru and Darrin W. Whitehurst, $266,000.


Matthews Ave., 827-Justin Conley to James Posinski, $214,900.

Patrick Henry Dr., 5329-Hannah Rebecca Sawyer to Ravi Chhatani and Joseph Zimmerman, $89,000.


Waverly Ave., 420-Ty Webb Corp. to Vincent J. and Irene M. Veazey, $217,200.


Amberwood Dr. S., 1496-Chih Sun Hsieh and Yih Chwen Hsu to Harold Edward and Rhea Louise Fox, $359,800.

Blue Ridge Dr., 907-Phi Hai Thi Bui to Laura Languidey, $355,000.

Fawns Walk, 492-Cynthia Frances Gardner to Sebastian M. Saint Amand, $389,000.

Hidden Point Rd., 1800-Joan and Patrick R. Andrews to Paul and Nicole Deasey, $695,000.

Mermaid Dr., 1137-James E. Robinson and Danielle Liana Gibson to Mark Allen and Elizabeth M. Wheeler, $450,000.


Old Mill Bottom Rd. S., 240-Shirley M. Palmieri and Andi M. Gendell to Josh Evan and Christa K. Dittmar, $842,500.

Sharps Point Rd., 1476-Mark E. and Nancy D. Hitt to David I. and Tissa L. Strouse, $660,000.

Trents Way, 1704-Annapolis Enclave Corp. to Brandon H. and Natalie A. McDowell, $620,000.


Woodtree Cir., 1774-Daniel F. and Laura R. Jauregui to Heather L. Bergsohn and Ryan C. Stock, $268,000.


Battee Dr., 5656-Robert and Pamela Winters to David M. Payne and Jennifer L. Robeson, $440,000.

Gloucester St., 5524-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Patricia M. Cornett, $210,000.


Aberdeen Cir., 1823-Natay M. Shepherd and estate of Anita E. Richmond to Susan M. Hess, $258,500.

Angus Ct., 1646-Kathleen A. Kennedy to Lisa Maria Del Gaudio, $326,100.

Charing Cross Dr., 1139-Thomas W. and Lisa C. Sechler to Christina L. and William A. Neal, $539,900.

Danewood Ct., 1511-Sasco Mortgage Loan Trust and U.S. Bank to Hunter Cetrone and Tyler Heward, $190,000.

Everglade Ct., 1912-William Gregory Berlin to Keli Stambaugh, $198,000.

Fendall Ct., 1626-Randall S. and Harriet H. Dice to Zachary A. Arzadon, $187,000.


Harcourt Ave., 1884-Matthew John and Sharon Ritter to Charles P. and Meredith E. Pscherer, $519,900.

Klein Ct., 2811-Thomas J. Egan Jr. and estate of Sharon Egan Katula to Gihane and Lamar Isaac Cobb, $525,000.

Montauk Dr., 2318-Charles P. and Meredith E. Pscherer to Valeria Mariela Williams, $352,000.

Nutwood Ct., 1422-Martin and Dorothy Christon to Ivette M. Santiago Santiago, $216,500.

Quarter Branch Rd., 1306-Beazer Homes Corp. to Tamas and Timea Darvas, $489,990.

Shadywood Cir., 2480-Jonathan P. and Susan S. Mahaffee to Cheryl B. Harris, $499,000.

Swinburne Ave., 1729-Amy B. O’Hara and estate of Brian James O’Hara to Harold W. and Deirdre D. Peters, $460,000.

Tipton Dr., 1730-Estate of Dorothy M. Hathaway to Luke N. and Laura G. Lowe, $430,000.

Turnbridge Ct., 2334-Christine R. Schneider to Charlene C. Vera, $350,000.

Whites Ferry Pl., 1840-Adam G. and Mary Anne Smith to James C. and Nicole Meyers, $325,000.

Yarmouth Lane, 2425-Stephen Engler to Olayinka Johnson and Olaide Elizabeth Akanji, $365,000.


Birch Trail, 861-U.S. Bank to Austin Patrick and Florencia Jewell, $245,000.

Hazel Trail, 828-Sean M. Thomas to Karla A. Wagner, $269,000.

Kyle Rd., 420-Patrick L. and Nicole L. Whelley to Jeffrey M. Balavender and Shannon L. Fry, $265,000.

Penderbrooke Ct., 1212-Bruce R. and Gayle B. Smith to David R. and Stephanie M. Wilkins, $807,000.

Saint Pauls Way, 1309-Michael R. and Janice K. Fedarcyk to Sara Z. Starry, $1.38 million.

Tudor Dr., 1011-Stephan Olason to Katherine A. and Scott S. Richmond, $435,000.

Waterview Dr., 955-Nathaniel Halverson to Mark E. Banilower, $350,000.


Alcova Dr., 1554-Ryan G. Vanpelt to David Lee and Janet Marie Smith, $340,000.

Manor View Rd., 1497-Estate of Lisa Marie Pulley to Jesseca R. and Tracy A. Hoover, $260,000.

Queen Anne Bridge Rd., 3577-Esther Y. Gannaway to Chester L. and Gloria R. Mahaffey, $451,000.

Velmeade Lane, 1494-Raul E. and Liliana Trivelli Alessandri to Colleen Mary Carroll, $675,000.


Mallard Dr., 740-Susan J. Real to Judith Holt, $330,000.


Audubon Ct., 6353-J. Henry and Denise B. Williams to Crystal R. and Tristan Van Amber, $434,900.


Beach Drive Blvd., 3648-Robin L. and Joseph R. Trinkley to Kelli J. Gibson, $599,900.

Bright Light Ct., 329-D.R. Horton Inc. to Kyle Henry and Taylor Brzuchalski, $390,000.

Dental Rd., 22-Thomas A. and Jill A. Webber to Joseph Albert and Kristen Flinn Noel, $410,000.

Grandview Dr., 1095-Charmaine J. Cummings to Eric H. and Taryn H. Rosenkranz, $790,000.

Larkington Dr., 3449-K. Hovnanian at Southpointe Corp. to Paul A. and Jamie Beth Czetwertynski, $1.1 million.

Millhaven Ct., 18, No. 5-Patrick and Jenny Martin to Donald J. Morrisette, $300,000.

Monarch Dr., 3425-Harry J. Canter and Cheryl Ann Byrd to David M. and Stephanie A. Heydt, $920,000.

Pennsylvania Ave., 14-Kevin and Terri Lynn Smith to Shanna E. Fortune and Aba Samuel Kernaszt, $319,900.

Southport Dr., 354-Charles E. and Cecelia K. Miller to Robert J. and Vivian R. Farley, $460,000.

Third Ave., 3705-Columbia Group Recap Corp. to Michael Lee and Daneene Joyce Paquet, $445,000.


Arabian Ct., 201-Paul S. and Mary Yetter to Richard J. and Marla Sullivan, $550,000.

Chapel Lake Dr., 2610, No. 204-Jayne H. Brown and Daniel P. Whorton to Ida and James Hutchinson, $183,900.

Highland Meadows Dr., 704-Gina Detwiler to Earl and Shawn Troutt, $640,000.

Stable Run Ct., 2406-Toll XI Partnership to Valerie R. and Ryan Simeral, $1.2 million.

Watts Ave., 526-Kurt W. Spiess Jr. to Karl and Katherine Justice, $325,000.

Witchhazel Cir., 1563-U.S. Home Corp. and Lennar Corp. to Nadege Jose Donaldson, $489,990.


Archwood Ave., 18-Donna J. Colebank to Jennifer E. Shields, $309,000.

Bentwillow Dr., 847-Wayne Gorzo Jr. to Victor A. and Amber C. Brown, $225,000.

Central Ave., 308-Ronald K. and Sylvia A. Wiedenhoeft to Matthew K. and Lauren Nicole Buie Cramer, $345,000.

Crest Ave., 103-Stephen Allen and Becky Marie Peck to Donita Phillips, $318,000.

Falcon Crest Dr., 8115-Jarret and Akeembra Lawrence to David F. Bubb, $312,500.

Foxhound Dr., 124-Charles L. and Nancy S. Duncan to Christopher and Chevas Huffman, $360,000.

Furnace Branch Rd. W., 606-Phillip Land Corp. Inc. to Tan Van Pham and Mui Ung Tin, $364,000.

Lexington Ct., 7725-Cohansey Overlook Corp. to Andre O. and Niquet S. Smith, $310,000.

Sprite Way, 630-Jomini Jose and Manjappallil Malayil Mathews Thomas to Edgar W. and Michael E. Filippell, $230,000.

Vernon Ct., 405-Sharon K. Crews and estate of Dorothy M. Tormollan to Jessica Ellen Kern and Ronnie Delawder Jr., $235,000.

Whitman Dr., 1332-Leighann Heironimus and estate of Steven W. Martin to Marcia Gatling, $225,000.

First Ave. SW, 511-Kayleigh D. Burton to Justin and Dorothy Young, $285,000.

Fifth Ave. SE, 108-Kristen Elizabeth Bernarding to Walter Vasquez and Claudia Isaula, $250,000.


Blue Water Ct., 304, No. 103-Elaine Wirt to Janet J. Haves, Ronda J. Thomas and Alicia D. Wink, $155,000.

Canton Way, 7509-Robert D. and Patricia M. Proctor to Catalin Daniel Antonescu, $401,000.

Clint St., 7603-Monique Ruth Tinnivlioglou Bingham to Julia R. Little and Kimberly D. Taylor, $422,500.

Coulbourn Corner, 1179-Karen M. Ferrell to Jean J. Barnes, $250,000.

Dewey Pl., 8116-NVR Inc. to Francisco Felix and Yarelis Maldonado, $312,990.

Edenberry Way, 1014-M.I. Homes of D.C. Corp. to Seth Walsh and Ashley E. Musselman, $357,365.

Elton St., 8052-Ruth A. Roskam to K.C. McDaniel, $402,000.

Fox River Hills Way, 601-Joseph A. Sudassy to Hai and Emily B. Nguyen, $349,000.

Genine Dr., 1003-Kevin M. and Bethany S. Musgrove to Alfred S. and Jennifer Kanu, $274,000.

Glenside Way, 807-Brandon Guernsey and Nancy Rollis to Douglas I. and Heather M. Bailly, $359,900.

Hickory Hollow Dr., 8192-NVR Inc. to Greg Alan Manson and Justine Kain, $499,960.

Holly Ridge Way, 523-Calatlantic Group Inc. and the Ryland Group Inc. to Gloria L. Gamble, $383,810.

Hopkins Cor., 939-John A. Hurman to Zhigang Gao and Yuqing Huo, $320,000.

Kempton Rd., 15-Joseph T. Pope IV to Steven Pinault, $270,000.

Laurnick Dr., 8111-Eric E. and Patricia L. Parris to Jeffrey and Lorraine Dunn, $415,000.

Lyndon Ct., 7617-Daniel S. Hong to Eric M. and Marty Bloyer Shifflett, $350,000.

Miami Ave., 6434-KD Estates Corp. to Arron T. Benson, $389,500.

New Jersey Ave. NE, 629-Sumner Keith to Joseph Paul Keys, $209,000.

Opel Rd., 635-Ronald C. Jackson to Tracey R. Cherry, $285,000.

Overhill Rd., 7802-Charles T. and Tasha M. Ivey to Kirean Lowman and Sean Gilmartin, $250,000.

Pond View Dr., 113-Dan Ryan Builders Mid Atlantic Corp. to Peter U. Joseph, $326,065.

Southfield Lane, 103-Michael L. Haskins to Mark A. Farinha, $339,000.

Thurston Lane, 927-U.S. Home Corp. and Lennar Corp. to Ann Ballard and Kenneth Edward Korando, $399,990.

Upton Rd., 1018-Nhi Quynh Nguyen to Oscar Manuel Ramos, $229,900.

Woodvale Dr., 7730-Calatlantic Group Inc. to Daniel R. and Rhonda C. Knotts, $443,935.

Seventh St., 1018-Cynthia A. Mikelonis and Geraldine J. Weber to Any Meliza Guifarro and Reina E. Chacon, $237,000.


Chanceford Dr., 7805-NVR Inc. to Robert and Ashley Nash, $419,425.

Chanceford Dr., 7815-NVR Inc. to Brittany Shantel Summers, $421,665.

Cresap Lane, 7730-Pulte Home Co. Corp. to Michelle T. Brighthaupt, $537,135.

Fair Oak Dr., 7241-Joseph Edward Creasey III and Alayna Marie Manuel to Justin Mavunkal, $359,500.

Frayser Farm Rd., 3017-NVR Inc. to Philip Curtis, $346,410.

Hardwick Ct., 1622, No. 1-Stephanie S. Collins to Phillip P. Guzman, $249,900.

Martock Lane, 1518-Alisha and Christopher Vandewetering to Emmanuel C. Aneke, $350,000.

Nottoway Dr., 2141-NVR Inc. to Patrick Tanner and Lindsey Nicole Brewster, $564,967.

Pometacom Dr., 1925-Paul Erik and Jacqueline Lynn George to Jade Colin Hill, $350,000.

Siden Dr., 7728-Sallie Octavia Donaldson Ervin to Ricky C. and Rosemary A. Matlak, $318,900.

Strahorn Rd., 1405-NVR Inc. to Brittany Foster, $332,649.

Strahorn Rd., 1429-NVR Inc. to Mihir Uday and Ravi P. Patel, $329,245.

Timber Ridge Dr., 895-Deidre B. and Carlton B. Matthews to Kevin A. and Meghan K. Quinn, $345,000.

Wessex Cir., 2711-Pulte Home Co. Corp. and Pulte Home Corp. to Akira Tenma Bright, $353,135.


Solomons Island Rd., 4567-Raul B. Martinez to George Connor and Kyle Bryant Frank, $1.1 million.


Marion Rd., 2313-Calatlantic Group Inc. to Chiemela Onyemaobi, $380,000.

Marion Rd., 2327-Calatlantic Group Inc. and Ryland Group Inc. to Jeffrey Davis and Katia E. Kapelke, $389,990.


Falling Run Rd., 3535-Chaz R. Atherley to Emanuel and Aisha Sumler Coston, $335,000.

Forest Haven Dr., 3548-Gabriel Robert and Ana Wiggins to Kirstie Elizabeth Keller and Andrew Steven Dearmond, $459,000.

Indian Springs Rd., 8631-Lynne A. Gist to Yohannes Kassaye and Hameimal Kejela, $330,000.

Nile Lane, 3263-Benjamin F. Petit to Sharonda Mann, $291,000.

Orient Fishtail Rd., 3225-Ijeoma M. Walter to Charles and Elisa Ndombele Sisler, $350,000.

Piney Woods Pl., 3527-Qi Anne Whitmire to Gina A. Coles, $225,000.

Tribeca Trail, 3555-U.S. Home Corp. and Lennar Corp. to Kara Lynn Moss and Rex A. Murray Jr., $441,890.


Camp Meade Rd. N., 303-Barbara and Matthew Gray to Amy Begg Marino, $345,000.

Devon Ct., 203-Michael and Angela Wilson to Justin and Lisa Conley, $290,000.

Kingwood Rd., 425-David C. Burke and Samuel M. Haga to Tofazzal Hossain Mian, $313,000.

Patapsco Rd., 36-Phoenix Property Developers Corp. to Amy Phillips, $321,000.

Sudbury Rd., 423-Jeffrey and Stacy Pie to Katherine Mary Giblin, $305,000.


Mallard Landing Dr., 5409-Lynda S. Heise to Jason Eugene and Marianne Jeannine Bell, $310,000.


Adare Ct., 8405-NVR Inc. to Joshua Butterfield and Alexandra Bruno, $557,974.

Belle Ct., 1757-Mitchell E. Plapp and Luz D. Morales to Matthew A. and Emily J. Holbruner, $475,000.

Daniels Purchase Way, 8228-Steven H. and Diane T. Jones to Marseille Marra Bunk, $452,000.

Highglade Ct., 8287-Duane R. Ferguson to Alden R. and Elizabeth F. Sanborn, $600,000.

Kippis Rd., 8327-NVR Inc. to Badia Faddoul, $464,000.

Norwood Dr., 8384-Ryan I. and Lacey L. Dean to Vahan Arargil, $154,000.

Redwood Grove Ct., 325-Wha Ja Kim and Elzia Barco Jr. to Joshua D. and Christina M. Anderson, $575,000.

Stacy Oak Way, 766-Marc A. and Lisa Vracar to Andrew B. and Kristen L. Jones, $750,000.


Artillery Lane, 1939-Scott E. and Angsana Spiller to Joshua and Kaley Mosby, $450,000.

Blue Spring Ct., 2440, No. 303-Michael J. Olson to Angelina Nicole Lewis, $230,000.

Bright Meadow Ct., 8737-Claire E. Henderson to Amy J. Noel, $278,000.

Cherrywood Ct., 2734-Susan E. Nichols to Christopher A. Besanko, $250,000.

Commissary Cir., 2128-Michael W. Lagoey to Marie Elizabeth Ledan, $282,000.

Didelphis Dr., 2653-Lisa D. Henderson to Christina Marie Dent and Mark Filuta, $380,000.

Eastridge Cir., 118-Roderick Saunders to Michael Lee and Mary Grassau Bush, $290,000.

Glaze Ct., 916-Patrick Johnson and Julie Bauwens to Andrew M. and Jennifer M. Sasai, $360,000.

Goldsborough Lane, 1808-Dilcia J. Britton to Michael Blackwell, $319,900.

Greyswood Rd., 1318-Tunisia Phifer to Olabimpe O. Ogunlae, $264,000.

Hinshaw Dr., 2076-D.R. Horton Inc. to Nina Uqdah, $405,289.

Jade Ct., 1308, No. 4-Susan S. Dixon to Ronald J. and Ellen Duty, $350,000.

Kestrel Ct., 916-Eric C. Cushenette and Marlene M. Rustine to Christopher P. and Yoko Lee, $412,500.

Lions Gate Lane, 640-Frederick A. and Dawn Najmy to Theophile Emmanuel Tayo, $257,000.

Orchard Overlook, 700, No. 102-BMB Real Property Corp. to Christina R. and Rose Centineo, $235,000.

Riden St., 606-Harry J. and Cheryl A. Dyer to Jeffrey Alan Meredith, $350,000.

Running Wolf Trail, 2568-Paul and Tracy Barone to Michael Ryan and Edna Powell, $400,000.

Silent Ct., 8723-Omid Land Group Corp. to Ashley C. Bennett, $350,000.

Spring Peeper Ct., 3082-Classic Group Corp. to Theresa M. Schenk, $479,267.

Spring Peeper Ct., 3091-NVR Inc. to John Olurimitan Olumoya and Heidi Ann Burghardt, $717,130.

Sunny Ridge Dr., 3053-NVR Inc. to Tracey Lee Osborne, $563,610.

Tea Island Ct., 2013-Blue Diamond Rivers Corp. to Nana E. Jackson and Patricia Amako Appiah, $265,000.

Upper Patuxent Ridge Rd., 1186-NVR Inc. to Jarod and Wendy Ann Guertin, $504,960.

Welby Ct., 2209-D.R. Horton Inc. to David Edwin Boos, $357,990.

Wintergreen Ct., 8609, No. 205-James and Elizabeth Brueggemeyer to Estelita C. and Ronald Salmon, $269,000.


Annis Squam Harbour, 1182-Diane M. Velozo to Kyle Thomas Harrington and Christina Nicole Virden, $225,000.

Arundel Rd., 103-Nathan and Amy French to Paul Allen Goray and Yana Podgayevskaya, $286,000.

Bedford Rd., 8486-David L. Dulski to Jason Reynolds, $225,000.

Bodkin Ave., 8363-Charles Schwab Bank and Quicken Loans Inc. to Trung Van Huynh, $245,000.

Carvel Rd., 237-William L. and Ginger I. Sands to Brian James Righter, $369,900.

Central Ave., 7790-Jason T. and Shana Maria Rogers to Christopher and Christina Haas, $419,900.

Church Rd., 8440-Andrew Wilson to Michael and Jessica Papamihail, $345,000.

Elizabeth Rd., 7927-Sylvia D. Heist to Matthew Eric Hendrickson, $325,000.

Houlton Harbour, 8631-William A. Lewis to James and Andrea Leeder, $250,000.

Johnson Rd., 14-William J. and Alice M. Garmer to Travis Ray and Emily Rose Barnett, $245,000.

Kings Rd., 1056-Dale E.O’Roark to Christopher C. Fowler, $279,900.

Littleton Way, 3391, No. 3B-Stephen M. and Louise Heinz to David and Diana Tran, $140,000.

Meadow View Rd., 1209-Samuel James and Carol Rodgers Ware to Ruben and Mary Kathryn Evangelista, $299,000.

Meridian Dr., 7961-K. Hovnanian Homes of Maryland Corp. to Glenn Francis and Kelley Ann Doyle, $509,481.

Midway Ave., 7704-Jarett M. and Jennifer N. Smith to Jessica Marie Jenkins, $267,000.

Noahs Way, 3003-Chelsea and Zachary Bennefield to Joel R. and Shelby L. Miller, $420,000.

Pendragon Way, 8069-Joanna Patricia Cortina to Andrei Y. and Anna M. Gavrilov, $300,000.

Pheasant Ct., 552-GWK Residential Properties Corp. to Saul Jon and Desirae Flores, $335,000.

Ridge Rd., 346-James and Earlene Bowersox to Kristen E. McMahon, $295,000.

Roland Rd., 126-Clifford R. and Kimberly N. Buck to Mario Enrique Escobar Caballero and Ashley Jo Escobar, $265,000.

Saltwood Glane., 3615-Bethany Joy Fowler to Kurt and Darla Ziegler, $225,000.

Sutton Dr., 619-Timothy S. Freburger and Jennifer M. Nale to James Philip and Mia Christina Leidig, $327,900.

Water Oak Point Rd., 7616-Georgia J. and Walter H. Jubb to Thomas and Brenda Garver, $265,000.

Willowby Run, 657-Chad Hilton to Jennifer Katzenberger, $226,500.

Woods Rd., 881-Thor and Kristina Fraser to Kyle and Kristin Johnson, $350,000.

205th St., 819-Jianxun Wang to Eric M. and Tiffani Holloway, $290,000.

230th St., 2411-Jesse E. and Marsha A. Nearhoof to Nicholas Smith and Shelby Davis, $299,000.


Granville Dr., 400-Susan Siehl Marx and Michael Roland Siehl to Mary Ruth Burge, $400,000.

Westbury Dr., 410-Richard J. and Ruth Marie Tindall to Aaron William and Erin Danielle Johanson, $515,000.


Bastille Pl., 7877-Norman and Linda Hayes to Erick P. Rivas and Madeleine V. Castellanos Betancourt, $375,000.

Blarney Ct., 1704-Jonathan and Shirley Shumaker to Oluwakayode A. and Olufemi Paul Olabode, $499,000.

Carinoso Cir., 1153-Keith James Johnson and Ariana Carrillo to Son V. and Tsvetaliya E. Le, $350,000.

Cortana Ct., 1006-Beazer Homes Corp. to Lynn C. Smith and John R. Kirkley III, $560,990.

Eagle Ct., 1857-Pinehills Asset Management Corp. to Temitayo S. Agboola, $167,000.

Georgia Ct., 8039-Gladys L. Achiri and Emmanuel A. Fon to Felio Hernan Ronquillo Garcia and Eugenia Azucena Ronquillo, $349,900.

Marlton Ct., 8202-Gary Lee and Linda K. Bendall to Constantino Rincon, $127,900.

North Rd., 8154-Daniel M. Hansen to Aurea D. Diaz Fournier, $274,900.

Redmore Ct., 1301-Timothy G. Decordova to Scott and Mary Elizabeth Kidd, $465,000.

Saint Anthony Dr., 8612-Toll VII Partnership to Fawne Nutall Lindsey, $497,385.

Santa Fe Dr., 8160-Payne Maerten Corp. to Christine K. and Nathaniel G. Miller, $325,000.

Severn Run Ct., 1629-David J. and Melanie E. Hawk to Ethan Robert and Cayla Marie Kubilus, $436,000.

Sunhaven Way, 7875-Edward Moseley to Peace and Godwin Uya, $527,500.

Venice Lane, 7726-D.R. Horton Inc. to Iram Chano and Ali Asif, $362,990.

Venice Lane, 7736-D.R. Horton Inc. to Ryan S. and Jenna A. Dreier, $381,775.

Venice Lane, 7752-D.R. Horton Inc. to Andrea Lisi and Anna Natascha Denzel, $375,990.

Willard Way, 1711-Bayland Inc. to Nakul and Anisha Nakul Vasudeva, $513,127.


Belleview Dr., 23-Kathleen W. and Robert C. Seiwert to Alison Wright and Phuc Hong Le, $815,000.

Benfield Rd., 434-Paul John and A. Joshua Elder to Carol Snyder, $380,000.

Brighton Ct., 725-Heidi J. Montgomery to Brian M. Bird, $574,900.

Cottonwood Dr., 811-Pamela E. Roberts to Rachel E. Lybrand, $470,000.

Cypress Ridge Dr., 210-John D. and Josette E. Jurczak to Brian and Andrea Pendergast, $555,000.

Evergreen Rd., 203-Black Dogs Real Estate Investment Corp. to Edward and Megan Lawn Street, $520,000.

Kennedy Dr., 241-Marshall G. Drecchio to John and Madeline Riley Hall, $420,000.

Laguna Cir., 274-Julie A. and Anthony J. Carr to Allison Julia Abell, $385,000.

Marbury Rd., 12-David Emory and William Craig Lord to Daniel Ross Klueger and Louis Michael Alcamo, $308,000.

McKinsey Park Dr., 604, No. 403-Laura and Deborah J. Tang to Massimo and Maria Cornacchia, $360,000.

Owens Way, 509-James and Evelyn Kiriazoglou to Alan Ellzey, $399,999.

Riverdale Rd., 304-Sidaravy and Todd R. Van Valkenburgh to Michael and Shannon Adams, $370,000.

Shakespeare Dr., 264-Samuel D. and Daisy A. Snead to Eric J. and Elizabeth L. Stephens, $525,000.

Stratford Dr., 59-Ross and Amy Weatherford to James C. and Brooke E. Smith, $449,500.

West Dr., 567-Jeffrey Livas to Trevor S. and Phillip R. Howard, $380,000.

Whittier Pkwy., 35-Michael E. and Margaret M. Michael to Nicholas B. and Lisa A. Wallace, $435,000.

Wye Oak Ct., 135-Ronald Basil and Helga Galvelis to Edward Curtis and Mary Catherine Roesinger, $434,000.


Grove Ave., 1190-David Edward Johnson to Robert D. Bernhard II, $225,000.


Deale Rd., 291-Scott A. and Emily J. Ward to Jason and Amanda Wiemken, $370,000.

Howard County

These sales data recorded by the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation in May were provided by Black Knight Inc. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit


Bicentennial Ct., 3217-Brian F. Massey and Michele C. Fleming to Fakhar Nawaz, $420,000.

Burton Dr., 3343-Beazer Homes Corp. to Santhosh and Sheela Durgam, $825,500.

Chatham Rd., 3918-Steven and Karina N. Orot to Charlotte Lyn Bright and Jason Roy Lees, $570,000.

Columbia Rd., 4737-Estate of Naseem Khan to Christopher Roland and Marta Lee Kraisser, $355,000.

Dahlgren Ct., 3832-James M. and Denise M. O’Connor to Elizabeth Horrocks and Michael Brian Reed, $600,000.

Eagles Mere Ct., 2826-Bonita J. and Gregory Kelly to Katherine Shepard and Sanjiv E. Shah, $705,000.

Folly Quarter Rd., 12879-Mary A. Horejs to Janna Robertson and Samuel Reilly Pulver, $785,000.

Furrow Ct., 9354-Linda S. and James Deal to Jason and Deanna Marie Grabelle, $500,000.

Globe Dr., 10366-Kelly M. Hays to Tae H. Rim, $480,000.

Hallowed Strm., 4657-Rammohan R. and Kavitha Bandakunta to Ali and Nursiman Telli, $345,000.

Katherine Pl., 3008-Cartus Corp. to Azene D. Zenebe and Hossanna A. Gebremichael, $610,000.

Leyden Way, 4770-Sloane R. and Scott E. Templin to Matthew and Sarah Christine Hammel, $375,000.

Maryvale Ct., 12749-Kurt R. and Miriam Kendall to Chet W. and Sarah Knaup, $908,000.

Nicolson Rd., 10104-Guangjun Li and Jinghong Cai to Nelson E. and Yaju K. Gallash, $730,000.

Pine Ridge Dr., 10331-Michael J. Moss Jr. to Celina S. Abouzeid and Wassim Daccache, $600,000.

River Walk, 3922-Blair A. and Julia M. Anessi to Paul R. and Ellen S. Leider, $830,000.

Saint Johns Lane, 3810-Daniel R. Farkas and Gail R. Letzter to Stuart Culy, $530,000.

Spencer Ct., 3863-William J. and Cheri M. Keating to Sarah Christian and Thomas Charles Brothers, $590,000.

Triadelphia Rd., 12685-Wayne Floyd and Dolores Louise Holland to Cesar L. Nino Barrera and Jhadira T. Sanchez Felizzola, $420,000.

Vardon Lane, 2717-NVR Inc. to Ramakrishna Kodali and Srikavya Kancharla, $648,548.

Vardon Lane, 2764-NVR Inc. to Athol W. and Lisa P. Morgan, $684,838.

Whitworth Way, 10045-Chunping Qiu to Jonathan Pai and Shannon Dean, $649,000.


Ascending Moon Path, 6032-Marc R. Schulman and Mary Lynn Krolczyk to Neil Raj Aggarwal and Seema Madhu Kakade, $828,500.

Curtis Vista Way, 13619-NVR Inc. to Levon Lloyd and Jennifer Rawley, $1.25 million.

Floating Clouds Path, 12037-Keith W. and Kerry E. Hannan to Kumaravel Jagasivamani and Swetha Kumaravel, $900,000.

Guilford Rd., 7020-Darren Christopher O’Day to Kuljeet Bhangra and Vandana Saidha, $1.02 million.

Mill Creek Ct., 13825-NVR Inc. to Lisa and Andrew Dolloph, $1.3 million.

Shannon Ct., 6420-Yan Jiang and Timothy C. Gion to Genyuan Kimbol Zhang and Junping Wu, $752,000.

Vincents Way, 12654-Beazer Homes Corp. to Sridhar and Ankita Chandupatla, $908,247.


Blade Green Lane, 8936-Christina Duetsch to Dereje Gebreegziabher and Blein Mesele Haile, $297,000.

Brush Run, 9264-Prakash Sankurathri to Nestor Gamboa Linares, $320,000.

Castile Ct., 9592-Erin and Carlton Crabtree to Barry Tenser, $300,000.

Deep River Cyn., 6231-Chanpreet S. Julka to Stephane Saint Hillien and Marjorie Saint Pierre, $350,000.

Dry Well Ct., 5076-John F. and Angela G. Toner to Andrew and Meryl Patrick, $400,000.

Five Fingers Way, 5276-Jonas A. and Gabrielle S. Jacobson to Matthew and Katherine A. Thomas, $537,500.

Good Hunters Ride, 6127-Jan Patrick and Elzbieta Lee to Kenia Y. and Giovanny Saenz Diez Sena, $320,000.

Graywing Ct., 5356-Wanda K. and Allen R. Duncan to Orion Thant and May Kyawt Hlaing, $335,000.

Hickory Limb, 9519, No. 305-Laura E. and Michael B. Furr to Afton J. Woodring, $235,000.

Lambskin Lane, 9013-Jonathan Shipp and Richard Bailey to Daniel E. and Marie B. Medina, $273,000.

Marsh Hawk Way, 5476-Xiao Yun Bao to Alexander and Sarah Leisawitz, $400,000.

Night Street Hl., 6161-Lamour L. Anderson and Theresa B. Heard to Mable Denise Collins, $314,000.

Owen Brown Rd., 9840-Susan and Robert M. Duggan to Brian G. Horan, $340,000.

Silver Sod, 9250-House Buyers of America to Jose A. Castillo Sorto, $375,000.

Spiral Cut, 8868, No. J-Chung Hwan and Sung Sook Kim to Justin P. Van Hassel, $137,500.

Swan Point Way, 7519, No. 19-8-Matthew H. and Arianna Z. Berkowitz to Michael Scott Arbulu and Michael Christopher Calkins, $330,000.

Whiteacre Rd., 9627, No. C3-Zaheer and Yusufali Bhayani to Gregory Smith, $119,900.

Winter Rose Path, 7135-James R. and Beth Melodi Smith to Jakob Klaus and Jessica Hayden, $300,000.


Beech Creek Dr., 10860-Salvator and Caroline S. Cosentino to Richard L. and Sol Ki Windsor, $480,000.

Butler Ct., 5300-Natalie Davis to Lara M. Younkins, $375,000.

Chase Lions Way, 5354-Julie M. Shatzer to Othniel Degahson, $375,000.

Columbia Rd., 5153, No. 13-Lorita Kimble to Ava Joye Burnett, $287,000.

Crossbeam Cir., 10363-Harriet M. Klose and Colette A. Miller to Elizabeth Brigham and Stephen Hinkle, $540,000.

Durham Rd. W., 5054-Eva M. Vinson to Stephen W. Roy and Sarah F. Cooke, $390,000.

Evangeline Way, 5157-Brian R. and Katie Roberts Flanders to Maleeta Kitchen and Mario Worsley, $446,000.

Faulkner Ridge Cir., 10854-Mark Canfield to Dillon Ashley and Vasty Enid Enright, $189,900.

Green Mountain Cir., 5013, No. 2-Basit Khan and Ghulam Sakina to William C. Barbee Jr. and Kim L. Crawley, $175,000.

Hilltop Lane, 10821-David Richard Roth to Meghan N. Moore, $225,000.

Maywind Ct., 10425-Jarrod White to Manda Zand Ervin, $350,000.

Moosberger Ct., 10718-Mary Whitney Stuart to Richard and Julie Hellmer, $665,000.

Ridermark Row, 11280-Cindi S. and Robert C. Maguire to Jack and Lisa Terry, $763,000.

Running Brook Rd. W., 5247, No. 102-Edwin C. and Lois J. Heintzelman to Kevin M. Weaver, $186,900.

Smooth Meadow Way, 5376, No. 32-Federal National Mortgage Association and BWW Law Group Corp. to Haren Vani, $139,900.

Stonegate Lane, 11778-Avalon Mehta and Michael Christopher Bristow to Kevin P. and Jordan O. Turner, $330,000.

Swansfield Rd., 10967-Paul Carter to John Stephen Dumler, $450,000.

Tolling Clock Way, 10589-Donald O. Jackson to William Oswaldo Chavarria Gonzalez, $285,000.

Velvet Path, 6312-Robert D. McGillicuddy and Deborah Anne King to Hirsh R. and Deborah S. Goldberg, $735,027.

Wincopin Cir., 10205, No. 111-Cheng Young and Vera Kao to Tiffany Esther, $324,000.

Windstream Dr., 10065, No. 4-Philip J. Gomez to Della A. Aubrey Miller and James A. Miller, $265,000.


Kalmia Dr., 5205-Helen C. and Raymond F. Cook to Susanne T. and James W. Wirwille, $720,000.

Triadelphia Mill Rd., 14630-D. Scott Posey and Kerry Doyle to Megan Lynn Reuwer and Michael Francis Schroeder, $1.1 million.


Black Oak Rd., 7028, No. 214-Candy Chin to Syed H. Shabbir and Faryal Nadeem, $280,000.

Brookview Rd., 7335, No. 408-Legacy Investment Group Corp. to Carol L. Hamilton, $280,000.

Cornerstone Way, 8241-Lee Ann Thomas to Marissa and David Wallace, $456,750.

Dagny Way, 7764-Beazer Homes Corp. to Muthukumaran Tamilselvan, $405,000.

Ducketts Lane, 6340, No. 1-6-Adam C. Brown to Demetriss and Brendan Patterson, $238,000.

Elkridge Crossing Way, 7295, No. 10-Satish Kumar Gajam to Jacey Martin, $325,000.

Furnace Ave., 5642-Abdur Rahim Choudhary to Khawaja A. Hakim and Tahira Parvin, $315,000.

Huntshire Dr., 6550-Patricia McCommas to Ashley T. Delaney, $295,900.

Lowes Lane, 6717-Eldin L. Lehrmann Jr. and Ann M. Reiser to Sarath Puthussery Jerome, $565,000.

Milkshed Pl., 7860-Zachary R. Fratkin and Alexandra K. Hirsch to Michael N. Tennison and Jennifer A. Fredette, $426,500.

Rock Glen Dr., 6015, No. 408-Lisa Y. Oh to Nicole Renee Plum, $170,000.

Sanctuary Ct., 6847-Kenneth M. Stephens and Erin R. Duffy to Omar Abdel Razak Mostafa Kadry, $335,000.

Summit Rock Rd., 7343-Pernell Hood and Shawn Josette Guthrie to Anthony J. Castellani, $360,000.

Willow Glen Way, 7320-Jason Trace to Prince J. Donkor and Grace A. Asare, $285,000.


Blueberry Hill Lane, 7769-Dan and Jonna Debenedictis to Ahsan M. Khan and Ayesha Asif, $370,000.

Brightlight Pl., 7947-Dae Young and Sae Jin Yoon to Ludovic Zimmerlin and Tea Soon Park, $360,000.

Burrows Lane, 2877-Kang Min Rhee and Go Eun Kang to Myung Seog Kang and Wol Im Kim, $500,000.

Charles Crossing, 5958-NVR Inc. to Barbara Vazquez and Phillip Rivera, $539,330.

Clydesdale Ct., 4677-Amanda Cavallo and Brian Carlyle Huffman to Tyler and Allison Baughman, $525,000.

Coltrane Ct., 8536, No. 13-Dale A. and Kathy L. Michael to Yip Chung Yung Xa, $490,000.

Dorsey Spring Ct., 8509-Brent A. and Meghan R. Jones to Dennis Y. and Amanda M. Min, $729,000.

Falling Leaves Ct., 7828-Robert Stanton and Diana Hamblen to Zandra D. Ford, $350,000.

Flagstone Ct., 7832-Neil J. and Bunnie H. Gutterman to Scott R. and Laura E. Wiessinger, $565,000.

Governor Carroll Ct., 3322-Asha and Jaikrishna Padmanabhan to Corey M. and Stephanie K. Freeburger, $550,000.

Horseshoe Rd., 8415-Timothy C. Burkard to Stephen C. and Rachel A. Rigg, $620,000.

Manahan Dr., 8643-Lewis and Cindy Stout Kubiet to Lloyd M. and Anna L. Rhodes, $365,000.

Montgomery Rd., 5305-Karnel R. and Joan R. Nicholas Walker to Jacqueline R. Lafleur, $605,000.

Old Frederick Rd., 8369-John M. and Rebecca G. Carney to Doreen and Ricardo Amiel Brillantes, $330,000.

Rogers Ave., 2947-Jeffrey D. and Sarah B. Hensley to C. Philip Nichols III, $305,000.

Ruppert Ct., 8731-Cecelia Theresa Perez to Kiet Quoc Huynh, $370,000.

Sawmill Branch Trail, 9802-Pulte Home Co. Corp. to Raviteja Atluri and Sujitha Ambati, $820,180.

Spring Glen Ct., 9821-NVR Inc. to On On Tam and Yuen Pik Helen Kwan, $887,155.

Stonehouse Dr., 8768-Pandu Rangarao and Radha Devi Puppala to Laura E. Swartz, $490,000.

Vineyard Springs Way, 2503-Pulte Home Co. Corp. and Pulte Home Corp. to Srinivas and Geetha Anne, $824,256.


Chase St., 11232, No. 127-Cara A. and Adam R. Altieri to Daniel Leon Simon, $400,000.

Liberty St., 11321-Kevin E. Thorn and Mary Elizabeth Rinaldi to Clayton David and Kimberly Cross, $855,000.

Radcliff Lane, 11120-Zehra H. Baig and Syed Wahaj Asad to Kasim and Amal F. Baig, $660,000.

Tilghman St., 7914-Clayton David and Kimberly Jones Cross to Salahudin Nimer and Noor Teebi, $565,000.


Anderson Ave., 6425-Ernest Martin and Joyce M. Krutzsch to Boris and Phalande Castillo, $469,900.

Islip Way, 7202, No. A-U.S. Home Corp. and Lennar Corp. to Robert V. Kopack Jr., $365,090.

Sweet Gum Lane, 6215-Curtis Cleo and Miranda Parsons Layton to Fnu Mohammed Ehsaan Ali and Shaheen Pattan, $610,000.


Highland Rd., 13191-Richard G. Allison and Insun Kim to Tuan Duc Le, $555,000.


Aspenwood Way, 8125-Susan M. Reider to George R., Lucy M. and Nicole Justine Sliwa, $290,000.

Jane Garth, 8036, No. 8-Thomas and Sylvia Ann Cox to Robert Reeves Foard Jr. and Patricia Ann Dadamo, $375,000.

Prelude Lane, 8058-Bethanne Roberts Nichols to Cheryl A. Black, $369,200.

Stickley Ct., 8316, No. 85-Dante A. Bacon to Shameka L. Strong, $313,000.


Early Spring Way, 9776-Ehsan Falsafi to Mathias A. and Lore C. Acholi, $338,000.

Gracious End Ct., 9141, No. 102-Dolena Akhter and Khurshed Alam Chowdhury to Vivian Hairston, $240,000.

Indian Pipe Ct., 7509-Jon M. Hallgren to Broderick L. and Nicolette S. Young, $545,000.

Ridgeview Dr., 9527-Robert J. and Nancy L. Yeroshefsky to Tamara Jackson and Jerry S. Henderson, $479,900.

Stonebrook Lane, 8822-Brendan McArdle to Osaigbovo Jesuorobo and Opeoluwa Olasunmbo Afe, $340,000.

Weather Worn Way, 7563, No. C-Joseph Roderick Lauver to Kristin McCarthy, $155,000.


John Gravel Rd., 2231, No. E-Joan Covert to Linda G. Middlestadt, $305,000.


Frederick Rd., 17106-Robert N. and Stacy J. Sauerhoff to Andrew Sidney and Erin Chalania Griffiths, $434,900.

Old Frederick Rd., 16460-Department of Veterans Affairs to Joel Edward and Rebecca Anne Isaacs, $366,000.


Bryant Ave., 9119-Oluyomi and Oluwafunmilayo O. Osunfisan to Christopher and Aisha Holland, $320,000.

Chaton Rd., 9553-Alex H. and Elain Lim to Linh Thanh Vu Nguyen and Tran B. Nguyen, $451,000.

Deep Skies Dr., 10153-Ronald McDonald to Kevin A. Shipley and Jennifer Hoogdrop, $596,000.

Harmony Lane, 9925-Phu Quang Hoang and Anh T. Kim Nguyen to Ryan Patrick Connor and Mark Christopher Glaros, $414,000.

Hunters Way, 10555-John J. and Kathleen L. Werner to Joshua D. Levy and Jessica L. Triplett, $590,000.

Knowledge Dr., 9725-M. I. Homes of D.C. Corp. to Christine Geralyn and Bernard James Gibson, $525,026.

Leishear Rd., 8419-Behrooz Jamshidi to Terry Bridgewater, $285,000.

Naylor Ave., 9940-Denise E. Chester to Sarah and Jonathan Tavarez, $220,000.

Old Scaggsville Rd., 9018-Datis Properties Corp. to Larry Abraham, $293,000.

Polished Pebble Way, 8729-Rene J. Stokes and Kakwa K. McClain to Brian K. Brock and Helene M. Saylor, $513,000.

Running Sand Knl., 10021-Weiran Chen and Zola Zhou to Taiwo Alo, $665,000.

Shady Acres Lane, 10413-Clark and Laurie Nardinelli to Marcella W. Dolling, $470,000.

Sydney Way, 9334-D.R. Horton Inc. to Diptiben A. and Chirag Patel, $631,000.

Whiskey Run, 9778-Department of Housing and Urban Development to John Coleman, $145,300.


Fox Valley Dr., 3255-David S. and Cindy J. Um to Roberto Bernades and Asiul Chacaltana, $815,000.


Bellis Dr., 15813-Kelly R. Williams to Matthew and Sarah Sperbeck, $411,500.

Colton Ct., 16825-Michael Tyler Mellon and Heather Ann Weisacosky to Brad T. and Katherine A. Lytle, $765,000.

Old Sawmill Rd., 16952-Judith R. and Robin M. Gaardsmoe to Scott R. and Joni R. Rhea, $652,000.


Abingdon Way, 10517-Ramesh Kumar and Archana Singh to Nitai and Sunita Mahato, $468,000.

Evening Dew Dr., 2953, No. 82-Linda S. and Christopher J. Kurtzman to Gary Clifford and Joan Duke Stanton, $525,000.

My Girl Pl., 10524-NVR Inc. to Mahbub Ur Rashid and Babina Mahbub, $621,360.

Route 99 NE, 1890-John A. Koment to William A. and Sharon A. Sasser, $600,000.