Anne Arundel County

These sales data recorded by the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation in June were provided by Black Knight Inc. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit


Breakwater Dr., 941-Connor and Laura A. Barnes to Kayleigh Anne Deacon and Darek Junior Davis, $285,000.

Chesapeake Harbour Dr., 2188-Christopher Santos and estate of Barbara S. Santos to Jerry T. and Janice Ice, $799,000.

Hearthstone Ct., 20C-Jason Michael Brown to Yvonne T. Armstrong, $160,000.

Lake Heron Dr., 1117, No. 3A-514 Phase I. Corp. to Kevin and Maureen S. Dempsey, $309,900.

Mainsail Dr., 1137-Sandra Shaposky to Robert R. Turnblacer and Darcy L. McDonald, $550,000.

River Dr., 2-Donald J. and Alpine C. Bird to Douglas M. Irvin and Jennifer J. Kulynych, $1.51 million.

Windwhisper Lane, 971-Daniel P. Martz to Nancy O’Brien, $300,000.


Autumn Chase Dr., 243-Jinke and Qian Song to Christa Lynn Stowe Hill and Joshua Ryan Hill, $485,000.

Cathedral St., 3-Frances Ann Marcus and estate of Audrey G. Marcus to Cathy M.D. Adamo, $390,000.

Cumberland Ct., 3-Stephen W. and Karen J. Ritterbush to Leonard J. Pick II and Anne Marie M. Pick, $950,000.

Dreams Landing Way, 904-Robert R. and Theodore C. Turnblacer to Lionel Richard and Sharon Ann Whately, $425,000.

Giddings Ave., 505-John and Janice Tapajcik to Kearny L. Raver, $500,000.

Greenbriar Lane, 626-Department of Veterans Affairs to Zhi Mei Li, $155,500.

Jefferson Pl., 35-Helen Haefner to James Rohland Geasling, $110,000.

Kansala Dr., 501-Larry J. and Alicia V. Pulcher to Joshua O. and Reyna A. Stewart, $632,900.

Madison Pl., 54-Richard A. and Margaret J. Trott to Eric John and Elizabeth McAvoy Gabriel, $677,500.

Parker Dr., 2041-Victoria L. Shea to Hamilton A. Martinez Reynoso, $185,000.

Poplar Ave., 1309-William P. and Monica M. Barry to Jonathan Davis and Erin Lee McCopp, $585,000.

Quiet Water Cove, 2650-Timothy G. Brosnahan to David H. Tower, $330,000.

Shipmaster Ct., 930-Catherine R. Curtin and estate of Rosalie F. Curtin to Todd and Jennifer Pratt, $354,000.

Summerview Way, 2707, No. 7202-Mary Frances Berger to Kevin D. Washington, $247,000.

Wardour Dr., 226-Michael H. Cook to Mary Jane and James A. Evans, $3.25 million.

Woodlawn Ave., 30-Estates of Helen Ilene Marple and Laura D. Sheldon to David and Laura Weaver, $220,000.


Alameda Pkwy., 361-James R. and Christine M. Sykes to Katie L. Russell and Christopher M. Kungis, $274,900.

Chocataw Rd., 1599-Joseph A. Gioseffi to Liam J. Butler, $500,000.

Farley Ct. S., 1323-Krisphan Chumsri to Nusinyo A. Kakrada, $305,000.

Kevins Dr., 596-Andrew C. and Rolane B. Petenbrink to Roger N. and Sofia Sexauer, $560,000.

Locust Cir., 800-Estate of Johanna Y. Myers to Frank Benz, $730,000.

Mosswood Ct., 1154-William Roop to Kevin D. and Douglas H. Purcell, $283,000.

Nancy Lynn Lane, 874-Ryan and Katelyn Calabrese to Donna Lynn Hemminger, $430,000.

Quaker Ridge Ct., 602-Karen M. Forney and Karen M. McKeen to Nicole Saini, $299,500.

Sheridan Rd., 18-Richard F. and Nicole D. Marshall to Bradford J. and Kristen Elaine Bettencourt, $590,000.

Summerwood Ct., 1204-Connie H. Walker to Rosalind Renee Bailey Odeyale and Adedoyin Taiwo Odeyale, $274,900.

Ternwing Dr., 336-Marc F. and Cathy M. Sanders to Jorge Arturo Paucar, $412,000.

Whitstable Blvd., 921-Errol A. and Jamie R. Watson to Erik Carlson and Christina Enloe, $419,900.


Berlin Ave., 206-Precision Properties Group Corp. to Zaw Latt, $185,000.

Franklin St., 5724-Jessica A. Csitar to Gabriel T. Saavedra and Carl R. Lafferty Jr., $180,000.


Aqua Ct., 946-Laurel L. Altman and Gary Habicht to Robert C. and Shannon E. Shea, $520,000.

Blue Ridge Dr., 938-Ryan Wagner to Brendan M. Curran and Carrie M. Arnold, $448,000.

Chester Town Cir., 1512-George J. McCloskey Jr. to Eric David and Geralyn Desalvo, $364,900.

Harbor Dr., 2109-Timothy Grisius and Charis Zuchowski to Martha and Lois McConnell, $925,000.

Little Magothy View., 1126-Frederick John and Christine Marie Stroop to Margaret M. and Richard J. Berwanger, $1.17 million.

Neptune Pl., 1181-Tiffany L. Shields to Franklin J. and Shannon M. Bessette, $473,000.

Snow Goose Lane, 600-Marybeth M. Morris to Dawn E. Hughes, $410,000.


Fairfax Ave., 1286-Richard B. and Linda S. Williamson to Erika Lynn Johnson, $350,000.


Andy Ct., 2813-Frederick G. and Jill A. Ferares to Holly Finberg, $569,500.

Chatham Ct., 1481-Cesar A. Payano to Joseline F. Rizo and Luis A. Solla Ortiz, $200,000.

Crofton Colony Ct., 6822-Daniel Joseph Werner and William L. Corbin to Scott A. King and Mary Elisa Kilian King, $520,000.

Eton Way, 1627-James D. Heathcote and Kathi Heathcote Malechek to Mark and Camey Turpin, $480,000.

Friendly Pl., 2045-Timothy P. and Lelani R. McGrath to Crystal D. Littlejohn, $195,000.

Medford Ct., 2447-Sarah E. Freburger and Sarah E. Searing to Shatawn L. Payano, $273,000.

Neumann Way, 1864-Teudis and Ariana Nazario to Jeremy and Melissa Schroeder, $565,000.

Pear Hill Ct., 2084-William J. and Tammy Richelle Bergbauer to Dexter and Amelia Phillip, $413,000.

Walleye Dr., 1705-Monica J. Goodman and Monica J. Skinner to Adrian Giovanni and Michele Gutierrez, $315,000.


Evergreen Rd., 619-Michael A. Baldwin and Christina B. O’Meara to Carine Lynn and Richard D. Davis, $308,897.

Hoppa Rd., 1444-Black Dogs Real Estate Investment Corp. to Daniel and Jamie Kirschner, $375,000.

Pump Handle Ct., 1916-Donald Joseph and Jo Ann Cridge to Emily F. Gamelin and Michael R. Goodison, $525,000.

Sinclair Rd., 1705-Steven Jay and Denise S. Banks to Josephine Cullina and Bryan Montross, $810,000.


Gardenview Ct., 7120-Glenn M. Wright to Aisha Almond, $275,000.


Ashland Dr., 3570-Brian J. Carruthers to Ryan and Whitney Principi, $850,000.

Lake Dr. S., 2905-David A. and Sonna Z. Gusky to Ross M. and Sarah J. Mills, $700,000.

Patuxent River Rd., 3650-Rachel Anne Lagos to Nicholas C. and Colleen H. Neidig, $775,000.


Grazing Field Way, 820-Thomas B. and Rebecca N. Shoemaker to Dennis and Taren Bokman, $451,990.


Braxton Way, 258-Eva Irene Thurston and Eva Knapp Payne to Ryan and Alexandra J. Garvis, $357,000.

Clove Lane, 2803-Elizabeth K. Rutkowski and Elizabeth O’Malley to Martha Catherine Alto, $585,000.

Great Heron Ct., 3502-Craig R. and Carole C. McClure to Philip Mulford, $660,000.

Linden Ave., 111-3603 Partnership LLP and Real Estate General LTD to Peter J. and Amanda L. Brown, $480,000.

Mulberry St., 3285-Daniel Andrew Bailey to Matthew and Miki Harmon, $600,000.

River Club Dr., 3922-Michael Hresko and estate of Alex Lawrence to Camilla Veronica and Anthony Tyrrell, $300,000.

Tacoma Rd., 1711-Jonathan Wright to Shad and Melanie Montague, $100,000.


Arrowhead Farms Rd., 3103-Kenneth P. and Mary Fregeolle to John Vincent and Suzanne M. Tobin, $730,000.

Chapel Centre Dr., 1346-Cleff M. and Kristine T. Saladino to Arjun R. and Ashwin R. Nalla, $453,000.

Higgins Dr., 483-Ralph R. and Sofia Campbell to Cory Daniel and Jessica Armstrong, $432,500.

Percheron Ct., 222-Richard A. and Patricia R. Robuck to Lamont J. Hall and Elizabeth Duvall, $713,000.

Witchhazel Cir., 1583-U.S. Bank and Lennar Corp. to Justina Yvette Williams, $435,000.


Allen Wood Ct., 7713-Brookfield Oakview Village Corp. to Ryan Evan and Sonia Barlongo, $297,930.

Braden Loop, 1419-Ozzie L. Davis to Chan Woo Jang, $254,900.

Dahlgreen Rd., 546-Department of Veterans Affairs to Shemeek L. Spearman, $155,000.

Ferndale Ave., 112-Mark I. and Joan Marie Wade to Xu Zai Dong and Cai Hong Zou, $342,000.

Jeff Mar Dr., 8921-Justin and Karlene Hibbard to Melvin L. Brown and Crystal A. Johnson Brown, $410,000.

Lexington Ct., 7729-Cohansey Overlook Corp. to Rodney M. Wellington, $312,000.

Newfield Rd., 611-Jennifer M. Annis to Jake Kolodiej, $220,000.

Resch Loop, 7505-Brookfield Oakview Village Corp. to Keith Adams, $333,095.

Sprite Way, 672-Glide Path Real Estate Investors Inc. to Tavon Bridges, $245,000.

Whitman Dr., 1340-Steve Berger and estate of George W. Massing to Paulette Richardson, $257,800.

Second Ave. N., 10-Stephen R. and Kate E. Veasel to Marco E. Castillo and Christine A. Knudson, $259,900.


Beth Rd., 108-James Ricketts to Marvin W. Gallardo and Dilma G. Duran Gomez, $250,000.

Chester Cir., 35-Gary D. and Darlene T. Hartsock to Heidi J. Wieland, $275,000.

Daffodil Rd., 214-Joseph Charles Crocken to Lindsey S. Alt, $295,000.

Highland Rd., 8-Carl A. Endres to Steven L. Smith, $220,000.

Lyndon Ct., 7623-Norman Edward Moulton to Douglas Murphy Jr., $345,000.

Mockingbird Cir., 7229-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Levik and Marina Yousefian, $252,300.

Overhill Rd., 7715C-Chessie Homes Corp. to Olumide Ademola, $309,990.

Renfro Ct., 475-David E. McGuire to Francisco Lucio Acosta, $253,000.

Water Fountain Way, 103-Richard D. and Jennifer L. Harris to Maegan Gwyn, $149,900.

Woodvale Dr., 7712-CalAtlantic Group Inc. to Ono Mbi Asu Achale, $435,000.


Cornfield Ave., 2958-NVR Inc. to Hema Palanivelu, $399,170.

Farmbrook Lane, 128-Sukhbir Singh and Kulbir Singh Johar to Timothy Edward and Alicia Winnifred Hartnett, $467,000.

Hawthorn Dr., 1415-U.S. Home Corp. and Lennar Corp. to Giselle Claudette Allen, $456,390.

Koens Ct., 2916-Pulte Home Corp. to Bobby and Dolores Maldonado, $397,990.

Oakley Lane, 1545-Lynette Alise Khan Parker and Jason Parker to Gene Burch and Jennifer Robertson, $390,000.

Rotherham Dr., 7737-Bok Sung and Moo Hee Choi to Sheona Attukadavil and Gijo Jose, $465,000.

Wright Rd., 7246-Sturbridge Embark Homes Corp. to Anthony Christopher Cocco and Emily Charlotte Fusting, $485,000.


Little River Rd., 18-William C. and Maria Wickett to Enea and Samira Ndrenika, $460,000.

Old Line Ave., 427-Guillermo R. Chaparro to Jose E. Vargas Aldana, $255,000.


Darlene Ave., 311-Carolyn E. Walker to Robert T. and Chelsey K. Simonds, $150,000.

Kingwood Rd., 407A-Ameri Star Homes Inc. to Twana L. Thomas, $399,990.

Sycamore Rd., 112-Sukanya O’Connor to Tyson Heck and Emily Soaper, $312,450.


Grenock Dr., 5219-Christopher R. and Gina M. Knapp to Evan Henderson and Rossalyn Morgan, $375,000.


Brookwood Rd., 8391-Brian A. and Nancy A. Huntzinger to Carolyn N. Mburu, $392,900.

Daniels Purchase Way, 8236-Brian C. and Amy L. Holstege to Darren M. and Tracy L. Disque, $450,000.

Helmwood Ct., 793-Brian Daniel and Jolly Blum Simmons to Brian Edwin and Debra Caler O’Shea, $615,000.

Michele Cir., 206-An Pero Corp. to Trevor J. and Madison Black, $255,000.

Paddle Wheel Ct. W., 657-Dan G. and Susan B. Fefferman to Yinghui Yang and Sylvia Poon, $250,000.

Springdale Dr., 817-Pumphrey Brothers Corp. to Lewis Thomas Hader Jr., $300,000.


3 Sirens Ct., 313-Shane J. Gilbert to Candice A. Nelson, $247,500.

Benoli Ct., 1626-Stephen M. Kantz to Sade A. Plumpter, $343,000.

Bramble Cir., 1324-NVR Inc. to Jillian Bennett, $579,142.

Cedar Elm Dr., 2660-Joshua D. and Samantha Megli to Robert and Susan C. Urick, $315,000.

Chapelgate Dr., 605-Timothy W. Shipley to Brandon and Pamela Alane Glock, $248,500.

Commissary Cir., 2180-Markonette A. Richardson to Randall Whitmore, $270,000.

Crosslanes Way, 2325-Aibek Allakhunov and Dinara Iunusalieva to Roger K. Mallery and Chelsea E. Grieco, $489,990.

Farrara Dr., 1312-Deborah K. and Clarence F. Degroat to Jose L. Lopez Ardon, $217,900.

Grape Arbor Way, 8717-Peter J. and Monique Ellis to Ishmael Jambai and Risikat Grace Adamson Olaotan, $295,000.

Kelston Pl., 2271-D.R. Horton Inc. to Jessica A. and Dylan P. Sullivan, $396,667.

Meadows Ct., 2307-Michael and Victoria G. Schwarz to Brian Thackston and Christine N. Boluda, $560,000.

Orchard Overlook, 702, No. 204-Felix A. Mercado and estate of Felix L. Mercado Rivera to Kevin L. Eckart and Brianna K. Freeman, $199,990.

Peach Tree Ct., 496-William and Tatiana Ormond to Kurtis J. and Sara L. Ingersoll, $485,000.

Raptor Dr., 2630-David S. and Rayna P. Wendkos to Kelly Ann Kienle and Timothy James Spillane, $384,900.

Summer Hill Dr., 1002-Raymond W. and Lori L. Jones to Joseph E. O’Hanlon III and Angela M. O’Hanlon, $570,000.

Tin Roof Ct., 725-Daniel and Tatiana Rand to Shaun and Bethany Blaydoe, $380,000.

Willow Leaf Ct., 2608-Leslie M. McDonald to Grace A. Goddard, $256,900.


Abbey Ct., 8030C-Ronald Clinton Dorr Jr. to David Matthew and Nicholas Joseph Hahner, $160,000.

Appalachian Dr., 8226-Erika H. and Joseph W. Johnson to Ina Osborne, $285,000.

Bar Harbor Rd., 13-Phillip and Amanda Holland to Ralph and Rebecca Kuehne, $296,400.

Birch Ave., 719-James Paul Noctor Jr. to Alan and Kaylin Rose Platt, $285,000.

Capel Dr., 8327-Patrick A. and Catherine W. Snead to Keith and Stacy Zolman, $630,000.

Central Ave., 7728-Elizabeth Anne Fanske Mcquay to Mark D. Clookie Jr., $235,000.

Dayton Dr., 53-Erich J. and Dawn M. Wagner to Linda and Billy Christian, $700,000.

Deering Rd., 859-Estate of Norma T. Slade to Teresa N. Janezeck, $188,000.

Friendly Rd., 1516-Jean E. Heckhaus to Neil E. and Katelyn M. Mallon, $340,000.

Handel Ct., 3627-Abdeljalil and Tracey Mathias Ameur to Rachael L. Hoppe and Shelby S. Witles, $214,900.

Hotel Dr., 1116-Alvin A. and Venus M. Deregla to Charles L. and Vicki M. Burrell, $341,000.

Littleton Way, 3391, No. 3D-MTGLQ Investors LP to Mary G. Buettner, $140,000.

Marco Dr., 1508-Sandra C. Dunmyer to Stephen R. and Kate E. Veasel, $395,000.

Notley Rd., 7755-Stephen J. and Angela C. Harper to Melissa Brielle Leaf, $225,000.

Old House Rd., 7771-Jason R. and Megan A. Bourdette to Brandon Dean Campbell and Taylor Marie Cobb, $309,000.

Park Dr., 2003-Jacalyn Carol Detrich to James R. Hyatt Jr., $600,000.

Rambling Ridge Ct., 343-Brittany E. Jones and George McKenzie Jr. to Brandon James Kuhl, $238,000.

Robin Air Ct., 3604-Crestway Property Management Corp. to Eric and Dominique Tate, $239,000.

Senate Dr., 4-Keith and Stacy Zolman to Glenn M. and Stephanie I. Wright, $439,000.

Topsail Ct., 1204-Courtney E. Maus to Melissa Louise Sumpter, $349,000.

Will O Brook Dr., 89-Barbara A. and Eugene H. St. Pierre to Alaina J. and Jason K. Booker, $255,000.

Woodlawn Ave., 1107-Gail E. and Roy W. Lyons to Karen Lynn Carre, $215,000.

209th St., 649-Bridjett Autum Maisttison to Brandon and Jessica Jeffers, $339,900.


Parkview Dr., 2708-Carol B. Sisco to Gary S. Brown and Lecates S. Blyth, $312,000.


Cedar Dr., 1876-Debora A. Khoury to Garrett Ernest and Ernest George Therkorn, $262,000.

Driver Lane, 8142-Charles G. and Tamara R. Hambrick to Courtney and David Greeley, $540,000.

Evesboro Dr., 7920-Steven and Sherri Little Queen to Jennifer Rock, $370,000.

Highmeadow Dr., 521-Sturbridge Embark Homes II Corp. to Ronald Tuttle and Michelle Selecman, $471,393.

Jennifer Meadows Ct., 1724-Xenon Investments Corp. to Richard M. and Emily R. Hodgdon, $330,000.

McKinan Ct., 1518-Kevin and Kristin Weedn to Jonathan and Amanda Cook, $497,900.

Owney Ct., 1212-Reecewood Estates Corp. and Wagner Homes Corp. to Michael Brandon and Tiffanie Leann Krogh, $479,184.

Sage Brush Ct., 1606-Nathanael and Ellen Quay to Erica Dawn Butler, $406,000.

Severn Run Ct., 1621-Thomas A. and Judith I. Rundle to Matthew E. and Sharon E. Behum, $452,000.

Starfire Way, 7802-Bayland Inc. to Oluseyi and Afolake Kolawole, $563,493.

Twin Oaks Rd., 7746-GDL Properties Corp. to Tiana R. Jackson, $455,000.

Virginia Ave., 1435-Raymond P. and Marcia T. Bussey to Dustyn Kujawa and Brandon Johnson, $469,000.

Willow Branch Way, 1510-Toll MD VII Partnership to Lisa M. Robinson, $583,065.


Baltimore Annapolis Blvd., 913-Guardian Property Solutions Corp. to Jose U. Rodriguez and Gerber L. Quintanilla Lopez, $280,000.

Brownstone Dr., 611-Judith A. Oberist and Lawrence Jasmann to Jonathon M. and Sherry Pentecost and Margaret Swigart, $540,000.

Faircastle Ave., 708-Jonathan A. and Justine W. McKnight to Robert and Brittany A. Symonds, $690,027.

Isaiah Dr., 605-Robert J. and Rosemarie Kosydar to Erin E. and Mark C. Talty, $735,000.

Lynwood Lane, 810-Trevillian Enterprises Inc. to Brett D. Kiah and Heather L. Kotula, $685,000.

Smith Ave., 302-Ryan Joseph Paquin and Lawrence A. Burnett to Jordan S. and Natalie H. Mazur, $463,000.

Sycamore Rd., 213-BW Homebuyers Corp. to Rory Snyder, $535,000.

Whittier Pkwy., 613-Helen C. and Robert W. Gunther to Casey Lynn Davis Weaver and Kenneth J. Davis, $369,900.


Depriest Dr., 1600-Sajid and Robina Niazi to Yihong and Jiarui Zhou, $484,000.

Howard County

These sales data recorded by the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation in June were provided by Black Knight Inc. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit


Bracken Dr., 10136-Robert L. and Karen M. Henderson to Hyunchul Kim and Younsun Bae, $615,000.

Dorsey Hall Dr., 4750, No. 8-Inae Kang to Jun Yu, $249,000.

Elmmede Rd., 3118-Ingrid M. and Frederick C. Jurgens to Kai Zhang and Min Li, $416,000.

Evergreen Way, 3114-Edward Frederick Buxton Jr. to Kevin O. and Courtney Douglass, $530,000.

Font Hill Dr., 3712-Katherine L. Curran to Jennifer S. and Michael D. Boe, $599,900.

Greenbriar Ct., 10316-David Velazquez Maqueo and Vanessa Guevara to Grant M. and Lymor R. Barnhard, $769,900.

Larchmede Ct., 9648-John J. and Klare A. Markotic to Daniel and Natasha Becker, $639,000.

Marydell Rd., 9227-John R. and Margaret P. Collins to Justin P. and Blaire Zeitler Andes, $633,000.

Paulskirk Dr., 3141-Diane S. and Mark H. Waitsman to Colin E. and Karin L. Boteler, $464,000.

Ramblewood Rd., 3118-Stephen S. and Colette M. Newton to Francis and Kelly Hepner, $465,000.

Rollingview Ct., 3437-Richard Wayne Ayres to Todd G. Buckman, $100,000.

Triadelphia Rd., 11814-Allyson Hawkins and Jose A. Ward to Daniel J. Gardner, $815,000.

Wickwood Ct., 10711-Jung I. Choi to Prasad V. Namagiri and Arundhathi Machani, $630,000.


Ascending Moon Path, 6032-Marc R. Schulman and Mary Lynn Krolczyk to Neil Raj Aggarwal and Seema Madhu Kakade, $828,500.

Flowing Water Trail, 12145-David S. and Ella K. Tossman to Zhongying Xu and Tianzhou Ma, $660,000.

Hidden Waters Way, 12116-Robert J. and Patricia A. Mills to Junye Chen and Heng Zhang, $890,000.

Mill Creek Ct., 13835-NVR Inc. to Erhiuvie and Muritala B. Abu, $1.46 million.

Timber Creek Ct., 6933-Lanh Dang Ha and My T. Nguyen to Shanti and Sairam Balasubramanian, $774,900.


Dartmouth Rd., 9410-Hengcheng Alvis Hu and Meiwen Joanne Ting to Camilla Johnson, $500,000.

Harvest Rise Ct., 6247-Justin S. and Michelle Little to Jon Paul Rios Velez and Vanessa Rios, $289,900.

Ironwood Way, 6222-Zaheer Abbas Bhayani to Sabrina R. and Robert G. Sinclair, $495,000.

Latchkey Row, 9478-Angela N. and Brian T. Funderburk to Tamberlee Williams and Robert Alphonso Parrish, $355,000.

Majors Lane, 6079, No. 12-Jeffrey E. and Andrea S. Ingram to Monika and Alok Banga, $138,000.

Morningbird Lane, 5916-Rivero Dreams Corp. to Benjamin C. Ertter, $265,000.

Perfect Hour, 9206-Edward Priola and Larisa Cioaca to Evelyn Melissa Valentin Reyes, $350,000.

Roundtree Lane, 5634-Cheryl Boehler to Kristen S. and Lee Baker Adolph, $490,000.

Stevens Forest Rd., 6144-Nilesh Patel to Miles and Taylor M. Harris, $360,000.

Tamar Dr., 6220-Timothy I. McKindles to Julio and Roxana P. Celedon, $309,900.

Thunder Hill Rd., 5734-Asf Renovations Corp. to Nancy Lucero, $250,000.

Waterloo Rd., 5472-Edna M. Chism to Riery Caballero Penarrieta and Madelin G. Caballero, $515,000.


Bridlerein Terr., 10706-Federal National Mortgage Association to Melissa and Andrew Donelson, $275,000.

Columbia Rd., 4922, No. 89-Jami L. and Lia Williams to Brandine Maffo, $200,000.

Covington Rd., 6082-Zewditu T. and Girma Retta to Elisabeth Arevalo Guerrero and David Eric Rosen, $525,000.

Darting Bird Lane, 5121-Darryl K. Day to Scott Gibbons and Erin Pfeltz, $540,000.

Faulkner Ridge Cir., 10558, No. 5-B-4-Donna and Kyle Davis to Minhduc Phan, $190,000.

Hesperus Dr., 5025-Justin and Kristin Dearing to Robert and Diane Germano, $360,000.

Maypole Way, 10353-Maureen Foley to Jared and Nelisbeth Ball, $480,000.

Pyramid Way, 6733-Katharina M. Hartig and Jeremy Cooper to Steven Cale, $250,000.

Smooth Meadow Way, 5364, No. 4-Michelle Yates to Keith Devonte Williams, $160,000.

Thicket Lane, 5677-Justin Lavis to Christian Peche, $321,500.

Whetstone Rd., 5039-Robert Arnold and Janet Marie McMurrer to Jose D. Miranda Rojas and Jose Douglas Miranda Chicas, $510,000.


Millers Mill Rd., 2232-Gregory W. and Margaret A. Peters to Dawn Crupi and Randolph Martin McKenzie, $775,000.


Daniel John Dr., 7116-Susan Lynn Clagett to Deborah Owolabi Adeola, $330,500.

Ducketts Lane, 6854, No. 36-7-T.J. Swiney and Kathleen Harold to Mercedes Castro Vega, $250,000.

Green Field Rd., 6460, No. 2-204-Scott A. and Amy M. Sears to Meghan B. Lynch and Josephine O’Donoghue, $140,000.

Hunt Club Rd., 5800-Richard A. Weatherholt to Kimberly Jones, $460,000.

Maplecrest Rd., 7305, No. 406-James F. and Pamela S. Ehrenfried to Kellye M. Beaman, $350,000.

Morning Breeze Dr., 8145-Jacen P. and Jacqueline R. Killebrew to Churg A. Chan and Thomas Rigolage, $480,000.

Shady Oak Lane, 5830-Ryan S. and Alice L. Altenburg to Joey Luen, $420,000.

Summit Rock Rd., 7308-Gordon and Melissa Lin to Phani Durga Nanda Kishore Kommisetty, $360,000.

Woodland Forest Dr., 6367-Jeromy and Maria Cozad to Enoch Moon, $248,000.


Blueberry Hill Lane, 7750-Mithun Ashwathappa and Diane Golla to Min Xing Lin, $360,000.

Bordeaux Cove., 5200-Danny Liang and Stefanie Lin to Babak Sharafeddin and Kathleen O’Malley, $820,000.

Brightmeadow Ct., 7993-Eric A. and Daina L. Seale to Amy Tyler, $330,000.

Britten Lane, 5182-John C. and Ladonna J. Norjen to Tyler and Hoi Yee Tom, $800,000.

Doncaster Dr., 4340-Edward D. Chickanis to Hampson and Elizabeth Mary Fields, $630,000.

Edgewood Rd., 3148-John H. and Susan B. Borchers to Scott M. and Evelyn M. Henderson, $648,000.

Hollow Ct., 3337-Xin Juan Pan to Xiuzhi Sun and Jin Mei Pan, $358,000.

Logans Way, 5934-Melissa A. Hersh to Andrew and Christine Yunjae Wang, $457,000.

Montclair Dr., 2808-Barbara Leigh and Barry Michael Moynihan to Sang M. Pak, $450,000.

Montjoy Pl., 8807-John Peter and Minhee Kim to Venkat Thirumalai and Srilatha Subramaniam, $445,000.

Orange Grove Ct., 3441-Jack O. and Mariko Sheffrin to Xiang and Jianan Li, $348,000.

Prancing Deer Dr., 4412-Jonathan S. and Margaret T. Weinstein to Bonnie Agnew, $685,000.

Serena Dylan Way, 7527-Veera Venkata Satay Kanithi and Vidya Ryall to Rosemary and Clement Uzana, $674,990.

Talbot Dr., 6026-Daniel S. Harris Jr. to Brooke and Kevin Zichos, $425,000.

Vineyard Springs Way, 2533-Pulte Home Corp. to Oluwafemi Shodipe, $840,775.


Carpenter St., 7507-Susan Damschroder to Rahul S. Barge and Sneha Dhapare, $710,000.

Iager Blvd., 11433-Cheryl L. and Thomas P. Hannan to Shonyel L. Lyons and Jason D. Latendresse, $870,000.

Morris St., 7575-Pamela E. Purcell to Huanqing Qi, $605,000.

Trappe St., 7311-Mitchell Guo and Yichun Sun to Max and Diane Peterson, $635,000.


Roscommon Dr., 3295-Jeffrey Allan Shenot and Kathryn Lynn Chetelat to Staci and John Christopher Bradley, $500,000.


Harlow Way, -U.S. Home Corp. and Lennar Corp. to Linda Marie West, $426,290.

Starwort Way, 7015, No. B-Yolanda Fogg to Mebaa H. Braha, $315,775.


Bucks Haven Lane, 7404-Francis M. and Marcia L. Duffy to Kenneth Lam and Jane E. Choi, $720,000.


Granville Rd., 8312-Efrain Rivera to Boris Francisco Arevalo, $371,140.

Winterbrook Lane, 10139-Gloria D. Scaggs to Ronald E. and Olive M. Baker, $490,000.


Carriage Hills Dr., 8750-Helen L. Salter to Oluyomi and Jennifer Adewale, $520,000.

Early Spring Way, 9736-Kay Il Kwon and Il Kwon Lee to Mavlyn J. Bazil, $305,000.

Hidden Cove, 7328-Michael L. Miller to Patrice Akakpo Montcho and Nancie Alexandra Garcia Flores, $292,500.

Rainleaf Ct., 9826-Corrie Boulay to Mark A. Heikell Jr., $349,900.

Vollmerhausen Dr., 9486-Henry D. Biemann IV and Katherine E. Gehrke to Stephen and Michelle Martin Rahn, $442,000.


Sand Hill Manor Dr., 12032-Robert A. and Karyn R. Littlejohn to Nicholas and Lacey Caesar, $760,000.


Anfred Dr., 7918-John W. and Joyce A. Bishop to William and Rebecca Eng, $430,000.

Boulder Ridge Rd., 8798-Eung Kwon and Jane Bohman Kim to Dwayne C. Dennis and Lesley A. Carpenter Dennis, $595,000.

Crest Rd., 8005-Judith C. Shreve to Cory R. and Amy Lynne Anna, $393,000.

Glen Ridge Dr., 9477-Tonito Investments Corp. to William E. Melgar Lopez and Wendy Carolina Zuniga Lopez, $387,000.

Kings Grant Rd., 9518-Gregory E. and Judy Ann Moy to Erin B. McComb and Thomas L. Keens, $430,000.

Love Song Ct., 10025-Clifford R. Caines and Ellen L.C. Van Pelt to Jiawei Bai and Shuang Yin, $469,500.

Northern Lakes Lane, 9775-Kuljeet Bhangra and Vandana Saidha to Mohib Anvari and Fahima Rafiq, $448,000.

Sand Cherry Lane, 8303-Jason C. Boockholdt and estate of Kathy L. Boockholdt to Seblewongel Nega Shone and Neway Getachew Wolde, $590,000.

Sydney Way, 9314-D.R. Horton Inc. to Navanita Tuladhar and Pukar Man Amatya, $549,990.

Whiskey Run, 9862-Eric and Amy Mendzela to Christopher Gabriel Morales and Michele R. Lugiai, $225,000.


Indian Hill Dr., 12570-Roger and Tara Sterling to Robert A. Wojtanek, $665,000.


Emmaus Rd., 1243-Jeff and Mary Ann Brister to Michael and Teresa Para, $660,000.

Frederick Rd., 16489-Jesse J. and Judy L. Miller to William G. and Claire N. Pothier, $475,000.


Chambers Ct., 11110, No. M-Warren K. and Mary O. Winker to Edward R. and Linda F. Meredith, $309,900.

Ganton Green, 2115, No. G-303-Herbert H. and Margaret S. Sprankle to Me K. Yi, $285,000.

Quarter Horse Dr., 1829-Gerald and Mary A. Livingston to Melissa and Daniel Metz, $705,500.

Woodstock Rd., 1660-Robert Douglas Hradsky and James Allen Slayton to Amir Sarlak and Sharareh Honar, $840,000.