Anne Arundel County

These sales data recorded by the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation in September were provided by Black Knight Inc. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit


Boyd Dr., 115-Debbie A. Jacobs to Stephen J. and Nina N. Badger, $520,000.

Cohasset Ave., 3510-Donna Watts Lamont to Derrick Leon Cogburn and Noemi E. De Jesus, $650,000.

Enclave Ct., 12-K. Hovnanian Homes of Maryland II Corp. to Ronald W. and Teresa B. Kaiser, $626,405.

Groh Lane, 130-Donald A. Ziolkowski and Laura Burhans to Steven Charles and Mary Carolyne Ross, $330,000.

Hoover St., 1100-Joanne M. Deloache and Aiden Niepold to Amanda C. Reed and Charles R. Fink, $312,500.

President Point Dr., 13, No. B1-Paul Christopher Dewald to Steven Paul Himmelfarb and Laura Vierling, $643,000.

Riding Ridge Rd., 417-Robert B. and Therese Daniels to Ryan W. and Elizabeth A. Blanc, $647,000.

Springdale Ave., 728-Alexandra Mary Lisko to Maika Faasasalu and Constance Anna Polamalu, $540,000.

Windwhisper Lane, 957-Steven B. and Sylvia Stone Kraemer to Christine S. Tyrrell, $310,000.


Anne Ct., 1694-Dale K. and Evelyn S. Lynn to Martha Gould and Howard S. Abramson, $675,000.

Berth Terr., 2820-Helga V. Van Dolsen to Jessamy J. Rango, $302,500.

Claude St., 100-Jonathan L. and Kristy S. Myers to Michael L. Milone and Ruth Milsten, $865,000.

Course Dr. W., 2552-Christopher J. Sullivan and Maria B. Hanson to Peter J. Purcell, $575,000.

Governor Thomas Bladen Way, 2024, No. 303-Kyle and Megan McCullough to Richard J. Folderauer Jr., $235,000.

Hideaway Ct., 2131-Charlotte Simmons to Gregory W. Solomon and Gabrielle M. Capuzzi, $329,000.

Lejeune Way, 141-Brookfield Admiral Square Corp. to Ashley N. Robinson, $400,000.

McKendree Ave., 108-Alice O’Donnell and estate of Carol Youmans to John T. and Amanda Z. Graham, $395,000.

Rigging Dr., 2622-Louise M. Ryman to Chaitanya V. and Ruchi C. Doshi, $330,900.

Tidewater Grove Ct., 942-Edward Joseph Vlna and estate of Vincent A. Vlna III to Robert Carl and Louise Anne Koch, $435,000.

Wardour Dr., 222-James Rudy Niles and Susan Niles Flater to Steven S. Paskal, $1.6 million.

West St., 225-Michael Patrick Hansen to Mark P. and Stacey H. Gembicki, $675,000.


Robinhood Rd., 782-Edward J. Maher to David and Diane P. Johnson, $825,000.


Bay Dale Ct., 507-Angelos D. and Alison E. Kolazas to Melanie A. Kovach, $325,000.

Broadwater Rd., 461-Jonah A. and Laura Reeger to Dyan R. and Michael J. Urquhart, $420,000.

Comanche Rd., 1608-Michael C. and Geraldine L. Roberts to Matthew E. and Jillian M. Schellenschlager, $497,500.

Eagle Ct., 1475-Cora J. Bruner to Thomas and Catherine Desmond, $360,000.

Gloria Harris Ct., 1236-D.R. Horton Inc. to Bryan D. and Bianca A. Fitzpatrick, $585,000.

Harting Farm Dr., 998-Donald W. and Wendy L. Pisman to Luz J. Caalaman, $390,000.

Julie Ct., 1213-Paula H. Meyer to Jillian Paige Tomlin and Christian David Johnston Jr., $310,000.

Moorings Cir., 504-Joan McGrath A. Artman Pivec to Anthony R. and Robin B. Romito, $375,000.

Old Sturbridge Rd., 26-John Darrell and Kolene McKay Jackson to Thomas B. and Katherine Van Dam, $575,000.

Seminole Dr., 1230-Christian W. and Jennifer M. Lowe to Erin Sammons, $285,000.

Wickliff Pl., 440-Thomas J. and Barbara J. Cunningham to Angelos Daniel D. and Alison Elayne Kolazas, $487,500.


Edgevale Rd. W., 228-Integral Property Group Corp. to Claudette Ruskin, $161,799.

Johnson St., 5719-Rodger S. Farrow to Edgardo A. Figueroa Alas, $236,000.

Fourth Ave., 203-Yang Kai Chen and Lin Yun Lian to Marisela Y. Gutierrez, $250,000.


Breezewood Ct., 1476-Tom and Tiffany Vandevoordt to Michael Constantious Chrisovergis and Madeleine Christen Woodward, $410,000.

Cananaro Dr., 1636-Christina M. Calhoon to Sean K. Mellon, $325,000.

Deep Creek View, 550-David Phillip and Dagmar Morgan to Eric Soltowski, $455,000.

Harbor Dr., 2111-Lawrence J. and Dana L. Cate to Christopher Scott and Jessica Obrinsky Leasure, $2.5 million.

Highpoint Dr., 989-Claude P. and Elizabeth P. Morrissey to Richard J. Colon Jr., $355,500.

Magothy Park Lane, 1019-Michael Wayne and Kasey Demetrakis to William Turner and Peggy Renzi, $480,000.

Pincay Ct., 1601-Robert J. and Jacqueline J. Schmidt to Timothy P. McAllister, $315,000.

Snow Goose Lane, 623-Katherine T. Harmina to Kristin Draper, $360,000.

Windgate Dr., 792-American Intl. Relocation SLN Corp. and Daniel Murtha to Juliette and Philip O’Connell, $538,000.


Cove Dr., 1203-Laura J. Jenner to Leslie L. Palmer, $375,000.

Wildwood Lane, 1117-Arthur H. and Michael A. Gilliam to Aldino Antonioli and Sharon M. Guest, $265,000.


Bellarbor Cir., 1923-Doug B. Andrews to Julie Ann Halick, $185,000.

Crofton Pkwy., 1617-Christopher T. and Margaret F. Holmes to Jonathan M. and Jasmine L. Weadon, $429,000.

Elton Ct., 2709-Michael T. and Dianna L. Zabec to Willavene Poloff Macintyre and Louis Vincent Antonelli, $368,000.

Granite Ct., 1717-Juliana M. Bruzzese to Kathryn V. Parker, $270,000.

Leisure Way, 1729-Kathleen R. and J. Andre Gariepy to Melissa S. Hale, $188,000.

Medford Ct., 2450-David J. Grigonis to Darlene Cooper, $237,000.

Patrice Cir., 1678-Janet M. Hart to Carlos Alberto Gonzalez Lopez and Enma Besai Gonzalez, $500,000.

Reynolds Ct., 1809-Thomas R. Callahan and estate of Jane S. Callahan to Andrew Thomas and Amera Redman, $416,500.

Simsbury Ct., 1018-Beth A. Avery to Schntae Graham, $255,000.

Vergils Ct., 2718-Larry E. and Michele L. Snyder to Martha A. and Matthew L. Donnelly, $555,000.

Windy Oak Ct., 2557-Ashley M. and Aaron B. Holmes to Funlola and Chamennia Ogunleye, $369,000.


Fairfield Estates Lane, 1215-Eugene P. Johnston to Michael T. and Priscila D. Montecalvo, $600,000.

Indian Creek Lane, 904-Benne C. and Paula R. Nygren to Erik A. and Rachel I. Heisig, $685,000.

Paddocks Ct., 1405-Jerry R. and Joanne T. Milbourn to Sanjeev Jatain and Poonam Malik, $1.11 million.

Valentine Creek Dr., 1137-Marlene M. Keeler to Dawn Propst Segundo, $455,000.


Highpoint Rd., 8105-Pamela A. Bromwell and Randall W. Mattoon to Catherine Marie Suska, $228,500.


Eagle Passages Ct., 1002-David D. Bilodeau and Sheila R. Leone to Alim D. and Sara Pirmohamed, $870,000.


Grazing Field Way, 806-Anna M. and Charles D. Scarlata to Tim and Channing Duffy, $429,900.


Annapolis Ave., 850-Raul Schuett and Diana L. Hayden to Jenna Soneira, $335,000.

Cedar Dr., 3523-Loch Haven Beach Corp. to James and Colleen M. Smith, $250,000.

Edgemont St., 3616-Chester L. and Gloria R. Mahaffey to Paul T. and Kelly E. Boehmler, $430,000.

Fairmount Dr., 417-Douglas T. and Jessica L. Evans to Kristina A. Lieu, $312,000.

Lee Dr., 1626-Amanda Henderson and estate of William A. Peterson to Jennifer L. Castricone, $415,000.

Mayo Rd., 950-Vance N. St. Peter to Brian and Noel Wetz, $279,900.

Monarch Dr., 3516-Jennifer M. Panik to Tressa K. and Sean P. Doordan, $925,000.

Penwood Dr., 423-Roger and Linda J. Watt Thusius to Laurence E. Belluchie, $469,500.

Riverton Pl., 104-Donald G. and Deborah B. Magnuson to John and Jo Ann Koch, $420,000.

Shore Dr., 1724-Nikolaus and Robert Bussink to Emily Wicks, $243,500.

Warwick Pl., 414-Jamie W. Dettmer to Stephen A. Schreider, $331,500.


Annapolis Rd., 935-Eric W. and Karen E. Elam to Paul Nicholas Laurenzano, $415,000.

Crofton Valley Dr., 952-Charles Kyle Sharpe to Richard A. and Jennifer M. Van Buren, $590,000.

Flowering Tree Lane, 2508-Edward E. and Martha E. Clark to Brooke Nicholas, $369,950.

Misthaven Lane, 2247-Steven J. Rohlfs to Ryuta Michael and Midori Riecke, $370,000.

Symphony Lane, 2529-Richard G. and Lori K. Faber to Robert Justin and Dawn Haupt, $350,000.

Wigeon Way, 1406, No. 307-Estate of Angela Recker to Diana H. Kaye, $324,000.


Braden Loop, 1487-Judith A. Volem to Christopher K. Heath, $256,000.

Colonial Knolls, 6478-Lighthouse Assets Corp. to Mariela Rivera, $174,000.

Fleagle Rd., 357-Kevin D. and Barbara L. Via Brice to Lisa M. Caldwell, $310,000.

Foxtail Lane, 8029-Eric W. and Karen F. Pedersen to Darcie A. and Peter J. Richmond, $378,000.

Heather Stone Way, 112-Courtney Bryant and Kenneth W. Shoster to Naeshia and Aaron L. Powell, $210,000.

New Jersey Ave. NW, 18-Villana Rae Woody to Brooke A. Cullifer and Zachariah A. Brinsfield, $339,000.

Pampano Dr., 6537-Julian S. and Elizabeth Doud Scarborough to Tyrone Lee Pagud, $237,000.

Resch Loop, 7503-Brookfield Oakview Village Corp. to Anthony Riddle, $315,275.

Tieman Dr., 1705-Rebecca Barnes Ferrer to Michelle and Clifford Forster, $259,900.

Washington Blvd., 407-Paul E. and Patricia D. Chenoweth to Michael E. and Judith T. Trippett, $190,000.


Amberly Rd., 513-Jason M. McClure to Marcela Cerrito, $217,000.

Crown Rd., 7214-Linda Boles Lind and Barbara Ann Rogers to Christine Trevaskis, $235,000.

Fitzallen Rd., 1036-Warren M. and Denise Ann Hiller to Hildegard Levasseur, $260,000.

Green Acres Dr., 7317-Randall and Theresa Tracey to Austin A. Weller, $282,000.

Hopkins Cor., 924-Jonathan D. and Shaina M. Rober to Vernard Purdie, $334,000.

Marley Station Rd., 402-Robert J. Reiss Jr. to Molly Aston and Howard G. Prior, $465,000.

Ocracoke Way, 402-U.S. Home Corp. and Lennar Corp. to Charles Jerome and Vicki Irene Kupec, $460,040.

Rumfire Ct., 6605-Janise A. Buckmon to David and Hilda Dillard, $229,500.

Tanager Ave., 7123-Richard Agar to Nicholas L. Wilhite, $313,000.

Timbercross Lane, 7712-Zijun Tong and Wenjing Jin to Gage M. Andis, $245,000.

Warfield Rd., 238-David A. Martin to Roderick Holmes and Ruby Gordon, $289,990.

Sixth Ave. NE, 307-Jason L. and Cheryle A. Freeman to Stephen W. and Judy Ann T. Kastler, $350,000.


Fredericksburg Rd., 2746-Jena and Michael Chitan to Albert Lewis Boudy Sr., $390,000.

Hawthorn Dr., 1326-U.S. Home Corp. and Lennar Corp. to Rex Alan Warnert, $414,990.

Simms Lane, 1826-Tara Lynn and Jeffrey Patrick Harold to Michael Lee and McShane Gomez, $390,000.

Winding Hills Dr., 7209-Oluyemi Shonubi to Dong Hyuk Shin and Sopheakdey Ngov, $358,000.


Cherry Hill Lane, 202-Marcus A. and Stacie C. Nelson Brownrigg to Elizabeth Ijeoma Ekeh, $360,000.

Hartwood Pl., 8604-Randy R. and Christine A. Bowman to Brittani Cook, $344,900.

River Bend Ct., 3105, No. F304-Antonia L. Cuffee to Alicia D. Clarke, $214,000.


Hammonds Ferry Rd. S., 102-Reuben M. and Mandy S. Krauson to Joan Meredith Barnickel, $274,900.

Minta Ct., 202-Peter J. and Darcie A. Richmond to Michael A. Youngquist, $290,000.


Batchelors Choice Lane, 26-Nancy C. and Richard Talbott Miller to Lindsay M. and Casey J. Childs, $610,000.

Traveller Ct., 616-Casey J. and Lindsay M. Childs to Michael Kosmides, $650,000.


Benfield Dr. W., 916-Thomas Torbik and estate of Anne Marie Yale to Michael and Chelsea Vesely, $365,000.

Chalet Dr., 501-Jessica and Peter Kuyatt to Mario J. Burkett and Ana N. Reza, $275,000.

Galiot Dr., 8322-Jaime L. Iatesta to Adam and Dina Lustgarten, $459,000.

Kathy Anne Lane, 1146-Thomas A. and Julie S. Damiloski to Marlene K. Netherton and Karen A. Douse, $740,000.

Morris Tongue Dr., 731-Matthew G. Thompson to Jesse W. Dishman Jr. and Ashley N. Schuyler, $399,000.

Old Mill Rd., 444-Kristi and Matthew Martucci to Vaughn T. Brito and Fernanda Gomez Mansilla, $390,000.


Lake Shore Dr., 7110-Kenneth R. Graham Jr. to Joel Albert and Michael A. Riley, $330,000.


Artillery Lane, 1935-Thomas C. and Stacy R.B. Hoffman to Luke Earls and Kelly E. Ford, $465,000.

Chapelview Dr., 712-Sylvia R. Leon to Meghan Monroe and Fallon R. Migliorini, $275,000.

Domain Ct., 512-Christopher S. and Jenna M. Patterson to Karen Clayborne, $239,900.

Greenwood St., 483-Art Homes Corp. to Shannon S. and Baltasar A. Ortega, $295,000.

Jostaberry Way, 2430-Joshua M. and Meredith L. Perkins to Kevin Doherty Schmid, $380,000.

Little Patuxent Ct., 8708-Lisa M. Smith to Keith M. Ashton, $380,000.

Orchard Oriole Way, 2627-NVR Inc. to Charles William Doyle and Christina Elizabeth Butters, $795,749.

Saint Andrews Lane, 1239-Thomas M. and Anna Houck to Jennifer Goldberg, $319,000.

Streamview Dr., 2631-Sterling National Bank to Matthew and Kelly Kennedy, $335,000.

Thornbrook Dr., 8720-Michelle J. Crocker Hoye to Shamika J. Gary, $354,900.

Westridge Cir., 63-John L. and Ruth Doran to Ayonio Goriola, $345,000.

Wintergreen Ct., 8606, No. 301-Tameria A. and Michael E. Jolley to Nancy A. Kramer, $258,000.


Chalk Point Rd. W., 4911-William R. and Ann Marie Atkinson to Thomas Harrison and Joanne Handler, $592,000.


Alberta Ave., 3908-Charis Homes Corp. to Wayne W. and Rebecca E. Chaney, $315,000.

Brewer Neck Rd., 1438-Wills Real Estate Investments Corp. to Kathleen T. and Scott A. Bailey, $649,900.

Caldwell Ct., 7904-John and Swante D. Ford to Jeremiah N. and Alexandria J. Eklund, $360,000.

Catherine Ave., 7807-S & S Development and Design Corp. to Matthew and Amber Ketchum, $346,500.

Creekview Ct., 99-Michael Lessard to Brian J. Smith, $232,500.

Delma Ave., 303-Mary E. Zink and Brenda B. Johnson to Daniel James and Laurie Ellen Mahoney, $277,300.

Elizabeth Rd., 7959-Andrew and Nikita Wellein to Amanda Foster and Benjamin Sanders, $257,000.

Garden Rd., 8425-Matthew William and Breauna Lenae Santiago to Eric J. and Renee E. Kensel, $354,900.

Henslowe Ct., 7933-Marlette M. Newberger and estate of Constance M. Monroe to Lisa Wheeler Lee, $220,000.

Jacobia Dr., 141-Lisa L. Hamilton to Ignacio Goya Rozas and Zoila Magaly Torres Aguero, $287,500.

Laurel Dr., 656-Gregory Scott and Dawn Ann Wilson to Joshua Nicholas and Jetta Leigh Day, $412,000.

Lowtide Ct., 7902-John D. Lemay to Jessica A. and Charles Anthony Macola, $525,000.

Maryland Ave., 444-Kyle and Marla Meure to Michele Lynn and James Joseph Scardina, $327,500.

Old Crown Dr., 3496-Jenna R. Coburn to Katie J. Booker, $225,000.

Perry Cove Rd., 1714-Christopher and Zingray Germershausen to Chaliss Pulliam, $720,000.

Riverside Dr., 268-Bradley M. Weidema to Kirkland Taylor, $295,000.

Sherlock Ct., 7651-James D. and Karen M. Cobb to Zachary Dunn, $267,000.

Whites Cove Rd., 7895-Guy A. and Beverly Furrow to Noah and Lindsay Longwell, $499,900.

Woodholme Cir., 8028-Gregory W. Thompson to Austin Eagle and Olivia C. Gulledge, $292,000.

11th St., 924-Ayla Herbert and Elliot Stahel to Wilson David Gamber, $299,900.


Breckenridge Cir., 1254-Dave D. and Gena M. Peel Garcia to Patrick L. and Brean C. Fitzsimmons, $412,000.


Carinoso Cir., 1155-Efren and Anna L. Rada to Aiko Jay Biason and Teirra D. Aguon Calderon, $359,900.

Clark Station Rd., 7836-Patrick M. and Roberta F. Boyle to Nicholas and Carly Zeller, $325,000.

Gabriel Garth Ct., 7785-Vincent F. and Amanda B. Gingerelli to Richard Cory Newman, $380,000.

Highmeadow Dr., 515-Sturbridge Embark Homes II Corp. to Jeffery Adam and Katie A. Clemens, $496,258.

Jasons Landing Way, 7962-Sterling B. and Anita P. Johnson to Deanna and James Revere, $465,000.

Manet Way, 7869-Garrett P. Feiner to Uy Quach and Nhin Pham, $420,000.

Sicily Lane, 1149-D.R. Horton Inc. to Rashonda S. Winston and Edward Holloway III, $366,990.

Telegraph Rd., 8157-Marguba A. Akbaralieva to Arif and Tugba Cihan, $319,000.

Winter Pine Trail, 1421-F. Branden and Juliet A. Anderson to Stacy Nicole and Enith Randall, $521,250.


Beach Rd., 1-Steven D. McCubbin to Mark B. Baldy and Valerie O’Hara, $1.06 million.

Dunkeld Ct., 637-Kenneth D. and Mary Patricia Neighoff to Steven McCubbin, $696,000.

Laguna Cir., 268-Ryan and Suzanne Hendrix to Evan Faith Spangle, $340,000.

Michener Ct. W., 266-Stephanie A. Vito to Jessica L. and Jason M. Serpa, $499,900.

Raussell Pl., 308-Michael S. Bowling to Ryan Hertz, $299,000.

Saint Ives Dr., 201-Michael and Maria Eriksen Hardy to Allison M. and Christian R. Jehling, $729,000.

Thomas Way, 615-Robert F. Nichols Jr. and estate of Deborah J. Nichols to Kathleen D. Colleran, $235,000.

Whittier Pkwy., 609-Regina Barnhurst to Terrence M. and Melissa Murray, $295,000.


Girton Ave., 4724-Casey L. and Kathryn D. King to Michelle Marie Wozny, $325,000.

Howard County

These sales data recorded by the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation in September were provided by Black Knight Inc. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit


Camelford Ct., 10217-Richard L. Cysyk and estate of Marguerite Ann Agnes to Surobhi M. and Patrick J. Rooney, $570,000.

Dorsey Hall Dr., 4750, No. 3-Samuel Youngkwang Seo and Grace Jain Kang to Stephanie Brennen and Wesley Thayer, $235,000.

Folly Quarter Rd., 12781-Kendra Lee Knoke to Jason and Mary Kathleen Habert, $640,000.

Gwynn Park Dr., 9697-Linda Fitzsimmons to David Lee and Novella Corrin Evans, $470,000.

Leyden Way, 4754-Robert S. and Nam S. Kim to Jian Xu, $360,000.

Michaels Way, 9310-Ruth H. and Henry Cook to Danna Tan, $450,000.

Paul Mill Rd., 3813-Brian A. Leone to Robyn Dubrov Foreman and Ibrahim Chand Sagatov, $522,500.

Triadelphia Rd., 12575-Chris D. and estate of Barbara Sullivan Robinson to Amber and Nathan Stone, $520,000.

Windsor Moss, 12061-Jeffery M. and Carol M. Good to Jeffrey Elliot and Laura K. Richman, $635,000.


Flamewood Dr., 7500-James V. Riffle to Andrew S. and Allison Kathryn Shobe, $750,000.

Hall Shop Rd., 11887-William Schad and Heather Rhea Nies to Stephanie Anne Cooper, $640,000.

Lakeside Dr., 13731-Maryann M. Wells to Mira S. and Surendra B. Daulat, $670,000.

Silent Lake Dr., 13501-Mark M. and Michele G. Evans to Ying and Quan Yuan, $887,500.

Welcome Night Path, 6612-Abbas Mohammadi and Akram Talaei to Bruk Bekele Getachew and Firehiwot Kinde, $650,000.


Candleshine Ct., 7260-Larissa S. Baker Tepper to Sampath K. Bandi and Rajitha Pasikanti, $291,000.

Dark Hawk Cir., 8510-Peter A. and Marybeth Coccia to Dawit Abeje and Mimi Zewdie, $550,000.

Deep Calm, 6428-Laquessa R. Lee to Vincent Torrente Jr., $419,900.

Gentle Way, 9339-Mitch Hollars and estate of Jack H. Abramson to Jose G. and Rosmarie Lopez, $360,000.

Harbor Lane, 7213, No. 3-7-Ashley and Sean Danus to Peter Justsen, $325,000.

Hound Hill Ct., 5453-Nathan D. and Sara L. Bos to Michael T. Szedlmayer and Gray A. Vargas, $385,000.

Marsh Hawk Way, 5470-Matthew Edward and Cherie Helfrich to Aaron David, $360,000.

Reader Lane, 9363-NRZ Reo Inventory Corp. to Foad Askari Farahani and Elaheh Mikanic, $199,900.

Shining Oceans Way, 8820, No. 413-Vivian H. Green to Nancy D. Campbell, $345,000.

Watchlight Ct., 8956-Jamil Khaliq and Shamaila Muhammad to Anselm and Mavissa A. Beach, $250,000.

Wingflash Lane, 6532-Joan I. Brotherton to Alan H. and Patricia Ann Hickerson Wilson, $342,500.


Blue Arrow Ct., 10389-Thomas A. and Maribeth J. Raffa to Nicholas C. Stern and Natalia Mercer, $452,500.

Cricket Pass, 6265-William R. and Karla M. Gray Roncal to McNeal and Evonne McCabe Brown, $435,000.

Green Mountain Cir., 10663-Clifford and Laurie D. Scheiber to Brandon H. and Hilary S. Neblett, $480,000.

Gulfstream Row, 5613-Pennie Kay and David Edward Close to Quinn Louise McCreary and Orrin Jason Ross, $261,000.

Lone Tree Ct., 11784-Pontus Brandt and Petra M. Olander to Matthew A. and Arina E. Wright, $350,000.

Snowflake Ct., 11227, No. A-Christopher G. and Kimberly R. Hudgens to Jenna Louise Fletcher, $200,000.

Vantage Point Rd., 5425, No. 1-Frederick and Patricia Gottemoeller to Irene Hechler, $340,000.

Willow Bottom Dr., 11018-David and Donna Dupree to Yang Li and Lili Liu, $645,000.


Sycamore Spring Ct., 1948-Barbara A. Gasser Hughes to Thomas P. and Stephanie L. Delore, $575,000.


Briarglen Dr., 7928, No. B-Gloria J. Nutzhorn to Thomas E. and Judith D. Etchells, $392,600.

Diggers Lane, 5826, No. 4-04-Khalid Beraich and Meryem Cherkaoui to Huat Thang Bawihrin, $245,000.

Golden Crest, 7019-Dorsey Family Homes Inc. to Anthony P. and Zeta Elaine Smith, $815,000.

Hearthside Way, 7523-Claude and Yasumi Shoemake to Jasmine Paek, $360,000.

Purple Iris Lane, 8889, No. 20-Jaya R. and Ritesh S. Kataria to Asin Iqbal, $406,200.

Slipknot Alley, 7423-Michael W. Schwoegl Jr. to Jihye Kim, $340,000.

Wesley Lane, 6476-Russell and Nicole Giacobbe Epstein to Hayley Keenan, $490,000.


Avoca Ave., 4901-Virginia M. Rouse to David K. and Annabelle U. Hyde, $499,900.

Brauerton Rd., 8901, No. 204-Larry A. and Candace L. Blosser to Diane M. Guinther, $315,000.

Carls Ct., 8980, No. G-NVR Inc. to Steven Sung Jin and Hyun Joo Kim, $334,000.

Cyprus Cedar Lane, 8145, No. N-Kelly Ann Ackley and estate of Catherine G. Powers to Shirley L. Kenny, $305,000.

Falls Run Rd., 8611, No. F-Bardia Alimohammadi and Ameneh Seddigh to Jaycee Jeongmee Choi, $210,000.

High Ridge Rd., 8513-Steven E. and Corinne A. Bowen to Jason Brown and Elizabeth Rasking, $442,000.

Hunting Horn Dr., 5558-Brandon Henderson to Ellie Kayoung Kim, $445,000.

Kyne Millers Way, 8107-Rachel Kim and Steve Lee to Bergina Brickhouse Isbell, $252,728.

Montclair Dr., 2808-Sang M. Pak to Seung C. Yang, $575,000.

Old Frederick Rd., 8320-Kelly R. Campbell and Samantha A. Westley to Armen Melikian and Margaret A. Stella, $513,000.

Rolling Meadows, 4483-Judith T. Hanson to Daniel Joseph Calianno and Heather Lee Donhauser, $517,000.

Stony Creek Lane, 7602-Matthew and Kirstyn Estes to Marianka Wepprecht, $245,000.

Vineyard Springs Way, 2522-NVR Inc. to Padmaja Vazrala and Madhusudhan Modugula, $850,000.


Edenton Ct., 8520-Louise M. and Ryan J. Bartley to Douglas Richard and Medessa Sexton Burian, $705,000.

Route 216, 12325-Kenneth E. Hawkes and estate of Pauline M. Hawkes to Michelle Nadeau Nguyen, $360,000.


Longfield Rd., 3117-Tracy S. Trisko to Bhuvan A. and Krista C. Suri, $715,000.


Lime Kiln Rd., 12720-Spence A. and Joyce A. Wike to Lamal Diyon and Adrienne R. Sheppard, $782,750.


Granville Rd., 8320-Nathan A. Beinert and Kendra I. Howard to Claudia Saint Jean, $359,900.

Vollmerhausen Rd., 9334-Jeffrey E. Wise and Donna Wilson to Sandra M. Herrera, Ana Gonzalez Perez and Armando R. Alvarado, $280,000.


Early Spring Way, 9758-Mark A. and Carolyn Kempe Cheney to Prem and Anita Bansal, $340,000.

Pirates Cove, 9226-Mercy Akpan to J. Jesus Flores Ortiz, $264,900.

Shaker Dr., 10288-Toby and Natalie Dickins to Anthony Joseph Ianozi, $459,000.


Anderson Hill St., 2367-Joyce E. Agness to Pankaj Praful and Smita Pankaj Patel, $650,000.


Long Corner Rd., 1175-Kristin Cilento Carter to Robert E. and Angela N. Meredith, $515,000.


Fall Rain Dr., 10004-Orhan H. Sulieman to Sharod Donnell and Monica Renee Jenkins, $635,000.

Hammonds Overlook Ct., 9623-Jamie Ahn You to Laura and Gregory Ihrie, $377,000.

Knowledge Dr., 9733-M.I. Homes of D.C. Corp. to Gordon David Kieffer, $535,165.

McKenstry Dr., 8030-Jerome W. and Edith P. Donohue to Brandon and Nicole McKellar, $525,000.

Superior Ave., 10043-Michael B. Reed to Jesse L. Rankin and Theresa M. Carbonaro, $375,000.


Emory Farm Lane, 12620-Brent W. and Elsa W. Barnes to Franklin O. Garcia and Haydee E. Sarmiento, $785,000.


Frederick Rd., 12787-Kevin Robert and Jennifer Lynn Schwartz to Steven Krska and Katherine Derr Ansari, $790,000.

Rover Mill Rd., 13945-William G. and Christy L. Poulis to Jeremy Ryan and Jennifer Love Shafer, $1.08 million.


Bushy Park Rd., 15069-Thomas A. and Laurel G. Garland to Rachel C. Cascio, $379,900.


Dutchess Way, 10613-Joon I. and Yeon Hee Song to Hyo Kyeng Shin and Ji Ho Joung, $758,000.

My Girl Pl., 10512-Eugene Iager to Praveen Kumar Bheemshetty and Keerti Rajalbandi, $590,000.