Anne Arundel County

These sales data recorded by the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation in October 2019 were provided by Black Knight Inc. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit


Arundel on the Bay Rd., 3255-Patricia Ann Cole to Caroline Boak, $562,000.

Breakwater Dr., 951-Lesa Christine Lindsay and Cheryl Gay Chambers to Randall W. Richter, $278,900.

Chester Ave., 215-Andrew Edward and Nancy Diane Bassler to Eric V. Mazur and Janice M. Mallia, $1.1 million.

Edelmar Dr., 8-Laura Seabeck Borrelli to Noe Lopez Merino and Sara Gil Velasquez, $280,000.

Enclave Ct., 34-K. Hovnanian Homes of Maryland II Corp. to Renee Marie Matthews, $531,186.

Gardner Dr., 107-Melissa Jessie Gardner to Erin E. Shackelford and Matthew G. King, $386,925.

Harbor Dr., 402-Erin E. Conley to Melanie A. Graham, $379,000.

Janice Dr., 805-Wendy Siedlecki and estate of Charlotte Cloud to Constance Rachel and John H. Simon, $430,000.

Ogleton Rd., 2640-Jeffrey R. and Trulee A. Knudson to James P. Reid and Jennifer Noronha, $440,000.

River Dr., 76-Kenneth S. and Lisa McCue Karsten to Peter B. Welch and Laura Cottrill, $2.65 million.

Sandstone Ct., 50-B-Lannie L. and Cheryl A. Dietle to Pavlo and Valentyna Ushenko, $155,000.

Sycamore Ave., 1359-Bay SS Enterprises Inc. to Don C. Dewolfe and Ozlen D. Luznar, $635,000.

Van Buren St., 1109-Elsa R. and Nino R. Pereira to Lowell Henry and Ashley Morgan Wann, $364,000.

Yachtsman Way, 924-Bryan R. Vaz and Jennifer Lewellen to Mary Ann Gwartney and Bryan Hidalgo, $344,650.


Brewer Ave., 10-Jeffrey K. and Anita L. Harris to Shawn M. Clotworthy, $255,000.

Central St., 916-Maryland Properties 2020 Corp. to Christopher Kay and Heather Stetten, $329,703.

Cornhill St., 54-Joel Rizzo to Ryan S. and Erin B. Webb, $530,000.

German St., 4-Thomas and Jodi Pratt to Kaelynn Kimball Moury, $455,000.

Hideaway Ct., 2163-Daniel Ronald Hawkins to Anthony and Caitlyn Truax, $329,900.

Lloyd Ct., 1300-Carlos and Carmen Cantor to Daniel T. and Sarah H. Russell, $560,000.

Pennypond Lane N., 2807-Virginia A. Kelson to Yunmei Ting, $440,000.

Shipmaster Way, 2900, No. 216-Alan R. Jacobson and Janet Peterman to Joyce A. Mason, $229,000.

Valley Rd., 1966-Richard I. and Barbara H. Kovelant to Jose E. Quintanilla, $620,000.


Friar Tuck Hl., 165-Suzanne B. and Edwin J. Bradley to Nicholas Joseph and Jordan Nicole Schmitz, $465,000.


Bay Green Dr., 526-Nicholas Dale and Laura Weiss Kistler to John E. and Christine L. Haakenson, $500,000.

Capetowne Rd., 361-William C. Miciche to Priscilla Elliott Dulin, $247,000.

Dividing Creek Rd., 740-Elena Grace Kozlowski to Susan McDonough, $238,500.

Farley Ct. S., 1310-Chris and Cara Kolakowski Jacobs to Adam Joseph Witt, $306,000.

Jones Station Rd., 81-John E. Fisher to Bruce L. and Denise I. Wagner, $300,000.

Melissa Ct., 583-James M. and Tara E. Stabler to Amira Beth Westenburger, $280,000.

Ridgeway E., 1420-Belinda V. and William D. Anthony to Travis R. and Brigitte V. Richie, $569,000.

Southern Hills Dr., 726-Matthew J. and Sara Dollard to Brian Prendergast, $184,900.

Waycross Way, 285-Victor Holinko and Jennifer Hammell to Matthew J. Rowland and Sarah Machin, $432,000.


Fairfax Ave., 504-Kathleen M. Brager and estate of Stella Stumpf to Rachel Jeanette Stumpf, $224,000.

Holy Cross Rd., 204-Robert Galante and Bobby Blackwell to Eric David and Michele Lynn Krumbhaar, $208,500.

Rebecca Hammond Ct., 110-NVR Inc. to Jevon Edward Dolan, $291,000.


Chesapeake Rd., 2022-Charles A. and Jacqueline Daniels to Patrick Saba, $235,000.

Hidden Point Rd., 1905-Anthony J. and Donna G. Izzo to Sally Devlin and Andrew Earle Barton, $1.07 million.

Oak Tree Lane, 1044-Stephen Alexander and Jessica Marie Berchielli to Timothy M. and Laura A. Zulick, $306,000.

Seabright Dr., 1285-Barry N. and Delia F. Conner to Rick and Lindsay Garcia, $362,500.

White Tail Deer Ct., 1504-J. Patrick and Donna L. Kelly to Nicholas and April Peterson, $799,000.


Deale Churchton Rd., 5465-Phillip M. and Melissa L. Huffman to Frank M. Shannon III and June Lee Catterton, $400,000.


Bolton Lane, 2403-Nancy R. Beimel to Cori L. Bondon, $298,000.

Farlow Ave., 1524-Sigrid M. and Anthony D. Bove to Douglas D. Hutchinson, $485,000.

Foggy Turn, 1323, No. 14-Beazer Homes Corp. to Leonard and Cynthia Campbell, $432,000.

Forest Hill Lane, 2026-Lakia M. Thomas Teixeira to Gurpreet Singh and Bhupinder Kaur, $255,000.

Greentree Ct., 1704-Jennifer Louise Scott to Amanda Marie Birckhead, $265,000.

Jordan Ave., 1456-Asuman San Felice and estate of Irfan Kucukcetin to Bade and Ronald Keith Hanna, $375,000.

Lang Dr., 1816-Kurt Michael Rauschenberg to John Maenner and Samantha Grim, $350,000.

Montauk Dr., 2305-Jarod and Wendy A. Guertin to Zemrushe Shabiu, $352,000.

Petes Ct., 1611-Joseph A. Fleming and Linda Christina Porter to Andrew Papagjika and Kathleen Bard, $565,000.

Yarmouth Lane, 2418-Beverly A. and Charles E. Ginter to Dmitry and Elena Zotkin, $345,000.


Buttonwood Trail, 914-Mustafa Kazzalbach to Keith Michael and Eunmi Yun Ey, $410,000.

Tudor Dr., 1012-Jeffery and Colleen Gilmore to Timothy Joseph and Nelida A. Davis, $520,000.


Chestnut Cove Dr., 1037-Theresa Gomes to Rachel Daniel, $250,000.

End Dr. W., 7901-A.R. Builders Inc. to Albert and Nichole A. Retowsky, $200,000.

Stoney Beach Way, 1555-Heather Didonato to Christy Estrada, $235,000.


Riva Rd., 3658-John F. Richards and Elizabeth L. Werner to Justin and Karin Jug, $473,000.


Jewell Rd., 254-Michael K. Birch to Emily G. and Shawn T. Phipps, $375,000.


Bright Light Ct., 322-D.R. Horton Inc. to Ryan J. and Brooke A. Pollack, $399,990.

Claiborne Rd., 41-Irene D. Hazel to Leticia M. Guevara Alvarado and Melvin Jeovanni Cruz, $305,000.

Fairlea Dr., 311-Lowell Keith and Sarah Reynolds Loudin to Elizabeth Jane Berney and Gregory D. Luther, $470,000.

Hamlet Club Dr., 410, No. 204-Gisela R. Barry to Robert Paul and Sandra Lynn Hardesty, $256,000.

Lightship Landing Way, 418-D.R. Horton Inc. to Richard G. Roeder Jr., $425,000.

Old Turkey Point Rd., 1008-Claude T. and Leah D. Bell to Jose L., Paula M. and Luis G. Landaverde, $380,000.

Ridgely Rd., 1743-Jocelyn F. Graham to Nicoletifani M. Tumakay, $265,000.

Ruxton Rd., 1606-Brian R. Gleeson to Amanda M. Hartman, $214,000.

Thyme Dr., 2711-Roger Bartram and estate of Joyce D. Bartram to Pamela and Jonathan Beyerlein, $250,000.


Old Solomons Island Rd., 6726-Arcadia S. Keefe to Elisa M. and Jennifer L. Miller, $385,000.


Four Seasons Dr., 2269-Anthony J. Alioto to Ryan Funderburg, $465,000.

Maytime Dr., 2532-Appletree Homes Corp. to Sabrina Evans, $309,900.


Skippers Row, 1736-Lola E. Tray to Merrill P. Stabile and Miroya J. Monsour, $2.99 million.


Central Ave., 702-Cole Burton and estate of Geraldine A. White to Jose Antonio Hernandez Reyes, $310,000.

Cross Creek Dr., 8017-Christopher A. and Christine Teresa Leeland to Arnold L. Malone and Darshall D. Banks, $276,500.

Falcon Crest Dr., 8103-Joshua C. and Jaclyn R. Klaiss to Alan Rodriguez Silva and Joandy Ivelisse Ruiz Ruiz, $317,000.

Mall Rd., 105-Lawrence B. and Joann E. Hoffman to Laurie Battaglia, $435,000.

Nolcrest Rd., 8007-Diane P. Nelson to Raymond Leo and Zachary M. Arnie, $270,000.

Phillip Dr., 1006-Beachwood Investments Corp. to Alfonso R. Diaz, $268,400.

Sprite Way, 604-Jason Rauen to Marquis J. and Carol O. Wilson, $235,000.

Wellham Ave., 330-Justin Reinhardt to Abhishek and Piyush Patel, $350,000.

Williams Rd., 220-Kevin A. Miller to Mitchell Plapp, $338,000.


Apple Orchard Dr., 730-Joseph Francis Masci to Morgan Page Feehery, $349,900.

Carroll Rd., 129-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Russell W. Behne II and Macriseta Dawn Illustre, $220,000.

Clear Drop Way, 6511, No. 302-Lawrence O. and Amy M. Fletcher to Michael R. Levins, $187,500.

Edgerly Rd., 913-Augustine Ukpelegbu to Cosme A. Espinoza Bautista and Almadelia Gomez Marroquin, $229,000.

Gatewater Ct., 353, No. C-John Thomas and Esther J. Mackabee to Galyna Chmyrova and Valerii Banar, $145,000.

Goldfinch Ct., 7502-Bridget Mary and Josh Pruett to Velvet M. Forson, $304,000.

Inglewood Dr., 114-Paul J. Amancio to Dane R. Smith and Jennifer M. Kuhl, $281,500.

Langley Rd., 901-Anna Marie Clarke to Jacob A. and Jessica D.M. Ricker, $265,000.

Mockingbird Cir., 7352-Ashley M. and Matthew D. Wanner to Xu Rui Dong and Bi Lan Jiang, $345,000.

Phelps Ave., 311-Anna F. Hipsley and estate of Helen S. Puszaitis to Jose A. Serrano, $240,000.

Queen Anne Rd., 102-Westley S. Wagner and Bonnie Phillips to Michelle R. Friend, $228,000.

Spring Maiden Ct., 202, No. 301-Ronald L. Ward III to Victoria M. and Michele Garcia, $164,900.

Thomas Rd., 11-Harry G. and Melanie A. Pindell to Corey E. Frank, $290,000.

Willow Bend Dr., 413-Katelyn Brooke and Tyler Ellis Kight to Anthoni Teos, $284,000.


Allerford Dr., 1731-Jerry Edward and Claude De Vastey Jones to Terrence and Auderald Stone, $457,500.

Dorsey Rd., 1341-Anthony and Paige A. Demma to Richard Fraser, $400,000.

Holston Ct., 1471-David M. Wilhelm and estate of Janet B. Wilhelm to James Hawkins, $325,000.

Spanish Oak Ct., 1702-Andrew R. Klump to Kenya N. and James C. Wright, $375,000.

Wright Rd., 7244-Sturbridge Embark Homes Corp. to Lloyd John and Brenda Callao Winchell, $550,000.


Brock Bridge Rd., 313-Jorge Elenilson Martinez and Crista Santana Guevara to Alvaro Barajas and Norma L. Salomon, $379,900.

Lyndhurst St., 8332-Liem T. and Nhuy T. Tran to Elochukwu D. and Queenmoore Chinemerem Okeke, $386,500.


Baltimore Annapolis Blvd., 6870-Alcyone Development Corp. to Alfred Latorre and Kristine Joy Biado Tabili, $350,000.

Juniper Rd., 700-Allison P. and Holly M. Enders to Donald F. and Raina E. Josberger, $257,537.

Mansion Rd., 213-Glenn M. Church to James Lee Dishman Jr., $281,500.


Charles Hall Dr., 291-James Albert to Stephen R. Johns, $392,000.

Hansel Dr., 1017-Lindsey W. and Barbara M. Duvall to Brian David Runk and Victoria Ann Walsh, $610,000.

Mimosa Ct., 744-Richard C. and Kimberly C. Strasser to Samuel E. and Kelly Hays Kuethe, $619,900.

Watson Ct., 490-David J. and Lucinda R. Davis to Matiya Bonas and Dante Powell, $245,000.


Bay Front Ave., 660-Sheila J. Adams to Hal R. and Cynthia A. Friedman, $440,000.


Autumn Crest Ct., 679-Delton A. and Cherolynn W. Blackwell to James Jason Borucke, $555,000.

Bragg Blvd., 147-Mark R. Jones and Jo Ann Griffith to Lloyd Bibbs and Ebony Grayson, $455,000.

Brown Alder Ct., 2617-Patricia L. Butner to Derek and Laura Baker, $389,900.

Chessington Dr., 310-Christine Kearney to Debra Michelle Guerrero Randall, $305,000.

Goldsborough Dr., 158-Irene Williams to Michael and Stephanie Archer, $299,000.

Hickory Knoll Ct., 2707-Todd Bortnick to Jessica Anne Kluth, $317,750.

Jostaberry Way, 2409-Christina and Tyler Yoon to Brooks and Cheyenne Furleigh, $392,000.

Morning Breeze Ct., 8707-Tyler H. and Marcie G. Balderson to Carmen F. and Monica R. Colunga, $270,000.

Porcelain Tile Ct., 7658-Patricia M. Bosse to Cheryl A. Frank, $460,000.

Rolling Hill Walk, 610, No. 101-Paul Regnault to Jacob William and Kelsey Paige Renn, $204,000.

Wintergreen Ct., 8612, No. 403-Judith A. Giles to Bonita and Rickey L. Hopkins, $319,500.


Apple Jack Ct., 4025-Joseph W. Cremen to Ann Marie K. Dinsmore, Christopher J. Edelen and Timothy Brian Dinsmore Sr., $295,000.

Bay St., 7625-Deborah Osinbajo and Reginald McNeely to Lois L. and George F. Mohelski, $440,000.

Coralie Ct., 1601-Annette M. Wheeler and estate of Juanita May Mason to Christine Dennison, $340,000.

Dorshire Ct., 3618-Patricia A. Rei to Jennifer Dwyer, $236,500.

Granada Rd., 112-Donald Edward and Margaret M. Slivenski to Richard P. and Meredith Rae Healey, $293,000.

Holmespun Dr., 1206-Dallas N. Henson to Billy C. and Nijeri Minor, $248,000.

Laurel Dr., 635-Mark Taylor to Joel R. Saddoris, $299,000.

New Bedford Harbour, 8647-Thomas J. and Heather Haller to April Warren, $245,000.

Park Rd., 128-Gertrude T. and James B. Basford to James Robert and Dawn Nichole Jernigan, $360,000.

Poplar Ridge Rd., 2020-Eric A. and Charlene M. Franzoi to Keith Mirabile and Chantel Burkhardt, $650,000.

Ventnor Rd., 8123-Robert D. Fay to David C. Chapman and Jennifer D. Fath, $513,000.

Wedgewood Ct., 3503-Myrna Rochon to Ashley Green and Shalie Richardson, $173,000.

Woodlawn Ave., 7723-Maria A. and Keith G. Adams to Nadege N. Acha, $310,000.

204th St., 809-Albert Retowsky III to Aleksandr Didarov, $400,000.

228th St., 2523-Robert Carter to Eric Littlejohn, $335,000.


Marlin Dr., 3028-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Thomas G. Schemmel, $297,000.


Amalfi Lane, 7815-D.R. Horton Inc. to Haley E. Mixson and Jonathan M. Wall, $387,705.

Citadel Dr., 7808-Kenneth T. Dolan Jr. to Hao Li, $283,300.

Disney Estates Cir., 1888-John M. and Susan L. Magyar to Zachary Joseph and Tiffany Marie Paterline, $469,500.

Elmhurst Rd., 775-Franklin Hicks to Chima O. Okoro, $324,000.

Hawaii Ave., 1402-Rick Patrick Prokupek to Michael J. Kowalski and Suha B. Matloob, $360,000.

Ivy Leaf Ct., 1407-Charlynn and Michael Dzambo to Andrea Cheung, $450,000.

Mcabbott Ct., 1507-Anthony T. and Avis T. Plummer to Elvis and Celine Atawah, $490,000.

Provincial Lane, 1551-Robert and Vanessa Facer to Claude C. Kiteh and Martha M. Fombuh, $420,000.

Reecewood Dr., 8208-Wagner Homes Corp. to Keri Sargent, $520,990.

Sand Rd., 610-Christopher J. Mohns Sr. to Elizabeth S. Miller, $539,000.

Sicily Lane, 1152-D.R. Horton Inc. to Lavonne Antoinette and Dana Marie Pepe, $376,165.


Creek Rd., 665-Manuel Abdala and Alexandra Arata to Jake D. Lonergan, $725,000.

Dunkeld Ct., 633-Alan A. and Muriel Molofsky to Christopher Victor and Kristin Elizabeth Kuligowski, $614,900.

Kleis Rd., 43-Edwin Dizon to Anthony F. Seidel and Madeleine R. Feletto, $500,000.

Lower Magothy Beach Rd., 273-Benjamin T. and Laura E. Demaline to Michael J. and Dione Kurzmiller, $525,000.

Sabrina Lane, 109C-Ryan W. and Miranda M. Janes to Melanie A. and Harry G. Pindell, $555,000.

Sullivan Dr., 3-Joy Elizabeth McKinney to Timothy F. and Megan R. Berger, $900,000.


Lake Ave., 1702-Insource East Properties Inc. to Marco Antonio Arevalo, $240,000.

Howard County

These sales data recorded by the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation in October were provided by Black Knight Inc. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit


Argent Path, 3121-Francis and Janine F. Ramirez to Yinzhi Cao and Jun Chen, $925,000.

Dorsey Hall Dr., 4970, No. A4-Barbara C. and estate of Richard N. Gambrill to Bolam Lily Yu, $232,500.

Font Hill Dr., 4113-Richard L. and Deborah S. Newman to Jason Alexander and Maria Elizabeth David, $439,000.

Hickorymede Dr., 3010-Michael Changje and Ruth Bonghwa Kim to Gregory T. and Marisa L. Wetmore, $449,900.

Leyden Way, 4721-Melissa Marie Airey and Neil Adam Solomon to Pengbiao Zhang and Luyao Ji, $389,000.

Pans Spring Ct., 12337-Charles Reid and Cynthia D. Nichols to Arnold E. and India T. Bascombe, $762,900.

Plum Meadow Dr., 3810-Sophia D. Glyphis to Jason R. and Micaela M. Fritz, $560,000.

Resort Rd., 10530-Vantage Condominium Corp. to Saikat Kumar Bijoy Ghosh and Durga Ghosh, $399,990.

Walker Dr., 3468-Weiwei Jia and Huifen Zhu to Michael A. Long, $475,000.


Meadow Wood Way, 7237-Joanne C. Ridky to Theresa Salay and Brian P. Pritchard, $575,000.


Attic Window Way, 7166-Michael A. Long to Lenore Koenig and Aaron Strylowski, $319,900.

Farstar Pl., 6205-Robert S. and Elizabeth M. Jackson to Carlton Jackson Brown, $370,000.

Hickory Limb, 9507, No. 303-Lindsay A. and Timothy F. Madden to Krislyn S. Hayes, $255,000.

Lightning View Rd., 5301-Barbara C. Harris to Raymond R. Seib, $460,000.

Peace Chimes Ct., 7179-Jim Jin Huang and Helen Honghuo Liu to Christian Castillo and Daisy Noel, $278,000.

Queen Maria Ct., 8957-Courtney L. Mulholland to Joshua Keith Brady and Brittany Nicole Thomas, $325,000.

Rocksparkle Row, 9623-Ryan and Abigail Lee Flynn to Nicole Rosander and Sung Hyun Park, $325,000.

Spindrift Pl., 5421-Carlos and Jennifer M. Wood Cisneros to Willie J. and Elizabeth S. Johnson, $365,000.

Talisman Lane, 7233-Lorrenda D. Thornton to Yukun Liu and Liping Yu, $291,000.

Watchlight Ct., 9053-Gaurav and Saurabh Jain to Rongbo Lu, $255,000.

Winter Rose Path, 7174-Philip A. and Meghan A. Scheffler to Dana Michael Defrancesco, $372,000.


Berrypick Lane, 11070-Christopher and Kelly M. Warren to Getu Abebe and Tsion Andualem, $300,000.

Columbia Rd., 4944, No. 4-Zandria M. Gray to Michael D. Ambrosia, $169,900.

Eliots Oak Rd., 5262-Joseph William Gregrich and estate of R. John Gregrich to Amanda Kathleen McKenna, $425,000.

Green Meadow Dr., 12235-Jia Ning Huang to Jennifer and Zachary Gamiel, $340,000.

Maypole Way, 10349-Clive Robert Graham to Lisa McReynolds and Alexandra Kent, $420,000.

Nightmist Ct., 10308-Kewal and Asha Dua to Rajesh and Samira Verma, $254,000.

Sun Circle Way, 11646-Stephanie L. Taylor to Blossom E. Esin and Olagbenro Jokodola, $365,000.

Twin Rivers Rd., 10564, No. B2-Judith Dye and estate of Francis Peter McCormick to Sabino Orantes, $169,900.

Watch Chain Way, 6005-Parmesh K. and Madhu Saini to Kevin G. and Eileen F. Sullivan, $540,000.


Oakdale Dr., 1753-Nick and Pamela W. Andrews to Andre Spiak and Mariya Sknarina, $900,000.


Beechfield Ave., 6351-Erin Guttentag and Erin D. McQuin to Kathleen Polanco, $270,000.

Cove Point Way, 7505-Werner P. and Kathleen P. Kohlmeyer to Carlos Alberto Rios Rivera, $264,900.

Ducketts Lane, 7008, No. 44-1-Shannon N. and Thomas S. Sorrell to Adam and Taylor Lyons, $260,000.

Handley Dr., 6704-Kathleen M. Miller to Anwar Mamood Raja, $170,500.

Little Brook Ct., 6920-Eva Marie and George J. Jacavage to Ngeh J. Toyang, $535,000.

Meadowfield Ct., 6584-Kristin E. and Young L. Kim to Shobha Dodamani and Shivaprasad Holenar Venkatesha, $412,000.

Ruxton Dr., 6403-Wayne L. and Kathleen E. Miller to Albert Palmer and Vanessa Ashley Burckard, $688,000.

Water Oak Rd., 7045, No. 44-Victoria McLeish and William R. Brandon to Sivakumar Manickam and Amsarani Sivakumar, $319,900.


Attenborough Way, 4793-Wayne A. and Wanda Buchen to Husain M. Ali, $875,000.

Brightlight Pl., 8014-Amelie E. and Daniel J. Flynn to Sharon L. Stewart and Timothy W. Davis, $326,000.

Falls Run Rd., 8561, No. K-Scott Michael and Audrey Ann Andrews to Donald E. Heck II, $220,000.

Flagstone Ct., 7841-Joan V. and Harold K. Taylor to Nicholas A. and Kodikara C. Martucci, $625,000.

Holly Springs Ct., 2513-Randolph S. and Angela G. Sergent to Christine Marie Predaina, $660,000.

Logans Way, 6046-Pedram and Shaida S. Farid to Jerry and Claude De Vastey Jones, $500,000.

Montgomery Run Rd., 8341, No. F-Michael J. Bisson to Gulnara S. Davis, $220,000.

Nottingham Way, 8030-Stanley A. and Brenda A. White to Kelsey L. Mayfield and Sean Michael Maguire, $400,000.

Rolling Meadows, 4507-William Temple and Brenda Davis Brewington to Henry Hyunil and Taeyoon Kim, $505,000.

Trotters Chase, 8071-Calatlantic Group Inc. to Ravi Chauhan, $485,540.


Chase St., 11208-1, No. 119-Dana Bauman to Pei Jie Xu, $387,000.

Liberty St., 11357-Rebecca M. Barton to Alisha and Sanjay Ayre, $825,000.

Tilghman St., 7767-Markham R. and Lisa A. Leventhal to Seunghyun Son and Erin Chunai Kim, $725,000.


Gared Dr., 14063-Douglas R. and Linda D. Graham to Xiao Peng, $665,000.


Deer Valley Rd., 7010-Margaret A. Keesler to Ali Iqudus and Syeda Masooma, $550,000.


Concord Dr., 8677-Luis E. Diou Berdecia and Fiorella Montanez to Coy Hardy and Samantha McLennan, $440,000.


Amherst Ave., 6329-Katherine H. Green to Melissa Duncan Hankins and Jennifer Elizabeth Hicks, $421,000.

Lambeth Ct., 9637-Barry A. and Natasha L. Graham to Jennifer C. Long, $277,500.

Procopio Cir., 7224-Stephanie Thurmon and Stephanie Isaacs to Haim Ivan Caballero, $250,000.

Weather Worn Way, 7579, No. E-Roselyn Havas to Gregory R. Osborn, $212,000.


Old Frederick Rd., 17820-Deborah D. Snoots to Steven K. and Elizabeth Jordan, $540,000.


Anfred Dr., 7910-Tanya Lau and estate of Elizabeth Lew to Michael Sean and Kati Michelle Moore, $455,000.

Canterbury Riding, 9456, No. 250-Layla B. Aly to Adele Miriam Cherelle Cameron, $225,000.

Delfield Ct., 10595-Rianna B. Little to Dony Francy Martinez Perez and Karen Marcia De Martinez, $267,800.

Garden Ranges, 9843-Dipenkumar Patel to Christian A. and Colleen Zorn, $495,000.

Hughes Ave., 9942-Roger Lee Simpson to Manuel Sanchez Rivera and Marisela Martinez Sanchez, $310,000.

Lake Edge Dr., 8715-Richard D. and Rosalie M. Bliss to Jimmy Do and Diana Ly, $582,500.

Northgate Rd., 9345-Realty American Investments Corp. to Daniel Keller, $380,000.

Silken Leaf Ct., 9604-Kathryn A. and Justin T. Kuruvilla to Khang Trinh and Janice Ho, $467,000.

Sixth St. N., 9400-Miguel A. Cruz Rivera and Yesenia Diaz to Nipulkumar M., Hinaben N. and Milap N. Patel, $375,000.


Fox Valley Dr., 3321-Avinash Kalsi and Gulshan S. Oshan to Fatima Bangura and Bezaleel Osei Owusu, $735,000.


Daisy Rd., 2229-Alan L. Whiteley to Robert Ben and Kristen Lewis, $500,000.


Doxberry Cir., 11015, No. 6-James H. and Gail A. Winterbottom to David J. and Janet A. Forero, $515,000.

New Hampton Lane, 1700-Timothy R. and Michele M. Hill to Jason P., Elizabeth and Elba Hinish, $625,000.

— Compiled by Lisa M. Bolton