Anne Arundel County

These sales data recorded by the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation in March were provided by Black Knight Inc. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit


Creek Dr., 1249-Elise A. Winder to Ryan J. Terribile and Athena G. Chambers, $323,575.

Georgetown Ct., 7-Andrea L. Phillippe to David George West, $237,500.

Hyde Park Dr., 1037-Kathleen M. Hopkins to Jennifer L. Wentzel, $310,000.

McKinley St., 1315-GDL Properties Corp. to Patricia E. Nelson, $420,000.

Queen Anne Cir., 2659-Eric J. and Amanda A. Wertz to Addison Arvanitis and Shane Michael Glacken, $515,000.

Starboard Dr., 3126-Norman E. Jones to Bridget N. Gummere, $375,000.

Woodward Ct., 9-Devin Bohanan to Meredith Ellmore, $238,500.


Autumn Chase Dr., 238-Bryan G. and Michelle Jarboe Bowman to Matthew George Alexander and Briana Maureen Marcantoni, $595,000.

Compromise St., 99, No. 2-O2 Rec Center Corp. to Gerald A. Kafka and Rita A. Cavanagh, $1.84 million.

Cranes Crook Lane, 138-D. Charlene Pasco to Lisa M. Strobel, $440,000.

Francis Nicholson Way, 548-Michelle L. Baldwin Reeve to Lisa H. and Philip B. Raimondo, $399,900.

King George St., 217-Kerry Lynn Bond to Richard Thane and Kathleen Flanagan Wheeler, $1.52 million.

Midship Ct., 805-Robin Laird and estate of Evelyn A. Laird to James F. Lapp Jr., $334,500.

Perry Landing Ct., 918-Stanley A. Gardner and Beverly A. Hart to Mary Margaret Miller, $430,000.

Rudder Way, 866-Donald S. Taylor and Patricia Ann Sansbury to Ronald and Alaina J. Camuto, $421,000.

Topmast Way, 931-Thomas J. and Martin J. Breslin to Lori L. Veiel, $378,500.


Bradford Ave., 808-Federal National Mortgage Association and BWW Law Group Corp. to Stephen Windell, $250,000.

Doris Dr., 862-Michael and Adriana Boyer to Michael M. Massella, $860,000.

Point O Woods Ct., 1430-David B. and Jennifer M. Weaver to Matthew and Katelyn Rogers, $303,000.


Magie St., 5715-Nadine B. Taylor and John W. Brady Jr. to James W. Sadler, $240,000.

Patrick Henry Dr., 5237-Gary N. Pollay to Israel Lopez, $82,500.

Shenandoah Ave., 302-Michael R. and Rossita Butler to Sherry M. Pratt, $320,000.


Deep Creek View, 519-Joseph and Jale Penzo to Jacob and Amy Juriga, $444,000.

Lehman Ct., 1416-Jeffrey and Danielle E. Rubino to Benjamin L. and Casey Cameron, $491,500.

Oak Tree Lane, 1050-Relo Direct Government Services Corp. and Colleen Ritsema to Bryan Celentano, $322,000.

Stonewood Ct., 1207-Phoenix Property Developers Corp. to Sherry Stiles, $320,000.


Aberdeen Cir., 1818-Douglas McMillan and Kerry M. Miller to Kathleen Louise Dugan, $250,000.

Cambridge Dr., 1946-Victoria A. and Gary R. Seal to Dana Walcott and William Lewis, $329,000.

Fallowfield Ct., 1610-Marsha E. and Nathan E. Krug to Amanda Lang, $238,950.

Manomet Ct., 2307-Basia Elizabeth Koser and Barbara Mierzwa to Holly Dixon and Thomasina F. Johnson, $369,000.

Pawlet Dr., 2070-Laura Nicole Melenas Kukich to Carey L. Walker, $240,000.

Seabury Dr., 2320-Mohammad Alkarmi and Kamaljeet Singh to Everett Alexander and Diana Fernanda Adams, $499,900.

Windy Oak Ct., 2566-Christopher William and Edith Dobbins to Paris B. Reeves and Kareem Faust, $373,000.


Dockser Dr., 1023-Daniel and Brittney L. Marron to Ryan Jones, $375,000.

Teak Rd., 515-Paul V. and Karen M. Bennett to Wayne A. and Anita K. Sherman, $710,000.


Chestnut Brook Rd., 7022-Michael R. Crites to Kristin Elizabeth Murry, $255,000.


Davidsonville Rd., 3236-Eric G. and Kim R. Marzewski to Christopher and Alicia Shaw, $650,000.


Charles Ave., 621-U.S. Bank and Rmac Trust to Kelli Rey Phillips and Stephen Charles Long, $300,000.


Jewell Ct., 450-Brian Quentin and Aimee Darling to Robert De Castro, $485,000.


Beverley Ave., 105-Michael D. and Lisa A. Bell to Andrew W. Deyhe, $374,000.

Cassia Dr., 2699-Charles W. and Beverly S. Ferrar to Marcie R. Frum Milone and Jeffrey W. Riedel, $557,750.

Likes Rd., 157-Shaun E. and Christin C. Wade to Shawn and Brenda Lynch, $707,000.

Oldtown Rd., 1609-Wilmington Savings Fund Society and Residential Credit Opportunities Trust to Ian James Duncan, $330,000.

Shore Dr., 1327-Gary Schiffres and estate of Scott B. Lentz to Theodore William and John Jerome Wilson, $245,000.

Tarragon Lane, 99-Thad D. and Renee E. Bolivar to Panagos and Maria Kapsalis, $495,000.


Annapolis Rd., 946-John Myers and Helen Park to Robert William and Danita Celeste Stenberg, $799,000.

Saddle Dr., 1712-Steven and Faith C. Marsman to Laura Margaret Dodd and Edward Matthew Leonard Jr., $675,000.

Wigeon Way, 1408, No. 204-Thomas A. and Helga M. Felbinger to Linda S. and Robert W. Padgett, $335,000.


Delmar Ave., 518-Elsie M. and Karl E. Wagner to Benjamin F. Clash, $245,000.

Fairway Ave., 1015-Patricia Armstrong and estate of Scott D. Adams to Timothy Michael Nolan, $245,000.

Furnace Branch Rd. W., 201-Art Homes Corp. to Octavia Chantae Pearson and Gerald Tyrone Harris Jr., $260,000.

Juneberry Way, 202, No. 2C-Danny Noonan Corp. to Denise A. Sharp and Renee C. Jordan, $160,500.

Lee Rd., 1000-From House to Home Inc. to Irene C. Ramirez, $281,000.

Marlboro Rd., 609-Brad and Jennifer Martini to Jason King, $295,000.

Norwich Rd., 1905-Ronald Patrick Apperson and Stephen E. Cherry Jr. to Zachary C. and Katelyn J. Russell, $225,000.

Ridgely Rd., 200-Susan Ann Jeitner to Eric Holmes and Nadine Peake, $307,000.

Vista Ave., 10-Philip L. and Beth A. Schatz to Katelyn Nicole Dill, $285,000.

First Ave. S., 16-Ronald F. Smith to Amie Brady, $170,000.


Bonnie View Rd., 101-Ronald L. Cooper Jr. to Cody Cook and Katherine Monroe, $295,000.

Elton St., 8068-Patrina and Theodore Rodriguez to Komlan A. Ayim, $400,000.

Hammarlee Rd., 264-Barbara Ann Martin, and Irvin F. and Regina K. Stiller to Robert T. Blush, $268,500.

Howard Manor Dr., 425-Brian Lloyd and Staci E. Olson to Camyla Borba and Kellen Tanner Smith, $290,000.

Jupp Rd., 1503-Caron Leigh Shehade and estate of Alah Eugene Hahn to Renato Diaz Diaz, $232,000.

Norfolk Rd., 7711-Stephen T. Podwojski to Sender Omar Contreras Ramirez, $236,000.

Pine Way Dr., 406-Robert L. Cartwright to Michael Richard and Gina Neumann, $342,000.

Seagrove Rd., 709-Reese Properties Corp. to Luis A. Tovilla Torres and Wendy Y. Mata Reyes, $286,000.

Stonebriar Dr., 7839-Clifford R. and Rebecca D. Bogle to Samantha Leigh Sickle and Adrian Montalvo, $450,000.

Walters Pl., 510-Sonja and David Kelly to Corey Edward Jones, $355,000.


Allerford Dr., 1714-Vishal N. and Purvi Vishal Mehta to Lewis Daniel and Janay Thomas, $460,000.

Terrain Ct., 7505-Sankuratri Corp. to Donta and Andrea Sewell, $527,000.


Brooktree St., 8311-Madhu A. Lal and Monideep Nag to Lawrence E. and Veronica Irima Modey Ebi, $330,000.

Forests Edge Pl., 100-Elif J. and Zeynep Tokbay to Latice Ann Barber, $228,000.

Oak Rd., 3525-Arundel Community Development SVCS Inc. to Adam L. and Amy M. Braselton, $365,000.

Water Lily Ct., 3200-Andrea Kenny Feldman to Kira Jennifer Mercer, Gabriel Pincovai De Almeida and Brian Mercer, $286,500.


Hampton Rd., 400-Daniel K. and Katherine A. Harold to Ryan M. and Lauren D. Alexander, $350,000.

Schulamar Rd., 348-Michael J. and Jennifer M. Laughery to Michael Poe, $390,000.


Bright Sun Way, 8304-Kimberly K. and Kimberly M. Watson to William Seth Ballard and Taylor Riann O’Neill, $359,990.

Chalet Cir. W., 264-Kimberly Ann Schwartz to Ar Quirdea Ausbrooks, $215,000.

Hortonia Point Dr., 8240-Tara T. Muscovich to Mei Chan Zhang and Duo Yong Chen, $576,000.

Nathan Way, 230-Stonetrust II Corp. to John P. Gollsneider, $235,000.

Sylvan Ave., 111-Dawn Louise and George David Fuller to Erin Saunders, $405,000.

Windy Field Lane, 8118-Kumaravelan Kanakarajan to Larry Dennis Jr. and Brittany Lilley, $475,000.


Aspen Grove Ct., 8650-Will B. Good Corp. to Amber Faith Travis, $245,000.

Cedar Elm Dr., 2631-Bruno Romeo and Rino Romeo Disantillo to Raju and Shilu Joshee, $294,000.

Conquest Way, 2210-Gloria A. Demps and estate of Roderick Glenn Demps to Christopher Lawrence, $309,000.

Eagles Landing Ct., 319-Roy Earlis Evans to Kuvinder S. Matharu, $194,500.

Gladhill Rd., 511-Dominick A. and Mary Ann J. Giglio to Christopher G. and Alison D. Kuiper, $349,425.

Middle Neck Rd., 2741-Tam Cong Pham and Hieu Trung Vo to Harold and Yung Choo, $309,000.

Patricia Ct., 521-Harry Nguyen to Jose and Amy Cambrelen, $385,000.

Pinecroft Ct., 2009-Emma Jean Weaver to Nicholas Bishop, $325,000.

Red Fox Trail, 1709-D.R. Horton Inc. to Jonathan M. and Ashley N. Graves, $383,390.

Saint Michaels Cir., 251-Sendy Antillon to Evan Mosley and Hannah Reams, $325,000.

Sycamore Glen Lane, 8614-Jesus Coas to Jasmin Marie C. Serrano, $300,000.

Waxwing Ct., 3514-NVR Inc. to Anecia Allen, $541,662.


Bedford Rd., 8483-Jo Ann Johnson and estate of Joseph G. Quasney to William Frederick Lehnert, $278,000.

Carvel Rd., 223-Michael J. Beatty to Kyle W. and Courtney Elizabeth Miller, $323,000.

Colonial Beach Rd., 7717-Jeffrey P. and Nicole M. Harold to Alyse and Nathaniel Keller, $410,500.

Escalon Ave., 8028-David Baker to Thomas and Brittany Exel, $296,000.

Halifax Ct., 3420-Robert Herd Jr. to Daniel F. Langer and Samantha Cunzo, $350,000.

Kentucky Ave., 220-Brian T. and Carol S. Callahan to Robert W. and Donna R. Logan, $449,000.

Magothy Bridge Rd., 427-Matthew C. Hottle to Brianna Weston, $408,000.

Meadow Rd., 243-Regina B. Clary to Cristian A. and Cassandra L. Rojas, $257,000.

Nature Walk Lane, 319-From House to Home Inc. to Mariann Margaret Seyfferth, $320,000.

Old Mill Rd., 8208-South Shore Investments Corp. to Nicholas P. Doetsch, $369,000.

Rainbow Dr., 1387-Grand Branch Management Corp. to Sean E. Johnson and Ariana A. Claus, $359,900.

Sylview Dr., 415-Christopher and Carol A. Slomski to Luke and Nicole Stidham, $455,000.

Willowby Run, 772-Robert G. Powell III to Andrew J. and Jacob P. McKenzie, $235,000.

205th St., 771-Ryan J. Peters to Brennan T. Furrow and Rebecca L. Vogel, $325,000.


Southwick Pl., 3105-Lawrence J. and Rossana V. Kistler to Michael Eric Litvack and Erica Audrey Siegert, $628,000.


Ava Rd., 1303-Steve and Laura Espinosa to Austin Bussiere, $345,000.

Crest Hill Rd., 812-Scott A. and Tina D. Roberts to Janet and Robert D. Stroup, $450,000.

Evesboro Dr., 7909-Michael W. and Velma L. Shipp to Sean Gahagan, $440,000.

Jaybird Ct., 1807-Latoya Chenelle Hambright to Kiria B. Colindres Acuna, $156,000.

Riley Rd., 7707-Kenneth and Dorotha Greer to Gorkem Sevinc, $625,000.

Venice Lane, 7770-D.R. Horton Inc. to Krupali Tusharkuma and Tushar Patel, $396,000.


Arleigh Rd., 662-Bradley S. and Eileen K. Wirz to John P. and Catherine H. Opladen, $550,000.

Berrywood Dr., 232-Thomas E. and Janice E. Hatch to Cody J. and Jennifer Skacan, $575,000.

Devonshire Ct., 534-Daniel W. and Kimberlee H. Stearns to Christopher P. and Ashley L. DiIonno, $683,000.

Fernwood Dr., 407-Angela C. Santos to Shaun Michael and Shannon M. Troutman, $432,000.

Pinefield Dr., 501-Andrew G. and Stephanie S. Jacobs Van Merlen to Johnathon L. Blain, $720,000.

Saint Andrews Rd., 47-Robert D. and Elizabeth Van Horn to James P. and Judith A. Sanders, $550,000.

White Oak Ct., 8-Anthony D. and Courtney Cornetto to Jason G. and Renee L. Frandson, $555,000.


Pine St., 1314-Top Choice Properties Corp. to Brian J. Flanagan, $270,000.

Steamboat Rd., 1273-Michele S. Hughes to Tyler T. Buchanan, $339,000.

Howard County

These sales data recorded by the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation in March were provided by Black Knight Inc. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit


Cheekwood Cir., 2740-Narendar Bobbiligama and Chaitanya Shankari to Santhosh Kumar Chamarthi and Poornima Sambara, $636,000.

Furrow Ave., 8979-James F. and Donna J. Iampieri to Jason A. and Nicole I. Walend, $825,000.

Liter Dr., 2582-Mary Jane and Susan D. Holle to Sarah Bates, $445,000.

Pinewick Rd., 2826-Donald Leonard and Kenneth Lee Rapp to Joseph and Lindsay Kupferschmidt Crossin, $452,000.


Floating Clouds Path, 12016-Naresh and Prakash M. Punjabi to Syed Asad and Tierney Akhtar, $775,000.

Trumpet Sound Ct., 5919, No. 2-Kenneth S. and Jacqueline N. Ulman to Emily Richardson and Khalil Chikhaoui, $490,000.


Blue Pool, 8982-Karyn A. Dulaney to Charles B. and Christina Dodd, $383,000.

Emersons Reach, 9134-Beta Brothers Corp. to Kevin J. Amaya, $335,000.

Good Hunters Ride, 6107-Chung Ting Cheng and Sally Huang to Alan D. and Carrie S. Ross, $385,000.

Honeyladen Pl., 7103-Bhavin and Pravinchandra Mistry to Michelle Ramirez, $364,000.

Second Morning Ct., 6720-Christopher Lee and Christina Lyn Harter to Tyrone O. Marson, $278,000.

Wandering Way, 9474-2real Corp. to Leonard Bisson, $370,000.

Yellow Dawn Ct., 6209-Sylvia F. and Rebecca Christenson to Alice Esame and Reginald Abreu, $375,000.


College Sq., 10370-College Square III Corp. to Robert Sirois, $351,853.

Faulkner Ridge Cir., 10498, No. 11-Jun Zhao and Xiahui Mao to Clifford G. Peterson and Melissa L. Johnson, $204,000.

Harpers Farm Rd., 5703, No. D-Scully Properties Corp. to Linda S. Howland, $167,500.

Lynngate Rd., 5200-Christopher and Katelyn Overstreet to Sarah Waller, $480,000.

Nightmist Ct., 10336-Ling Qin and James T. Yeung to Shijian Yan and Hui Cao, $254,000.

Sunny Spring, 6281-Craig J. Llewellyn to Martin and Carol Kolesser Massiah, $450,000.

Windstream Dr., 10101, No. 1-Rachel Rose Farber to Tina N. Jones, $194,000.


Avalon Dr., 6062-Jeffrey J. and Elizabeth T. Flaig to Roman and Anna Svoysky, $677,500.

Darby Downs, 7270, No. R-Monica Manuella Leid to Lilian Lam, $244,999.

Elkridge Crossing Way, 7214-Timothy G. Dickson to Daniel and Lindsey A. Clifford, $308,000.

Oak Grove Way, 7058, No. 180-Haitham Sharqawi and Nadia Lutfi Al Disi to Peter and Tara Chung, $314,000.

Sandpiper Ct., 6205, No. 208-Christopher and Renee Van Hine to Aaron Matthew Mitchell, $210,000.

Water Oak Rd., 7085, No. 72-Stirling Bridge LP to Sean Donatello and Ashley Philip, $310,000.


Elko Dr., 8228-Christian J. and Betty J. Richmond to Vincent J. and Himali Nibali, $640,000.

Mayfair Cir., 7834, No. B-Sally Jo Russell to John L. and Moira H. Monk, $255,000.

Montgomery Run Rd., 8387, No. C-Atlantic Pacific Home Rehabilitation Corp. to Isabella Mae and Elizabeth Huffman, $223,000.

Spring Valley Rd., 9238-James E. and Lisa W. Skillington to Stephanie Gordon and Dane Fichter, $419,900.

Timberland Cir., 8465-Lisa R. Yanguas to Kenneth Cobia and Jinyoung Kang, $510,000.


Midtown Rd., 7662-Thomas Peng and Min Wu to Hyeong Seok and Michelle Ha, $650,000.


Fairbourne Ct., 6233-Chad and Denise Summer to Shannon N. Ledroux and Carly C. Fuller, $460,000.


Mink Hollow Rd., 7457-Allen Stuart Frydenberg to Angel Gustavo Sosa Baca, $585,000.


Pleasant Chase Rd., 8330-David William Washington to Erienne M. and William R. Hoover, $350,000.


Early Spring Way, 9728-Fred I. and Ruth Hershenfeld to Timothy Davis and Katharine Sansbury Watson, $332,000.

Gracious End Ct., 9151, No. 302-Joel C. and Denise L. Loukus to Jen Hsin Yu, $243,000.

Moonrider Lane, 9552-Deborah L. Stroman to Norman J. and Hema N. Marshall, $355,000.

Shady Glen Dr., 7306, No. 29-Phyllis J. Cipriano to Cesar Caldera and Mayra Lobato Melgarejo, $412,000.


Old Frederick Rd., 12070-Pamela D. and Steven P. Reamer to Tina Marie Hyatt and Jason Thomas Boone, $650,000.


Bridle Path Lane, 9225, No. F-Deborah A. Bell Dean to Jordan M. Saenz, $200,000.

Glen Ridge Dr., 9438-Daniel and Linda Collie to Graciela M. Navas Portillo, $410,000.

Rowan Lane, 10054-Smriti P. and Sandeep K. Nair to Anthony Johnson, $829,900.

Whiskey Run, 9884-Atule G. Oguche Egbuchulam to John and Elizabeth Karley, $232,000.


Fox Stream Way, 13611-Saumil and Sneha Desai to Allen Joseph Hazelton Jr. and Jennifer Pica, $867,500.