Anne Arundel County

These sales data recorded by the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation in April were provided by Black Knight Inc. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit


Bay Ridge Ave., 812-K & P. Eastport Corp. to Pamela and George W. Bennett, $1.2 million.

Carrollton Rd., 2816-Deborah R. McInturff to Dean E. and Bethany G. Tate, $440,750.

Duvall Lane, 510-Gauri Realty Corp. to Ashley Marie Fortino and Matthew Francis Reda, $505,000.

Hilltop Lane, 302, No. D-Tiyana L. Fryar to Susan and Robert Beck, $222,000.

Muir Woods Ct., 27-Colleen L. Swaniger to Brittany Braswell, $257,400.

Silopanna Rd., 43-Mary Elizabeth Lear to David C. Keener and Deborah Sandoval Marte, $285,500.

Spindrift Way, 7-Noreen A. Lynch to Marguerite D. Feldmann, $388,500.

Victor Pkwy., 215B-Rose Parker to Old Imani Davis, $150,000.


Atwater Dr., 321-Atwater Partners Corp. to Tina Megginson, $308,000.

Captain John Brice Way, 501-Richard N.and Daniela K. De Los Reyes to Conor Patrick O’Donovan and Laura Schultz O’Donovan, $427,000.

Crownsville Rd., 1790-James N. and Kenna Hefner to Frank J. Phillips, $762,000.

Forest Knoll, 2563-Kenneth John and Thomas C. Russell to Leslie A. and Timothy A. Springer, $440,000.

Gov. Thomas Bladen Way, 2026, No. 104-Patricia Barton and Elyssa Johnson to Lois Earlene Burton, $228,000.

Mastline Dr., 922-Tara K. Frame and estate of Lois L. Frame to Deborah A. and Clifton B. Kuhns, $415,000.

Rudder Way, 861-Roland W. and Lois A. Banscher to Susan H. and David A. Hickes, $490,000.

Shipmaster Way, 2900, No. 104-Jane C. and Sterling D. Spell to Susan M. and Jeffrey B. Mitchell, $250,000.

Timber Cv., 2600-Margaret and Jeffrey Mitchell to Philip Douglas and Deborah Lynn Tocknell, $435,000.

Wayward Dr., 624-Andrew P. and Courtnay N. Wenzel to John W. and Christine D. Hart, $505,000.


Arnold Overlook Lane, 114-D. R. Horton Inc. to Manoj M. and Joelle T. Zacharia, $650,000.

Century Vista Dr., 480-Andrew Domshick to Christoher Disney, $435,000.

Ferber Ave., 1138-Michelle Leigh Paschall and Michelle Paschall Rohmann to Camille A. Duncan, $513,000.

Kings College Ct., 268-Shaun J. and Bridget O. Bevere to Jason Howard Hunter and Maria Paz Hernandez Hunter, $476,500.

Oakmont Ct., 527-Clan An Gael Corp. to Craig D. Durham, $283,000.

Willys Dr., 886-Michael B. and Karena Lowe to Jacob R. Youcum and Sarah E. Hall, $375,000.


Bon Air Ave., 413-Reverse Mortgage Funding Corp. and Compu-Link Corp. to Noah Rogers and Brittany N. Carlan, $176,700.

Cresswell Rd., 305-Kent W. and Sandy M. Bowman to Gregory Jones and Barbara A. Ramey, $235,000.

Old Riverside Rd., 327-Edwards Realty Group Inc. to Julia Del Carmen Sorto, $70,000.

Rebecca Hammond Ct., 144-NVR Inc. to Tatiana Iman Short, $305,165.

Waverly Ave., 417-Timothy A. and Christine L. Chapman to Michelle Lowther, $245,000.


Broadview Dr., 1043-Jamie Pyle Evans and estate of Janet C. Pyle to Ronald S. Lewis, $315,000.

Elmwood Rd., 2012-Christopher J. and Jennifer A. Riley to Kristin L. Statham, $760,000.

Millwood Ct., 1432-Jeffrey J. and Angela N. Zablocki to Aashitbhai A. Shekh and Shehnazben Sheikh, $285,000.

Secretariat Dr., 1598-Bryan Baker to Ryan A. Fleming, $259,000.

Whitehall Beach Rd., 715-C. A. P. S. Corp. to Patrick Tyler Bernhard, Camille L. Phillips, Michael William Bernhard and Teresa Suzanne Bernhard, $412,000.


Harford St., 5518-Jason D. Underwood and Elizabeth V. Shea to Gabriel A. and Kelly L. Frost, $289,000.


Cameron Ct., 1791-Scott D. and Rachel Cochran to Justin and Rachel Smith, $579,900.

Chelmsford Dr., 2467-Stephen J. and Shiling H. Hammalian to Joshua Robert and Michelle Jimenez Robinson, $650,000.

Dana St., 1726-Todd D. Sommerville and Laura M. Barrett to Tiffany Lee Ann Vimpany, $336,700.

Fairlawn Ct., 1105-Alan R. and Faith W. Hicks to Scott A. and April McBride, $587,250.

Gunwood Pl., 1718-Tambra Johnson Reap to Travis R. and Tracey L. Whiteleather, $295,000.

Murdoch Ct., 1000-Janet E. Manuel to Bethany Shirey, $245,000.

Regents Park Rd. E., 1778-Charles J. and Barbara J. Gross to Mark Kim Hellie and Heejun NA, $498,000.

Walleye Dr., 1725-Matthew K. and Kara M. Moran to Kimberly Michelle Hebron, $287,000.


Claire Rd., 1139-Brenda D. Dursel to Brian and Malinda Kloster, $440,000.


Cox Landing Ct., 1408-Ellen M. Muth to Joy and Dondi L. Blue, $267,500.

Matfield Ct., 207-Miguel and Michele Figueroa to Corey N. Beskid, $426,500.


Fox Creek Lane, 2408-Robert J. Battista to Jeffrey P. and Jennifer Marie Rabin, $775,000.


Melbourne Ave., 6049-Donna F. Bruch and Gerald Norman Fritz to Donna F. Bruch, $200,000.


Bear Creek Pkwy., 105-Pamela A. Kreuz to Laurence M. and Alexandra Tornabene, $420,000.

Bright Light Ct., 311-D. R. Horton Inc. to Jens Ole Osmann Erichsen and Carol Ann Reid Erichsen, $447,350.

Forestville Rd., 1725-Bret Vehslage and Jessica R. Burke to Larry R. and Olga Mathena, $309,900.

Hazelwood Rd., 3419-Rebecca Hopkins and Vincent Adam Carullo to Samantha Bartz, $385,000.

Londontown Rd., 510-Jason M. and Brandee S. Hunter to Kayla M. Booz and Austin L. Karmel, $295,000.

Monarch Dr., 3461-Alfred G. and Jacqueline D. Binford to Nancianne and James Houston, $1.06 million.

River Terr. S., 3598-Nuno D. and Suzana Pereira to Ryan C. and Jamie Lea Chaffo, $1.03 million.

Shady Side Dr., 1605-James Sheehan to Andrew David Rexroth and Cassidy Rae Zagone, $309,000.

Tilden Way, 190-Stone Financing Corp. and Glenn Stratton to Norman W. Lee IV and Lauren A.H. Lee, $349,000.

Winnie Pl., 1429-Scott and Robin Turk to John A. Keyes Jr., $379,000.


Cowdin Ct., 305-Sultan M. and Zahera Wardak to Kevin P. and Amanda M. Smith, $639,000.

Saint Eva Lane, 907-Joshua L. and Johanna K. Ream to John Thomas and Jennifer Renee Allwine, $650,000.

Vivaldi Lane, 2522-Jorge L. Lopez and Linda M. Ford to Mohammad Umar and Ayesha Umar Javid, $315,000.


Avesbury Lane, 7100-Michael L. and Melissa M. Spence to Norman and Jamie Stumpf, $315,000.

Elm Ave., 415-James R. and Debera C. Bonney to Michael R. and Adele M. Bealefeld, $312,000.

Greenway St. NW, 215-George Arias to Timothy Blaine Tenney, $350,000.

Oakwood Rd., 7957-James M. and Cheryl Fitzgerald to David Alejandro Rodriguez, $275,000.

Trumpeter Ct., 8011-Anthony J. and Jessica L. Shankovich to Patricia Y. Sanchez, $340,000.


Archibald Dr., 6876-Trevor J. and Stephanie A. Mathias to Anthony and Diamond Hopkins, $265,000.

Briargrove Lane, 7538-Jesse J. Orden to Mario Enrique Chavez, $333,000.

Daffodil Rd., 208-John D. Bush to Robert Linwood Harris IV, $347,600.

Dorchester Rd., 140-Kari and Walter Liang to Scott E. Brown and Kristen T. Davis, $346,072.

Heritage Crossing, 6942-Sonny O. Zamot Gil and Nancy Vazquez to Aisha O. and Bryan K. Thompson, $466,900.

Howards Trust Ct., 312-Cardell Maurice Drake to Vernard Guy Lipscomb Jr., $390,000.

Morris Hill Ave., 301-MC Hammer and Nail Investments Corp. to Steven M. Rote, $285,000.

Oak Spring Dr., 110-Cole Allen and Ashley Elizabeth Divelbliss to Tyson M. and Loressa A. Lewis, $311,900.

Rain Water Way, 305, No. 102-Bryan M. Hall to Patricia A. Joran, $190,000.

Thurston Lane, 937-Ann Marie Peters to Luis Antonio Rivas Morales and Frances Molina Rodriguez, $450,000.


Bayberry Lane, 1117-George M. Aud to George M. Simmons, $410,000.

Fair Oak Dr., 7230-Kannedari Ravi Kumar and Koneru Bala Tripureswari to Do Sub and Yoon Mi Gil, $399,000.

Kidwell Dr., 7784-Kevin C. Loos to Lili Shippe, $271,000.

Stagg Lane, 2911-NVR Inc. to Haskeli Eugene Gray III, $419,990.


Owensville Rd., 25-Cynthia Ellen Rowley and estate of Mary Margaret Crothers to Welliarn and Lois Noack, $535,000.


Hammerstone Rd., 3532-Ian Martinez and Sophia L. Mason to Shawn Bonsall, $344,000.

Old Line Ave., 3368-Edilberto A. and Maria O. Villalta to Jose E. Bonilla Martinez and Eufemia Santos De Bonilla, $375,000.

Sycamore Ridge Rd., 243-Bayview Loan Servicing Corp. to Rick D. and Karen B. Morrisey, $278,500.


Circle Dr., 11-Michael T. and Tamara R. Adams to Mark and Stephanie Johnston, $282,000.

Maple Rd. E., 323-Ian McNamara to Jaclyn Ruth Kuhn and Alyssa Walker, $350,000.


Claybrooke Dr., 4437-Gravin D. Masengale to Enrique and Hope Jacob, $650,000.


Blackhaw Ct., 210-Francis N. and Gertrude Boldt Pastine to Jesse Brandon and Antonia Jennifer Cade, $715,000.

Generals Hwy., 763-Leslie P. Super to Barry and Muriel Dowell, $499,999.


Bed Stone Lane, 1417-Winchester Homes Inc. to Zoleta Ann and Sidney Maurice Caster, $549,900.

Broad Wing Dr., 2870-Stanley Martin Companies Corp. to Hakima Al Robaie, $885,570.

Commissary Cir., 2186-Jack B. and Rebecca A. Caudie to Isaiah E. and Kathryn R. Bowden, $315,000.

Deerberry Ct., 929-Aimee L. and Daniel P. Clancy to Jordan Elizabeth Warner, $340,000.

Dragon Fly Way, 2787-Winchester Homes Inc. to Joan Davis Holmberg, $603,453.

King Malcolm Ave., 510-Colby R. Warren to Denise M. Gardner, $265,000.

Meadow Wood Ct., 8702-Maureen Anne Mealy to Patrick J. Kohl, $298,370.

Orangeville Ct., 489-Julie K. Houck and Cary Smalley to Matthew and Michelle Power, $525,000.

Orchard Oriole Way, 2671-NVR Inc. to Lin Yang and Lan Xuan Huang, $730,921.

Pinecove Ave., 208-Jeffrey P. and Ann B. White to Micah P. and Lidia Young, $307,000.

Samantha Lane, 1011, No. 5-102-Micah Terrill and estate of Barbara Jo Terrill to Linda and Jorge Lopez, $260,000.

Summers Ridge Dr., 2540-Teresa D. Miller to Angelica E. Danner, $325,000.

Waxwing Ct., 3512-NVR Inc. to Charlotte Amponsah and Rodney Hammond, $587,087.


Four Fates Way, 810-Joan and Donald J. Rowan to Ray Charles Bailey III and Donna L. Sanft, $450,000.


Appalachian Dr., 8236-Nathaniel D. and Samantha Jarrad to Mallory Rivera, $273,000.

Beacon Point Rd., 8560-Debora Vonmoose and estate of Charlotte L. Dembeck to Christopher and Heather Goninan, $245,000.

Boxgrove Ct., 1304-Edwin C. and Eileen S. Schaughency to Julie Giardina, $575,000.

Circle Rd., 62-Daniel Herbert and Cathy Ava Popp to Gary J. and Virginia F. Umberger, $389,900.

Deering Rd., 733-Linda A. Schwartz to Karen J., Brenna S. and Scott Hardesty, $191,000.

Fox Ct., 7794-Donmark Corp. to Sarah and Calvin Newsome, $229,900.

Kingsley Ct., 3502-Justin William and Lacey Melton to Gina M. Sullivan, $177,400.

Lily Brook Ct., 404-Wilmington Savings Fund Society FSB and Residential Credit Opportunities V.B. Tr. to Keith Rosenberger Jr. and Jenna Antonelli, $297,500.

Mansion House Crossing, 7876-Catherine Laura Daniel to Ryan Christopher and Lauren Nicole Donovan, $319,899.

Metropolitan Blvd., 348-WS 1902 Corp. to Haley E. Barkley, $395,000.

Old Fort Smallwood Rd., 1443-Larry Thurston to John J. Kotofski and Danielle D. Wanner, $620,000.

Scorton Harbour, 8666-Tracy T. Exarhakis to Jordan Ambrose and Caitlin Marie Kellcher, $254,000.

Silverado Ct., 8150-Sidney A. and Carla L. Winston to Brian A. and Shannon R. Spada, $520,000.

Tower Bridge Dr., 8014-Charon Smith and estate of Eleanora Chewning to Brian P. Fox, $299,000.

209th St., 806-Brian and Felis Thomas to Kristine Brenneman and Courtney J. Roberts, $387,750.


Tarpon Rd., 3023-Robert B. and Jennifer Smith to Emmy and Julio Lopez, $350,000.


Carriage Lamp Ct., 1708-Celerity Ventures Corp. to Steve Y. Sanchez and Jocelyn R. Mitchell, $307,000.

Council Oak Dr., 314-Adam and Christina Peterson to Jared W. Becker, $390,000.

Edelton Ave., 116-William J. and Mary Frank Cooke to Syed Zulquarnain Haider, Syed Rashid Hussain Zaidi and Syed Shabi Haider Zaidi, $420,000.

Grainfield Ct., 508-Dawn R. Hanlon and John L. Bassford II to Starr Crothers and Thoams Anthony Muth Sr., $370,000.

Jasons Landing Way, 7900-Jennifer and Brian Wilcox to Arjumand and Atif Abbas, $473,000.

Mount Aventine Rd., 8106-Samira Sabet and Sahel Sabet Azm to Jonathan Whittet Arend and Claire Elizabeth Allen, $544,000.

Red Hawk Way, 1128-James Stephen Keohane to Robert Charles Timmons, $360,000.

Ringe Dr., 1531-Jason and Lea Bourdon to John G. and Sandra Yiannoulou, $565,000.

Teaberry Lane, 1381-Eric V. and Lisa A. York to David and Paula Yeoman, $394,000.

Tomlinson Ct., 8211-Maria Luisa Ellis and Javier Rosas to Tam T. Le, $98,375.

Venice Lane, 7773-D. R. Horton Inc. to Alvin H. and Felicia T. Coates, $399,495.

Willard Way, 1703-Bayland Inc. to Dalan Deng and Sasha Li, $585,000.


Cedar Rd., 45-Peter S. and Wendy L. O’Neill to Brian L. Sheehan and Louise K. Humphreys, $549,000.

Cypresspointe Dr., 622-Steven L. and Eleonora K. Medoff to Morgan Lee and Ashley Lauren Hankin, $635,000.

Helmsman Way, 414-Michael W. and Linda C. Brazil to Thomas J. and Deborah J. Marquez, $645,000.

Old County Rd., 944-Ian E. and Fara M. Rives to Scott Parker Anger Jr. and Jenny Lyn Correia, $977,450.

Riggs Ave., 401-Louise Humphreys and Brian Sheehan to Timothy Laddbush and Pamela Darmofalski, $961,000.

Ticonderoga Ave., 757-Damien A. Smith to Edmund J. and Gabrielle Pasternak Fitzmaurice, $432,000.

Wiltshire Lane, 224-Amy and Joshua Vance to Joseph R. and Brittany B. Vidmar, $590,000.


Hawthorne St., 1222-Edison Enterprises Corp. to Tracy L. Bowen and Patrick M. Madera Jr., $325,000.

Oak Ave., 1169-G. Roy Piatt Jr. Inc. to Kurk Kevin Hess Jr. and Breanna Marie Nicholson, $385,000.

Howard County

These sales data recorded by the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation in April were provided by Black Knight Inc. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit


Bright Bay Way, 4285-Sally S. Wagner to Benjamin F. and Erica C. Hirsch, $661,000.

Clovelly Rd., 3910-Chaobin Liu and Hongqing Wang to Shane Adm and Heidi Price, $462,000.

Dorsey Hall Dr., 4986, No. B3-Grant Ellis and Andrew John Foehrkolb to Dorothy Pullo and Jennifer P. Plumlee, $210,000.

Frederick Rd., 11187-Eric J. and Pamela Symon to Anthony and Marian Thomas, $1.18 million.

Kings Ct., 3147-Anne B. Sullivan Hynes to Stephen James and Pui Ying Sullivan, $625,000.

Longview Dr., 9748-John C. and Margaret H. Boblitz to Jeffery Thomas and Amber Marie Ireland, $526,000.

Middle Meadow Rd., 9832-Russel D. and Mary Ann Hewitt to James Ernest and Christen Denise Rintamaki, $639,000.

Resort Rd., 10530-Anne M. Hanschke to Seon Joo Lee, $350,000.

Thread Needle Ct., 10236-Anjula Batra and Robin L. Esham to Ratheesh Rajan and Sumitha Ajith, $640,000.


Creekside Rd., 6833-Wilmington Trust and MFRA Trust 2016-1 to Dhiraj and Ruby Sachdeva, $670,000.

Pure Sky Pl., 6024-Hae Young and Chang Sun Lee to Irine Sambe Onyah, $605,000.


Cameldriver Ct., 9470-Timothy J. and Charilyn Wade to Lalynn Grace Kurash, $370,000.

Gentle Folk, 9343-Sky Investment Corp. to Sarah Bond and Keilan Mathews, $479,000.

Kerry Hill Ct., 7373-Howard County Housing Commission to Sumin An and Jisook Kim, $226,933.

Majors Lane, 6085, No. 7-Frank K. Reilly to Richard and Richard Andrew Reges, $190,000.

Seedling Lane, 6563-Michael and Sarita Durant to Udodirim N. Amaefuel, $335,000.

Standon Pl., 9594-Justin Mays to Kevan D. Creppy, $245,000.

Sweet Fern, 6567-Termaine D. and Tanya L. Perry to Judit G. Matthews, $230,000.

Thunder Hill Rd., 5860, No. 2-C-Diana Bussing Honeker and Diana Marie Bussing to Jigar Amrollwala and Charmi Patel, $110,000.

Window Latch Way, 8514-Fereydoon and Catherine T. Zohdi to Jeffrey A. Eckert, $526,000.


Abigail Dr., 10600-Sara R. Johnson and Jay D. Moore to Gary H. Epstein and Julee A. Rendon, $495,000.

Fair Oaks, 10451-John H. and Beth A. Vankan to Saira Khan, $405,410.

Garden Walk, 7066-Jeremy L. and Cheryl E. Kaufman to Vanessa Alphonse and Justin Cox, $740,000.

Harness Ct., 5812, No. 8-1-Peter A. and Lisa A. Martin to Christine A. Powers, $287,000.

High Hay Dr., 11454-Tiffany A. Manuel to David Lindquist and Kirsten Cartoski, $660,000.

Olde Woods Way, 10880-Richard Evan and Mary Kathryn Soya to Lauren Alexandre, $325,000.

Rising Waves Way, 6624-Panos G. and Deborah L. Papavizas to Amy B. Becker and Andrew B. Goldberg, $850,000.

Silvery Star Path, 6321-Jason A. and Carol L. Shapiro to Benjamin M. and Jennifer R. Livingston, $725,000.

Wind Way E., 10508-Jacqueline D. Wiseman to Carly Goodman, $315,000.


Autumn Spell, 5991-Laxmidhar and Anima Mishra to Dipendra and Himal Kumari Chhantyal, $349,900.

Cove Point Way, 7501-Elizabeth Joseph to Nnamdi Ndubuisi Anozie, $310,000.

Ducketts Lane, 6244, No. 24-8-Kelly A. Taylor to Rajan Kapur, $260,000.

Kyle Leaf Ct., 6125-Carrie and Michael McGrath to Kenechukwu Victor Okoro and Sheila Chiazo Chinedu, $400,000.

Mount Holly Way, 7003-Hampton Hills Corp. to Kanika May and Kenneth Watson, $545,000.

Water Oak Rd., 7022, No. 28-Kanika Lewis Watson to James Alexander Semesky and Peyton Q. Streufert, $290,000.


Calla Lilly Dr., 8115, No. 44-Guiling Qu and Xuehao Lin to Robin Russell Mitchell, $465,000.

Dexter Dr., 3011, No. 1405-Patricia Cupit to Wayne H. and Paula G. Vreatt, $317,500.

Falling Leaves Ct., 7805-Jonathan Polen and Emily Light to Robert J. Dumont, $352,500.

Lasalle Ct., 8719-Zheng Chen to Thomas Dagenais, $387,000.

Mayfair Cir., 7708-Lisa Palazzo Conklin to Nona M. Wood, $229,500.

Montgomery Rd., 5025-Katalin V. Szallo to Reuben Hirsch and Rebekah S. Woolf, $480,000.

Spring Breeze Ct., 8315-Michael L. and Joan G. Alagna to Pranciskus J. and Jen L. Pauliukonis, $615,000.

Sunny Field Ct., 5327-Steven J. and Yvonne M. Rawleigh to Bryan and Sarah Gales, $606,000.


Carpenter St., 7503-Ryan E. and Caroline C. Silva to Steven J. Nully and Allyson WK Leung, $750,000.

Grand Champion St., 7840-Peter J. and Mary Beth Caddigan to Heston and Laura Crandon, $979,000.

Maple Lawn Blvd., 7905-John J. and Rhonda S. Lah to Kyra Anne Lepone, $650,000.

Pindell School Rd., 7116-Nailah Campbell to Amanda Afram and Tim Hilton, $565,000.


Celbridge Ct., 14013-Richard K. and Vivian C. McCarthy to David and Inga Kuezera, $610,000.

Shady Lane, 3775-Cynthia L. Beliczky to Dong Wook Choi and Son Yong Pak, $670,000.


Saint Margarets Blvd., 7434, No. B-Oxford Homes II Corp. to Damon Jude and Natalie Bennett, $327,500.


Hub Garth, 8861, No. 16-Robert D. Albertson to Camden Pipgrass, Mitchell Eugene Pipgrass and Pamela Sue Webster, $365,000.

Sheffield Ct., 8163-Dorothy J. Talley to Nolan Richard and Sophia Ruth Ortner, $223,000.


Early Spring Way, 9701-Jason M. Tobiasz to So Yi Song, $365,000.

Red Apple Lane, 9534-Daniel C. and Jamaine F. Cassidy to Julie Stevener and Maxxwell Davis, $451,052.

Sweet Grass Ridge, 9508-Jeffrey D. and Amy M. Germain to Nicholas T. and Kathryn Ann L. Nunemaker, $449,900.


Sophia Chase Dr., 2548-Cheryl Lee to Johnny L. and Karen E. Nixon, $650,000.


Donnan Castle Ct., 9568-James D. and Nancy E. Lilly to Stephanie M. and Luisa Russell, $310,000.

Lake Edge Dr., 8736-Joan A. Brittingham to Karyn Ruth Hessler, $560,000.

Norfolk Ave., 9407-Hubert and Cynthia Rector Baney to Eleanor Jane and Nicholas Richard Lagola, $299,000.

Polished Pebble Way, 8747-Home Rescues Corp. to Russell and Melissa Pangburn, $590,000.

Spring Branch Ct., 8266-Scarlett B. McKemy and Devery D. Lomax to Scarlett B. McKemy, $80,000.


Fox Stream Way, 13602-Tory M. and Leslie M. Greer to Nabil F. Afram and Eliana C. Rosado, $795,000.


Bushy Park Rd., 15005-Robert A. and Martha E. Marsh to David Clark and Allce Catherine Truscott, $500,000.


Ganton Green, 2111, No. E-Brian James Aiken to Alice Cynthia Slattery, $279,000.

— Compiled by Lisa M. Bolton