It was not clear Monday what the deer was looking for at the school in Northern Virginia. Possibly breakfast. Perhaps the company of humans. Perhaps even enlightenment and education.

But this much is known: Antietam Elementary School in Prince William County had what was described on a school Web site as a “Visit from a Deer.”

The deer entered through a plate-glass window. That gave it access to the school’s art room, according to the statement.

Although Monday was Columbus Day, widely observed as a holiday in the Washington region, the Prince William schools were in session.

But no students were in the art room to receive the visitor. It was not clear from the statement whether anyone else was on hand.

Some damage was apparently caused to the art-room window when the deer sprang through it. The damage was described as minimal.

A certain amount of commotion resulted. According to the statement, the school went into lockdown.

The effects of the incident on the deer could not be learned. The deer, which had entered through a window, went out the same way, the school said.

When police arrived, the deer was nowhere to be found.