A police officer from New Jersey shot and killed a Maryland man after a reported road-rage incident on a highway in Anne Arundel County, the Maryland state police said.

The shooting occurred about 8:30 p.m. Saturday on the shoulder of a ramp from Route 3 to Interstate 97 in the Millersville area, police said.

State police identified the victim as Joseph Harvey Jr., 36. They gave a Baltimore County address, but a relative said he lived in Anne Arundel. Police identified the suspect as Joseph Walker, 40, of Eastampton, N.J., and said he was charged with second-degree murder and manslaughter.

After driving a Honda with one passenger inside onto Route 3 shortly before the shooting, police said, the victim “came into contact” with the officer, who was driving a Kia minivan. The contact was not described.

Harvey’s car stopped on the shoulder of the off-ramp and Harvey “began walking toward” the officer, who had parked about 100 to 150 feet behind, police said. One state police account said Harvey and his passenger both got out of the Honda but that only Harvey walked toward the minivan.

As Harvey approached, the account said, Walker got out off his vehicle and allegedly said he was an officer. Harvey kept approaching “in a reportedly aggressive manner,” the account said. Police said the officer fired a pistol “in the direction” of Harvey, who was hit and fatally wounded.

The police said Walker was a sworn officer with the prosecutor’s office in Hudson County.

“We are aware of the fatal shooting incident involving one of our detectives, who was off-duty and traveling in Maryland with his wife and children,” a spokesman for the office said. New Jersey prosecutors have detectives on their staffs for investigative work.

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