Something happened in Washington on Tuesday that just isn’t supposed to happen. It was cool.

It was Aug. 6, a date on which temperatures have frequently reached into the 90s. But Tuesday’s high was only 74.

That’s a reading for the fall. Or the spring. But not for Washington in the summer. It was the coolest day here in two months. And it came on a date on which the temperature here was once 106 degrees, which is the hottest ever recorded in the city.

Not only that, but the 74-degree reading matched a record of sorts. In the official weather records, which go back into the 19th century, there has never been an Aug. 6 when the high temperature was below 74.

Of course, this is not to say that summer has surrendered. Far warmer days are in the forecast.

And for anyone wishing for seasonal reassurance, the Facebook page of the beach resort of Ocean City, Md., includes this message: “SNOYO.” In the abbreviated style often used online, it stands for “Summer’s Not Over Yet . . . O.”