Manassas police say they have found a 21-year-old man responsible for leaving threatening, vulgar notes in Manassas and Prince William County.

But authorities are not charging him with a crime because he has an unnamed mental disability, according to a city of Manassas news release. The man’s name was not released.

“It was decided that public safety and his welfare will be best served through continued and improved services and supervision,” the news release said. About 20 similar notes in Manassas and Prince William were reported from last December through early March, police said.

Residents had described notes filled with vulgarity in childlike handwriting. “I will kill you for kids,” said part of one note.

Mark Rabatin, head of the Sumner Lake Homeowners Association, said he was relieved police had found the letter writer and was satisfied with how authorities handled the case. “It’s sad to say that the gentleman was like that,” Rabatin said. “I hope they can find some good help for him.”