The body of a woman who had apparently been stabbed to death was found early Monday in the shadow of one of downtown Washington’s most prominent landmarks.

Police said the discovery was reported about 6:20 a.m. in the 1100 block of Pennsylvania Avenue NW. The site is in the shadow of the Old Post Office Pavilion.

As of late Monday, neither the woman’s name nor age was available.

The site is at a nexus of Washington’s business, government and monument areas. Nearby are gleaming office buildings and headquarters of the IRS and FBI.

The Mall and its museums are also not far from the pavilion, which has a 315-foot-tall clock tower. The discovery of a homicide victim in that area is rare.

It could not be learned who spotted the body, which was found a few minutes after sunrise. It was also not clear whether the woman had been attacked where she was found or how long she had been there.

The body of a young woman who had been slain was found in the Old Post Office Pavilion early on New Year’s morning in 1986, about an hour after a crowd had gathered in and around the building for a New Year’s celebration.