A cat that had been shot through the head with an arrow underwent surgery over the weekend at the Animal Welfare League of Arlington, the organization said.

The young orange tabby had been found in West Virginia with an arrow that had passed through the right side of his head, inflicting a “horrific injury,” the organization said in an online posting.

“Amazingly,” the group said, it was found that the arrow had not penetrated any major organs or arteries. However, the cat had a very serious infection that had spread from the tip of the arrowhead, the group said.

Veterinary personnel worked for two hours to remove the arrow, treat the infection and sew up major wounds, the group said. In removing the arrow, the group said, the staff used bolt cutters to take the tip off the arrow.

The cat was named Cupid, the welfare league said, in recognition of the day the group learned about his plight, Valentine’s Day.

On Friday, the Arlington group said, it was called by a rescue group in West Virginia, which had just taken in the wounded, underweight cat.

The West Virginia organization lacked the financial resources to give the care needed to remove the arrow and called the Arlington organization, according to the Arlington animal welfare league.

The cat was brought to Northern Virginia on Saturday, the group said, and given emergency treatment before surgery. The operation was carried out Sunday and after waking from it, the cat “so far is doing well,” the organization said.

The group said, however, that it could not guarantee the cat’s survival. It added: “We are doing everything we can to save his life, and this little guy is a fighter.”

The cat was apparently shot in Hardy County, W.Va., but few details were available, a spokeswoman for the Arlington group said.

She said a woman in West Virginia opened her door to find him on her porch.

According to its web site, the Animal Welfare League of Arlington is a private, nonprofit, 501c-3 organization that was founded by volunteers in 1944.