This is a country of advertising, punchy phrases and memorable slogans. So it may not be surprising that one Maryland town has crafted its own catchy warning designed to help curb one of the Washington region’s most common crimes: thefts from cars.

In the March issue of the monthly newsletter issued by the town of Cheverly, the police there unveiled the new advisory: “If You Don’t Conceal It, Thieves Will Steal It.”

It is a snappier version of the advice given repeatedly by police throughout the area.

They have reason to be concerned about thefts from cars, which occur with annoying frequency in both Washington and its suburbs.

Last month, police in Fairfax County announced that they had made three arrests in connection with more than 60 thefts from vehicles in and around the Reston area in recent weeks.

Cheverly, a town of about 11 / 4 square miles, has existed for more than 80 years in the western part of Prince George’s County. It has a population of about 6,000, and the crime most frequently reported there, according to a statement from its police chief, Buddy Robshaw, is theft.

And of the reported thefts, he said, larcenies from cars are the most common. Many occur, he said, because vehicles were not locked or because items that appeared valuable were left visible.

So, he said, the police in Cheverly, where residents submitted possible slogans, will now be using the one making use of rhyme to remind people of the need to keep belongings out of sight.

Apparently, the precise slogan to be used is an edited version of several submissions, and the name of the person who came up with the warning was not available for release, according to the chief’s message.

However, it does seem to exemplify the gift of originality demonstrated in Cheverly previously in a slogan adopted for a campaign to curb burglary.

That slogan read: “Cheverly is a L.E.W.D. Town because we Lock Every Window and Door.”