In what seems to be an unusual association between demonstrators’ cause and the conditions they encounter, temperatures may soar to record levels here Saturday for the planned People’s Climate March.

The record high for Washington on April 29, Saturday’s date, is 91 degrees, according to the National Weather Service.

In the most recent available forecast for this Saturday, the National Weather Service said it will be “Hot with highs in the lower 90s.”

On April 29, according to National Weather Service figures, the normal temperature in Washington is 71, about 20 degrees less than what is predicted.

The date of the march was set well before forecasts were made. It was intended to fall on President Trump’s 100th day in office, a milestone.

Although uncommon for April, 90 degree temperatures in Washington have occurred before. In fact, the mercury has reached 95 on four different April dates. Scientists are careful to point out the distinctions between weather and climate. One is immediate, short lived and changeable. The other is long-term and persistent.

But it seemed unlikely that Saturday’s abnormal temperatures will be ignored by everyone marching through the city in a demonstration about climate.