Closed everywhere
  • Public schools, public libraries, federal and local governmental offices and most banks are closed.
  • Post offices are closed and there is no U.S. postal deliver except for Express Mail.
  • In the District, city parking restrictions will not be enforced and rush hour restrictions will be lifted.
  • In Maryland, there are no parking fees in Montgomery and Prince George’s counties except at New Carrollton, National Harbor and the Prince George’s Dept. of Corrections.
  • In Virginia, HOV restrictions are lifted on I-66 and I-339. Meters are not enforced in Arlington County and the City of Alexandria.
Transportation services
  • Metrorail and Metrobus will run on a Sunday schedule. Trains will run from 7 a.m. to midnight with possible delays on the Red, Orange, Silver and Green lines because of repair work. MetroAccess is on a regular schedule but subscription trips are cancelled. For information, go to
  • DASH, Ride On and Fairfax Connector are on a Sunday schedule.
  • ART runs Routes 41 and 51 on a Sunday schedule only.
  • CUE is on a Saturday schedule.
  • The Bus, PRTC Omniride, Loudoun Bus, VRE, MARC and MTA Commuter Bus are not running.
Trash and recycling
  • In the District, there are no pick-ups; collections will slide one day to the end of the week. The Ft. Totten transfer station is closed.
  • In Maryland, there are no county pick-ups. (Private services may vary.) In Anne Arundel, Howard and Montgomery, collections will slide one day to the end of the week. In Prince George’s pick-ups occur on the next regularly scheduled day. Maryland landfills and the Montgomery County transfer station are closed.
  • In Virginia, there are no pick-ups the City of Alexandria; Monday collections are on Tuesday. There are regular pick-ups in Arlington and Fairfax counties. (Private services may vary.)
Liquor stores
  • In the District, liquor stores are open at the owner’s discretion.
  • In Virginia, ABC stores are open.
  • In Maryland, ABC stores are open in Montgomery County. In other counties, private liquor stores are open at the owner’s discretion.