Banks Federal government offices Post offices Courts
Most No mail delivery except
for Express Mail
Except for adult arraignments and new juvenile referrals in the District
District Maryland Virginia
Traffic, parking Rush hour restrictions lifted. No city parking enforcement except along the D.C. Streetcar line. Parking will be enforced in Montgomery and Prince George’s. HOV restrictions lifted on I-66 and I-395. Meters are not enforced in Arlington and the City of Alexandria.
Trash, recycling No collections; pick-ups slide one day to the end of the week. Ft. Totten Transfer Station closed. Regular county collections in Anne Arundel, Howard and Montgomery. Yard trim collections only in Prince George’s. Landfills and Montgomery Transfer Station open. Regular collections in Arlington and Fairfax counties and the City of Fairfax. Collections are delayed one day in the City of Alexandria. Landfills open.
Liquor stores Open at owner’s discretion. Open at owner’s discretion. Open.
Schools Closed. Closed in Charles and St. Mary’s; open elsewhere. Closed.
Libraries Closed except Mt. Pleasant, Georgetown, Tenley-Friendship, Petworth, Woodridge, Shaw, Benning and Anacostia. Open in Charles, Prince George’s and St. Mary’s; closed elsewhere. Open in Arlington; closed elsewhere.
Local government offices Closed. Open in Frederick and Montgomery. Closed.