The District recently added nine locations to its speed camera program. Drivers will receive warnings until Dec. 21. The fines depend on how far a driver is over the limit, but points are not assessed. The sites are:

● 1900 block of Foxhall Road NW, northbound and southbound traffic, 25 mph

● 2800 block of Calvert Street NW, eastbound, 25 mph

● 2300 block of Connecticut Avenue NW, southbound, 25 mph

● 100 block of Florida Avenue NW, eastbound and westbound, 25 mph

● 4200 block of South Capitol SW, southbound, 25 mph

● 2300 block of Porter Street NW, eastbound and westbound, 30 mph

●Canal Road NW 0.3 miles south of Arizona Avenue NW, northbound and southbound, 35 mph

● DC 295 NE at Benning Road overpass, northbound, 45 mph

● DC 295 SW 0.7 miles south of Exit 1, northbound and southbound, 50 mph