FILE: Ray Charles Lockamy of the Rough Riders in 2012, at the Annual Martin Luther King, Jr. Parade. Lockamy is now missing. (Ricky Carioti/WASHINGTON POST)

A well-known Maryland horseman who has ridden from Maine to Florida for charity has been missing from his Calvert County home for a week and police have labeled his disappearance suspicious.

Ray Charles Lockamy, 50, was last seen on July 17, volunteering at a children’s camp in Upper Marlboro, friends said.

His vehicle was found two days later – and about 20 miles away – at the end of his long driveway in the 7000 block of Kent Road in Sunderland.

Friends said his license, keys and other personal articles were still inside. But an even bigger reason his disappearance was suspicious, they said, was the avid animal lover left without asking anyone to care for his horses, goats, owls and other animals.

“All of the animals were accounted for,” said Capt. Steven Jones, a spokesman for Calvert County Sheriff’s Office, suggesting it is unlikely that injury had befallen Jones on a remote horse ride. “It’s just suspicious. It’s unlike Mr. Lockamy to find him doing anything than what he should be doing.”

Police began investigating Lockamy’s disappearance over the weekend, and dragged the pond behind his home, friends said.

A vigil is planned at his home Wednesday night and a search of the wooded areas by his home on horseback on Sunday.

“He’s a wonderful cowboy who does great for the community,” said Cynthia Hagan, a close friend. “If it was any one of us who went missing, he would have been on his horse looking for us.”