An 18-year-old Fairfax County man who allegedly killed one teenager and wounded another and then reportedly left the house where the shooting occurred, saying, “I’m sorry, I’m sorry,” was charged Thursday with involuntary manslaughter.

Leon Malik Johnson is accused of killing Kevin Johnson, 16, and wounding an unidentified 14-year-old. Leon Johnson is not related to Kevin Johnson, Fairfax police said.

The three people were in a home on Pembroke Village Drive in the Alexandria section of the county when Leon Johnson reportedly discharged a gun. Leon Johnson lives a block away from the site of the shooting.

Fairfax police declined to release additional details about the circumstances of the shooting Thursday. According to a search warrant, Leon Johnson put his hands up and said “I did it” when police stopped him after the shooting.

Court records show that Leon Johnson had no felony criminal record in Fairfax as an adult but was facing a misdemeanor charge for giving a false statement to authorities during an unrelated criminal investigation. Johnson pleaded not guilty to the charge in April, and the case is pending in General District Court.

Leon Malik Johnson (Fairfax County Police Department)

Calls to phone numbers listed for Johnson’s address were not returned.

Leon Johnson and Kevin Johnson had been students at Bryant Alternative High School.

John Torre, a spokesman for the county school system, said that Leon Johnson attended Edison High School before enrolling at Bryant in 2011.

At Bryant, he took part in the transition support resource center program, where students receive enhanced individualized instruction in smaller classes. According to the county schools system’s Web site, the program is typically for those students with discipline infractions, but some teenagers choose to join the program.

Leon Johnson withdrew from Bryant in December 2011 to join the Labor Department’s Job Corps program, Torre said.

Kevin Johnson was a 10th-grader enrolled in Bryant’s AIM program, an alternative educational setting mostly for students who have been expelled from traditional high schools. Larry Jones, the principal of Bryant, said that Kevin Johnson had been at the school since October 2013.

Jeannine Cotner, the lead teacher of the Bryant AIM program, wrote a letter to parents about Kevin Johnson, saying his “ever present smile always brightened the day for staff and students.”

“Kevin was a diligent student who had set impressive life and career goals,” Cotner wrote.

Justin Jouvenal contributed to this report.

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