One way to cut the risk of being robbed, police say, is not to walk alone at night. In that spirit, a man was escorting a woman in the District the other evening when, as police tell it, he turned out to be the one who needed protection.

The woman was not robbed, but the man was, police said. As the two were walking near Hartford Street and Langston Place SE, not far from Fort Stanton Park, two people noted that he had a cellphone.

They took the man’s phone and a small pocketknife, police said. But the man got in touch with the police, and gave them a description, which is also recommended.

Officers picked up one suspect relatively quickly, and within hours, they picked up a second, police said.

Police in the 7th District commended three officers in particular: David Dalencor, Konrad Olszack and Roy Thomas.