Within six days this month, two teachers were robbed at gunpoint near one of the city’s more prominent charter schools, and thieves broke into the building and took computers.

The head of the Capital City Public Charter School, Karen Dresden, said Sunday that she doubted that the incidents were related and did not think either involved anyone connected to the school.

The robbery occurred about 6 p.m. Jan. 10 as the teachers walked to their parked cars near the school in the 100 block of Peabody Street NW, east of the Brightwood neighborhood.

Calling it “very unsettling for all,” Dresden said that “it is alarming when things happen close to home to members of our community.”

The robbery occurred at Oglethorpe Street and Second Place NW, police said. Dresden said purses were taken, indicating that the motive was money.

In the burglary Wednesday, thieves broke in through a window and took computers from a classroom, Dresden said. She said it was unlikely that it involved any keys possibly taken in the robbery.

She said the school has taken steps to upgrade safety and security.

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