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Firetruck struck amid multiple Beltway crashes

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The first car crash on the Capital Beltway in Prince George’s County on Saturday brought rescue workers to the scene. Then a second car ran into the firetruck that was posted on the road to protect the rescuers.

Finally, a third car crashed into the second car, a county fire department spokesman said.

Police said one person from the first crash was taken to a hospital. No injuries to rescue workers were reported, but it was the second time in two months that a firetruck was struck on the Beltway while shielding rescue workers, said Mark E. Brady, the county fire department spokesman.

Brady said the incident illustrated the need for a barrier in front of rescue workers on highways. It also appeared to demonstrate the hazards of the high-speed, heavily congested Beltway.

Despite warning lights, the Greenbelt fire department truck was hit about 2:45 a.m. Saturday on the inner loop between routes 295 and 450, Brady said.

The crash damaged both the truck and the car that hit it, he said.

Brady said the earlier incident occurred Aug. 18. A Branchville fire department truck was struck in the side and heavily damaged.

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