With Christmas packages arriving all over Washington, one of the city’s best-known clergymen found a more unusual but somewhat related sight on his steps: a robbery victim, facedown.

It was the driver of a FedEx delivery truck from which a load of packages had just been taken by three armed men, said the Rev. Willie F. Wilson, pastor of Union Temple Baptist Church in Anacostia.

People throughout the Washington area from time to time report the loss of a package from their doorsteps.

But Saturday’s incident appeared to be one of the more vivid examples of the problem of getting gifts to destinations on time, and possibly of the perils of online shopping.

D.C. police said the robbery, first reported on WRC (Channel 4), occurred about 10:15 a.m. on Highwood Drive SE. One of the robbers ordered the driver to hand over his keys and lie on the ground, said Officer Anthony Clay, a police spokesman.

Clay said the robbers seized an undetermined number of packages and fled in a taxicab. It was after the robbery, Wilson said, that he went out his door and down the steps to the second landing. There was the driver, motionless.

“I thought he had been hurt,” Wilson said, so the pastor called out. The driver did not respond. Then Wilson asked, “Are you all right?” and the driver looked up. The driver said at first he feared that one of the robbers had returned. He was unharmed, and it was a blessing, Wilson said.

Wilson said he was told that the robbers had stuffed so many packages into the cab that they barely had room to ride along.