Events such as the disappearance of the Malaysian jetliner have far-reaching consequences and in one of them, a woman in the Montgomery County jurisdiction of Chevy Chase was carjacked at gunpoint.

That did not end things. After the carjacking, the U.S. Park Police pursued a vehicle that appeared to be the one taken. It crashed in the District, shots were fired and three occupants of the vehicle were wounded.

Last week, Montgomery police said they had charged one of the occupants in a warrant with the carjacking.

The incident started about 10:20 p.m. March 13, when a Chevy Chase couple parked their car in their driveway after returning from dinner. The man went inside, and the woman said she remained in the car to listen to a news broadcast about the missing airplane.

That, she said, was when a stranger opened the car door and pointed a gun. He took her handbag. She ran into the house, and he drove away.

A car meeting the description was found by U.S. Park Police officers in Northeast Washington about 3 a.m. March 15. They tried to stop it, but it kept going and they followed.

The car crashed near New York Avenue and Bladensburg Road in Northeast, and as officers approached, shots were fired.

On Thursday, Montgomery police said the car that crashed was the one that was stolen. Montgomery police said one of the occupants, an 18-year-old District man, was charged on Thursday. They said they are still investigating the other occupants.