Five streets in Chevy Chase, Md., were papered with anti-Semitic fliers on Wednesday morning.

Montgomery County police are looking for the person or people who left the hate-filled leaflets on almost every driveway on the streets.

“This is very disturbing. My community is definitely disturbed,” said Jean Sperling, the village manager of Martin’s Additions, the community where the fliers were found. Sperling called the leaflets “ghastly.”

Sperling said that police who responded to the fliers said that they had seen similar papers in neighboring communities, and that they would be doing extra patrols in Martin’s Additions.

The two-page fliers are a compilation of photocopied quotations from anti-Semitic documents. “Remove each and every Jew and Pro-Israel official from state and federal governments and financial organizations,” one corner of the flier says. The heading at the top of the flier is: “Jews Destroy U.S. Financially.”

On the first side of the first page, the leaflet includes a quotation maligning Jews which has been repeatedly, and falsely, attributed to George Washington, and another false quotation from Benjamin Franklin.

The succeeding pages grow increasingly chaotic, with arrows and text piled on top of each other. “‘The work of a confused, disturbed mind’ would be a kind way to put it,” Sperling said.

A county police spokeswoman said police were investigating and could not say much more until they complete a report. Sperling asked residents to tell police if they saw anyone distributing the fliers.