Authorities said a man with disabilities who went missing during a visit to the National Mall on Saturday was found Sunday afternoon.

Brandon Hewgill, 64, who is unable to speak or write, got separated from his group near the Mall on Saturday. He was found Sunday afternoon at Holy Cross Hospital where his caretaker was able to identify him.

Hewgill, a resident of a care facility in Vienna, was last seen around 17th Street and Constitution Avenue NW. Upon losing sight of him, his group approached a National Park Service ranger who passed along the report to the U.S. Park Police --a strategy recommended in a missing person’s case said Sgt. Lelani Woods, spokeswoman for the U.S. Park Police.

How Hewgill got to the hospital is unknown, Woods said.

She recommends that when traveling in a group with individuals who have mental disabilities like Hewgill, it is best to photograph them that day in case they get separated so that police have a real-time photo to use in their search.